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A Brooklyn pizzeria is serving pizza in a box made out of pizza

A model with muscular dystrophy is taking over the fashion industry


Jillian Mercado has muscular dystrophy, but her disability hasn't stopped her from becoming a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. Mercado is the face of Beyoncé's merchandise line, and has starred in various national fashion campaigns, her wheelchair front and center.

Mercado spoke to INSIDER about how difficult it was for her to break into the fashion world.

Written and produced by A.C. Fowler

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Some watch aficionados are willing to wait 2 years to get this $12,000 Rolex


rolex daytona 2016

It's no secret that Rolex watches are in high demand.

When Rolex announced a big update to one of its flagship watches, the Daytona, fans rushed in droves to order the new model. The announcement was made at Baselworld, the watch industry's biggest trade show. 

Unfortunately, Daytonas are not like the new iPhone. They're rare beasts made by an extremely secretive company, and that's not going to change anytime soon.

"From the moment it was announced, demand was unlike anything we've ever seen," Ira Melnitsky, CEO of watch retailer Tourneau, told The New York Times.

Wait times for Daytonas are not unheard of. The watch is produced in low numbers, and distribution is carefully planned out by the company.

However, now those times have stretched out longer and longer due to the allure of the updated model. 

"I've heard several times of two-year waiting lists," Louis Westphalen, manager of vintage watch sales at Hodinkee, told The Times.

The kicker: fans don't even know when the watch is going to be released, though many suspect it will be this summer. It will retail for just over $12,000.

Why are watch fans clamoring for the new Daytona?

rolex daytona

In reality, the differences are pretty small compared to other recent versions. However, the last time the watch had a significant update was way back in 2000, and any change to a Rolex watch is a huge deal among aficionados.

The biggest difference for the new version is the black ceramic bezel (the circle around the watch face). It hearkens back to 1965, when the first Daytona was released with a black plexiglass insert.

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This doggie daycare is basically a country club for dogs

Athletes dunked a basketball 33 feet over a river while hanging from a rope swing

A park in Singapore is home to solar-powered 'supertrees' and an incredible indoor waterfall

This kooky house in Alaska is right out of a Dr. Seuss book


Popularly referred to as the "Dr. Seuss House," this crooked tower sits on private property in Alaska. Homeowner Phil Weidner began constructing the successive houses in the 90s, hoping to get the best views of Denali.

While the layers remain unfinished, he hopes to someday open the house to the public. For now, curious viewers can see it from a plane, or see it from the train. They can even see it in the rain.

Written by Chloe Miller and produced by Jeremy Dreyfuss, footage courtesy of Alaska Aerial Media

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22 Mother's Day gifts under $50


2x1_mother's day gift guide 4

Moms truly are the best.

You can always splurge a little bit on Mother's Day— but you also don't have to break the bank to show her how much you care. You can rarely go wrong with a heartfelt card or homemade meal.

But just in case you want something to wrap, we found 22 gifts under $50 that will make her smile. 

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Give her the gift of a green thumb

No window box? No problem. Mom can grow her own herbs with this indoor garden planting kit.

Price: $5.80 per pot

Keep bits and bobs safe with a tiny ring dish

It might be made for rings, but there's no rule that it can't hold earrings, necklaces, or keys.

Price: $10

Help her unwind after a long day with floral bath tea

Because all moms deserve a relaxing bath at the end of the day. 

Price: $13

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The 25 safest college campuses in America


BYU students on Brigham Young campus

Safety is a primary and constant concern for many college students and parents. Campus-security presence, emergency procedures, local and campus crime rates, and drug and alcohol use are factors that determine the level of safety on a college campus.

College-review site Niche used the above factors to compile their 2016 ranking of the safest college campuses in America. Schools with high health and safety scores and low crime, among other factors, were ranked safest by Niche. Read about their full methodology here.

Unsurprisingly, many of the safest campuses are faith-based colleges and universities that prohibit the use of drugs and alcohol, while schools notorious for their party scene didn't fair as well.

Brigham Young University, affiliated with the Mormon faith, came in as the safest campus in the nation, followed by Summit University, formerly known as Baptist Bible College & Seminary, and Regent University. Scroll through to check out the rest of the top 25.

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25. Milligan College — Milligan College, TN

Health and safety: A

Drug safety: A

Party scene: C

Students at Milligan College report feeling safe on campus: "Almost all of campus is very well lit and the surrounding community doesn't tend to pose any type of security problems involving the campus."

In addition, drugs and alcohol are prohibited on campus, according to one sophomore.

24. The Baptist College of Florida — Graceville, FL

Health and safety: A

Drug safety: N/A

Party scene: C-

The Baptist College of Florida stresses to its students that drugs and alcohol are not allowed on campus.

"Students are understanding of a clean lifestyle. Students are highly active in fitness sports and just hanging out with friends without the assistance of any other influence," said a sophomore.

23. Penn State Abington — Abington, PA

Health and safety: A

Drug safety: A

Party scene: C

A Penn State Abington senior recently commented that the "school is in a safe town, and being on campus is the safest place I feel right now."

Students also added that there is "rarely ever any talk of drugs on campus, and if there is it's usually about Drug Safety."

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New Yorkers are obsessed with these Beyoncé dance classes


Banana Skirt Productions, a lifestyle fitness brand in New York City, has hosted pop star-inspired dance classes for a while — covering popular tunes from Rihanna to Justin Bieber. And now, before Beyoncé's highly-anticipated tour comes to town in June, Banana Skirt is also offering hourlong "Formation" classes.

Written by Lisa Ryan and produced by Stephen Parkhurst

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Not all deli meats are created equal — here are the best and worst ones for you


Lunch Meat 8

When it comes to making the perfect sandwich, we all have our favorites.

But how healthy for you is that turkey club or Italian sub?

We decided to do some number crunching to determine which deli meat was high enough in nutrients and low enough in sodium and fat to be crowned the ultimate healthiest lunch meat.

For the purposes of a constant comparison, we looked specifically at Boar's Head meats bought at our local grocery store. Still, the nutrition for each meat shouldn't vary too much based on the brand.

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No. 8: Salami

Unfortunately, salami is the worst meat on the list as far as nutrition goes. At 110 calories for just a 1-ounce — about three slices — serving, it has some of the highest fat, cholesterol, and sodium of the lunch meats.

Plus, like many of the meats on this list, it's cured. Several recentstudies have suggested a link between high daily consumption of cured meats and certain types of cancer.

No. 7: Bologna

Beef bologna doesn't fare a whole lot better than salami, though it is cholesterol-free. It's still high in fat and sodium, and has 150 calories per 2-ounce serving — about two slices.

No. 6: Pastrami

A New York deli staple, pastrami doesn't fare much better than its processed-meat counterparts, though it is lower in calories at 80 per serving. One 2-ounce serving — about two slices — has a quarter of your daily sodium intake and 11% of your daily cholesterol, though it also has a quarter of your recommended daily protein intake.

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A makeup artist painted a super realistic 'Mona Lisa' on her face


When fashion and celebrity makeup artist Lisa Houghton is looking for a challenge, she thinks outside of the box. The result? A superrealistic re-creation of Leonardo Da Vinci's "Mona Lisa" — on her face. After months of planning and what could take up to 19 hours of painting, Houghton re-creates famous pieces of fine art, using her face as the canvas.

See more of Houghton's work here.

Written and produced by Chelsea Pineda. 

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A hidden hostel in Rio's slums is the best place to stay during the Olympics


Rio hostel sugarloaf

Rio de Janeiro hasn't had an easy time preparing for the 2016 Summer Olympics.

A country-wide recession, political unrest, pollution, and tales of perilous infrastructure have plagued the city.

Nonetheless, an estimated 500,000 tourists from all over the world will flock to Rio between August 5th and 21st, eager to catch a glimpse of the world's best athletes in action.

For many, this trip-of-a-lifetime may be marked by exclusive parties and lavish hotels. But for the more intrepid budget traveler, there are affordable lodging options that offer a unique cultural experience along with cheap bunks.

Pousada Favelinha is one such option. In the center of one of Rio's numerous favelas, or urban slum neighborhoods, the hostel has 16 beds that cost approximately $25 per night.

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The hostel opened in Favela Pereira da Silva in 2004, an area that had its share of drug and gang violence in the 90s. Though the owners claim it's safe now, the hostel features a wraparound fence, doors and windows that lock, and a guard at the entrance.

Favela Pereira da Silva is home to about 2,000 residents, and smaller than many of Rio's favelas. It boasts some of the best views in town thanks to its hillside location.

Getting to the hostel is not for the faint of heart, as the neighborhood it's in is built up against a steep hill. When coming from below, guests must brave a steep, 300-step climb to the entrance.

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How to be productive while you're sleeping


larry page, google, sv100 2015

When Larry Page was a 22-year-old graduate student at Stanford in the 90s, he was struck in the middle of the night with a vision: He had somehow managed to download the entire Web and just keep the links.

During a 2009 University of Michigan commencement speech, he said he immediately grabbed a pen when he awoke and wrote down what became the basis for an algorithm. He used this algorithm to power a new Web search engine now known as Google.

"When a really great dream shows up, grab it!" the Google cofounder and now Alphabet CEO advised.

The idea of harnessing our dreams is nothing new, Arianna Huffington points out in her sleep manifesto, "The Sleep Revolution," and many major breakthroughs, like our understanding of the structure of molecules and the periodic table of elements, were the result of dreams.

"During sleep the neurons of the brain are reorganized, so we see new patterns, we see solutions, where before we could only see obstacles," she tells Business Insider.

According to psychologists from UC San Diego, sleep improves our ability to come up with creative solutions to problems by assisting the brain in flagging unrelated ideas and memories and forging connections among them. REM sleep works better than any other state of being at fostering creative thinking, they conclude.

Dr. Jeffrey Ellenbogen, a neurologist at Harvard Medical School and director of the Sleep Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital, also found that if an incubation period — a time in which a person leaves an idea for a while — includes sleep, people are 33% more likely to infer connections among distantly related ideas.

"How often have we woken up with clarity about a problem or having resolved an emotional issue? That's why dreams are so important," Huffington says.

woman sleeping on tableSo can we use the strategy of "sleeping on it" purposely for our own good? Huffington says, "yes."

"If there is a particular problem we are grappling with, we can sort of incubate it by putting the question to our subconscious before we go to sleep and asking for some clarity and resolution," she explains. "Very often, I get clarity and resolution when I sleep, which is a very productive way to handle our sleep time."

She suggests keeping a dream journal and a pen with a flashlight attached to it next to your bed. Before you go to sleep ask, "In what area of my life would I like to receive guidance? What question do I want answered?" Then write it down and focus on this problem or idea as you drift off to sleep.

"You sort of give the message to your subconscious that you value your dreams and you want to remember them," she says.

When you wake up the next morning, remain totally still to allow for better "dream recall," and once you have it secure in your mind, write down any parts of the dream you remember, even if it's just one word, image, or impression.

"Before letting the outside world in, taking a momentary pause and a few deep breaths can help you recall more of your dreams, reliving the paths traveled while in your dream world," Huffington writes in her book. "As we learn to recognize the hidden meanings beneath the surface of the everyday, it becomes easier to listen to the inner whisperings that tend to get drowned in the cacophony of our waking life."

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This bar in Tokyo has 'robot cabaret'

How to find out everything Google knows about you


Larry Page

When you use Google, you are making a deal. You get to use services like Gmail, Drive, search, YouTube, and Google Maps for free.

In exchange, you agree to share information about yourself that Google can share with advertisers so their ads are more effective. For instance, airlines want to target people who love to travel. Children's clothing makers want to target parents.

Google uses a lot of methods to learn about you. There's the stuff you tell Google outright when you sign up for its Gmail or to use your Android phone. This includes your name, phone number, location, and so on.

But Google also watches you as you scamper around the internet, deducing your interests from your internet searches — what do you search for? click on? — from your use of Google's other services and from other websites you visit.

By visiting a hard-to-find page called "Web & App Activity," you can see what Google is watching.

Then by visiting a site called "Ads Settings," you can see what Google thinks it knows about you, and you can change what it's telling advertisers about you.

Read on for the details:

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It's not easy to find your "Web & App Activity" page. You must be logged in to Google to see it. Once logged in, go to "https://history.google.com/history/" and click on "all time."

Link here: Web & App Activity

This brings up a long list of all the web pages you searched. You can delete them, but it isn't easy. Google lets you delete only one day at a time. That will take forever to cover years' worth of data, but you can try it anyway. Click on today, then click the delete button at the top.

You'll have to deal with a warning from Google telling you that you don't really want to delete this information. The truth is, Google doesn't want you to delete this information. You may or may not want to, but don't worry if you do. You won't break the internet or your Google account if you hit the delete button.

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Google created a virtual reality paint brush lets you walk through your own artwork

Women who get cheated on are better off in the long run, a new study revealed



Women whose male partners leave them for another woman ultimately "win" in the long run, according to a new study.

Scientists from Binghamton University examined the effects of female-on-female competition for male mates. They found that those whose partners cheated on them are better off, since they experience personal growth.

That, in turn, leads to the scorned woman picking an even better mate in the future, according to the researchers.

For a study, 5,705 participants— both male and female — in 96 countries took an online survey, with 61 percent of women identifying as exclusively heterosexual and 85 percent of all respondents reported having at least one severe breakup, researcher Craig Morris told INSIDER in an email. 

To no one's surprise, the scientists found that the dissolution of a relationship can lead to initial feelings of depression and low self-esteem, especially when coupled with infidelity. However, the scientists also found that, for women, getting cheated on can have a silver lining.

"Our thesis is that the woman who 'loses' her mate to another woman will go through a period of post-relationship grief and betrayal, but come out of the experience with higher mating intelligence that allows her to better detect cues in future mates that may indicate low mate value," Morris said. "Hence, in the long term, she 'wins.'"

In other words, dealing with betrayal and infidelity stings in the short-term, but leads to self-reflection that, in the long run, can help women "rise above" the failed relationship and find a better mate in the future. But, this doesn't happen overnight, the scientist added.

"The women who reported being 'stronger' after losing a mate to another woman reported that this realization came only after suffering through post-relationship grief," Morris said.

This article has been updated based on information provided after the original publication.

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Detroit-style pizza has arrived in NYC


Detroit-style pizza is finally taking New York City by storm. Emmy Squared, located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is serving up pan pizza with a crispy crust, chewy center, and topped with lots and lots of cheese. It's spicy, it's crispy, and it's absolutely delicious.

Written by Sarah Schmalbruch and produced by Sydney Kramer

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A college student declared her love on Snapchat and captivated the whole campus

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