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A 'rebel winemaker' says this is the biggest mistake you're making with your wine


Charles Smith

We've all done it. You have friends coming over dinner, and you want to make sure your wine is chilled in time, so you stick it in the fridge before heading out to work in the morning. 

But then you forget about it, and before you know it, that bottle of wine has spent a week in the fridge. 

According to Charles Smith — the so-called "rebel winemaker" and founder of Walla Walla, Washington-based Charles Smith Wines — that's a big mistake. Temperature is, by far, the most important thing to consider when storing wine in your home, but most of us are doing it wrong.

"Never keep your wine in the refrigerator," Smith told Business Insider. "It seems really convenient because you want to keep it cool, but it only takes about 20 minutes in the freezer to do the same thing." 

Kung Fu Girl Riesling 2014The ideal temperature for white wines, Smith says, is a cool 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. An hour or two in the fridge — or about 20 minutes in the freezer, as Smith pointed out — should be all you need to cool your wine to the right temperature. 

Red wines, on the other hand, should be kept around 60 degrees. Go any warmer, and you risk spoiling the flavor of the wine. 

It's a common misconception that red wines should be served at room temperature, but Smith says that can be misleading. 

"Let's say you live in Phoenix, Arizona. What's room temperature there? And if you live in New York, what's the room temperature?" he said. "So does room temperature really work? Not really." 

Smith added that storing wine in a dark place is also important, as too much light exposure can alter the flavor.

Smith, who was named Wine Enthusiast's "Winemaker of the Year" in 2014, recently opened Jet City, a 32,000-square-foot facility in Seattle that's considered to be the largest urban winery on the West Coast. His Charles Smith Wines is the largest winemaker-owned winery in Washington State.

His most famous wine is the Kung Fu Girl Riesling, which has been named to Wine Spectator's lists of the top 100 and best-value wines. It retails for $12. He's been called a "rebel winemaker" because, in part, of how much cheaper his wines are compared to other award-winning wines. 

"Everyone should have access to good wine, no matter how much money they have. Good wine doesn’t mean expensive wine — it means good wine," he said. "Making something that’s highly drinkable, super delicious, and affordable? Then I think I’m doing my job as a responsible winemaker, because if you have the skill sets to make really high-end wine, you have the skills to make accessible wine, too."

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Drinking coffee could reverse some of the damage caused by alcohol

13 facts about San Francisco that will make you think twice about whether you can afford to live there


san francisco

San Francisco is notorious for its jaw-dropping real estate prices.

The median rent for a one-bedroom apartment stands at $3,460 a month.

But it's not just housing expenses that will eat away at your paycheck. In general, the total cost of living in San Francisco is 62.6% higher than the US average.

If you're thinking about heading out west to startup-nation, consider these eye-opening facts about the cost of living:

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The estimated cost of annual necessities for a single person is $43,581 — or $3,632 a month, making it the most expensive city for single people to settle down in.

Annual necessities in the San Francisco metro area include housing, food, transportation, healthcare, other necessities, and taxes. They do not include savings or discretionary spending.

Source: Economic Policy Institute's 2015 Family Budget Calculator

For a family of four, expect to pay about $91,785 a year for necessities — that's $7,649 per month.

Annual necessities in the San Francisco metro area for a four-person family — two adults and two children — include costs for housing, food, childcare, transportation, healthcare, other necessities, and taxes. They do not include savings or discretionary spending.

Source: Economic Policy Institute's 2015 Family Budget Calculator

The median home price in the San Francisco metro area is a steep $841,600.

Compare that to the median home price in the US: $188,900.

Source: National Association of Realtors via Business Insider

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Freediving is the new yoga

Here's what staying up all night does to the brain


party dance photo

The average adult requires between seven and eight hours of sleep a night, according to the National Institute of Health

So it's no surprise that staying awake all night isn't healthy, but there's more to it than that.

An all-nighter actually alters the type of sleep our brains get.

Traditionally, sleep starts with a period of non-REM (rapid eye movement) sleep that consists of three phases: stages 1, 2, and 3.

Of the three, stage 3 is the most important for recovering and feeling rejuvenated the next morning. It's also the phase that's most affected by all-nighters because it's when slow-wave sleep sets in. 

Slow-wave sleep and REM sleep are the two sleep stages where you're likely to dream as well as store memories, which is important for learning new skills or remembering where you left the house keys the night before.

Pulling an all-nighter deprives the brain of these two critical sleep stages, and puts you in what experts call "sleep debt."

"In the setting of ... an acute sleep debt ... there's different bankers you're going to have to pay back," Timothy Morgenthaler, a Mayo Clinic professor of medicine and the former president of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, told Business Insider. "There's the REM banker and the slow-wave sleep banker, and the first one you have to pay back is the slow wave sleep banker."

Normally, slow-wave sleep comprises about a quarter of a normal night's slumber — but a night that follows an all-nighter is not normal. By the time your head hits the pillow, you've wracked up a pretty significant sleep debt, and your sleep pattern will show it.

"People tend to get a little bit more slow wave sleep when they're recovering from an acute sleep loss," Morgenthaler said. "The result is that when your boyfriend [for example] has an all night shift and he falls asleep on the couch, and then you wake him up to go to bed he has no clue where he's at," Morgenthaler said. 

This confusion is a direct consequence of what experts call sleep inertia, which is also responsible for the grogginess you sometimes feel immediately after waking up.

Normally, the grogginess from sleep inertia lasts no more than 30 minutes after waking, but people who wake up out of slow-wave sleep tend to have more sleep inertia, which can take up to a few hours to completely diminish, Morgenthatler said.

Therefore, the effects of an all-nighter might stick with you even after you've gotten some well-needed rest.

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A model with a bionic arm is redefining the fashion industry

Tumbleweeds are swallowing this Australian town whole

People are lining up around the block to try these Hong Kong-style egg waffle sundaes


Nowadays, food is all about presentation: the more Instagrammable the better — especially in New York City. Eggloo, which only opened last week and doesn’t even have a website, has attracted massive crowds thanks to just that.

Story by Sophie-Claire Hoeller and video by Kristen Griffin

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An NBA coach gave a remarkable speech about forgiveness after his wife was killed in a car accident

How the famous Instagram #FollowMeTo couple earned millions of followers

This terrifying glass skywalk overlooks a Canadian glacier


If you want to feel like you may plummet to your certain death, but without any of the actual risk, the Glacier Skywalk at Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada, is for you. The terrifying glass walkway is designed to look like an organic extension of the natural landscape.

Story and editing by Jeremy Dreyfuss

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The simplest men's clothing app we've seen so far


We're telling you about this because it's really easy, and frankly we know that's what's most important to you.

Online retail brand Combatant Gentlemen has created an app called CombatGent. It's a shopping app, but the real key here is that it helps you put clothes together for basically any occasion.

If you see something you like, you can purchase it directly on the app. Shipping is free.

The whole thing was built in-house at Combat Gentlemen using a Netflix-inspired algorithm that considers everything from your taste, to the occasion, to the weather in your area.

“For us, mobile isn’t only about selling product,” said Scott Raio, CTO and Co-Founder at Combat Gent. “We believe it is one of the most crucial ways to progress this company and technology altogether, and we wanted to leverage the knowledge of our design team with the data we already have from our current database to create a seamless native experience that provides the utmost value to our end customer.”

You start by telling the app what you're dressing for.

combatgent outfitbuilder

It will send you a few options, which you can adjust for the location and date (which adjusts your picks based on the weather) and your skin tone. You can also change the occasion if you wish.

The application also allows you to put in your own measurements, so ordering is seamless.

combatgent app fit

Bottom line here, whether you use this thing to buy clothing or not, it will guide you on how to better use what you have.

And everyone needs that.

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The Jaguar XJL combines traditional English luxury with sexy catlike curves


Jaguar XJ L

For nearly 50 years, the Jaguar XJ has been one of the finest luxury sedans money can buy. It's been a torchbearer for old-world British luxury and style.

Unfortunately, by the early 2000s, the XJ's relentless evocation of Jag's design lineage caused the car to become staid. Which is why in 2010, Jaguar design boss Ian Callum unveiled a new XJ that broke the mold and took Jag's flagship four-door in a modern and controversial direction. 

The current generation XJ is already half a decade old, but its eye-catching looks remain as fetching as ever. So when Jaguar let Business Insider borrow a 2015 XJL Portfolio all-wheel-drive test car last year, we jumped at the opportunity to spend a week behind the wheel of this automotive icon.

From 1968 to 2009, the Jaguar XJ's appearance represented a steady evolution of ...

.... a clearly ....

.... defined ....

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This is what you should wear on a date, according to a survey of 1,000 women


When dressing for a first date, it's important to know what kind of impression you're giving off. And what better way to determine that than by asking the dates themselves?

Our friends over at Son of a Tailor asked 1,000 women what outfit they'd ideally like to see on their man across the table. And the answer is overwhelmingly clear: A T-shirt is the best way to go. An overwhelming 94% of women would like to see their date show up in a T-shirt.

But the kind of T-shirt depends on the vibe you want to give off. Regular fit and crew necks are better if you want to give off that husband-material vibe, but if you just want to be a "seducer," you might want to stick with a slim-fit V-neck.

Want to look smarter? Stick a blazer over it. And leave the pony-labeled T-shirts at home — 81% of women aren't impressed.

For more valuable date advice, check out the full infographic below.

Ideal date outfit

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The Goldman Sachs Elevator guide to dressing like a gentleman


Champagne polo

New York Fashion Week doesn’t mean much to most guys out there.

Maybe for some young bankers, it’s an excuse to go out armed with business cards, pay for bottle service, and probably still go home alone.

Still, there’s no shortage of advice when it comes to men’s fashion. And there’s obviously no real consensus.

You’ve got Mark Zuckerberg showing off his closet that enables him to “focus on more important decisions” in life.

And on the other end of the spectrum, you’ve got people creating charts to help color-coordinate suits with every conceivable color and style of shoes. Both are equally pretentious.

The problem with men’s fashion is that people try too hard or not at all. The vast majority of guys can’t pull off an azul indigo suit, cerulean socks, and tan brogues. As I see it, particularly in banking and in the business world, men’s fashion is a function of risk/reward. Guys need to be pragmatic, live in the safe zone, and keep it simple, yet elegant:

Business Attire

  • You can’t go wrong with a two-button, notched-lapel suit. It’s a classic look that fits nearly every body type.
  • If your suit stands out or is too distinctive, your colleagues will remember it as the one you wear all the time.
  • In terms of color, keep it to various shades of gray and navy, with a few varieties of pinstripes.  That’s all you need. Brown suits are for back office guys.
  • Craig SagerSkip double-breasted and three-button suits altogether.
  • Buy as many suits as you can reasonably afford. And go bespoke or at least semi-made to measure. Remember, “an architect is only as good as his builder, and a fashion designer is only as good as your tailor."
  • Pocket squares are for bucket shop bankers and CNBC pundits. Skip it.
  • No pleats and no cuffs. Cuffed pants are for limo drivers.
  • A belt is generally optional, but in the United States, you should wear one. 
  • Go with a small, symmetrical, half Windsor knot. And the general rule, especially at banks, is that you can’t rock an Hermès tie until you have some clout. So, again, play it safe with Zegna or Giorgio Armani.
  • Picking out shoes doesn’t need to be overly complicated. Keep it simple with some classic Prada loafers.
  • Don’t be cheap with the shoes either; women notice. Besides, quality $700 shoes last 3-4x longer than anything you can get in the $300 price range.
  • Contrary to popular belief, flamboyant socks don’t add flair or personality. They just make you look British. Instead, buy twenty pair of identical black socks. Throw them away and refresh every six months. It feels great to start the day off with brand new socks.


  • Get your shirts made. The value of a custom shirt far exceeds the cost, and the relative value is a no-brainer.
  • Have new shirts made every year and donate the old ones to a charity that provides clothing and career guidance to low-income men.
  • Stick with a stiff spread color; it’s versatile enough to work with or without a tie, and goes with jeans or a suit.
  • Oxford collars and shirt pockets are for Bernie Sanders supporters. 
  • If you sweat, wear an undershirt. You can’t beat NVSBL - they’re longer (stay tucked), more comfortable, sweat and odor fighting, and totally invisible. Hygiene and aesthetics aside, quality undershirts will significantly prolong the life of your dress shirts, and generally make you less disgusting.
  • Monogrammed shirts are passé. Get your gun monogrammed instead.

How to be a F%#king Man - If you perspire, wear a damn undershirt. Quality tip from @dailygraze.

A photo posted by NVSBL Undershirts (@nvsblmen) on Dec 31, 2015 at 9:38pm PST on


Business Casual

  • Please, no khakis, unless your résumé still says you were president of your fraternity investment club. Wear jeans instead.
  • If you’re wearing a blazer, make sure it doesn’t look like a suit jacket. Try a one-button, peaked-lapel, which looks great in the office, or out on the town.
  • No country club golf shirts, especially when the Masters is on.
  • No Vineyard Vines, unless you’re still quoting Will Ferrell movies.
  • Wear whatever socks you want, but you still have to wear socks.

The gym

  • The era of baggy shorts is over. And mesh shorts are only acceptable in Myrtle Beach or the buzzer waiting room at Applebee’s.
  • Get rid of the Ivy League apparel, unless you like barefoot running on a treadmill or pursed-lipped nodding at every person you pass on the trail.
  • When it comes to name brands, Under Armour is for guys who think Chateaubriand is a French cabernet.
  • These Birddogs are the best shorts on the planet – perfect for the gym, playing tennis, or (how I use them) chasing a toddler around a playground.
  • While you’re at it, spend less time on a treadmill and more time playing a competitive sport. After all, the squash court is an extension of the office.

birddogs shorts


  • There is no such thing as a “going out” shirt, especially on a first date.
  • If you insist on wearing cologne, no one should smell you from five feet away or five minutes after you’ve left the room.
  • Get your haircut every 3-4 weeks. And if you’ve got problems up top, shave it or transplant it.
  • Always keep decent facial moisturizer in your desk or gym bag.
  • Don’t be an idiot when it comes to buying jeans.


  • Cedar shoe trees are a must, especially when you travel.
  • Backpacks might be “suddenly cool for grown men” but not with a suit. Grow up, and get an adult bag.
  • When it comes to watches, they serve a purpose - presenting yourself as “high-status” is proven to make you appear more attractive to women. But avoid Panerai – it’s an action hero watch for guys who brag about cheating on their wives. 
  • Other than wedding wings, watches, and cuff links, no jewelry. The only thing worse for a woman than meeting a guy she likes with a ring on his wedding finger is meeting a guy she likes with a ring on any other finger.


Again, this advice is all about risk reward. Because the vast majority of men are fashion illiterates, the smartest thing they can do is keep it simple and stay in a safe zone.

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5 extraordinary feats of superhuman endurance


Youth Kids Children Water Summer Cooling

The human body is surprisingly fragile, but there are those who enjoy pushing it to the limits.

From these daredevils, we learn how the body can miraculously compensate for starvation or oxygen deprivation to stay alive for as long as possible.

Here are five incredible feats of superhuman endurance:

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Without sleep: 11 days.

In 1965, then 17-year-old Randy Gardner set the world record by staying awake for 264.4 hours, or 11 days and 24 minutes.

Why you shouldn't try this at home:Sleep is essential for building memory and skills as well as feeling more alert the next day.

Without breathing: 22 minutes.

The longest any human ever went without breathing took place in 2012, when Danish free diver Stig Severinsen held his breath underwater for 22 minutes.

Why you shouldn't try this at home:Without oxygen, the human brain will die after about four minutes. Severinsen cheated death by breathing in pure oxygen for about 19 minutes beforehand, which saturated his body so it could continue to keep his brain functioning while he was underwater.

Without food and water: 18 days.

In 1979, Andreas Mihavecz — then 18 — was left, forgotten, in a basement prison cell until he was accidentally discovered 18 days later. This was not a stunt, but an act of negligence on the authorities' part. It took Mihavecz several weeks to recover.

Why you shouldn't try this at home:Of the two, water is more critical to replenish than food. An adult is made up of about 60% water, using it to lubricate joints, flush waste, and regulate body temperature.

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See if you can find the Marine hiding in all of these pictures

Use these 15 science-backed tips to get someone to fall in love with you



Candy hearts and boxes of chocolate line the shelves of stores, just waiting to be purchased by smitten lovebirds.

But if that doesn't describe you, or at least not yet, don't fret!

In the interest of bolstering your love life, here are some science-backed ways to fall and stay in love:

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DON'T MISS: Couples in lasting relationships typically wait this long to start having sex

For a first date, get coffee, not ice cream.

Yale psychologist John Bargh has conducted a couple of studies that reveal an underlying connection between body temperature and personality.

He found that when we feel warm physically, we also tend to behave more warmly toward others. Therefore, if you want your first date to go smoothly, seek out warm places and foods — they might just help to heat things up later on.

Another first date tip: Be positive.

Contrary to popular belief, men aren't just interested in how you look. That's what a large 2010 study revealed after grouping over 2,100 male university students into three categories. The first group were given photos of women and asked to rate whether they found the women attractive, or not.

Two other groups were provided the photos along with information about the women's personalities — one group had mostly positive personality traits and the other mostly negative. The researchers discovered that the group with mostly positive personality traits found a wider variety of women attractive overall than the other two groups. So, when you're on that first date, just remember to be positive!

Listen up.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it's actually super critical for all parts of a relationship — at the beginning and when that honeymoon period ends and the inevitable conflicts arise.

A 2010 study of 373 couples from the University of Michigan found that those who were able to discuss issues calmly and listen to their partner when having an argument were less likely to separate later on than couples who didn't do this.

Business Insider also chatted with psychotherapist M. Gary Neuman, who said that listening is key to falling in love because we have a need to be heard.

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How much sex happy couples have every month


The first two years of a relationship are usually considered to be the most exciting. After that, according to psychotherapist and author M. Gary Neuman, couples have to work to maintain that initial level of intimacy and excitement.

Neuman conducted a research experiment with 400 women who were either happily or unhappily married to find out how much sex happy couples should have every month.

Business Insider readers will get a 20% discount on Neuman's products for a limited time by using the promo code "businessinsider." Click here to visit his website.

Produced by Graham Flanagan

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Famous last words of 18 famous people


marie antoinette

People have always been fascinated by the last words of others.

Perhaps they hold a touch of wisdom, a final joke, or even confirmation of who's getting what in the will.

In light of that, Business Insider put together a list of the reported last words of 18 famous historical figures.

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Karl Marx, philosopher.

"Last words are for fools who haven't said enough." 

Source: International Business Times

Richard Feynman, theoretical physicist.

"I'd hate to die twice. It's so boring."

Source: "The Power of Personality" by Sylvia Loehken

Archimedes, mathematician.

"Stand away, fellow, from my diagram!"

Archimedes was killed during the Second Punic War. According to the historian Plutarch, a soldier reportedly came up to the mathematician and told him to go with him to Marcellus.

Archimedes, however, refused to do so until he finished the problem he was working on. Enraged, the soldier killed him.

Sources: "The Parallel Lives" by Plutarch, "Famous Last Words" by Laura Ward

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