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This Lego-style home was built in a few weeks with just a screwdriver


PopUp House

If you've ever fantasized about living in a real-life Lego home, your dream could finally come true.

In January, French architecture firm Multipod Studio unveiled a prototype for the PopUp House, a customizable home made from stackable blocks. The home takes just one to two weeks to build. And depending on the design you choose, the whole process of designing, ordering, and building can happen in four months.

Multipod and Spanish homebuilders Wilbat House just constructed the first PopUp House in L'Armentera, a town in Catalonia, Spain.

Check out photos of the home, which was completed in June.

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The 1,660-square-foot house is located in L'Armentera, a Spanish coastal town near the Gulf of Roses. The construction team built the house in two weeks with only an electric screwdriver, co-founder Corentin Thiercelin tells Business Insider.

The construction process is a lot like building with Legos. The home is made from stacked recyclable wooden panels and insulation blocks, all held together with wood screws.

The construction did end up facing delays because of city housing regulations, like making the structure resistant to fire and earthquakes. The whole process of designing and building the house, swimming pool, and garden took four months.

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