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Gorgeous photos give an inside look at the sprawling $145 million Scientology headquarters in Florida


church of scientology grand atriumThe Flag Building, which is located in Clearwater, Florida, was opened to the public in 2013 and serves as the spiritual headquarters of Scientology. 

The massive seven-story building is reported to have cost up to $145 million to build, and it took around 15 years to construct. 

Also known as the "Super Power" building, it is said to be the only place where the Super Power program — the program that was first advanced by church founder L. Ron Hubbard — is conducted. 

Though previous renderings and plans about its construction were made available to the public, the following images showcase various rooms that lie within the building, from its many auditing rooms to a Purification Center.

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The 337,000-square-foot Flag Building is located in Clearwater, Florida, and was unveiled in 2013 after 15 years of construction. Also known as the "Super Power" building, the seven-story property is reported to have cost around $145 million to build.

 Source: ABC, The Guardian

Inside, the building is covered in Italian travertine, in keeping with the architectural tradition of cathedrals.

Just beyond the reception is the Grand Atrium, which rises three stories and covers the same length as an entire city block.

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Michael Jordan is trying really hard to sell his outrageous Chicago mansion


michael jordan house gate

Michael Jordan's lavish 56,000-square-foot compound has sat on the market for nearly three years. And it seems the basketball superstar and his real-estate agents have had enough.

Price cuts have not helped. It was listed in 2012 with a selling a price of nearly $29 million and is now down to roughly half that: $14.855 million. It had previously been available at auction twice, but no one picked it up.

The new strategy is a massive promo campaign with a glitzy website and Hollywood-style commercials for the property. The marketing materials include references to its famous owner, suggesting that the property is just as legendary as Jordan himself.

Only time will tell if the renewed campaign will move the needle on interest for the nine-bedroom property, which is in the affluent Chicago suburb of Highland Park, Illinois.

Kofi Nartey at The Agency Real Estate is the latest realtor to get the listing.

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The view from above tips you off to how massive this property is. It measures a total of 56,000 square feet.

The famous 23 — Jordan's most famous playing number — welcomes visitors. The numbers in the listing price ($14.855 million) also add up to 23.

Built in 1995, the mansion's exterior looks a bit dated.

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28 things everyone should do in Spain



Spain is known for its unique architecture, beautiful coastal beaches, and fresh seafood, among other things.

In fact, the country has so much to offer that it can be overwhelming for visitors to choose what to do and see. It's impossible to hit all of the country's highlights in a single visit.

Keep scrolling for a list of must-sees all over the country, from the aqueduct of Segovia to the Mosque of Cordoba.

Did we miss your favorite spot in Spain? Let us know in the comments.

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Wander the rooms of Granada's Alhambra, a fortified palace with gorgeous gardens and opulent Muslim-influenced architecture. Be sure to plan ahead if you choose to visit; tickets to the Alhambra must be purchased in advance.

Dance the night away at one of Ibiza's famous clubs. The Balearic Island is also a great place for some quality beach time since it sits right on the Mediterranean.

Marvel at the brightly colored mosaics of Barcelona's Park Güell, a public park that includes gardens and unique architecture designed by Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi.

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These are the only 3 hair products men should use


If you don't know your gels from your pomades, you're not alone. 

The world of men's hair product is daunting, but don't be afraid. We've distilled it down to three basic categories that should suit any kind of hair.

No matter what kind of hair you have, at least one of these products is bound to tame your mane and make it look great.

1. Hair Wax (a.k.a. Putty, Clay, Glue, Molding Creme, or Styling Paste)

hairwaxFor guys with straight or wavy hair, wax is the perfect product to use on a daily basis. It makes hair look effortlessly styled with a medium hold and the lowest shine of all hair products.

Another benefit comes from the heaps of texture it adds to all types of hair. It's good for a "messy look" that actually doesn't look messy at all.

Though it comes in many variations, most are made with different waxes like beeswax. They're also water soluble and will easily wash out of your hair. 

American Crew Fiber is the tried-and-true hair wax favorite, but others like Uppercut's Matt Clay have been well reviewed. Other good choices include proprietary brands made by popular barber shop chains like Blind Barber and Fellow Barber.

2. Pomade

pomadePomades are hair wax's classic cousin. They combine a lot of hold with a lot of shine and are the best product to use for a slicked-back pompadour look or "Mad Men"-style side part. Again, pomades work best for men with straight or wavy hair, especially if it's on the long side.

The shiny finish and superior hold of pomades are what really separates them from hair waxes. Pomades are ideal for hair styles that don't need a lot of movement since they can sometimes feel waxy or greasy to the touch.

All of our favorite hair wax brands also make very suitable pomades, including American Crew, Blind Barber, Uppercut, and Fellow Barber. Uppercut also makes an extra-strength pomade, called Monster Hold.

3. Styling Cream

stylingcreamWhile hair wax and pomades can be similar, styling cream is a different beast altogether. Instead of a waxy solid like our first two products, styling cream is more of a thick liquid and is suitable for curly-haired men. It offers a light shine with no hold at all, and it takes care of the frizz and unruliness in your hair.

In short, styling cream will leave your hair manageable without drying it out.

For styling cream brands, you can't go wrong. Moroccanoil has gained a lot of popularity recently for taking good care of both men's and woman's hair, but men's-focused creams like the Fellow Barber's Styling Cream and Malin + Goetz's sage styling cream are also excellent choices. Finally, Bumble and Bumble makes another good unisex alternative.

Which one should you use?

For most hair types, hair wax is your best bet to get your 'do to do what you want it to. The matte finish provides the perfect texture and weight without making your hair greasy or unpleasant to the touch.

It's also easy to maintain throughout the day, with just a quick brush or swoop to fix it up, and washes out easily and cleanly. It's our pick for daily hair product.

Daniel Radcliffe Hair product

If you're looking for shine, however, the traditional pomade is your best bet. And if you just want to get your hair's frizz under control and make your hair more manageable (without any hold), styling cream is your stuff.

As for hair products that were previously in vogue — like gel and mousse — don't bother. These products are best left remembered as fads in their respective heydays.

A final word of warning: Watch out for the labels on hair products. Heavier pomades are starting to contain waxes such as beeswax when they traditionally didn't, and sometimes hair waxes are being labeled incorrectly as "pomades," a term that has become a synonym for "men's hair product."

When in doubt, just read the description and make sure the product delivers the high hold and low shine (matte finish) of a hair wax. 

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This is the only jacket a man needs for fall

10 of the most stunning images in the running for National Geographic's Photo Contest



The 2015 National Geographic Photography Contest is currently under way, and there have certainly been some gorgeous submissions so far.  

The committee will be accepting entries until November 16. Photos are being judged in three different categories: people, places, and nature.

The grand-prize-winning image will be published in the magazine. The photographer will receive $10,000 and a trip to the National Geographic headquarters in Washington, DC to participate in the annual National Geographic Photography Seminar.

Below are some of our favorite submissions so far.

Captions by the photographers themselves, edited by Jack Sommer.

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In Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, you'll find 4.5 million of these baby blue flowers. The best season to see them is usually from the end of April to the first week of May.

Bangladeshis sleep on the roof of a moving train as they rush home to their respective villages to be with their families, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Here's a view of a storm moving through the Horsehoe Bend, which neighbors the Grand Canyon by just a few miles.

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How we ranked the top 20 college campuses in America


Business Insider recently released a list of the top college campuses based on a compilation of several rankings from The Princeton Review's 2016 Best Colleges rankings.

In order to determine the lists that were included in our ranking, we looked for categories that would show a campus' architecture, facilities, and services in a positive light. 

Here are the rankings we compiled for our list: 

  • Best College Library

  • Great Financial Aid

  • Best Career Services

  • Best Health Services

  • Best Campus Food

  • Best College Dorms

  • Most Beautiful Campus

  • Easiest Campus to Get Around

  • Best Quality of Life

  • Town-Gown Relations are Great

  • College City Gets High Marks

The Princeton Review publishes the top-20 campuses for each of those 11 categories. We gave schools between 0 and 1 point if they were included in the top 20 for each ranking, with a higher position on The Princeton Review ranking earning a higher score. So, for each of the sub-rankings, schools appearing in the top 20 received between 0.05 points (20th best) and 1 point (first in ranking).

For example, Penn State had the 20th best college library, earning it 0.05, or 1/20, points; the fourth best career services, earning 0.85, or 17/20 points; and the third best health services, earning 0.9, or 18/20, points. Adding those up, Penn State had a composite score of 1.8, which was the 16th highest among the schools. 

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Going out-shirts and other things men should stop wearing immediately


Each item on this list has no place in an adult male's wardrobe. Some of these pieces have simply outstayed their welcome, others have been and always will be fashion abominations.

Produced by Jacqui Frank. Original Reporting by Linette Lopez. Graphics by Mike Nudelman.

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This map shows the top Halloween candy in every state


As Halloween night approaches, there is one factor that definitively affects what sweets trick-or-treaters will be receiving: location. 

A recent survey by product reviews platform Influenster polled more than 40,000 users across the US to discover each state's favorite candy. Coming in No. 1 for 2015 is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, which swept the popular vote with the most respondents selecting the treat as their favorite Halloween candy. 

While peanut butter cups dominated in states such as Rhode Island, the US proved to be far from united in its favorite candies. Candy corn came in the top slot in Texas and Oregon, while Life Savers won in California. 

Check out the map to see if you agree with your state's candy preferences, or if you'll be searching for less popular sweets in your area this Halloween.  

Influenster Halloween Candy Map

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The life of the tallest man who ever lived is utterly fascinating


robert wadlow

The world's tallest man was 3 feet tall as a toddler, could carry his father at age 9, and stretched to a fantastic height of 8 feet 11 inches.

This is the incredible life of Robert Wadlow, whose hands measured a foot long and whose arms spanned 9 feet 5 inches.

Robert Pershing Wadlow was born February 22, 1918, and weighed a healthy 8 pounds 6 ounces. Soon after his birth, he began to grow at an astounding rate. In this photo, 6-month-old Wadlow weighed 30 pounds, about twice the normal weight for his age.

Source: YouTube/Top Trending

As a kindergartner, 5-year-old Wadlow wore clothes intended for a 17-year-old. Three years later, Wadlow towered at a height of 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighed nearly 200 pounds. Here's Wadlow's height and weight plotted alongside the CDC's growth chart for healthy males aged 2 to 20 years old.

By the time he was 10 years old, Wadlow weighed 210 pounds, was more than 6 feet tall, and wore a size 17.5 shoe.

Source: YouTube/Top Trending

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Munchery just launched a new way to cook — and I gave it a try


Munchery meal kit

Unlike transportation, in which Uber has emerged as king of its class, food delivery startups still number in the dozens.

There's GrubHub, DoorDash, Postmates, and Caviar fighting over delivering food from restaurants to your door. There's another class of food startups that want to replace your take-out options with their own healthy twist (see Sprig and Maple).

Then there's the last category: startups that send boxes of food to customers so they can cook it themselves. This is ruled by $2 billion company, Blue Apron, while still being challenged by up-and-comers like Plated and HelloFresh.

In the first move of its kind, one startup has evolved to position itself in two categories. Starting Tuesday in San Francisco, ready-to-eat specialist Munchery is launching a new ready-to-cook meal kit on-demand.

Before its launch, Munchery gave Business Insider a test of its new Ready-to-Cook kits. While I initially wanted to nickname them 'Lunchables for adults,' the Munchery meal kits surprised me in the quality you can cook in 15 minutes or less. The best part was being back in the kitchen and trying something new and outside of my comfort zone.

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This is what creating a Munchery meal kit is supposed to look like — if only we all had granite countertops and six burner stoves. Instead, my challenge was to see what it would be like for the below-average home cook to try out Munchery's new meal kits.

My kitchen is below-average to match my cooking skills. I have a gas stove, and no countertops other than the IKEA butcher blocks that I've installed in my kitchen. Without much cooking experience or a work space worthy of a professional chef, here's what it's like to try Munchery's meal kits.

The best thing about Munchery's meal kit is the delivery. At 5:30, a Munchery delivery person shows up at my office to give me an advance preview of the kit. It does need to be refrigerated, so I stick it in my work fridge until I head home. Since I live in an apartment where things would get stolen from the front steps in a heart beat, I haven't had a chance to try Blue Apron or Plated. Having an in-person delivery at my convenience is the best option for me.

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25 photos that show why New York City's Plaza Hotel is so legendary


plaza hotel entranceNew York City's Plaza Hotel has been one of the world's most iconic accommodations since its opening in 1907.

Situated at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Central Park South, its prime location is only one factor contributing to the hotel's rise as a premier destination for celebrities, writers, and leaders.

Some of history's wildest parties and most memorable events have taken place inside, and today it remains as opulent as ever.

We've put together a collection of photos that showcase how the hotel became so legendary, as well as what guests can expect to find at the breathtaking space today.

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The Plaza Hotel was the dream of financier Bernhard Reinecke, hotelier Fred Sterry, and Harry S. Black. The three purchased a 15-year-old hotel of the same name on the site (the original Plaza hotel that ran from 1890 to around 1905) and replaced it with the hotel we know today.

It officially opened its doors to the public on October 1, 1907 and quickly caught attention thanks to its location at Fifth Avenue and Central Park South, which was one of New York's most fashionable residential areas at the time.

Construction of the 19-story hotel took two years and cost $12 million, which was an unprecedented sum in those days.

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The birthplace of Halloween isn't where you'd expect


Samhain offerings

Many think that Halloween is descended from Día de los Muertos, a three-day festival honoring the dead that's celebrated in Mexico, Latin America, and Spain. 

But the real birthplace of Halloween is Ireland, where an ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain has been celebrated for over 2,000 years, according to History.com.

What is Samhain? 

For the Celts, November 1 marked the end of harvest season and the start of a new year. The night before, October 31, is when they believed the spirits of the dead would return.

To celebrate Samhain, Celtics walked around in masks to avoid looking like the roaming ghosts. When they returned home, they placed food and wine in front of their doors to keep the spirits away. 

According to the American Folklife Center, they lit bonfires to honor the dead and gathered to sacrifice animals, fruits, and vegetables. Celtic priests known as Druids would predict the future, as they believed it was easier to do when the spirits were near.


How Samhain led to Halloween

During the eighth century, the Christian church wanted to change the Celts' religious practice and tried replacing Samhain with All Saints' Day, also known as All Hallows. October 31 then became All Hallows' Eve.

In 1000 A.D., after the rebranding attempt had failed, Christians deemed November 2 All Souls' Day to celebrate the dead. But once again, the beliefs and traditions of Samhain lived on. People celebrated All Souls much like they celebrated All Hallows — with costumes, bonfires, and parades. Eventually All Hallows became Halloween, most notably in America during the mid 1800s, when Irish immigrants flooded in with their holiday traditions in tow. 

Halloween games and traditions, explained 

Today, we've replaced the wine and food at our doorsteps with bowls of candy. Carved pumpkins recall the vegetable sacrifices of the Celts. 

When the Roman Empire ruled the Celtic land, the Roman festival honoring Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit, was incorporated into Samhain celebrations. An apple is the symbol Pomona, which explains why we bob for apples

As for trick-or-treating, young people in Scotland and Ireland had a tradition called "guising" during the medieval period. They would dress up and go door-to-door offering to sing, tell a joke, or perform a trick for a treat, which ranged from fruit and nuts to coins. 

halloween candy

Halloween in Ireland today

Halloween in Ireland is similar to Halloween in the United States. Children dress up and go trick-or-treating, bob for apples, and play ding-dong-ditch.

People also share in bonfires and barnbrack, a traditional fruitcake eaten on Halloween. The cake is baked with either a ring, coin, or piece of a rag inside; the ring predicts marriage, the coin signals a prosperous year, and the rag means financial troubles are in your future. 

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This guy used a frequent-flyer loophole to take a $60,000 trip in a first-class suite on Emirates — here's what it was like


DSC00761.JPGIf you're looking to fly in style, it doesn’t get much better than a first-class suite aboard the iconic Emirates airline.

Travel blogger Sam Huang recently cashed in his Alaska Airlines frequent-flyer miles for a $60,000 trip around the world, and luckily he took plenty of pictures documenting what it was like.

"Unlimited Dom Perignon, wild caviar, and a shower spa while flying 40,000 feet in the air — it's no wonder the Emirates First Class Suite is consistently named one of the best airline seats in the world," Huang writes over at his travel blog, TopMiles.

Huang's trip spanned 11 cities, seven countries, and five continents, and he managed to pay only $300 for the journey — in addition to cashing in his frequent-flyer miles — by taking advantage of a clever loophole when booking the trip. After checking with the airline, Business Insider can confirm that the booking was legitimate.

From getting to skip the boarding line and enter the plane through a private entrance, to fancy suites featuring automatic doors, shower access, and a seemingly endless supply of food and drinks, this is what it's like (in Huang's own words) to take a trip of a lifetime.

My heart was pounding but I tried to keep a straight face. The check-in agent typed something into his computer and picked up the phone. In my head I kept on thinking, "This is it. I'm not going to pull this off." All of a sudden he put the phone down and smiled. A few seconds later, my ticket to Melbourne was issued and handed to me. I finally got my golden ticket, and was about to begin the greatest flying experience of my life.

I've flown on other airlines' First Class seats before, but there's something about the Emirates First Class Suites that just screams decadence. The VIP treatment started the moment I stepped into the Melbourne airport. I headed straight to the Emirates First Class check-in counter, which was completely empty. Meanwhile, there was a sea of people in the Economy counter.

I walked into the Qantas First Class lounge. The agent scanned my ticket, looked at me, and said "Welcome, Mr. Huang" with a big Australian smile.

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We tried the healthiest thing you can order at In-N-Out Burger


In-N-Out may not be known for its health food options, but we found one item that will work for those counting calories.

If you're looking to live a carb-free life, here's the perfect "Protein Style" burger on In-N-Out's secret menu. It's only 240 calories, and tastes surprisingly good.

Story and production by Aly Weisman, editing by Stephen Parkhurst.

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These are the healthiest fast food menu items in America

16 photos of Moscow's beautiful Metro stations, built as propaganda during the time of Stalin


Untitled 8 Moscow Metro, 2015Joseph Stalin rose to power as the leader of the Soviet Union in the second half of the 1920s. As the population quickly rose, it was essential the country address its lack of adequate public transportation. 

An underground system was built in less than three years, launching with 13 stations in the spring of 1935. On its first day, nearly 300,000 Soviet citizens hopped aboard the new transportation service.

But the Metro system was itself a form of Communist propaganda — photos of Stalin were hung inside the stations, which were brightly lit environments that people looked up to, just as they metaphorically looked up to Stalin above ground. 

The Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, but some nine million Russian people go through the Metro's 200 stations each day. It's already among the busiest systems in Europe, but it's still expanding and aims to be the world's largest by 2020.

David Burdeny photographed Moscow's Metro stations over the course of two weeks. He spent a year trying to get access to document the stations between midnight and 6 a.m., when the trains were not running and the stations were empty.

"When you take the activity out of the space, you really begin to experience that space as a whole," Burdeny told Business Insider. "The colors, materials and proportions are easier to digest without the din of activity."

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Currently, there are around 200 Metro stations spread out across 12 lines in Moscow. Burdeny picked 30 that he felt were the most visually interesting or historically significant.

It wasn't easy for Burdeny, especially as a foreigner. (He's Canadian.) He spent over a year struggling to get permission through Russian bureaucratic channels. After he saw the stations featured on an episode of the British TV show "Top Gear," he reached out to the producers, who were able to connect him to the right people.

Eventually, he worked out an arrangement where he could rent out stations by the hour over the course of two weeks.

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VOTE NOW: What are the best business schools in the world?


harvard business school graduation

A business school is only as good as the quality of the students who graduate from the institution.

For Business Insider's sixth annual list of the world's best business schools, we're conducting a survey to determine which business schools produce the graduates with the best reputation — the most savvy, hirable MBAs around.

Last year Harvard University took the No. 1 spot as the best business school in the world, but this year it could be anyone's game.

Take our survey below to cast your vote, and check back in a few weeks for the final results.

LAST YEAR'S LIST: The world's 50 best business schools

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The 30 colleges with the best dorms


Florida Gulf Coast University student in dorm

For students going off to college, their dorms become their home away from home — sometimes for four or more years. So it's important to many students to make sure that their college dorms are pleasant places to live.

School-rankings website Niche created a list of the best college dorms through a combination of student surveys about the quality of the dorms, the cost of housing at each school, housing capacity, and student-housing crime rates. We included quotes from some of the students surveyed by Niche who noted what they love about on-campus housing.

Scroll to see the colleges with the best dorms.

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30. Bryn Mawr College (Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania)

"Dorms are absolutely superb at Bryn Mawr," noted one student at the all-girls' school. "Even the smallest dorms are more roomy than average dorms at most colleges. In the average dorm, a student will have a walk-in closet either to themselves or with a roommate, a fireplace, and a window seat. Heating is excellent, and each dorm is clean and well-kept. All dorms are right on campus except for one. This year, my furthest class has been a five-minute walk from my dorm."

Room and board: $13,860

29. University of Mobile (Mobile, Alabama)

"The housing at the University of Mobile is very nice and fairly new," said a U of Mobile student. "It is rather expensive, mainly because it is a private school, but it is very spacious and clean. They provide us with laundry rooms and toilet tissue."

Room and board: $8,830

28. University of Scranton (Scranton, Pennsylvania)

"The dorms are cleaned every week and taken care of," said one student. "Although expensive, it is completely worth it to live on campus."

"Though on-campus living is expensive, it really is nice," said another student. "Once you are a junior or senior, you have the chance to live in gorgeous new apartments that are also taken care of by housekeeping. Basically, we are spoiled."

Room and board: $13,186

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9 unusual items banned around the world


A combination of politics, culture, religion, and, at times, health concerns has led to the ban of certain items in countries around the world.

While some bans are more expected, others that prohibit the use of everyday items like baby walkers and mannequin displays might surprise you.

We've put together nine shocking items that have been banned in different countries around the world, from blue jeans in North Korea to masquerade masks in Saudi Arabia.

BI_Graphic_9 Unusual Banned Items Around the World

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