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The world’s best restaurant is now selling used tableware — at $200 a fork


Noma store

Noma, the two-Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen that has been ranked as the world’s best for the last 5 years in a row, recently opened up a pop-up location in Tokyo. 

The famous chef behind Noma, René Redzepi, moved his entire 50-staff team to Tokyo’s Mandarin Oriental for five weeks to experiment with Japanese food — and it had people in a frenzy to try to secure a spot at the event.

More than 60,000 people applied to dine at the restaurant, and only a very small percentage (no more than 4,032) made the cut. 

For those who didn’t have the opportunity to try Redzepi’s Tokyo experiment, Noma set up an online shop where you can buy the custom-made tableware from the pop-up restaurant, according to Fine Dining LoversThe restaurant collaborated with 14 different Japanese artists to create a collection that was made from locally-sourced materials. 

But the utensils won’t come new — the items for sale will be those that were actually used in the restaurant during its stay in Tokyo, according to the online storeSo if you buy the Akito Akgagi lacquer fork (pictured below), you’ll be paying $200 for a used fork. 

The Akito Akgagi lacquer fork and spoon pair costs a total of $330. Noma tableware The chopsticks that were probably used to pick up the ants in the first course cost $65. Noma ChopsticksThis brown stoneware teapot by Jinpachi Ogawa costs $695. Noma Tea PotAnd the most expensive item on the Tokyo pop-up product list is this shelving until by Wahl & Ross that costs $2,890. Noma Shelving Unit

But these items could be considered cheap since actually eating at Noma will cost $296 a head, with an additional $185 for wine pairing

The products will ship after February 14, since that is when the Noma pop-up location will close. To see the full collection of tableware, click here

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A former IBM exec is selling his Upper East Side penthouse for $6.5 million


paul horn condo

Paul Horn, a former SVP and Executive Director of Research at IBM, has listed his New York City penthouse apartment for $6.495 million.

Located in a luxury condo building on the Upper East Side, the 2,350-square-foot apartment has a plethora of amenities, like a wraparound terrace, indoor pool, fitness center, and amazing city views. 

The building is also home to a number of noted personalities, including novelist Carol Higgins Clark, Wine Spectator publisher Marvin Shanken, and ESPN analyst Manny Acta.

The condo is one of four penthouses in the Belaire, a luxury building on the Upper East Side.

It has its own wraparound terrace totaling 385 square feet of outdoor space.

It has two bedrooms and three bathrooms.

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The internet has raised $311,000 for the guy walking 21 miles to-and-from work each day, and he just got a free car


James Robertson carAs we previously reported, 56-year-0ld Detroit resident James Robertson has been walking 21 miles, without complaint, to his factory job.

The commute left him time for only about two hours of sleep per night. And, in 10 years of walking to work after his old car died, he never missed a day of work.

When 19-year-old Evan Leedy, a student at Detroit's Wayne State University, got wind of Robertson's ordeal, he started a GoFundMe campaign hoping to raise $5,000 to buy him a beater. But the story went viral and instantly raised $44,000. 

It has now been five days and the campaign has raised over $311,000 so far, and is still climbing like mad. In the time it took us to write this story, it grew by another $1,000.

And today, a local Ford dealership gave Robertson a new car for free, a red Ford Taurus.

Robertson's story touched thousands of hearts. Nearly 12,000 people pitched in to the GoFundMe campaign. HuffPost called him the hardest working man in America.

James Robertson Go Fund Me He didn't complain about his commute, nor did he ask for help. His $11/hour job didn't pay enough to get a new car, and Detroit's limited bus schedule didn't leave him with much in terms of public transit options. It only covered about two miles of his commute. But he wasn't giving up that job for a closer one and a pay cut, possibly to the $8.15 minimum wage, and he wasn't going to let his company or his coworkers down because of his
transportation issues.

And now, thanks to the generosity of thousands of people and Suburban Ford of Sterling Heights, Michigan, his long, long walk is officially over.

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19 dramatic photos of San Francisco's iconic Candlestick Park being demolished piece by piece


candlestick park

Demolition crews have arrived at Candlestick Park, the longtime home of the San Francisco 49ers and Giants. Rather than blast the stadium with dynamite, the crew is taking a more careful approach to demolition, removing seats and structures piece by piece.

What was once a modern sports arena is now reduced to an eerie scene. Thousands of seats are piled up in corners around the stadium, and there are gaping holes where dugouts and grandstands once were. Soon there will be nothing left.

Candlestick Park hosted its first game on April 12, 1960, when the San Francisco Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals 3-2 . Located right on the Bay, the park has long been criticized for its inaccessibility and windy conditions.

Source: 49ers.com

"This will be one of the most beautiful baseball parks of all time," then-Vice President Richard Nixon told the San Francisco Chronicle on opening day.

Source: 49ers.com

The 49ers played their first game here 11 years later, on Oct. 10, 1971.

Source: 49ers.com

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You won't believe how many of your favorite movies would never have been made if not for 'The Black List'

7 Of The Best Coffee Makers Around



Not all coffee makers are created equally.

Some are designed to give you the most scientifically "correct" coffee experience, while others are just your basic average deal. 

We've put together a list of seven great contraptions for all kinds of coffee drinkers.

Check them out below. 

If You Want The Most Scientifically "Correct" Coffee Brewer

coffeeChemex 8-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffeemaker $82.99

Peter J. Schlumbohm who held a Ph. D in chemistry designed the most "chemically correct" coffeemaker. It's an hourglass shaped flask made entirely out of glass. 

Rating: 4.5 Stars


A Coffee Maker That Doesn't Use Electricity

Screen Shot 2015 01 23 at 9.05.15 AMToddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker $37.95

The Toddy Cold Brew System makes coffee and tea — hot or cold — without any electricity. And, it makes your coffee with 67% less acid that coffee made with hot brew methods. Score.

Rating: 4.5 Stars


A French Press So That You Don't Lose Any Flavor

coffeeBruntomor 8-cup French Press $59.99$27.9553% OFF

French presses are extremely simple to use and brews coffee that retains the taste. Additionally, they're not bulky, so it'll be easier to store it in your kitchen.

Plus, you can also use french presses to make tea.

Rating: 4 stars


A Great Coffee Maker So That You Can Grind Your Own Beans 

coffeeBlack & Decker Mill and Brew Coffeemaker $99.99 $80.10 | 20% OFF

Black & Decker is known for power tools — so some might be surprised to see this on the list. You can grind coffee beans and customize your flavor with the brew strength selector.

Rating: 4.5 Stars


A Keurig If You Only Need To Make One Cup At A Time

coffeeKeurig K60/K65 Special Edition & Signature Brewers $199.99

Not everyone needs a huge coffee machine that makes 12 cups. This Keurig is a great option for someone who only needs to make one cup at a time. There are three brew-size options and you can adjust the coffee's temperature to your liking.

Rating: 4.5 Stars


If You Want Something That Makes Both Coffee And Espresso

coffeeKRUPS XP1600 $165.00 $111.99 | 32% OFF

Some days you just prefer an espresso. This machine makes both coffee and espresso, and also has a steam nozzle to froth milk. The coffee maker can put up to 10 cups, and will keep the pot warm for 2 hours. The espresso maker can make up to 4 cups.

Rating: 3 Stars


If You Want A Coffee Maker That's Incredibly Easy To Use

coffeeHamilton Beach 46201 Digital Coffeemaker $49.99 $45.99 | 8% OFF

Not everyone needs a super fancy, high intensity coffee maker. This one's a great basic option that gets the job done and is easy to clean. It makes up to 12 cups.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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Nerdwallet's new San Francisco office has a bar stocked with 80 different kinds of booze


nerdwallet office

Nerdwallet, a consumer finance startup that produces content relating to personal banking and insurance, recently moved into new offices in San Francisco. 

The office takes up the top two floors of a building on Market Street, situated in a quickly evolving part of the city. 

The startup's 130 employees — or "Nerds," as they call themselves — certainly have some awesome amenities to make use of now. 

Nerdwallet's new office has free yoga and other fitness class, daily catered lunches, and even a bar fully stocked with booze.

Nerdwallet's office takes up 40,000 square feet in an office on Market Street.

The office is located in the Mid-Market area of San Francisco, not far from Twitter's headquarters. Formerly a rough area, the neighborhood is being revitalized as more tech companies move in.

CEO Tim Chen and VP of marketing Stephanie Wei talk near the entrance to Nerdwallet.

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Police are pleading with Google to ditch a feature in its Waze app that could help terrorists

The co-founder of Jimmy Choo is selling her New York City penthouse for a discounted $29 million


carter mansion penthouse jimmy chooAfter listing her penthouse at the Amory S. Carhart Mansion penthouse for $34 million in July 2013, Jimmy Choo co-founder and fashion designer Tamara Mellon has lowered her home’s price to $29.5 million.

The 7,000-square-foot duplex has five bedrooms, tall ceilings, and over 5,000 square feet of outdoor terraces and roof deck space.

Mellon bought the duplex for $21 million back in 2008, according to the New York TimesShe is moving downtown because she likes the vibe better. 

“I love my apartment; I wish I could take it downtown,” Mellon told the Times. “The terraces are heaven.”

Mellon opened her first Jimmy Choo shoe boutique in 1996, according to British Vogue, and was instrumental in growing the brand. She sold Jimmy Choo to Labelux for $811 million in 2011 and left to start her own brand of eponymous clothing. 

The home was originally jointly listed between Corcoran and Elliman, according to a Curbed New York story at the time, but Mellon has since taken her business to Sotheby’s International Realty’s Serena Boardman.

Tamara Mellon's penthouse is in the Carter Mansion on the Upper East Side. It was built in 1913 and designated a NYC landmark in 1974. Currently, there are four grand-scale condo units in the building.


A direct elevator connects the penthouse with the lobby. The gorgeous, airy apartment also has four wood-burning fireplaces.

The home has tall ceilings and is decorated in a very modern style.

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What it's like to ride 'The Train Of Death' from Mexico to the US


MFrankfurter_Destino_10Photographer Michelle Frankfurter had traveled to Mexico, the US-Mexico border, and Central America for years, working first as a photojournalist and then as a human-rights worker. During her travels, she heard about a particular route that hopeful migrants take to reach the United States. In 2009, she set out to follow it.

Following the path described in Sonia Nazario's award-winning book "Enrique's Journey," Frankfurter headed to southern Mexico and followed the path north. In six journeys, she rode the treacherous El Tren de la Muerte (The Train of Death), came into contact with the drug cartels, and befriended numerous migrant families, many of whom never made it to the US.

Frankfurter has shared some of her photos with us here, but you can check out the rest at her website or in her book "Destino," available now.

The first step of the journey for Frankfurter and thousands of migrants is crossing the Suchiate River between the Guatemalan border town of Tecún Umán and the Mexican town of Hidalgo in the southern state of Chiapas. Migrants ride rafts made of tractor tires across the water.


After crossing the river, migrants hike 150 miles on foot to avoid Mexican migration checkpoints and reach Arriaga, a city in Chiapas. Here, a Salvadoran woman feeds her 18-month-old son at a migrant shelter in Chiapas after making the trek.




Frankfurter began the most significant part of her journey in Arriaga. Here, most migrants catch a freight train illegally to start their trek north.




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This is what happens when you boil an iPhone 6 in Coke

The best San Francisco restaurant for every type of cuisine

9 McDonald's menu items that flopped


McDonald's is a nearly $100 billion company that pulls in more than $27 billion in sales every year. It is a fast food juggernaut, and it has been around awhile.

During all those years the fast food chain tried out tons of new stuff. Some worked, but a lot of them crashed and burned. Here's a look back at the top 9 items that never caught on.

Produced by Matt Johnston

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Stunning maps show what major cities would look like under hundreds of feet of water


Sea Level Rise Seattle

Sea-level rise is one of the most concerning consequences associated with global climate change, thanks to melting polar ice and thermal expansion caused by warming ocean waters — and we're already starting to see its effects on coastal communities around the world. 

The US Geological Survey estimates that if all the world's glaciers melted, sea level would rise by about 80 meters, or more than 260 feet. This scenario could be thousands of years in the future, but it would render many of the world's best-loved coastal cities unrecognizable.

Jeffrey Linn, a Seattle man with a background in geography and urban planning, has created a series of maps of major US cities based on this doomsday scenario. He used actual geographic data from the areas to make the maps as realistic as possible. 

Linn says his interest in the subject was sparked by the book "Always Coming Home," by Ursula Le Guin. 

"The novel is sort of a future anthropology of California's Napa Valley, and in it she looks into the future and sees the California Central Valley flooded by sea-level rise," Linn says. "Since then, I would often think about what would the world around us would look like once all the ice caps melted."

While this extreme amount of sea-level rise isn't expected to happen for millennia, Linn's cheeky names for the potential new landforms and bodies of water that emerge in his maps give often humorous insight into life in the cities of the future.

Linn has mapped eight US cities so far, and is currently working on mapping several locations in the UK. His maps, along with more information, can be viewed on his website. We've put together a slideshow of some of his work here.

Seattle was the first sea-level rise map Linn made, completed in December 2013. He was inspired to start the map by a blogger who writes under the name Burrito Justice. "He did a 200-foot sea-level rise map for San Francisco, and I was like, 'I have to do this for Seattle,'" Linn says.

The result is striking — after 240 feet of sea-level rise, Seattle is reduced to a collection of small islands, like these three, which emerged in the area near the place Seattle's iconic space needle stands today. (The needle, in this map, is sadly submerged.)

Linn uses open-source data to create most of the maps. He puts the data together using a mapping program called QGIS, and then assembles everything in Adobe Illustrator. He says the base cartography only takes him a few hours.

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'Bar Rescue' host Jon Taffer reveals the invaluable advantage of getting less sleep

25 thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts under $50


couple kissing snow

Valentine's Day is a chance to give our loved ones reassurance that we care — and perhaps a token or two of our affection.

Whether your Valentine is a friend, family member, new date, or treasured spouse, check out 25 gifts that will make them smile. Bonus: All of these gifts are under $50.

And remember: A heartfelt card is usually just as appreciated. 

Melissa Stanger and Emmie Martin contributed to this story.

Stay on top of pop culture with 'American Sniper.'

The Oscar-nominated film version of "American Sniper," the autobiography of record-making Navy Seal Chris Kyle, has captured hearts across the U.S. Now, read the book that started it all.

Price: $6

Get expressive with fill-in-the-blank love notes.

Whether you live down the block or across the country, surprise your Valentine with a sweet note. The words are pretty much covered, but it's up to you to provide the sentiment.

Price: $7

Preserve favorite memories with a photo snow globe.

Surprise loved ones of any age with this old-school way to showcase some of your favorite times together.

Price: $12

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Watch how many people can't walk on the street without having their phones in their hands


New Tech City sat on a corner and counted how many people were either holding or using their phone. The video was made in conjunction with their new 'Bored and Brilliant' campaign, a campaign to encourage people to rethink their relationship with their digital devices.

Video courtesy of New York City Tech

Click here to take part in the 'Bored and Brilliant' challenge.

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