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Dubai's Burj Khalifa Now Has The Highest Observation Deck In The World At 1,821 Feet, And It Looks Incredible


At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY Level 148 HR

Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower in the world at 2,722 feet tall with 160 floors.

And now it also has the highest observation deck on level 148— a stunning 1,821 feet above the ground. It beat out the previous world record holder Canton Tower with its 1,601 foot high observation deck in Guangzhou, China.

This makes the fourth Guinness World Records title for the Burj Khalifa, including the tallest building, tallest man-made structure, and highest restaurant.

1. Burj Khalifa © Michael MerolaAnd because it’s not enough just to see the view, the Burj Khalifa put together an entire experience called At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY.

First, it takes visitors from the ground level of The Dubai Mall to level 125. Not even the elevator ride is boring — the elevators travel at 33 feet per second with special projections that make it appear as though you’re soaring above other global landmarks. 

Once you reach Level 125, you have 360-degree views of the city plus more interactive features. You can then get back on another high-speed elevator and shoot up to the 148th floor — the SKY level — for the highest outdoor terrace in the world. The entire experience lasts over an hour.

At the Top, Burj Khalifa SKY Level 125 HRTickets are not even that pricey, ranging from $34 to $40 for an adult (AED 125 to 150) and $25 to $32 for a child (AED 95 to AED 120) at today’s conversion rates, with prices depending on the time of day. Fast track tickets cost roughly $81 or AED 300.

Even though it opened only two days ago on Wednesday, already there are plenty of Instagram shots of what it looks like. Take a look below.

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David Beckham's Joining The Fight Against Ebola

JERRY JONES: How The Owner Of America's Richest Team Spends His Billions


jerry jones wife

Jerry Jones' 1989 purchase of the Dallas Cowboys is one of the great investments in American sports history.

The team is now a behemoth, raking in hundreds of millions per year in revenue while playing in the country's most opulent stadium, and Jones is the primary beneficiary.

That has allowed him to live a lavish lifestyle when he's away from the field. He owns a mansion in one of the country's richest zip codes, collects modern art, and has all sorts of other toys.

Jones bought the Cowboys for $151 million in 1989.

Source: ESPN

The team is now worth $3.2 billion — more than every team in the world except Real Madrid.

Source: Forbes

He makes a ton of money from the team and his $1.25 billion stadium.


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Here's The Most Iconic Halloween Costumes From Every Year Since 1994


power rangersFew things are more telling than Halloween costumes. Though there are costume choices that consistently top lists each year — princesses, pirates, and sexy nurses are always popular — pop culture tends to make things a little more interesting.

We've rounded up the most iconic Halloween costumes from the last 20 years, using a helpful infographic from Spirit Halloween and other sites that measured Twitter mentions and Google searches.

They tell us what mattered most in pop culture at that point in time, whether it was a particular character from a movie or television show or an outrageous musician who had everyone talking. 

So here they are, from 1994 to present day.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were huge in 1994. Twenty years later, "Power Rangers Megaforce" is still on TV, but it's the Mighty Morphins that are the most recognizable breed of Power Rangers to this day.

Star Trek costumes became popular once again when the first season of "Star Trek: Voyager" premiered in 1995.

Middle schoolers everywhere dressed up as serial killer Ghostface in 1996, the year the first "Scream" movie premiered.

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The $1 Oysters At Apple's Campus Cafeteria Look Amazing


When it comes to high-quality food, Apple employees have got it made. 

Employees can take advantage of some amazing dishes at the company's main cafeteria, Caffè Macs, at its Infinite Loop headquarters in Cupertino, California. There are a few smaller Apple cafeterias in Cupertino as well, including a stunning new building that was designed by Foster + Partners.

From paella to ramen burgers, there's an enormous variety of food to be had on the cheap.

But there are some treats that Apple employees get to enjoy every day. 

One is oysters, which they can get for $1 each. 

There's an oyster bar located in the main Caffè Macs, with several different kinds on offer. Here are some Lil Skookum oysters, from Puget Sound in Washington, and some Fanny Bay oysters, from British Columbia in Canada. 

Here's another look at those Fanny Bay oysters.

You can customize them however you want with the condiments at the oyster bar. 

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Marijuana-Infused Halloween Candy Is Now A Very Real Concern In Colorado


pot candy

The Denver Police Department has issued a PSA on its Facebook page warning parents about marijuana-infused trick-or-treat candy. 

"With Halloween fast approaching, Colorado citizens are in a unique position in the country, watching our kid's candy for marijuana edibles," a Denver Police statement said.

The video, shot inside of a pot shop called the Urban Dispensary, shows how the pot-laced candy is indistinguishable from name-brand candy.

pot candy

"There is really no way a child or a parent or even an expert in the field to tell you whether a product is infused or not," said Patrick Johnson, the owner of Urban Dispensary in Denver. 

The police department recommends parents throw away candy with tampered-with wrappers or from unrecognizable sources. Since Jan. 1, people have been able to buy pot in Colorado for recreational use. 

Here is the PSA video from the Denver Police Department:

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HOUSE OF THE DAY: Mel Gibson Has Relisted His 500-Acre Costa Rican Jungle Compound For $30 Million



Mel Gibson just cannot find a buyer for his $30 million Costa Rican estate (via Curbed).

The home, which has been languishing on the market since 2010, was purchased by Gibson back in 2007 as a refuge from the paparazzi that dogged him.

And though you may not think of Costa Rica as a super exclusive retreat for millionaires, this piece of real estate may just change your mind.

The estate has over 500 acres of secluded jungle surrounding it, as well as three villas on the property.

This is the third time the forested compound has been listed for sale. The first was in 2010 for $32 million and the second in 2012 for $29.8 million, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Maybe the third time will be the charm for this $29.7 million slice of paradise.

Playa Barrigona is located on the Nicoya Peninsula, a completely secluded section off the western coast of Costa Rica.

The Spanish influence radiates through the home, evident in the entrance courtyard.

The main home, Casa Guanacaste, is a hacienda-style residence with two floors, 8 bedrooms, and 7 bathrooms.

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The Secret To Making Don Draper's Favorite Cocktail


The Old Fashioned was a popular cocktail in the 1960s but nearly forgotten over the years.

The drink came back to the spotlight with the premier of "Mad Men" in 2007 as the Old Fashioned was the cocktail of choice for the show's lead character Don Draper. 

For an easy-to-make at home bourbon cocktail recipe, we turned to the drink masters at Ward III in New York City. Owner and bartender Kenneth McCoy put a fall spin on the classic Old Fashioned, to create "The Fall Fashioned." Before the snow falls, warm up with this drink. 



Produced by Sam Rega. Additional camera by Justin Gmoser


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A Japanese Coffee-Making Robot Is Coming To Steal Barista Jobs



Nextage, a robot envisioned by Kwanda Industries to work side by side with people, is terrible at making coffee. 

Kwanda Industries wanted to make a big impression at Japan Robot Week and presented a tech demo of its service robot making a Nespresso.

And while the robot itself is an incredibly impressive feat —a two armed robot that basically moves like a human— watching it make coffee is pretty painful. It takes the robot a whole three minutes to make a cup of instant coffee while elevator music plays softly in the background. 


Overall, Japan's Robot Week featured some pretty incredible products, according to Bloomberg News: a robot that can respond to you, one that will tell you the weather, and even machines that look after bedridden patients by helping them walk. 

Although Nextage was showcased as a ‘barista who will make you coffee,’ it was designed to do so much more.

Kwanda Industries is working towards building industrial robots that are not only used in manufacturing plans, but ones that will work alongside human laborers. The Japan Times reports that the Robot has cameras on each of its arms and can detect movement and doesn’t collide with people who enter its space.


The description for the product is actually pretty creepy: Nextage liberates human beings from menial repetitive labor, allowing us to focus on areas that require creativity and generate added value, such as process management and improvement activities."

There has been a growing fear of robots replacing human workers, and Kwanda’s description of its goals does not help to alleviate those concerns. 

"Nextage coexists with human beings, at the same time it collaborates with conventional industrial robots and specialized equipment," the company said. "Industrial robots are now in the next phase of their evolution, from mere 'equipment' to becoming a 'partner.'"

What would be really impressive is if the robot could make latte art. 

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Will.i.am Shows Off His Fantastical Tech Creations



William Adams, better known as Black Eyed Peas frontman will.i.am, is on the verge of launching a whole bunch of innovative new tech products, with backing from tech heavyweight Salesforce.com.

Adams gave a tour of his fantastic LA engineering studio to MSNBC's Ronan Farrow, where he showed off his new smartwatch, a backpack music speaker that doubles as a charging station, and jackets that embed streaming music and power charging right into the fabric.

Adams is already a successful tech entrepreneur. He owned a founding stake in Beats Electronics, just bought by Apple for $3 billion.

Now he's invested $15 million of his own money, plus an undisclosed sum from Salesforce.com, into his tech startup, i.am+, for two reasons: (1) He's just plain full of ideas, and (2) he's an inner-city kid who wants to show other kids that technology is a dream career.

"For me, it's not about money," Adams told Farrow. "This is about a void I see that I want to fill ... And education is one of those things, encouraging kids in the inner city to take an interest in something that they probably never thought they should be interested in."

"Most kids in the inner city, the first thing that comes to their mind when it comes to careers isn't mathematics or coding. Some of them are going to say I want to play basketball, or I want to play football. ... Those career paths are amazing career paths, but not everybody is going to become LeBron James ... Jay Z ... The Black Eyed Peas," he says.

He also wants US schools to step up the tech education, teaching kids how to use and code for iOS, Android, and Microsoft devices.

"Those are the biggest businesses in America. You would think, in America, that kids are learning those tools," he said.

So he plans to build his own tech company to be a role model.

And he's working on some amazing things. He's got a backpack that looks like a triangular throwback to the old boom-box days, except it works with your smartwatch and recharges it, solving the battery length problem.

Will.i.am speaker backpack

And if a futuristic back-pack isn't your thing, how about a futuristic jacket that powers your device through the sleeves?

Will.i.am battery power jacket

Next up, of course, is the release of his long-awaited new smartwatch, called PULS, that combines a smartphone, cell phone, and music streaming, officially launched this week.

It will be available through AT&T in the US and O2 in the UK. It has a bunch of bells and whistles like fitness tracking, voice-command, and access to social networks. It can even detect your emotions just by listening to your voice.

The watch is expected to be available for the holiday season. The price has not yet been disclosed, but it's supposed to be less than a smartphone.

Here's the full tour of will.i.am's L.A. studio.

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The One Thing You Can Add To Coffee For Even More Energy In The Morning

HOUSE OF THE DAY: A Financier Is Selling His Gigantic Tribeca Townhouse With A Pool For $48 Million


Tribeca Townhouse

A New York financier and his wife have listed their stunning Tribeca townhouse for $48 million, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The home belongs to financier Mark Zittman and his wife, the WSJ reports.

The 65-foot-wide mansion was created by real estate developer and entrepreneur Steven Schnall, who converted two older buildings into a singular townhouse to create the 11,300-square-foot home with a 65-foot-wide interior. 

The urban mansion has basically everything you could ever want out of a home: six floors, seven bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, four power rooms, two staircases, multiple skylights, a wood-paneled elevator, a media room, and a three-car garage. 

Oh, not to mention a 50-foot-long heated indoor swimming pool. Douglas Elliman Real Estate has the gorgeous listing

The townhouse is located in downtown Tribeca, one of the finest neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Designed by Wayne Turett, an award-winning architect, the townhouse is ideal for city living with huge windows and plenty of natural light.

It even has heated Walnut hardwood floors. Very luxurious.

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14 Awesome Snapshots From Some Of Instagram's Coolest Travel Photographers


Travel Instagram

Instagram is perfect for documenting your own favorite spots, but it also gives you an awesome way to discover new places through the photography of others. 

Expert Vagabond listed a handful of travel Instagrammers that are "must follows," so we checked out their feeds and picked a few of our favorite photos.

There are photographers traveling the world or just exploring their backyards. 

Either way, all of the photos are pretty stunning.

We've included some of the photos we thought should be shared, and a link at the bottom to the rest of the photographer's profile.

Have a favorite Instagrammer or a photographer you think should be featured on Business Insider? Let us know! Email a link to cmoss@businessinsider.com.

Michael Christopher Brown took this shot for National Geographic.



This photo, which Brown took in Libya, was part of his book "Libyan Sugar," his collection of photographs, essays and written communication with family, friends and colleagues during the 2011 Libyan Revolution.

Click here for more photos from Brown.

Kristen Alana took this photo on a bridge in picturesque Northampton, MA.

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This Gravity-Defying Hobby Requires Some Serious Core Strength

21 Maps Of Highly Segregated Cities In America



Racial segregation remains a problem in America, and it's lasting longer than anyone expected.

Just how bad things are can be determined through analysis of 2010 Census data.

The average black person lives in a neighborhood that is 45 percent black. Without segregation, his neighborhood would be only 13 percent black, according to professors John Logan and Brian Stults at Brown and Florida State.

Logan and Stult evaluated segregation in major cities with a dissimilarity index, which identifies the percentage of one group that would have to move to a different neighborhood to eliminate segregation. A score above 60 on the dissimilarity index is considered extreme.

In the following slides, we have ranked the most segregated cities in ascending order. They are illustrated with maps of cities by race created by Eric Fischer and publicly available on FlickrThe red dots show white people, blue is black, orange is Hispanic, green is Asian, and yellow is other.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Blacks (blue dots) cluster in the inner city.

Columbus's black-white dissimilarity score is 59.9, according to a study of 2010 Census data by professors John Logan and Brian Stults of Brown and Florida State University. A score above 60 on the dissimilarity index is considered very high segregation.

The red dots show white people, blue is black, orange is Hispanic, green is Asian, and yellow is other, according to maps of 2010 Census data by Eric Fischer.

HOUSTON, Texas — Blacks, Hispanics (orange dots), and whites (red dots) fan out in separate communities.

Houston's black-white dissimilarity score is 60.6, according to a study of 2010 Census data by professors John Logan and Brian Stults of Brown and Florida State University. A score above 60 on the dissimilarity index is considered very high segregation.

The red dots show white people, blue is black, orange is Hispanic, green is Asian, and yellow is other, according to maps of 2010 Census data by Eric Fischer.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Black people live in the inner city and other segregated neighborhoods.

Memphis's black-white dissimilarity score is 60.6, according to a study of 2010 Census data by professors John Logan and Brian Stults of Brown and Florida State University. A score above 60 on the dissimilarity index is considered very high segregation.

The red dots show white people, blue is black, orange is Hispanic, green is Asian, and yellow is other, according to maps of 2010 Census data by Eric Fischer.

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13 Photos Of Apple Fanboys Posing In Front Of Steve Jobs' House

These 'Social Robots' Are A Major Step Toward Our Sci-Fi Future


It wasn't so long ago we thought of household robots as a thing of the distant future — something we'd probably never live to see. But it's happening and it's happening now.

Produced by Matt Johnston. Video courtesy of Associated Press.
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The 10 Funniest Dilbert Comic Strips About Idiot Bosses



It should be comforting that no matter how much you hate your boss, they can't possibly be as bad as the Pointy-Haired Boss.

The idiot middle manager is central to the popular Dilbert comic series, which was the first syndicated comic that focused primarily on the workplace when it launched in 1989. The character embodies the time-wasting, circular-reasoning, and ignorant mentality of bad bosses that many workers are all too familiar with.

"If you've ever had a boss, this probably hits home for you," Dilbert creator Scott Adams tells Business Insider.

To celebrate National Boss Day on Oct. 16, Adams shared his 10 favorite Pointy-Haired Boss strips from the archives of Dilbert.com

August 2001

July 2009

August 2009

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This Amazing Brooklyn Startup Office Looks Like A Jungle Gym


farmigo office

Farmigo, a startup that helps communities and other startups get access to farm-fresh grocery deliveries, recently moved into a brand-new office space in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

Farmigo is partnering with a number of companies in New York and San Francisco — including LinkedIn, SAP, Zendesk, Virgin America, and Etsy — to save employees time and money. Companies can set up a Farmigo drop location in their office so that workers don't ever have to go to the grocery store, and some even cover the cost. 

Farmigo's office is just as quirky and cool as you would expect from a Brooklyn food startup. With 5,000 square feet of space in a former industrial warehouse, they had plenty of room to get creative with the design. They ended up with an amazing treehouse-like layout, with a variety of workspaces situated over different levels. 

Highlights include swings, hammocks, and tables perched up high.

Farmigo is located in a 5,000-square-foot space in the Industrial Arts Complex in Gowanus, Brooklyn. They moved to the space in May after witnessing soaring rents elsewhere in the borough. "DUMBO rents are pretty much the same as Manhattan now. We see Gowanus as this up-and-coming frontier," Benzi Ronen, founder and CEO of Farmigo, said to Business Insider.


Being able to afford a larger space in Gowanus meant the team could play around with the design. They ended up with this multilevel, treehouse-like office, where they host hacker meetups and other events.

When you enter, you'll see a platform of desks with windows that look out on the Gowanus Canal.

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This Popular Midwestern Saying About Cheese Makes No Sense To The Rest Of America


This popular Midwestern expression about government-issued cheese says a lot about how Americans feel about the Obama administration. And more...

Camera by Alana Kakoyiannis. Sound by Justin Gmoser. Text by Megan Willet. 

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