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A short quiz can reveal if you're secretly a Canadian citizen


Justin Trudeau

Most people aren't Canadian.

But if you want to become Canadian — perhaps to escape the results of a certain presidential election — you'll need to go through a pretty complex and time-consuming process to get awarded citizenship.

But some people are actually Canadian without knowing it.

The Government of Canada has those people covered. On the country's official immigration website, users can take a short quiz to determine if any Canadian relatives have bestowed citizenship upon them.

By Canadian law, you might be a citizen if your parent or grandparent was a Crown Servant. Crown servants can be members of the armed forces or federal public administration officials. Even if your parent was adopted by a Crown servant, you'll be considered Canadian.

If one of your parents was born in Canada before 1947 or in Newfoundland before 1949, you might also be a citizen. The quiz asks about that as well:

canadian citizenship quiz

From there, the quiz can take you in several different directions depending on when you were born and when your parents were granted citizenship. Depending on your answers to the quiz questions, you're also likely to encounter even more possibilities than can be listed here.

If you find out that you're eligible, you'll still need to apply for proof of citizenship, which comes with an application fee

Of course, the most obvious way you can be a Canadian citizen is if you were born in Canada. (You can also be a citizen if you've ever gone through the naturalization process or been granted citizenship, though you'd probably know about that).

So before you threaten to move to Canada if your presidential candidate doesn't win, you might as well take the test. You might just have maple syrup in your veins.

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