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17 male style icons on Instagram who will inspire you to dress better


Men's style instagram

A man needs more than just tips and advice to reach his style goals. He also needs inspiration.

And one the best places to find that inspiration is the pictorial paradise of Instagram.

We've chosen a few of our favorite men's style Instagram feeds to inspire you to live your best sartorial life.

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The legendary Nick Wooster's Instagram is just as awesome as you would expect it to be. His signature brand of style mixing prep with grunge is in full force in every 'gram.

Instagram Embed:
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 Follow him on Instagram here.

StayClassic's Tim Melideo puts together budget outfits in new and interesting ways every day. His Instagram curates his best looks, along with some pretty photography. A perfect follow for the frugal modern gentleman.

Instagram Embed:
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Follow him on Instagram here. 

Follow EJ Samson, but be prepared to be jealous. The former GQ fashion director (now leading Hearst's men's group) has an insanely good wardrobe paired with the life you wish you had. He chronicles it all on his Instagram for both life and fashion inspiration.

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 Follow him on Instagram here.

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BMW unveiled a new self-driving, shape-shifing concept car


To celebrate its 100th anniversary, BMW created an incredible concept car called the Vision Vehicle. The futuristic automobile uses "materials of the future" and "alive geometry," and senses hazards in advance.

Story and editing by Carl Mueller

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5 countries where it's relatively easy for Americans to become expats



Lots of people are talking about leaving the US if Donald Trump, the current Republican frontrunner, gets elected.

With that in mind, we've looked into some of the easiest countries to immigrate to as an American. While actually moving to a new country is never a simple process, it does help if you're a skilled worker with some disposable income.

See below for our top five picks.  


Canada is one of the most welcoming countries for immigrants in the world. More than 20% of Canadians were foreign-born as of 2011, the highest proportion among all G8 countries.

Google searches for "how to move to Canada," surged after Trump swept seven states on Super Tuesday, according to The Hill. One Canadian even went as far as to create a website advertising the benefits of moving to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

For skilled immigrants, Canada has an express entry program. Simply fill out the form online, and you'll see how many points you have. Points are awarded based on your skills, education, languages you speak, and whether you have a job offer waiting for you in Canada.

Candidates with the most points are invited to apply for permanent residence. Applying for a permanent residence will set you back $490 CAD ($365 USD). 

Beyond a seamless immigration process, Canada also ranks highly for expat quality-of-life


More American expats call Mexico home than any other country in the world, according to the Migration Policy Institute

Many of these American expats are retirees who go to Mexico for the warm weather, as The Washington Post's Adam Taylor has noted.  

Though Mexico is not without its problems, due to narcotics-related violence, it ranks highly for expat quality-of-life, likely due to the delicious food and beautiful beaches. 

If you want to move to Mexico, the first step is buying an FMM visa for only $21 USD, which you can do upon arrival. The FMM visa — only valid if you don't intend to work — works for up to six months, and you can renew it indefinitely. 

Trump's wall, if it gets built, might end up serving a dual purpose. 



If the thought of President Trump scares you so much that you're willing to permanently relocate to a tiny archipelago north of the Arctic Circle, look no further than Svalbard.

While technically part of Norway, Svalbard's 2,642 residents are largely self-governed. And unlike the rest of Norway, the Immigration Act doesn't apply to Svalbard — meaning that no residence permit or visa is required to settle in Svalbard. You just need to buy a plane ticket.

While Svalbard is probably the easiest place to immigrate to in the world, living there is tough. The average temperature in the winter ranges from -12 to -16 Farenheit, and you won't see the sun between October and mid-February. And don't mind the polar bears

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This guy has taken selfies on 6 continents

The most important product every guy with a beard should use



Maintaining your beard growth is no easy task.

It takes work to keep it looking good and healthy. You already know that it requires some trimming.

Now comes the next step: beard oil.

Never heard of it? Fear not, it is quite simple to use and inexpensive to procure.

But first, let's go over why you need it.

Just like the hair on your head needs moisturizer in the form of a conditioner, so does the hair on your face.

Beard oil, however, moisturizes not only the beard hair, but the hard-to-reach skin underneath. This will prevent the dreaded itchy beard dandruff, Dove Men hair expert Jason Schneidman told the Huffington Post, which is caused when beard hairs wick away moisture from the skin.

Beard oil doubles as a styling agent, just as you would put styling cream in your hair, leaving it softer to the touch and easily manageable. It will also body to your beard, helping covering up any balder spots you might have, and make it smell nice — as if you were wearing a natural cologne.beard oil

Convinced? Great. To put it on it, remember that a little goes a long way and a small amount will work well. Smooth it into your beard after you take a shower or wash your face (or both), making sure to get an even coat. Start down at the skin, working your way up through the hair. This should be done daily. A comb can work well for longer beards.

As for which one you should buy, they all do essentially the same thing with different scents, using slightly different combinations of oils. Some of the most trusted brands include Beardbrand ($15), Artnaturals ($13), and Prospector Co. ($28)

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This defunct oil rig in the middle of the ocean is now a cool hotel for divers


Seaventures Dive Rig, a decommissioned oil rig in Malaysia, is now an epic destination for divers. The five-star scuba diving school and resort offers dozens of different courses, and sits in the Celebes Sea, an area ranked one of the world’s top diving destinations.

Story by Sophie-Claire Hoeller and editing by Stephen Parkhurst

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World's oldest living man has had one hell of a life

4 rules for how a T-shirt should actually fit you


how a t shirt should fit

The t-shirt is the quintessential casual wardrobe staple for any man.  

Worn by the deities of men's style from James Dean to Marlon Brando, the T-shirt occupies a rare cross-section of men's clothing — it's something we can all agree looks pretty cool.

So, let's make sure yours actually fits you.

The problem with poorly fitting T-shirts is that they're so painfully obvious. T-shirts are some of the more revealing tops a man can wear, and if they do not fit your body, it's painfully obvious.

Few wardrobe staples need to be worn so carefully, and many men spend their entire lives trying to find the elusive "best-fitting" t-shirt.

But what does it mean for a t-shirt to fit ideally? We'll demystify that for you. Today, that means four things. The shirt should be:

  • Slim fit. Basically, as slim as you can get without showing off too much or feeling like a second skin.
  • Sleeves should hit before your bicep. Ideally, the sleeves shouldn't billow out in any way, and should follow the arm downwards.
  • The hem should hit at about the the belt line. Doesn't hurt to be slightly longer, but any shorter might be a bit revealing.
  • This is mostly just a fit thing, but a constricting neck is never comfortable. Avoid it at all costs, as you always want a shirt with a collar that will lie flat.

As for materials, we prefer ours at least mostly cotton, if not 100%. We don't hate the ones that add a bit of elastane or spandex for a comfortable stretch, however. T-shirts labeled with "Pima" or "Supima" cotton use a special kind of cotton called extra-long staple cotton, which is named after the Pima Indians in Peru and is grown primarily in that country, Australia, and the Southwestern US. It has a reputation for being soft, durable, and absorbent.

Fit is entirely subjective based on on your measurements, but some of our favorite brands are Uniqlo ($12), American Apparel ($18), Target ($9), Everlane ($15), and J. Crew ($25). The best way to find your favorite — the one that will fit you as close to ideal — is trial and error.

SEE ALSO: 17 male style icons on Instagram who will inspire you to dress better

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This Richard Branson-backed startup failed on 'Shark Tank' — but just raised $61 million from Kleiner Perkins



Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff says it still feels surreal when he talks about his 5-year old company.

After struggling for the first 3 years, Ring's smart video doorbell business has been on a wild ride, going on ABC's "Shark Tank," getting funded by Virgin Group founder Richard Branson, and becoming one of the hottest startups in the world.

"It doesn’t even feel real," Siminoff told Business Insider.

And Ring's hot streak continues: On Wednesday, Ring announced it raised $61.2 million in funding from a group of investors led by VC firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, bringing in one of the most successful Silicon Valley VC firms as an investor. Branson has also joined the latest round.

"We’re a real company, solving a real problem, creating real revenue," Siminoff said. "It’s really about just building a good company that makes our users’ lives better."

Ring of security around your front door

Ring makes a doorbell that lets you see who's at your door through your smartphone. Users can remotely see and talk to the person at the door, and even pretend they're at home when they're not — making it a convenient home-security device.

The product may sound simple, but it's clearly filling a need. Siminoff says Ring is helping reduce home burglaries, and it's translating into huge sales growth as well.

"The reality is that most crime in neighborhoods is day-time burglaries when no one’s home. We’ve seen a significant drop in crime," Siminoff said.

Ring had "north of" $100 million in sales last year, growing 12-times compared to the previous year, according to Siminoff. In 2013, just before he went on "Shark Tank," Ring only had around $250,000 in revenue.

He wouldn't comment on the latest valuation of his company, but it could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars given that it's raised over $100 million so far. It was valued at $60 million when it raised $28 million in August 2015.

Siminoff says he wasn't really looking for additional funding when Kleiner Perkins first reached out this year. But the VC firm saw the same kind of community forming around Ring as it saw around driving app Waze (another Kleiner-backed startup that was acquired by Google for roughly $1 billion), and they quickly reached a deal, he says.

Ring doorbell

Most well-funded "Shark Tank" contestant ever

With the new round of funding, Siminoff claims Ring is the most well-funded and highest valued "Shark Tank" contestant ever. That might be true given most of the successful "Shark Tank" contestants are generating less than $20 million in sales.

Ironically, Siminoff wasn't able to raise any money on "Shark Tank." None of the sharks were impressed, and the one offer he got was a terrible royalty deal that would have taken away a portion of its sales forever.

But after the "Shark Tank" appearance, Ring's sales instantly jumped, getting "at least $5 million in additional sales" as a result of it, according to Siminoff.

"We’d either be out of business today if it wasn’t for 'Shark Tank,'" Siminoff said. "I don’t think we’d be where we are without that shot of adrenaline."

Richard Branson as an investor

RBransonRingBut the biggest benefit of going on "Shark Tank" was probably how it helped land Richard Branson as an early investor. 

After "Shark Tank," Ring's sales exploded and one of its customers happened to be vacationing at Branson's island. Branson, who was apparently sitting next to that person, saw how he used Ring through his smartphone, and was instantly impressed.

Soon, Siminoff and Branson connected, and in less than 48 hours, Branson agreed to join in the $28 million round announced last August.

Branson brings a lot to the table, including his vast network and experience from running multiple businesses. But Siminoff says the best part of having him is learning from his long-term vision.

"He’s only talking about the 10 and 15 year stuff," Siminoff said. "He’s really one of those more thoughtful and strategic investors that we have."

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22 things every New Yorker should do this spring


jazz age lawn party Spring is right around the corner, which means plenty of outdoor activities you can start enjoying again in New York.

Once the cold weather fades, the city becomes filled with exciting festivals, shops, outdoor eateries, and stunning sights to explore.

From drink festivals to boat rides, here are 22 ways to make the most of your spring in New York.

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Enjoy a private boat ride in Central Park from April to November, when you can admire the beautiful city views while taking a relaxing ride.

Click here to learn more about boats at Central Park »

Whether you're craving a ramen burger or fluffy biscuits, you'll find it at Brooklyn's Smorgasburg. Grab a bite from the outdoor market, which reopens on April 2, and enjoy it while gazing at the river.

Click here to learn more about Smorgasburg »

Go museum hopping and explore some of the Upper East Side’s best art at the Museum Mile Festival, held on June 14. Major museums like the Met, Guggenheim, and Neue Gallerie open their doors to visitors for free.

Click here to learn more about the Museum Mile Festival »

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The 5 most addictive substances on the planet


Definitively ranking how addictive various substances are is tough work, even for scientists.

Each of us reacts differently to distinct drugs, from the pleasurable reaction we experience when we use the substance to the cravings or even physical discomfort we feel when we're suddenly deprived of it. Nevertheless, a group of addiction experts, including specialists from the Royal College of Psychiatrists as well as chemists, forensic scientists, and pharmacologists, took a stab at listing them by averaging numerous aspects of addiction.

Their work was published in the journal The Lancet in 2007. Here's what they came up with:

BI_Graphics_The 5 most addictive substances_02

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RELATED: One type of legal drug is killing far more people than heroin — and deaths just hit record numbers

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These models are standing up to ISIS


These Iraqi models are making a major political statement: they're walking in one of Baghdad's first fashion shows since the 2003 invasion. By doing so, they say they're standing up to ISIS.

Story by Ian Phillips and editing by Kristen Griffin

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This bizarre Wizard of Oz amusement park has been closed for 36 years — a photographer got inside and took these eerie photos



In 1970, 31 years after The Wizard of Oz was released, the Land of Oz amusement park opened in the resort town of Beech Mountain, North Carolina.

Equipped with a real yellow brick road and costumes from the movie set, visitors were made to feel like they themselves were Dorothy — venturing from the tornado ridden house to the Emerald City.

But only 10 years after opening, the park officially closed due to the developers going bankrupt. Today, the park is open by appointment only, and during some of the town's high traffic seasons. Otherwise it's completely empty, just like photographer Johnny Joo, an explorer who documents abandoned spaces, likes.

Joo photographed the Land of Oz on a misty, cloudy morning, capturing the eeriness of this once popular tourist attraction.


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In the beginning, the Land of Oz was a huge success for Beech Mountain, attracting 400,000 visitors its first summer.

When Joo photographed it last fall, it was a completely different place. "The fog came rolling in, up in the mountains, giving everything such an eerie look to it," he told Business Insider.

"Everything was so silent. It was actually like stepping into a fantasy world," he said.

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A Chinese suit-maker Warren Buffett swears by has set its sights on North America


Warren Buffett

Investment mogul Warren Buffett has sworn by Dayang Group's suits for years. Now the Chinese manufacturing powerhouse has set its sights on North America.

Buffett loves the brand so much, he appeared in a promotional video in 2009 extolling the virtues of the 15,000-employee company. Buffett claimed he "threw out all his suits" and bought nine made by the company instead. 

"They're comfortable and people tell me they look good," Mr. Buffett told the Wall Street Journal then. "I went 78 years before I got a compliment on my appearance."

Buffett has even had four Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, including Bill Gates, fitted for Duyang suits, even though he maintains no stake in the company.

Buffett isn't the only American who's a fan of Dayang. The company also makes suits for Ralph Lauren, Macy's, Banana Republic, J. Crew, and others, as well as their own luxury suit brand Trands (Buffett's favorite).

Suits sold by the company go for about $800, which is especially expensive for Chinese markets. The company mainly serves Chinese leaders, and their stores are closed to the general public.

Boosted by its relationship with Buffett, Duyang is now looking to expand to America.


The company just purchased a $30 million stake in Vancouver-based web-first suiting brand Indochino, according to Bloomberg, which has made a name for itself selling well-fitting suits at affordable prices. Though the company primarily sells its suits online, Indochino is looking to expand from its current 10 showrooms in North America to 150 worldwide by 2020.

Bloomberg speculates the $30 million investment may lead to a the North American retail outlet for the ambitious Chinese brand.

The company has also leased a 4,000 square foot showroom on Fifth Ave in Manhattan since August of 2015, according to the Real Deal, which has not yet opened to the public. 

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These sand dunes in Iran look like they're straight out of a cartoon — but they're real and insanely dangerous


Sand dunes, Iran

In the heart of Dasht-e Kavir, a large desert in Iran, there is an enormous area of sand dunes known as Rig-e Jenn. At about 1,400 square miles, it is said to be one of the most impossible areas in the world to pass through. 

There are no routes, no trails, no water — just the crazy hills of insanely soft sand. Knowledge of the dunes has come from only the handful of researchers that have dared to explore it, but even caravan travelers in the area avoid this area.

A brave, Danish traveler and photographer, Thomas Flensted, paired up with RO Nature, a team of Iranian safari travel experts, and took on the dangerous challenge of traveling through Rig-e Jenn. Here's what their four days of travel were like. 


SEE ALSO: This mountain was once considered impossible to climb — see a photographer's dizzying images of one climber's ascent

Flensted and his team spent four days and three nights in the deserts of Iran.

They met up in Tehran, Iran, and drove almost a full day to get to the dunes. Since the dunes are in the middle of the desert, it was very tough to get there.

The group drove for many hours on the highway, making their way to the back roads, over a dry river, then straight through the desert before they could see the dunes. By the time the group got there the first day, it was already time to set up camp for the night.

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Business Insider is hiring a commerce reporter


amazon shipping box

Business Insider is looking for a talented writer to join our growing Insider Picks commerce team.

Insider Picks prides itself on finding its readers the best products and deals from around the web every day — whether that’s a sharp-looking watch, an amazing-sounding Bluetooth speaker, a highly-reviewed online course for beginner coders, or an awesome gift to give a loved one during the holiday season. 

The ideal candidate for this role has excellent writing and editing skills, thrives in a fast-paced environment, is focused, has a passion for shopping and researching exciting, under-the-radar products, and has an eye for details. They are confident and careful when reviewing products and can describe the pros and cons of any given item with conviction and always with Business Insider's voice, style, and audience in mind.

They'll also have the opportunity to pursue their own coverage ideas, as we are aggressively growing out our content areas. There are opportunities to bring your individual passions for events, travel, etc. to the table.

Business Insider generates revenue when readers buy products through our site. You’ll be coming on board to help us build out the Insider Picks program, and along the way, be a part of a new field of service journalism. Insider Picks debuted in late 2014 to great success, selling hundreds of thousands of products across many categories.

If you have experience in product journalism, and this role sounds like a good fit, apply to join our e-commerce team and help us build an exciting new coverage area for Business Insider. This role reports to the Commerce Editor.


  • Pitch, write, and produce comprehensive product reviews and buying guides as well as quicker, more timely deal-based content, approximately 10-15 articles per week;
  • Research consumer electronics, household items, and other things that are worth our readers’ time and money;
  • Think of creative ways to optimize the Insider Picks reader experience;
  • Cultivate and sustain a network of relevant public relations contacts and tastemakers in the commerce space via industry events, press previews, and desk-side appointments.


  • 0-3 years relevant experience;
  • Ability to write impeccable, conversational copy that's smart, engaging, timely, and accurate;
  • Creative, outside-the-box thinker;
  • A knack for finding new and interesting products;
  • Ability to stay organized, meet deadlines, and work well under pressure;
  • Understand Business Insider’s audience and writing style;
  • Experience using Photoshop and content management systems is a plus, but not required.

Business Insider offers competitive compensation packages complete with benefits. Apply here with your resume and cover letter if this sounds like the job for you.

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There's a way to virtually guarantee that the next T-shirt you buy online will fit you perfectly


ideal date shirt

T-shirts are one of the hardest things to have fit perfectly. There's just no telling how they're going to fit each guy's individual body until you put it on.

Sure, you already know how a T-shirt should fit. You just haven't found the elusive "perfect-fitting T-shirt" yet.

Since there's really no such thing as "made to measure" T-shirts — though some companies are trying — the best method of finding a favorite is trial and error.

However, if you have a favorite t-shirt brand that already fits you at least mostly well, congratulations — you're in luck.

A new website called Threadbase.com has done all the hard comparison work for you. They've already measured all the most popular T-shirt brands in each sizes — 800 in total — to figure out exactly how each brand fits. Just because two sizes are both labeled "small" does not mean they'll fit anywhere close to the same. In fact, Threadbase found that a Zara "XL" is actually the same size as a "medium" T-shirt at J. Crew.  

Here's how the database works:

You enter in a T-shirt that you already own from the drop-down menu, and specify that you would like a shirt that fits a little differently. For example: say you want it a little slimmer or longer in the hem. The database already knows the measurements of that exact shirt you entered, and will use that to compare to similar shirts in its database, giving you some other brands and sizes to try that fit that criteria.

One of these new suggestions might be your new favorite T-shirt, found without wasting time and money on trying other brands. You can also measure yourself and use those numbers to search the database, as well, if you don't have a shirt you'd like to use for comparison.


There is a little wrinkle to this by the name of manufacture variance. When a clothing garment like a shirt is manufactured in a large factory, they leave a little room for slight errors in measurements. Some brands are better than than others with this, but every company suffers a little bit from it.

To account for this, Threadbase measures at least 20 of the same shirts in the same size, and takes the average of the numbers in their final measurements.

SEE ALSO: 4 rules for how a T-shirt should actually fit you

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