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Hugh Hefner's 23-Year-Old Son Has A Plan To Redefine The Playmate


More than 60 years after it was founded by Hugh Hefner, Playboy is working hard to remain successful and relevant by focusing on a key demographic: millennials. One key to this strategy is Cooper Hefner, the 23-year-old son of the company's founder.

Playboy Enterprises CEO Scott Flanders tapped Cooper to act as a brand ambassador for the company in the United States and abroad. We talked to Flanders and Hefner, both of whom pointed to one key aspect of the aforementioned shift: a re-examination of what a Playboy playmate should look like.

Produced by Graham Flanagan. Additional camera by Ryan Larkin.

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The 32 Hottest Startup CEOs In America


grace choi minkThere's no shortage of hot startups.

To stand out, startup CEOs are getting creative by launching innovative products and raising tons of money — and they've got the world talking.

We've found the hottest startup CEOs in the US. We ranked the CEOs by buzz, accounting for how much money their company raised and how much they've been in the news this year.

For the purpose of this list, we defined a startup as a private tech company that's less than five years old. With one exception, we included only US-based startups that have taken venture-capital funding and have not yet IPO'd or been acquired.

Did we miss a buzzy startup CEO? Let us know in the comments.

32. David Arabov

Company: Elite Daily

Arabov created the news website Elite Daily because he and the site's other two cofounders wanted to make a news site that was The Huffington Post for millennials. "Gen Y is where our biggest source of traffic comes from. The average reader is between 18 to 26 years old, and it's split between male and female," Arabov told Business Insider.

Founded in 2012, the startup just received its first funding in June, $1.5 million from Social Starts, Vast Ventures, Red Sea Ventures, and Greycroft Partners.

31. Or Arbel

Company: Yo

The Yo app is incredibly simple. You just tap a friend's name and the app sends that person a notification saying "Yo!" in a robotic voice, which is actually the voice of Arbel.

Yo, which came about when a friend enlisted Arbel to make an app that notified his personal assistant, has 1 million users.

In one round of fundraising, the app received $1.5 million. We wait to see which direction Arbel will go from here. 

30. Paul Budnitz

Company: Ello

Ello is an invite-only ad-free social network that allows users to customize profiles with creative layouts. "When a network is very simple," Budnitz says, "people want specific features, and they’re willing to pay for those features."

The social network has raised $5.9 million in two rounds of fundraising from the Foundry Group, Bullet Time Ventures, and FreshTracks Capital.

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7 Habits Of Happy Couples


couple summer

Science has discovered that long-lasting relationships depend on kindness and generosity

This presents us with a question: How do we put those facts into practice? What actions can we take to improve our relationships?

Luckily, a bunch of smart people submitted answers to a recent Quora thread, "What habits do happy couples have?" 

The results — a mixture of rituals, best practices, and qualities to cultivate — were instructive. Here are a few habits of happy couples.

They communicate, communicate, communicate.

User Tim Grahl says that whenever he and his wife have a disagreement, they don't "let it go." Instead, they talk until they understand one another's point of view.

"We talk about how we're raising our sons, we talk about how we spend our time, we talk about our schedules to make sure we aren't too busy," he writes. "On anything remotely important, we make sure we stay on the same page and come to an agreement before moving forward." 

They're aware of, and have great respect for, one another's emotional well-being.

One anonymous user said that in her 36 years of marriage to her husband, they've made sure to be transparent about any pain that comes up. 

"If one of us feels hurt, we say ouch," she writes. "The one who feels hurt gets to talk uninterrupted for as long as it takes to express the hurt. The other listens, then asks questions for clarity. If the one who did the hurting can rephrase what was said that hurt, that may be all it takes." 

They spend time alone together. 

When user Marcus Geduld and his wife unwind together, they don't have to be interacting. They might be sharing a sofa, but they're in their own worlds. "My wife may watch TV while I post answers on Quora, or she may do a crossword puzzle while I read," he shares. "It's nice to be in the same room together without any expectation that one of us has to amuse the other." 

They start as equal partners, and they stay equal. 

At the start of the relationship, it's crucial to look deeply into the relationship dynamic and see if it will be a partnership of equals, however that may be defined. 

"If you don't legitimately believe that [you're equals]," an anonymous user writes, "then there will forever be a built-in weakness in the relationship, which will never be a true partnership."

The data backs this up: New research shows that marriages with significant age differences are more likely to end in divorce.

They encourage differences. 

A couple is two people continually choosing to be together, and that needs to be appreciated.

"See the wonder in [your differences]," says another wise anonymous Quora user. "That's what made you fell in love with that person, the new and different things that you didn't have. Make them grow. Do not try to erase them so you become one. Always be two."

They cuddle. 

User Jen Lynn and her husband have an enviably cozy tradition: cuddle time. "Every day after work, they spend five to 30 minutes laying in bed and just cuddle, talk about our day, talk about what we want to do that evening," she writes

It's mundane, she says, and that's the point — no TV or radio on, no iPhone in hand. 

"It's just being with each other and decompressing from the day," she says.

They regularly make important decisions together.

User Drew Lanza and his wife Jane like to hold regular "summit conferences" — formal meetings where they reach an agreement about a big decision.

For example, their kids are now grown, so it's time for a summit conference with a few major questions, like: Do we stay in our house or downsize? What level of financial support should the kids get going forward?

The important thing is that the questions are asked.

"There are no 'right' answers to these sorts of questions — that's why you hold the summit conference," he explains. "But we've discovered that it's important that we noodle, then make a decision together." 

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15 Gifts Any Dad Would Love


Dads_Gift GuideCorrect us if we're wrong, but your dad probably has enough ties by now.

This year, get him something he'll actually use. Whether your dad's a techie, an outdoorsman, or a world traveler, we found the best gifts for every dad and every budget.

If these don't make you the favorite child, we don't know what will.

Make him master of the grill.

Dad will love a set tools that bring out the best in his favorite pastime. This stainless steel grill set includes a chef's spatula, grill tongs, a silicon basting brush, four pairs of corn holders, a cleaning brush, and an extra brush head.

The tools look sleek and are easy to clean, and they come in an aluminum case that keeps the family together.

Price: $27.01

Stick to what's safe.

Maybe your dad doesn't have enough ties, but that doesn't mean you should submit to the same old thing. The Tie Bar style box comes with four ties, two pocket squares, a pair of socks, a lapel pin, and a tie bar in a variety of matching color combinations, taking his selection to the next level.

Alternatively, sign him up for The Tie Bar's Tie of the Month Club, where he'll get a new neck tie or bowtie every month.

Price: $89

Teach him how to drink beer the right way.

Maybe there's no wrong way to drink a beer, but you can definitely help dad enhance his experience with an authentic set of German beer glasses by Spiegelau.

The set of four glasses includes a stemmed pilsner glass, a tall pilsner glass, a lager glass, and a wheat beer glass. They're sturdy and light and are made to hold a wide variety of different brews.

Price: $39.99

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A 24-Year-Old Left His Job At Bain To Sell Trendy Men's Overalls



Chances are the last time you wore overalls they were a denim OshKosh B'gosh pair your mother put on you as a toddler.

But Matt Jorgensen, Ben Waller, and Aidan Nelson — three friends who met while undergrads at Dartmouth College — are betting that's all about to change.

They've created a new product, called Rousers, which they're calling overalls for the "modern urban man." 

But these aren't your granddaddy's overalls, or even the ones you wore as a kid. They feature a slim, modern cut and are made with premium chino fabric.

The company wants to bring refinement to the overall with tortoiseshell-patterned buttons and herringbone-patterned pocket fabric round out the details. Of course, we were skeptical.

"When you hear [overalls], it sounds almost like a little bit of a troll," Jorgensen admitted to Business Insider.

But the choice to design overalls isn't a joke — far from it. 

"Overalls, to us, embody a lot of what clothing should be: fun, practical, and versatile," said Jorgensen, who left his consulting job at Bain & Company to work full-time on bringing Rousers to market. "There is this feeling that fashion should be fun without taking itself too seriously.

For him, it was all about "building versus planning." 

"I wanted the opportunity to build something tangible where I had the responsibility and ability to f*** up or make something fly," Jorgensen said.

IMG_0956.JPGReaction to the new product has been very positive, he said. "Seeing that [overalls] can be stylish is, I think, surprising for a lot of people," he told us. He added that people who tried the garments on praised how they felt and liked how they looked in them.

And "modern urban man" isn't just a code word for hipster. Though we imagine that early adopters will include farmers'-market-going, fixed-wheel-bike-riding, beard-sprouting Brooklynites, Jorgensen is confident overalls can break out of that niche market and be worn instead of a nice pair of jeans.

Still, the partners realize that wearing overalls is "an edgy look."

"It's probably not for everyone to wear a product that turns heads, but I think there are enough men out there looking for a unique look and don't necessarily take themselves too seriously," Jorgensen said.

I wanted the opportunity to build something tangible where I had the responsibility and ability to f*** up or make something fly

It wasn't easy for the three friends to get a working prototype off the ground without any garment-making experience. Help was needed, and through a friend of a friend (of a friend), the group was introduced to contacts in the New York fashion world, which helped them take their crude drawings and cutouts to the finished product.

The overalls are only available via Kickstarter for now, and only if the project is funded. That doesn't look like it will be an issue though, as it has recieved a very enthusiastic response, with 75% of its $25,000 goal already met and over two weeks to go at the time of writing. Kickstarter has also featured the project as a "staff pick." The overalls will retail at $145, but are available for $98 to Kickstarter donors.

If Rousers are successful, this is just the beginning for the trio. Right now they're only available in gray, but they envision the pants in every color, with slimmer cuts, a winter flannel version, and a summer linen version. Rousers are, of course, made in America, to go along with the garment's Americana heritage.

If all goes according to plan, Rousers aims to become the next big e-commerce menswear brand.

Belt makers, consider this your warning.


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Why Fraternities Will Never Disappear From American College Life


Sigma Pi College Students Fraternity

As 2014 has repeatedly demonstrated, there are serious issues with collegiate Greek life, specifically with traditional social fraternities. Don't expect them to be removed from college campuses anytime soon, though.

The year opened with an editorial from Bloomberg View calling for the end of student Greek life, claiming that "the fraternities that dominate so much of collegiate social life are of dubious value." These arguments have only increased in the wake of various fraternity controversies this semester, leading to suspended Greek systems for at least four schools — Clemson University, West Virginia University, University of Virginia, and San Diego State University — and a high-profile move by Wesleyan University to co-educate their campus fraternities.

However, the recent — and seemingly increasing — backlash against fraternities is actually nothing new.

Business Insider spoke with University of Northern Colorado history professor Nicholas Syrett — author of "The Company He Keeps: A History of White College Fraternities"— who said the conversation about banning fraternities had happened many times before.

"It does seem to me that the focus on campus sexual assault and rape is relatively new, but this discussion is hardly unprecedented," Syrett said.

Earlier this year, Newsweek writer Zach Schoenfeld investigated a string of Greek-system shutterings in the 1980s and 1990s, which stemmed from "most of the usual suspects: worrisome hazing rituals, out-of-control alcohol abuse, sexism."

Notably, though, as Shoenfeld and Syrett both point out, these schools were all small liberal arts colleges in the Northeast. Perhaps more importantly, none of the colleges to abolish Greek systems was particularly dependent on fraternities and sororities, either for students' social lives or campus housing.

"When there have been discussions of doing this before, it hasn't happened," Syrett said. "The places that have gotten rid of fraternities were less dependent on them. The notion of repercussions hasn't been as strong."

The only school that dismantled a truly entrenched fraternity system was Princeton University, Syrett said, and it's arguable how successful that change ultimately was. The "eating clubs" that were established in the wake of Greek life's demise, Syrett said, are not dissimilar from the system they replaced.

One of Princeton's eating clubs, Tiger Inn, has recently made headlines for a series of lewd and sexist emails sent out to the membership by two student officers, who have since been removed from their positions.

Princeton University Eating Club Tiger Inn Students

Even this semester's system-wide suspensions, which made headlines when first announced, appear to have had a minimal impact on Greek life.

At Clemson, Greek life at least partially resumed within weeks of the original suspension. WVU's, SDSU's, and UVA's fraternity systems remain suspended, but UVA is set to resume Greek activities on Jan. 9 — the first day of fraternity and sorority recruitment.

Perhaps ironically, these large, often public universities are the very schools that could benefit most from a strong Greek system — with thousands of people on campus, fraternities offer smaller communities to students who might otherwise feel overwhelmed or lost in the shuffle.

It's clear that there are serious problems within many fraternity chapters. Syrett told Inside Higher Ed in 2009, after his book first came out, that "ample evidence" existed demonstrating that fraternity members were "involved in more binge drinking, hazing mishaps (some of which lead to serious injury and death), and sexual assault than most of their peers."

Atlantic contributor Caitlin Flanagan also detailed many terrible qualities attributed to fraternities — from hazing to alcohol abuse to poor treatment of women — in an investigative feature for the magazine earlier this year titled "The Dark Power of Fraternities."

However, despite the many issues and repeated calls for the end of collegiate Greek life, it seems exceptionally unlikely that fraternities and sororities will disappear anytime soon — if ever. Here are a few reasons why:

Campus Housing

Perhaps the biggest reason that collegiate Greek life will stay on campuses is the practical benefit that the system grants colleges. Greek housing in particular is so ingrained into many campuses that removing it would leave the schools with potentially thousands of students in need of a place to live and a logistical nightmare.

When colleges began significantly growing during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, according to Flanagan, "the fraternities involved themselves very deeply in the business of student housing, which provided tremendous financial savings to their host institutions, and allowed them to expand the number of students they could admit." Flanagan also explains how this has become a potentially inescapable problem for colleges:

Today, one in eight American students at four-year colleges lives in a Greek house, and a conservative estimate of the collective value of these houses across the country is $3 billion. Greek housing constitutes a troubling fact for college administrators (the majority of fraternity-related deaths occur in and around fraternity houses, over which the schools have limited and widely varying levels of operational oversight) and also a great boon to them (saving them untold millions of dollars in the construction and maintenance of campus-owned and -controlled dormitories).

University Nebraska Fraternity Row

Outside Social Outlets

Fraternities offer a social outlet to college campuses that operates outside of the school's budget and removes much of the potential liability that could threaten an administration.

The Greek system's social benefit to colleges is highlighted in a Trinity College report from 2010 on the future of the school's fraternities and sororities. According to the report, "Between the College regulations and the law, [Trinity] had in fact allowed the popular, late-night social life to become the responsibility of the fraternities."

The Trinity report cites "mutual benefits" for the school and its Greek system — "the College got a social outlet that did not come from the College budget and which existed at a small remove; and the fraternities got the attention and mystique accorded by peers."

Flanagan also notes the social appeal of having fraternities for colleges, writing that "fraternities provide colleges with unlimited social programming of a kind that is highly attractive to legions of potential students, most of whom are not applying to ivy-covered rejection factories, but rather to vast public institutions and obscure private colleges that are desperate for students."

Alumni Donations

Schools may also be hesitant to get rid of fraternities because they fear a financial blow — Greeks tend to be more professionally successful than unaffiliated students and will most likely donate more to their alma mater.

"At least one study has affirmed what had long been assumed: that fraternity men tend to be generous to their alma maters," Flanagan wrote. This kind of pressure probably prevents colleges from removing Greek life, even if they want to.

"Schools are beholden to donating alumni," Syrett said. "When they try and do something counter to the fraternities' interests, they have to worry about money."

Fraternity Brothers Students

Students' Rights

There is another, more intangible, reason that fraternities won't disappear from college campuses anytime soon — their removal may be against the United States Constitution.

When a school administration threatens its campus' fraternity system, students often respond that any ban would infringe on their right to freedom of association, protected by the Constitution. Flanagan writes that while this argument may be "legally delicate," it has "withstood through the years."

She writes: "The powerful and well-funded political-action committee that represents fraternities in Washington has fought successfully to ensure that freedom-of-association language is included in all higher-education reauthorization legislation, thus 'disallowing public Universities the ability to ban fraternities.'"

National fraternity leadership recognizes that individual houses need to be punished if they break school policy, or the law, but that shouldn't affect a college's entire system. In a statement to Business Insider, Pete Smithhisler, the head of the North-American Interfraternity Conference, said:

When there are unsafe situations that arise for any student, colleges and universities must act according to their own policies and procedures to ensure the safety of the entire campus.

However, the NIC is opposed to unilaterally punishing all fraternities and fraternity members based on allegations limited to a handful of bad actors — especially when they are behaving within the school's rules, regulations and codes of conduct. Punishing an entire community for isolated or individual actions undermines the spirit of collaboration and education that is supposed to occur on campus. The NIC encourages colleges and universities to work collaboratively with students and fraternal partners to address the root causes or issues leading to the high-risk behaviors.

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30 Photos That Will Make You Grateful For Your Commute



The average American spends 38 hours a year stuck in traffic. 

It gets worse in the world's megacities: Commuters in Mexico City, Moscow, and Beijing can get stuck in traffic for hours at time. Here are a few gripping images of those journeys.

Alex Davies contributed to an earlier version of this article.

Thousands of people commute to work in Bangladesh by boat. Here, residents of Dhaka take out their umbrellas.

The security checks during rush hour in Beijing make for insanely long lines. The checks have been tightened due to an attack in China's Xinjiang region, where dozens were killed in May 2014.


It doesn't get much easier once you're actually on the train.

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The Workout Essentials Every Woman Needs This Winter


exercise fitness home workout yoga matWe know they're warm, but throw out those tattered workout pants immediately.

Staying warm during your winter workout doesn't mean you have to look sloppy.

Insider Picks has put together some great winter workout clothes that'll keep you warm — and stylish.

Sneakers, leggings, sweatshirts — we've got them all here.

Outdoor Jackets

Skip the bulky parkas and pick up something that's both warm and lean. Here are some of the best options for this winter.

nike jacket winter bomberNike Tech Fleece 3MM Bomber
Bring this season's trendy bomber jacket to your workout.
Price: $150

Nike Shield Flash Max 
Combines reflectivity and weather protection.
Price: $495 

Nike Tech Cape
Light weight warmth in a cotton blend, and it comes with a hood.
Price: $130

nike jacket runningNike Aeroloft Hybrid
Here's the lightweight alternative to a parka jacket to keep your core warm.
Price: $250

North Face 'Crescent Sunset' Full Zip Jacket
A warm, thin jacket with a full zipper on the front.
Price: $85.00 $63.75 



This season colorful sneakers are all the rage. Plus, they're a fun way to break up the monotony of all the winter grays and navys.

nike sneakersNike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 Nordic Print
These light sneakers are best for training-specific flexibility and traction.
Price: $110

nike running shoeNike Free 5.0 TR Fit 4 Mezzo Print
These are also for training-specific flexibility, but in a smaller print if you don't want to go too bold with your sneakers.
Price: $100 

Nike Free 5.0 Flash
These shoes provide visibility and weather protection — making them great for running in wet, dark conditions.
Price: $115

Leggings And Pants

Here are the best leggings and pants for this winter. If you're a runner, we recommend getting leggings. And if it's particularly cold, you can double up on wearing baggier pants over leggings.

nike leggings running pantsNike Epic Lux
If you don't like frills, here is a great pair of basic, black leggings.
Price: $110

Nike Rally Tight

Here are thin sweatpants that you can wear either before your workout (to keep muscles warm) or after.
Price: $50

Nike Tech Woven
If you prefer your sweatpants on the baggier end, these are a better option.
Price: $70

Fun Leggings And Pants

If you can't get enough leggings and pants, you should get some fun pairs as well. (Bonus: these can double up as "regular clothes," now that active-wear is officially on trend.)

nike pants leggings running winterNike Pro Hyperwarm Nordic Training Pants
These leggings manage sweat and provide thermal insulation — making them perfect for staying warm and dry in the winter.
Price: $60

Nike Pro Jordan Sneaker Tights
These are a limited-edition print on a sweat-wicking fabric. Score.
Price: $130

Nike Pro Hyperwarm Mezzo Waistband
These are a great option for staying really warm in the color weather.
Price: $60


It's imperative to keep your muscles warm during the winter to prevent injuries and pulls. So you'll want to have at least one good sweatshirt on hand. And you might as well make it a cool one.

nike sweatshirt coolNike Tech Fleece 3MM Crew
This sweatshirt has a streamlined silhouette and a back zipper. Plus, this one's nice enough to wear around outside of your workout.
Price: $120

Nike Tech Fleece Crew
The same silhouette as the previous sweatshirt, but in a fun print.
Price: $120

Felted CrewneckPullover
If you don't need anything super-stylish, this is a great basic pullover to keep your muscles warm.
Price: $60


Here are all the things you generally forget to buy. Socks to prevent athletes foot; a gym bags to carry everything you need; and gloves to keep your fingers warm for outdoor runs.

backpack nikeNike Hoopes Elite Max Air Team Backpack
This backpack is water-resistant and has cushioned shoulder pads to keep your back safe.

Nike Victory Gym Club Metallic Duffel Bag
This bag is durable and water-resistant — so snow and rain won't get your things wet.

Nike Vapor Flash 
This pair of gloves provide visibility and protection against rain and snow. A total lifesaver for runners.
Price: $65

ASICS Women's Cushion Low Cut Socks (3-Pack)
These socks are made to manage moisture and cushion your feet.
Price: $10

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A Professor May Have Discovered A Never-Before-Seen Walt Whitman Poem


Walt Whitman

While digging through old newspapers at the Library of Congress, Wendy Katz, an associate professor of art history at the University of Nebraska, found a poem she didn't recognize. The author was listed as W.W. — as in Walt Whitman.

"I was literally going through these newspapers page by page and fully expected to find some of Whitman’s journalism,'  she told to the Lincoln Journal Star. "I didn’t expect to find a poem."

The 15-line work, never seen before, is titled "To Bryant, The Poet Of Nature" and was published on June 23, 1842 in the New Era. Considering Whitman's friendship with New York Evening Post editor and poet William Cullen Bryant, the new poem likely pays homage to him.

Because newspapers at the time rarely published full author names, though, Katz has to make a case that the poem is truly by Whitman. She published an article in the summer/fall issue of the Walt Whitman Quarterly Review, which argues for three main points: the initials, the style of the poem compared to "Leaves Of Grass," and Whitman's relationship to political editors at the time. 

"That's what the article I wrote for the journal was about," Katz explained to the UNL Today, "trying to persuade people that it is him."

Here's the full version: 

To Bryant, the Poet Of Nature

Let Glory diadem the mighty dead—

Let monuments of brass and marble rise

To those who have upon our being shed

A golden halo, borrowed from the skies,

And given to time its most enduring prize;

For they but little less than angels were:

But not to thee, oh! nature’s OWN, we should

(When from this clod the minstrel-soul aspires

And joins the glorious band of purer lyres)

Tall columns build: thy monument is here—

For ever fixed in its eternity—

A monument God-built! ‘Tis seen around—

In mountains huge and many gliding streams—

Where’er the torrent lifts a melancholy sound,

Or modest flower in broad savannah gleams.

— W.W., “New Era,” June 23, 1842

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13 Things You Didn't Know Your iPhone 6 Could Do

STUDY: 86% Of Vegetarians Go Back To Eating Meat



A study released by the Humane Research Council (HRC) — a nonprofit that provides public opinion research for use by animal advocacy groups — says at least 86% of vegetarians go back to eating meat at some point in their lives.

Vegans, however, are more likely to stick to their beliefs, with only 70% sliding back into the omnivore lifestyle. 

The study goes on to say that the motivations to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet are varied, with health, animal welfare, disgust by animal products, care for the environment, and taste all ranking highly.

But the major motivation that influenced now-former vegetarians and vegans was health, which suggests that those who adopt meatless diets primarily for their health benefits are less likely to stick to it.

The study used a large sampling of 11,399 respondents across multiple population groups in the US. The adults were chosen by Harris Interactive, the same company that does the well-respected Harris Poll.

Other startling figures from the study included that only 2% of the US population is currently vegetarian or vegan, but that 10% of the population have at one time or another identified as such.


According to Psychology Today, the implications of the study say that instead of calling for strict removal of meat and animal byproducts in our diets, we should instead look to reduce our intake of those foods. 

The report argues that it would be much more productive to persuade people to reduce their animal consumption than to persuade everyone to give up animal products completely.

And for those quick to send this article gloatingly to high-minded vegetarian friends, be warned — 37% of the former vegetarians and vegans surveyed said they would consider adopting the diet again.

See the rest of the results from the study at HRC's website.

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The 15 Best Ski Resorts In America


Vail Ski resort

Ski season has officially arrived in the US, with most mountain resorts officially opening within the next week.

FindTheBest helped us pick the best ski resorts in the US. They generated a Smart Rating to rank ski resorts around the country, based on rankings from SKI Mag and PowderHounds.com, mountain size, terrain, and snowfall. 

In addition to awesome slopes, these mountains offer everything from sleigh rides to heli skiing to bumping apres-ski parties. 

15. Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Teton Village, Wyoming

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is designed for the advanced skier with 50% of its 116 trails being black diamonds and expert level trails. The mountain is one of the tallest on our list at 4,139 feet tall. Its longest trail stretches for four and a half miles.

Despite few nightlife options, the resort offers tons of outdoor activities like snowmobiling, sleigh rides, and heli skiing.

Lift Ticket: $109

Jackson Hole resort

Source: Facebook/Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

14. Copper Mountain Ski Resort, Copper Mountain, Colorado

Copper Mountain Ski Resort accommodates all ski levels from advanced snowcat skiing to beginners learning to master the snow plow. The resort is family friendly with daycare and ski school as well as a village with shops and restaurants.

Copper Mountain has 2,465 skiable acres, 140 trails, and is a great value. Season passes are $389 which is 21% less than the US average.

Lift Ticket: $75

Copper Mountain Ski

Source: Facebook/Copper Mountain

13. Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Olympic Valley, California

Squaw Valley has an average annual snowfall of 450 inches and 177 trails. Despite having 29 chairlifts and 4,000 skiable acres, Squaw Valley can get overcrowded.

The resort offers activities from night skiing to dog sledding and has great nightlife options with 21 bars and restaurants to choose from. The bar Le Chamois is known for its incredible apres-ski parties.

The popular ski spot established its reputation as a top ski resort when it was featured in the 1960 Winter Olympics.

Lift Ticket: $99

Sqaw Valley Ski

Source: Facebook/Squaw Valley

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Here's How Sizing Varies At Different Retailers


For years, retailers have been accused of "vanity sizing" — selling items that run big as smaller sizes to flatter the customers. 

Reporter Chavie Lieber at Racked teamed up with social shopping network Fitbay to determine which brands are guilty of the practice. 

Fitbay matches up members with retail stores whose clothing flatters their body types. 

The company told Business Insider it analyzed 100,000 data points from female and male customers.

J. Crew clothing ran large for both sexes, while Abercrombie & Fitch and American Apparel ran small. 

fitbay vanity sizing infographic

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19 Gifts The Modern Gentleman Should Buy For Everyone In His Life


Gentleman Gift_Gift GuideJust because the modern gentleman is busy, doesn't mean he isn't thoughtful.

A gentleman values those who are close to him, and he knows they deserve the best gifts this holiday season.

To help you out, Business Insider has put together a list of elegant, useful items he should get for each person in his life. 

Take a look. You can thank us later.

For dad — share your next beer together with a Belgian Kwak glass and holder.

The "Pauwel Kwak" Belgian ale is named after an 18th century brewer, and — like most great beers — it has its own glass.

Legend has it that Kwak himself designed the wooden holder and beer so that coach who'd stop by his tavern could easily handle the drink.

Price: $43.98

For mom — some time to unwind at the spa.

Your mother has done a lot for you over the years and, chances are, she never takes the time to do anything for herself.

So get her a spa membership to help work some downtime into her schedule.

Bliss offers memberships in multiple states and countries around the world. Monthly memberships include a facial or massage, 10 percent off services, 20 percent off products, and two guest passes per year.

Price: $99 per month (one year minimum commitment)

For your girlfriend — a timeless accessory.

Every guy gives his girlfriend jewelry for the holidays. This year, be a bit more creative. Get your special lady the dazzling Crystalline watch from Swarovski.

Its stainless steel case is filled with 800 tiny crystals and the strap is made from white calfskin leather.

Price: $360

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Photographers Reveal The Stories Behind 2014's Most Powerful Pictures


Reuters 55

It's been an eventful year, and we've seen many striking photos from all over the world. They spark a range of emotions, from sorrow to joy, outrage to hope. 

But we often never learn the full story behind a photo, all the factors at work that put a brave photographer in the middle of the action to get the shot.

A number of noted Reuters photographers have come together to do just that: Tell the story of how they got some of 2014's most amazing photographs. Their stories will surprise you.

Pro-European integration protesters take cover from water sprayed from a fire engine at the site of clashes with riot police in Kiev, January 23, 2014.

"Everyday protestors moved up to the barricades, made from burnt buses and cars, to clash with the police. It was winter, cold, and police used water hoses to turn the streets in front of the barricades to ice. The protestors kept moving up to the police positions to throw Molotov cocktails and the police kept driving them back with rubber bullets and water hoses.

This was happening for many days. Molotov cocktails were everywhere - in the air, being thrown at the police and behind barricades ready to be used. The flag of Ukraine was seen everywhere, and one song was sang many times a day - the Ukraine anthem. To shoot pictures every day in a bulletproof vest and helmet, while walking among the piles of burnt tires and avoiding rubber bullets was a challenge. I was surprised by the strong desire of the protestors to change something in their life, how they helped each other - many people, including the very old, brought warm clothes and hot food to them." - Vasily FedosenkoReuters 55

Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters

People hang out in a Publix grocery store after being stranded due to a snow storm in Atlanta, Georgia, January 29, 2014.

"Atlanta is usually known for its mild winters but when an ice storm began hitting the Metro area directly, traffic reached nightmarish proportions and vehicles became stranded for long hours. I began my day on another assignment 100 miles north of Atlanta but immediately headed back when I saw the snowfall. Having grown up there, I know the back roads well, which helped as I hit traffic in the northern suburbs. I began taking pictures and transmitting what I could on the drive, arriving into the city at sunrise.

My sister said a friend of hers was stuck at a Publix grocery store that stayed opened all night to shelter and feed people. Ironically, I had slid into a bush nearby so after extracting my car, I went to the store to take pictures. The scene was surreal; scattered people slept soundly on the floor or tried to stay awake. Several of the pictures were widely published and friends called me from all over to ask about them. In total I spent over 30 hours in my car before I made it home." - Tami ChappellReuters 55

Men rest after salvaging metal on the 30th floor of the "Tower of David" skyscraper in Caracas in this photo taken on February 3, 2014.

"The building was intended to be a shining new financial center but was abandoned around 1994 after the death of its developer and the collapse of the financial sector. Squatters invaded the huge concrete skeleton in 2007 and now about 3,000 people call the tower their home. The first time I tried to get access to the tower wasn't really a success. I was told, not in the friendliest of terms, that I should leave while I still could. The residents of the tower, and particularly those in charge of managing it, were (and still are) very sensitive to media. Publications frequently feature headlines such as: 'Tower of terror,' 'The shanty skyscraper,' it has even been featured in an episode of the TV series 'Homeland' as a kidnappers' den.

My intention wasn't to follow on from these headlines. I wanted above all to create a portrait of the lives of the thousands of people who call this place home, and who face struggles and risks every day. I wanted to document without judging. That is what I told the squatters' board of administrators, who made me explain my intentions in producing this story. I felt the strong sense of community here from the first time I ascended the tower." - Jorge SilvaReuters 55

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25 Tumblrs That Went Ballistic In 2014


museum of selfies tumblr

Tumblr is an image-centric platform known for its quirky, shareable content. 

There was a ton of great content created on Tumblr this year, from hilarious Beyonce illustrations to poetic reinterpretations of today's pop songs.  

The Tumblr team analyzed traffic for millions of posts to compile a list of the most popular blogs for 2014. These are the blogs that went absolutely viral this year, attracting thousands of reblogs and fans all over the Internet. 

"If Paintings Could Text" imagines what characters in classic paintings would say if they had iPhones.

If Paintings Could Text »

On "Ghost Photographs," Artist Angela Deane paints on pictures to make figures look like ghosts.

Ghost Photographs »

"TL;DR Wikipedia" condenses Wikipedia entries in a humorous way.

TL;DR Wikipedia »

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NOW HIRING: Business Insider Is Looking For A Careers Reporter


business insider group shotBusiness Insider's Careers vertical is looking for a reporter in our Manhattan office.

If you enjoy covering corporate news (think Google, Apple, Facebook), hiring trends, and successful leaders, as well as topics like resume writing, negotiations, salaryjob interviewing, and millennials in the workplace, you might be the ideal candidate. 

But it's important that you also have the following:

*Excellent writing skills

*A basic understanding of business

*An interest in all types of news 

*Familiarity with the Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, LinkedIn, and other sites that cover the latest trends in business 

*A curiosity about the psychology of success and what makes CEOs, innovators, and creative minds tick   

*An ability to package information in a fresh and original way

*Creative and inspired ideas

*A journalism background

*Knowledge of social media

*Previous writing experience

APPLY HERE with a resume and cover letter if this sounds like your dream job, and specify why you're interested in working on Careers. 

This job is full-time and based in our New York City headquarters. Business Insider offers competitive compensation packages complete with benefits. 

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'Sophia' And 'Jackson' Are The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2014


Cute baby

Sophia and Jackson are the most popular baby names of 2014, according to the new list from BabyCenter.com.  

The data came from nearly half a million parents who shared their baby's name with BabyCenter.com in 2014.

Sophia was ranked the most popular name for the fifth year in a row — not to be confused with the name Sophie, which dropped down a drastic 20 spots to number 59.

This is the second year in a row that Jackson was the most popular baby name for boys, followed closely by Aiden and Liam, according to BabyCenter.com.

Four new record-breaking boys names entered the top 100 list: Easton, Xander, Ryder, and Sean. The names Caden and Logan were introduced to the top 10 list this year, taking the place of Jayden and Jack. 

The five most popular girls names of 2014 were Sophia, Emma, Olivia, Ava, and Isabella. The name Skyler made the largest leap on the top 100, jumping up 36 spots to the 63rd most popular name. Cora, Piper, Paisley, Clara, and Cadence were also popular this year.

The new baby names show that parents may be turning to their favorite Netflix shows for inspiration.

orange is the new black

Dubbed, “The Netflix Effect,” the popularity of binge-watching shows like “Orange Is The New Black” has led to the rise of certain names. 

Piper, the name of the lead character in the show, had a record-breaking year as it shot up 28% and secured its first spot on the top 100 list.

Another big new name was Galina (known as “Red” on the show), which jumped 67% in the rankings. Other character names like Nicky, Dayanara, Gloria, Alex, and Larry also saw a rise in popularity. 

"House of Cards," another Netflix obsession, also influenced parent’s baby-naming choices. The name Zoe went up by 13%, Frank rose by 19%, and Remy gained 11%. 

And thanks to the new Disney classic "Frozen," the name Elsa jumped up 29% on the list of baby names for girls. 

Below are the 10 most popular girl names of 2014:

  1. Sophia

  2. Emma

  3. Olivia

  4. Ava

  5. Isabella

  6. Mia

  7. Zoe

  8. Lily

  9. Emily

  10. Madelyn

And the 10 most popular boy names of 2014:

  1. Jackson

  2. Aiden

  3. Liam

  4. Lucas

  5. Noah

  6. Mason

  7. Ethan

  8. Caden

  9. Jacob

  10. Logan

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Michelin-Starred Chef Accused Of Discriminating Against Asians And 'Upper West Siders'


chef's table brooklyn fareChef César Ramirez of swank New York restaurant Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare has been sued by his former sous chef, a prep cook, and several servers for alleged discrimination.

The suit claims that Ramirez was discriminatory against Asian customers and "Upper West Siders" at the Michelin-starred restaurant, where customers eat a $255 (plus tax and tip) per person prix fixe meal at an 18-seat kitchen counter.

Emi Howard, a former server, claims in the suit that Ramirez referred to Asian customers as “s*** people” and would instruct her not to place them near him at the exclusive table.

Another time, when Howard did seat Asian individuals close to Ramirez at the counter, he subjected her to “a wild verbal tirade” and took control of the seating, the suit alleges. Howard herself is Asian.

The suit also claims that “when a large piece of meat was cut into many pieces for the guests, Defendant Ramirez instructed Ms. Howard to give the worst pieces of meat to the ‘s- -t people,’ i.e. Asian people, and to Upper West Siders.”

Ramirez and restaurant owner Moe Issa are also accused of illegally withholding defendants’ tips in the suit. The prix fixe meal does not include a 20% service charge, which averages to a little over $50 per customer. No tips were distributed to the service employees, according to the lawsuit, even when the customers paid extra. 

Furthermore, the former employees claim owner Issa and Ramirez refused to pay staffers overtime, even when they worked more than 70 hours a week.

Howard, Kyle McMahon, Loren Mash, and Santos Hernandez are seeking unspecified back pay and damages.

Ramirez released an open letter denying the claims on Eater (read the full letter here). He wrote, in part:

I am deeply saddened to write that it has been reported that former employees have filed a lawsuit with allegations of racism and wage withholding against me. I am writing to say that these allegations are false. 

With great humility I write here today to ensure all who are reading this that I am not a racist and I have never been. I am fortunate to work with a talented staff who come from all over the world and I value each and every one of these individuals and the knowledge and experiences that they bring. I myself immigrated to the United States as a child and it is a culmination of many cultural experiences that have guided me professionally and personally. My culinary skills and inspirations are derived from working for and learning from professors during my apprenticeships in Japan, Europe, and across the United States. The Chef's Table began as a vision that stemmed from these dynamic experiences that have made an impact in my life.

The suit was brought forward by Maimon Kirschenbaum, an attorney who has made a name for himself for filing class action lawsuits against some of the country’s fanciest restaurants, including Nobu, Jean Georges, and Daniel Boulud’s restaurants.

You can read the full lawsuit here.

SEE ALSO: Customer Furious After Restaurant Charges Him $3,750 For Wine It Said Cost 'Thirty-Seven Fifty'

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Larry Ellison's Son Launches A Clothing Line Inspired By His Dad's Hawaiian Island


Ellison Lanai collection 1

A couple of years ago billionaire software mogul Larry Ellison bought the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

The island inspired Larry to create a green energy paradise.

It inspired his son David Ellison to launch a new line of men's clothing, called the "LANAI Collection."

David is known for his sense of style, and for using his trust fund wealth to become a successful movie producer including "Star Trek Into Darkness" (2013), "World War Z" (2013) and "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol"(2011). (Larry's other offspring, daughter Megan Ellison, has become an uber successful movie mogul, too.)

David isn’t the designer of this new clothing line but he is the "founder and visionary," a spokesperson for the line tells Business Insider. "He wanted to create a collection that was inspired by the spirit of the island and is designed for a new vanguard that moves between work, play and adventure without changing their nature, much like David himself."

david ellisonThis is a luxury brand with luxury brand prices, as the taste of a billionaire's son would dictate: the clothes cost from $70 (for a crew neck T-shirt) to $295 (hoodie) to $1,995 (Suede aviator jacket).

Neither Larry or Megan are involved with this collection. It is David's alone, we're told.

However Arnold Schwarzenegger will be wearing the LANAI collection in the new Terminator film J, produced by David's movie company, Skydance.

Here's a few pieces in the collection:

Ellison Lanai 3

 David Ellison Lanai collection 4

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