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These are the world's most expensive countries to visit


Eiffel Tower Paris

Travel is expensive. Between flights, hotels, meals, transportation, and the barrage of tourist traps, it is hard to keep to a strict budget when traveling in a different country. 

However, it's even harder if you don't do your due diligence. 

In the recently published 2015 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness report, the World Economic Forum ranks 141 world economies based on the price competitiveness of each, or how cheap/expensive it is to travel in that country. This takes into account things like average cost of a flight to and from that area, average cost of hotel accommodations, cost of living, fuel prices, and purchasing power parity (PPP)*.

Knowing the costs of visiting an area can make all the difference between traveling sensibly and hitchhiking back to the airport.

Note: Hotel and gas conversions are based on the US dollar and information from the World Bank and are subject to change. PPP is relative to the country's home currency.

*An example of PPP: If the PPP in the United States is 1 and the PPP in Poland is .6, then a cup of coffee in Poland is 40% cheaper than it is in the US, relative to the Polish zloty. PPP is based on the GDP of each economy. 

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#21 Finland

Flying to Finland won't break the bank because it ranks 30th of 141 economies based on cheapest airfare. To stay in a first-class hotel it will cost you an average of $123.40 per night, making it the 39th cheapest. 

On the negative side, the PPP in Finland is 20% more expensive than the United States — ranking it at 134th. In addition, gas stands at a whopping $7.86 per gallon, ranking it 131st of 141.

#20 Ireland

Ireland ranks 79th of 141 economies in terms of plane ticket affordability, making it a middling destination for air travel. A first-class hotel costs about $126 per night, making it the 46th cheapest.

The PPP will hurt you, as goods and services cost 10% more in Ireland than they do in the US, which ranks 124th. Gas will run you $7.63 per gallon, ranking it 128th.

#19 Seychelles

Seychelles is an island nation in the Indian Ocean between Somalia and Madagascar. Airfare is not particularly cheap, as Seychelles ranks 89th of 141 in affordability of air travel. If you want to stay in a hotel in Seychelles, you can expect to pay an average of $374.70 per night, ranking it 101st of 102 economies for which data was available

The PPP in Seychelles is .6, which is 40% less than that of the United States, but still 84th on the overall rankings. Gas costs $5.62 per gallon (82nd). 


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This 600-horsepower Audi TT concept car is 1,000 miles from cute


Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept

When the TT sports coupe debuted 17 years ago, Audi quickly found itself in an awkward position. Although the first-generation model became a pop-culture sensation and a commercial success, the TT's popularity as an automotive fashion accessory made respect as a serious sports car hard to come by. 

Since then — with every succeeding generation — Audi has made the TT more aggressive and edgy. But its latest incarnation might just be the meanest in the history of the model — at least in concept. Called the Audi TT Clubsport Turbo, it's a full-on 600 horsepower fire-breathing monster.

It currently exists in pure Conceptlandia; Audi hasn't committed to building a production version, obviously. But it signals Audi's desire to finally rid the TT of its cute, fun reputation.

Nothing remains of the TT's adorable DNA. Instead, lurking deep within the Clubsport Turbo is the specter of Audi's all-conquering 90 Quattro IMSA GTO race cars of the late 1980s. 

Audi 90 Quattro IMSA

Like its racing predecessor, the TT Clubsport is powered by Audi's signature 2.5-liter, turbocharged 5-cylinder engine. Here, the power plant is planned to develop a massive 600 horsepower, theoretically capable of propelling the car to 62 mph in just 3.6 seconds. 

To make the horsepower available on demand, Audi installed an electric-powered turbocharger instead of a traditional exhaust-driven unit. This technology means you don't have to endure that annoying wait for turbo power, not uncommon in smaller turbocharged engines.

"The electric biturbo signifies a new dimension in driving enjoyment; it boosts sprinting ability and torque and enables high peak power,” Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Audi board member for technical development, said in a statement.

Audi TT Clubsport TurboThe Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept debuted this week in the Austrian town of Reifnitz at the 2015 Wörthersee Tour — an annual festival celebrating all things Volkswagen.

To be sure, the Clubsport is only a technology concept. But Audi says that many of the goodies found onboard are "close to production readiness."


Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept

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Rumor has it Beyonce and Jay Z bought this converted church in New Orleans


Beyonce and JayZ's foyer

Music's hottest couple is putting down roots in NOLA.

According to Zillow, rumor has it Beyoncé and Jay Z have purchased a converted church in the Garden District of New Orleans for $2.6 million.

First built in 1925 as a Presbyterian church, the 13,292-square-foot space was then converted into a ballet school before being converted to a single-family home with three 1,000 square foot apartments.

This purchase comes after the couple sold their Tribeca condo in New York City and made a very public move to Los Angeles.

It's clear Beyonce and Jay Z have great taste. The converted church has a distinctive exterior design, featuring wrought iron and dramatic window arches.

Up close, the beauty shows a bit of its age.

As you enter, you immediately experience a sense of space.

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Men on Reddit explain what they hate about other men — here are the 13 best responses


A Redditor recently asked his fellow male Reddit users what they hate about other men.

The thread (which we first saw on The Telegraph) quickly filled up with tons of answers, many of them including very strong opinions about men's room etiquette. There were also complaints about sports fans, loudmouth egomaniacs, and men who talked down to women.

Here are some of the best responses:

"I hate the guys who drink and try to fight everybody, including their own friends."

party drunk binge drinking shots alcohol


"When guys comment on girls facebook pics with idiotic crap like wow sexy, hey beautiful ;), and other things that reek of desperation."

Guy typing


"I hate the guys that are so judgmental about how attractive women look."

Cat Calling catcaller catcalling street harassment


"Men who constantly bash their entire gender to try and impress women with how different they are. If you're trying to be "not like other men" to get laid you are EXACTLY like other men."



"That a lot of them can grow a full beard without childish, visible patches."



"Dudes who can't fend for themselves when it comes to domestic duties. Learn how to cook a couple meals, clean a toilet, turn on a vacuum, and develop some other simple homemaking tendencies."

Family Dinner Father Children Cooking


"The importance we place on sexual conquest."

beer keg stand college frat


"I hate how the most confident guys are often the meanest. There are plenty of exceptions to this, but it happens too much."

mad as hell, angry, anger, mad, upset, livid, shouting, ows, occupy wall street, oct 2011, nyc, bi, dng


"Guys can't seriously talk about anything that bothers them. Holding everything in emotionally can be a pain."

rick pitino crying


"I hate that we aren't as up in arms about the difficulties facing boys and young men as women are about the difficulties facing girls and young women. I'm consistently impressed by all the women-driven efforts to extend opportunities and support to girls. I'd like to see men tend to their young ranks with equal zeal."

Father and Son


"If your relationship isn't working out, why are you advertising? Fix that shit, grow up, or move on."

Facebook Divorce


"Sports. Other men always assume I like sports."

chinese fans spectators beijing olympics sports


"The desire for more muscle. Disgusting."

body builder weightlighting strange sports photos 2013

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21 useful gifts for new grads under $50


invisible bookshelf

With graduation season rolling around, chances are high that someone you know is about to enter the real world. 

Sure, you can send a check, but why not pick out a gift that will be both practical and meaningful?

Here are 21 options that will honor this major milestone and help them get started in their new adult lives, without breaking your budget.

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Help them stay informed no matter where they go.

Today's graduates prefer to get their news online, so a digital subscription to the New York Times or Wall Street Journal is the perfect way to help them stay current with world events. They'll have full access to everything online, and easy access to the day's headlines through apps on their smartphones.

Price: New York Times, 99¢ for the first four weeks, and $3.75 a week after that; Wall Street Journal. $12 for the first 12 weeks, $28.99 a month ($7.20 a week) after.

Make home-cooked dinners a snap.

After relying on dining halls and pizza delivery for four years, it's understandable that most recent graduates don't know how to prepare meals from scratch. A subscription meal service that delivers perfectly proportioned ingredients along with easy-to-follow instructions is a great way to ease them into cooking at home.

Business Insider's Megan Willett tested out several of the most popular services and found that Blue Apron was not only the most affordable, but also helped her to improve her culinary skills.

Price:$9.99 per person per meal.

Keep their batteries charged on the go.

Between finding a job and an apartment, new college grads are in for some long days. This tiny portable charger works as an external battery for iPhones, iPads, and Samsung Galaxy phones, so that they can keep on hunting.


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FLASHBACK: What college was like before the Internet


John Belushi, Animal House screenshotCollege is a unique period in life that many people cherish well into their golden years.

The first taste of independent living, the new friends and the late nights all combine for an unforgettable, if hazy, experience. 

But college was very different just a few years ago, back when the Internet was not yet a standard fixture on campuses. For students at the time, the daily routine —from the classroom to the dorm room — required mastering a variety of practices and customs that might seem bizarre to modern eyes.

Travel back with us to the early 1990s....

Phoning home: There was no Skype. No FaceTime. No cell phones, in fact. So students waited in line for a payphone. At the sound of the special dial tone, they tapped in a lengthy string of numbers from a long-distance calling card.

Class notes: Laptops? No such thing. During class, students would quickly scribble down every nugget of wisdom that came out of the professor’s mouth and pray they could decipher it later.

Registering for classes: Before online registration, students waited in a long line at the registrar’s office each semester, with a paper slip containing their choices for classes.

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