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Healthy marriages depend on getting awesome at arguing — here's how to do it


couple arguing old 1950s

Contrary to what fairy tales may tell you, living "happily ever after" with your partner is going require a few arguments. 

In fact, a couple's ability to handle conflict is the number one predictor of their success.

It's required for the relationship to mature.

"If they don't have those conversations, over time their relationship will deteriorate," says psychologist John Gottman. "They'll be living in an ice palace." 

Gottman, who's authored 40-some books on the science of relationships and cofounded the Gottman Institute for couples therapy with his wife, says that these "repairing" conversations help a couple to become more intimate and more loving. 

"To get better at conflict, you have to learn how to talk to each other emotionally," he says. "That's the skill of intimate conversation, and that's the key to sex and romance, too." 

Intimate conversation — which is a much more enlightened form of arguing — has four components. 

They are: 

• Putting your emotions into words. Your partner's best attempts at listening aren't going to be very fruitful unless you can articulate what's happening in your interior space. It's about "being able to put your emotions into words that really are what you actually feel," Gottman says, which requires understanding your bodily sensations. "Knowing where you feel tense, what relaxed feels like, what truth feels like." A meditation-like technique called Focusing helps with developing that skill. 

• Asking open-ended questions. Open-ended questions allow you to explore your partner's feelings. "They open up the heart and have acceptance at the base of them," Gottman says. For example, you might ask: So what do you feel about this living room — how would you change it if you had all the money in the world? What do you want your life to be like in three years? How do you like your job?

• Making open-ended statements. "These are exploratory statements," he says, where you encourage your partner to tell you a story. For instance: I want to hear all of your thoughts about quitting your job. I want to hear all of your thoughts about your job.

• Empathizing with your partner. Rather than saying you understand, show that you understand. "Empathy is really communicating that you understand your partner's feelings and they make sense to you," Gottman says. "It's really caring about your partner's welfare, not just your own." 

When both people use all four of these skills, they can be vulnerable, honest, and safe — which allows tensions to turn into growth

"We teach these skills all the time in couples therapy," Gottman says. "If you don't have those skills, you're kind of screwed in interpersonal relationships." 

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The 10 best exercise bikes you can buy


spin class bicycles

Outdoor bike rides always make for a great workout, but for times when going outside isn't possible, exercise bikes are the next best thing.

FindTheBest curated a list of the top exercise bikes on the market right now, looking for models that are compact, affordable, sturdy, and ideal for home use.

Here are your best options for fitting in a bike ride without leaving the comfort of your home:

Schwinn 130 ($499)

Trying to reach a fitness goal? The Schwinn 130 has got you covered. The dual track two LCD window system allows you to monitor over 10 different display feedbacks at once, and Schwinn Connect helps keep track of your workouts and monitor your goals. And with 22 preset programs, there's always a new challenge waiting for you.

XTerra Fitness UB1.7 ($329)

This bike comes equipped with 24 programs — double the average exercise bike — and monitors calories, distance, heart rate, speed, and RPM while in use. Additionally, at only 73 pounds, the XTerra Fitness UB1.7 is light enough for users to move from room to room, making it easy to hide away and store.

Schwinn 150 ($379)

The Schwinn 150 takes up minimal space, making it a great choice for a home gym. It also comes with 16 resistance levels to mimic the bumps of a real road, as well as an MP3 input port, built-in speakers, and a water bottle holder.

Smooth Fitness sitNcycle Deluxe ($395)

Apartment dwellers, fear not: the Smooth Fitness sitNcycle Deluxe is small enough for even the tiniest of spaces. It only needs a few square feet of space to operate, and at 34 pounds, it's easy to push aside and store when you're done. A fun bonus: it comes in six different colors.

XTerra Fitness UB2.5 ($399)

With 24 preset workouts, ranging from fat burning to intervals to off road cycling, as well as 24 levels of resistance, users can completely customize their workout on the XTerra Fitness UB2.5. The bike also comes equipped with a heart rate monitor, magazine rack, and MP3 input.

Horizon Fitness

Smooth Fitness smoothXbike ($425)

Similar to a spin bike, the Smooth Fitness smoothXbike offers eight levels of resistance. The handlebars feature built-in sensors to monitor heart rate, time, speed, and distance, and this model also folds in half for convenient storage in a closet or corner.

Kettler Cycle P New ($478)

Though it's not the fanciest bike on the market, the Kettler Cycle P New will still keep your fitness goals on track. Its digital display makes it easy to monitor time, distance, heart rate, and calories burned. And with adjustable handlebars and a padded seat, it doesn't skimp on comfort.

Kettler Velo P Exercise ($491)

This bike is a great start for anyone hoping to get fit. It has 16 stages of electronically controlled resistance, a perspiration-resistant key pad, LCD display with 12 programmed workouts, and a pulse sensor to keep you from overworking yourself. Additionally, the Kettler Velo P Exercise comes with a three-year warranty.

Schwinn 140 ($499)

With oversized deluxe pedals, an extra-wide seat, and adjustable handlebars, this bike is so easy to use, you might forget you're working out. The Schwinn 140 also comes equipped with a heart rate monitor, reading rack, and 18 preset workout programs, including two available user profiles to save custom workouts.

Horizon Fitness M4 ($500)

Specifically made for spinning, the Horizon Fitness M4 has an incredibly adjustable seat and handlebars to ensure every user finds the perfect position. It also features a digital readout of your time, speed, distance, and amount of calories burned. Don't worry about it's longevity either — this sturdy bike comes with a 10 year warranty on the frame.

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I visited the coffee shop that just raised $15 million from tech investors to see what all the fuss was about


I go to Starbucks on the way to work every day. I know it's not the best coffee available, but for all its detractors, it's an efficient caffeine-delivery mechanism.

Today, I took the long way to work to try Philz Coffee, a San Francisco coffee-shop chain that just finished a $15 million Series B round. It's using the money to expand nationwide.

It's not every day you hear about a coffee chain getting venture capital money from firms that usually invest in tech companies. Summit Partners, which led the round, has invested in Uber, Belkin, and Arista.

Philz started up in 2003, so it grew up during the latest tech boom. But it doesn't deliver coffee by drone, accept Snapcash, or put Soylent in its drinks (as far as we know — although it does advertise a secret ingredient).

So why all the fuss? I decided to find out, and visited Philz' original shop in San Francisco's Mission district.

The first thing I noticed after walking is in was the shop's walls. They're painted with clouds and covered with colorful paintings:

Philz Coffee 2

The couches, sofas, and tables opposite the coffee bar itself give Philz a calm, social vibe. There wasn't much of a line when I visited.

People were on laptops, but it didn't seem like a place to do business. Everyone was relaxed and happy, not staring at their phones waiting for someone to call out their name.

Philz is a place for people who enjoy drinking coffee.

The blackboard menu was filled with an overwhelming number of blends, each with odd names like "Silken Splendor," "It's the Best," and "Ambrosia Coffee of God." It wasn't clear what each one would taste like. My barista told me each blend was made from two to seven coffee beans blended together and mixed with a mysterious blend of cream and sweetener.

I say "mysterious" because the sign out front touts a "secret ingredient," and they didn't tell me exactly how they do it.

There's plenty of food, too. Philz offers fresh-looking bagels, muffins, and pastries for about $2 to $5, which is reasonable. You could eat breakfast there, if you wanted, but I got the impression that people come here for the coffee, and the food is just a bonus. 

I finally chose a blend called Tesora  a medium roast, and Philz' first blend ever. I saw Splenda behind the counter, but I got my coffee "Philz way," with medium cream and sweetener.

Philz Coffee 3

Philz Coffee's slogan  and possibly the secret to its success  is "one cup at a time." I soon discovered that Philz isn't for the commuting worker. It's a slow process. I watched my coffee drip from its bag in one of the four brewing machines my barista was in charge of.

But once it was done, it was unlike any coffee I'd ever had. The coffee I'm used to tastes like coffee. But this genuinely tasted like butter, nuts, and caramel. It was the smoothest coffee I've ever had.

You definitely pay for the quality, though. My large was $4, about a buck more than I pay for something similar at Starbucks.

So while there's no obvious tech angle, Philz investors probably see an opportunity in the premium-coffee market. It's possible that slower-moving sit-down coffee shops like this one will steal some customers from Starbucks, just like "fast-casual" food chains like Chipotle and Panera Bread have taken business away from McDonald's.

It all depends on why you're drinking coffee. If you're in a hurry, just trying to wake up before a busy day, Starbucks has your back. But if you've got a little extra time and money to burn, I'd go to Philz almost every time.

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50 people were asked to reveal their biggest secrets — and their answers were surprisingly brave


PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard. In this video 50 people on the streets of New York City were asked to reveal their biggest secrets, and you'll be shocked by what they shared.

Video courtesy of Frank Warren

Learn more about the PostSecret project via this TED TALK

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How WhatsApp's billionaire CEO spent the year after the $19 billion Facebook acquisition


WhatsApp Co-Founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton

It's been exactly one year since Facebook acquired mobile messaging company WhatsApp for $19 billion. 

The groundbreaking deal made both of the app's cofounders billionaires. 

Originally from Kiev, Ukraine, CEO Jan Koum moved with his family to the US when he was 16 years old. The family struggled and lived on welfare and food stamps.

With an estimated net worth of $6.8 billion, Koum has certainly come a long way since his food stamp days. 

In a somewhat symbolic move, Koum signed the paperwork for the Facebook acquisition on the door of his former welfare office. The office is located just a few blocks away from WhatsApp's headquarters in Mountain View.

Suddenly, as of February 2014, Koum was a billionaire.

The WhatsApp team celebrated the Facebook deal by popping bottles of Cristal champagne. Igor Solomennikov, one of WhatsApp's first employees, posted this photo to Instagram, though he later took it down. A bottle of Cristal typically costs about $200.

Source: Business Insider

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The 25 best new restaurants in the US


batard ny

The James Beard Foundation just released the semifinalists for its 2015 restaurant and chef awards, to be announced May 4.

One of the most coveted awards given by the culinary association is for "best new restaurant," given to a restaurant opened within the calendar year "that already displays excellence in food, beverage, and service, and that is likely to make a significant impact in years to come."

The 25 semifinalists were selected from more than 38,000 entries by a panel of top food critics. Given that thousands of restaurants open in the US each year, these 25 are truly the best of the best. They are listed in alphabetical order.

42 Grams, Chicago

(Left) House tofu w/ bamboo rice shoyu koji and crispy seasoned konbu - (right) passion fruit green tea steamed eggplant, miso, dulse seaweed, sprouted hericot shoot

A photo posted by 42 Grams (@42_grams) on Jan 24, 2015 at 3:04pm PST

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px



Abe Fisher, Philadelphia

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


Alden & Harlow, Cambridge, MA

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


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The 5 things you'll need in your kitchen to make great burgers


If you want to make a great burger, you're going to need the right tools.

We've put together a list of the kitchen essentials you'll need to do the prep work for your ground beef.

Mixing bowl

Burger bowlYou're going to want to mix the ground beef, onions, garlic, herbs, egg yolks, and whichever other spices and flavors you like together in a big bowl. 

We recommend getting a set of three bowls for two reasons: one, you can vary the volume of burgers you will make in the future. And two: they'll come in handy for preparing other meals.

Pyrex Prepware 3-piece mixing bowl set: $74.50 $11.99 [84%]

Yolk separator

egg yolk burgerYou'll need to add egg yolk into your ground beef mixture.

For us non-chefs, it could be difficult to separate an egg yolk from the egg white. But this fish-shaped yolk separator will help get the job done without any mess.

Yolkfish egg separator: $14.00

Mixing spoon

spoon burgerWe're hoping that you're not planning on mixing the ground beef mixture with your fingers.

Invest in a nice wooden spoon (or three) to keep things cleaner while you're cooking.

OXO good grip wooden spoon (set of 3): $11.99$11.95

Adjustable nonstick burger press

burgersIn order for your burger to cook evenly, you'll want the patties to have uniform thickness.

An adjustable nonstick burger press is the best way to do that. You can make your patties between 0.5" to 1.5" thick — depending on how you like it.

By keeping the thickness uniform, you will prevent the burger's edges from being overcooked and the interior from being undercooked.

Adjustable nonstick burger press: $25.00

Shun serrated utility knife

knife burgerAnd finally, you'll need a great knife to slice the tomatoes and pickles for your burger.

The Shun serrated knife is a great option specifically for slicing through tomatoes. The slight patterning on the knife will keep the food from sticking to the knife.

Shun serrated 6-inch knife: $125.00$97.95 [22%]


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What it's like inside the secretive halls of the Time Warner Center, the high-rise built for anonymity


time warner center new york

80% of the luxury apartments owned in New York’s Time Warner Center at 25 Columbus Circle were bought through secretive shell companies, according to an in-depth luxury real estate report in The New York Times.

The tall glassy building and its 192 condos rise above the Shops at Columbus Circle and are known for being protective of owners' privacy. 

Many of the residents are foreign billionaires investing in a New York vacation home. Some are even alleged corrupt officials or under investigation, according to the Times, and using the expensive condos as a kind of Swiss bank account.

And they could not have chosen a better place to stash their wealth — from the unadorned hallways to the multiple entrances, this was a high-rise built for anonymity. As The Times reporters Louise Story and Stephanie Saul put it:

There are no door buzzers or mail slots with residents’ names. You are unlikely to bump into neighbors wandering the halls because only about a third of the owners live there at any one time, according to people familiar with their comings and goings. The building’s annual holiday party is a lonely affair, they say.

No one in this building really knows their neighbors, and they’re not meant to. There are multiple entrances either through the Shops at Columbus Circle or the nearby garage, as well as the main doors. If they want to, they don’t even need to have their names listed in the building's book of owners, according to the Times:

And while the building has a book listing the names of people associated with units, the owners do not have to be listed for them to get access to the building. They could walk in alongside someone whose name is in the book. Or, if they are cleared to visit, they could enter the complex through the shops or the hotel, and then take the secure elevators to the condos.

Not even the people who are associated with the sales necessarily know who purchased each unit thanks to all the secretive limited liability companies (LLCs) and trusts that hide the buyers’ identities, according to the Times reporters. 

Tobias Meyer time warner center aptAnd even if their signature or name were visible on the lease, many of the sales are made in cash, according to The Times, so there are no mortgage statements or public documents that could trace back to the true owner.

Aside from the secrecy and confidentiality offered by the Time Warner Center, the gorgeous apartments in the building are another huge draw. They have some of the best views of Central Park, huge bathrooms and kitchens, bedrooms with 360 degree views, and more.

apt 70b time warner center condoAdding to the luxury, all the condos have access to the building’s amenities including restaurants Masa and Per Se as well as the Mandarin-Oriental Hotel’s spa. 

entrance to per se in new york cityPlus, Whole Foods is right downstairs in your building as is an Equinox fitness center and luxury shops such as Cole Haan, Diptyque, Coach, and Wolford.  

time warner center shops at columbus circleThe building is a tiny microcosm in and of itself. In fact, if they didn’t want to see the rest of the city, the wealthy occupants wouldn’t need to journey anywhere else at all.

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Watch an inmate escape from an Idaho jail through a closet crawl space


Shoshone County authorities in north Idaho say an inmate escaped from the county jail by working his way through a utility room ceiling crawl space to reach the lobby. The man had been jailed since December on charges of burglary, malicious injury to property and petty theft.  A nationwide warrant has been issued for his arrest. 

Produced by Devan Joseph. Video courtesy of Associated Press.

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Relive the glory days with the first five seasons of 'Saturday Night Live' — which you can't find on Netflix


"Saturday Night Live" celebrated its 40th anniversary on Sunday with a live show featuring many of former cast members and hosts.

But let's face it: a three-hour live show isn't long enough to cover all the classic skits.

If you're still craving the old-school SNL shows, we recommend picking up the original five seasons of SNL featuring the greats such as Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi and Bill Murray.

(And, sorry, they're not on Netflix.)

Season 1

saturday night live snl

Here's to the original season starring Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Chevy Chase.

Famous guest appearances include Simon and Garfunkel, ABBA, and Raquel Welch.

Amazon Instant Video: from $1.99 to $9.99

DVD: $39.98$12.99

Season 2

saturday night live snl

Bill Murray joins SNL after the mid-season departure of Chevy Chase.

Episode-wise, there's the incredibly famous, Emmy-winning episode starring Sissy Spacek and Richard Baskin.

And, yup, season 2 was the birth of Coneheads.

Amazon Instant Video: from $1.99 to $9.99

DVD: $39.98 $12.99

Season 3

saturday night live snl

SNL had an "Anyone Can Host" contest during season 3. The winner — 80-year old Miskel Spillman — remains the first and only non-celebrity to host SNL.

Fun fact: Hugh Hefner hosted in season 3.

Amazon Instant Video: from $1.99 to $9.99

DVD: $39.98 $14.99

Season 4

saturday night live snl

The Rolling Stones hosted and performed in the fourth season premiere. 

And even former mayor Ed Koch stopped by for the show.

Amazon Instant Video: from $1.99 to $9.99

DVD: $39.98 $16.99

Season 5

saturday night live snl

This was the first season without John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. And this was also the final season for everyone in the cast.

Amazon Instant Video: from $1.99 to $9.99

DVD: $39.98 $12.96

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Scientists, artists, glitterati respond to Oliver Sacks' revelation of his terminal illness — 'My luck has run out'


In an outpouring on Thursday, leading thinkers, writers, and fans reacted to an essay published in The New York Times by neurologist and bestselling author Oliver Sacks.

Sacks, 81, whose lifelong work has explored the essence of what it means to be alive, wrote an op-ed titled "My Own Life," in which he revealed that he's dying of liver cancer:

I cannot pretend I am without fear. But my predominant feeling is one of gratitude. I have loved and been loved; I have been given much and I have given something in return; I have read and traveled and thought and written. I have had an intercourse with the world, the special intercourse of writers and readers.

Above all, I have been a sentient being, a thinking animal, on this beautiful planet, and that in itself has been an enormous privilege and adventure.

Sacks, a professor of neurology at the NYU School of Medicine and the author of dozens of books and essays, has been described by The Times as a "poet laureate of contemporary medicine," though in the eyes of some critics, he is more artist than scientist.

Sacks' breakthrough book, "Awakenings," drew portraits of his patients as they emerged from a deep, postencephalitic haze. It was adapted into the 1990 movie by the same name starring Robin Williams as Sacks. It was also the inspiration for a play, "A Kind of Alaska," by Nobel Prize winner Harold Pinter. 

As seen through Sacks's writing, his patients' disorders often revealed as much about the human condition as the human brain.

Here are some of the reactions to the news Thursday:

Joyce Carol Oats



James Bennet



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The trailer for the final season of 'Mad Men' is here



AMC just released the first trailer for the final season of "Mad Men." Like the teaser montages that play at the end of each episode, it doesn't tell us much. And don't get your hopes up; there's no indication as to whether or not Don Draper will make it out alive.

The new season premieres on Sunday April 5.

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Addendum to Biro post


On July 5, 2011, we reported on a July 2010 article that had appeared in The New Yorker magazine about Peter Paul Biro. The New Yorker article is the subject of litigation commenced by Mr. Biro, and, at his request, we withdrew mention of him from our article on July 11, 2011. We did not make any independent investigation of the subject matter of the article prior to publication. We have resolved our dispute with Mr. Biro amicably.

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10 fashion mistakes men make over and over at the office

The Satechi Smart Travel Router/Adapter is a great gadget for frequent travelers [10% off]


travel router adapter

Any seasoned traveler will tell you that it's impossible to survive without a good adapter or router abroad.

That's where the compact and portable Satechi Smart Travel Router/Adapter comes in.

You'll be able to use electrical outlets in over 150 countries (including the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, and China). Additionally, the gadget features four different modes for wireless networking.

It's a must-have for frequent travelers.

The Satechi Smart Travel Router / Travel Adapter: $45 [10% off]

travel router adapter

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The kind of family vacation you took when you were a kid is going extinct


griswold family from National Lampoon's Vacation

Sorry, Clark Griswold.

The traditional family vacation, the one in which Mom and Dad and two kids pile into a station wagon and head to a summer retreat all by themselves, is going away.

At least, that's according to Brian Sharples, the CEO of HomeAway, the rental service for vacation homes.

HomeAway just turned 10 years old, and to mark the occasion (and/or to fight off competition from younger companies such as AirBnB) the company is launching a big marketing campaign later this quarter.

The campaign will be the product of a newly hired CMO and research done with the fancy marketing firm Chiat.

Through this research, Sharples discovered that for many Americans, the concept of vacations is totally different than it was for those taking them a generation ago.

The reason: the traditional family construction itself is now rare.

"The modern family is now becoming the norm, not the exception," Sharples says. "Only 19% of families today are considered traditional in the essence of two parents and a couple of kids. Half the people in our country are divorced."

Meanwhile, Sharples says, grown-up families don't live in close proximity anymore. 

"I grew up in Boston," Sharples says. "It used to be that if you grew up in Boston and fast-forwarded 30 years, all your brothers and sisters would still live in Boston and all your aunts and uncles still lived in Boston.

"That's really not the case anymore.

"I look at my family. Yeah, my parents still have a place in the Boston area, but I have one brother who lives in Seattle, and one lives in Santa Fe, and one lives in Austin. All of us have worked internationally in different countries."

friends out dinner millennials groupWith traditional families going away and family members spread around the globe, people are now going on vacations with people they have connected to in ways having nothing to do with blood. People travel with their family friends now, not just their families.

"We see more and more that family vacations that people are taking include people outside of that core, nuclear family," Sharples says. "Almost more often than not these days."

To that end, Sharples says, HomeAway's new marketing message will be that "you don't need to leave anyone behind."

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8th-grade basketball team loses after game-winning shot gets stuck on rim in freakish fashion


Video captured the dramatic end of a Kansas Mid-East League 8th Grade Basketball semi-final, where the team down by 1 point made an incredible shot in the final second.

Produced by Devan Joseph. Video courtesy of Carter News and Associated Press.

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Critics shredded Kanye West's fashion show, and he is freaking out about it


kanye westKanye West held his first fashion show with Adidas during New York Fashion Week and its critical reception was not great.

Everyone who is anyone has weighed in on the line.

The Washington Post said, while it was his best effort so far, he "didn’t dazzle the eye."

The Daily Beast said "he's not there just yet."

Refinery29 called it "meh."

An Uber driver called it "a bit frumpy."

That criticism was echoed by legendary fashion icon and creator of New York Fashion Week Fern Mallis.

“I’m kind of over Kanye,” she told the New York Post.“I mean, I’m not a fan of his music, and the attitude and the agenda is not my style.”

In true Kanye style, however, he did not take that criticism in stride

He defended himself, his collection, and his vision on Twitter in a nine-tweet tweetstorm:

He also discussed his hardships and his difficulties entering the design world because he was "too famous."

He then reminds Mallis that he will persevere through her criticism and he "will win."

His last tweet was an olive branch to Mallis, asking her to have a drink so they could talk in person.

This isn't the first time Kanye has spoken out about his much-maligned fashion show. In an interview with Style.com, Kanye apologized for the hour-long wait and admitted that he's "a human being."

"I've got opinions, I'm not always right, I'm not always on time, I don't always say things in the proper way, but my intentions are always extremely pure," he told Style. "My purpose is extremely just."  

Take a look at Kanye's Adidas collection for yourself in the pictures below.

Kanye West Fashion Show

Kanye show

Kanye Fashion Show

Kanye Fashion Show

Kanye Fashion Show

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We've partnered with General Assembly to give away a free trip to Austin, Texas


SXSW party

Business Insider and General Assembly have partnered to bring you a chance to win a trip to everyone’s favorite tech festival in Austin, Texas this March. We'll cover the flight  for you and a friend, provide VIP access to private events and parties, and set you up in exclusive 1-on-1 meetings with entrepreneurs & influencers from the tech and music scene. Enter by February 22, 2015.

One Lucky Winner And A Friend Will Receive:

  • Round-trip airfare to Austin, Texas March 13 - March 17, 2015
  • Four nights of accommodations in downtown Austin and a boozy gift bag from Drizly to greet you
  • VIP access to the third annual Lunar Kaleidoscope party on 14 March, hosted by General Assembly & Splash
  • Two VIP passes to the full-day ff Massive party on March 15
  • Coffee meetings with hand-picked startup founders and industry influencers
  • Exclusive seats at a private dinner with influential entrepreneurs from NYC, SF, & LA
  • $1,000 Uber credit to ride in style around the city
  • Free access to all GA Educational Programs at the festival

Enter to win here


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If you blink you'll miss these subliminal TV ads

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