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How To Buy The Right Glasses For Your Face


Russell Westbrook

You don't choose the size of your nose, the color of your eyes, or the fullness of your brow (at least without the assistance of a plastic surgeon), but what you can do is accessorize those features with a great pair of glasses.

Russell Westbrook, owner of a nice face to begin with, often opts to accent his features with colorful specs (see: here, here, and here).

Taking his love affair with eyewear a step further, he recently launched his own line, Westbrook Fames, which has now partnered with JackThreads for a new line of shades, all coming in under $100.

For thoughts on how best to frame the windows of your soul, we hit up Westbrook for some specific helpful tips.

Okay, so how often should a man purchase new glasses? I like to get new glasses and sunglasses every time the season changes, but I think if you have one classic pair and one cool, swaggy pair then you will be set.

When a dude puts on a pair of glasses and looks in the mirror, what should he look for? I think it's important to see if they are straight on your face and if they fit your face. If you have a small face and the glasses are really big then it might not look right.

Who do you ask for a second opinion when shopping for glasses? Ask a sales clerk, your friends, family, or even a random person walking in the store. I've done that plenty of times—just ask a complete stranger their opinion.

You have a lot of colorful plastic glasses in your collection. Why? How do I know what color is right for me? It's important to have a variety. I like to wear different colored frames based on what I'm wearing and what colors I have on. Plastic glasses are more affordable so people can own more frames in different colors.

Have you ever lost a pair of glasses you loved? I was actually in a store trying on new glasses and I took off my pair and left them on the counter. I didn't even get out of the store when I realized I forgot them but when I turned around they were gone. I think someone stole them and I was so mad!

When is it okay to wear sunglasses inside and when is it not? It's based on your own swag. If you feel comfortable wearing sunglasses inside then go for it!


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HOUSE OF THE DAY: An 11-Acre Estate In East Hampton Is About To Hit The Market For $140 Million


briar patch

An 11.2-acre estate with 1,156 feet of water frontage on Georgica Pond in East Hampton will list for $140 million, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A $140 million price tag on the estate, called Briar Patch, will make it the most expensive listing in the Hamptons. The current owners, Chris Whittle, and his wife Priscilla Rattazzi, bought the 10,000-square-foot home in 1989 and completely renovated it with architect Peter Marino in 1990.

Most recently, the home has been listed on Brown Harris Stevens for rent on a short-term lease for $175,000. 

The estate features an in-ground pool, tennis courts, acres of plush grass, a separate guest house, and access to Georgica Pond. The main home has six bedrooms and features historic "Georgian-Revival" shingles on the exterior.

Briar Patch sits on 11.2 acres of land.

The gorgeous porch has views of the 1,156 feet of water frontage on Georgica Pond.

The many amenities outside the home are probably the best parts of the property.

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Charlie Brown Is Back In The Spectacular Trailer For The New CGI 'Peanuts' Movie


Fox Family Entertainment released a full-length trailer for its upcoming "Peanuts" movie, scheduled to hit theaters in November 2015. The clip features a dream sequence where Snoopy engages in a spectacular aerial chase with the infamous Red Baron.

The movie is directed by Steve Martino, who previously helmed the animated hits "Horton Hears A Who" and "Ice Age: Continental Drift."

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TGI Fridays In The UK Are Testing 'Mistletoe Drones'


TGI FridaysTGI Fridays has announced plans to release mistletoe-carrying drones in its UK locations.

The company plans to fly the drones carrying small bundles of mistletoe in the hopes that “people get a little closer at this romantic time of the year,” TGI Fridays spokeswoman Rachel Waller told the Manchester Evening News

The drones will hover around couples eating at the restaurant chain and encourage them to partake in a little PDA.

The drones will also come equipped with a “kiss cam" to film a bird's-eye view of the very special moments. 

Mistletoe Drones Pretty awkward.

The drones are a part of a so-called #togethermas marketing stunt. According to the promotional video, nearly half of the British population have never kissed under mistletoe, and the restaurant chain wants to give its customers the "encouragement they need to make their move," Waller told Manchester Evening News

The stunt seems like an obvious ploy to lure back customers to the casual dining chain. It's reminiscent of Olive Garden's stunt earlier this year to give parents a "free date night" to drive up their sales.

In September, TGI Fridays said it would sell most of its company-owned restaurants to franchisees. Like many other casual dining restaurants, the company has struggled to bring in customers, and is working to reverse that trend by remodeling its restaurants and revamping its menu.

Casual dining restaurants have been hurting since customers are worried about cash and holding back from eating out. In the US, the average American only goes out to dinner 74 times a year — the lowest amount in three decades. 

The mistletoe drone project is being piloted at the Manchester TGI Fridays location, and will be introduced in locations across the UK soon.

Watch the full video below.   

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Watch These Second Graders React To The New 'Average' Barbie

Watch This Amazing Time-Lapse Video Of Auroras Over The South Pole

Paris Might Build A Modern Glass Tower—And Some People Are Furious


Paris is world famous for its gorgeous, uniform 19th-century Haussmann-style architecture.

As a result, Parisians are generally wary or even outright hostile toward new construction: when the Pompidou Centre was built in 1977, critics called it an eyesore, and the Tour Montparnasse was so reviled when it was built in 1969 that it was the last tower to be built in the central city since the '60s. 

But now Paris's mayor, Anne Hidalgo, is arguing that the city needs new high-rise construction to move into the future. And she's pushing her agenda forward with the proposal of the Triangle Tower, a 656-foot glass-and-steel tower that would be built in Paris's Montparnasse neighborhood.

Triangle Tower PAris

The proposal for the Triangle Tower went before Paris's city council this week, and even though city council members voted against the construction of the building, Mayor Hidalgo used her veto power to keep the project going, according to the New York Times.

If the project moves forward, construction is expected to cost about $627 million.

Paris Triangle Tower

Designed by Swiss architecture firm Herzog & de Meuron, the Triangle Tower would have 43 floors and be shaped like a pyramid. 

Award-winning architect Jean Nouvel praised the Triangle Tower as “one of the most incredible pieces of sculpture that I have seen in ages.” 

Triangle Tower Paris 2

Opponents argue that the tower would ruin the look and feel of the neighborhood, and would stand out as an eyesore in Paris's skyline.

Olivier de Monicault, the president of SOS Paris, an association that opposes skyscrapers in Paris, told the New York Times that the tower would act like "a wall that would cast a huge shadow on the surrounding neighborhood."

He also argued that it would change the look and feel of the neighborhood, saying that “tourists do not come here to see Manhattan."

Triangle Tower Paris 3

But Mayor Hidalgo and other proponents argue that without new high-rise constructions like this, Paris could be left behind in the future. 

“We risk Paris becoming solely a city with a history – a museum piece with no outlook on the future,“ said architect Jacques Rougerie.

Paris Triangle Tower

Proponents also argue that the construction of the building would bring about 5,000 construction jobs and a much-needed boost to the economy, according to the New York Times.

Paris Triangle Tower

Once constructed, the building would be home to offices, shops, an observation platform, and a panoramic restaurant at the top.

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Why It's Important That A Georgia O'Keeffe Painting Sold For $44 Million


O'Keeffe, Jimson Weed

Women are moving up in the art world.

Today, at an American art auction at Sotheby's New York, the Georgia O'Keeffe painting, “Jimson Weed/White Flower No. 1” (1932), sold for $44,405,000. The proceeds will go to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum's acquisitions fund.

That's seven times the artist's previous record at auction ($6.2 million), and almost four times the previous auction record for any work produced by a female artist ever ($11.9 million for an untitled Joan Mitchell work at Christie’s earlier this year).

This is a big deal.

It's a huge step forward in the thinking about what a woman is worth in the art market. Before today, only four works by women had ever been sold publicly over the $10 million threshold (and even then just barely, and only by adding auction fees to the "hammer price," which is what the seller is supposed to receive). This sale blew through that threshold and approached $50 million. 

It's not anywhere close to the $142 million paid for a Francis Bacon work at auction last year, the record for any artist at auction, but it's more or less an order of magnitude closer. 

Back in 2012, I interviewed several women in the art world about the disparity in prices between women and men at the top of the art market. The consensus was that the world was changing, as collectors stopped brushing off women because of their gender (as they did 20 years ago), and have become more and more willing to buy super-high-priced art regardless of the artists' gender.

But the change, up until this point, has been slow. The record for women inched up $500,000 here, $1 million there. That's a lot of money to most people, but pocket change to the most prominent collectors. 

There are a lot of caveats here: Selling for 4x the price of the previous record doesn't make this work 4x better. Aesthetic and cultural value doesn't necessarily correlate with monetary value. It's also just one sale — and not in a particularly flashy category, either — it could have been a fluke. It's hard to say what will happen from here.

But this sure seems like a paradigm shift for women in art. 

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How To Get The Best Haircut For Your Face Shape



Forget everything you think you know about face shapes and haircuts — it's probably all wrong.

All that nonsense about heart-shaped heads or oblong-shaped heads? For the most part, it just doesn't apply to the short, tapered, long-on-the-top haircuts popular with today's gentlemen.

According to barber Kyle Holbrook of Fellow Barber in San Francisco, you need to know only one thing about your face shape to get the most flattering haircut — whether your head is wider or longer.

In other words, is your face rounder than it is long, or longer than it is round?

It's really that simple.

A rounder, wider face should get a haircut that is tighter on the sides. This will give the whole face more length and balance out your proportions, thus giving you the illusion of having a less-round face.

For those with a longer, squarer face, ask for a longer length of hair on the sides and around the temples. This will frame your face and make it appear wider.

Ryan Gosling

These two subtle shifts can make a world of difference on how your new haircut will look on you.

Of course, a good barber will do this automatically, but Holbrook warns that you should always take charge of your hair. Your proportions will thank you.

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Chemistry Reveals Why Sriracha Is Just So Good


sriracha factory lineupBI Answers: Why does Sriracha sauce taste so good?

It adds kick to scrambled eggs, looks pretty on pasta, and even tastes good on pizza. Rumors that its southern California factory was closing spurned frightened fans to storm grocery stores and stockpile it by the box. An outside company even came out with keychain-size bottles of the stuff so devotees could squirt it on their favorite foods on the go.

But what explains our near-universal infatuation with Sriracha? As the American Chemical Society points out a recent video, it's all about the chemistry.

Sriracha's taste comes from five main ingredients: ground up red chile peppers, vinegar, garlic powder, salt, and sugar. It's so simple you can even make it at home.

sriracha ingredientsBut only one is responsible for its kick — the peppers.

Their sweet burn is what makes us all swoon — quite literally — for the sauce.

The peppers used in Sriracha contain two molecules in the capsaicin family that trigger the production of a special protein in our mouths. That protein, called TRPV1, is designed to respond to hotter-than-boiling temperatures by triggering the release of pain-killing molecules called endorphins — the same feel-good chemicals that get released when we exercise, eat chocolate, or have sex.

sriracha capsaicinIn other words, for people who like spicy food, Sriracha does more than simply taste good. It feels good, too.

But how spicy is Sriracha? And why does it heat up our mouths but not make our eyes water like wasabi or hot mustard?

According to the scoville scale, which ranks spicy foods based on how much they would need to be diluted by a solution of water and sugar to make their heat undetectable, Sriracha is somewhere in the mild-to-medium range. With a scoville ranking of 1,000 to 2,500 (depending on the patch of peppers your bottle came from), Sriracha ranks slightly more timid than Tabasco, which has a ranking of 2,500 to 5,000 scoville.

A pure habanero pepper, by comparison, clocks in at 350,000. Two of the world's hottest peppers rank far higher — the aptly named Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and Carolina Reaper rank somewhere between 1.5 million and 2 million scoville.

Sriracha's heat comes from a class of heavy molecules that mostly stay in your mouth. Wasabi and hot mustard, on the other hand, are made up of smaller, lighter molecules. These waft into your nasal cavity, where they make your nose burn and bring tears to your eyes. So even people who don't love the eye-watering heat of other spicy condiments might like Sriracha because it's a different kind of spice.

If it's still too spicy for you, though, and you can't finish the bottle, don't worry, because Sriracha basically never goes bad thanks to a few magical ingredients.

sriracha preservativeThis post is part of a continuing series that answers all of your "why" questions related to science. Have your own question? Email science@businessinsider.com with the subject line "Q&A"; tweet your question to @BI_Science; or post to our Facebook page.

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Here's Where New York City's Sewage Really Goes


New York City is home to 8.4 million, waste-producing people; that's a lot of toilets, drains and sewers.  It takes 14 wastewater treatment facilities scattered throughout the five boroughs to clean up all of our dirty water. 

We visited the largest facility, the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to see how the water is treated. It's a dirty job that surprisingly smells great.

Produced by Sam Rega. Additional camera by Justin Gmoser.

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17 Thanksgiving Hacks For The Best Meal Of Your Life


Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday where food, football, family, and friends all converge.

But hosting Thanksgiving can be a nightmare. Between cooking all the sides, roasting your bird, and talking to your guests, it's almost impossible to remain on schedule. 

Luckily there are a few easy hacks for cooking the best Thanksgiving meal of your life — and saving you from a few pitfalls. Keep reading to see our tips.


1. Peel garlic faster by microwaving it. Stick it in the microwave for 10 seconds and then peel the garlic with your hands — the cloves will slip right out of their casings.

peeling garlic GIF2. Peel an entire bucket of potatoes in under 50 seconds. Earlier this summer, a Danish man discovered he could peel an entire bucket of potatoes in less than a minute by using a hose, a clean toilet brush, and a power drill. You can watch the whole video here.

peeling potatoes easy gif3. Do all your chopping a day before. Carrots, celery, onions, and potatoes can all be pre-chopped and stored in the fridge overnight without losing any of their flavor. Keep the cut potatoes in water so they don’t turn brown and put the rest in Ziploc plastic bags. 

thanksgiving prep chopping vegetables


4. Make stuffing the night before. You can make and chill stuffing in the fridge for 24 hours before taking it out and baking it the day of.

thanksgiving stuffing dressing5. Add baking soda to potatoes for a fluffy texture. Just a pinch will do. The reason it works is because the baking soda reacts to the heat of the potatoes and forms tiny air pockets.

mashed potatoes6. Make and freeze your pies ahead of time. Not only is it incredibly convenient to bake your frozen homemade pies, but it also makes for a better, non-soggy crust. Wrap the pie in plastic wrap or foil before freezing and add 20-45 minutes of extra cooking time to your recipe.

Note: This works well for all fruit pies, but for pumpkin pie, freeze the custard mix separately from the crust. Defrost the custard a day before in the fridge and thoroughly whisk it before adding back to the crust and baking.

cherry pie 37. Use a slow cooker for some sides to save oven space. Dressing, stuffing, casseroles, potatoes, and more can all be made in a slow cooker to save room in the oven (and cook to perfection without any oversight). Just search “slow-cooker Thanksgiving side dishes” and you’ll find a lot of good ideas.

slow cooker potatoes sides8. Keep warm, finished items in a cooler. When you’re done making your sides but want to keep them warm while the turkey cooks, stick them in an empty cooler. You can also warm a brick in an oven, wrap with a dish towel, and stick that in there too to keep everything warm until serving time. 


9. Buy a meat thermometer. If you want to cook a turkey perfectly, a meat thermometer is all you need to avoid dry meat. Turkey needs to cook to 170 degrees. Insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the turkey’s thigh (making sure you don’t hit the bone). When it’s 8 to 10 degrees away from your target temperature, remove the turkey and let it rest for a half an hour. It will keep cooking just enough to make it done without drying out the meat. 

meat thermometer turkey10. Get a second turkey, not a bigger turkey.  A big turkey takes longer to thaw, longer to cook, and cooks less evenly. You’re more likely to get dry meat with a larger bird and it’s hard to carry, position, and carve a huge turkey. Instead, buy two smaller turkeys  — it won’t change the cooking time and they'll be much easier to manage.

Rule of thumb says you should have a pound of turkey for each guest. For 15 people, two 10 pound turkeys should do just fine (with ample leftovers).

two turkeys cooking in an oven11. Dry brine your turkey— it will save time and effort. Brining a turkey used to be the classic way to prepare your bird, but it’s a messy, arduous process. The easier method is to dry brine your turkey, which essentially means you just rub it down with all of your herbs, salt, and pepper. Find out how to do it here

dry brine turkey12. Rub butter and herbs over and under the skin. Lift the skin up and slide little pads of butter between the skin and the meat. Rub in some herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage), add a little oil, put some salt on there, and add more butter on top. This will really make the skin crispy on the outside and the meat succulent.

thanksgiving turkey prep13. Roast the turkey while you sleep. This is perhaps the easiest way to cook the turkey and you barely have to do anything. Season the turkey, drizzle in oil, and then roast at 450 for 45 minutes to an hour, until it becomes a golden brown. Then turn down the heat to 170 and let it roast away to the perfect doneness. At this level, it’s roughly an hour per pound (so a 20 pound turkey would take 20 hours). 

turkey roasting cooking oven14. Spatchcock your turkey. Spatchcocking (essentially butterflying your turkey) will cook the bird faster, more evenly, and is pretty simple to do. You can either have the butcher spatchcock it or you can do it yourself with some poultry scissors and a knife. Watch and learn how to do it here:

It also makes carving a breeze. 

spatchcocking turkey spatchcock butterflying15. Forgot to defrost your turkey? You can still roast itLet’s say you forgot to thaw your turkey in the fridge. It happens, but you should start roasting that turkey immediately. Take the recommended cooking time for a thawed turkey of your size and add 50% more time (so a turkey that should take 5 hours will now take 7.5 hours). You can baste, butter, and salt the turkey as you go along.

turkey butterball frozen


16. Make dinner a potluck to save table space. The concept of the Rockwell Thanksgiving table is tempting, but it’s so inconvenient and crowded. Instead, set up a potluck station in the kitchen and have everyone grab their plates before sitting down. This will streamline the entire process.

thanksgiving spread potluck food17. Carve your turkey the right way. Remove the legs and thighs first, then the drumsticks, then the wishbone, then the breasts, then the wings. Then slice up all the meat and transfer to a platter. Add a little bit of gravy to add more moisture and flavor, and serve.

carving turkey

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This Smartphone Breathalyzer Will Keep You From Embarrassing Yourself At The Company Party [14% Off]



The holidays are coming up.  That means a lot of parties. When you're out and you've had a couple of drinks, use this breathalyzer to make sure you're OK to drive  you need a reliable way to make better decisions.

The BACtrack Vio is a quick and easy way to monitor your blood alcohol content at any time, and we've got it for 14% off.

Even if you're not driving, use this to think twice about that next beer at the company party. No one wants to be the subject of the watercooler talk the next morning. It's compatible with your iOS or Android smartphone, and is easy to conceal on your keys. The BACtrack Vio has a sanitary flip-up mouthpiece to keep out germs and impurities. You'll be happy you checked it.

Get 14% off The BACtrack Vio ($42.99).

Full specs below:

  • Dimensions: 0.95 × 2.85 × 0.65 inches
  • Weight: 2.0 oz (57g)
  • Battery: AAA
  • Warm-up time: 10 seconds
  • Blowing time: 5 seconds
  • BAC range: 0.000-0.400%

Get 14% off The BACtrack Vio ($42.99).

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Don't Listen To The Haters — Here's Why 'Friendsgiving' Is Awesome



The internet has taken a disliking to "Friendsgiving," a faux Thanksgiving dinner party you hold with friends on or around the fourth Thursday of November.

Complex senior editor Foster Kamer just blogged a 1,500-word takedown of the holiday, calling it "the ne plus ultra of dumb, idiotic, made-up, fake holidays created exclusively for the most middlebrow human beings intent on perpetuating middlebrow, capital-b Basic culture."

Tell us how you really feel.

Last year, I hosted my first Friendsgiving. My two roommates and I fit a party of eight in our tiny Brooklyn apartment, a feat of its own.

And it was awesome.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family. You know what else I love? Holidays sans stress. Turkey and stuffing, hold the drama. Green bean casserole without a side of drunk uncles, bratty cousins fighting over drumsticks, and prying aunts who want to know every detail of your life.

A little less this:

drunk uncle snl

And a little more this:

friends thanksgiving episode

Here's how we did it.

We sent a Google Calendar invitation to our friends one month in advance. A week before Friendsgiving, we sent a follow-up email with a proposed menu and food assignments.

This is our apartment. We have a pretty tiny oven, so we outsourced the pie and mashed potato-making to two friends who live nearby.


One of my roommates is a decorating wunderkind — she doesn't even need Pinterest. As a table centerpiece, she cut the top off of a butternut squash and filled it with flowers in seasonal colors. I collected leaves from Prospect Park to fold into the paper napkins.


To get guests in the mood for sentimental conversations, one of my roommates wrote this definition on the chalkboard. "Sobremesa" is one of those Spanish words that doesn't have an English translation.


My other roommate is our personal Iron Chef. She opted to cook cornish hens instead of a turkey so we'd have room in the oven for extra sausage-and-apple stuffing. Each bird fed two people.

I asked that she "make the turkey dance" before stuffing them, like my parents do every Thanksgiving. She puppeteered a hen to the tune of "Gangnam Style."


She also made hot mulled apple cider with dark rum. We encouraged her to pour in the whole Captain Morgan handl, because unlike at Thanksgiving, you're encouraged to have a little buzz at Friendsgiving.


We garnished the drinks with cinnamon sticks and served them in Mason jars. This is Brooklyn, after all.


The traditional Gratitude Game started way before dinner. We left pens and strips of paper on the counter so that guests could anonymously write what they were thankful for. Both sincere and silly responses were encouraged.


Finally, dinner was served. The menu included cornish hens, mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry jelly, applesauce, green bean casserole, and cornbread. The best part of using cornish hens instead of turkey was that everyone got a leg and a drumstick.


This was my plate. Challenge accepted.


After we conquered the feast, we passed the Gratitude Jar around the table, drew slips, and read aloud. This was my favorite part of the night because we had a blast figuring out who wrote what.


At Friendsgiving, it's okay to be truthful about what you're thankful for. Such as that fantastic streak of hookups you had this year, or this ...


We wrapped the evening with pumpkin pie and snuggling on the couch.


Friendsgiving isn't perfect. There were hiccups. One roommate scratched her eye after slicing an onion and experienced such searing pain, we thought we were going to have to take her to the hospital. (She's fine now.) We kept realizing we forgot to pick up needed ingredients; so by the second unplanned trip to the grocery store, I invested in a six-pack of Woodchuck to preserve our sanity.

But there was no screaming, no awkward interactions with relatives you see twice a year, and no tears (besides the onion incident). Just old jokes rehashed and new memories made between people who love each other.

If you're going to spend Thanksgiving with your relatives, have a Friendsgiving, too. Celebrate both your families, no matter how weird one is.

friends thanksgiving turkey head dance

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Here's How To Cook The Perfect Turkey In 90 Minutes Flat


There are innumerable ways to prepare your turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. But if you want something simple, delicious, and most importantly fast, this dry rub turkey recipe will get your bird on the table in 90 minutes. 

Business Insider's own Sydney Kramer, who runs the food blog The Crepes of Wrath, walks us through the easy steps to cooking the perfect turkey. 

The full recipe can be found here

Produced by Justin Gmoser. Additional camera by Alex Kuzoian

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17 Travel Pillows That Will Make Your Next Trip Bearable


airport crowd

As much as you love your family, the holiday season is inevitably full of stress. And traveling doesn't make things any better.

This year, make life a little easier by investing in a good travel pillow — at least this way you won't be cranky before you arrive for Thanksgiving dinner.

Insider Picks has put together a list of great pillows for all travelers — whether you're looking for something more compact, or something with more support, it's here.


Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.15.23 AMTravelRest - The Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow

This pillow provides lateral support and keeps your head from falling forwards. Additionally, this pillow is great if you have neck or back problems because it keeps your back straight.

Price: $53.95 $26.95

Rating: 5 Stars



Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.16.27 AMHoodiePillow Brand Travel Hoodie Pillow

The hoodie pillow gives you takes the best parts of a pillow and a cozy sweatshirt, and puts them together. The pillow is deflatable, which makes this particularly easy to stick into your travel bag and go. Plus, you can adjust the size of the hood with the draw strings.

Price: $24.99 $19.99

Rating: 4 Stars


Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.17.36 AMCabeau Memory Foam "Evolution Pillow"

It may look like your typical neck pillow, but this one is made of memory foam, so it will adjust to your specific preference. You can also squeeze it down to one-quarter of the size for travel purposes.

Price: $59.99 $39.99

Rating: 4.5 Stars


Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.18.29 AMAeris Travel Neck Pillow

The Aeris travel pillow is inflatable and comes with its own portable bag making it easy to carry and take out when you need it.

Price: $39.99 $24.90

Rating: 4.5 Stars


Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.19.50 AMSkySiesta Travel Pillow

The SkySiesta pillow comes with two foam bolsters that go on either side of your head, which will keep your neck from bending in a weird (and uncomfortable) direction. Plus, this pillow comes with an eye mask so you can really doze off.

Price: $29.95 $24.50

Rating: 4 Stars


Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.20.40 AMMy Pillow Travel Pillow

This 12" travel pillow is the pillow version of a sleeping bag. You can roll it up and compress it into a smaller bag, making it convenient for travelers who want a "real" pillow.

Price: $24.95

Rating: 4 Stars


Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.21.29 AMThe Book Seat's Book Holder and Travel Pillow

If you're someone who reads a lot during travel, you should check out the book holder travel pillow. When you're done reading, you can just fall asleep on it.

Price: $39.99 $33.09

Rating: 4.5 Stars


Z by Malouf Travel Size Memory Foam Pillow

Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.22.10 AM

This memory foam pillow help relieve neck, back, and shoulder pains. The pillow's design aligns with the curves of your neck and back.

Price: $59.99 $17.99

Rating: 4 Stars


Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.22.52 AMNapAnywhere Portable Head Support Pillow

If you're looking for something that provides head and neck support, the NapAnywhere Portable Head pillow is the way to go.  Plus, it's small and can easily be fit into a laptop bag or briefcase.

Price: $69.00

Rating: 3.5 Stars


Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.23.40 AMLewis N. Clark Adjustable On Air Neck Pillow

If you don't need all the fancy bells and whistles, a standard, solid pillow option is this inflatable neck billow.

Price: $14.99 $12.99

Rating: 4 Stars


Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.24.42 AMJ Pillow Travel Pillow

The J Pillow provides support for the front of your head, the back of your head, your neck, and your chin. It's smaller than the average "u-shaped" pillow, and can be squeezed into luggage easily.

Bonus! This won the British Invention of the Year for 2012/2013.

Price: $52.95 $29.95

Rating: 4.5 Stars


Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.25.54 AMSleepMax MicroBead Ultra Soft Travel Neck Pillow

The SleepMax pillow comes with a snap closure, which makes it convenient to attach the pillow to your luggage or suitcase during travel.

Price: $21.95 $7.95

Rating: 4 Stars


Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.26.41 AMSamsonite Magic 2 in 1 Pillow

The Samsonite Magic pillow is made of tiny micro beads so that the pillow will fix to comfort around your head. The pillow comes with a clip, making it easier to carry it around. 

Price: $20.00 $14.99

Rating: 4 Stars


Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.27.29 AMComfy Basics Travel Neck Pillow

This neck pillow wraps around your entire neck, which is optimal for people who prefer to tilt their heads forward rather than backwards.

Price: $32.99 $29.99

Rating: 4 Stars

Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.29.37 AMAmico Auto Travel Bone Shape Neck Pillow (Pack of 2) 

These mini pillows are the best option for those traveling long distances by car this holiday season. They're small and provide just enough support to make driving for hours bearable.

Price: $9.76

Rating: 4 Stars


Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.30.14 AMLewis N. Clark Belle Hope Travel Comfort Set


Rating: 4 Stars

This mini pillow is perfect for light travelers. The pillow itself opens up to reveal that its a carrying case (so you can store small handheld things inside the pillow), and then you can attach it to your suitcase handles.


Screen Shot 2014 11 20 at 7.33.57 AMWorld's Best Cushion Neck Pillow

This memory foam pillow is lightweight, and molds to the shape of your head and neck. It's soft and plushy enough to make travel sleep comfortable, but firm enough to keep your neck from kinking.

Price:$29.99 $11.09

Rating: 4.5 Stars


Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments

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Craigslist Slammed On National TV For Selling Dangerous Recalled Products


An ABC news crew startled Craigslist founder Craig Newmark when they approached him on the street outside his San Francisco home, cameras running, and asked for comment on a big problem with Craiglist.

The site was found to be reselling recalled items, some of them dangerous to children, particularly a Bumbo baby seat linked to several horrific infant accidents, according to an ABC News investigation involving 17 ABC stations across the country.

Startled by the cameras, Newmark refused comment and walked away. He added that he's no longer in charge of day-to-day operations at the company he founded.

He was extremely polite throughout the whole incident, even stopping to greet one of the ABC crew as he left.

ABC recall Craig Newmark

But his action is symbolic of Craigslist's part in a big problem.

Every year, more than 400 manufacturers issue recalls on products, ABC reports. But that doesn't mean that those items magically disappear from use. They are being resold pretty freely on Craigslist, according to this investigation.

eBay and Amazon use technology that block people from advertising recalled items on their sites. When ABC News tried to post an ad for the recalled version of the Bumbo baby seat, Amazon blocked the listing immediately and eBay pulled it down 24 hours later.

But on Craigslist, the ad remained until ABC pulled it down itself. Plus, ABC News was able to buy the recalled Bumbo baby seat on Craigslist "again and again," it reported.

A Craigslist spokesperson told ABC that selling recalled products is against Craigslist terms of service, and that users can alert Craigslist if they notice a recalled item on the site.

The spokesperson also said that the site uses an automated system to help prevent ads of recalled items.

But the government's new top safety advocate isn't buying that.

The chairman of the Consumer Safety Product Commission, Elliot Kaye, who took the job in July, slammed Craigslist in a TV interview as being “morally irresponsible” for not putting in strong technology filters that block the sale of recalled products.

“They do not and will not do it to date,” said Kaye. His office has made repeated requests for Craigslist to use the same filters used by Amazon and eBay.

Kaye also wants manufacturers to step it up and do more to make consumers aware of recalled items.

We reached out to Craigslist for comment and will update when we hear back.

The results of this investigation, "Recall Roulette" will air Friday, November 21 on "20/20" at 10 p.m. ET.

ABC News also reported on the investigation on Good Morning America, which we've posted below.

At 2:06 in the video, the report delves into Craigslist's role in the problem and at 2:47, Brian Ross, ABC News Chief Investigative Correspondent, surprises Newman outside his home.

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How Successful People Make The Most Of Their Weekends


writing by a window girl woman lady journalingOver the course of our lives, we only get a few thousand weekends. The most successful people know better than to squander them by laying around or scrubbing the floors.

In her book, "What The Most Successful People Do On The Weekend," time management expert Laura Vanderkam outlines how to make the most of this sacred time off from your harried workweeks.

She outlines how you can take control of your weekends by planning ahead, being selective with your time, and finally indulging what you love most.

This is an update of an article written by Carolyn Cutrone.

The first step to controlling your weekends is making conscious choices.

It's so easy to plop down on the couch on a Friday night or Saturday morning and watch TV, but falling into these routines will suck away the few free hours you have. Instead of doing something by default, choose to decide how your time is spent. 

Vanderkam writes, "In a world of constant connectivity, even loafing time must be consciously chosen, because time will be filled with something whether it's consciously chosen or not — and not choosing means that the something that fills our hours will be less fulfilling than the something our remembering selves will likely wish we'd elected to do."

Make appointments for yourself, even if it's only to read a book.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee says you need to have a plan for the weekend, setting specific hours or minutes aside for activities you want to do.Then you have to commit. 

Huckabee advises: "If you know you want to read a book, then get the book out and have it set aside and make plans to read it. Say it's going to be at 1. When that starts, get on it. Don't wait until that afternoon, then think — could I read? Or listen to some music? Or take a walk? Then you'll sit about wasting an hour of what little time you have figuring out what to do with the rest of it."

You have to be disciplined and commit to the decisions you make. 

Planning actually makes weekends happier, and unlocks a key mechanism of joy.

Vanderkam cites Harvard psychologist Daniel Gilbert's 2006 book, "Stumbling on Happiness." In it, Gilbert argues that "the greatest achievement of the human brain is its ability to imagine objects and episodes that do not exist in the realm of the real." 

Gilbert is talking about anticipation. Anticipation accounts for a huge chunk of happiness, which comes from thinking about the events we plan. Vanderkam writes, "As you look forward to something good that is about to happen, you experience some of the same joy you would in the moment. The major difference is that the joy can last much longer."

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

22 Gifts That The Modern Gentleman Actually Wants This Year


Modern Gentleman_Gift Guide

It's hard to buy gifts for a gentleman. They have to be tasteful, useful, thoughtful, and aesthetically pleasing. A gentleman, after all, has standards.

And think about it: Do you really think he'll like getting a single tie? Again?

Business Insider put together a list of creative items that might be the very thing a gentleman wants without knowing it.

After all, those are the best kinds of gifts.

Skip the tailor and get some handmade shirts.

Start the New Year looking sharp.

Send ShirtCycle your measurements, a photo, and details about your work place and wardrobe, and they'll send you three handmade shirts, tailored exactly to your taste. 

Price: $250 for 3 shirts

A modern boom box, so to speak.

Jawbone's Mini Jambox Bluetooh speaker is less than two inches thick, but delivers great sound quality. It wirelessly syncs up to your phone or tablet — making life way easier sans cords and plugs.

Plus, it looks cool. 

Price: $173

An assortment of curated ties.

Ties are essential elements of every polished gentleman's look. But it may be hard to decide which ones to get.

We recommend picking up one of The Tie Bar's newly curated tie style boxes.

Price: $89

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

This Teen Went From Being A Die-Hard YouTube Fan To A Star With Thousands Of Fans


twaimz youtube

19-year-old Issa "Twaimz" Tweimeh has been a die-hard fan of YouTuber Shane Dawson for years.

With more than 6 million subscribers, 1 billion views, and a brand-new movie, Dawson is a favorite in the YouTube community. 

Last year, Twaimz went to VidCon, an annual conference for YouTube creators, and waited in line for more than four hours in the hopes of getting a chance to meet Dawson. 

When he finally got to the front, he presented Dawson with a picture he had drawn of the YouTube star's dog. Dawson loved it so much that he gave Twaimz a shout-out at the end of his next video.

"I went home that day and was so inspired," Twaimz told Business Insider. "I thought, 'I want to be in that place. I want to be inspiring people.'" 

In April, Twaimz created a YouTube account and started uploading videos about his life. In the seven months since then, he's accumulated more than 255,000 subscribers and 5 million views. He's now being represented by YouTube network Fullscreen.

He says fans have started recognizing him in public, too, following him in groups around the mall and saying hi to him on the street.

Twaimz and his family are still adjusting to his newfound fame. He's also learning how to use his channel to get a message across — he recently uploaded a video about why it's wrong to use the word "gay" as an insult.

"My parents are a little more conservative. I think they're kind of unaware of the impact of social networks. The Internet now vs. 10 years ago ... it's really different," he said. "I'm really grateful for my fans. I want to try to inspire people."

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