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Beloved Upper East Side Brunch Spot Le Bilboquet Is Closing Down



Philippe Delgrange's Le Bilboquet changed the restaurant game when it opened its doors back in the '90s.

One part French bistro, one part trendy hotspot, the E. 63rd street establishment has done an exceptional job setting itself apart from many of the other UES restaurants that have come and gone in the past few years.

With the help of nightlife aficionados, The Koch brothers and Aymeric Clemente, Le Bilboquet took the concept of typical NYC brunches a step further by introducing the Saturday brunch.

The very Euro trend of nightlife-meets-daytime dining has since become a staple in some of the city's most popular spots.

Now that the lease on the original Le Bilboquet location has run out, Delgrange has officially closed the doors of his intimate restaurant that had become such an UES fixture.

Apart from the new NYC location set to open in early 2013, we also look forward to the two new Bilboquets, opening in Rio and Sao Paolo.

Click through to remember our time spent at Le Bilboquet over the years >

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Larry Ellison's Sailing Team Gets Caught Spying On Rivals, Has To Pay $15,000 Fine (ORCL)


Larry Ellison and airplane

Larry Ellison's Oracle Team has been found guilty of spying on the Italian team by an international jury of sailing experts, reports Julia Prodis Sulek at the Mercury News.

The penalty shouldn't hurt too much: they have to give up five days of practice and pay a $15,000 fine. That couch change for billionaire Ellison, one of the world's richest men with a net worth of about $41 billion, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Plus, as Sulek notes, spying is almost standard practice for the America's Cup tournament, as everyone tries to gather intel on the competition. Even so, the Oracle team was found to have taken it a little too far with Italy's Luna Rossa 72-foot catamaran in New Zealand waters in November. Oracle's team apparently violated the rule that forbids competitors to sail within 200 meters of each other.

The loss of five days hurts the team more than the fine. They already lost a lot of practice days after the catamaran capsized in San Francisco Bay during a practicing session in October.

The $8 million boat was so badly damaged in that accident that the crew turned a big chunk of it into an airplane of sorts and entered it into a crazy event called the called Flugtag. That's where people launch handmade flying contraptions off a 30-foot-tall platform to see how long they'll fly before hitting the water.

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Six Books To Help You Eat Better, Look Better, And Save Money


Reading, studying, man, glasses, book

It’s the start of a new year and a natural time to try to do things better.

Although I don’t make resolutions, I do jot down a list of goals that I’d like to achieve at the start of each year.

So maybe I do make resolutions. (Are goals resolutions?)

However you want to define it, I’m always up for being a better me.

And if you, too, are on a quest for self-improvement, there are some new books offering inspiration, motivation and advice to get you on the right path, whether you’re trying to eat better, lose weight, get in shape or save money.

Eat Better in 2013 

Do you subsist on takeout meals or frozen food because you can’t cook—or are just plain lazy? Well, you don’t have to be a disaster in the kitchen for the rest of your life.

Author Timothy Ferriss, whom you might have seen on The Dr. Oz Show, will bring out your inner Julia Child—or Anthony Bourdain, depending on your taste—with his revolutionary book The 4-Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life ($21.70 at Books-A-Million).

Billed as “the cookbook for people who don’t buy cookbooks,” The 4-Hour Chef will teach you everything from how to chop an onion to how to poach an egg. But this book is about much more than cooking. It’s a fascinating exploration of how accelerated learning works, and it might even give you the confidence to master skills in other areas in which you are lacking.

Or maybe learning how to poach an egg will be enough for you. (Get Books-A-Million coupons.) People who make radical changes in the way they eat tend to slip right back into bad habits. But nutritionist Ellie Krieger, host of the Cooking Channel’s Healthy Appetite, takes a slow and steady approach in the revised and updated version of her book Small Changes, Big Results: A Wellness Plan with 65 Recipes for a Healthy, Balanced Life Full of Flavor ($10.88 at Amazon).

The 12-week wellness plan outlined in the book recommends making a series of small, gradual changes, like replacing refined grains with whole grains.

Krieger’s patient and sensible approach to eating better takes the stress out of it and makes it seem possible. The book also features easy-to-make recipes for dishes ranging from Pita Pizzas to Whole-Grain Rotini with Tuscan Kale. Yum! (Dine on savings with Amazon discounts.)

Get Fit in 2013

Body by You: The You Are Your Own Gym Guide to Total Women’s Fitness (on sale for $11.68 at Target), written by Mark Lauren and Joshua Clark, is a practical workout guide depicting more than 100 exercises that you can perform at home without machines or weights. I’m talking basics like lunges and squats.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Lauren, he is a man fully capable of whipping you into shape. In addition to being a personal trainer for civilians, this fitness guru is a military physical training specialist for Special Operations. (Save $5 off orders of $50 or more with Target discounts.)

Another way to get fit: walking. Michele Stanten, formerly the fitness director at Prevention magazine, has created a daily walking program that will have you slimmed down and in better shape in just three months. The regimen is detailed in Walk Your Butt Off! Go from Sedentary to Slim in 12 Weeks With this Breakthrough Walking Plan ($12.51 at Barnes & Noble), a book Stanten wrote alongside Sarah Lorge Butler and Leslie Bonci.

Aimed at beginners as well as experienced walkers who aren’t seeing the results they want, Walk Your Butt Off! is available for pre-order now and will be released on February 26. (Prices are slim with Barnes & Noble sales.)

Get Your Finances Under Control in 2013

You’ll probably wish that I had told you about this book before you went on that Christmas-shopping binge. But according to The Good Life for Less: Giving Your Family Great Meals, Good Times, and a Happy Home on a Budget ($10.95 at Books-A-Million), you don’t have to live beyond your means to enjoy life. Written by Amy Allen Clark and Jana Murphy, the book shows readers how to set a budget and stick to it while also demonstrating how to save on just about every purchase and prepare inexpensive but satisfying meals for your family.

What’s nice about Clark is that she doesn’t talk down to people who are struggling with money issues. In fact, she and her husband found themselves in financial hot water just before the birth of their first child, and that’s what made Clark realize it was time to learn to live on less.

If you routinely leave the grocery store thinking you’ve paid way more than you should have for your weekly meals, check out the Budget Savvy Diva’s Guide to Slashing Your Grocery Bill by 50% or More: Secret Tricks and Clever Tips for Eating Great and Saving Money ($9.35 at Amazon). Author Sara Lundberg writes the Budget Savvy Diva blog, and she’s an expert when it comes to slashing food costs.

Her book, which is available from Amazon for pre-order and ships February 5, provides a ton of useful advice, including how to get the most out of coupons and where to find unexpected bargains in your local grocery store. There are also dollar-stretching recipes to help you maximize your food budget.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Working At Hooters


hooters waitresses

Hooters built an empire by hiring young and attractive waitresses. 

But a former server told us there's a lot people get wrong about the 450-restaurant chain. 

Brittany, 28, told us everything she knows about about working at Hooters. 

She addressed breast size requirements, what customers are like, and how she was taught to succeed. 

NOTE: We only used Brittany's first name to protect her identity. 

Q: What was the interview like? Did you have to try on the uniform?

A: It was just like any other restaurant. You fill out an application and they talk to you, you wear what you want. I didn't have to try on the uniform or anything. 

Q: Are there any requirements for bra size?

A: No, the funny thing is that I was about the smallest bra size you could be when I worked there. A lot of my coworkers were flat-chested as well. I never heard about any kind of standard and you didn't have to have a big chest to work there. 

Q: Was everyone you worked with really attractive?

A: Yeah, in their own way. It's not like everyone was blonde and tan. Our clients all had different tastes and I would say that there was someone for everyone. We had all kinds of women, with different races and features. 

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A Big British City Might Name Its Airport For Ozzy Osbourne To Boost Tourism


ozzy osbourne international airport birmhingham

A proposal to name the airport of England's second-largest city after Black Sabbath star Ozzy Osbourne is being considered by Birmingham's City Council.

The idea was put forward by Jim Simpson of Big Bear Music, who was Black Sabbath's first manager after discovering the local Birmingham band.

He sees it as a way to improve the city's reputation and put some money in its coffers.

In an e-mail, Simpson told Business Insider the new name would a "masterstroke" that would confound cynics and boost tourism:

Curiosity would be aroused, fans would travel from afar to be photographed in front of the name, international travelers might opt to choose the airport rather than the more conventionally-named alternatives/competitors, but it’s much more than that.

Simpson argues the common British view of Birmingham residents, or "Brummies," is that they are dull, humorless, and conventional. Flaunting the name of the bat-decapitating Birmingham native "would display an attitude of such confidence as to dispel" those impressions.

Why Osbourne? He "may not always have been a paragon of virtue," Simpson said, "but he is a genuine flesh and blood Brummie."

The proposal has been met with interest. Councilor Philip Parkin told the Daily Mail: "It's an interesting idea and I've got an open mind. I would be interested to know what people thought about it. We need to be making the most of the talent we have got and did have in this city."

In a letter to the Birmingham Mail, Simpson also took a shot at Liverpool's John Lennon Airport, saying it "is distinctly unimpressive, provincial and bears no comparison with ours."

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11 Extravagant Pieces Of Baby Furniture Fit For Kim And Kanye's Nursery


Coach, PoshTots, baby furnitureKim and Kanye made headlines last week with their baby news, and it seems that everywhere you look another celebrity is expecting.

Some retailers are manufacturing baby swag that both celebs and non-celebs alike are investing in.

Perhaps the best example is PoshTots, which is known for its luxury kids furniture, diaper bags, clothing, and even art and decor. We're talking cribs that cost upwards of $5,000 or even $15,000, and playhouses that put your old pillow fort to shame.

The company was founded in 2000 by Andrea Edmunds, whose lavish furnishings have adorned the children's bedrooms of clients such as Julia Roberts, Donald and Vanessa Trump, Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin, and Heidi Klum and Seal, according to Style Weekly.

Edmunds gave us a peek at some of the pieces PoshTots has to offer. Whether it's a boy or girl, it would all look great in baby Kimye's nursery.

This carriage bed is perfect for a princess.

On a cedar and birch frame, the delicate-crafted carriage bed sits on wheels and comes with a rear box that makes a great changing table and storage unit.

Price: $19,995

Your baby could snuggle up in this posh, plush bedding.

Hovering under a frilly, creamy off-white canopy, the regal Jaylen bedding comes in pink or blue silk fabrics, and fits perfectly in a round crib.

Price: $1,190

An old-fashioned pram is stylish and functional.

The Inglesina Classica pram is handmade in Italy and inspired by the British Court, helping you make all the other moms and babies jealous.

Price: $1,398

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Someone Climbed The Jersey Shore Roller Coaster That Was Mangled In Hurricane Sandy


man climbs roller coaster

Seaside Heights police arrested a man who climbed the Jersey Shore roller coaster that was famously mangled and partially submerged in the ocean during Hurricane Sandy, ABC reports.

The man, 38-year-old Christopher Angulo, reportedly paddled out to the Jet Star coaster in a canoe in order to plant a flag atop the wreckage.

Angulo, a local, said he missed the pier and wanted to restore something that he was lost, ABC reported.

Charges are pending and will likely include trespassing, according to ABC.

The roller coaster, which looked like a scene from a horror movie in the days following the Superstorm, made headlines when the mayor of Seaside Heights briefly proposed leaving it in the ocean as a tourist attraction.

But after an uproar ensued, the wreckage was slated for demolition and removal.

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The 22 Most Impressive Students At Harvard Right Now



Getting into Harvard University is a huge accomplishment by itself; the school had a record-low 5.9 percent admission rate last year.

But standing out among the thousands of stellar students is an even bigger achievement.

We've found the 22 most remarkable students at Harvard this semester.

These kids have made breakthroughs in scientific research, fought for social justice, and created a better community at Harvard.

John Harvard himself couldn't have chosen better.

David Boone overcame homelessness and gang violence for a full scholarship to Harvard.

Class of 2016

Boone overcame difficult obstacles — including homelessness and gang violence — to get to Harvard.

The freshman from Cleveland said that gang members burned down his home when he refused to join them. While homeless, Boone devoted himself to his studies and to productive extracurricular activities, which earned him a spot in Harvard.

Boone is attending Harvard on a full Gates Millennial Scholarship. 

This semester Boone is taking courses in Mandarin Chinese, expository writing, computer science, history and calculus. He said that he sometimes spends up to 40 hours a week on work for his computer science class alone.

Boone has applied for summer jobs at Google, Microsoft and the Eaton Corp, and before he graduates wants to study abroad in Shanghai or Beijing to learn about Chinese culture and economy.

Shree Bose is making breakthroughs in cancer research.

Class of 2016

Bose made a breakthrough in cancer research when she was still in high school — and it earned her national acclaim and praise from President Obama, who twice publicly recognized her achievements.

After watching her grandfather struggle with liver cancer, Bose was determined to help out in any way she could. So she chose to study the protein AMP kinase and its reaction with the chemotherapy drug Cisplatin. She noticed that when she inhibited this protein, Cisplatin was allowed to begin destroying cancer cells.

Her work with the cancer drug Cisplatin won her first prize at the Google Science Fair last year and recognition as one of Glamour magazine's Young Amazing Women of the Year.

Now a freshman at Harvard, Bose is planning to study molecular biology. Eventually, she would like to go to medical school to become a physician.

Sitan Chen is a star mathematician and Carnegie Hall concert pianist.

Class of 2016

Before entering Harvard,Chen won third place in the 2011 Siemens Competition in Math, Science & Technology for his research that could advance how computers multi-task data. His project is called On the Rank Number of Grid Graphs, and could result in new advances in studying mathematical graphs.

He's also a talented pianist and violinist who performed at Carnegie Hall six times.

Chen is a freshman studying math and economics. He plans to become a university professor, is a member of the Harvard Glee Club, and serves as an analyst in the Harvard College Consulting Group where he provides consulting services for businesses, non-profit organizations, and student groups in and out of Harvard.

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This Scene Of Fighting Giraffes Is Absolutely Mesmerizing


beige tbi

Giraffes rarely fight, but when they do, it's a hypnotic spectacle. 

The Discovery Channel caught a pair of giraffes locked in heated battle, and the footage they got was nothing short of spectacular.

Take a look below:


Giraffes are "gentle vegetarians," according to the narrator, but they will fight to protect precious territory by swinging their 6-foot-long, 500-lb necks into each other.

In this case, the precious territory is a stretch of land in the Hoanib sand river in Namibia.

Here's another look at giraffes swinging their necks in battle:


And here's a bonus GIF of a leopard scaring a squirrel:


The Discovery Channel's series "Africa" debuts tonight at 10 pm ET, and they'll probably have more footage of fighting giraffes and frightened squirrels.

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Check Out The Progress On Matt Lauer's New 30-Acre Horse Farm In The Hamptons


Despite complaints from the neighbors, Today Show anchor Matt Lauer and his wife Annette have started construction on a 30-acre horse farm they are building in Water Mill.

The pair closed on the $3 million property in October, and are constructing an indoor riding facility and second barn, The New York Post reported at the time.

Due to zoning rules, Lauer can't build a home on the property. Good thing his $15 million Hamptons mansion is just down the road.

Aerial photographer Jeff Cully of EEFAS snapped these photos of the construction, and shared them with us. Looks like Lauer has some work to do before his horses can move in.

matt lauer hamptons horse farm


matt lauer hamptons horse farm


matt lauer hamptons horse farm

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Here's How They Make The $700 Shoes Daniel Craig Wore In 'Skyfall'


Regina Yacht, James Bond, 007, Skyfall, Crocket & Jones shoes

James Bond isn't just a man of mystery, he also has an incredibly refined taste in shoes.

Or, at least his stylist does.

Daniel Craig wore four different pairs of shoes by Fine English shoemaker Crockett & Jones in the latest 007 film "Skyfall."

The shoes aren't cheap; the Islay model boot alone goes for $735 at Barneys. However, the steep price gets you a quality crafted and glove-like fitted shoe, which goes through eight stages of production and over 200 unique operations. Each pair takes about two months to complete. 

We've taken stills from the company's "In The Making" video to show you how Bond's fine footwear is handcrafted in a Northampton factory.

The first step is the pattern cutting from the original design of the shoe.

The pattern is made to fit over the "last," the yellow wooden form seen here, around which the shoes are constructed.

The last gives the shoe its shape and fit, and is removed at the end of the shoe making process.

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HOUSE OF THE DAY: Billionaire Bill Koch Buys The Mellon Compound On Cape Cod For $19.5 Million


Bunny Mellon Cape Cod House

Bunny Mellon, the 102-year-old widow of banking legend and philanthropist Paul Mellon, put her gorgeous, 26-acre Cape Cod compound on the market last January for $28.7 million.

Now, it appears that billionaire Bill Koch, sibling of Tea Party darlings David and Charles, has purchased the home for $19.5 million through an LLC, according to celebrity real estate blogger The Real Estalker.

It's on secluded Oyster Island, with a main residence, guest house, tennis court, lawns, gardens, and orchards.

Here's the main house.

And the view from the water.

One of the smaller buildings (it had been listed separately).

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7 Reasons To Go On A Plant-Based Diet


Vegetable Meal

Why would I give up meat? Going plant-based doesn't necessarily mean you have to.

Our definition of a plant-based diet allows for modest amounts of fish and lean meat. But more importantly, choosing a diet heavy in fruits and veggies may help ward off chronic diseases and keep you svelte in 2013 and in years to come. U.S. News has gathered a few reasons to go the plant-based route.

Diabetes prevention

Roughly 370 million people are living with diabetes, and according to the International Diabetes Federation, that number is expected to soar upwards of 550 million by 2030.

Type 2 diabetes is entirely preventable, and plenty of research suggests a plant-based diet can help ward off the disease.

Hypertension control

Lots of research, including some from the Harvard School of Public Health, suggests a diet loaded with fruits and veggies can lower blood pressure.

About 1 in 3 American adults suffers from high blood pressure, meaning they're at higher risk for heart disease and stroke--two leading causes of death in the United States.

Heart health

Harvard researchers tracked the health habits of about 110,000 people for 14 years, and found that the higher folks' intakes of fruits and vegetables, the lower their chances of developing cardiovascular disease.

Specifically, people who averaged eight-plus servings of fruits and veggies a day were 30 percent less likely to have a heart attack or stroke, compared to those who had less than 1.5 daily servings.

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Alexander McQueen's First London Menswear Show Put A Dark Twist On Savile Row


alexander mcqueen menswear london

Alexander McQueen, the fashion house created by the late designer and built upon a reputation for staging subversive fashion extravaganzas, held its menswear show in London for the first time on Tuesday evening.

Models with severe slicked-down hair, some wearing slightly unnerving clear plastic masks, small gold hoop earrings in one ear, walked through a series of adjoining rooms with dilapidated ceilings, as an eerie soundtrack rattled the windowpanes.

The collection for autumn/winter 2013, a subversion of the classicism of Savile Row, took in traditional menswear motifs such as pinstripe and velvet, and remixed them so that the stripes darted in various directions across jackets or coats.

Other suit jackets featured contrasting fabric panels. Statement suiting in head-to-toe patterns, reminiscent of stained glass windows, and a long black jacket featuring gold brocade, were among the most show-stopping of the night.

Suit jackets featured the trademark McQueen pagoda shoulder, which creates a striking and strong silhouette, while trousers were cropped short on the ankles with a slight flare, and teamed with leather brogue slippers and pinstripe socks.

Shirt collars were long and pointed, adding strict drama, while silk polka dot dressing gowns were layered with velvet tailoring for a spin on dandyish eveningwear.

McQueen, who died in 2010, trained on Savile Row, so the show was a fitting tribute to his career arc.

Creative director Sarah Burton, who created the Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress, said: "It feels right to focus on Savile Row for our first ever Alexander McQueen menswear show in London, especially since we opened our menswear store on Savile Row at the end of last year." She added: "This collection is full of tailoring traditions and subtle references to English style."

Earlier in the day, the outdoors, nature and camping equipment were cited as references for the latest men's collection by Scottish designer Jonathan Saunders, which cemented his reputation as the capital's lead colourist. Orange— quickly establishing itself as the hot colour for next season — appeared alongside earthy rust, mossy green and signature bright turquoise. A V-neck top with gathered bottom that bled pinks into burgundy was a stand out piece.

With men increasingly embracing more vivid colour, these clothes look likely to sell well.

The current collection for spring/summer made its debut on the Selfridges men's floor this month, underlining the success of this arm of the Saunders business.

Brimming with modern shapes, such as his snug bomber jackets, which are now a fixture in fashion circles, Saunders seems to have a knack for creating slick clothes that are interesting but without being overly complicated.

Interesting texture mixes were at the heart of this collection, from fuzzy sweatshirts to plastic fronted T-shirts, colour block wool coats to tech trousers.

The prints this season, another integral part of the Saunders aesthetic, started off life by "splodging paint onto paper at his desk", the designer said of the abstract patterns seen on tops or woven into knits. "There is always a David Hockney thing going on too."

Central St Martins-trained Christopher Shannon, another of London's menswear talents, delivered a well balanced collection, inspired by the likes of hoarding-themed TV documentaries and fabrics found in jumble sales.

Known for a sportswear look that combines fashion ideas with street-inspired details and fabrics, Shannon's clothes and accessories now sell at some of the capital's finest department stores, including Liberty, while his popular diffusion line Kidda sells well at Asos.

Two-tone jeans, leather shirting, hiker-style Kickers boots, panelled bomber jackets and sweatshirts, all looked likely to prove popular with existing fans this autumn. The knitwear was particularly strong, with playful styles featuring contrast colour sections and cartoon-style faces. Given the thirst for statement jumpers, these look likely to be picked by buyers.

Mr Porter, over tea and crumpets and with models in retro red telephone boxes, unveiled their new collaborative initiative with four of London's fledging menswear talents.

Richard Nicoll, Katie Eary, Sibling and Matthew Miller have all created a series of exclusive items for the online retailer. The designs, from Nicoll's graphic knits to Sibling's leopard T-shirt, went on sale at the same time as they were launched to the media – a modern retail approach that leapfrogs the usual six-month waiting time for catwalk clothes.

This article originally appeared on guardian.co.uk

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Inside Kim And Kanye's New $11 Million Bel Air Baby Nest


Kim Kardashian Kanye West House

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West want a little extra room once baby makes three.

Make that a lot of extra room.

The couple, who have been dating for nine months and are expecting their first child in July, have just purchased a 9,000-square-foot Italian-style villa in Bel Air.

But despite already boasting a gym, movie theater, hair and makeup salon, bowling alley, basketball court and indoor and outdoor pools, TMZ is reporting the couple want to gut it "and are designing a 14,000-square-foot dream home in its place."

Originally listed for $11.4 million in April 2011, the home received a price cut and Zillow reports the home was most recently listed for sale at $10.75 million.

Although the residence is super private, Kimye can now count Jennifer Aniston, Chris Paul, and Joe Francis among their neighbors.

Images courtesy of Zillow.

After looking at houses in Miami, Kimye decided on this Italian-style villa in the Bel-Air neighborhood near Los Angeles.

It has plenty of space in the driveway for the couple's countless cars.

And a huge pool in the backyard.

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PJ Clarke's Is Turning Its Upstairs Dining Room Into A Members-Only Supper Club


PJ Clarke's Midtown

Beloved Upper East Side bar and restaurant P.J. Clarke's is about to get a little more exclusive.

The owners of the neighborhood favorite are turning the restaurant's second-floor dining room into a members-only supper club, Marshall Heyman at The Wall Street Journal reports.

Around 550 membership cards have already been sent out to regular customers.

But if you didn't receive one, you aren't out of luck. New members will be invited in based on referrals. It also helps if you know one of the ladies who run the dining room, which is known as Sidecar.

So what does membership get you? According to The WSJ:

Membership privileges include the possibility of turning the space into "your own private supper club" until the wee hours, should you call by 10 p.m. to announce yourself and your guests; various membership events like tastings and next week's Prohibition-inspired gathering, featuring small-batch bourbon; and access to all Sidecar locations. (Other P.J. Clarke's are in Las Vegas, São Paolo and Washington, D.C.).

"There are no membership dues," said [co-owner] Ms. Scotti. "The caveat is you have to come and visit us."

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This Outrageous Men's Knitwear Collection Stole The Show At London Fashion Week


Sibling London Fashion Week 2013

The latest designs from Joe Bates', Sid Bryan's, and Cozette McCreery's knitwear brand SIBLING have caused quite the stir during London Fashion Week 2013.

The collaboration, entitled PLEASE KILL ME, featured bright, oversized sweaters, hats, and woolen mittens. A fire engine-red "shoulder snood" even made an appearance on the catwalk.

The inspiration for the designs was (of all things) New York's Punk movement. In their press release for the collection, the designers explain that PLEASE KILL ME, "is an exercise in both fluff and tough for men. While it might not be knitting for sissies, don’t be scared, SIBLING always aims to achieve their collections with a sense of humour and technical skill."

SIBLING has been creating men's knitwear since May of 2008, and the humor and playfulness of their latest collection is nothing new for a brand that has previously sent cashmere twinsets in sequin leopard print down the runway. 

Nothing in the collection seems more on-the-nose than this sweater.

The blue mohair shorts really make this outfit.

Sometimes you just need to let your neck and upper chest breathe a little.

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TEST DRIVE: The New All-Wheel Drive XJ Jaguar Is A Monster On The Snow


2013 jaguar xj awd all-wheel drive montreal mecaglisse

After years in the wilderness, Jaguar Land Rover turned its business around and had a great 2012.

Sales were up 19 percent in the UK and up 11 percent in North America, largely thanks to the Land Rover side of the brand, while Jaguar sales in the US dropped 2 percent.

Click here to see photos of our test drive >

To shore up that side of the equation, Jaguar wants to expand the appeal of its sedans. To do so, it has opted for something it has done only once before: all-wheel drive (AWD).

The first attempt, executed while JLR was owned by Ford, was the X-Type. Produced from 2001 to 2009, it never hit its sales goals.

Take two, orchestrated under the ownership of Tata Motors, will bring all-wheel drive to the 2013 XJ and upcoming XF.

Jaguar may be late to the party — Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, and Cadillac all have AWD offerings — but it has not shown up empty-handed.

We were invited by Jaguar Land Rover last month to go to Montreal to drive the new all-wheel drive XJ, and were quite impressed.

Disclosure: Jaguar Land Rover paid for our travel and lodging expenses to drive the Land Rover 2 and Jaguar XJ.

jaguar awd xj 2013

Putting The AWD To Work

The big advantage of AWD is that it appeals to drivers in regions where snow and ice are facts of life — what Jaguar calls "key snowbelt markets" — like the northeastern US.

Now that it can be driven in rough conditions, the new XJ, with its sleek roof line, luxurious interior, and brand appeal that comes with the Jaguar name, is a suddenly viable option for many more buyers.

Equipped with AWD, it still operates most of the time like a typical, rear-wheel drive Jaguar. But in snow and ice, it sends as much as 50 percent of the 3-liter V6 engine's power to the front wheels, so the car can get moving in just about any condition.

To prove its capability, Jaguar brought us to Mecaglisse, a motorsports complex north of Montreal. There, we worked with professional drivers to put the car through its paces on snow covered hills, hairpin turns, slaloms, and a circular ice track.

We did each station three times: once in winter mode, once in dynamic mode, and then once with all the driver-assistance settings turned off.

The difference was clear, especially on the ice circle.

Dynamic mode was not especially impressive, but with winter mode on, we drove in tight circles without a problem. The car constantly shifts power to the wheel with the most traction.

That shifting produces an off-putting grating noise, but the result is that there's no risk of going off the track.

jaguar awd xj 2013

Driving on the ice with AWD and winter mode turned off turned into an impromptu drifting lesson that  ended quickly, with our car in some deep powder.

The Rest Of The Ride

On the plowed highway, we enjoyed the relaxing ride in automatic.

But to really put the new V6 to work — and enjoy its 340 hp — requires shifting the XJ into manual mode and rowing through the eight gears using the steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

Even on a day that focused on the car's performance, we were impressed by the XJ's luxurious interior. The heated leather seats, plentiful leg room, and good entertainment and sound systems were everything that one expects from a sedan that starts at $76,600.

The Future Of Jaguar

Jaguar Land Rover says its 2013 lineup is its strongest ever. The AWD XJ is rolling out now, to be followed in a few months by the AWD XF.

It has finally gone back to its sports car roots with the new F-Type. The hugely powerful XFR-S, which debuted in November, does not have the sleek beauty that is Jaguar's hallmark, but it delivers 550 horsepower, with an electronically limited top speed of 186 mph.

If these offerings match up with the XJ AWD in terms of quality, it is a very good sign that Jaguar Land Rover's business will keep booming this year.

Now check out photos of our awesome test drive >

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Take A Stroll Through New York City's #1 Date Destination, The High Line


High Line, people strolling, happy, flowersHowAboutWe, an online dating site that matches people based on their date preferences, recently unveiled an interactive map detailing how America's singles date offline

Based on more than one million dates posted on the website, the map broke down dating behavior based on cities and activity. And as it turns out, the number one date spot in New York City based on the HowAboutWe data was Manhattan's High Line.

Also making an appearances on the list were Central Park, the Met, the Brooklyn Brewery, and Brooklyn Bowl. 

The first section of the High Line opened back in 2009, and has become a huge hit with locals and tourists alike for its smart design, gorgeous flora and the slew of restaurants and bars that have opened nearby. The final section of the park, which runs from 30th to 34th Streets along the city's far west side, is slated to open in spring 2014.

It's a little chilly to visit the raised park now (although it is open daily from 7:30 to 5), but if you're feeling ambitious, grab a hot chocolate in nearby Chelsea Market and head to the park for a stroll. Or wait to make a date there until spring.

We visited the park during the warm weather; click through to take a tour for some romantic inspiration.

The main High Line Park entrance is at Gansevoort St. and Washington St. in the trendy Meatpacking District.

A view of the park from Gansevoort Plaza.

Entrance at Gansevoort.

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Vittorio Missoni's Son Dismisses Plane Crash As 'Least Plausible' Scenario


cessna 402 missoni jet

The family of missing fashion executive Vittorio Missoni believes that a plane crash is the "least plausible" scenario in his disappearance

Ottavio Missoni Jr., the 28-year-old son of the fashion mogul, told an Italian newspaper that the missing plane carrying his father, mother, two friends, and two crew members, crashed, the Guardian reported

"My father will come back; we are waiting for him," he told the Corriere della Sera. "I am not speaking with my head but with my heart. A plane cannot vanish in this way, on a short route, without leaving any trace."

The family has no succession plan in place, New York Post reported. 

Vittorio Missoni and his entourage were traveling on the Venezuelan coast Friday when their plane went missing. 

Despite massive search efforts, authorities haven't found a trace of the missing plane or party. 

A pilot who took off shortly after the missing Cessna 402 said the plane appeared to be absorbed into a large storm cloud. 

But the son of another passenger received an eerie text message saying "Call now, we are reachable," that he believes was from his father. 

The Missoni family suggested the plane's wealthy passengers could have been kidnapped by local drug dealers, but authorities said they aren't investigating the possibility. 

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