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We tried a Subway-style pizza chain that's taking over — here's what we thought


Pizza Studio 11

Pizza is the ultimate customizable meal. 

The fast-casual market is finally taking off, with chains like Blaze Pizza, Pie Five, and MOD Pizza.

We recently tried Pizza Studio, a chain that was founded in Los Angeles three years ago. 

Pizza Studio now has over 30 locations nationwide, with aggressive plans for expansion.

The company is listed as number 29 on Forbes' list of most promising companies.

We ventured to Pizza Studio's Bronx, New York location to see how it is.


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We arrived at Pizza Studio's Bronx location just around lunchtime. It's located right cross the street from Fordham University. Fast-casual restaurants often set up near college campuses, where students seek affordable options.

Upon entering, we're greeted with the alluring smell of freshly-baked pizza. The restaurant has a pleasant atmosphere — similar to a Chipotle — with subtle background music and simple modern decor.

We approached the line and weighed our options. For $7.99, customers can create their own personal pizza from scratch. That's an appealing price for an 11-inch pizza.

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Inside One57, the new most expensive building in New York City


one57 from the sky

New York's real-estate market is soaring — and there's no better proof than the glitzy One57.

The 73-floor supertall skyscraper in midtown Manhattan has been crowned the new most expensive building in New York City as of 2015, according to a report by CityRealty.

The building's average price per square foot for the year was $6,010, while last year's most expensive, 15 Central Park West, came in at only $5,726.

One57's average price increased 18.5% from last year, while 15 CPW's average decreased 10%.

One of the penthouses in the 1,004-foot-tall residence closed this year for $100.5 million, making it the most expensive apartment ever sold in NYC, as well as the first to surpass $100 million.

Residents will have access to the amenities in the Park Hyatt hotel, which takes up the first 39 floors of the building. But if they don't want to mix with hotel guests, One57 owners can also use their own 20,000-square-foot amenities floor, complete with a pool, gym, library, and theater.

Megan Willett wrote an earlier version of this post.

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One57 was designed by starchitect Christian de Portzamparc to look like a cascading waterfall. It rises 1,004 feet and 90 stories above 57th Street.

Of the units sold so far, only some of the buyers are known. They include billionaires Lawrence S. Stroll and Silas K. F. Chou, as well as the head of BDO Unicon Group, Andrey Dubinsky.

The Park Hyatt hotel will occupy the first 39 floors of the building, and the 95 condos of One57 will fill the rest of the space.

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Most celebrity diets are bogus, but here are the ones you should actually consider


tswift apple

Go vegan. Eat orange food on Monday and yellow food on Tuesday. Survive on baby food.

No matter which diet we pick, the problem remains the same: Eventually, it ends. And when it does, researchshows we often go right back to where we started.

So is the concept of healthy eating a farce? Are we forever doomed to swing between extremes of meticulous, measured nibbling and glutinous over-indulgence?

Thankfully, the answer is no.

Here's a list of some of the most popular celebrity eating plans which we've evaluated based on the research, so you can distinguish hype from helpful.

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Beyonce reportedly used the "Master Cleanse" to lose weight before "Dreamgirls."

The scoop: Beyonce reportedly did the Master Cleanse, which involves subsisting on nothing but lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper, before staring in the movie "Dreamgirls;" the idea being that it detoxes your system and accelerates weight loss.

Should you do it? You never ever need to do a detox: Our bodies do it for us. While our kidneys filter our blood and remove waste from our diet, our liver processes medications and detoxifies any chemicals we ingest. Paired together, these organs make our bodies natural cleansing powerhouses. So stop eyeing that lemon squeezer. It's not worth it.

Reese Witherspoon did the "Baby Food Diet."

The scoop: The Baby Food Diet has been traced to celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, who's since denied supporting it. It involves eating 14 jars of baby food, with the option of adding in one actual low-calorie meal, each day.

Should you do it? Nope. The jars of baby food are 80 calories: Eat 14 and you end up with rougly 1,000 calories each day plus one real meal. So long as the meal you allow yourself is ~400 calories (think a small piece of grilled fish or lean meat and some sauteed veggies) you'll definitely lose weight. But it'll be because you're not eating food, not because mushed-up fruit is a miracle diet product.

Snooki went on the "Cookie Diet."

The scoop: Snooki reportedly lost weight in 2010 with a diet of cookies: For 3 weeks, she ate 6 of the 90-calorie treats a day and 1 small meal. Alarmingly, the Cookie Diet is not Snooki's creation: Now-retired Dr. Sanford ("The Cookie Doctor") Siegal trademarked the plan

Should you do it? Probably not. Cookie Diet cookies are no Girl Scout Samoas. The recipe's first 3 ingredients are glycerin (used to add sweetness and moisture), whole wheat powder (for fiber), and beef protein. They've also got rice crisps (ostensibly for crunch), egg whites (for more protein), wheat bran (for fiber), and a smattering of B vitamins.

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7 unusual and fascinating funeral traditions around the world

Meet the 30-year-old prodigy behind the H&M collection women are fighting over


Since 2004, H&M has collaborated with international design icons, from Alexander Wang to Karl Lagerfeld, to produce affordable capsule collections.

H&M's latest collaboration is with Balmain, and the collection hit stores this morning. To say that apparel has been flying off the racks is an understatement, as there have been reports of fights breaking out over the jackets, dresses and accessories featured in the line.

Stores even opened to lines of shoppers this morning, all waiting for a chance to get their hands on the clothes designed by Olivier Rousteing.

The 30-year-old is the French brand's creative director, and a prodigy that is blowing up the fashion world.

Formerly working for Roberto Cavalli, Rousteing joined Balmain in 2009. Two years later, at only 25, he became the label's creative director. His meteoric rise in the fashion world is mirrored by his equally fast ascent to stardom, in part thanks to his numerous famous friends, many of whom are the very models that walk in his shows.

"The models that I chose are my friends and all the girls that I love," Rousteing told reporters at a show debuting his H&M line last month.

His friends include models Gigi Hadid, Jourdan Dunn, and Kendall Jenner. But his most famous friend is Kim Kardashian, whom he even considers his muse. The entire Kardashian clan showed up for his star-studded 30th birthday bash last month, which was all documented on Instagram. Rousteing now has 1.6 million followers. 

Story and editing by Andrew Fowler

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The 20 best college campuses in America


BI_Graphics Best college campuses

For most students, a premier college experience is cultivated beyond the classroom — from great campus food to standout career services and beautiful surroundings.

Business Insider looked at 11 campus-related categories from The Princeton Review's 2016 college rankings to determine which colleges offer the best overall campuses.

Our list combines rankings of more than 100 colleges for categories including college libraries, dorms, campus scenery, quality of life, and more. Read about our methodology here.

There is no discernible connection between the types of colleges that come out on top. Ivy League universities, small liberal-arts colleges, and technical schools are all represented. Still, each school on this list boasts a great campus experience.

An earlier version of this list was compiled by Emmett Knowlton and Peter Jacobs.

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20. Dartmouth College

Hanover, New Hampshire

The smallest college in the Ivy League system has an undergrad enrollment of just over 4,000 and strives to offer its students nothing but the best. This year, Dartmouth ranked in the top 10 in Best Quality of Life.

The school's nine libraries are all part of the collective Dartmouth College Library, which this year earned a top-10 ranking on the Best College Library list.

17. (TIE) Tulane University

New Orleans, Louisiana

Located in the heart of New Orleans, Tulane holds top rankings in Princeton Review's Quality of Life and City Gets High Marks ranking.

The 110-acre campus sits along the oldest streetcar line in the country, and the historic St. Charles streetcar makes the 4-mile trip into the downtown and French quarters of New Orleans easily accessible.

17. (TIE) Rollins College

Winter Park, Florida

The private university in Central Florida was named the most beautiful campus by the Princeton Review this year. The 70-acre school, on the banks of Lake Virginia, features distinctive Spanish-Mediterranean architecture.

Rollins also received a top-10 ranking in the Easiest Campus to Get Around category.

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What it's like to ride the 'Train of Death' from Mexico to the US


MFrankfurter_Destino_10Photographer Michelle Frankfurter had traveled to Mexico, the US-Mexico border, and Central America for years, working first as a photojournalist and then as a human-rights worker. During her travels, she heard about a particular route that hopeful migrants take to reach the United States. In 2009, she set out to follow it.

Following the path described in Sonia Nazario's award-winning book "Enrique's Journey," Frankfurter headed to southern Mexico and followed the path north.

In six journeys, she rode the treacherous El Tren de la Muerte (The Train of Death), came into contact with the drug cartels, and befriended numerous migrant families, many of whom never made it to the US.

Frankfurter has shared some of her photos with us here, but you can check out the rest at her website or in her book "Destino," available now.

The first step of the journey for Frankfurter and thousands of migrants is crossing the Suchiate River between the Guatemalan border town of Tecún Umán and the Mexican town of Hidalgo in the southern state of Chiapas. Migrants ride rafts made of tractor tires across the water.


After crossing the river, migrants hike 150 miles on foot to avoid Mexican migration checkpoints and reach Arriaga, a city in Chiapas. Here, a Salvadoran woman feeds her 18-month-old son at a migrant shelter in Chiapas after making the trek.




Frankfurter began the most significant part of her journey in Arriaga. Here, most migrants catch a freight train illegally to start their trek north.




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Emma Watson had an awesome reaction when Malala Yousafzai called herself a feminist


Actress Emma Watson, the UN global goodwill ambassador for women, helped teenage Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai embrace the word feminism.

When she heard how she inspired Yousafzai to consider herself a feminist, she got really excited.

Yousafzai, a human-rights and female-education activist, is the subject of the new documentary "He Named Me Malala." Four years ago, Yousafzai was shot in the head by members of the Taliban for speaking out in support of education for girls.

On Wednesday, Watson interviewed her at the Into Film Festival, where the documentary was being shown. 

During the interview, the 18-year-old Pakistani activist told Watson that she initially thought feminism was a "tricky word," but that Watson's UN speech helped her embrace the term.

"I hesitated in saying am I feminist or not," Yousafzai said. "After hearing your speech, when you said, 'If not now, when? If not me, who?' I decided there's no way, and there's nothing wrong with calling yourself a feminist." 

She concluded, "So I am a feminist and you all should be feminists because feminism is another word for equality."

Story and editing by Andrew Fowler

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We tried McDonald's answer to Five Guys and Shake Shack — here's the verdict


McDonald's Create Your Taste 7

After a rough few years for the company, there are signs that McDonald's recent reform plan just may be working

But in the post Shake Shack landscape, staying on top of burger trends is increasingly difficult.

Competitors like Five Guys, Smashburger, and Shake Shack have carved out a substantial share of the burger market in recent years, leaving fast-food giants in the dust.

However, part of McDonald's revamping is a huge expansion of its customizable-burger option: "Create Your Taste."

Many locations have already installed touch-screen kiosks that allow customers to choose exactly what goes into their custom burger, including multiple bun options, specialty sauces, and unique toppings. 

But is this burger broadside enough to take a bite out of the likes of Five Guys and Shake Shack? I created my own custom burgers to find out.


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The Create Your Taste kiosks are in place in quite a few McDonald's, including this one at Madison Square Park in New York City. You can order anything from the regular menu on the kiosks, as well.

After choosing the burger meat — either a one-third pound or quarter-pound sirloin beef patty — you pick your bun.

From there, you can choose the cheese as well as a litany of sauces and toppings. And yes, most importantly there's an option to add bacon.

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Psychologists say you need these 3 compatibilities to have a successful marriage


george clooney

Research suggests that being in a happy marriage is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

According to the New York Times, "being married makes people happier and more satisfied with their lives than those who remain single — particularly during the most stressful periods, like midlife crises."

Of course, some marriages are more successful than others. The Times' Tara Parker-Pope recently examined research on the "ambivalent marriage" — one that is "not always terrible, but not always great" — which found that such a partnership can take a toll on health.

So how can you pick the right partner and set yourself up for long-term success?

We asked Peter Pearson, couples therapist and cofounder of the Couples Institute in Menlo Park, California. 

Chemistry was his first answer. 

"Chemistry is not everything," he said, "but if the chemistry is not there, that's a tough thing to overcome. If the chemistry is more there for one person than the other, that's tough to overcome. It's hard to build passion if it's low at the beginning. If I could find a way to build passion where passion was low, I'd be richer than Bill Gates."

But it's not just sexual chemistry, Pearson said. What you might call social chemistry plays a crucial role — the way you feel when you're with the other person. In his experience, when people have affairs, it's more than simple lust — it's also about the way they feel when they're around the other person. 

That sense of "how I feel" can be investigated further by looking at the work of Canadian psychologist Eric Berne. Back in the 1950s and '60s, Berne developed "transactional analysis," a model that tried to provide an account of how two people in a relationship interact, or transact.

His popular books about the model became bestsellers, namely "The Games People Play." Drawing somewhat on Sigmund Freud, his theory argued that every person has three "ego states":

• The parent: What you've been taught

• The child: What you have felt

• The adult: What you have learned

When two people are really compatible, they connect along each tier. Pearson gave us a few questions for figuring out compatibility at each level: 

• The parent: Do you have similar values and beliefs about the world? 

• The child: Do you have fun together? Can you be spontaneous? Do you think your partner's hot? Do you like to travel together? 

• The adult: Does each person think the other is bright? Are you good at solving problems together? 

While having symmetry across all three is ideal, Pearson said that people often "get together to balance each other." One person might identify as fun-loving and adventurous, while the other takes on the role of nurturing and responsible. 

While that divvying up of roles makes for good odd-couple romantic comedies, it's not ultimately sustainable.

"That works until someone gets tired," Pearson said — until one partner is shouting, "I'm tired of being the responsible person here!"

When that happens (or ideally, before that happens), a couple has to go through the "differentiation" process.  

Ellyn Bader, Pearson's wife and Couples Institute cofounder, described in an interview with The Script how the high-tension phase of differentiation works: 

People have to come to terms with the reality that "we really are different people. You are different from who I thought you were or wanted you to be. We have different ideas, different feelings, different interests."

Differentiation has two components. There is self-differentiation: "This is who I am and what I want." This refers to the development of an independent sense of self: to know what I want, think, feel, desire. ...

The second involves differentiation from the other. When this is successful, the members of the couple have the capacity to be separate from each other and involved at the same time.

For couples to survive that differentiation process and maintain their compatibility, the real secret sauce is effort. 

But despite all these theoretical models, Pearson said the clues about what predicts true compatibility are much more of a felt sense than something you reason out. 

He provided a litmus test. "If you're living together and your partner is away for a couple days and you see a favorite scarf, a pair of shoes, or another article of clothing that's important to them, how do you feel?" Pearson asked. "Do you feel annoyed that you have to pick up the clutter, or does it bring up happy memories?" 

The answer can tell you a lot about how your parent, child, and adult are getting along with theirs. 

This is an updated version of an article that was previously published.

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British super spy James Bond has lived an incredibly dangerous and exciting life


With the opening of "Spectre," the latest James Bond film and the fourth to star Daniel Craig as Ian Fleming's complicated, sexy, and extremely lethal super spy, we have an opportunity to look back over his biography.

We culled these dates and events from around the web and from own memory banks as borderline Bond obsessives. It obviously isn't comprehensive. And bear in mind that with the Bond cinematic franchise now over 50 years old, some dramatic license has been taking with his age.

BI Graphic_Bond James Bond Timeline

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The 27 best new buildings on the planet


RESIDENTIAL Vancouver House by BIG

The World Architecture Festival— now in its eighth year — is the world's largest annual celebration of architectural innovation. 

This year, spectacular buildings across 15 separate categories were recognized for their impeccable design and daring originality. 

The Festival's committee also picked 12 winning planned constructions, which they dubbed the best buildings of the future.

From shopping malls and housing developments to hotels and hospitals, these are the world's 27 coolest new buildings — both present and future.

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BEST IN CIVIC AND COMMUNITY: Cam Thanh Community House in Vietnam by 1 + 1 > 2 International Architecture

BEST DISPLAY: Brazilian Pavilion, Expo Milano 2015 in Italy by Studio Arthur Casas + Atelier Marko Brajovic

BEST IN HEALTH: Walumba Elders Centre in Australia by Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects

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A model who uses social media for good explains what the viral 19-year-old got wrong about the internet


Jessica Grossman is one of the many social media personalities hitting back at Essena O'Neill, the 19-year-old Instagram model who went viral after quitting social media and pronouncing it "fake."

Grossman — a Toronto-based digital marketer, actress, and model — runs a website called Uncover Ostomy. The goal of the site is to raise awareness for people with ostomies, and to fight the stigma associated with having an ostomy bag.

She told INSIDER that it would be impossible for her to get her message out without social media.

"I'm trying to spread awareness about something that's not very widely known, and some people find very gross and off-putting," she said. "Social media has been the way I'm trying to spread that message."

Grossman said that O'Neill calling all social media "fake" is an over-generalization that ignores people who use these platforms for good.

"Every day I get someone who's like, 'I'm so glad I found your site. I'm so glad you're showing you can have a life after an ostomy surgery,'" she said.

Earlier this week, O'Neill — who had accumulated half a million followers on Instagram — deleted thousands of photos, vowed to quit social media, and re-captioned several Instagram pictures with the truth behind how they were made. After posting a 17-minute YouTube video in which she called social media stars like herself "fake," and said her "perfect life" made her "miserable," other online personalities came out to disagree vehemently.

While Grossman sympathizes with some of what O'Neill is saying, she says the Australian model should step away from the computer for a while and assess what she really wants out of her campaign.

"If she really wanted to quit social media, she should be off the internet," Grossman said. " Get off it. Cleanse yourself. Take a vacation. Maybe go somewhere where you don't have Wifi."

O'Neill has since deleted her Instagram and YouTube accounts, but still runs a site called LetsBeGameChangers.com and posts videos on Vimeo.

Story by Tony Manfred and editing by Ben Nigh

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13 surprising foods you didn't know contained gluten



Many people believe that cutting out gluten, the protein found in wheat, is helping them feel like their healthiest selves.

But while research suggests the vast majority of people don't need to avoid gluten, for people with celiac disease, an autoimmune disorder in which gluten damages the small intestine, a gluten-free diet is necessary to avoid some very nasty symptoms.

Going gluten-free means, yes, avoiding breads and other wheat-based products, but there are a number of other foods one wouldn't expect to contain gluten that could have it.

Here are 13 foods you should avoid if you have celiac:

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Ice cream

Many brands and flavors of ice cream are already gluten-free, but some may contain wheat ingredients like wheat starch, malt, and some artificial colors and flavors.

Check the ingredients carefully before you buy, and absolutely avoid flavors like chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies and cream, and cake batter.


Not all oats are created equal, and not all oats are gluten-free. The biggest problem when it comes to oats, or oatmeal, is contamination, which can happen in the field (if oats and wheat are grown side-by-side) or during processing (if the oats are processed on equipment that also processes wheat).

Look for oats with a certified gluten-free label, and beware of molasses- and brown sugar-flavored varieties, which can sometimes contain wheat-bearing caramel coloring.

Soy sauce

As the name implies, soy sauce is made with soybeans that are steamed, fermented and aged, often with the addition of wheat for aroma and a bit of sweetness.

When shopping for soy sauce, opt for labels that specifically say gluten-free.

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People from 24 different countries around the world share the view outside their window


Bolivia windowEvery city has its own unique character, thanks to its landscape and the lifestyle of the people who live there.

Somfy, a tech company that creates home automation systems, asked people from countries around the world to share the view from outside their windows. 

A set of fascinating stories came with each photo, giving a captivating view of what everyday life is like for people around the world.

We've put together a collection of images and stories that showcase the experience of 24 different individuals, from Janis, who is one of only a few residents of a small Latvian village, to Uros, who is mesmerized by Abu Dhabi's nighttime skyline.

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"I'm on the 26th floor of a 50 story building — not too high and not too low: just right ... From here I can look over the whole city. My window faces east and every morning I feel like I'm looking at the best scenery ever, and it's never going to be any better than this. But then the night comes, and the view just pulls you in with a million colors and its New York-like soul. Sometimes I feel like I have a huge virtual reality screen and the scenery is changing just for me." — Uros


"My view makes me feel connected to a bustling, lively city, even though I live in the suburbs. I love that I can see the modern buildings that make up Bangkok as well as the cranes that are busily erecting the future iconic buildings of the city. At night, the lights twinkle and it's beautiful ... I've only been living here for 2 months, but I can see that it won't be long before I have new buildings to look up [at] and enchant me with their twinkling lights." — Gavin


"During spring and summer, the green of the trees breaks up the uniform pattern of the concrete apartment blocks. From 6 a.m. - 8 a.m. time slows down, there's little traffic, and the cool morning breeze goes perfectly with a fresh cup of coffee. This view represents my childhood, home, and love — my girlfriend lives right across the street. Usually the evening is the best time to enjoy the view, especially during June when the Linden trees are in full bloom. The smell is incredible and it sweeps over the whole neighborhood." — Cristian

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The mansion from 'Scarface' just sold for about a third of its original $35 million ask



The mansion prominently featured in the 1983 film "Scarface" is not actually in Miami but in Montecito, California, 90 miles west of Los Angeles.

For a year, the mansion sat unsold at a sky-high asking price of $35 million. Its price was then cut in half, to $17.8 million, in May of this year.

Finally, the Mediterranean mansion has found a buyer in Pradeep Yohanne Gupta, CEO of private Houston-based investment bank IQ Holdings.

He paid only $12.26 million for the estate and hopes to use the house as his West Coast residence, according to the Wall Stret Journal.

Listing agent Robert Riskin told the Journal that the original ask was "overpriced," and that the actual sales price accurately "reflects [the mansion's] value." The home was previously owned by Russian billionaire Sergey Grishin. 

The 10,000-square-foot mansion is just as beautiful as you remember from the "Scarface" movie. It was recently renovated and includes four bedrooms and nine bathrooms surrounded by Persian gardens and a wild number of fountains.

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Surprise! The mansion used as a set for Tony Montana's abode isn't actually in Miami.

Instead, it's a sprawling, 10-acre edifice in Montecito, California, about 90 miles west of Los Angeles.

The mansion, named El Fureidis, was built in 1906.

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There's a woman you can hire in New York City to be your 'mom' for $40 an hour


6C3328F9 AE9F 4520 A121 777C46E1BE73

New York City is not the most forgiving of places, with its egregious rent prices, competitive job market, and overall density.

Sometimes after a day in the city, all you need is a bit of good old-fashioned motherly advice — or simply, mom-time.

For those not lucky enough to be a subway ride away from home, 63-year-old Nina Keneally — a Bushwick-based mom of two grown sons, and founder of NeedAMom— will provide just that, for $40 an hour.

"It's an evolving process of what the business is really going to be," Keneally tells Business Insider, but she's quick to clarify that it will not translate into cleaning your bathroom or doing your laundry: "As any mother says, I'm not your maid."

She'll do just about everything else, from tweaking your résumé and keeping you company at your doctor's appointment, to simply listening to you over a cup of coffee. "I'm not going to cook for you, but I'll go to the supermarket with you and talk you through making your first big meal," she explains.

The idea for NeedAMom emerged as she met more and more young people in her millennial-filled Brooklyn neighborhood, Bushwick, where she and her husband moved to from Connecticut two years ago.

"I started to interact with young people in yoga, and met a lot of neighbors just walking my dog," she says. "After a while, they started talking to me about things that were going on in their lives. They approached me in a vaguely maternal way. It looked like there was room for someone to be a personal mentor for these people — as opposed to a professional mentor — and just offer them some hard-earned wisdom and perspective."

CarSelfie.JPGHer wisdom and perspective officially became a business in late October. The fee is $40 an hour, but new clients pay $30 for their first session.

While the company is still very much in its nascent stage, Keneally's already been asked when she's going to franchise it — others have asked if they can work for her.

"I need to take it a step at a time and make sure it's a sound idea," she explains. "And if this works in New York City and I decide to expand it, I would need to make sure I have a sound business plan and advisory team on hand."

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10 non-traditional nachos that are worth traveling for


potato chip nachos

Though Mexican by birth, nachos are a beloved American classic.

Salty, savory, cheesy, crunchy — the Monday Night Football staple has everything we want in a guilty pleasure.

Thanks to the rise of gastropubs and fusion cuisine, chefs around the country are putting new spins on the requisite beef-bean-cheese nacho trinity. 

In honor of National Nachos Day (Nov. 6), keep scrolling to check out 10 non-traditional nachos that are worth traveling for. 

Barbecue nachos at Twisted Spoke (Chicago, IL)

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px

Twisted Spoke is a "family biker bar" that specializes in gluttonous American favorites. Chief among them is this massive plate of nachos, made with freshly fried chips, pulled pork, homemade barbecue sauce, smoked gouda, and fried onions.  

Click here for more on Twisted Spoke >>

Crispy pork nachos at Cantina Leña (Seattle, WA)

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Three-time James Beard award-winning chef Tom Douglas opened Cantina Leña in late 2014. Devoted to the "rustic cooking of Mexico," the restaurant house-grinds its masa with volcanic stones. For his nachos, Douglas replaces the usual chili con carne with crispy pork carnitas, complemented by green chiles, pickled onions, and silky queso fundido.  

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Live nachos at Blossoming Lotus (Portland, OR)

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We know what you're thinking, Raw nachos from an organic vegan restaurant? But how great would it be to eat a big plate of nachos and not feel like a bloated dead animal afterward? You could eat two orders of these "rawchos" and still feel light as a feather. The seed- and nut-based chips are topped with raw vegan "cheese" sauce, pecan chorizo, cashew sour cream, avocado, red onion, tomato, scallion, cilantro, and a squirt of lime. 

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Nobody on the internet can figure out what this mystery machine is — can you?


City of MesaA machine has been found in a field in Arizona, and nobody seems to be able to tell what it actually does.

The 1000-pound machine was discovered by road workers in September, and brought back to the Mesa, Arizona transportation department, according to Atlas Obscura. The department tried for weeks to identify what it is, but they weren’t able to, and are now asking the public for help.

Here are some clues:

  1. It is made of solid steel.
  2. It has metal tags that say, “Set bottom of scale to top punch entry,” “Upper punch penetration,” and, Tablet thickness."
  3. It has wheels with numbers engraved in them.
  4. It appears to be custom made.

Some people have guessed that it's part of a tablet press used for manufacturing drugs (pills) or a progressive printing press, the transportation department told Business Insider. Those are still just guesses, however, and the transportation department is working to verify those claims.

Here are photos of the machine:


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The Walmart heir everyone believed was one of the richest women in America is actually poorer than people thought


Christy WaltonUntil last month, Christy Walton, Walmart heir John T. Walton’s widow, was regarded as the richest woman in America.

In fact, Christy’s fortune is $27 billion less than widely believed, according to Bloomberg.

When John T. Walton died, it was assumed he passed his fortune on to his widow. Instead, recently unsealed court documents reveal he gave half of his then-$17 billion to charitable trusts and a third to his only child, Lukas Walton.

That leaves 17% to Christy. As a result, the estimated value of her fortune has dropped to about $5 billion from $32 billion.

While Christy’s position amongst the richest of the rich drops with the news, the rank of her son, Lukas, has shot up. Now, he is the 103rd-richest person in the world, worth about $11 billion, and, according to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, as much as $25 billion if certain trusts are included.

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