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Trombonist Creates Viral Hit By Strapping Camera To His Instrument


Take one standard trombone, combine with a miniature video camera, and hey presto - you have a online video viewed by over 700,000 people.

The video features a middle-aged man playing a trombone, on the end of which he has fitted a go-pro, a miniature video camera commonly used by extreme sports enthusiasts.

To satisfyingly comic effect, the musician's face looms back and forth as he moves the slide on his instrument.

Since being uploaded to YouTube on Friday, the video has been viewed over 700,000 times.

Video courtesy of YouTube / CDMVette

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Foodies Are Going Crazy For The New 5:2 Diet


Funnel Cake Party Food DessertIt's that time of year when people start trying to shed their Christmas weight. The 5:2 diet isn't easy, but it allows (a little) pleasure in food.

Food writing does not lend itself to weight loss. There are recipes to test, puddings to try, restaurants to visit. It’s work, honestly, and I love it. But it does test the waistband. Proper weight loss takes weeks to accomplish, and calorie counting day in day out is not only unfeasible, but for anyone who loves to eat as much as I do, it’s also unbearable. Food is not simply about hunger, it’s a sensual joy. Take that away and life looks pretty bleak.

But when I realised I had put on nearly two stone in the past decade, I knew that something had to give, for my health, my vanity and my wallet. So when I read about the 5:2 diet, featured in an article by Dr Michael Mosley in the Telegraph in August, I knew he’d hit upon something important. The premise is: eat normally for five days, then limit oneself to 500 cals (600 for men) for two non-consecutive days a week. Foodies have been turning to this diet in droves, including myself; I’ve been on the 5:2 diet for more than a month. The fasting days are tough. It makes me unspeakably bad tempered. Cutting out booze is a trial too. Just this week the World Cancer Research Fund issued warnings that alcohol calories are the downfall of many a diet. Oh dear. I calculate that an entire bottle of white wine has 510 calories, so I’ve allowed an occasional 75 calories for a tiny 50ml glassful, sipped very slowly.

So far I’ve lost half a stone – nothing remarkable, except I’ve managed to do that over Christmas and New Year, and I haven’t missed out on any of the goodies. These recipes, high in flavour but low in calories, help keep me sane while using only half the daily calorie allowance. I shall return to this later, and hope the photograph you see of me will be (almost) half the size.

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Australia's Record Heatwave Is Getting Dangerous


australia heatwave melbourneAustralia is bracing for its worst ever fire danger as a record-breaking heatwave prompted warnings of a “catastrophic” wildfire threat.

The sweltering conditions have led to hundreds of fires across the country and are set to sweep across Sydney for the first time. Temperatures in the city are set to reach 109F (43C) on Tuesday.

The Premier of the state of New South Wales, Barry O’Farrell, today urged people to prepare for extremely dangerous conditions. Holidaymakers and campers in the countryside have been told to avoid places at risk.

“Tomorrow is not just going to be in the 40s, it will perhaps be the worst fire danger the state has ever faced,” he said. “Do what emergency services tell you… Rethink your need to be in the bush, have a bush fire plan, be prepared but most importantly make sure you are well away from harm’s way.” Fire crews warned that heavy rains in recent years have led to a thick undergrowth in bushland that can swiftly burn.

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology said five straight days of temperatures averaging more than 102F (39C) was a record and the nationwide average on Monday was set to exceed 104F (40C)

“It’s just an extensive dome of heat over the continent,” said Dr Karl Braganza, from the bureau.

The Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, today has visited the scenes of devastation in Tasmania, which is still under threat from ongoing fires and where thousands have been evacuated.

At least 100 homes were destroyed and police are still searching the ruins to see if there were any deaths. About 3000 people across the island state have taken refuge in shelters and hundreds more are continuing to evacuate their homes.

“It is an awful scene,” Ms Gillard said. “The devastation and the randomness of it. There’s so much cruelty, and luck and fate.”

Ms Gillard met with a survivor of the fires, Bob Brakey, a grandfather who saw his home of 25 years burn to the ground in the town of Dunalley.

“I’m probably one of the lucky ones,” he said.

“My insurance company has worked pretty well for me. I’m still disappointed to lose everything, though.”

Police in Tasmania said today they will charge a 31-year-old man over an unattended campfire that allegedly sparked one of the state’s massive fires.

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HOUSE OF THE DAY: Jerry Bruckheimer Could Drop $23 Million On A Fashion Mogul's Beverly Hills Pad


guess cofounder $24 million beverly hills mansion

Film and TV producer Jerry Bruckheimer is ready to drop $23 million on a Beverly Hills mansion built by late Columbia Pictures founder Harry Cohn, TMZ reports.

But the deal isn't quite finished.

Bruckheimer reportedly made an offer on the home, which is being sold as part of the bankruptcy proceeding of Guess? founder Georges Marciano, who put it on the market for $24.5 million in May.

Though the judge approved his offer, interested buyers can still try and outbid Bruckheimer at an upcoming hearing, according to TMZ.

The home is located just north of the Beverly Hills Hotel on North Crescent Drive. It has seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and 19,590 square feet of living space.

The estate was designed in 1927 by Robert D. Farquhar.

It was built by Harry Cohn, the legendary founder of Columbia Pictures.

Georges Marciano, the founder of Guess?, had lived here for years.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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'Whatever' Is Still The Most Annoying Word In America



For the fourth year in a row, Americans consider "whatever" to be the most annoying word or phrase used in a conversation, according to a survey by Marist Poll.

Almost a third of respondents — 32 percent — voted for the dismissive valley girl phrase, followed by "like" at 21 percent, "you know" at 17 percent, and "just saying" at 10 percent.

"Twitterverse" and "gotcha" also made the 2012 poll's list, annoying nine percent and five percent of poll responders respectively. Five percent admitted they didn't know which word they felt was the most annoying.

Marist polled adults ranging in age from 18 to 60+, and unsurprisingly the generations disagreed on the most irksome word. While 37 percent of the 45 or older crowd voted for "whatever," the younger generation of poll respondents thought that "like" was the most annoying phrase. Even more drastically, 37 percent of the 60 or older respondents voted for "whatever" while only 19 percent of 18 to 29 years olds agreed, choosing "like" as the worst offender at 29 percent.

View the full list of the most annoying words of 2012 below.

  1. Whatever (32%)
  2. Like (21%)
  3. You Know (17%)
  4. Just Sayin (10%)
  5. Twitterverse (9%)
  6. Gotcha (5%)
  7. Unsure (5%)

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Five Intriguing Facts About People Who Live To 100



A growing number of Americans are living to age 100. Nationwide, the centenarian population has grown 65.8 percent over the past three decades, from 32,194 people who were age 100 or older in 1980 to 53,364 centenarians in 2010, according to new Census Bureau data.

In contrast, the total population has increased 36.3 percent over the same time period.

Centenarians in the United States are considerably different from the overall population. Here's a look at some of the characteristics of people who live to age 100:

[In Pictures: States Where People Live the Longest.]

Female gender. It is overwhelmingly women who live to age 100. In 2010, 82.8 percent of centenarians were female. For every 100 females age 100 or older, there are only 20.7 males the same age. Females also make up 61.9 percent of those in their 80s and 72.2 percent of people in their 90s. "We know that women are more social than men. Other studies have found that staying socially connected predicts greater life expectancy," says Gary Small, a professor on aging and director of the UCLA Longevity Center in Los Angeles, who is not affiliated with the Census Bureau report. "If you are social, it may reduce stress levels because you can talk about your feelings and things that stress you out and it seems to help many people. If you need a ride to the doctor or you fall, they can take you to the hospital or help you find the best doctor."

Less diversity. Centenarians are considerably less diverse than the overall U.S. population. In 2010, some 82.5 percent of centenarians were white, versus 72.4 percent of the total population. Black or African Americans were unique in that their proportion of the centenarian population (12.2 percent) is about the same as their percentage of the total population (12.6 percent). Asians made up 2.5 percent of the centenarian population, while they make up 4.8 percent of the total population. And Hispanics represent 5.8 percent of centenarians, but 16.3 percent of the population.

Living with others. Just over a third of both female and male centenarians lived alone in their own home in 2010, but the majority of the oldest citizens live with others. "As people get older, things in life happen—like you might become a widow or you might have a disability, and because of those circumstances, living arrangements often change," says Amy Symens Smith, chief of the age and special populations branch at the Census Bureau. Centenarian females (35.2 percent) were more likely to live in a nursing home than males the same age (18.2 percent). Centenarian males are the most likely to be living with others in a household (43.5 percent), compared to just 28.5 percent of centenarian females.

[Read: How to Finance Life Until 100.]

City living. A large majority of the oldest U.S. citizens live in urban areas. "As age increases, the percentage living in urban areas also increases," says Smith. Some 85.7 percent of centenarians lived in urban areas in 2010, compared with 84.2 percent of those in their 90s, 81.5 percent of those in their 80s, and 76.6 percent of those in their 70s. "Living in the city, you have a lot more mental stimulation and the symphony and better doctors and hospitals and more social networking," says Small. "There are more resources, and there is better transportation."

Located in the Northeast or Midwest. States with the largest populations generally have the most centenarians. California has the largest number of centenarians (5,921), followed by New York (4,605), Florida (4,090), and Texas (2,917). Alaska has the fewest residents age 100 and older (40). Wyoming (72), Vermont (133), and Delaware (146) are also among the states with the fewest centenarians.

The Northeast and Midwest have proportions of centenarians that are higher than the national average of 1.73 per 10,000 people, while the West and South have below-average proportions of centenarians. "There's a lot of stuff going on in local areas, including access to medical care, diet, exercise, the culture, risk-taking, and more smoking," says Linda Waite, a sociology professor and director of the Center on Aging at the University of Chicago. "People in the Northeast tend to be more highly educated, and education is associated with a longer life expectancy." North Dakota is the only state with more than 3 centenarians for every 10,000 people in the state. Other states where centenarians make up a relatively large portion of the population include South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska. Three western states have less than one centenarian for every 10,000 people: Alaska, Utah, and Nevada.

[Read: How to Live to 100.]

The proportion of centenarians in the United States is smaller than that of many other developed countries. For example, for every 10,000 people, there are 1.92 centenarians in Sweden, 1.95 in the United Kingdom, and 2.70 in France. And Japan has 3.43 centenarians per 10,000 people, beating even our longest-lived state, North Dakota.

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Brooklyn Brewery Is Building Another Plant 4,000 Miles Away


brooklyn brewery sweden

Brooklyn Brewery is building another plant about 4,000 miles away, all the way across the Atlantic.

The 8,000 barrel brewery will be in Stockholm, Sweden, and it should be open by the end of 2013. The plant and restaurant will look over Stockholm's harbor.

So, why Sweden?

It's actually the brewery's second-largest market, behind New York City and has a vibrant beer culture.

“This is a project that takes us deeper into the Swedish market with a local brewing presence and allows us to get into the fabric of the Swedish brewing culture,” COO Eric Ottoway told Brewbound. “It will give us the flexibility to do small, locally produced batches where we collaborate with local brewers and chefs in a way we can’t currently.”

The project will cost around $5 million and will be managed and operated by a wholly-owned subsidiary in Sweden. Brooklyn will oversee parts of the business.

Here's the full press release:

BROOKLYN, NY—Brooklyn Brewery, D. Carnegie & Co., and Carlsberg Sweden today announced the launch of a new brewery and restaurant in central Stockholm.

The Brooklyn- New Carnegie Brewery will be built in the landmarked Luma Factory buildings in Hammarby Sjöstad , a residential and commercial complex that fronts on Stockholm harbor. The waterfront brewery will have brewing capacity for 8,000 BBL’s and restaurant capacity for 100 visitors inside and another 150 visitors outside.

The Brooklyn Brewery will manage and operate the project through a wholly owned Swedish subsidiary, and Brooklyn Brewmaster Garrett Oliver and his team will be brewing special Brooklyn beers and developing new beers for the New Carnegie brand.

“We love Stockholm, and the whole Brooklyn brewing team is looking forward to their stints at Brooklyn-New Carnegie. We’re going to have a lot of fun brewing and creating beers with our Swedish team,” said Oliver.

In 2011, the Brooklyn Brewery collaborated with Carnegie to produce a bourbon barrel-aged version of the world classic beer Carnegie Porter to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Carnegie Brewery.

“We distributed Carnegie Porter years ago in New York,” said Brooklyn Brewery Chief Operating Officer Eric Ottaway, who is spearheading the project for the Brooklyn Brewery. “We have great respect for the tradition that Carnegie represents, and we look forward to developing the portfolio of beers.”

Joakim Losin, CEO of New Carnegie, said the brewery and restaurant would be a meeting place for Sweden’s craft brewers and their followers, and a school for Swedish beer lovers to learn more about craft beer. The new brewery/restaurant will be open for tours and regular lunches and dinners. It also will host special events in a demonstration kitchen.

Carnegie is the oldest trademark in Sweden. The company was purchased by Carlsberg when it bought the Pripps Brewery in 2001, and Carlsberg Sweden was established.

Brooklyn Brewery brands have been imported by Carlsberg Sweden since 2006. Sweden is the largest export market for the Brooklyn Brewery.

Brooklyn ships many of its bottled beers to Sweden, including its flagship Brooklyn Lager and its 750-ml bottle-conditioned beers like Brooklyn Local 1 and Brooklyn Sorachi Ace. It also ships tankers of beer to
Sweden which are kegged in Falkenberg. Brooklyn Lager and Brooklyn East India Pale Ale are available on draft all over Sweden.

Brooklyn Brewery is America’s leading craft beer exporter. Brooklyn also has a joint venture partnership with the Amarcord Brewery in Apecchio, Italy. Brooklyn imports Amarcord’s Ama Bionda and Ama Bruna beers to the United States. 

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Chinese Millionaire Works Six Days A Week As A Street Cleaner


Yu Youzhen China Wuhan

Yu Youzhen, a 53-year-old woman who lives in the Chinese city of Wuhan, is wealthy. According to the South China Morning Post, Yu is the proud owner of 17 apartments worth more than 10 million yuan (approximately $1.5 million).

But Yu does something most rich people do not. Six days a week she wakes up and goes to work as a sanitation worker for the city, earning a monthly salary of just 1,420 yuan ($227)

Since her discovery by a reporter for local newspaper Wuhan Evening Times, Yu has become a symbol of hard work and determination in China.

She has kept her job, which involves scrubbing the streets and emptying trash cans, since 1998, and grew up in poor circumstances. When she came into the ownership of the expensive apartments in the city in 2008, she was determined not to become lazy like many others who came into ownership, Netease reports.

"I want to be a role model for my son and daughter. I don’t want to sit around idly and eat away my fortune," Yu told reporters. So far, her children are following in her footsteps, with one son working as a driver and a daughter working in another job.

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Headless Goat And Chickens Wash Up Near A Luxury Miami Condo, Horrify Residents


goat chickens miami

A goat and three chickens were decapitated in an apparent sacrifice and dumped into Biscayne Bay where they washed up behind a luxury South Beach condominium to the horror of residents.

"I don't understand this -- the mentality is savage," said Kathryn Bookstaver, an 11-year resident of The Floridian condominium on West Avenue where the animals were found along the seawall. "It's disgusting."

Bookstaver and her neighbors, also faulted Miami Beach officials who left the animals to rot throughout Saturday and into Sunday morning.

A spokesman for Miami Beach police, Bobby Hernandez, said the department didn't get involved because the dead animals didn't appear to be sacrificed as a threat directed against any particular individual.

"If this happened on private property and appeared to be targeting someone, we would investigate," Hernandez said.

"Unfortunately, this kind of thing does happen around here with all of the different cultures," he said.

The dead animals were finally attended to by Richard Couto, a founder and investigator of the Animal Recovery Mission, a nonprofit that helps expose and stop animal-abuse cases. He hauled the animals out of the water and waited for the sanitation department to arrive and remove the animals.

Couto said the animals appeared to have been killed as part of a Santeria or Palo Mayombe rite. Santeria, which blends West African religious beliefs with Roman Catholicism, revolves around the worship of saints. Palo Mayombe, a more obscure religion, is associated with petitioning the spirits of the dead.

Animal sacrifice is legal, protected under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Since it can't stop the sacrifices, he said, his group tries to ensure that the animals are treated humanely. But sometimes, before they're sacrificed, the creatures are hog-tied or kept in plastic bags or sweltering pens, he said. That's a crime because it's unlawful to abuse animals, though it's legal to sacrifice them in a religious ceremony.

The dead animals were found blocks from the section of South Beach which has been closed off to traffic to host Notre Dame and Alabama fans in town for Monday's Orange Bowl game. Just blocks away, in an unrelated South Beach incident Saturday, police arrested a career criminal who shot and killed an acquaintance.

Couto said ARM has helped investigate and respond to animal-sacrifice cases throughout Miami-Dade County, from Hialeah to Miami Beach.

Nelson Reyes, a police officer who teaches a Miami police course in Afro-Caribbean religious practices, said the South Beach sacrifice could be related to Haitian Voodoo. He said it's almost impossible to know more about the particulars of this sacrifice because other items associated with the ritual were washed away.

Generally, Reyes said, decapitated chickens are associated with a "cleansing" ritual and decapitated goats, rams or other four-legged animals are a sign of a spell cast for a beneficial effect.

Reyes said signs of Afro-Caribbean religious sacrifices can be found throughout Miami-Dade, from the Miami River to the train tracks at Flagler Avenue to the downtown courthouse to Sewell Park in Miami, where supplicants place apples near palm trees.

Except for the location of the animals in South Beach, "this really isn't that big of a deal," Reyes said.

But the sight and smell of four dead animals in the turquoise waters of the bay right near a condominium's pool was a shock for residents of The Floridian. They were also outraged that the police, animal services and the sanitation department allowed the animals to rot for more than a day.

"You don't throw plastic bottles and garbage in the ocean," said Bookstaver as she walked her adopted Lahsa Apso dog, Lexi, on Sunday morning. "Why would someone do this to animals?" ___

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The Colors Of The Bahamas Look Unreal From Space


Last month we published some pictures tweeted by Chris Hadfield, who is living aboard the International Space Station, or ISS, as a Flight Engineer on Expedition 34.

In March, he will become the first Canadian Commander of the ISS during Expedition 35.

Hadfield will be in orbit about 250 miles over Earth's surface for the next six months and has been tweeting about his journey on Twitter @Cmdr_Hadfield.

Here are a few fantastic images of world cities taken in the past couple of days:

"It's hard to believe the colours of the Bahamas from space."space

"Kiev, Ukraine - an historic major crossing place of water, rail and road."space

"Volcanoes look dramatic at dawn. They startled me when I spotted them through the lens."space

"Italian coast - like a diamond set in a ring."space

"Tonight's Finale: I'm not quite sure! Ireland, Wales or England, through a gap in the cloud. Where is this port town?"space

"Cleveland, Toledo, Detroit, and the town where I was born, Sarnia Ontario."space

"El Ejido, Spain - you can easily tell where the people live, even from orbit."space

"Japanese rice fields tidily blanketed with snow."space

Bonus: "Noctilucent Cloud - rare super high altitude cloud, barely visible from Earth, seen at dawn in the mesosphere from ISS."space

To see more of Hadfield vacuuming the space station, cheering on the Toronto Maple Leafs, or taking questions from Canadien students over radio, be sure to follow along.

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This Pocket Projector Will Let You Use Your Phone In A Whole New Way


This is the Pocket Projector for iPhone 4 and 4S from Brookstone.

Why We Love It: If you've ever wanted to stream videos or show photos on your iPhone to multiple friends at once, this product may be for you. The iPhone Projector has a built-in battery that allows you to display images from your phone's screen up to 50'' wide (measured diagonally). The phone neatly fits into the projector case that uses a 15-lumen LED lamp, and there is even a focus adjustment feature to make sure your images are as clear as possible.

The rechargeable projector can power your phone, and is easily re-charged with a USB connection. The only negative to the product is they have not yet made a similar device for Android phones or iPhone 5.

iPhone Projector Case


iPhone Projector Case

Where To Buy: Available through Brookstone.

Cost: $169.99.

Want to nominate a cool product for Stuff We Love? Send an email to Megan Willett at mwillett@businessinsider.com with "Stuff We Love" in the subject line.

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Private Equity Investor Chris Flowers Just Bought A Gorgeous Park Avenue Apartment For $20 Million

Chinese Designers Created A Tiny Home That Can Be Carted Around On A Tricycle


Tricycle House, tiny house

China has taken the concept of the mobile home to a whole new level.

Beijing’s People’s Architecture Office (PAO) and People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO) have designed and built a mobile home so small that it can be folded up, accordion-style, and carted around on the back of a tricycle.

The fact that housing has become unbelievably expensive in China is not new news by any stretch of the imagination, and residents of Beijing have been living in much smaller spaces for years now. But due to severe overcrowding and the need for sustainable residences, it seems the tricycle house could be an innovative—though not necessarily comfortable—solution.

Somehow, they still manage to make everything fit.

Designers construct the frame out of polypropylene, a wear-resistant plastic.

The tricycle home is put together on the back of a tricycle cart.

Facilities in the home include a sink, stove, bathtub, and water tank.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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10 Sophisticated Bedroom Items For Single Guys



I read an article a few months ago about a new niche group of clients for interior designers — single and divorced men looking to create more stylish living spaces.

Bedroom ideas for single guys >

The standard-issue down comforter, Star Wars and Bob Marley posters, and thrift store sofas are being traded in for something a little more sophisticated. My own single brother asked for art for Christmas, so it looks like some growing up has happened.

My mother and I recently set out to create a sophisticated and stylish bedroom for my bro, and here's what we came up with. — Sarah from The Estate of Things

Bedroom ideas for single guys >

More From Houzz:

Room design ideas from Thom Filicia Inc.

Thom Filicia has a way with casual and modern rooms. This is a great example of the mix of neutral, muted tones in what I consider to be a masculine space.

Check It Out >

Macausland's Blanket: $284 (GBP 175)

I keep seeing the wool camp blanket over and over again. I love its homespun appeal mixed with a classic stripe.

Check It Out >

Courtney Bed: $599.99

The marriage of upholstery and wood on this bed will stand the test of time.

Check It Out >

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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A Former Microsoft Exec Came Up With The Weirdest Way To Cook Steak We've Ever Heard Of


Carving Steak

Perhaps you know this, and perhaps you don't, but former Microsoft chief technical officer Nathan Myhrvold is extremely creative in the kitchen.

Two years ago he wrote a 2,400 page cookbook called Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking with Maxime Billet that costs as much as some people's rent.

Now the pair has scaled down the book in a volume called Modernist Cuisine at Home, and inside that book is one of the strangest methods of cooking steak we've ever heard of, Access Atlanta's John Kessler reports.

First you need an incredibly high quality cut of meat. That's where all familiarity with this method ends.

Myhrvold writes that you must freeze the meat for around an hour until it's hard. Meanwhile, you also heat a cast iron skillet until it's blazing, blazing hot. Then you seer the frozen solid meat until it gets to that perfect grilled steak color.

The last step is to put your steak in the oven at a very low temperature — like around 200 degrees, or on a  bread warming setting. You'll want to stick a thermometer in the meat so that you can monitor it and take the meat out of the oven when the thermometer reads 120 to 130 degrees.

From Access Atlanta:

I first tested this recipe with the kind of expensive steaks that Myhrvold designed it for. I took a 1¼-inch-thick, 18-ounce prime rib eye and a nearly inch-thick 14-ounce prime New York strip and tried not to despair as I shuffled them into the freezer, next to the box of Popsicles. After half an hour, these well-marbled steaks were as stiff as boards. I then slipped them, one by one, into a cast-iron skillet filmed with oil that had spent five minutes heating over a high flame.

My gas oven set to its lowest temperature of 150 degrees rarely registered below 168 degrees on the digital thermometer readout. But all the recipes said not to stress out over the exact temperature of the oven. After about an hour and 20 minutes, the internal temperature of the New York strip registered 126 degrees. After nearly two hours, it registered only 130 degrees. I was aiming for 133 degrees but, well, I wanted steak.

I swished the steaks around in the pan I had seared them in with some butter, salt, cracked pepper and a dash of Worcestershire until they glistened like something on a laminated menu picture.

The results? Pretty incredible. Both steaks came out just shy of medium rare, warm and tender.

Kessler says that he then tried the method with mediocre grocery store steaks, and of course, the results weren't as impressive.

But that doesn't surprise anyone.

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How Social Fashion Startup BeauCoo Takes The Torture Out Of Finding Clothes That Fit


fitting room, fashion

I used to hate shopping.

As a curvier woman, I’m blessed with wider hips and thighs. Suffice to say, it’s a rare occasion when off-the-rack clothing fits properly, and that’s without getting into the sizing inconsistencies that exist from store to store. (Thanks to vanity sizing I fluctuate anywhere between a 12 to a 20...)

The reality is that malls just aren’t all that friendly to women with curves and very few stores carry clothing that flatter a curvier body type.

Before I conquered my fear nervousness hatred for mall shopping, I would find myself scurrying in and out as quickly as I could, buying only out of necessity (because clothes would wear out and inevitably need to be replaced), and not because I enjoyed the experience or because I liked the way the clothes I was trying on looked on me.

Because I’m tall (5’9”) and have a broad frame I found it would actually be easier to sometimes shop at men’s stores—for jeans, t-shirts—items that fit, but definitely didn’t flatter.

Doesn’t sound like the stereotypical description of the female shopping experience, does it?

The problem with malls and retailers isn’t that the clothing is of poor quality, boring or too expensive, it’s that the way women are expected to look as represented by standard mannequin sizes, advertisements, and of course sizing availability just doesn’t equate to the representation of the average woman. (Note: She’s a size 12-14 approximately 160 lbs.)

As a result, there are thrones of women too afraid to step into a mall. Too intimidated to experiment with a new fabric, style or color for fear it won’t suit her. Too insecure to ask a 16-year-old size 2 salesperson whether or not they have an extra-large in that dress.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be so tough.

I can only share my own story of getting over my retail insecurities, but in my case, I found style support and inspiration by going online. To forums, message boards, and websites to learn ways other women like me were dressing for our shape. I found a few ‘body doubles’ as I’d call them—and follow them closely for stye inspiration. After all—they looked great. I could too.

This is where I first discovered I wasn’t the only one having this issue, in fact there were a ton of women feeling frustrated trying to find clothes for their different body sizes and shapes.

These ‘so-called’ strangers online were helping each other, being supportive and encouraging each other. The conversations I was having with these strangers helped erase the voices in my head telling me I ‘wasn’t thin enough’ to be stylish.  

Plus I found new friends and built relationships with women I’d never met. In fact, I’d say that even today many of them know me better than my in-person friends.

Over the years, with their help I’ve come to identify several stores that really cater to my shape. And cuts, styles and patterns that work for accentuating the parts of my body I love. Yes, that means I’ve gone back to the mall, to boutiques and to traditional retailers. But it also means I’ve come to discover a ton of online-only brands and retailers thanks to recommendations from my body-doubles.

They say knowledge is power. Who knew it applied to fashion too?

Savvy business people will tell you to build a product that solves a pain you’re experiencing. (“Be the change you want to see in the world”, and all that jazz.) Call it a little cliche if you will, but after spending the better part of a few years combing the web for the best style references and inspiration for my own use - I realized there was a huge opportunity to turn my newfound passion for body-positive fashion into a movement.

That’s why my husband, myself and a handful of our closest friends joined forces to create a body-positive community called BeauCoo. It launched earlier this year, and is currently accepting sign-ups. Browse user-submitted photos from women that look like you via BeauCoo.com on the web or better yet—download the companion mobile app for iPhone to share pics of outfits you discover either while your shopping (makes a great silent companion) or once you get home.

Need a second opinion from an unbiased someone like you? There’s no better feeling than snapping a pic of an outfit you just tried on and getting immediate feedback. All sizing is kept confidential but you’ll immediately benefit from being introduced to stores, styles and trends that are virtually guaranteed to suit you.

BeauCoo is taking a stand against the belief that being a woman is about shape or size. We believe women are beautiful, no matter the definition, and that style is a matter of personal preference. BeauCoo was designed for women to have a safe place to share style inspiration.

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Travel Editors Share 12 Smart Tips For Packing Like A Pro


stuffed suitcase

There's no end to our quest for self-improvement — the urge to do everything better, smarter, faster, cooler.

In this spirit, we've compiled our 24 best packing tips and tricks — some old standbys, some new hacks — to get you from A to B and back to A with a little more spring in your step and a little less sag in your shoulders.

1. The Golden Rules:
- Carry-on instead of checking so that you can exit the airport immediately after reaching your destination.
- Check in online 24 hours before a flight, not only to save time at the airport but also to get a better seat

2. What to Wear on the Journey: Something cozy but not schleppy. Translation: Instead of sweats, try cashmere lounge pants/leggings under a comfortable dress or comfy jeans and a sweater.

3. Bag It Up:Air-compression packing bags are miraculous, squeezing air out of clothes, giving you more room in the suitcase. Giant Ziploc bags work, too. Just roll them tight. We use Ziplocs in various sizes for everything from toiletries to wet swimming gear and always pack a few extras.

4. Head to Toes: Check that you've packed everything you need by mentally dressing yourself from shoes and socks up to goggles and hats.

5. Bling: Leave pricey watches and jewelry behind. If you aren't prepared to lose it, don't pack it. Buy a cheap Swatch for traveling and costume jewelry for show. (Bauble Bar is a great resource.)

6. Accessorize: Unless you know you are going to be causal, pack something small that can make any outfit smarter. You never know when you'll need to look sharp. For men, an uncreasable silk knotted tie. For women, a fancy scarf.

7. Shoe trees: Pack rolled socks into your shoes (saves space, keeps shoes shaped). Separate shoes in bags and line them along the sides of the suitcase.

8. Outfits: Think about the number of outfits you need and subtract one. You still won't wear everything you pack.

9. Charge it: Charge all phones, cameras, iPads, and laptops before getting to an airport. If you do get delayed, you won't have to stalk outlets, which are always too few and far between. Rokit Boost makes a protective iPhone case that doubles battery life.

10. Adapters: Carry the adapter for your destination — a multi-plug version is the best. If you're sneaky — or are traveling to a problematic area — bring a double plug so you can share outlets with others.

11. Dopp Kit Essentials: Give up squeezing your favorite face wash into tiny tubes. Buying travel-size items of your favorite products — and laundry detergent — and keeping them at the ready in a Ziploc under your sink might seem indulgent, but it will save time, product, frustration, and your skin. 3Fl.Oz. is our favorite source for these.

In a pinch: Pack nearly empty toiletries, and leave them behind. Or just buy certain toiletries at your destination. Why shlep a big can of shaving cream when Gillette is universal?

12. Rx: Make sure you have enough medicine to cover unforeseen delays. (Remember the volcano ash cloud?) And don't forget condoms.

Visit Fathom for 24 more packing tips >

Fathom can also be found on Twitter @FathomWayToGo, or sign up for the newsletter here.

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This Time-Lapse Video Of An Art Installation Made Of Garbage Is Oddly Soothing


Small Moons is an art installation by SuttonBeresCuller, a collective of three artists (John Sutton, Ben Beres, and Zac Culler), that was displayed at the Land of Tomorrow gallery in Louisville, Kentucky last fall.

The artists also made a time-lapse film that showcases what went into the building of Small Moons on Vimeo, and it's weirdly relaxing to watch.

The three-minute video follows the progress of the four sculptures from their wire frame beginnings to the completed, chaotic exteriors. To create the appearance of a jumped sphere of "garbage," the three artists attached everything from bicycles to teddy bears onto the original frame.

Only after watching the video does one realize how carefully constructed each globe's exterior actually was.

See the time lapse video below (via TrendHunter):

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Here's Why Car Nuts Are Lining Up To Spend $1.2 Million On Pagani's New Supercar


2013 pagani huayra

Deliveries of the the long anticipated Pagani Huayra are finally beginning, and car lovers are thrilled, even if they are not among the very few drivers who will get behind the wheel of the next great supercar.

The name "Huayra" comes from the Incan term for "God of the Winds," and Horacio Pagani, the carmaker Car & Driver called a "maniacally obsessed perfectionist," says it was inspired by a jet barreling down the runway just before taking off.

Pagani makes only about 40 vehicles a year, but it has already secured orders for 105 Huayras, including 18 in the United States.

The cars Pagani does deliver will cost about $1.2 million each: a lot of money for a machine that can rarely be used to its full, 230 mph capacity, and maybe not at all in the U.S., where it has not even street-legal yet, according to CNBC.

But apart from the six pieces of fitted luggage that come with the Huayra, there are plenty of ways to justify the sky high price tag.

Each 6.0-liter, twin turbo V12 engine is individually hand crafted.

The 720 horsepower the Huayra produces send it from 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds.

At around 3,200 pounds, it's a light car.

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LOOKING FOR LOVE: The Pros And Cons Of 10 Online Dating Sites


couple, gen y, boyfriend, girlfriend, dating

One of the top New Year's resolutions is always to find love. And though there are plenty of ways to attract the opposite sex and plenty of bars to check out, it's online dating sites that tend to reap the rewards of the post-holiday slump.

January is a huge month for online dating websites, with OkCupid seeing a 30% rise in membership, HowAboutWe seeing 40%, and Match.com seeing a rise of 55% on January 2nd alone last year.

Whether you're looking to hook-up or mate for life, there is a website out there that fits your lifestyle.

Which dating site should you be using?

Grouper Social Club

Grouper uses Facebook to set up groups of three guys and three girls for drinks based on age, educational background, profession, interests, and lifestyle.


  • Not as dangerous as meeting a stranger from online since you go on the date with two other of your friends ("wingmen")
  • It includes a free drink
  • Grouper makes a table reservation at a nearby local spot so you can find one another


  • Grouper doesn't disclose any details like photos or bios before the date, so it's essentially a blind group outing
  • The free drink is a part of the $20 per person up front cost per date
  • You have no say over your first-date destination


eHarmony claims to use a scientific method for matching singles based on their patented 29 Dimensions of Compatibility.


  • Anyone willing to pay for a match and fill out a 258-question profile is probably going to be more committed to finding love
  • Site uses algorithms that are far more detailed than other websites
  • Offers guides and "icebreakers" for meeting other members for the dating-challenged


  • Is one of the more expensive websites out there, with a one -month membership costing $60, and a 12-month membership costing $23.95/month
  • No refunds if you cancel after three days

Plenty of Fish

PoF uses an algorithm based on how you respond to the questions on their Chemistry Quiz to match you with potential dates.


  • Free to use (for the most part)
  • It's one of the biggest dating sites at over 40 million members, so the odds are in your favor


  • Site is slow and the design is lacking compared to other dating websites
  • The no-cost barrier can lead to scam artists, married people, and insincere profiles

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