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Costco Proves That Big Retailers Can Offer Employees Healthcare



After the Obamacare ruling, the National Retail Federation said requiring retail employers to offer healthcare would be devastating to the industry.

Since the ruling in June, big businesses including Papa John's have weighed in and complained about the costs of providing employees with benefits.

But there's one major retailer that does offer most employees affordable healthcare: Costco.

Leon Kaye at TriplePundit describes Costco's policies:

"Walk into any Costco and look at the name tags. Chances are you will read the phrases “since 2002,” “since 1999” and “since 1995.” Costco workers get paid very well compared to their counterparts at chains including Walmart. In fact, employees working on the floor can make a salary that reaches the mid-$40,000 range; not bad for someone who starts working for the company out of high school.

And while the vast majority of Costco’s employees are not unionized (most of those are legacy employees from Price Club that the Teamsters represent), over 80 percent have competitively priced health insurance plans.

The outcome includes more productive workers, lower turnover and for what it’s worth, relatively high job satisfaction."

Costco certainly has more resources than small businesses, which the NRF said would suffer most from the SCOTUS ruling.

But the Costco anecdote certainly provides food for thought on how retailers should treat their employees.

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