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These Maps Show Exactly How Much Hipsters Have Taken Over New York City In The Last Five Years


Hipsters Of New York

In the past few years, hipsters have become so ubiquitous in New York City that they've come to define certain neighborhoods: Places like Williamsburg, Bushwick, and Greenpoint are completely associated with hipsters. 

The team at Yelp put together a series of heat maps that show exactly how much hipsters have taken over New York City in the last five years. Their maps, spanning from 2010 to 2014, document how often people mention the word "hipster" in reviews of places around New York City. The maps show that five years ago, hipsters clustered around Williamsburg and the Lower East Side, but today they are basically all over New York City.

See exactly how hipsters have taken over New York City in the maps below. 


It should come as no surprise that in 2010 almost all of the hipsters were hanging around Williamsburg and the Lower East Side. A hipster Mecca, Williamsburg is New York City’s gentrification poster child. The LES is a very close runner-up, but most other Manhattan neighborhoods hadn't been affected. Yelp Heat Map 2010 (new)


In 2011, hipsters started to expand ever so slightly to different parts of the city, mostly moving further into the depths of Brooklyn. Areas such as Upper Manhattan and Astoria began to see some heat too. Yelp Heat Map 2011 (new)


New Jersey became a whole lot more hip in 2012, as the heat map shows a sudden spike near Jersey City. Places like Williamsburg and LES were clearly becoming overrun with hipsters, and some hipsters were starting to venture deeper into Brooklyn, to places like Bushwick and Bed-Stuy. Hipsters also began to move into other parts of Manhattan, like NoMad and the West Village. Yelp Heat Map 2012 (new)


Due to pricey rents in Williamsburg people began moving even further into areas around Brooklyn. Places such as Bushwick, Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, Cobble Hill, Boerum Hill, and Park Slope began seeing a lot of heat.Yelp Heat Map 2013


Hipsters have taken over all of Manhattan and Brooklyn, and have even started to take hold in Queens and Jersey City. Almost everywhere below 14th Street is totally overrun with hipsters and even posh uptown Manhattan neighborhoods, like the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side, are covered in red. 

Places like the Lower East Side and Williamsburg are still completely overpopulated with hipsters, which could be why the map shows even more activity deeper into into Brooklyn. Yelp Heat Map 2014 (new)

To see more words on the heat map, check out the Yelp page here

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RANKED: The Best And Worst Halloween Treats


Americans spend an average of $2 billion on Halloween candy every year.

But not all Halloween candy is created equal. We thought back to our trick-or-treating days to determine which candy we were most excited to find in our plastic pumpkins.

Obviously, anything king-sized dominates. But without size as a factor, we considered the most satisfying treats.

The 15 best Halloween treats:

15. Junior Mints: These are highly underrated. The gooey and sugary mint interior and chocolate coating make Junior Mints a nice change of pace from the other candies in your bag.

junior mints candy14. Starbursts: The texture of these bright candies might be a little waxy, but there's literally a "burst" of flavor. So yummy.

Starburst Candies13. M&Ms: No candy-coated chocolates can compare to M&Ms. They're the original, and are always a treat.

Plain M&Ms Pile candy12. Pop Rocks: '80s and '90s kids know how cool these are. Pop Rocks crackle and pop in your mouth and taste like pure sugar — what's not to love?

Pop Rocks candy11. Nestle Crunch: Milk chocolate and crunchy rice crispies make Nestle Crunch an old-school favorite that lives up to its name.

USA Nestlé Crunch candy bar10. Pixy Stix: It was so fun to open these tart, sugar-filled sticks and pour them into your mouth while your parents looked on in horror. Sugar rush!

Pixy Stix candy9. Airheads: Chewy and fruity, pulling apart Airheads and devouring them was a blast as a kid. And though all the flavors are excellent, everyone knows White Mystery is the best.

Airheads candy8. Nerds: Sweet, crunchy, and slightly sour, Nerds are shiny little nuggets that usually come in packs with two flavors. Not only is the packaging cool, but the flavors were always perfectly paired.

Nerds candy7. Milky Ways: Made of nougat, caramel, and chocolate, Milky Way bars are a sweet, chewy staple in any kid's Halloween sack. Also excellent frozen.

milkyway bar candy6. Kit Kats: It's so satisfying to snap apart Kit Kat bars. The four sections makes them easy to share, but you never did that. These were all for you.

kit kat bars5. Sour Patch Kids: Talk about flavorful — Sour Patch Kids start with a punch of sour, and then become sweet. Everyone has their favorite color, but we prefer the red and green ones.

sour patch kids candy4. Butterfingers: A sweet peanut butter-crunch center coated in chocolate. Almost a universal favorite, the only downside of Butterfingers is that the crunchy part can get stuck in your teeth.

butterfinger bar candy3. Twix: The textural contrast between the cookie, caramel, and chocolate is impeccable. Plus, the cookie gives the caramel and chocolate a little added oomph.

twix candy bar2. Snickers: Crunchy, chewy, chocolatey, and sweet, Snickers bars pack a ton of flavor. Plus with roasted peanuts, nougat, caramel, and milk chocolate, they are heartier than your average candy bar.

snickers1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups: The perfect ratio of chocolate to peanut butter, everyone loves Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. The sweet and salty flavor combo makes this one of America's favorite treats.

reeses peanut butter cups candyIn fairness, we also decided to rank the 15 most disappointing Halloween "treats." Not only are they despised by kids everywhere, but they are also worth a few "tricks" in retaliation.

The 15 worst Halloween treats:

15. Butterscotch candies: These are those candies your grandmother always had lying around the house that you wanted to be delicious, but were actually just sickly-sweet hard candies. Devastating.

Butterscotch Candies14. Candy Corn: Candy corn was originally known as "Chicken feed." Enough said.

Candy Corn pile13. Bazooka Bubblegum: Bazooka Bubblegum is great until you've chewed it for a full three minutes and suddenly it tastes like cement in your mouth rather than delicious bubble gum. Such a bummer.

Bazooka bubble gum12. Flavored Tootsie Rolls: Tootsie Rolls are okay, but flavored Tootsie Rolls are never what you want them to be. They're waxy and weird-tasting.

tootsie rolls flavored chocolate11. Necco Wafers: Texture aside, the flavors of these classic candies are truly bizarre — orange, lemon, and lime are all okay, but then there's also clove, chocolate, cinnamon, licorice, and wintergreen. What?!

NECCO wafers candy10. Sixlets: Chalky-tasting chocolate covered in a candy shell. Not the worst things ever, but these are no M&Ms and are always highly disappointing.

sixlets candy9. Mary Jane Peanut Butter Kisses: These sticky peanut butter taffies are made with molasses and a bit of grainy peanut butter in the center. Everyone avoided these until all the name-brand candy was gone and then ate them out of desperation.

peanut butter kisses mary jane candy8. Good & Plenty: The oldest branded candy in the U.S., Good & Plenty is licorice in a hard candy shell that tastes like a crunchy, stale Twizzler. Plus, they look like pills.

Good & Plenty licorice candy7. Dots: Not only do these colorful treats barely have any flavor, but it's impossible to get them un-stuck from your teeth. In terms of gummy candy, Dots are at the bottom of the barrel.

Dots candy6. Black Jelly Beans: There's always one lurking in a bag of ordinary and perfectly delicious Jelly Beans. But when it's a whole bag full of black Jelly Beans, it becomes unacceptable.

Jelly Belly beans with an arrow pointing to a black jelly bean5. Circus Peanuts: These peanut-shaped marshmallow candies are dense, chewy, and taste like they went stale sometime in the 19th century. We can all do better.

circus peanuts candy4. Raisins: Fruit is not candy. It is fruit. And dried fruit in the form of raisins is even worse than fresh fruit.

Sunmaid Raisin Pile3. Pencils: Seriously? Seriously?!

Pencils2. Toothbrush: There's always that one curmudgeonly dentist in the neighborhood who's handing out cheap toothbrushes. We get it! Candy is bad for your teeth! Now give us some.

Toothbrush1. A penny: "Penny candy" is no longer a thing. At least give trick-or-treaters a dollar so they can use it at the nearest vending machine. YOU MONSTER.

U.S. pennies

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The 10 Scariest Cars Of All Time


batmobile batman v supermanAs Halloween rolls around once again, Business Insider has put together a list of Top 10 Scary Cars — cars that strike fear into the hearts of drivers, onlookers, and society at large.

Be afraid! Be very afraid!

And here they are — enjoy!

10. The Lamborghini Veneno looks like an alien warship on the prowl for unsuspecting planets to colonize. Is it cool? Absolutely. But it's kind of terrifying, too.

9. The "Deathmobile" is one of the most memorable relics of the 1978 comedy classic, "Animal House." The car's angry fangs, skull-and-crossbones, and prominently mounted bust of Lenin summarize the type of mayhem unleashed at Faber College by the men of Delta Tau Chi.

8. The Maybach Exelero is dark and menacing. This car has only one rightful owner ...

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Mexicans Are The Happiest People In A New Global Survey


mexico netherlands goalWhile the wealthy who live in advanced economies say they are happier with their life situation, those living in emerging economies are close to the same level of satisfaction, according to a new Pew Research Center report.

The survey asked respondents of 43 nations to measure their happiness on a scale of 0 to 10, where 10 represents the highest rung of life's ladder. Those who answered between 7 and 10 were counted as being happy. 

Mexico, a country plagued with crime and corruption, had the overall highest score in the survey, measuring in at 79% satisfaction in life. Mexico's response represents a shift in what The Economist called a "fraying link between happiness and income."

On average, people residing in countries with advanced economies like Germany, France, Japan, and the US answered with a median of 53% of having a comfortable and gratifying life. Of the 10 countries with advanced economies, Israel is the leader of the pack at 75%.

Half of Mexico's counterparts, like Venezuela and Brazil, weren't too far behind by listing their lives as highly satisfying. Meanwhile, people in countries in the Middle East, including Tunisia, Jordan, and Egypt, said they were the least satisfied among the emerging nations. The Pew report also noted that few Ukrainians were happy, which may "reflect the considerable turmoil in their country."

Representing the developing economies, Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya were the most dissatisfied with their lives out of the 43 nations sampled.

Here is the full list of all 43 surveyed countries

pew research money and happiness

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Dear Business Insider Readers: How Do You Use Your Different Devices?


mobile phone devices

It's easy to forget that the iPhone was announced just seven years ago. Back then, nobody could predict how people would be using their devices the way they do today — swiping Tinder matches, ordering Uber taxis, and of course, reading Business Insider. 

That said, we're looking to find out more about how you use your different devices to read and share stories. Do you prefer reading articles on your smartphone or tablet? How active are you on Facebook and Twitter? Are you a fan of watching videos on your phone? 

Click here to take our survey. All we need is five minutes of your time. 

Thanks in advance for your candid answers.

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Here's How To Get A Job At The CIA


CIA advises ukraine

If you told a friend you were in the running for a job at the CIA, you might get a raised eyebrow, be asked whether you're even allowed to revealed that fact, and perhaps some questions about how close to the Bourne trilogy the whole process really is.

But speaking with Forbes, CIA head of recruitment Ron Patrick explained what it takes to get a job at one of the most secretive wings of the US government. And much of it looks like a pretty standard job application. You can even apply online now.

"Everything out there — movies and books — make it seem as if there is some secret way to get into the CIA, when in fact it’s not so secret," Patrick said.

Recruiters will look at your resume before granting you a telephone interview. Pass that and you're looking at a few online tests to gauge your writing and problem-solving abilities, as well as to evaluate whether you're an "interpersonal fit."

Only then does it get into the not-so-standard stuff. If your background investigation goes smoothly — "Have they lived their life in an honest and open way," asks Patrick — it's time for a polygraph test.

The questions at this stage are still similar to what you'd get at any company serious about their hiring process, but Forbes contributor Maseena Ziegler says they just place more value on closely analyzing the answers.

And there's nothing here about the rumored spinal tap meant to tell all about your drug use history (the Navy has actually debunked the myth that only this method can reveal past LSD use). In fact, a Colorado applicant who admitted to having smoked pot wasn't totally barred from entry. Instead he was told to wait at least a year before reapplying for the agency.

As for recruiting priorities, the CIA's needs shift with their expectation of what the global landscape will look like five to ten years down the line.

"So we need cultural knowledge, geographical knowledge and language skills — skills that allow us to do our job in that part of the world," said Patrick, in reference to whatever region the CIA believes will be the source of the next set of challenges.

Getting the job could have a lot to do with having the right skills for the times, just like at any other employer. And even once you've landed it, you'll be drinking fewer shaken martinis at the CIA than you might have hoped. 

As author and former CIA agent Lindsey Moran explained to Pursuit Magazine, a CIA officer's work is more about being able to work with and read people than it is about being able to carry out dangerous or violent missions. "So much of what you do as a CIA operative is psychology-based. On the most basic level you’re acting — almost — as a clinical psychologist for your assets," she said. "They come to you with their problems, and you have to listen, and talk them through their issues."

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The Most Popular Last-Minute Halloween Make-Up Ideas, According To Pinterest


Art Pinterest

Struggling to decide what to be for Halloween tonight?

These last-minute make-up ideas from Pinterest are all so bold that it won't really matter what you're wearing.

Pinterest says there have been 176 million pins dedicated to Halloween so far this year, and that about 78% of Pinners plan to spend between $10 and $49 for their costumes this year. The average person spends $77.52. 

We got a list of the most popular make-up looks on Pinterest — here are our favorites.

Sugar-skull make-up has been huge on Pinterest this year.

Cat make-up is easy — then just add ears!

Add some dots and lines and you're a comic book character.

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Paralympian Josh Sundquist Already Has The Best Halloween Costume This Year


Updated Josh Sundquist

Josh Sundquist is a bestselling author, motivational speaker, cancer survivor, Paralympic ski racer, and the undeniable champion of all Halloween costumes. 

Sundquist, who had his leg amputated as a child due to a rare form of bone cancer, has spent the past few years dressing in “amputee-themed” costumes that bring a humorous light to his disability. 

He has dressed up as the Gingerbread Man with a missing leg from Shrek, the classic leg lamp from the movie A Christmas Story, and last year he did a crutch handstand and became a flamingo

This year to celebrate the fact that he has joined the U.S. Amputee World Cup Team, he has dressed up as a foosball player. 

It took a lot of clever crafting to make the ingenious costume. The foosball player boot was made out of cardboard and duck tape; and Sundquist’s crutches were covered in bubble tape and a laminate covering and used as the barSo he can use his crutches to walk around, but when he wants to transform into the football player, he simply has to put his hands behind his back. 


Sundquist is even able to do the signature foosball player spinning kick. Josh Sundquist Kick

Sundquist uses these Halloween costumes to celebrate what makes him unique. "I’ve always dealt with the social discomfort of my disability by having a sense of humor, but I used to be much more self-conscious," Sundquist said on his blog

"In high school I wore a prosthesis all the time and didn’t want anyone to find out I was missing a leg. But now I’m more comfortable with who I am and what I look like, and I guess with these Halloween costumes you could even say that I celebrate what makes me different."

Sundquist was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma and given a fifty percent chance to live when he was only nine. After a year spent in chemotherapy, his left leg had to be amputated. 

He was officially declared cured of the disease by the time he was 13, and went on to accomplish many things, including becoming an extraordinary athlete. Sundquist trained for six years and in 2006, he was chosen to represent the U.S. in the Paralympic Ski Team in Turnio, Italy.  

Sundquist now travels across the country to give motivation speeches to Fortune 500 companies and inner city public schools. He has a bestselling memoir called,Just Don’t Fall, and has a devoted YouTube following

He also has a really incredible sense of humor. For more information about Josh Sundquist check out his page here, and keep scrolling to see some of his past Halloween costumes.  

2013: Flamingo 

flamingo costume 1

2012: The Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story

Leg Lamp

2010: The Gingerbread Man From Shrek

Gingerbread Man  

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Take A Peek Inside The 'Most Haunted House In The Midwest,' If You Dare



On a rather unassuming street in the otherwise nice town of Alton, Illinois, there lies a sinister estate that was once called the "most haunted place in the Midwest."

The McPike Mansion, a beautiful 16-room house sitting on 15 acres of overgrown land, has been vacant for more than 60 years, and maybe for good reason. Multiple ghastly figures, orbs, strange noises, and unexplained happenings have been documented over its almost 150 years of existence. Many believe that the ghost of former owners of the house and their servants still walk the grounds and inside the house's dilapidated halls.

Photographer Todd Morgan got access to the house recently and shares the photos with us here. You can see more of his work on his Facebook

So, if you're feeling brave enough, take a tour of the McPike Mansion and get into the Halloween spirit.

The McPike Mansion was built in 1869 for Henry Guest McPike, a business man and the one-time mayor of Alton. McPike was also a skilled horticulturist and during his time on the grounds, he perfected his own type of grape.

The house was built in the Italianate-Victorian style and has 16 rooms. When it was new, it had ornate molding, carved banisters, and boasted 11 marble fireplaces.

The McPike family lived in the house until 1936 and has sat vacant since the 1950's.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

Tour The Cemetery Where New York's History Is Buried

Why LinkedIn's Chris Saccheri Quit His Powerful Job To Be A Stay-At-Home Dad (LNKD)


Chris Saccheri

Chris Saccheri had a great job running the web development team at LinkedIn. There was only one problem: He wanted to spend more time with his kids.

"To be able to have breakfast with them. To walk them to school," he tells Business Insider.

He was part of the founding LinkedIn team hired in 2002 before the company even had a name. He rose to director of web development, managing a team of 30.

But three years ago, a few months after LinkedIn's huge IPO, he made the unusual choice to quit that high-powered job and become a stay-at-home dad. (His wife still works full time.)

"I had been at LinkedIn almost nine years. When started, I was 26, single, living in a house with other singles, the perfect demographic to work a lot of hours at a startup," he tells us.

"By the time I left, three years ago this month, I was 35, married, had two young children. I could see that they were growing up so fast and I was missing big chunks of it by being at work so much," he says.

Saccheri knows that he was "very lucky" he could afford to leave his job. He didn't tell us what his stake was worth, but most of that founding team became millionaires with the IPO. If they still own that stock, it's worth a lot more today.

That's obviously not a typical situation.

The dirty little secret in the tech industry is that, while pay is high, there isn't much work/life balance. Long days at work are expected. You are also expected to be available nights and weekends, at least by email or chat.

In the tech industry, there's an unwritten rule that says if you really love your job, you'll want to work as many hours as is humanly possible, maybe even more, as the presence of "nap rooms" attests. (Think about that: Why should an office have a nap room? For the times when employees want to, or need to, give up actual sleep to keep on working.)

"It's ridiculous. I've been there. I slept under my desk. I didn't even sleep. I was there all night a few times at LinkedIn. But that was before I had kids," he says.

Saccheri says that as a leader at LinkedIn, "I probably could have worked out something where I worked less time and spent more time with my kids. But I really liked the idea of going in 100% and being devoted to them. That seemed like a totally different challenge."

He's now three years into his current job and plans to keep it for another five or so. He's got two kids, ages 6 and 4, and another baby due next month. He wants to stay home full time until the youngest is in school.

His advice to others? "You don't have to quit your job," he says. "There are ways you can spend more time at home. You don't have to work 11 or 12 hours a day, really."

Most people, even in demanding jobs, can manage to get home for at least one weeknight family dinner per week and/or at least one school day breakfast, he suggests.

"You just have to remember that your family, your kids, those are forever relationships. This is time you just can't get back," he says.

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These Maps Reveal How Ethnic Groups Are Spread Across America


german ancestry mapThe United States may be a melting pot, but many ancestry groups still stick together.

Take German-Americans, the country's largest ancestry group with 49 million members. While they make up more than 30% of the population in the Midwest, they account for less than 10% of the population in the Deep South and California.

Irish-Americans are everywhere in the North East, but almost nowhere in the South West. Meanwhile, there are hardly any Mexican-Americans in New England.

Maps of the largest ancestry and racial groups in America based on the American Community Survey can be found in a book called "Ancestry & Ethnicity in America." With permission from Grey House Publishing, we're posting them here.

49,840,035 Germans live mostly in the Midwest.

From "Ancestry & Ethnicity in America" based on the American Community Survey (2006–2010 Five Year Estimate). Respondents could name more than one ancestry group or race.

35,751,251 Irish are strongest in the North East.

From "Ancestry & Ethnicity in America" based on the American Community Survey (2006–2010 Five Year Estimate). Respondents could name more than one ancestry group or race.

31,798,258 Mexicans are strongest west of the Mississippi.

From "Ancestry & Ethnicity in America" based on the American Community Survey (2006–2010 Five Year Estimate). Respondents could name more than one ancestry group or race.

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The Second Languages Of Every Part Of The World In One Incredible Infographic

How M&Ms Whiffed On The Product Placement Chance Of A Lifetime


When Steven Spielberg featured Reese's Pieces in his 1982 blockbuster "E.T. The Extra Terrestrial," the candy experienced a big boost in sales.

The only reason Reese's Pieces got the lucrative product placement in the first place was because M&Ms had already refused the filmmakers permission to use its product in the film. This wouldn't be the last time M&Ms passed on a high-profile product placement opportunity.

Produced by Graham Flanagan

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12 Indulgent Foods That Are Actually Vegan


oreosWorld Vegan Day is Nov. 1, celebrating the founding of The Vegan Society in November 1944.

Although the number of vegan Americans has grown over the years, it's still a small group, representing just 2% of the adult population, according to a 2012 Gallup study.

We can understand why.

In terms of food, a vegan is someone who does not eat anything that comes from an animal. That includes meat, fish, eggs, milk and other dairy products, and even honey (which is made by bees). It also eliminates any animal-derived products like gelatin, which can come from the hides, tissues, or bones of cows and pigs.

But that doesn't mean a vegan's diet has to be limited to fruits, vegetables, and tofu. These traditionally health-conscious folk can indulge in brand name foods, too. 

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has compiled a list of "accidentally vegan" foods, which includes cookies, chips, and salad dressings. These products may not be great for your waistline, but you can breathe easy knowing no animals were harmed in the process.

Duncan Hines Creamy Home-Style Frosting (Classic Vanilla)

Other than a possible issue with how sugar is processed, many Duncan Hines frosting flavors are a-ok for vegans.

Sugar is an issue for some vegans because some refined sugar is processed with animal bone char, although this is not stated as an ingredient in sugar. 

The classic vanilla frosting flavor contains sugar, vegetable oil, water, and corn syrup, but no milk products. On the other hand, vegans generally have to be wary of homemade frostings, which may contain butter, milk, or heavy cream.


Milk's favorite cookie is surprisingly safe for vegans. The classic creme filling isn't made with milk products.


Classic Fritos contain just three ingredients: corn, corn oil, and salt. 

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The Science Is In — Why Gluten Sensitivity Is Probably Fake


It's a highly controversial topic that has the entire world buzzing. But what's the real truth behind non-celiac gluten sensitivity? New research is unlocking the science, and it could change the entire gluten-free industry.

Produced by Matt Johnston

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Consumer Reports Called This Infiniti One Of The Least Reliable Luxury Sedans — But We Totally Disagree


2014 Infiniti Q50S Hybrid

Editor's Note: Consumer Reports' 2014 Reliability Survey trashed Infiniti's Q50 sedan, calling it one of the least reliable luxury cars on sale today. CR cited issues with the car's navigation system, touchscreens, and Bluetooth connectivity as some of the more prevalent gripes from owners.

Business Insider reviewed a 2014 Infiniti Q50 S Hybrid AWD earlier this year, and we loved actually loved it. We were impressed by its attention-grabbing looks, high-performance powertrain, and dazzling array of electronic gadgets — gadgets that become its Achilles' heel in the CR survey.

We didn't experience any of the electronic gremlins that CR's survey participants did. 


It isn't easy being the most important car in the lineup of a luxury auto brand striving to keep up with the BMWs and Lexuses of the world.

But the Infiniti Q50, an ambitious sequel to the highly successful G-Series sedan (now renamed the Q40), is just that.

Nissan's luxury brand has to anoint a successor to its popular and well-regarded Q40 model. But Infiniti also wants the Q50 to be the centerpiece of a reboot for the nameplate. 

The now-aging G-series has performed admirably for a brand that has struggled to gain a solid footing in the hyper-competitive luxury-car market. In 2012, the G-Series accounted for a whopping 68% of Infiniti's car (versus SUV and crossover) sales. Even in 2013, when the first Q50s hit the market, the G-Series accounted for 48% of Infiniti's car sales. 

The challenge is stark: For the Q50 to be successful, it has to sway buyers from industry heavy hitters, such as the BMW 3-Series, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and the Lexus IS. 

Fortunately, Infiniti has stuffed the Q50 with every ingredient it needs to succeed. State-of-the-art powertrain? Check. Bucketloads of the latest car tech? Check. Supermodel looks? Check. 

To get an idea of how these elements come together, Business Insider spent a week driving a fully loaded Q50 S Hybrid All-Wheel-Drive (AWD), in fetching Venetian Ruby, around the streets of Manhattan and Northern New Jersey. 

Here is our takeaway.

Behind The Wheel 

2015 Infiniti Q50S .JPGThe first time you get behind the wheel of a Q50 your senses are inundated with bright LCDs, the smell of fine leather, and the growl of its engine. From its striking good looks to its gobs of high-tech goodies, the Q50 communicates in hyperbole. The Q50 Hybrid's engine is no different. Propulsion comes from the marriage of the 3.5-liter VQ series V6 engine and a hybrid electric drive system. Together, they produce a hefty 360 horsepower and all the torque you're ever going to need.

And make no mistake, the hybrid system wasn't developed exclusively so that the Q50 could be environmentally friendly; it also helps the car go faster. Speed comes with price. Although Infiniti claims the Q50 Hybrid delivers 27 mpg in the city and 31 on the highway, Business Insider recorded a combined fuel economy of just under 25 mpg.

Our test car was crammed with more technology than the latest $250,000 Bentley that I drove, not that tech probably makes all that much difference to most Bentley buyers. The lineup is dizzying: cameras on all four corners of the car, a system that keeps the car in the middle of the lane, another one that accelerates and brakes based on the car in front, and a gizmo that predicts whether the vehicle two cars in front of you will slam on the brakes. 

Our Q50 came equipped with Infiniti's revolutionary direct adaptive steering (DAS) system. When the car is moving under engine power, there is no physical connection between the steering wheel and the front wheels. Instead, when you steer, your actions are piped through an onboard computer to the wheels. It's like the control systems on most modern jets. Many automotive journalists, for whom a direct mechanical link between steering wheel and tire grip is a sacred covenant, have complained about the numb and detached feel of the "steer by wire" system.

But it didn't bother me. While it's not perfect, the DAS provided adequate feel and effectively communicated the lay of the land. Sure, I couldn't sense every crack, pebble, or asphalt nuance. But I didn't really want to.

Infiniti Q50 Direct Adaptive SteeringWith power routed through a 7-speed automatic transmission and Nissan Group's legendary ATTESA all-wheel-drive system, the Q50 Hybrid rockets to 60 mph in a scant 5 seconds. The AWD Q50 grips hard; you're not going to spin the wheels when you floor the throttle.

There are instances, unfortunately, where Infiniti has to adjust how the gasoline powertrain interacts with the hybrid drive system. Under hard acceleration, there is a pronounced delay between the time the Q50's electric motor requests help from the gasoline engine and the time the gas engine can turn on and provide power. This becomes dangerously evident on highway on-ramps, where acceleration on demand is essential. 

Like many of its competitors, the Q50 comes with a pair of paddle shifters mounted behind the steering wheel. Sadly, they don't simulate manual control in the way they're supposed to. While most shiftable automatic transmissions allow the driver a range of gears to choose from, the Q's electronic brain seems to want the driver to shift only into the precise gear that the car demands, defeating the purpose of having a manual-shift option in the first place.

As part of the sports package, Infiniti has given the Q50 S a stiff performance-tuned suspension that makes the sedan incredibly composed at high speed and in corners. However, by stiffening the Q50's shocks and springs, its ability to soak up bumps and potholes has been greatly compromised. I could blame New Jersey's poorly paved roads, but the ride is too rough to make the Q50 a good daily driver.

The Walkaround

The exterior of the Q50 features some of the most striking sheet metal in the marketplace (optional 19-inch wheels up the ante). More than a few passersby commented on our car's eye-pleasing aesthetics. The Q50 is the most successful implementation of the aggressive front grill and headlight design found across the Infiniti lineup. Infiniti balances out the more aggressive elements by using sculptural lines to pull your eyes toward to the softer curves that dominate the rest of the car.

Step Inside

Infiniti Q50S Interior.JPGWhile not as striking as the car's exterior, the Q50's interior is a strong selling point. It's stylish, sensible, and remarkably pleasant. As you climb into the driver's seat, the Q50 gives you an immediate sense of modernity blended with sportiness. The centerpiece of the interior is the Q50's pair of touchscreen LCDs, a rarity even in ultrahigh-priced sedans.

The dual-screen layout allows for an incredible level of flexibility, offering occupants the ability to tweak the car's settings, access infotainment, and adjust climate controls without taxing the navigation interface. The Intel-powered lower screen can be laggy, but its tablet-style setup is clear and easy to use. On the downside, the Q50's voice activation is incapable of understanding standard American English, and the navigation system looks like a dated rehash of the same system that Nissan has been using for the better half of a decade. 

Overall, the cabin is swathed in soft-touch leather panels and accented with real maple wood trim. Hefty control stalks are cut from the finest plastic. Seating is ample up front, but rear legroom is limited, especially for taller occupants. Trunk space for the Hybrid model is also limited, because that's where the lithium-ion battery lives. 

Should You Buy It?

I put the car through its paces on the streets of Weehawken, New Jersey, tracing the course that screaming Formula One cars would take should the proposed Grand Prix of America ever come to fruition. Like the F1 race that's perpetually stuck in limbo, the Q50 has all of the elements required to be great. Sadly, the Q50 hasn't quite revealed its full potential because of some small but irritating faults. Fortunately, annoyances like the throttle timing, paddle shifters, and navigation system can be easily fixed.

How does it compare to its rivals? The Q50S Hybrid doesn't offer the raw driving experience of the BMW 3-series, the brand cache of the Mercedes C-Class, or the refinement of the Lexus. However, it does a great job of aspiring to those qualities. What the Q50 does deliver is a powerful high-tech sports sedan that rocks a level of gizmofication usually seen only in ultrapremium sedans.

At a fully loaded price of $55,000, the Infiniti Q50 S Hybrid is one heck of a good deal. Comparably equipped competing models cost thousands more. While its imperfections keep it from reaching greatness, the Q50 is still a terrific car, offering great bang for the buck. A worthy successor to the G-Series has arrived.

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This Map Shows The Legal Drinking Age All Over The World


Here in the US we always have to wait until the ripe old age of 21 to join our fellow guzzlers at the local pub. But it didn't always used to be that way.

And around the world, not every government agrees that 21 is the right time to start making all that boozing legal.

The website Sloshspotjust put together a very cool map that shows the age where different parts of the world have made it legal.

Check it out:

Drinking Age Around The World

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HOUSE OF THE DAY: Tom Cruise Has Listed His Stunning Colorado Estate For $59 Million


cruise home hotd

Tom Cruise has listed his sprawling 298-acre estate in Telluride, Colo. for $59 million, according to The Wall Street Journal.

While $59 million seems like a hefty price tag, this property is expansive. The gated estate not only has a 10,000-square-foot main house with four bedrooms, a gym, recreation room, and library, but a 1,600-square-foot guesthouse with three other bedrooms as well.

There’s also a sports court for tennis, basketball, or ice hockey, and a private trail system with access to and views of the 14,000-foot mountains in the distance.

Sounds simply gorgeous.

Telluride Sotheby’s Real Estate listing agent Bill Fandel told WSJ that Cruise helped design and construct the stone and cedar home, which was completed in 1994.

In addition to being a destination in and of itself, the Cruise home is a 12-minute drive from downtown Telluride, Colo., as well as close to Telluride Ski Resort, one of the best in the world.

Welcome to Tom Cruise's Telluride estate in Colorado.

The main home has over 10,000 square feet of space and four bedrooms, a gym, recreation room, and library.

It sits on 298 acres of land.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

The 25 Best Universities In The World For Computer Science


mit, massachusetts institute of technology, strata center

Computer science is far and beyond the most lucrative degree in the country— if you attend the right school.

Deciding among the top universities is tougher than ever, with many schools building out their tech programs in recent years. QS World University Rankings crunched the numbers to make the choice clearer.

QS's annual ranking highlights the best universities in the world for studying computer science and information systems, using data based on academic reputation (measured by a global survey that asked academics to identify the institutions where they believe the best work is currently taking place within their field of expertise) and citations per faculty.

"Generally, the more often a piece of research is cited by others, the more influential it is," QS notes.

You can read its complete methodology here.


The top 25 universities around the world for computer science:

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

2. Stanford University (USA)

3. Carnegie Mellon University (USA)

4. University of Cambridge (UK)

5. Harvard University (USA)

6. University of California, Berkeley (USA)

7. University of Oxford (UK)

8. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland)

9. National University of Singapore (Singapore)

10. Princeton University (USA)

11. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong)

12. University of Edinburgh (UK)

13. Imperial College London (UK)

14. The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

15. The University of Melbourne (Australia)

16. University of California, Los Angeles (USA)

17. The Australian National University (Australia)

18. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

19. University of Toronto (Canada)

20. The University of Tokyo (Japan)

21. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

22. Cornell University (USA)

22. Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)

24. University of Waterloo (Canada)

25. University of College London (UK)

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