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Scientists Reveal In An Amazing Video Exactly What Happens When You Light A Match

This award-winning, high-speed video shows the epic life story of a match once lit. The scientists who made the video used a special technique, called Schlieren imaging, to highlight the flame's thick gas churning and mixing with the air around it in a beautiful black-and-white display.
The video won the Milton van Dyke Award at this year's American Physical Society Division of Fluid Dynamics.

Video courtesy of Victor Miller.

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7 Smart Winter Grooming Hacks For Men


man blizzard winter storm goggles

Winter is an awful time for skin and hair.

Lips get chapped, skin breaks out, and hair becomes static-y as it adjusts to the changing temperature and humidity.

But it doesn't have to be this way. Here are seven simple beauty hacks that every guy should know.

Even better, they all use common household products, so even if you don't end up liking one of the tricks at least you didn't spend $50 on a cream.

1. Calamine lotion works as an emergency spot treatment

For those just on the verge of getting a huge pimple, rub some calamine lotion onto the area. It's ridiculously cheap, and dries up cystic acne very quickly (though it will dry out your skin too, so just make sure to moisturize after taking it off).

2. Dryer sheets fight hair static

In the winter, it's not uncommon for people with fine hair to get static cling because of the dry air. One way to fight it is with a balm or hair gel, but if you're not into that sort of look (or ran out of product), you can also just take a dryer sheet and rub it onto your hair and brush. Easy.

3. Redness-reducing eye drops will make pimples less red

You're not supposed to pop pimples, but they're hard to ignore. If you do and the area becomes red and irritated before a big date or meeting, rub some redness-reducing eye drops on the area.

The drops contain tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride, which helps get rid of redness fast. Just put some on a Q-Tip and apply it to the pimple.

4. A cold pack on your face will de-puff tired eyes

cold eye mask relaxWhen you haven't gotten enough sleep (or your face is puffy from drinking all night at a holiday party), wake up a little earlier than usual and put a cold pack over your eyes for 5-10 minutes.

The cold will de-puff your face, and help you look more alert than you actually feel. You can even buy specially-designed eye masks you can keep in your fridge or freezer.

5. Exfoliate dead skin away with baking soda

The number one reason your face can look haggard during the winter is because of all the dead skin cells that accumulate. To make your skin look fresh, you should scrub your face with an exfoliant, such as baking soda.

It's coarse, but not too coarse, so it will get rid of the top layer of dead skin cells without irritating skin. Combine a teaspoon of baking soda with water and massage into skin before rinsing off with warm water. Don't forget to moisturize afterwards.

6. Keep lips soft with a homemade sugar scrub

If you're not using lip balm regularly — and sometimes even if you are — lips can get really chapped in the winter. Mix some olive oil with sugar (you can also use honey and sugar) in a small bowl to create a scrub, and gently massage it into your lips.

Rinse off with warm water and finish with a lip balm.

7. Moisturize your neck, hands, and face with virgin coconut oil

Coconut oil has become the go-to product for beauty, health, and wellness enthusiasts. It's an amazing body lotion because it seals in natural moisture, and is naturally antibacterial and antifungal. Plus it smells amazing.

You'll usually find the unrefined virgin variety in health food stores like Whole Foods (look in the cooking section) — just make sure it's not hydrogenated, bleached, refined, or deodorized. We recommend Dr. Bronner's.

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Here Is The Simplest Advice For Anyone Trying To Lose Weight Or Eat Healthy


eating healthy

Every few years, another diet seems to be all the rage. Food fads come and go every day. Go ahead, try to follow all of the advice that has proliferated: eat low fat, cut out all sugar, eat like a caveman, become a vegan, cut out gluten, go dairy-free, measure glycemic index.

You'd be left with nothing but water — and maybe spinach. (Most diets allow spinach.)

As you push to make positive changes in 2015, the best advice is simply to ignore the cacophony of "expert" voices. The secret to healthy eating is painfully basic. Michael Pollan articulated it memorably several years ago: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

Mark Bittman, a longtime advocate of sensible eating, makes the case for some similarly untrendy basics in a 2014 column for The New York Times, arguing that vilifying salt, fat, and sugar misses the real problem. There is a mounting public-health epidemic in this country around obesity, diabetes, and other problems associated with unhealthy diet and sedentary living, and the answer, Bittman says, is simple: "Eat Real Food."

Almost all of the unhealthiest food — the products highest in bad fats, sugar, and salt — comes out of a bag or a box, not off of a tree or from the ground. 

Pollan recommended that people avoid "anything your great-great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food" and "shop the perimeter" of the supermarket, largely avoiding the freezer and the junk-filled aisles. 

Bittman has a similar message, but he goes a step further, advocating a national program that would get this barebones advice across. With all the nutritional claims on processed foods, it's easy for people to think, even subconsciously, that sugar-free cupcakes are part of a healthy diet.

Sugar and other caloric sweeteners are indeed a major culprit in weight gain, but they are not a silver bullet. "Sugar is not the enemy, or not the only enemy," Bittman writes. "The enemy is hyperprocessed food, including sugar."

We can't ignore the fact that, pressed for time, money, and sometimes good advice, many people struggle to eat healthy. But the least we can do is start clearly presenting what Bittman calls "real food" as the ultimate health food — instead of gluten-free bagels and paleo protein bars.

And, better yet, we can level the playing field by working to make it so that hyperprocessed food — with its flashy packaging, advertising budget, and sometimes cheaper prices — is not more attractive than vegetables. 

"We don’t know everything about the dietary links to chronic disease, but the best-qualified people argue that real food is more likely to promote health and less likely to cause disease than hyperprocessed food," Bittman writes. "And we can further refine that message: Minimally processed plants should dominate our diets."

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The Simple Science Behind Weight Loss


There are thousands of diet plans out there with lots of different approaches to achieving the same goal: trim the fat.

Are there universal truths about weight loss that we can all learn? The answer is yes. There is an undeniable science behind the process of losing weight and it all boils down to a simple equation.

Produced by Matt Johnston

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From Getting Fit To Staying Organized, These Are Our Tech Resolutions For 2015


Fitbit Aria

Welcome to 2015. It's time for that annual ritual known as the New Year's Resolution.

We informally polled the editors at Business Insider about their 2015 goals involving tech and came up with an interesting list involving fitness, money, music, security and more.

Discover more music online

I'm constantly complaining that I need to update the music on my iPhone/iPod and find more artists. But it's daunting to sift through all the music apps available.

So I tend to fall back to using my favorite streaming app, Pandora, or I just hop on iTunes to buy a specific song. There are dozens of music apps out there that help find musical gems, and I'm going to try more of them.

Julie Bort

Keep passwords safe

My resolution is to fully set up a password manager like 1password. I have the app but I just haven't gotten around to setting it up. I think if we learned anything from 2014, it is keeping your stuff safe online is crucial.

Dave Smith

Put the iPhone down

I'm hoping to schedule some "put your phone down" time in 2015.

Caroline Moss

Note: on a nightly basis, the Do Not Disturb setting can help. You can turn off notifications for specific times like overnight or when you are taking a class, or just for some dedicated downtime.

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Here's One Of The Easiest Bourbon Cocktails You Can Make At Home

What 12 Super-Successful People Wish They Knew At 22


bransonThink back to when you were 22 years old. You were just graduating from college, entering the "real world," and embarking on your professional journey.

Maybe you wish you could rewrite your past. Or perhaps you're content with the decisions you made at that time in your life. Either way, there are probably a few things you wish you knew then that you know now.

That's exactly what LinkedIn asked its network of top minds across all fields to write about for its most recent Influencers editorial package, titled "If I Were 22."

Over 60 thought leaders shared original posts — along with pictures of themselves at 22 — filled with pearls of wisdom for new grads based on what they wish they had known at 22. Here's what 12 super-successful people had to say.

Arianna Huffington: Don’t work too hard.

In the course of her "Thrive" book tour, the The Huffington Post president says one question has come up over and over again. It goes something like this: "It's all fine and good for people who have already succeeded to care for their well-being, but shouldn't young people pursue their dreams by burning the candle at both ends? Surely getting by on less sleep and constant multitasking are an express elevator to the top, right?"

"This couldn't be less true," Huffington says. "And for far too long, we have been operating under a collective delusion that burning out is the necessary price for achieving success." 

This is what she wishes she knew at 22. "I wish I could go back and tell myself, 'Arianna, your performance will actually improve if you can commit to not only working hard but also unplugging, recharging, and renewing yourself.'"

That knowledge, Huffington says, would have saved her a lot of unnecessary stress, worry, burnout, and anxiety.

Richard Branson: Have a blast, but build your purpose.

"There are lots of things I know now that I wish I had known when I was 22," says the Virgin Group founder. "I would have loved to have known that Sir Tim Berners-Lee was going to invent the internet, so that I could have invented LinkedIn — not to mention Google, Twitter, and Facebook!

"It would have been useful to have known that Steve Jobs was going to launch the iPod, and the internet was going to revolutionize the music industry — I would have sold our record shops and got out of the music business a lot earlier."

Sallie Krawcheck: Things won’t get easier, but they’ll get better.

Krawcheck, the business leader of 85 Broads and a former top executive on Wall Street, wishes she had known to keep a running note of what works and what doesn't work for her; what she likes and what she doesn't like; what she's good and what she isn't good at; the work styles that suit her and what doesn't; and where her passions lie and what leaves her cold. 

She'd tell her 22-year-old self that "it still won't be easy once you decide what you want to do: over the months that follow, you're going to be rejected by all of the major Wall Street firms … but you'll eventually find the right firm. … It's going to be a lot of fun. Not every day, but most days. You're going to be rejected a lot. You'll need thick skin to get through it. Oh, and work hard. That really matters. Please get that mole on your shoulder checked. And that guy you're dating? Bad idea. Seriously."

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New York City Used To Be A Terrifying Place


NYC Subway 70sThe number of murders in New York City dropped to a record low for 2014.

The New York City of the 1970s, however, looked very different from the safe and gentrified metropolis we know today. The Bowery, now lined with luxury apartments, housed much of the city's illicit activities, while drug dealers and prostitutes worked openly from Park Slope to Times Square.

Industrial decline, economic stagnation, and drug use led to the dramatic downturn for America's largest city.

In 1976, 2,383 arrests were made for prostitution citywide. Of those arrested, 1,165 were between the ages of 15 and 20.

Two members of NYPD's "Pimp Squad" arrest an alleged prostitute in Times Square.

Source: Publication of New York Women in Criminal Justice in collaboration with the Prostitution Task Force

There were an estimated 40,000 prostitutes in New York City in the 1970s, many with sad stories. This picture shows a hotel in which a 15-year-old prostitute died in 1975.

The Hotel Belmore in Manhattan marked the end of Karen Baxter's life. A 15-year-old runaway from Cambridge, Massachusetts, she resorted to prostitution to survive New York City until one of her customers choked her with a metal chain in 1975. The photo was taken five days after her murder. 

Source: Publication of New York Women in Criminal Justice in tangent with the Prostitution Task Force

Authorities were of little help. In this picture, Sydney Biddle Barrows, the "Mayflower Madam," celebrates with Champagne after pleading guilty to promoting prostitution — in return for a $5,000 fine and no prison sentence.

Barrows ran Cachet, a high-end escort service from 1979 to 1984.

Source: Publication of New York Women in Criminal Justice in collaboration with the Prostitution Task Force

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A Special Strain Of The Flu Virus Is Hitting Several States Hard This Winter


Minnesota has seen an early arrival of an especially dangerous strain of the flu virus – with at least three deaths and many schools reporting outbreaks. Other states are reporting an increase as well.

Produced by Devan Joseph. Video courtesy of Associated Press.

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25 Life Hacks For The Modern Gentleman


Confident Gentleman

There are certain things every guy should know.

From such kitchen knowledge as how to properly cook a steak or pour a cocktail, to a fashion sense like how to match your dress shoes to your suit and how to get the right haircut, these tips will make every guy's life a little easier.


Roll your shirt sleeves the right way. Instead of rolling the cuff slowly up your sleeve, flip the cuff back and pull it to just below your elbow. Then take the bottom (inside-out portion) and fold it up so it traps and covers the bottom cuff. You’re shirt sleeves won’t unroll again.

Avoid razor burn with these steps: cleanse, lather, shave with the grain of your beard (each time rinsing the blade with hot water), and moisturize. Be sure not to go over the same area twice, which can irritate skin.

Pack a suit without getting it wrinkled. This method is really simple and easy, with only some tissue paper and a bag to keep the suit in good condition.

Get the best haircut every time by remembering one simple rule. If you have a rounder face, get a haircut that's tighter on the sides, and if you have a longer face, ask for longer hair on the sides and around your temples. 

Learn the "sometimes, always, never" rule of jacket buttons. The top button should sometimes be buttoned (stylistic decision), the middle button should always be buttoned (it pulls the jacket together and is flattering), and the last button should never be buttoned (it messes up the tailoring and flare of the jacket).

Match your dress shoes and suits. Follow this simple chart to learn what colors and styles are best. If you're wondering which shoes to wear with shorts and chinos, click here.

men shoes suit guideAlways buy full-grain leather goods. It's the highest-quality leather money can buy, it will last forever, and it’s superior to top-grain and genuine leather. 


Pour salt on any stain immediately. Say your date spills some red wine (it happens). Scatter some salt on it right away and work it into the carpet with your hands. Leave it there for a few hours and then vacuum it out.

Invest in quality shoe trees. They will maintain the shape of your nice work shoes, prevent the leather from warping or cracking, and absorb any excess moisture from your shoes so they don’t rot from the inside out. Lasted, bespoke shoe trees are the best for your expensive shoes.

lasted shoe tree pradaHang your suits and dress shirts on cedar wood hangers. The cedar acts as a repellent for moths and absorbs moisture. And unlike wire hangers, these thicker hangers will not damage or stretch out clothing

Fold your sweaters instead of hanging them. Even lightweight sweaters stretch out if they're on a hanger for too long. It's better to fold sweaters in your wardrobe and hang dress shirts and T-shirts instead.

Walnuts can get rid of wood scuffs. Seriously. Run your finger along the scratch and then rub the walnut into it, too. Your finger will warm up the nut’s oil and help it soak into the wood. Then buff with a cloth.

walnut wood scratches

Fix your credit-card magnetic strip with cellophane tape. Place it over the magnetic strip if your credit card ever stops being read by those machines.

Wrap some duct tape around an old gift card. It's hard to find a small roll of duct tape to keep around your office or around the house. Instead of carrying around a huge roll, take an old gift card and wrap some duct tape around it for an impromptu, smaller roll. You can then either stick it in your wallet or keep it in a drawer so you always have it on hand. 


See if a steak is done with the finger test. This is a tip that Old Homestead Steakhouse co-owner Greg Sherry told us: Bring together your index finger and thumb and feel the fleshy area below the thumb  — that’s what rare feels like. Do the same thing with your ring finger and thumb — that’s medium. And the same with the pinky finger and thumb — that’s well-done. Easy.

Eat chicken wings the right way. Eating drumsticks is easy, but the wing is a little harder because there are two bones. This blogger figured out how to easily remove the bones and dunk the entire wing.

Own a really expensive, quality knife. It'll last you forever, won't dull as quickly, and will make cooking so much easier. In fact, you’ll even save money in the long run because you won’t keep buying cheap knives.

Sharpen your knives with a ceramic mug— a few strokes of the blade against the bottom is all you need. Just make sure the rough ceramic is exposed.


Know what kind of whiskey to drink and when. If you’re getting wasted with shots, well whiskey is fine. If you want a spicy whiskey neat or on the rocks, go for a rye whiskey. Check out our full breakdown of what whiskey to drink when.

whiskey flow chart infographicLearn the difference between "strong," "weak," "sweet," and "sour" when it comes to cocktails. Strong means you want more alcohol, while weak means you want less. Sour means there will be a citrus note (lemon, lime, orange) while sweet means that sugar or syrup is involved. 

Remember this simple "stirred versus shaken" rule: Stir drinks that are all spirits and shake drinks that have egg, dairy, or citrus (unless otherwise specified).

Let lemon and lime juices sit out to age. These two citrus juices taste best after they’ve been allowed to sit for 4 hours (you can keep them bottled, sealed, or refrigerated). Don’t do this with oranges though — freshly squeezed is the way to go! 

Know how to make an Old Fashioned. Place a sugar cube in an old-fashioned glass and saturated with two dashes of bitters and plain water. Muddle together, and then fill with ice cubes and two shots of bourbon or rye whiskey. Then garnish with an organic slice and cocktail cherry. Done.

Cocktails Infographic fullWhen adding ingredients to cocktails, always start with the cheapest. For example, add your citrus, then fruit juice, then alcohol. 

If you don't have any sugar syrup, here's a cocktail-hack: mix up brown sugar with lime juice. It's a great substitute that won't change the taste significantly.

Just follow these tips and you’ll be golden. 

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Getting Better Sleep Will Change Your Life — Here's How To Make It Happen


overwhelmed guy

BI Answers: How can I fix my sleeping habits?

Establishing good sleeping habits is one of the best ways to transform your life — there's little that affects your day more than how you slept the night before.

But as the 40% of Americans who don't get enough sleep know, getting a good night's rest is easier said than done.

It's worth it though: There are some incredible benefits to getting more sleep.

Experts recommend establishing a nighttime and morning ritual to help make sure you have the most restful experience between the sheets. Here are nine simple, concrete steps to help you get started.

1. Pick a bedtime. Don't try to go to bed "as early as possible" — that's a vague goal, which makes it almost impossible to achieve. Instead, plan ahead.

Do you want to be up by 7:00? Then get in bed at 11:00. The vast majority of people need between seven and nine hours of sleep a night, so shoot for eight to start, and adjust if it eventually feels like too much or too little.

2. Look at your normal schedule and take note of what you do.Before making any changes, think about what you are doing for the two hours before you want to be asleep. Do you normally watch TV right until you want to get into bed? Do you give yourself any time to get ready for sleep before you actually want to be asleep? Do you do eat or drink anything late at night? You can't change habits until you are aware of what you are already doing.

3.Setsome rules for the future. Since you've already taken note of your habits, you can now start re-building your bedtime routine to train yourself to sleep. Set rules that will help you relax.

One big one: never do anything work-related in bed, including checking your email or social media accounts. If you associate your bed with work, it'll be much harder to relax there. That old advice about reserving your bed for sleep and sex is pretty solid — even if 9 out 10 Americans ignore it— but really, just make sure you don't do anything in bed that isn't relaxing.

4. Don't eat or drink alcohol right before bed. Eating too soon before sleeping is associated with heartburn, which can ruin a night. And even though a nightcap is tempting and might help you fall asleep at first, people who drink a lot before bed usually experience disruptions to their sleep in the second half of the night. The more time you can give yourself between partying and feasting and sleeping, the better your rest will be overall.

5. Put your smartphone and laptop away at least 30 minutes before bedtime. This is advice that people love to ignore, but there are very good reasons for it. The blue light from your phone mimics the brightness of the sun, which tells your brain to stop producing melatonin, an essential hormone that regulates your circadian rhythm and tells your body when it's time to wake and when it's time to sleep.

Disruptions to your circadian rhythm are not only linked to poor sleep, they're also connected to vision problems, cancer, and depression. Put the damn phone away.

6. Spend the 30 minutes before sleep relaxing. Here are a few recommendations from the National Sleep Foundation and a few other sources:

  • Read a book or magazine you enjoy — just make sure it's not work related.
  • Write your thoughts down. Experts say journaling at night can help manage stress and anxiety, making it easier for you to drift off. Spending a few minutes writing in a journal is associated with more productive workdays, less stress, fewer symptoms of depression, and more.
  • Create a hygiene ritual that sends a psychological signal that you are getting ready for bed. Brush your teeth, wash your face, floss.
  • Try meditation. Studies show that mindfulness meditation lowers stress and promotes psychological well-being. If you want something that will send you to sleep, the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center has a selection of free downloadable meditations, including one specifically designed to be done in bed.

7. If in the end you can't sleep after all that, try not to fight it.Get out of bed, make yourself a cup of herbal tea, and go read something relaxing (or boring, even — but again, not work-related). Don't look at the screen of your TV, phone, or computer, and get back in bed when you feel tired.

8. In the a.m., don't hit snooze. Experts say that those 10 minutes will only leave you groggier if you fall into a deeper sleep and it'll take even longer for you to feel fully awake.

9. Get some exercise and in particular, some sun, early on. It'll wake you up and that early morning exposure to sunlight will shut off melatonin production, priming your body to start producing it again the next night, when you are getting ready for bed.

It's not always easy, but taking these steps can help you get a good night's sleep. And when you wake up fully rested, you'll thank yourself.

This post is part of a continuing series that answers all of your questions related to science. Have your own question? Email science@businessinsider.com with the subject line "Q&A"; tweet your question to @BI_Science; or post to our Facebook page.

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Happy People Tend To Have This Personality Trait


taylor swift

Happiness — or subjective well-being, as academics call it — is largely a matter of the situations that you put yourself into.

According to new research, people who rank high in agreeableness put themselves into happier situations than everybody else.

It's a part of "emotion regulation," write authors Konrad Bresin of the University of Illinois and Michael D. Robinson of North Dakota State University.

One of the Big 5 personality traits, agreeableness is a measure of your personal warmth, or, put more negatively, it's a measure of how much you need to be liked by the people around you.

"The more agreeable someone is, the more likely they are to be trusting, helpful and compassionate," LiveScience says, while "disagreeable people are cold and suspicious of others, and they're less likely to cooperate."

In a series of experiments, Bresin and Robinson showed that friendly, agreeable people try to avoid negative experiences.

• In one experiment, participants were asked to look at a series of positive and negative images, spending as much time as they'd like with each image. Most people spent more time with the negative images — except for the agreeable folks.

• In another experiment, participants were asked if they'd like to have an experience that's more or less positive or negative — an upbeat or a slow song, a documentary about a celebrity or about government corruption, a talk about baking cakes or dissecting a body. blog pointed out, "high agreeableness [participants] showed a strong preference for the positive: anthems, nation's sweethearts, and shortbreads."

In other words, pleasant people like pleasant things.

But problems can come with such pleasantries.

Research suggests that men with high agreeableness earn 18% less than their grumpier counterparts. Disagreeable women, the same study found, earn 5% more than their nicely behaved peers.

Similarly, Malcolm Gladwell has argued that entrepreneurial genius is often accompanied by disagreeableness. Prime example: IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad doesn't care about what you think of him— he cares about selling furniture.

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Robot Funded By The US Military Can Sprint And Jump Just Like A Cheetah


The cheetah was the inspiration for the US military-funded “cheetah robot” created by researchers at MIT. Crafting the robot took five years of designing, testing and tweaking. Developers say the robot could be adapted for prosthetics, wearable technologies and vehicles that can travel more efficiently in rough terrains.

Produced by Devan Joseph. Video courtesy of Associated Press.

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A Guide To How Men's Clothes Should Fit


If you're like most men, you've probably been wearing clothes your entire life that are too large for you.

"Most guys are used to wearing baggy clothes," says Veeral Rathod, CEO of the men's clothing e-retailer J. Hilburn. "They want to dress properly and they want to present themselves well, but they just don't know how."

For the best-fitting menswear, you should either go to a tailor or buy your clothes from a custom clothier like J. Hilburn, which has 3,000 stylists around the country to take your measurements, he said.

But for those of you who don't want to go through the trouble of getting measured, there's an easy fit guide to live by that covers all the basics.

It's called "How Clothes Should Fit" and it's based on a popular guide book from Reddit.

Let's start with shirts:

How Clothes Should Fit

The collar: "If turning your head causes the collar to turn with it, the collar is too tight," according to the guide. "You should be able to comfortably fit two fingers inside of your buttoned collar without it tightening against your skin."

The cuffs: Cuffs should fit a bit looser than a watch and fall two centimeters from your wrist bone.

The shoulders: The shirt's seam should sit at your shoulder bone. 

The sleeves: If you can see the details of your arms, your shirt's too tight. "But they should also not be so loose as to billow," the guide says. "When you bend your arm, your cuff should not move more than an inch up your wrist."

Now onto chinos:

How Clothes Should Fit


Dress pants should fit similarly to chinos — comfortably close to the leg without billowing. Pleats, again, should be avoided at all costs.

Here's more information on the fit for dress pants:

How Clothes Should Fit


If you button your suit jacket and it pulls across your abdomen, making an "X" shape in the fabric, then your suit is too small, the guide says. The same is true if there's pulling between your shoulders.

The jacket must be long enough to cover your bottom and the second button from the bottom should sit just above your belly button.

How Clothes Should Fit

When it comes to jeans, avoid boot-cut. Straight-leg or slimmer is the way to go. Here are some more tips on the right fit for jeans:

How Clothes Should Fit


For additional style tips, go to How Clothes Should Fit.

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The 20 Most Fun Colleges In America


Clemson University Cheerleader Student FansBetween exams, papers, and hours of studying, college can seem like all work and no play.

But for many, it also means freeflowing alcohol and seemingly endless parties — and can end up being the best four years of your life. 

We looked at 12 categories from The Princeton Review's 2015 college rankings to find the most fun colleges in the country, combining the rankings to determine which schools were the most fun overall. Based on our results, the typical "fun" school, is a large public university with a strong Greek system and competitive athletics.

Click here to read our complete methodology.

#20 Miami University

Oxford, Ohio

One of The Princeton Review's top Party Schools, Miami houses the founding chapters of several now-national fraternities and still maintains a large and active Greek life.

Miami students always have somewhere to party, and are able to tailor their experience to whatever partying venue they prefer, whether it's a frat house or a local bar.

#19 Auburn University

Auburn, Alabama

The home football games for Auburn, the Princeton Review's top Jock School, are packed with students shouting "War Eagle" — the school's battle cry. It's especially loud during the annual Iron Bowl against the University of Alabama, Auburn's top rival. 

Before the game, hundreds of students come out to Auburn's huge tailgates, which are loaded with games, food, and, of course, beer. 

#18 Bucknell University

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania

A small school with a large Greek scene, more than half of Bucknell's students are in a fraternity or sorority.

With not much else to do in the surrounding area, students have social lives that are pretty much restricted to campus — where there is always a lot of alcohol and someone throwing a party.

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The Vitamix Is Going To Completely Revolutionize Your Kitchen



After the holidays, many of us are carrying a few extra pounds, and as of January 1st, looking to improve our lifestyle. Eating better is a common resolution, and this blender can help you do it. You're probably wondering why on earth you need this specific blender — the Vitamix S30— when you can just get any old blender at your local superstore.

Well, tl;dr — it's really the best.

For starters, you can make pretty much anything in the S30 — so that saves you the hassle of having to get multiple devices for making different things. (Not to mention the money.)

The beauty of the S30 is that it comes with two containers: a 20 oz. and a 40 oz. option — depending on what you need that day. With the smaller container, you'll be able to make yourself a quick blended kale-slash-fruit juice (or smoothie, or shake, or whatever you're feeling for a quick meal) and immediately flip it and take it to go. A total time saver, and it makes just enough for one person.

On the flip side, with the 40 oz. option you'll be able to make something a bit more substantial, and for multiple people. Think — garlicky tomato sauces for pastas or butternut squash soups in the winter. All you need to do is swap out the top.

Another great element about the Vitamix is that it cleans itself (yeah, you read that correctly).

Although that's not something most people consider when they're picking out a blender, it's certainly something that comes to mind when you're finagling with a janky blender's blades, trying to clean out the remains of your soup. Think ahead, here.

From the engineering perspective, the S30 comes with an interchangeable blade base that attaches to both containers easily, and a powerful motor that can crush even the toughest substances — even ice cubes.

Vitamix users swear by the blender's durability. So instead of having to buy a new blender ever year or so, just one, well-made blender is certainly worth the investment.


Full Specs:

  • 5-year warranty
  • Comes with 20 oz. and 40 oz. containers
  • Variable speed control
  • Pulse Features
  • 790-watt motor
  • Full color recipe book
  • 14.55" tall by 5.9" wide

You can get yourself a Vitamix at Amazon here for $428.85.

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Google's Larry Page Is Being Sued By A Painter Who Was Injured While Working On His Yacht


larry page senses yacht

A painter who worked on a remodel of "Senses," a 193-foot superyacht belonging to Larry Page, has filed suit against the Google CEO after suffering ongoing medical problems. 

According to documents filed in Alameda County Superior Court, painter James Grupinski experienced troubling symptoms including vomiting and bleeding from the eyes and ears while working 12-hour days aboard Page's yacht. 

He claims that the yacht lacked proper ventilation and that his supervisor failed to provide him with the safety equipment he needed for his work. 

The suit, filed against Page, Modern Mud, and HF Interior on December 23, alleges that Grupinski was told by a supervisor to "drink some milk" and "stop being a baby" after he asked to be taken to the hospital.

He claims he collapsed on the deck after using Parks Pro Liquid Paint Stripper without the proper safety gloves or filters. That particular product was discontinued more than a decade ago because it contains highly toxic ingredients.

Grupinski says that he continues to receive medical treatment for seizures, neuropathy, neurotoxicity, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, supra-umbilical hernias, and early-onset Alzheimer's disease. He is seeking compensatory and punitive damages for the injuries he suffered. 

Page was not present during the alleged violations, which court documents say occurred in May 2014. Page purchased the Philippe Starck-designed "Senses" for $45 million in 2011.

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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Here's What Happened To The 'Dude You're Getting A Dell' Guy


Ben Curtis is a 33-year-old actor best known for his role as the "Dell Dude." He appeared in 26 different commercials for the once goliath PC company in the early 2000s and became a national sensation for his "Dude, you're getting a Dell!" catchphrase.

After the cops busted Curtis for attempting to buy drugs, though, Dell immediately severed ties with the young actor. Curtis tells us about his time as the "Dell Dude," how much money he made, where all that money went, and what he's up to now.

Produced by Will Wei. Additional camera by Justin Gmoser

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Want to rub shoulders with a billionaire? Your best bet is to attend one of the cultural, sporting, or business events where the super-rich flock each year.

Wealth-X and UBS included a "billionaires' social calendar" in their recent Billionaire Census. We added a bit more information and created a handy version that you can print and hang on your refrigerator.

Grab your derby hat, ball gown, and checkbook, and mark down these dates.

BI_graphics_billionairesCalendar (1)

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Psychiatrist Reveals 5 Ways To Have Healthy And Meaningful Relationships

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