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Uber has been banned in East Hampton, and people are freaking out


uber hamptons

Uber has been forced to quit operating in East Hampton, New York.

The ride-hailing app had been trying to reach a compromise with town officials, who recently enacted a mandate that requires all taxi drivers to have a physical address in the town.

Uber has been operating in the Hamptons since 2012.

According to 27east, the new mandate applies only to users calling an Uber within the East Hampton city limits.

People can still hail an Uber from another city and be driven to East Hampton.

Late Friday morning, Uber sent this note in an email to riders registered in East Hampton:

Today, the East Hampton Town supervisor is banning Uber. New rules would require every single Uber driver-partner to have an office in East Hampton to continue to hold their license, which is impossible for our partners. As a result, riders like you will be unable to get reliable, safe rides in any part of East Hampton out to Montauk—effective immediately. We need your help to bring Uber back. Make your voice heard and contact Town Supervisor Cantwell today—tell him you need Uber in East Hampton.

Cantwell did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Between Uber and the rosé shortage, we're not sure how Hamptongoers will survive the summer.

The map below shows the areas where Uber users will not be able to hail a ride.

uber hamptons

Some people are freaking out over the thought of not having Uber this summer:

The Hamptons is a huge party scene, so many have questioned whether the town's mandate will affect neighborhood safety:

Uber provided this statement to Business Insider: "There is an unquestionable need and demand for Uber in the Hamptons because taxi service has been historically unreliable. For the last several summers, Uber obtained local licenses from the town of East Hampton so residents could get safe and reliable rides with the push of a button. Unfortunately the East Hampton Town Supervisor and Town Board have changed the rules, banning Uber from the town and denying their constituents access to our service."

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People in Japan and Taiwan are obsessed with shaving their dogs into furry shapes



It's a tradition in landscaping, but in pet stores? Dog owners in Japan and Taiwan are taking their canines to have their hair groomed into perfect cubes.

Yes, cubes.

It's adorable and geometrically pleasing, and though not yet wildly popular in America, the style has exploded on the internet, leaving dog lovers across the globe more than a little curious.

It's unclear exactly when the trend came about, but it was a huge hit at the Tokyo Dog Festival in 2012. You can see photos from the show below.

The trend, "came about because people were always looking for more impressive haircuts, and somebody came up with the idea of shaping the dog like a hedge," Tain Yeh — a hairdresser for dogs in Taipei — told the Daily Mail. 

It's not just dogs who are getting the square treatment — for over thirty years, the Japanese have been enjoying cube shaped Watermelon, which will run you about $100.

But dogs are different than fruit (we know; groundbreaking observation) and not all puppies can work the cube-face. According to Buzzfeed News, the haircut is only available for pups who have lots of hair around their face, like poodles or shih tzus. 

Check out these amazing pictures of dogs sporting the trendy hairdo.


If you're wondering where you can get your own dog a cube cut, Suzanna Grande, a pet groomer who specializes in "Asian-style grooming," would be happy to help you out, reports the Huffington Post. But the trend hasn't made it to Florida yet; Grande admits she hasn't received any requests at her Poodle Penthouse store in Tampa.

Olga Zabelinskaya is a New Jersey pet groomer and specialist in international grooming styles. The cube cut is "not practical," she told the Huffington Post, as it requires an inordinate among of product to maintain the rigid right angles.

What's more practical and less angular is the art of shaving a dog's hair into a circle. Zabelinskaya says the circle cut is "more subdued, and easier to maintain."

Check out this video from the Daily Mail where a dog is transformed into a circular masterpiece.


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Banning Uber in the Hamptons is a big fat safety hazard


uber hamptons

Taxi-hailing app Uber has been banned in "The Hamptons" by East Hampton's Supervisor. The ban is in effect from East Hampton to Montauk.

The ban is effective immediately.

So is my outrage.

Let me take you back to 2001.

That year, the year the Queen of New York City publicists, Lizzie Grubman — representative of everyone from Brittany Spears to Jay Z — lost her crown.

After leaving then nightlife hotspot Conscience Point Inn, Grubman got in a fight with the bouncers over a parking space. The shouting match ended with Grubman getting into her car, backing into a group of people, injuring 16 of them, and then driving away.

One year later she plead guilty to misdemeanor and felony charges surrounding the incident. She insisted she was not drunk.

Imagine if she was. A lot of people in the Hamptons are.

It's a party, after all.

Since the early 1990s the small villages on the eastern point of Long Island, known as The Hamptons, have become a summer play-place for New York City's privileged. During that time, though, the area never quite got the hang of a very New York City thing — the taxicab.

This is why getting rid of Uber's service in the hamlets is a huge mistake. 

As recently as 2012, any Hamptons-goer would tell you that the best thing for you to do, if you wanted to imbibe over the summer, would be to hire a driver. The taxi companies in the Hamptons were (and still are) generally local businesses that charge "citiots" (that's idiots from the city) what any New Yorker would perceive as exorbitant prices to travel the short distances between Amagansett and Water Mill, East Hampton, and Bridgehampton.

maidstone southamptonWhat's more, in terms of quality, you never knew what you were going to get from the cab services. Some cars smelled like cigarettes; some cars didn't. Some drivers were gruff; other drivers were more gruff. 

You get the picture.

Enter Uber. The company streamlined the cab-calling process and standardized quality. 

And now that's over everywhere east of Southampton (which is untouched by the ban, but also mostly occupied by people's grandparents).

uber hamptons map

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The most affordable small town in every state


Clear Lake, South DakotaCost of living makes a big difference when choosing where to move — and not all places were created equal. 

We found the most affordable small town in every state.

To do this we looked at towns with populations between 1,000 and 10,000 whose households spend no more than 30% of their annual income on housing costs. We looked at the average cost of three types of housing — owned houses with a mortgage, owned houses without a mortgage, and rentals — and took a weighted average of these by the proportion of each type of home in the town.

Click here to read more about our methodology.

ALABAMA: Fayetteville

93% of homes are affordable.

An hour south of Birmingham, Fayetteville is actually named after a town in Tennessee from which early residents migrated. Employing over 33% of residents, retail is the most popular industry here, followed by manufacturing, which employs 15% of residents. 


91.5% of homes are affordable.

Only 11 miles from the Denali National Park and Preserve, Healy offers several lodging and dining options for park visitors, creating a strong tourism industry in the town. However, more than tourism, coal mining in nearby Usibelli Coal Mine makes up most of Healy's livelihood. 

ARIZONA: Quartzsite

93.2% of homes are affordable.

Just 18 miles east of the Colorado River, Quartzsite is best known for its beautiful assortment of rocks and minerals— as evidenced by its name. On first glance it might not sound like the most exciting industry, but the town's gem trade entices thousands of visitors per year. There is even a two-month-long gem show that starts in January. 

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Why men's bracelets will never — and should never — catch on



Every so often, men's magazines and lifestyle publications try to convince America's men that they need to strap shiny pieces of metal, leather, or nylon to their wrist. And shell out hundreds of dollars for the privilege.

Mostly recently, Bloomberg Pursuit's  has laid out his do's and don'ts for making bracelets work for men.

Unfortunately, this entire idea of manly bracelets is folly. Bracelets can't ever work for today's man.

There are fundamental differences with the way men dress and the way menswear has evolved. Jewelry is frilly, shiny, and trivial, whereas most menswear is focused on durability, practicality, and muted colors.

No matter how much jewelry sellers wish they could sell gold, diamond, and nylon for insane markups to the masculine half of the population, that dream will never become reality. Jewelry can never be practical, it's rarely muted, and you'd have to pay a bundle for something durable.

Everything in menswear has — or had — a purpose. A watch is for telling time. Sunglasses are for eye protection. Cufflinks are for sealing your cuffs. Tie bars are for making your tie doesn't dip into anything when bending down. Wedding rings are symbolic (and are useful for warding off any unwanted flirting).

Bracelets just don't serve any purpose at all. There's no historical or practical reason to strap a shiny piece of metal or a colorful piece of nylon on your wrist. And at some of the prices of the bracelets Pulvirent suggests, you could get a very decent and useful watch to wear instead.

Bracelets are not creative. They're not useful. And above all, they give off the impression you're trying too hard to impress people. Leave them to the rock stars.

There is one exception here: The only reason why a man should wear a bracelet is his daughter, significant other, or mother gave it to him.

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11 New York rooftops where you can do more than just drink


hotel chantelle jazz brunch

In the summer, New York's rooftops make for the perfect place to grab an ice-cold drink and enjoy the sunshine. 

But there's more to New York's rooftops than just a place to drink outside. 

From outdoor art exhibits to mini-golf and yoga, here are 13 rooftops where you can do much more than just drink. 

Walk through art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art garden

met roof garden 1000 5th Ave #5

From early May through October, the Metropolitan Museum of Art opens its rooftop garden, cafe, and bar to the public. On weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and until 8:15 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, you can enjoy refreshing cocktails, panoramic views of Manhattan, tasty treats, and curated exhibits amidst lush greenery.

This year's exhibit will feature French artist, Pierre Huyghe, whose work will be a focus on civilization and its role on the natural world. The outdoor gallery will include a large aquatic system where you can view live manta rays, eels, shrimp, and other marine life while enjoying a cocktail.

Watch a rooftop film

rooftop films

Rooftop Films has been dedicated to showcasing independent movies across some of the city's most breathtaking locations for over 19 years. The company hosts screenings across beaches, parks, and most notably, rooftops. This year's 2015 Summer Series runs every weekend from May 29-August 22 with screenings at various times

There's a total of eight different venues, with four different rooftop locations: two of the rooftop screenings take place in the Industry City building at 220 36th Street in Brooklyn, and the other two screenings are in The Old American Can Factory at 232 Third St. in Brooklyn, and the Trilok Fusion Center for the Arts at 143 Waverly Ave. in Brooklyn. 

Films include everything from Sundance favorites to shorts, with most of them being either New York, America, or world premiers. The majority of screenings include a discussion session with the filmmaker. From documentaries, dramas, comedies, and animations, the outdoor showings offer the chance to watch a movie in an airy setting under the sunshine. 

Practice your yoga moves 

43rd Avenue, Long Island City

For the second year, the Z Hotel offers its Sunset Rooftop Yoga Series, where you can sign up to take weekly rooftop classes every other Monday from June through September.

Classes go from 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. with a reception afterwards including cocktails and hors-d’oeuvres until 9:30 p.m.

You’ll also find outdoor yoga every Thursday from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. at the James Hotel. Hosted by Serene Social, a monthly rooftop yoga series, classes are $25. 

Have an interactive brunch at Gallow Green 

gallow green

542 W 27th St

Located on top of the McKittrick Hotel, home to interactive show Sleep No More, is Gallow Green, the venue's rooftop bar and brunch restaurant. Besides offering eccentric drink choices like its Foreign Affair, a combination of Peruvian brandy, grapefruit, homemade almond milk, and blueberries, the bar offers an extension of the interactive experience with staff members who continue the act upstairs. 

You might find yourself being asked to assist the house botanist, Annabel, in her planting, or dance with the house band. Sometimes, you'll even be given a plant by Annabel to take home for yourself. Plus, you can eat modern American-style cuisine, like ricotta fritters and fried green tomatoes.

Go on a camping adventure with Bivouac New York

Bivouac New York is an outdoor urban rooftop campsite started as an art project by Brooklyn artist Thomas Stevenson.

There are six canvas tents that comfortably fit two people, but guests are only allowed to stay for one night. The installation doesn’t list an address, and you’ll have to get in touch with the artist via email to join the community and learn about upcoming dates, but the 15-hour adventure includes the opportunity to meet fellow newcomers and a communal dinner and breakfast. 

It’s free to attend, but each camper is asked to bring at least one item of food for the dinner. You won’t have access to internet, electricity, or a shower, but toilets are provided. 

The project typically takes place in late spring and early fall for a week each time. 

Listen to live jazz at Hotel Chantelle 

92 Ludlow Street

hotel chantelle jazz brunchHotel Chantelle hosts a live jazz brunch, where the catchy tunes usually lead to rooftop dancing every Saturday.

Munch on brunch classics like lobster benedict or a truffled grilled cheese while enjoying a great cocktail like the Easy Passage, made from an Acai berry vodka and sparkling wine. Brunch is every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.  

Swim at the McCarren Hotel & Pool 

The McCarren Hotel & Pool is home to New York City’s only saltwater pool. It’s also one of the largest pools in New York City, with 4,800 square feet of deck space. Starting May 15, the pool is open to both hotel guests and non-guests from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

For non-hotel guests, admission is $45 Monday through Thursday and $60 Friday though Sunday. For guests, admission prices are $30 Monday through Thursday and $40 Friday though Sunday with a limit of two guests per room. 

Admission include access to the pool, towel service, and complimentary Wi-Fi with daybeds offered on a first come first served basis. 

If you’re not a hotel guest, you’ll need to be over the age of 21 to enter, and reservations for parties of ten or more can be made through the hotel’s events department. The pool is typically open until the end of August or September, depending on weather conditions.

Farm at Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

eagle street rooftop farm203 Meserole Ave

Located on the shoreline of the East River, the Eagle Street Rooftop Farm is a 6,000-square-foot organic vegetable farm that sits on top of the warehouse rooftop of Broadway Stages. 

Besides offering an on-site market where you can purchase locally-grown fresh produce, the farm is open to the public on the last Sunday of the month between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. for viewing and farming. You can volunteer with the team and water, weed, and turn compost.

Listen to up-and-coming underground musicians at Subway Sets 

subway sets Subway Sets brings talented subway musicians to rooftop venues in New York City.

The concerts take place on rooftops across the city all week long; follow them on Twitter at @SubwaySets to see the schedule.

Tickets are typically around $18, with music varying from classical and drumming to bluegrass, indie, and jazz. 

Host a private BBQ at The Kitano 

66 Park Avenue at 38th Street

You can host a private BBQ with a trained chef who will grill meats, vegetables, and seafood choices for three hours at The Kitano hotel’s rooftop. The 1,400-square-foot penthouse has floor-to-ceiling glass doors that open onto the terrace with views of the Empire State, MetLife, and Chrysler buildings.

Grill options range from simple burgers and hot dogs to more elaborate seafood feasts with shrimp, little neck claims, and blue point oysters. Costs range from $85 to $115 per person, depending on the package, plus an additional fee for the chef and bartender.

Play mini-golf at Putt Putt Park

hudson hotel

356 West 58th Street

For one month in April, the Hudson Hotel offers Putt Putt Park, a mini-golf pop up on the rooftop where you can play a nine-hole game.

It's one of only two mini-golf courses in Manhattan, and you can enjoy the game while sampling some golf-inspired dishes, like the Masters Classic Pimento Cheese Sandwich and an old-fashioned Arnold Palmer. 

The mini-golf park runs from 2:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. daily in April and costs $10 per game.

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A 22-year-old took a 5-month trip through Southeast Asia without planning a thing

23 Father's Day gifts for the dad who has everything


Casker's father's day gift setWhile Mother's Day is the third-highest grossing retail holiday in the U.S., Father's Day can sometimes underwhelm.

We all know what to get our moms -- think jewelry and spa days -- but dads are notoriously tough to shop for, and too often relegated to ties, grills, and gift cards.

Your dad probably isn't expecting you to buy him a Jaguar, but why not aim higher than a card and a golf club this year?

Check out our list of gifts for the modern gentleman in every father.

For the father on the go – a trendy men's tote.

Whether he likes camping or if he travels for work,  a smart tote paired with sample-sized toiletries from Bespoke Post is a practical and novel gift for dads on the go.

Price:$55 without membership.

For the fashion-challenged father – an alternative to the Hawaiian tees and boring white socks.

Trunk Club pairs clients with stylists based on brand and aesthetic preferences to provide shirts, pants, outerwear and more. 

Change out his wardrobe and you might be able to change his questionable fashion sense. 

Trunks come in casual, business and formal sets.

Price:$100 and up.


For the golfer – a digital shot tracker.

Golf enthusiasts will enjoy this digital tracker from Game Golf. Tag your your clubs, and the machine will log the game and offers improvements.


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Check out Virgin Atlantic's swanky new clubhouse at LAX


Virgin Atlantic LAX Clubhouse Reception

Flying with Virgin Atlantic is always an experience.

And for their customers traveling in and out of Los Angeles International Airport, the airline recently launched a brand new clubhouse that will coddle and relax. 

“We’ve always been focused on offering services that are conducive to the lifestyle in Los Angeles, from being the first airline to offer limo service to launching the concepts of onboard bars and seat-back entertainment,” Virgin Atlantic North America senior vice president Chris Rossi said in a statement. 

According to Virgin Atlantic, the clubhouse is set up to evoke the beauty of Southern California, to which the British airline recently celebrated 25 years of service.

Located in Terminal 2, the new Virgin Atlantic lounge is part of a $4-million investment to improve passengers' pre-flight experiences.

With more than 4,000 square feet of space, the lounge offers fliers a spacious and comfortable place to unwind before or after a flight.

In addition to the views of LAX and its concourse ...

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Why it's better to be a tourist than a traveler

Here’s how pizza is served in 21 different locations around the world


banana curry pizza

One of the best parts about traveling the world is getting to try different culinary specialties, and it seems like nearly every country has their own version of pizza. 

However, it might not be the typical tomato sauce, cheese, and bread combo you recognize.

From traditional Margarita pizza from Naples to a sweet and spicy banana curry pizza in Sweden, here are 21 types of pizza you can find around the world. 

Pizza is taken so seriously in Naples, Italy, that there is an organization called that Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana that's devoted to upholding its authenticity. Rules specify that pizza should be no more than 2 millimeters thick and baked for 60-90 seconds in a a 485 °C stone oven with an oak-wood fire. Classic Neapolitan pies have a chewy crust and are usually topped with fresh artisanal ingredients, like tomato mozzarella, fresh basil, and garlic.



In Brazil, common pizza toppings include ham, cheese, corn, green peas, and hearts of palm.

In New Haven, Connecticut, pizza, or apizza, is cooked in an intensely hot brick oven to produce a more charred and crispy thin crust. These pizzas tend to include less cheese, and the “white clam pie” invented by Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria Napoletana, has become a staple with little neck clams smothered in olive oil, oregano, grated cheese, and chopped garlic.

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Kids show us the best way to take a selfie — and it's hilarious

Parents are flooding Instagram with photographs of their kids disconnected from technology

These beautiful Instagram photos by New York's Chief Digital Officer will make you want to move to NYC


Screen Shot 2015 06 05 at 5.43.17 PMRachel Haot is the Chief Digital Officer of New York.

But she’s also one of the best Instagram photographers when it comes to taking photos of the city.

Thousands of people already follow her to see some of the most beautiful NYC photos out there.

Honoring 9/11

News stand in New York

Stunning view from the sky

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15 fantastic beaches that are right outside of New York City

Boeing has patented a 'cuddle chair' that could revolutionize how we sleep on planes

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