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The 16 most breathtaking buildings in the world, according to architects


Beijing forbidden4

Like paintings and sculptures, buildings can be beautiful works of art.

We asked architects to tell us the one building that's a game-changer for building design, inspired them to become architects, or that they simply find stunning.

Here are 16 of the most breathtaking buildings in the world, according to people who build them for a living.

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The Parthenon in Athens, Greece.

"It's the quintessential beautiful architectural form," Tara Imani says. "The Corinthian columns, the use of entasis [a slight curve in columns] to make sure the columns didn't look spindly from a distance...the siting on a hilltop — it gave us our initial ABCs of architecture that we keep trying to use and improve upon today."

Imani is the founding architect of Tara Imani Designs.

The National Congress of Brazil in Brasília.

"In 1974, my father, a scientist took our family to see the new city of Brasília. It captured the imagination of the world," Julia Donoho says. "Planned in the shape of an airplane, Corbusian [the modern architectural style of Le Corbusier] housing blocks lined the wings like feathers, the body was filled with embassies, government buildings, cultural institutions, and a house of God." 

Donoho is the principal and project lead at Equinox Design and Development.

The São Paulo Museum of Art in São Paulo, Brazil.

"It is daring," Damaris Hollingsworth says. "Designed in 1968, it is made of concrete and glass. The main body is hung from the two beams and it barely touches the columns on the side. I also love the fact that it was designed by a woman."

Hollingsworth is the project manager for DLR Group.

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Tinder is coming for your social life, and the first step is letting you Tinder as a friend group (MTCH)


Group CardTinder has already taken control of many people’s dating lives, and now it’s coming for the rest of your social life.

On Thursday, Tinder released a feature called “Tinder Social,” designed to help you and your friend group match with other friend groups before you go out on the town.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, you select your group of friends. You can only be in one group of two to four people and it will expire after the night is over. You can put a “status” that shows what you are doing that night.
  • Then all members of the group will be able to swipe “yes” or “no” on another group, much like normal Tinder. If one person in both groups says “yes,” you match.
  • Once you match, a group chat opens, where you can discuss what you’re doing that evening, or really anything you want.
  • Then, presumably, you meet up.
  • This process restarts every day: after the night is over, the groups and the chats disappear.

While the concept might sound like it’s meant for arranging group dates, Tinder CEO Sean Rad says it’s more akin to setting up an informal house party wherever you happen to be. You can match and chat with as many groups as you want. There doesn’t have to be a rigid plan.

Sean RadThis is actually a piece of the feature that has changed substantially since Tinder did the beta test in Australia. Around the Australian launch, Rad said they pitched it more as a way to plan a group date for later that week. But once you get a bunch of people involved in scheduling, it can sap the fun out of it.

That’s why Tinder refocused it to, “What are you doing tonight?” That’s the big use case, according to Rad. Picture this: You’re sitting at your desk in the afternoon on Friday. You know you want to go out with a few friends, but have no firm plans. You would definitely like to meet up with a wider circle, one that includes potential romantic interests, but you just didn’t get it together to plan anything, even nebulously.

Some people, and groups of people, are really good at turning that situation into a spontaneously fun night. You meet a group of strangers, you have a blast, and you make some new friends. But not everyone is good at non-creepily engaging a group of strangers at a bar. Tinder Social is for them.

With Tinder Social, you could match with a few groups, see what they are up to, and let each other know your general plan for the night. Maybe you’ll meet up, maybe you won’t. But if you end up in the same place, you’ll have already worked to slightly break the ice (or you’re most talkative friend in the group chat will have). You won't be approaching a random group of strangers.

Rad says Tinder Social is just one of many features Tinder will be rolling out in the coming months, designed to help Tinder become the “platform” you use to plan your social life. Tinder said, for years, that it is more than just a dating app. Tinder Social and features like it will be Tinder’s chance to prove it.

You can activate Tinder Social by opting in on your Tinder app.

Here is a short walkthrough of how the new feature works:

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You have to opt in.

And you can toggle off Tinder Social at any time (technically you can use Tinder Social without using Tinder as well).

First, you choose a group.

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No one wants to buy 50 Cent's incredible $6 million mansion that he's been forced to sell due to bankruptcy


50 mansion thumbnail

50 Cent recently settled his yearlong bankruptcy case by agreeing to pay $23.4 million to his creditors over the course of five years. 

As a result, the rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, is now looking to reorganize his finances and assets to chip away at this hefty debt, and it appears as if his decadent Connecticut mansion will be one of the first things to go. 

The 50,000-square-foot mansion was originally listed at $18.5 million in 2015, but Jackson dropped the price significantly to $8.5 million in the fall of last year, months after he declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. 

Now the rapper has again lowered the price of his house to $5.995 million, according to an Associated Press report

The Farmington, Connecticut, home boasts "21 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms, an indoor pool and hot tub, a substantial night club, an indoor court, multiple game rooms, a green screen room, a recording studio," among many other opulent features, as described in the listing from Douglas Elliman Real Estate

Let's take a look inside 50 Cent's incredible mansion.

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The mansion opens into a shining foyer with dueling, wood-paneled staircases.

One of its living rooms features gold curtains, gold-trimmed tables, and Persian carpets.

In a carpeted meeting room, Jackson's record plaques, magazine covers, and posters line a red wall.

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The best type of sunglasses for every face shape — and how to figure out which one you are


Everyone wants to look cool in sunglasses, but not everyone knows exactly how.

There's lots of confusing information out there about face shapes and sunglasses, so we've distilled it down to the 6 most common face shapes you'll see on men. Almost every guy fits one of these shapes, so figuring out which one is most like yours should be easy with the help of this graphic.

You'll be well on your way to getting a pair of shades that fit your face and that you won't be embarrassed to wear. We recommend doing it before summer escapes.

BI GRAPHICS best sunglasses for your face shape

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Here's an inside look at how M&M's are made


m&msMost of us know (and love) M&M's — those tiny, colorful chocolates that "melt in your mouth, not in your hand."

But very few of us are familiar with the process of how they're made.

Lucky for you, Business Insider recently visited the Mars Chocolate North America campus in Hackettstown, New Jersey, where 50% of all M&M's sold in the US are made.

Mars Chocolate — a segment of the $33 billion Mars candy, pet care, and beverage company — is the producer of M&M's, along with 10 other billion-dollar brands including Snickers, Dove, Milky Way, and Twix.

The Mars Chocolate North America campus, which opened in 1958 and employs 1,200 people, is home to a corporate office as well as the M&M's factory.

While touring the campus, we learned that the M&M's brand was founded by Forrest E. Mars, Sr. in 1941, and that it was the first candy in space in 1982.

Leighanne Eide, the Mars Chocolate North America site director, walked us through the factory and explained each step of the process. We were restricted from taking photos of certain top-secret areas — but below you'll get a better idea of how the M&M's-making process works:

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The smell of sweet chocolate hit us as we approached the factory, which is a few hundred yards from the Mars Chocolate office in Hackettstown, New Jersey.

Upon entering the factory, we were asked to remove all jewelry. Next, Eide examined our fingernails to see if we were wearing nail polish. (They don't want chipped nail polish getting mixed in with the product.) Mine were polished, so I was asked to wear gloves. We were also required to wear a Mars-branded lab coat, like all factory associates.

Next we were given hard hats, safety glasses, ear plugs, and hair nets.

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A common belief about working out might be bogus — and it's good news for anyone trying to tone up



Whether you want to tone up, slim down, or give yourself a mood boost, you've likely taken a stab at mixing some kind of weight training into your routine. 

There's a common conception that the best way to build muscle quickly is to do fewer repetitions, or complete cycles of the exercise, with heavier weights.

For example, you might be encouraged to do five reps of arm curls with 15-pound weights instead of doing 12 reps of the same exercise with 8-pound weights.

A new small study published this month in the Journal of Applied Physiology (based only on men, unfortunately) suggests that's not true.

Instead, the paper suggests that lifting lighter weights for more repetitions is just as good as lifting heavier ones for fewer reps. That's good news for those of us who might have been turned off by the idea of having to pump hefty loads that could end up injuring us.

The new study looked at 49 young men who'd been weight training for at least a year. For about three months, half of them did the standard heavier-weight, fewer-rep plan. The other half did a lower-weight, more-reps plan.

As part of the first group, the lifters used weights set to be between 75% and 90% of the highest weight each person could lift once. The men in this group were instructed to do 8 to 12 reps, or until they were completely worn out — something the researchers called "volitional failure."

The men in the second group, on the other hand, had their weights set at between 30% and 50% of the highest weight each person could lift once. They were told to lift 20 to 25 times, or until they were also worn out.

All of them did three sets of the exercises four times a week.

At the end, the researchers found no significant differences between the two lifting groups — they'd all built bigger, stronger muscles.

So if you've ever avoided the weight room because you're turned off by the idea of pumping fistfuls of bulky iron, think again, and consider trying out a plan doing multiple reps with lighter weights.

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The 32 most expensive homes for sale in the US right now


great neck gatsby

It's no secret that real estate isn't cheap anywhere these days, but these palatial homes give expensive a whole new definition. 

With listing prices well over what most people make in a lifetime, the most expensive homes currently on the US market feature perks like full spas, enormous movie theaters, custom marble staircases, design details fit for royalty, and enough bedrooms and bathrooms to get lost in. 

With the help of real-estate-listing site Point2Homes, we've put together a list that exposes some of the most exquisite mega-mansions, penthouses, condos, and compounds around the country. 

With all that these residences offer, there's no need to ever leave the house. And when you've paid this much, why would you want to?

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31. (TIE) This 130-acre ranch on Lake Tahoe in Nevada has just about every imaginable amenity, including an indoor pool and steam spa, access to some of the world's best skiing, seven guest homes and cabins, horse stables and paddocks, and a 5,000-square-foot entertainment barn.

Price: $69 million

It's also the site of the historic Glenbrook Rodeo, which draws celebrity guests and spectators to the property every year.

31. (TIE) La Casa Pacifica in Southern California has a storied past. Often referred to as the "Western White House," the Spanish Colonial Revival compound was once home to President Richard Nixon.

Price:$69 million

It boasts almost 500 feet of waterfront and breathtaking views in the region that is famous for being the "most idyllic climate in the world."

Click here to tour the home »

29. (TIE) This incredible 14-room Manhattan duplex offers 360-degree views of Central Park and the city skyline from its perch atop the prestigious Pierre Hotel on 5th Avenue.

Price:$70 million

Custom details are featured throughout, including two enormous, wood-paneled dressing rooms attached to luxurious master suites

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8 facts that will convince you to read a book instead of binge-watching TV tonight


A man reads while floating on the dead sea

There was a time when people made frequent trips to the library, eagerly waiting for that new release to become available.

Bedtime rituals involved turning pages as opposed to scrolling up and down a screen. 

For some, books are still a treasured part of daily life. But for an increasing number of Americans, books are falling by the wayside in favor of other leisure activities.

2015 survey from Pew Research Center found that only 72% of American adults read a book (either print or digital) that year, a drop from 79% in 2014. 

Some people have substituted streaming reading with TV binges, which we often do when we're stressed, tired, lazy, or avoiding a task that we really don't want to tackle. 

But staring at screens isn't doing your brain — or your health  any favors.

Bingeing on your latest show addiction might satisfy your desire for instant gratification, but it's likely to disrupt your sleep quality and leave you feeling groggy when you make it a daily part of your evening routine. 

Reading, on the other hand, is more likely to improve your sleep, according to Van Winkles. Not to mention the long-term benefits it brings, like the ability to see situations from various viewpoints, increased intelligence, and reduced stress. 

Here are nine motivating facts to get you off the computer and into a good old-fashioned paperback:

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Reading literary fiction can reduce your need for 'cognitive closure,' making you better equipped to deal with uncertain situations.

Source: Creativity Research Journal

Reading can reduce stress by allowing you to enter a literary world away from the anxieties of your own life. Reading can also physically relax you by reducing heart rate and soothing tension in your muscles.

Source: Taking Charge of Your Health and Wellbeing, University of Minnesota

Reading novels can make you more empathetic toward others, particularly when you're extremely immersed in the story.

Source: PLOS ONE

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The 40 coolest people under 40 in Silicon Valley


travis kalanick

Silicon Valley revolves around the minds of tech pioneers that are striving to burst through the industry ceiling each year.

These innovators have the power and ambition to change the way we think and live. 

Business Insider recently released its annual Silicon Valley 100 list, highlighting the people in tech who have made a big impression this past year — and it's teeming with impressive and accomplished CEOs and founders under 40 years old. 

From virtual reality to self-driving cars, these ventures are shaking up the tech world with these leaders at the helm. 

Read on to check out some of the youngest people who've left an imprint on Silicon Valley in the past year.

Additional reporting by Julia Naftulin, Tanza Loudenback, and Alexa Pipia.

Edited by Alex Morrell and Matt Rosoff.


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Jess Lee, 34

Cofounder and CEO, Polyvore

Yahoo bought the social shopping site Polyvore last July reportedly for a price of about $200 million, saying the company's expertise in community-driven experiences and retailer-supported commerce paired with Yahoo's premium content showed "amazing potential." Lee said Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer had a part in shaping her career when she interviewed Lee for Google's elite associate product manager program back in the early 2000s. Since it joined the Yahoo family, Polyvore expanded in February to include a new menswear category, an area that Pinterest is also aggressively going after. 

Joe Lonsdale, 33

Founding partner, 8VC

Once dubbed one of the "hottest VCs since Andreessen Horowitz," Formation 8 broke up in November, with its founding partners, including Lonsdale, the Palantir cofounder, all leaving to start their own firms. The turnaround for Lonsdale was fast. Four months later, he had already raised $300 million for his new firm, 8VC. He now sits on the board of several hot startups including Oscar, Hyperloop One, and Wish.

Chris Wanstrath, 31

CEO, Github

Described as the "Facebook for code," Github's rapidly growing software development network is made up of over 15 million users. With more than 38 million projects available on the site, Github has become one of the largest communities of software developers on the web. Last summer, Github raised $250 million in series B funding, bringing total funding to $350 million and raising its valuation to $2 billion.

As for the future? Wanstrath told Business Insider in October that he wanted to make it easier for anyone to become a developer, and to do that he wants to focus on improving Github's service.

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Why this simple shirt is the best thing for a guy to wear on a date in the summer


t shirt date

Every guy has a go-to date outfit: a nice pressed shirt, a blazer, or a button-down that shows your "adventurous" side.

That's fine. But when it's hot out, all of that should be chucked out. The key thing to worry about is just staying cool in the heat. Also, let's face it — you'll probably be pretty nervous. Those two combined can turn into a pretty sweaty time.

So ditch your "typical" outfit and go as simple as possible: a plain, high-quality T-shirt. Think it's too casual and won't make an impression? Think again.

In a survey done by the Copenhagen-based luxury T-shirt company Son of a Tailor, 94% of women said they would prefer their date to show up just in a T-shirt and jeans. So not only will you keep cool, but in the eyes of the opposite sex you'll look cool too. We call that a win-win.

Now, a few tips for your T-shirt of choice:

  • Thicker is generally better than thinner, as it will drape better and look better on you. In a restaurant with air conditioning, this is really important.
  • Be aware of the effect V-necks and crew necks have on your appearance and how you're perceived. Crew necks are more conservative. V-necks show a lot more.
  • Avoid logos of any kind — even ones with the tiny pony on them. Go for a plain shirt and let your personality do the talking.

Follow these rules, pair it with jeans or casual chinos (no shorts on date night), and you're good to go.

If you'd really like to layer in the summer, there are options. Blazers in super-thin materials like linen can give you a cool contrast when layered over a T-shirt. Other options to spice things up are jersey polos, which feel like T-shirts given their soft material but have added details like collars and buttons.

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7 ways to look like a millionaire, even if you're not


Regardless of how much you make, it's easy to project an air of power and confidence commonly associated with the wealthy — as long as you focus on the right things. Sylvie di Giusto worked in human resources for more than 20 years before becoming an image consultant in 2009.

Her company, Executive Image Consulting, has worked with executives looking to improve how they present themselves and professionals looking to rise in the corporate hierarchy. She also gives dress-code consulting to corporations, which have included McKinsey, BMW, and Thomas Cook, according to her website.

With inspiration from Vicky Oliver's book, "The Millionaire's Handbook: How to Look and Act Like a Millionaire, Even If You're Not," we asked Di Giusto how anyone could look like a millionaire, regardless of their net worth.

Here's what she said, with some of Oliver's advice:

BI_Graphics_How to look like a millionaire, even if you're not_2016

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The key to building strength has nothing to do with lifting heavy weights

Meet the 21-year-old Instagram star who traveled to 50 countries in just 2 years


taylor great wall 2

Growing up in California, Taylor Gleason had only been outside the US during family trips to Mexico. But then, when he was 16, he went on a school trip to Italy, and the travel bug hit him hard. 

A mere five years later, he has been to a grand total of 65 countries, graduating early from UCLA to commit two years to intensive country-hopping. He visited 50 countries just in that span of time. Besides visiting more of the world than most people will ever have the chance to see, he has had some pretty unbelievable experiences. He's also amassed a serious Instagram following— over 64,000, to be exact — thanks to his vivid documentation of all of his adventures. 

We spoke with Gleason to hear about the highs and lows of his exploits, as well as his pro-tips for other travelers. While some of the things he's learned and accomplished may surprise you, one thing's for sure: he's certainly prepared for anything that life can throw at him in the future. 

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"I've always been one of those people that just needs to be constantly doing something, being active, and being an explorer. I like writing my own narrative and going wherever life wants to take me," Gleason said.

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


"Over time, I accrued an interest in so many different places that I was learning about through books and my education, and each place that sparked a 'wow' factor in me had me captivated," he said.

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


To save up for his two-year travel spree, he worked at UCLA while studying hard to complete his degree early. He also leveraged the international connections he had made from college and beyond, staying with friends wherever he could.

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


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New York's tallest condo building has some pretty out-of-this-world perks


432 Park Avenue

New York City's 432 Park Avenue, the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere, is raising the stakes when it comes to high-class amenities. 

Three floors of the narrow building's 96 are reserved exclusively for entertaining, dining, and exercise. On the 12th floor, a private restaurant by Michelin-starred chef Shaun Hergatt will open in the fall. Travel up to the 14th, and you'll find yourself in the massive fitness center.

Of course, using these amenities comes at a steep price, but if you've got the funds to afford an apartment at 432 Park Avenue, you probably expect luxury in all aspects of your daily life.

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Dive into the 75-foot two-lane indoor pool on the 16th floor. You'll find a separate Jacuzzi located nearby, surrounded by travertine walls and flooring.

After your swim, unwind in one of the treatment rooms for massage and spa services. A steam room and sauna are conveniently located in the men's and women's locker rooms.

Jay Wright of The Wright Fit manages the expansive 14th-floor fitness center. Take advantage of select fitness programs and the separate yoga studio.

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Levi's is finally making a perfectly fitting jean


Levi's jeans 505 c

Levi's doesn't release new fits often. So when they do, it's a pretty big deal.

For the longest time, there were two Levi's fits that worked for every guy looking for a skinnier jean: The relatively straight-fitting 511 (slim) and the thigh-hugging 510 (skinny).

But what about guys looking for the ever elusive slim-skinny cut? One that fits close to the skin, with a nice taper down to the ankle? 

Finally, Levi's has a solution. It does not come in the form of the 510 and a half, though, as you may have expected.

Instead, it's a revival of Levi's legendary 505 cut, called the 505C. The original 505 was a slim-cut jean born in 1967 and made famous by The Ramones, the Rolling Stone's Sticky Fingers album cover, and counterculture groupies everywhere.

Levi's already sells a 505-cut jean, but the 505C takes the slim cut and gives it an update with an even slimmer fit, a medium rise, and a more modern look.

"In terms of where it sits in the Levi's menu, it's between a 511, what I call the every-guy contemporary jeans, and the 510, which is the first of our skinny fits. It fits on this lovely cusp between slim and skinny," Jonathan Cheung, Levi's head of design, told GQ.


The cusp of slim and skinny is exactly what you should be wearing today, as we slowly move away from the ultra-skinny fits popular in the last 2000s and early 2010s. Levi's seems to realize that now is the perfect time to bring back this iconic style and fit. Cheung even references the 505 as a "dad jean," and, as we've said before, the dad jean is back.

The 505C comes in a variety of colors named after The Ramones' famous stage names and has styles for both men and women retailing for $98.

Levi's 505

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The truth about why your beard hair is wildly different from your head hair, according to science



If you've ever wondered why the hair on one part of your body looks so different from the hair on another part, you're probably not alone.

This phenomenon is a perfectly natural one, and it can be explained pretty easily with science.

As it turns out, you have different types of hair that grow during different phases of your life, and they can come in different colors and textures.

Deep inside the hair follicles — tiny pockets in your skin that house each strand of your hair — there are two different types of pigment that give your lovely locks their hue.

These two types of pigment are eumelanin, which colors hair black or brown, and pheomelanin, which colors hair blonde or red. Despite what you may have heard, all humans have a little bit of pheomelanin in our hair. It's just that in people with dark brown or black hair, the pheomelanin is effectively masked by the darker eumelanin. If your brown hair has a few golden or auburn tones, that's the eumelanin peeking through!

2000px Hair_follicle en.svgBut different parts of the body are home to different colors — and textures — of hair. A variety of factors contribute to this phenomenon, including the fact that some follicles simply produce more pigment than others. Usually, eyebrow hair is the darkest; the follicles there tend to produce a lot of pigment.

So what about texture? The hair on your beard — or on your genitals or on your tummy — can be wiry and curly, even while the stuff on your head is smooth and straight. There's another reason for this. As opposed to the hair on your head ("head hair"), the stuff coming out of your beard belongs to a type of hair called androgenic hair, which sprouts during and after puberty thanks to changes in the levels of a certain type of hormone called androgens.

788px Androgenic_hair.svg

Androgenic hair also differs slightly from head hair in terms of how it grows. Like head hair, it goes through three different growth phases in which the hair grows at different speeds, but these phases happen at slightly different times, which influences how long or short your hair gets.

So there you have it! If you have curly hair in one place and straight hair in another, embrace it. It's perfectly natural.

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The 21 best used cars for first-time drivers


Ford MustangFor most young people and their parents, buying a first car is a major step.

One great option is to look at used cars, which can often be had for a fraction of the cost of brand-new versions.

We came up with 21 used cars we think are the best for the young car buyer on a budget.

To make our list, we focused on cars that are available on the market right now for under $20,000. We looked for ones that are reliable, fun to drive, comfortable, attractive, economical, practical, and most of all, safe.

For safety, we checked out the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's (IIHS) moderate front overlap crash test ratings for the cars we selected. Prices are based on current prices on Autotrader.com and reflect the lowest price we think a decent example may cost.

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2005-present Honda Civic

Starting price: $7,000 and up

IIHS crash test rating: Good

Why buy it: The Honda Civic is bulletproof. If properly maintained, the car can go for well over 250,000 miles without any issues.  However, at this price point, it shouldn't be hard to come across examples will far fewer than 100,000 miles on the odometer. As one of the most popular cars in the world, spares are easy to come by and repairs are relatively affordable.

Being popular means that there is large aftermarket support for the car, so kids can customize a Civic to their liking for not much money. Also, the sporty and practical Si hatchback from the early 2000s is now available for under $10,000. And since it was only available with a manual gearbox, it teaches a good lesson.

2009-Present Honda Fit

Starting price: $7,000 and up

IIHS crash test rating: Good

Why buy it: The Honda Fit has been an unqualified success across the globe for the automaker. The Fit offers fun, versatility, and reliability in a compact package. 

Honda's second generation Fit, sold from 2009 to 2012, is powered by the company's trusty 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine producing 117. Since 2013, the third-gen Fit has been offered with a 130-horsepower, 4-cylinder unit. 

2009 to Present Mazda 3

Starting price: $8,500 and up

IIHS crash test rating: Good

Why buy it: The Mazda 3 is one of the most popular and well-liked compact cars on sale today. Models equipped with the company's SkyActiv engines are some of the most fuel-efficient,non-hybrid cars around. For those looking for more zoom-zoom, Mazda also offers the high-performance Mazdaspeed3. 


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The most impressive people in Silicon Valley over 50


Angela Ahrendts

Silicon Valley is a revolving door of startups, big tech companies, VCs, and innovation — things are always changing. 

But there are those that have weathered these transitions and changes year-in and year-out, becoming the most seasoned and experienced in the tech world. 

Business Insider recently released its annual Silicon Valley 100 list, highlighting the people in tech who have made a difference this past year, of which many are longtime tech veterans over the age of 50.

They've seen the boom and bust of many technological feats and can feel where the industry is going.

Read on to learn about some of the most experienced people in the business over 50.

Additional reporting by Julia Naftulin, Tanza Loudenback, and Alexa Pipia.

Edited by Alex Morrell and Matt Rosoff.

David Boies, 75

Lawyer and board member, Theranos

Boies has provided legal counsel for a slew of troubled tech startups, ranging from Napster to Hampton Creek and now Theranos. The legal expert is defending the company from inquests by several government agencies and is considered a force to be reckoned with — he helped the US win the 1998 case United States v. Microsoft Corporation, in which the government accused Microsoft of becoming a monopoly.

David Drummond, 53

Senior VP of corporate development, Alphabet

With Google's restructuring into Alphabet, Drummond was pulled up to the top to oversee mergers and acquisitions for all of Alphabet's ventures. He previously acted as Google's first outside lawyer, working with Larry Page and Sergey Brin to secure Google's earliest financing rounds. Drummond also still sits on the board of Uber.

Tom Reilly, 54

CEO, Cloudera

Cloudera, a software company launched in 2008 that aims to help businesses — more than 20,000, in fact — make sense of huge data sets, has raised more than $1 billion in private funding. Investors include Intel, Google Ventures, and MSD Capital.

The company has been considering an initial public offering for more than a year to maintain its dominance in the market, but Reilly said in April that Cloudera would enter the public market only "when we've reached the right scale, when the business is more predictable, when there's greater visibility." They may have good reason to wait a while longer: Fidelity, another investor in the company, marked down the value of its Cloudera stake, along with stakes in several other startups, by 37% in March.

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7 tricks to instantly appear competent


7 tricks_to_appear_competent

People form impressions of your personality in a matter of seconds.

It's not necessarily fair, but it's reality.

Especially in a professional setting, one thing you'll want to immediately appear is competent: knowledgeable, skilled, and capable.

Fortunately, there are ways to make yourself seem competent as soon as you meet an interviewer, coworker, client, or boss (and sometimes even as soon as they see your photograph).

Here are seven easy and sneaky strategies for appearing as competent as possible:

In one study, Brigham Young University researchers had 28 university students listen to recordings of six people whose voices had been manipulated to sound slower or faster than normal.

The student volunteers rated the speakers most competent when their voices had been sped up and least competent when their voices had been slowed down.

In 2011, Nancy Etcoff at Harvard University led a study in which more than 250 adults looked at photographs of 25 women with different types of makeup.

One-quarter of them wore no makeup; one quarter were made to look "natural" (some makeup); one quarter were made to look "professional" (a bit more makeup than the "natural" group); and one quarter were made look "glamorous" (the most makeup).

As it turns out, judges rated the "glamorous" women the most competent and the barefaced women the least competent.

Recent research from Harvard Business School suggests that asking for advice can make you seem more competent.

In one experiment, 170 university students worked on a series of computer tasks and were told they'd be matched with a partner who would complete the same tasks. (The partner was really a computer simulation.) When they'd finished the tasks, the "partner" either said, "I hope it went well" or "I hope it went well. Do you have any advice?"

As it turns out, students who'd been asked for advice rated their "partner" more competent than those who hadn't been asked for advice.

The researchers explain that when you ask for advice, you're validating the person's intelligence and experience, so they feel good about you in turn.

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12 terms you should master to sound smarter about wine


Drinking wine can be intimidating. Knowing what you like is half the battle, but how to put it into words?

Sharing bottles (or boxes) with your college buddies was easy, but as your taste buds mature and more drinks are now had with colleagues or clients, you may find yourself struggling a bit to offer the compliment or critique that will most impress.

Below, we've collected the 12 most vital words you'll need on your way to becoming a wine aficionado. Cheers!

BI Graphics_Vocab to make you sound smarter about wine

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