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The new Seamless is so awful it made me commit a cardinal social sin while ordering pizza



Seamless's new update is so bad, it made me accidentally charge food to my ex's dad's credit card.

The food-ordering platform recently upgraded its website and app. This "site refresh" was supposed to further simplify things.

But many users are complaining that their order histories and credit card information was disappearing or getting mixed up. The bad reviews were practically unanimous.

And I found out the hard way that they were right.

Recently, I ordered a pizza using the new Seamless. While the site changes were a bit disorienting, I managed to place my order without any major hiccups ... or so I thought. 

After my order was confirmed, I realized my credit card had not been charged. I checked my account and discovered that my large cheese pie had been charged not to my regular credit card.

To my horror, the order had been charged to an ex's credit card number, saved from a take-out order from months earlier. 


pizza cheese


And to make matters even worse, the credit card actually belonged to my ex's father.

He immediately called my former paramour to ask about my rogue pizza order. He thought my ex was trying to get him to buy dinner. 

Luckily, he was a good sport about the mistake and I actually got a free pizza out of the deal. 

I've since deleted the card from my account, but I'm still keeping a close eye on my Seamless orders for any future glitches.

I'm not the only who's had trouble with the new site.

Searching for a specific restaurant is difficult since the update, Gawker noted, and many Twitter users are also grumbling about the inconvenient changes. 




Even if you wanted to learn how to use the new Seamless, you're out of luck. The "FAQ" link currently leads to a 404 error. 




Until these issues are sorted out, some users are reverting to more traditional take-out ordering methods. 

Assuming you can remember how to dial a phone number in the post-Seamless world. 



We reached out to Seamless to get their take on the situation, but they did not immediately respond.

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The 15 most expensive houses for sale in America


935 Hillsboro Mile Hillsboro Beach, FLWhen it comes to the most expensive homes in the US, there are only a handful of cities in the game. And behind each lavish listing is a rich and famous homeowner like Demi Moore, Tommy Hilfiger, or Steve Cohen. 

Using data from Zillow and StreetEasy, part of Zillow Group, the largest real estate network on the web, we've narrowed in on America's 15 most expensive listings. As expected, the third most expensive real estate market in the world, New York City, makes a strong showing, but not strong enough to scoop the top spot — which is reserved for an idyllic, 1930s estate in the Hamptons. 

Keep scrolling to see the gorgeous homes and find out who's selling them. 

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15. 145-146 Central Park West #PH26C, New York, New York

Price: $75 million

The penthouse of the San Remo, one of Manhattan's most celebrity-filled buildings, sits atop one of the building's distinctive twin towers. The listing notes that Penthouse 26c is a triplex, rising high over Central Park's green expanses. Owner Demi Moore listed the property earlier this year.

See the listing for more photos and information

14. 10 West Street PH, New York, New York

Price: $75 million

At the height of The Ritz-Carlton Battery Park, this duplex penthouse at 10 West Street looks down on the neighboring Financial District. The listing is actually for two penthouses (one at 7,500 square feet and one at 3,600 square feet) being sold as one. According to the listing they can be "seamlessly" combined.

See the listing for more photos and information

13. 1 Central Park South #1809, New York, New York

Price: $75 million

The Dome Penthouse at The Plaza Hotel is rarely offered for sale. The duplex has fantastic views of Central Park and 24-hour "luxury white glove" service (read: valet, maid, and food service) courtesy of the hotel. Recently featured in the book "Living in Style New York," fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger re-listed the property in May after it failed to sell a year ago.

See the listing for more photos and information

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This GIF shows a map of the US re-drawn based on property values


Screen Shot 2015 07 14 at 3.02.55 PM

Although all Americans are equal, the land we live on is not. Of the 3.8 million square miles that comprise the United States, some parcels of land are more coveted than others.

For instance, the five New York state counties of New York, Nassau, Kings, Queens, and Westchester cover a mere 0.026% of the total land area in America but account for 5.1% of the total residential property value, according to the Economist.

Metrocosm, a real estate data blog, estimates that roughly half of the total property value in America comes from five states: California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Pennsylvania respectively.

To visualize just how concentrated property values are in America, Metrocosm created a cartogram, or a map that resizes each state in America based on which ones have the greatest residential property value, which is also a reflection of the most populous places in America. 

property values

An even more striking way to view this disparity in property values is by making a cartogram that substitutes county land area with residential property value, which Metrocosm did in the GIF below:

map property values usa

Finally, here is another cartogram that shows the disparity in residential property values in neighborhoods in Manhattan as well as the other four boroughs:

Screen Shot 2015 07 14 at 3.00.42 PM

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Take a tour of the $66.5 million private jet that everyone is waiting for


At the National Business Aviation Association in June, the line to catch a glimpse of the new Gulfstream G650ER private jet was the largest of the conference. The "ER" stands for the updated "extended range" version of the luxurious G650. This highly anticipated $66.5 million aircraft is capable of flying nine-tenths the speed of sound and  already has generated a waiting list winding into 2017.

Produced by Justin Gmoser and Benjamin Zhang

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Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff is selling his Seattle home for $1.3 million


zillow spencer rascoff house

Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff knows a thing or two about selling a home. 

In "Zillow Talk: The New Rules of Real Estate," Rascoff and Zillow's Chief Economist Stan Humphries share tips they've acquired after a decade of marketing and selling homes on their site. 

You should never use the word "unique" in a listing, for example, but you should always try to end your price with "900." 

According to Curbed, Rascoff is now selling his own home in Seattle, a 3,470-square-foot home in the Madison Park neighborhood. It's on the market for $1.295 million. 

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Rascoff's home was built in 1994, and he's rented it out for the last five years.

In his book, Rascoff says the spring is the best time to put your home on the market.

He's listing his now, however, because of renovation work that needed to be done before the house could be sold.

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A new train tour through North Korea promises a whole different view of the country


North Korea train with conductors

North Korea is notoriously secretive, and even those few people who have visited this enigma of a country have barely been beyond the capital of Pyongyang.

However, British-run, Beijing-based tour company Koryo Tours is hoping to change that with their 11-day train tour of the country. The "Eastern Adventure by Rail" tour promises rare glimpses of North Korea's lesser known spots.

The tour has been years in the making as North Korea wouldn't sanction train tours until recently — foreigners were previously only allowed to ride the country's international train service.

North Korea view from trainWhile the tour's website says that it's open to US citizens, realistically, getting a visa won't be easy as North Korea's tourism is tightly controlled. Regardless, the US Department of State strongly suggests that US citizens do not travel to North Korea at this time.

However, Koryo assures visitors that the country is safe for Americans, and that they've been doing this for 22 years without a single incident. They also claim that this trip will allow visitors to be "among the first foreigners to experience the spectacular scenery between the capital and the remote North-East Coast [sic]."North Korean village

Passengers will traverse the country in a vintage 1970s locomotive that's equipped with a dining car. It will take visitors from Pyongyang to the industrial city of Chongjin (also known as the City of Iron).

The train will also make stops at Mount Myohyang — aka the Mountain of Mysterious Fragrance  — remote towns like Sinpho and Kimchaek, larger cities like Hamhung and the coastal city of Wonsan, and pass by secluded farms and isolated beaches.

Lobe man on beach in North Korea

The trip itself will be tightly controlled, as those on it won't be able to go anywhere without a guide, take photos as they please, or criticize the North Korean Government. On the upside, Koryo helpfully advises that North Koreans won't try and brainwash you, but that in return you should also not try to "'liberate' their minds."

North Korean woman in uniform

Furthermore, unlike other nationalities taking the tour (it's open to anyone but South Koreans), American citizens will have to pay a surcharge in order to leave the tour by plane, as North Korea still has a policy in place that restricts them from entering and leaving the country by train (from China for example).

North Korea view from train with bike

The 11-day tour, which will take place in October, costs $3,165.

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The world's most iconic toy store is shutting its doors today


FAO Schwarz

The iconic toy store FAO Schwarz is closing its flagship store in Manhattan today, July 15, Bloomberg has reported.

Throughout the years, the 153-year-old store has become embedded in popular culture.

FAO Schwarz was founded by German immigrant Frederick August Otto Schwarz.

His first store launched in 1862 in Baltimore, and it was called Toy Bazaar.

He relocated to New York City in 1870, where he opened another store, which, according to FAO's history, was called "Schwarz Brothers - Importers."

By 1876, popularity surged and he opened another store.

FAO Schwarz also launched one of the first ever mail-order retail catalogs.

By 1900, the store changed its name to FAO Schwarz.

It was the ultimate toy store with top-notch and larger-than-life toys — where even Nintendo premiered its Nintendo Entertainment System, as Mental Floss noted.

The store inhabited several locations throughout New York City, but the store that people know, love, and are saying goodbye to moved to its famous flagship location in 1986, according toBloomberg.

Most famously, the store was featured in the 1988 movie "Big," when Tom Hanks danced upon the famous large floor piano while playing "Heart and Soul."

Right Start Inc. purchased FAO Schwarz in 2002, reported the The Wall Street Journal, changing the company's name to FAO, Inc. along with the acquisition.

fao schwarzBut hard times were about to fall upon the retailer — FAO filed for bankruptcy twice shortly after the acquisition.

"F. A. O. Schwarz has been considered the gold standard in toy retailing, but faced increasing competition from discounters," reported The New York Times right after the first announcement of bankruptcy, in January 2003.

It filed for bankruptcy again later that year, and the flagship store went so far to shut its doors, according to The Times.

fao schwarz closing 2003The store reopened in late 2004, thanks to investment firm D.E. Shaw & Co, who purchased the store, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The famous New York City flagship store reopened on Thanksgiving that year. The New York Times noted the store underwent a massive redesign, too.

fao schwarz reopening 2004FAO Schwarz has been known for its outrageous toy collection.

The store is also known for its over-the-top displays and actors who perform as characters.

fao schwarz reopening in 2004The store is also known for being an attraction during the holidays. According to Mental Floss, FAO is responsible for the tradition of having an in-store Santa Claus.

fao schwarzThe store was bought by Toys 'R Us in 2009.

"This was probably one of the only ways to save FAO Schwarz," toy-industry analyst Chris Byrne told Crain's New York that year. “It solidifies Toys ‘R’ Us as the leading specialty toy retailer in the nation, and it adds a jewel in their crown — they’ll get more specialty brands."

In May 2015, Bloomberg reported FAO would shut down its flagship location, citing high rents as a major source of trouble.

The piano still exists, and people have continued to dance upon it.

FAO SchwarzAccording to Bloomberg, the store is looking to relocate and is even considering a location on the West Side of Manhattan. And in the meantime, Bloomberg notes that people can purchase FAO-specific toys online.

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One of America's most exclusive islands has an unsavory secret



Nantucket, the 50-square-mile island known for lighthouses, quaint boutiques, idyllic beaches, and ritzy summer homes, has a dark secret.

Located 30 miles south of Massachusetts, the island has not escaped the opiate problem of the mainland. In fact, the community's heroin problem is worse than ever.

“Heroin is more prevalent than a few years ago,” Nantucket police Lt. Jerry Adams told island-based newspaper The Inquirer and Mirror. In the past week, three island residents died of suspected overdoses, according to the paper. 

The heroin problem on Nantucket has been bubbling since the late '90s. As the vacation island's population rises in the summer, so, too, does the prevalence of opiates.

"If you go certain places there are lots of needles around [during the summer],” Dr. Tim Lepore, a surgeon at the island’s only hospital, told WBUR, the Boston affiliate of NPR.

The heroin surge is a byproduct of Nantucket's prescription-opiate-pill problem: Young residents get addicted to painkillers like Oxycontin and eventually turn to heroin, which is less expensive. But dealers can reportedly sell their product for "double — sometimes triple — what they make selling heroin on the mainland," according to WBUR.

Indeed, it's the island's wealth and isolation that may have exacerbated its heroin problem. In 2014, there were 1,000 opioid deaths in Massachusetts, and since 2012, the number of opioid deaths has risen by 33%, according to a state report.

Since it's more difficult to get help with addiction on the island, and there's no residential rehab facility or detox center, the problem often goes untreated until it's too late.

Nantucket police have stepped up measures to combat the problem, with SWAT raids uncovering multiple grams or more of the controlled substance.

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Reactions to Harper Lee's new novel are 'charitable at best, scathing at worst'


Harper Lee's new book

New York (AFP) - Harper Lee's second novel flew out of stores Tuesday in one of the most eagerly anticipated book releases in modern publishing history and half a century after her masterpiece "To Kill a Mockingbird" hit the shelves.

In Lee's hometown of Monroeville in Alabama, where the 89-year-old lives in strict privacy at a nursing home, queues stretched out of bookshop doors to snap up copies of "Go Set a Watchman," and some stores in the United States and London opened at midnight for the occasion.

The Ol' Curiosities & Book Shoppe in Monroeville, which is selling special editions with embossed title pages, laid on a 12:00 am launch party before reopening their doors to brisk morning trade.

"We have so much going on right now and so many customers, we've got people out the door," said one woman who answered the telephone, too busy to give more details.

Bookshops courting die-hard Lee fans celebrated the big moment by laying on readings, talks and "Mockingbird" film screenings.

Lee's only previous novel is considered a 20th Century classic that defined racial injustice in the Depression-era South of the United States and became standard reading in classrooms across the world.

Published in 1960, "To Kill a Mockingbird" was translated into more than 40 languages and adapted into an Oscar-winning film starring Gregory Peck.

The literary world was upended when HarperCollins announced in February that it was publishing a second novel, seemingly discovered from Lee's safe-deposit box in still-unclear circumstances.

Lee wrote the manuscript in the late 1950s, but her then-editor suggested she recast the book from the childhood perspective of Scout, which in turn became "Mockingbird."

Troubling confusion

Pre-orders turned "Watchman" into an overnight number one bestseller at online retailer Amazon, and publisher HarperCollins has ordered a first print run of two million copies.

But many Lee fans have been hurt, embarrassed and even angered that Scout's adored father Atticus has turned into a bigot, a fall from grace for one of America's most loved literary heroes.

In New York, relatively few took advantage of the special 7:00 am opening time at Barnes and Noble's flagship store on Fifth Avenue.

Mekdad Muthana, a 25-year-old Yemeni student living and working in the United States, said he was passionate about books and originally read "Mockingbird" in high school.

"I would do anything to support writers and great books like this one so I decided to be here early," he said. "It's a part of the history of this country -- racism, segregation."

Mikayla Webber, 20, from Tennessee, said "Mockingbird" is her favorite book and dismissed the poor reviews about its sequel.

"I think that it will still be really good, one of those you have to re-read over and over," she told AFP. "I hope she will release another one, that would be awesome."

Reviews have been charitable at best, scathing at worst.

While some critics emphasize the merit in plotting Lee's development as a writer, others, such as National Public Radio, dismissed it as a "troubling confusion of a novel."

'Wonderful bits'

Diane Roberts, an English professor at Florida State University who specializes in Southern culture, told AFP that "Watchman" is nowhere near as polished as "Mockingbird," but still has "wonderful bits."

"Atticus Finch turns out to be a product of his time," she said, adding the latest book reflected Lee's anger toward 1950s bigotry.

"Its responding to what's happening in the civil rights movement. This was terrifying to people in the South, even to good white people in the South, progressive white people," she said.

"I can just feel millions of libraries go, 'oh boy how do we explain this one to the kids'." 

Some fans have been left hoping there may also be a third book, as hinted by Lee's lawyer in the Wall Street Journal on Monday.

Rumors have also refused to die that Lee, who suffered a stroke and is hard of hearing, may have been manipulated into releasing the book.

Friends and acquittances insist she is still a woman who knows her own mind.

Mary McDonagh Murphy, a filmmaker whose program about Lee aired recently on PBS, told AFP that they had briefly communicated by writing down notes when they met last month. 

"Don't be silly, of course I did," Murphy quoted Lee as saying when asked if she ever thought she would see "Watchman" published.  

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This app lets you do Weight Watchers without paying for it — and I can't believe how good it is


weight loss scale tattoo obesity diet

Weight Watchers is one of the most popular diet programs on the planet.

You input your weight, height, and age information along with your goals and a few other things. When you're done, you get a plan to help you reach your desired weight safely. The idea is that you get an allotment of daily "points" to consume along with flexible weekly points. If you stay inside the guidelines, you are supposed to lose weight.

It's very popular, and it's also $19.95 per month. That can be pretty steep for some folks looking to lose weight. And it costs more if you want to go to their meetings as well.

This is why an app in the iOS App Store called "iTrackBites" is gaining so much popularity (also available for Android but the app is much worse).

I've been using this app for a few months after years using Weight Watchers, and I can say quite plainly that it does nearly everything the official app does. And it's just a one-time cost rather than monthly. It's even built on what seems to be the Weight Watchers plan, complete with "Daily Points," "Weekly Points," "Activity Points," and many other features. 

Weight Watchers assigns point values to different foods based on their nutritional information. These same values are used in iTrackBites.

We reached out to Weight Watchers to ask them if they had any comment on the app. They told us that they had no comment at this time.

It's $3.99 in the App Store with additional features inside you can pay for that are not necessary. You may end up shelling out around $10, but when you consider that a Weight Watchers base membership is $19.95 per month, it's a bargain.

Here's how it works.

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First, a look at the official Weight Watchers app on iOS, as a point of reference.

And here's how the main screen of iTrackBites looks.

Here's a breakdown of the main screen. As you can probably tell, it's very similar to the official Weight Watchers app.

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Poshtels are the hot new trend in the travel industry — here's what they are


Freehand Miami

The idea of staying at a hostel brings to mind cramped wire-frame bunk beds, shared bathrooms, and a general lack of amenities.

But a new kind of hostel is on the rise and it's far from a no-frills backpacker haven.

It's called a poshtel — a combination of posh and hostel — and it's bringing together two concepts that most travelers wouldn't likely use together: luxury and hostel.

Most poshtels offer guests the option of staying in shared rooms or private rooms with ensuite bathrooms. Some even have penthouse suites.

Amenities range from free wi-fi to complimentary breakfast, as well as pools, restaurants and bars, gyms, and rooftops with a view.

The poshtel has been referred to by many as one of the defining travel trends of this year, partly because the accommodations are starting to spread from Europe to America.

Most recently, the Freehand just opened in Chicago, a sister hostel to the Freehand in Miami, which first opened in 2012.

Chicago's Freehand fits right into the young, vibrant neighborhood of River North where it's located, an area full of trendy restaurants, bars, lounges, and clubs. The interior — designed in part by Roman and Williams — is full of mahogany mixed with Native American prints and totem poles, printed wallpaper, and tiled walls which give the hostel a retro but cozy feel. The rooms are more minimalistic but still feature rich colors.

Freehand Chicago

The Miami Freehand evokes a much more beachy vibe, but still feels just as welcoming. It also offers bocce ball courts, a tropical courtyard, an outdoor swimming pool, and ping pong tables. Both Freehand locations include the Broken Shaker bar — the Miami location's was a James Beard Award semi-finalist and made it onto last year's list of the World's 50 Best Bars. The Chicago location has a coffee shop too (Cafe Integral).

Shared rooms at the Freehand in Chicago start at $35 per night; at the Miami location they start at closer to $30 per night. Private rooms are a good bit more expensive. In Miami a solo room starts at around $125 per night, in Chicago they run closer to $200 per night.

Broken Shaker

That's part of the appeal of the poshtel; it's a place where budget travelers go not only to sleep but also to experience the culture of the city they're in. Like so many travel trends right now, poshtels are meant to be as local as possible, complete with artwork from local artists, and a design aesthetic that reflects their location.

While a poshtel is comparable to a small, independently-owned hotel, what separates the two is the fact that poshtels offer shared rooms, lower prices, and more add ons — think apparel and toiletries that guests can purchase and cafes and restaurants that are part of the hostel.

The trend originally started in Europe, where stylish but affordable poshtels have been popping up for years.

Generator is one of Europe's better known poshtel brands, with hostel locations in Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, London, Paris, Rome, and Venice.

Generator Hostel Venice

The brand has plans to open six more locations in Europe in the next three years, in other popular tourist spots such as Amsterdam.

Lonely Planet recently named Generator's Paris location one of the best poshtels in the world. No wonder, considering the hostel has a rooftop terrace overlooking Montmartre and Sacré-Coeur, an underground disco meant to look like one of the city's Metro stations, a French restaurant, and an interior decorated with pieces from local flea markets.

Generator Hostel Paris

At first glance it's easy to think that poshtels would be geared specifically towards millennials traveling on a budget. But the numbers show otherwise. According to MediaPost, Generator reported that 15-20% of its guests are older than 30, while that percentage is 35-40% for European hostel chain Christopher Inns. Half of Hosteling International USA's (a nonprofit that operates youth hostels) American members are over 25, and 10% are over 55.

Rates at the Generator in Paris are similar to rates at the Freehand. A shared room is close to $38 per night; a double room is $56.

And if you're wondering how poshtels manage to make any money with such low rates, it's because accommodations isn't the only item they're selling. The hostels rely not only on food and beverage sales from their bars and restaurants, but also on the sales of other merchandise, such as toiletries, apparel, and locks that guests can use to secure their belongings in shared rooms. 

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23 vintage photos from the glory days of aviation


BOAC Cabin service 2

Although flying today is cheaper, safer, and faster than it's ever been, it's becoming an increasingly unpleasant experience as airlines cram more passengers into planes, causing overcrowding and delays.

It's enough to make travelers wish for the golden age of aviation. 

We found vintage photos from 1946 to 1970, sourced from Iberia, KLM, Delta, British Airways and Air France, that show just how glamorous flying used to be.

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We're grateful that smoking is no longer permitted on planes, but we can't deny this guy's got style.

With today's lie-flat beds in first and business class, not all that much has changed since 1949 on a KLM flight.

Seats on Delta have definitely shrunk since 1959.

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One of Miami's most spectacular mansions can be yours for a discounted $55 million


Miami most expensive home La Brisa for $65 million

One of Miami's finest mansions is having a tough time selling.

The historical estate, known as La Brisa, hit the market in October 2014 for $65 million, making it the most expensive home for sale in Miami-Dade County at the time.

Now, after nearly a year on the market, the owners have discounted the home to $55 million, The Real Deal Miami reports.

The Coconut Grove home has a 13,800-square-foot residence and two-bedroom guest house on 6.9 acres of land.

The nine-bedroom residence also has picturesque views of Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, over 3,000 square feet of outdoor living space, a pool, a spa, and a private port that can accommodate a 70-foot yacht.

The mansion, whose current owner is unknown, has been owned in the past by Kirk Munroe, an author of children’s novels and books about Florida, and Henry Field, a grand-nephew of the founder of the Marshall Field’s department store chain.

William P.D. Pierce with Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate’s Miami Beach office has the listing.

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Welcome to La Brisa, Miami's now available for a discounted $55 million.

The home is in the heart of Coconut Grove, aka “the original Miami."

It sits on 6.9 acres of meticulously landscaped property.

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People are going nuts for this inflatable pool swan — and its creators are making a killing


Thanks to the Hamptons society set and pop singer Taylor Swift, a pool raft company that creates floating swans is experiencing its highest sales ever. 

The trend started in the Hamptons a couple of summers ago. First everyone and their society-party-throwing mother had to have an inflatable swan, and now it's all about the pizza, donut, and watermelon rafts 

Beyond the Hamptons, whimsical inflatables didn't really start to "blow up" until this June, when Taylor Swift and boyfriend Calvin Harris posted this picture on Instagram.  


The singer received over one million favorites on the photo within a single day.

Other stars like Emmy Rossum and Kaley Cuoco have also gotten Insta-friendly with the floating swans. To boot, posting a photo with an inflatable swan or flamingo or slice of pizza has become a must-check item on the summer bucketlists of college kids and pool partiers from Montauk to Orange County. 

Kieran Glackin, the national sales manager at Swimline— the Edgewood, New York-based creator of the swan inflatables first popularized in the Hamptons — told the New York Daily News that "sales are the highest they've ever been."


Glackin said the company has sold 40,000 swans — which are available at retailers like Urban Outfitters for $55 — this year alone.  

Los Angeles-based FUNBOY, a company specializing in "luxury inflatable pool floats," saw the opportunity and launched its collection of $89 floats, including a black swan, white swan (currently sold-out), pegasus, flamingo, and (wait for it...) a $125 limited-edition golden swan.  


Food novelties and various animal rafts are this summer's new additions. There's even a hashtag, #LuxInflatables, being used by
Guest of a Guest Hamptons and its ilk.  




Search #pool on Instagram (because
you can do that now) and you'll find oversize inflatables scattered about prominently.


From California...


...to Florida...


...these floats are everywhere. Even dogs are the living the #LuxInflatables life.  



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The big problem with seersucker is that guys have been wearing it all wrong


Seersucker is a fabric that's talked about every year around this time. It's touted as the solution to summer's dreadful heat, especially in the south.

The first thing you need to know about seersucker is that it's a fabric, not a color pattern. It's characterized by its puckered texture and is made of 100% cotton, which creates a striped, slightly rumpled look.

Here's the problem: No one knows how to wear seersucker suits without looking like a salesman from 1923. When worn as a full suit, the tight stripes and bold colors can look garish.

Check out this photo of a bunch of US politicians wearing seersucker jackets and pants (the wrong way) for National Seersucker Day.


How much play do you think these suits get on a monthly basis, apart from this venerated national holiday? Probably not much, as it's literally being worn as a costume for a holiday that's basically summer's version of Halloween.

But there is a better way to wear this summer staple. Instead of wearing the full suit, wear only one part of it. A suit separate or a pop of seersucker in an accessory can give you that relaxed summer vibe while steering clear of a wardrobe anachronism.

The seersucker pants might look good on their own with a navy polo, while a seersucker blazer could be paired with navy or tan chinos for a preppy summer style. Seersucker blazers in particular are useful for both men and women in settings where a jacket is required.


A few other tips for wearing seersucker, as pointed out by the men's style blog Art of Manliness:

  • Fit is critically important for a modern seersucker outfit. If it's too baggy, the soft, unstructured material will look more like a costume. But don't make it too trim — a tight fit clashes with the relaxed, rumpled vibe.
  • Stripes are the hallmark of the seersucker suit. Fatter ones are more traditional, while skinnier stripes are more modern and look slightly less preppy. Slim stripes can even fade into a solid color, depending on the angle and distance they're viewed from.

One thing you're not going to be able to avoid while wearing seersucker is the association with prep style. If you want to avoid that, you'll sadly need to ditch the seersucker altogether.

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One of Miami's most spectacular mansions can be yours for a discounted $55 million


Miami most expensive home La Brisa for $65 million

One of Miami's finest mansions is having a tough time selling.

The historical estate, known as La Brisa, hit the market in October 2014 for $65 million, making it the most expensive home for sale in Miami-Dade County at the time.

Now, after nearly a year on the market, the owners have discounted the home to $55 million, The Real Deal Miami reports.

The Coconut Grove home has a 13,800-square-foot residence and two-bedroom guest house on 6.9 acres of land.

The nine-bedroom residence also has picturesque views of Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, over 3,000 square feet of outdoor living space, a pool, a spa, and a private port that can accommodate a 70-foot yacht.

The mansion, whose current owner is unknown, has been owned in the past by Kirk Munroe, an author of children’s novels and books about Florida, and Henry Field, a grand-nephew of the founder of the Marshall Field’s department store chain.

William P.D. Pierce with Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate’s Miami Beach office has the listing.

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Welcome to La Brisa, Miami's new most expensive mansion at $65 million.

The home is in the heart of Coconut Grove, aka “the original Miami."

It sits on 6.9 acres of meticulously landscaped property.

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Manhattan’s 10 most expensive condo towers had more than $2.7 billion in sales last year


one57 from the skyManhattan’s 10 highest-grossing high-rise condominiums racked up total sales of more than $2.7 billion over the past year, according to a new ranking by The Real Deal.

Leading the pack was Extell Development’s One57, which sold product worth a total of $1.1 billion in the one-year period ending June 2015.

That’s $700 million more than its next closest competitor.

One57’s perch atop the rankings comes as no surprise, given that a single penthouse there sold to a mystery buyer in January for $100.5 million, the priciest apartment sale in New York City history.

In total, 36 units were sold in the skyscraper over the past 12 months. The tower is the subject of a new report from the Independent Budget Office that looks at its 421a abatements.

Tribeca Associates and Starwood Capital Group’s Baccarat Hotel and Residences, which did total sales of $302.7 million across 32 apartments, came in second on The Real Deal’s ranking of top-selling condo high-rises. The luxury building launched sales in March 2013 and is now over 75 percent sold, according to Kelly Kennedy Mack, president of Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group, which is handling sales.

Screen Shot 2015 07 15 at 3.50.51 PM

 The Baccarat “has earned its place among New York’s most coveted ultra-luxury properties,” Mack said. “There’s been an incredible amount of global attention on the opening of the hotel, but the real excitement for the real estate community is taking place on the floors above.”

In April, a four-bedroom apartment in the building closed for $19.8 million. The building’s duplex penthouse is listed for $60 million.

Ranking third for the year was Related Cos. and HFZ Capital Group’s One Madison, the CetraRuddy-designed tower on the south side of Madison Square Park. The building, which launched sales in 2013, sold 34 units totaling $210 million in the last year.

One Madison Park

At this point, one sponsor unit remains, and the closings in the past year were a mix of sponsor sales and resales, according to Tim Crowley, director of new development at CORE Marketing, the firm handling sponsor sales. Earlier this year, Rupert Murdoch listed his triplex penthouse there for $72 million, though he plans to keep a smaller apartment in the building. He bought the pair for $57.3 million in February 2014.

Crowley said One Madison sold out at a healthy rate, remarking that “at no point did it feel like it was selling slowly or feel like it was absolutely flying off the shelves.” The tower’s height and its corresponding lofty views helped it stand out in a mostly mid-rise neighborhood and helped sales, he said.

Of the vast gap between One57 and other high-rises in terms of dollar sales volume, Crowley said apartments in Extell’s building tend to be much larger on average.

“I would be absolutely floored if their total dollar was not a result of the aggregate square footage that makes up,” he said.

Fourth in the ranking was Zeckendorf Development’s limestone classic, 15 Central Park West, with $194.3 million in resales across just 14 units.

Taking fifth place was Macklowe Properties and CIM Group’s 737 Park Avenue, an Upper East Side prewar conversion that after numerous legal battles, launched sales in 2013. The building saw $192.6 million in sales across 18 units — a combination of resales and sponsor sales. Earlier this year, the penthouse sold for $32 million.

Total sales volume for all high-rise — defined as being 10 stories or more — condo buildings in Manhattan was $12.4 billion.

In June, The Real Deal reported on concerns over dwindling demand for uber-luxury New York City condos.

Adam Pincus contributed reporting. 

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200 people floated to work on inner tubes at this insane Colorado event


tube to work day

If you're looking to change up your morning commute, try hopping in the nearest river. 

On Tuesday, Boulder, Colorado hosted its eighth annual "Tube To Work Day," 9 News reported

Participants brought inner tubes and floated down Boulder Creek to their respective day jobs.

Sporting business attire, many of the participants gave new meaning to the word "wetsuit."

With 200 people joining in the fun, Tuesday's tubers shattered last year's record of 40 participants, Daily Camera noted

Thanks to Instagram, you can check out the event without ever getting your feet wet. 

Here's a closeup look at Tube to Work Day. 

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Dress code is important on Tube to Work Day.

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


Despite the chilly temperature, this squad was all smiles before their commute.

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


If Tube to Work Day had a "best dressed" award, we're sure this guy would be a top contender.

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


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A former Google engineer sold his gorgeous Brooklyn mansion for $12.4 million (GOOG)


google engineer house

In what ended up being a record for Brooklyn's Park Slope neighborhood, former Google and Square engineer Peter Mattis has sold his six-bedroom home overlooking Prospect Park. 

The home was previously listed for $14 million but eventually sold for $12.4 million in March, property records that were first spotted by the Real Deal show. 

The new owners of the Mattis home are disguised under a private entity called Goodie Yags, LLC. 

The Mattis family purchased the 6,865-square-foot townhouse from actors Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany in 2008. They paid $8.45 million for the home and spent years completing an extensive renovation of its interiors.  

Mattis was working as a software engineer at Google at the time, but he found that the company's neighborhood in Manhattan wasn't a great place to raise a family.

"I hear people complain about the strollers in Park Slope," he told the New York Times in 2009. "But try taking a stroller out in SoHo. SoHo is not exactly family-friendly." 

After Google, Mattis went on to a software engineer job at Square. He's currently the VP of engineering at Cockroach Labs.

Mattis also cofounded photo-messaging company Viewfinder and is known for his work on the GNU Image Manipulation Program. 

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The 6,865-square-foot home was built in 1899. The exterior, which has been extensively restored by the Mattis family, features large arched windows and a direct view onto Prospect Park.

Many of the details inside, like the mahogany Corinthian columns seen here, are originals.

The Mattis family did an extensive renovation of the home's interiors shortly after buying it in 2008.

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