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The 15 Best Tequilas In The World



Tequila is the Champagne of Mexico. 

Seriously, Mexican law actually states that no liquor can be labeled tequila unless it comes from the western state of Jalisco (or select districts of other Mexican states).

And, like sparkling wines, tequilas come in all varieties and price ranges.

With the help of the connoisseurs at FindTheBest, we compiled a list of the world's top tequilas. They ranked the brands based on reviews from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the International Wine and Spirit Competition, Wine Magazine Enthusiast, the Beverage Testing Institute, and Tequila.net.

So get your shot glass out and get ready for a toast.

15. El Ultimo Agave Tequila Añejo ($22)

With El Ultimo Agave Tequila Añejo you can get the full añejo — "aged" — tequila experience: it is aged 12 months to create a more complex flavor. But it costs just $1.30 per shot ($22 per bottle) — about 45 percent cheaper than the average tequila.

14. 3 Amigos Añejo ($35)

This golden-brown añejo, aged 24 months in a white oak casket, smells of spice and vanilla but tastes of sweet agave and caramel. It won Double Gold this year at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The El Mirage, Arizona, family behind 3 Amigos grows and distills its own blue Weber agave in Mexico before importing it to the US for sale.

13. El Grado Tequila Blanco ($40)

Silvery-colored El Grado Blanco is hand bottled directly after distillation. Minty and fruity aromas complement the strong Agave taste.

Manufacturers El Grado select each agave plant, grown Los Altos, Jalisco, at peak maturity to maximize the sugary agave flavor.

12. Tequila Revolucion 100 Proof Silver ($52)

This plata is one of the pricier tequilas on our list, but one or two shots might get you where you want to go — its alcohol content is 50 percent.

A long minty finish will leave your mouth feeling soft and warm.

11. Corrido Cristalino Tequila Blanco ($39)

Corrido harvests its blue agave plants in the volcanic soil of Jalisco's highlands. The plants are high in sugar content, which adds a floral nature to their sweet tequila. In traditional fashion, the agave is slow-cooked and twice distilled in copper pots.

Definitely a good choice if you like your tequila clear and fruity.

10. Manana Añejo Tequila ($52)

Manana Añejo will warm you up on a cold day. At first sip, it tastes fruity and oaky. That's followed by a dry, full body and a long warm finish.

No wonder it was a Double Gold winner at the 2012 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

9. El Reformador Añejo Tequila ($61)

Experts describe this golden añejo as soft and silky, with notes of crème brûlée and caramelized nuts. It's aged 18 months in an American Oak barrel.

Try it with a good cigar.

Riazul Tequila

8. Pueblo Viejo Orgullo Añejo Tequila ($38)

Twenty-four months in an American Oak casket lends this añejo its deep amber color. It has a clear bright taste and a fruity and nutty finish.

And it comes from the highlands of Jalisco, one of the best places in the world for growing agave.

7. Herencia Mexicana Blanco Tequila ($32)

The Herencia Blanco appears transparent, but its taste is more than apparent: herbal with strong citrus notes.

Experts describe this blanco as round and satiny with a smooth full body.

6. Marquez de Valencia Reposado Tequila ($47)

The Marquez de Valencia is a reposado — "rested" — tequila, aged 10 months in a white oak cask.

The straw-colored drink smells of wood and berries and tastes like the perfect dessert: caramel, vanilla, and a chocolatey aftertaste.

Production is limited, so grab a bottle if you ever come across it.

5. Riazul Premium Reposado Tequila ($55)

Aged nine months in French and American Oak, the Reposado is the newest addition to Riazul's portfolio.

Its flavor is complex — a mixture of oak, citrus, fruit, and chocolate.

4. Riazul Premium Silver Tequila ($49)

If you like Riazul's reposado, you'll probably like its better-known blanco, the Premium Silver. Extracted by a shredder and twice distilled in stainless steel, the blanco has an earthy aroma. Its minty agave leaves your mouth warm with a mild chocolate aftertaste.

Riazul calls it "the choice of tequila purists who seek the unmasked agave character."

3. Trago Silver Tequila ($48)

The Trago Silver is only 33 percent alcohol and has a thin mouth feel and a clean, sweet taste. It's the perfect base for your mojito or margarita.

And it's a three-time San Francisco World Spirits Competition winner.

2. Gran Dovejo Reposado Tequila ($50)

This is a small-batch, traditionally crafted tequila, made by renowned distillers Leopoldo Solis Tinoco and Gabriel Espindola Martinez. Soft, silky scents of vanilla, dried fruit, and pepper give way to a long, warm, spicey finish. Twice distilled in copper, the Gran Dovejo is then aged nine months in oak barrels, leaving it a bright golden hue.

1. Riazul Premium Añejo Tequila ($59)

This honey-flavored añejo with hints of vanilla, fruit, and spices is aged for 24 months — longer than any other in its class, according to Riazul. Its French oak barrels are made from wood found in Burgundy's Citeaux forests.

Coppery-golden-hued, this tequila has an aroma of caramel and almond. At first sip it is sweet, followed by a buttery, cinnamon finish.

Riazul's reposado and blanco made our list, but the añejo is the cream of the tequila crop.

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You Can Rent A Room In The Original Facebook Mansion


facebook houseA new Craigslist posting by a group of renters in Los Altos, California is advertising the chance to experience a piece of Facebook history. 

According to the listing, several rooms are available in the home that Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook team lived in during the early days of the social network. 

Zuckerberg lived in the Westbrook Avenue home from September 2004 until January 2005, court documents show. He only purchased the bare minimum of furniture — a couch, table, and some chairs — and piled his clothes on the floor instead of buying a dresser. 

It seems that the current residents have furnished it a bit more. 

The house has some sunny living areas where roommates can hang out.

The kitchen has lots of storage space.

There's also a breakfast nook.

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The 25 Best Private High Schools In America


phillips exeter academy

Prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire is the best private high school in America, according to a new ranking from school data site Niche.

Exeter, which has around 1,000 students, scored particularly high marks for its teachers and academics.

Niche combined community reviews and hard data to compile its private school ranking. The site ranks over 100,000 schools based on 27 million reviews from more than 300,000 students and parents, who rated schools in areas like academics, teachers, student culture and diversity, and resources and facilities, among others.

25. Head-Royce School—Oakland, Calif.

Academics: A

Student Culture & Diversity: A+

Former students say"At the Head-Royce School in Oakland, CA, many of the students are welcoming and kind. You will rarely see a student not involved in anything on campus. A majority of the student body is involved in either sports, clubs, or the arts, or even all three. Head-Royce encourages their students to be individuals while being a part of a whole.

Peer pressure was not an issue when I went to school here and in my experience, we practiced acceptance of any individuals and their differences. As a private school, we had a small student body and we mostly knew everyone. So when the "ally" campaign to support the coming out of LGBTQ individuals, we were all very supportive of each other and there was a no tolerance rule for rude and insensitive comments."

24. Chadwick School—Palos Verdes Estates, Calif.

Academics: A+

Student Culture & Diversity: A

Former students say: "I've had lots of opportunities and have had great experiences at this school. I would definitely do it all over again. This school has shaped me into the person I am today."

"They're [teachers] understanding and very approachable. They help make the Chadwick experience worth it."

23. Menlo School—Atherton, Calif.

Academics: A+

Student Culture & Diversity: A

Former students say: "Academics are top-priority. The pressure to succeed is prevalent, and `being in the top quintile of students is a formidable accomplishment."

"I really enjoyed Menlo. It gave me the opportunity to meet lot of new people and do different things. I liked most of my teachers and classmates. I made lifelong friends. I would definitely recommend this school if you want to be exposed to new and different things in a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. People like to participate in sports, drama, dancing shows, go to dance, travel, etc."

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The 10 Best ATVs On The Market


U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents use ATVs to patrol the US-Mexico border

ATVs are multi-purpose vehicles that can be used for towing large loads or tearing through dirt and dunes.

The experts at FindTheBest compiled a list of the best ATVs on the market.

FindTheBest developed a Smart Rating for each ATV based on engine power, year, brakes, utility and weight. Price, drive, and displacement were also considered. 

(And for the record, some folks prefer to refer to some of these vehciles as "UTVs" — "utility vehicles" — due to the side-by-side seating setup, which make them sort of like very small SUVs.)

10. 2015 Can-Am Commander 800R ($11,899)

The two-wheel drive vehicle is easy to handle and maneuver on rough terrain. The ATV is 2.6% lighter than comparable vehicles, weighing in at 1,287 lbs, and can tow up to 1,500 lbs. The energy efficient engine can inhale up to 17% more air than its competitors.

9. 2015 Can-Am Outlander L Max 450 ($7,249)

This ATV can carry 240 lbs of payload in the rear and 120 lbs of payload on its front rack. The Outlander also has waterproof storage areas built in to protect cargo from weather damage. It can tow up to 1,300 lbs while only weighing 715 lbs.

8. 2015 Can-Am Renegade 1000 ($8249)

The first four-wheel drive vehicle to make the list can tow up to 1,300 lbs. The sport ATV is 684 lbs and has a double wishbone front suspension that makes the suspension system fully adjustable toward the load it's carrying. 

Can-Am ATV

7. 2015 Can-Am Outlander L 450 ($6,399)

Similar to the Outlander L Max 450, the L 450 also has waterproof storage and can carry 360 lbs of payload. But it's a bit lighter, at 678 lbs, yet can tow the same 1,300 lbs.

6. 2013 Honda Big Red ($11,699)

The Big Red can carry a payload of 1,000 lbs and can tow up to 1,500 lbs. Even though that's 500 lbs less than the average towing capacity of utility side-by-side vehicles, the cargo-mover has four-wheel drive for extra traction and stability.

5. 2013 Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 ($16,799)

This 4x4's cargo bed can hold up to 300 lbs of cargo. The ATV's design allows for up to 26% more range of motion than comparable sport side-by-sides.

4. 2014 Can-Am Maverick ($16,299)

This ATV is designed for four-wheel drive on the fly, meaning you can manually control whether you are in two-or four-wheel drive. The eight-valve, liquid-cooled SOHC 976cc engine is one of the most powerful on the market. 

3. 2014 Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 ($16,999)

The 4x4 can haul up to 300 lbs of cargo and comes with tie-down hook points to securely fasten your payload to the cargo bed. The ATV weighs 1,335 lbs, which is slightly lighter than comparable models.

Arctic Cat ATV

2. 2015 Can-Am Maverick 1000R ($16,299)

This model, like the previous one, also comes with tie-down hook points to secure up to 200 lbs of cargo on the bed. The engine efficiently inhales 17% more air than competitors, adding to the power of the engine. 

1. 2015 Arctic Cat Wildcat X EPS ($18, 799)

This ATV is the priciest to make our list, but it's the best on the market. Its rear rack can carry up to 300 lbs, while comparable sport ATVs can't carry any weight in the rear. The vehicle has 89% better range of motion over similar ATVs, and has one of the most powerful, 90 HP engines on the market.  

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This Incredible Time-Lapse Shows The Rotation Of The Earth From The Point Of View Of The Stars

YouTube Superstar Michelle Phan Shares Her Tips For Building A Social Media Brand


Michelle PhanWith more than 7 YouTube million subscribers, her own L'Oreal line, and a growing e-commerce beauty startup, hair-and-makeup guru Michelle Phan is one of the most successful YouTubers ever. 

But getting to the top was no easy task. Phan told Re/code that she was once rejected from a job at a Lancome makeup counter because she had no sales experience, and she and her family lived on food stamps for a period of time. 

Phan recently released a book called "Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success — Online and Off." In it, she tells the story of how she turned makeup tutorials into a full-blown media empire. 

Her book also offers some advice for establishing a solid social media presence. 

1. Choose a platform. 

Phan says it's a good idea to continue using the platforms you already use to communicate with friends and family, then develop a presence on the platforms that are most frequented by your target audience.

If you're starting a blog, text-heavy formats like Twitter are a good place to start, while photographers should go for a medium that prioritizes visual content, like Instagram. 

"Don't feel you need to go with the most popular platform," she writes. "Pick the one that has the strongest community that will support your vision." 

2. Claim your name, and keep it consistent. 

It's important to create a profile on a platform that's just starting to become more popular. 

"Social media is an ever-changing world," Phan writes. "You want to be ready if a certain platform becomes red-hot, and you don't want someone else taking your company name as his or her handle. That does happen!" 

Make sure you have the same name across all of the platforms you use — it's essential for defining your brand. 

3. Create content that's new and fresh.

Interesting, diverse content is the most important part of amassing a follower base. Pick a topic and become an expert at it.

"You need interesting content that entertains or informs — preferably both," she writes. "You want people to look forward to your posts and come back for more. People want to follow you. They want to hear your words and see your vision." 

Michelle Phan

4. Make a schedule. 

Becoming a social media guru does involve a significant time commitment. Sticking to a schedule, or posting different kinds of content on different days, will help you avoid annoying your followers. 

"You need to carve out time (preferably daily) to monitor and update. This is why it's best to focus on one or two platforms and commit to doing them well," Phan writes. "Robust activity on one site is so much better than halfhearted activity on multiple sites."

5. Engage with your followers. 

Picking the right people to follow can give you a big advantage. 

According to Phan, "part of having a social media strategy is being smart about whom you follow. Ask yourself who is important to your company or brand. Figure out who needs to know you exist." 

And once they know you exist, be sure to interact with them. 

"That old saying 'If you build it, they will come' doesn't apply to social media," she writes. "You need to be, well, social, and put out that virtual welcome mat." 

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How My Coworkers And I Ended Up Trapped In A Room With A Zombie


trapped in a room with a zombie

I frantically put the final number into the lock combination and pulled the latch free right as a pale hand fatally grabbed my leg. I was dragged to my doom by a ravenous zombie, but the chest was opened for my teammates to inspect, in hopes they could find another clue leading to their freedom. I died a hero's death (at least that's how I like to see it).

This was all part of an unusual team-building exercise seven of my colleagues and I participated in last week in New York, called "Trapped in a Room with a Zombie" and produced by Room Escape Adventures. We were team War Room, inspired by the original name of the Business Insider Strategy vertical.

It ended up being a fun and unique experience that forced us out of our routine, broke down the team's hierarchy, and gave us a great story to tell.

The premise is that your team is locked in a small room with 60 minutes to escape. You need to figure out a way to gather clues from around the room and determine the final five-direction combination that will bring your team to freedom. All the while, an actor dressed up as a zombie is chained at the front of the room, crawling along the floor and growling.

trapped in a room with a zombietrapped in a room with a zombie

Every five minutes the zombie's chain is unraveled a bit more, giving them a better chance to chase you down. If the zombie tags you, you're sent to the "Dead Zone," a corner of the room where you can yell out hints to your team but can't move.

The storyline goes something like this: A doctor became infected with a zombie virus and locked themself in a room to keep humanity safe — except that your team becomes locked in there, too, and you have to solve the puzzles the doctor created to escape the room and avoid the zombie.

The room itself had relatively low production value, consisting of a bunch of old furniture, splattered red paint, and various odds and ends.

Solving the puzzles involved overturning drawers, looking for keys, decoding riddles, and running from the zombie.

It was really anyone's game. Our team manager, senior strategy editor Jenna Goudreau, was the first to fall to the zombie, and our intern Emmie Martin emerged as a leader, solving many of the puzzles. Whenever we struggled, our guide, associate producer Mallory Wu, would give us silent guidance by pointing in the direction we needed to look.

She told us that hosts, like herself, and zombies are trained to adjust how much help to offer depending on how the team is working on its own. The fastest team solved every puzzle and escaped the room in 52 minutes and 38 seconds, and Wu said she barely helped them.

We seemed to have an exceptionally high handicap, and still didn't manage to escape in time.

We were the 150th team to fail; though it was somewhat comforting that only 42 teams have successfully escaped, or about 22% of all participants.trapped in a room with a zombie

Wu told us at the end of the experience that we could have benefitted from a more concrete approach rather than having one or two people take the lead for any given puzzle while others looked on. She explained the remaining steps we needed to take, which I estimate would have taken at least a full 15 minutes more to solve. If our experience is any indication, only Martin would survive a zombie apocalypse.

Our team hasn't used any of our newfound puzzle-solving strategies in the office, but we did have a chance to see that any of us can step up to get things done for each other when the clock is ticking, whether or not the undead are coming for us.

And even though we were a bit dysfunctional as a puzzle-solving unit, it was a pretty great way to spend a Friday afternoon. As we discussed our experience over drinks afterward, we realized that we now all share a ridiculous story to tell, which on its own is worth taking the challenge.

trapped in a room with a zombie

trapped in a room with a zombie

Room Escape Adventures is one of many "real-life room escape" companies springing up in North America, Europe, and Asia, a trend that began in Europe a few years ago.

Marty Parker added Room Escape Adventures to his team-building experience company Bucket List Productions last year in Chicago. He opened the New York location that we visited this past June, and a second Manhattan location in September.

We were provided complementary tickets to Trapped in a Room with a Zombie and asked to refrain from sharing photos of puzzle clues or the zombie. Tickets normally go for $28 per person. Parker says the company has sold about 3,700 tickets to date, which works out to around $100,000 in sales, between the two New York locations.

He says he got the idea for his spin on a room escape production when his mind drifted while driving home after putting on a Bubble Palooza event.

"I laughed so hard at the concept of watching people run around a room like a 'Scooby-Doo' episode trying to communicate with each other while avoiding a zombie, that I almost wrecked my truck!" he says.

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The Deal With 'White Whiskey'


whiskey aging Jack Daniel's distillery

Whiskey is not white, it is brown. That, to me, is part of its appeal. It is very clear that you are not drinking vodka when you drink whiskey, and vodka is for people who can't drink.

At least, that's what I'm told.

I've also recently been told that there's this thing called "white whiskey." It is whiskey, but it is not brown. I had to investigate.

A quick search on the internet will tell you that liquor geeks are definitely talking about this stuff. It's being stocked at bars in Brooklyn and craft distillers are giving it a shot. Some of the big brands are stepping in too.

Jim Beam has a Jacob's Ghost White Whiskey, and Pam Wiznitzer, a bartender at NYC's premier bar The Dead Rabbit, said that Makers Mark has a white whiskey, but it's not available in retail.

So what the heck is white whiskey? To understand that, you've got to understand one simple thing about whiskey. It's aged in barrels. That's what gives it its color and flavor. White whiskey is not aged.

"New Yorkers upstate were drinking things similar to white whiskey back in the mid 1800s," says Zach Tirone, General Manager of The LCL: Bar & Kitchen in NYC. "This is what Coppersea Distillery tries to emulate with their Raw Rye Whiskey... Back in the 1800s you had a lot of farmers in upstate New York that might turn their unsold grain into raw whiskey but might not necessarily have the time, effort, or means to age it properly, so a raw white whiskey, usually with a rye base was known to be drank occasionally."

There are two kinds of white whiskey. There's the completely unaged stuff, sometimes called "white dog" or (simply) moonshine.

Then there's a group of more flavor driven whiskeys — that's where Jim Beam's Jacob's Ghost falls. They have a little something more added to them for taste.

Tirone carries Death's Door White Whiskey and Tuttletown Hudson Corn Whiskey at LCL. They don't make a cocktail with it, customers just sip it neat. 

coppersea whiskey"The Gander downtown does a good drink with it but that's the last good one I've had in a while," said Tirone.

The fact that good cocktails in this space are lacking isn't that surprising. Over the course of all this reporting Business Insider picked up a bottle of the Jim Beam Jacob's Ghost. That bottle is still pretty full.

But one white whiskey, we thought, should not be allowed to represent all of them. So we headed to The Gander to try their cocktail, the Cold Toddy. It's made with Earl Grey, honey, lemon, Amaro Montenegro, dandelion & BurdockBitters, and White Rye Whiskey.

“I was pretty vehemently against the category," said The Gander's co-manager Jordan Lari.

Then he found a product he liked — Coppersea's White Rye Whiskey. It took him about five minutes to design a cocktail with it.

Coppersea was "specifically crafting a product that is good, that just happens to be white whiskey," said Lari.

That's what got him on board.

Because here's the deal — with craft distilleries being all the rage now, and cocktail culture on the upswing, every company that makes liquor is constantly coming up with new ways to get a bigger piece of the action. For one thing, that means big companies are marketing some of their brands as having a smaller, craft liquor vibe.

It also means tapping into the biggest part of the liquor market — the vodka part. Clear liquors dominate sales, and in making a clear liquor, distillers think they can get Sorority girls who swear by vodka-sodas, moms who brunch and other clear liquor drinkers to try something new.

"I was thinking maybe the Cosmo-drinking people would go for the white rye," said Lari. "The data seems to suggest that it’s happening."

Full disclosure, his cocktail — the Cold Toddy — was solid. But it didn't give you that warm hug feeling whiskey gives you.

That said, sometimes you don't need a hug.

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10 Stunning Underground Homes


For years the phrase "underground living" was reserved for cramped war bunkers and dingy basements, but a new crop of dwellings—either partially or fully submerged into the ground—have evolved into modern art forms, boasting dynamic shapes and cutting-edge energy efficiency.

Villa Vals in Vals, Switzerland

villa vals home switzerland

When builders were given the surprise approval to break ground so close to the famous thermal baths of Vals, they decided to conceal the villa inside an alpine slope. The formal entrance of the home is through a barn and an underground tunnel on the other side of the hill. Interested in staying here? Visitors can view pricing and availability at the website.

Arc House in East Hampton, New York

arch house east hampton

The last thing homeowner and former mortgage banker Bob Stansel wanted when he was laying out plans for his 6,400-square-foot new home was for neighbors to think he was bringing some "monster" into the neighborhood. So he built more than half of it underground. Passersby need never know that the house has four bedrooms, a gym, and multiple living spaces.

Earth House in Seoul, Korea

earth house korea

Architect Byoung Soo Cho has built an underground home in the middle of a thick forest and rice fields about an hour east of Seoul. It has a 23-foot-by-23-foot courtyard, plus a kitchen, a library, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. The inspiration for the home goes back to Cho's Harvard days when he studied Taoism and negative and positive spaces. Cho uses the home for self-reflection, meditation, and gazing at stars.

Cave House in Festus, Missouri

cave house missouri

The current residents of this cave home actually found the property on eBay. Over the course of four years, they managed to carve out loads of workspace and three bedrooms, with geothermal heat (so there's no need for a furnace). The sandstone lair is now an office for their small business.

Cave House Gross in Greifensee, Switzerland

cave house in switzerland

The owner of this dwelling needed to build more space for his family but didn't want to have to ask for permission from his neighbors. His solution? He created two sunken courtyards with three additional bedrooms for his kids below ground.

Dutch Mountain House in Huizen, the Netherlands

dutch mountain house

Built into a mound at a Dutch nature reserve, the home is nearly invisible from certain angles; wood from surrounding areas helps it blend into its environment. While the exteriors appear minimal, the interior design is full of flash—one room has a bookshelf made from a vintage Jaguar, and a set of "skateboard" stairs lead to an upper floor.

Pachacamac House in Pachacamac, Peru


Built for two retired philosophers, the buried home sits about 60 miles outside Lima near pre-Inca remains. A glass-and-metal box rests at the entrance, symbolizing "architectural intervention on untouched nature," according to the architects. They're not lying: There is no electricity or water-sewage system in the area.

Country Estate in New Canaan, Connecticut



New additions to the house (originally built mid-century by Philip Johnson) include a new art gallery, pool house, and garage. Stone and concrete foundations cut into the hillside, revealing a hint of the rooms that lie below.

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Windowless Home in Leiria, Portugal


The living room is located under a giant roof window that allows light to stream in, while the more private areas of the home (including the bedrooms) sit underground and open into a private courtyard.

The Earth Shelter in Northern Michigan


Architect Adam Bearup just put finishing touches on the subterranean structure. With living quarters, a greenhouse, a farm (complete with cows, chickens, and donkeys), a storageroom, and a walk-in freezer, the house is (in theory) apocalypse-proof.

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This Guy Was Caught Trying to Steal A Chainsaw From A Store By Shoving It Down His Pants


Authorities say a man in Florida attempted to steal a chainsaw by shoving it down his pants. Store employees chased down the man and detained him until the police arrived. He was charged with grand theft. 

Produced by Devan JosephVideo courtesy of Associated Press.

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Here Are 15 Hi-Tech Timepieces You'll Actually Want On Your Wrist


The Apple Watch has something left to be desired. It's bright and bulky, and looks like a bad Star Trek prop. 

Insider Picks has put together a list 15 wearable tech pieces that you'll actually want on your wrist.

We know, it sounds unbelievable — but take a look. You may be surprised to see what's actually out there. 

insider picksMisfit Shine Activity and Sleep Monitor $99.99 $82.99| Amazon Prime

The Misfit is an activity and sleep monitor that emits a "halo of lights" showing your daily activity progress. It tracks running, walking, cycling, and swimming up to 50 meters deep. (Yup, it's waterproof, too.) Plus the battery lasts really long, so you don't need to worry about that. Oh and, did we mention that it looks like a nice watch?


insider picksFitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband $129.95 | Amazon Prime

The Fitbit is a minimalist's dream — the wristband is small, sleek, and sophisticated. It tracks the number of steps you take, how many floors you've climbed, how far you've traveled, the calories burned, and how long you've been active during the day. Plus it comes with caller ID. Done.

 Screen Shot 2014 11 12 at 8.16.12 AMWithings Plus O2 Activity $119.95$117.27| Amazon Prime

The Withings Plus 02 is an activity, sleep, and heart rate tracker that connects with both iPhones and Android. It tracks your steps, running, elevation, distance traveled, and how many calories you've burned. Style-wise, it has that "hey, I miss the 90's" thing going on. And if you're feeling particularly bold, it comes in light blue, as well.


insider picks

Garmin Fenix 2 Performance Bundle $449.99Amazon Prime

If you're a skier, you may want to check out this high-end machine. The Garmin Fenix 2 comes with all the basic fitness training, swimming and running trackers, but it also comes with a "ski mode." The ski mode measures your 3D distance, time, vertical drop, total runs, and tracks your history of runs. Oh and we almost forgot: there's a GPS navigator in this thing, too.


insider picks

Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch $299.99$279.95| Amazon Prime 

The Samsung lets you receive instant notifications, comes with a fitness motivator, and has a built in camera — in case you needed to snap a photo while getting your sweat on. The biggest downside of this one is that it's only compatible with Samsung phones like the Galaxy S5. 



insider picksUP 24 Bluetooth-Enabled Wristband by Jawbone $129 $118.02| Amazon Prime

If you're not really a watch person, and are looking for the barely-there fitness tracker, then this one's for you. Plus, the Jawbone Wristband is loaded with punches: it tracks your steps, exercise, hours and quality of sleep, and calorie and nutrient intake. And you can also set an alarm and receive vibrating messages.


insider picks

Samsung Gear Fit $199$123.99| Amazon Prime

The Samsung Gear Fit is dust- and water- resistant, and it's pretty light and un-flashy. It comes with personalized fitness motivator that senses your heart rate and then gives you real-time coaching. Plus you can even reject phone calls with messages straight from the wristband — which will certainly come in handy as you're working out.


insider picks

Sony Smartband SWR30 (black and white) $169.99 | Amazon

You make calls straight from this "smartband," and you can also see and open messages that you're getting on your phone. Plus, it's waterproof. 


insider picksSony Smartband SWR 10 $149.99$77.49| Amazon Prime

A different Sony Smartband — but this one comes without a screen. Instead, when you get a message it simply vibrates. Like the previous model, it's also waterproof and connects over bluetooth. 


insider picks

LG G Watch R W110 $379.99Amazon

You'd never guess that this is wearable tech, would you? This amazing looking piece connects with Android TM 4.3 or higher, and gives you notifications about missed calls, messages, upcoming meetings, events, and even local weather forecasts. Plus, it's also water- and dust-proof. 


insider picksMoto 360 Black Leather Smartwatch $301Amazon

Another sleek option that looks like a regular, stylish watch. The strap is genuine leather, and the face is made of stainless steel — so you don't need to trade in style for functionality. This gadget responds to your voice, acts as an activity tracker, and tracks steps and calories. The only downside is that it only hooks up with Android 4.3 or higher.


insider picks

COOKOO Smart Bluetooth Connected Watch $129.99$119.87 | Amazon Prime

Surprisingly, this one is compatible with both Android 4.3 and 4.4, as well as with iOS 6 and 7. You can connect to several Facebook features including check-in and location tagging. And on top of that, you can remotely trigger your phone's camera.


Screen Shot 2014 11 12 at 3.52.48 PMSony Smart Watch SW2 for Android $199.95 $138.18 | Amazon

This Sony smart watch is a regular, stand-alone watch that comes can access Facebook, Twitter, sports apps, a music player, messages, calls, and calendar via its Bluetooth function. It's a little on the bulky side, however.

Screen Shot 2014 11 12 at 8.24.02 AMSony Mobile Sony SW3 Smartwatch 3 $249.99Amazon  

This new smartwatch is powered by Android Wear and gets you your notifications and responds to voice commands. On the fitness end, it has light sensors, an accelerometer, and a GPS built in. Plus, it's waterproof. 


insider picks

And the crème de la crème: the Withings Activité $450 | Withings

Now this — this is a watch. And what's more, it's Swiss made. This smartwatch tracks your steps (it hooks up to your smartphone), monitors your sleep patterns, can log your swimming workouts, has an 8-month battery, and way more. And, of course, it's a beautiful piece even without all of the extra tech elements (it comes in black, too).  Pre-order it now.



Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments. 

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14 Never-Before-Seen Pictures From The World's Best Photographers


unseen magnum

Ask any professional photographer how many photographs they have taken in their lifetime, and you're liable to get an astronomical number. 

But how many of those exposures are ever seen by anyone other than the photographer himself? Not many.

"When you’re editing you’re editing towards a certain end, and when that end is met you forget about the pictures that didn’t make it," famed photographer Larry Towell told the New York Times

Towell and many of his fellow legendary photographers at Magnum Photos, the renowned photo agency, are now diving into their archives, looking through old negatives and digital files to save some of these lost photographs  ones they love, but for whatever reason, never shared. 

These striking photos are being rescued as part of a limited-time sale put on by the cooperative agency. Signed prints of select images can be purchased for $100 at Magnum's webstore.

Magnum shared some images, along with the photographer's story behind them, with Business Insider. You can see more on their site and on their Instagram page.

Larry Towell took this striking photo of Mennonites in Zacatecas, Mexico and found it years later among tens of thousands of other negatives.

 "I found this picture after perusing my work among the Mennonites of Mexico, some two thousand rolls of film shot over a period of ten years. Only 120 pictures ever made it into the book. La Honda colony was one of the few that actually had electricity, if you had money. I was visiting Frank Klassen and his wife, whose name escapes me at the moment. They were landless, unemployed, poverty stricken, and were planning on finding their way to Canada in search of farm work. His wife bummed a cigarette. We smoked at the kitchen table by the light of a kerosene lamp. Then we went outside and I took their picture as the moon was rising."  —Larry Towell

unseen magnumCredit: MAGNUM/Larry Towell

Micha Bar-Am took captured this moment almost 50 years ago at a Pablo Picasso exhibit in Israel.

"In 1966, while working on a feature about a Picasso exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, I recorded the pre-opening preparations and observed a moment: One of the cleaners stopped, puzzled, in front of the Picassos. I think that this is an image, that can be universally understood, but with a grain of salt. I never chose this image in edits before because it seemed to me that it felt posed—the composition was a little too perfect. But believe me, it was a lucky moment…" —Micha Bar-Am

magnum unseen

Credit: MAGNUM/Micha Bar-Am

Peter van Agtmael, then a young but already well-respected member of Magnum, took this during a formative time in Chile.

 "I took this picture in the Atacama Desert of Chile in 2007. It was my first trip back to Chile since I lived there for six months in 2002. Those months were deeply formative for me. I was obsessed with photography but had no real outlet in college. I took the semester off from school and got an internship at a tabloid in Valparaiso. They gave me a loose leash to explore the city and make little features. I started to learn the freedom to be myself. I had my first experience with conflict during a massive rally that turned suddenly violent. I was scared and strangely liberated. And I fell in love. Although this picture is a departure from most of my work, it was in that place I discovered who I was supposed to be." —Peter van Agtmael

magnum unseenCredit: MAGNUM/Peter van Agtmael


See the rest of the story at Business Insider

This Company Wants To Revolutionize The Way Men Buy Dress Shoes


jack erwin showroom

Lane Gerson and Ariel Nelson started their shoe company, Jack Erwin, when they saw how difficult it was to find a quality men's dress shoe at a reasonable price point.

"It's only in the thousand-plus range that brands feel confident enough to go with a classic style," Nelson told Business Insider. "Everything else tends to be overstylized." 

To solve the problem, Gerson and Nelson found a way to make a high-quality, classic shoe that won't go out of style or break the bank. 

From a classic penny loafer to a wingtip oxford, the goal is to create staple shoes for less than $100 each. Jack Erwin shoes are manufactured in Spain with leather that comes from Italy and France. They sell 15 different styles in three collections, all priced between $95 and $220 and available for purchase online.

"Men are starting to care more about fashion and wanting to make a statement," Gerson said. "It's becoming less intimidating."

Jack Erwin has caught the attention of some tech investors since opening for business in 2012 — in September, they closed a $9-million Series B funding round led by Brown Shoe Company, with contributions by CrossLink Capital, Shasta Ventures, and FundersGuild.

And now Gerson and Nelson are taking it a step further, opening a brick-and-mortar Fitting Room in New York City's Tribeca neighborhood. Customers can walk into the store, try on some of Jack Erwin's styles, and then place an order to be delivered within a few days. 

"I think you learn a lot online, but you learn a lot in person. You can see people's real-time reactions to your product," Gerson said. "And people buy differently online." 

At the Fitting Room, samples of each Jack Erwin style are lined up on counters. 

jack erwin showroom

Customers are paired with a sales representative, who helps them pick out a style and size. They're encouraged to take a seat on couches in the middle of the room.

"We wanted it to be a real communal experience," Gerson said.

jack erwin showroom

The Fitting Room doesn't keep an inventory, instead only storing enough pairs for customers to try in each size. 

"We think people will actually like walking out of here without a bag," Gerson said. 

Sizes are located in drawers below the display, though they're disguised to look like marble.

jack erwin showroom

The representative takes care of the customer from start to finish, eventually placing orders on iPads and arranging for the shoes to be shipped to the customer's home. 

jack erwin showroom

The Fitting Room was completed in an extraordinarily short amount of time. The space was purchased just six weeks ago and was still a construction site five days before opening. 

But this is an extremely dedicated team — Gerson and Nelson even live in Jack Erwin's SoHo office, just a few blocks away from the new Fitting Room.

jack erwin showroom

Jack Erwin has always been about maintaining quality, and the Fitting Room is a good way for them to demonstrate that.

"It's all about showcasing the construction," Nelson said.

Nelson showed us some of the brand's most popular styles. Black shoes tend to be more popular than brown, though he points out that many customers choose to buy both. 

jack erwin showroom

Boots have also been popular as cold weather approaches.

The Fitting Room officially opens Thursday, but curious neighbors have been peering into the windows and trying to come inside even days before the launch.

"We'll take that as a good sign," Nelson said.

jack erwin showroom


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New ‘Instant Makeover’ Boob Job Claims To Last 24 Hours And Take 20 Minutes


Ellen Degeneres Katy Perry boobs

For women who have always been curious about breast enhancement but were too nervous to go under the knife, there's a new procedure that claims to enlarge breasts for 24 hours.

Dr. Norman M. Rowe, a plastic surgeon in Manhattan, has been injecting saline solution into women's breasts for five years as a way of temporarily expanding them, according to The New York Times.

It's being called the “Insta Breast,” and was originally a way for Dr. Rowe's patients to see what they would look like before they had a breast augmentation. The 20-minute procedure lasts for around 24 hours before the saline — which is essentially salt water — is absorbed by the body.

But now some women are doing it just for an instant lift for parties, vacations, and events like weddings. The cost? Between $2,500 and $3,500, according to ABC News.

Compare that to a regular breast augmentation, which typically costs around $4,200 and requires about two weeks of recovery.

There are some risks to the procedure. Doctors warned ABC News that whenever you insert a needle or scalpel into the skin, there’s a risk of infection, nerve damage, or a hematoma.

Dr. Michael C. Edwards, a plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, told the Times that while he sees no harm in the Insta Breast, it could stretch out the skin. “You’re altering the architecture of the breast,” he told the Times. “I would be concerned that you would be taking away some intrinsic support in the breast.”

Dr. Rowe says that he hasn’t seen any infections, just bruising from his clients.

goodwin breast enhancement abc news salineKali Goodwin, a 27-year-old New Yorker, let ABC News follow her to her appointment. “It’s my boyfriend’s and my fifth anniversary,” she explained to the camera. “I got this really great dress and I’m kind of hoping at year five this will be a bigger night than most.”

After a successful first procedure, she is now considering a second Insta Breast lift to make sure she wants to buy a breast augmentation. 

“If I’m going to go ahead and spend all the money for an actual surgery what’s another $3,500 to make myself feel 100% confident with my decision,” she told ABC News.

Watch the full segment on Goodwin's plastic surgery here.

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Bill Nye Reveals Why Climate Change Is So Hard To Stop

It's Not Easy To Rent An Automatic Car In Europe — Here's How I Finally Did It


driving in italy

I recently traveled to Italy. I knew I'd have to drive there, but I was nervous about driving in a country that's notorious for its aggressive drivers. I wasn't sure how I'd navigate new roads, signs written in a foreign language, and using a stick shift for the first time. 

Though there are a few automatic cars in Italy, the majority of cars there have manual transmissions. And when they are available, automatic cars tend to cost significantly more to rent than manual. 

However, after a failed driving lesson in a manual car where I continually stalled out, I decided that it was worth it to pay for an automatic car.  

I checked several booking sites to compare the costs for automatic car rentals, like Kayak and Expedia, and even went directly to the rental companies sites for Budget and Avis. However, I found it tricky to search for automatic cars on those sites.

Since I was renting in Europe, I found the most helpful sites to be Holiday Autos, and Auto Europe, which allow you to specifically search for automatic cars. Holiday Autos brought up cheaper rates and seemed easier to navigate, but I wanted to see if I could find even better fares, so I called the car rental companies directly. 

When I took the time to actually call Budget and Hertz, the companies listed on Holiday Autos, I found that they had several automatic cars available and their rates were even cheaper. When I mentioned that I was a AAA member, my rental cost was discounted even more. Though they did have automatic cars available, the downside was that most of the cars were small—compact or economy size—and I was looking for at least a midsize car. I booked an economy size car anyway.

In the end, I paid just 245 euros (about $300) for 5 days in an automatic car. I was also upgraded from the small economy car to a full-size Volkswagen station wagon, which fortunately had a built-in GPS.

I also got an International Driving Permit, which is required for foreigners driving in Italy, in addition to a valid license from your home country. Though you may be able to rent a car in Italy without an IDP, you risk major fines if you get pulled over and don't have one. The IDP costs just $15, and you can apply for one through either AAA or the National Automobile Club.

I'm so glad that I rented a car: It enabled me to leisurely explore small towns that would have otherwise been inaccessible. I'm also happy that I drove an automatic car. I'm not sure I'd have felt the same way if I had driven in a manual car, which would have been a much more stressful experience.

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This Is The Ferrari AND Porsche Of Trains



Eurostar — the train network that connects the UK with France and Belgium — introduced its new series of luxurious high speed trains this week, just in time to celebrate its 20th anniversary of cross-channel service.

The Eurostar and the channel tunnel it travels through on its trips in and out of Europe have helped shape modern travel in the UK. Called the Eurostar e320 — in reference to its 320kph (200mph) top speed — the next generation of super fast trains will continue the legacy of efficient high speed train travel between Britannia and the Continent.

According to the Guardian, the first 17 e320 train sets will enter service late next year.

The Eurostar and the English Channel Tunnel or Chunnel commenced operation on November 14, 1994.

For the first time, people living in London could take a train ....

... to Paris!

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

Striking Photos Of The Homeless Community That Lived Beneath Manhattan


The Urban Cave

New York City has a long and sordid history with its homeless. While the city has been attempting to deal with the problem for years, the issues still persists. 

In fact, since 2006, the number of homeless people have steadily risen, reaching all-time highs of over 58,000 homeless people sleeping in shelters each night.

And those numbers don't account for New York's homeless who seek refuge on the streets.

Photographer and filmmaker Andrea Star Reese discovered a community of such people, living in makeshift dwelling inside a 2.5-mile long Amtrak tunnel on Manhattan's west side. Over the course of 7 years, Reese met and photographed many of them, gaining intimate access to their lives.

She found that the people she met, mostly shunned by society and living in relative squalor, were strong, resilient, and had knowledge to share.

"They took care of one another, saved lives, stood together against predators and extended comfort to the damaged, to the sad," Reese tells Business Insider.

Reese's work has been compiled into a new photo book, titled "The Urban Cave," which will be made available soon. You can see more photos can been seen on her website and on her Kickstarter page.

The section where the homeless seek shelter is a stretch of tunnel that runs 2.5 miles from 72nd street to 122nd street in Manhattan, directly under Riverside Park. It was used for freight trains until 1980, after which a well-documented shanty town evolved at its south end, reported to house roughly 100 people.

In 1991 it reopened for use as an Amtrak tunnel, triggering a massive eviction of the homeless living there. But as time went on, more people moved back in, making homes in small crevices and in rafters.

Reese was in need of a subject for photojournalism class she was taking in 2007, and recalled the evictions in the tunnel during the '90s. She decided to explore the south end, the opposite end of the tunnel where the evictions occurred.

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Here's Why Everyone Is Addicted To CrossFit

4 Things To Tell Your Barber When You Get A Haircut



It's really easy to make sure your haircut is perfect every time.

All that's required is a little bit of forethought and a few key facts to remember to tell your barber. 

Good barbers will sometimes ask these questions all on their own, but if not, take a proactive approach. After all, it's your hair.

So the next time your barber asks, "what are we doing today?", this is exactly what you should say.

1. Tell your barber how long it's been since your last haircut

Barbers know how long it takes for hair to grow, so if you tell them how long it's been since you last got it cut, they can imagine what your hair looked like way back when.

From there, you can either tell them you want it to look the same or describe how you want it to be different from last time.

And don't worry — different people's hair doesn't really grow at different rates. That's a myth, Boston-based barber Van Capizzano at Ball and Buck told Business Insider.

2. Tell your barber about your lifestyle

In order to give you a cut you'll love your barber needs to know more about you, according to barber Kyle Holbrook of Fellow Barber in San Francisco.

Tell your barber where you work, what you do for fun, where you go on the weekends, how you wear your hair, whether you put product in it every day, and anything else you think might be helpful.

Essentially, you want your barber to give you a cut that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle and reflect your personality, Holbrook told us.

3. Be specific about how you want your hair to look

This may seem simple, but most guys aren't doing it right. Some aren't even doing it all!

Barbers are experts in their craft, but they aren't mind readers. You can't just expect them to fill in the gaps. Don't just say "short on the sides, long on the top." That's not enough for them to go on.

Here's some terminology to use to get the haircut you want:

  • When specifying how long you want your hair to be, inches are the best figure (1 inch, 1 and a half inches, etc.). 

  • It can also be helpful to know the specific number of the clippers you want your barber to use. If you don't know what setting of clippers you prefer, ask your barber to start with a longer setting and progressively get shorter until you find a style you like.

  • Men with longer hair especially need to be clear about how much hair they want cut off. Most will tell the barber just to keep the hair off their collar. This gives a neat, professional look.

  • Men with longer hair might also ask for a layered cut, which gives more movement and dimension to longer hairstyles.

  • If you don't want your sides to be all the same length, ask for a tapered cut, which means your hair gets gradually longer towards the top of your head.

  • Make sure to specify how sharp you want your hair's transition from long to short to be. For no transition, ask for a shaved part (long on top, buzzed on the sides). For a more conservative style, ask for a natural or blended transition.

  • For more manageable hair, ask the barber to add some texture to the top. Texturing will thin out the bulk of your hair and is great for anyone with thicker hair.

  • You can either ask for a tapered (natural) neckline or a squared (block)neckline in the back. A tapered neckline will follow your natural hairline, while a block hairline cuts straight across. Most men opt for the tapered neckline, which usually looks more natural.

  • Tell your barber how long you want your fringe (a.k.a. bangs) to be in the front, and if you sweep it to the side or style it in any way. 

The goal is to be specific enough that your barber will know exactly what you're imagining.

4. Bring a picture (but only of your own hair)

As Capizzano puts it, "barbers are visual people." Pictures really help barbers visualize what you're looking for in a haircut and serve as a great guide. 

There's a catch though — the best photo you can bring in to show your barber is a picture of yourself after a haircut that you really liked. A picture of someone else's hair doesn't take into account your own hair's individual traits, like thickness, texture, and hair line. 

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