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The 25 cheapest cities in Europe to rent an Airbnb


Palermo, Sicily

While Europe can be expensive, it is full of affordable holiday destinations, and Airbnb is a popular way for travellers to get cheap accommodation deals.

Since millions of Europeans have opened their homes to strangers on the website, we've teamed up with Airbnb to find out the European cities with the cheapest rates.

Looking at cities with at least 200 listings, Airbnb found bargains all over the continent in the likes of Slovakia and Poland, as well as some unexpected cheap deals in France and Germany.

From Toulouse to Tbilisi, here are the cheapest cities to rent an Airbnb in Europe, judged by the average cost of a one night stay.

Note: Some images of Airbnb listings do not reflect the average price of a one-night stay in that city.

25. Nantes, France — £36.90 per night

Surprisingy, two French cities are among the cheapest in Europe to rent an Airbnb. This two-floor apartment in Nantes— which sleeps up to three people and has its own balcony — starts at £47.10 per night.

=24. Palermo, Sicily — £35.40 per night

Two cities on the Italian island of Sicily feature in our list. This luxury room is priced at £54.20 per night — around £20 over the average rate in Palermo — and has breathtaking views of the surrounding hills.

=24. Ljubljana, Slovenia — £35.40 per night

Apartments in Ljubljana cost around £35 per night to rent. This one, located in the historic Old Town, is slightly more expensive at £58.90 per night, but comes with its own terrace and private garden in the city centre.

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