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The Best New Buildings In The Bay Area


Moose Road Residence

The San Francisco chapter of the American Institute of Architects recently announced the winners of their annual Design Awards, which honor Bay Area-based architects and designers who made a significant achievement the previous year. 

Winners were chosen in five categories: architecture, interior architecture, energy and sustainability, historic preservation, and unbuilt design. While most of the buildings are located in San Francisco, a few are imagined by architects based in the City by the Bay, but located elsewhere. 

From a house floating on stilts to a new startup office space, there's plenty of eye-popping design to be seen. 

CITATION, ARCHITECTURE: This LEED-certified natatorium aims to be a force for positive social and environmental change in East Oakland.

"East Oakland Sports Center," ELS Architecture and Urban Design

CITATION, ARCHITECTURE: A renovated storefront on San Francisco's hip Valencia Street incorporates a perforated metal screen overhead.

"Blu Dot Furniture," Office of Charles F. Bloszies

MERIT, ARCHITECTURE: The stunning glass and stucco building at 300 Cornwall Street consists of six homes and corner retail space.

"300 Cornwall," Kennerly Architecture & Planning, Inc.

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16 Photos Of The World's Greatest Boxers Like You've Never Seen Them Before



Ten years ago, German photographer Holger Keifel was looking through a few boxing books when he noticed that, in each photo, the boxer was in a similar position: hands up, tough face, ready to fight. He felt there was something missing — who the boxers were outside the ring.

Keifel resolved to change that. Now, he has become known in boxing circles for having what may be the largest single collection of boxing portraits in the world, consisting of 400 portraits of fighters, promoters, trainers, cutmen, and announcers. Every portrait tries to reveal the inner life of his subject, from Mike Tyson to Joe Frazier to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Keifel shared some photos from his boxing project with us here, and you can see more in his book, "Box: The Face of Boxing." The National Portrait Gallery also recently acquired two of Keifel’s portraits.

Despite Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s tough reputation, Keifel says the boxer is a nice guy once he's done "selling" himself and the cameras are off.F.Mayweather.Jr.2It took Keifel two and a half years to get Luis Collazo in the studio. When Keifel asked for the portrait, Collazo had just been injured in a loss to Shane Mosley. Keifel decided to wait because he "wanted to make him look good."L.Collazo1Ukrainian boxer and current heavyweight world champion Wladimir Klitschko has spoken out often about the current unrest in his home country. His brother Vitali, also a boxer, is the leader of the opposition in Ukraine.W.KlitschkoArthur Abraham's nickname is King Arthur. When Keifel took this photo, Abraham had just arrived in America to promote the Super Six World Boxing Classic. He was wearing the crown and jacket.A.AbrahamConsidered one of the finest defensive boxers of all time, James Toney tried his hand at mixed-martial arts in 2010 at the age of 42. He lost his one and only match in under 4 minutes.J.ToneyKeifel calls Bernard Hopkins "the quintessential old-school boxer." He took this shot after a press conference in New York.B.Hopkins1Nicknamed "the Golden Boy," Oscar De La Hoya retired in 2012, after losses to both Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.O.DLHoyaKeifel had to stand on a milk crate to photograph the 7-feet 1 inch tall Nikolai Valuev.N.Valuev2"The Italian Dragon" Joe Calzaghe retired in 2009 with an undefeated record and as a reigning world champion.J.CalzagheMike Tyson was not easy to get in front of the camera, Keifel told MaxBoxing. In order to convince Tyson that it was worthwhile, Keifel talked to Gene Kilroy, Muhammad Ali's business manager in the 1970s, who set it up. This was taken at the Luxor in Las Vegas.M.TysonLennox Lewis is ranked as the number one pound-for-pound British boxer of all time.L.LewisOne of the most well-known boxers of all time, Evander Holyfield will likely be most remembered for when Mike Tyson bit off a piece of his ear during a rematch.E.HolyfieldLarry Holmes made 20 successful title defenses, second only to Joe Louis.L.HolmesKeifel got this shot of Joe Frazier in 2003, eight years before the boxing great died. "You don't have to tell him what to do," Keifel says of Frazier. "He had an incredible life story and it was all written in his face."J.FrazierAfter seeing this shot of himself, Jake LaMotta told a journalist, "It's an ugly picture of me, but I like it because it makes me look tough."J.LaMotta1After initially refusing, Don King eventually let Keifel photograph him three times. It was only after seeing Keifel's work that King warmed up to him. D.King1

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34 People Who Are Carrying Way Too Much Stuff


Rickshaw Car

In most western nations, goods are transported on trains, ships, and trucks.

But in areas where those vehicles are less available, people and goods move from place to place by some rather creative means.

These photos reveal how people from all over the world use bikes, carts, boats, and animals in amazing ways to get themselves and their stuff where they need to go.

These folks and some livestock in the Central African Republic have taken hitchhiking to a whole new level.

This Pakistani man is taking a lot of good to the market at once.

Farmers in Cuba ride a top of a wagon carrying animal feed.

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The 12 Best BYOB Restaurants In New York City

How To Supercharge Your Coffee To Give You Even More Energy In The Morning




The old world tradition of adding butter to coffee has recently re-emerged as a performance enhancer embraced by the likes of Bulletproof Executive founder Dave Asprey and holistic health guru Andrew Weil.

Weil asserts that the often demonized saturated fat poses no risk for increased heart disease and may actually help "stimulate the body's fat-burning potential" in addition to boosting creativity and productivity.

Produced by Alana Kakoyiannis.

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The World's 20 Most Powerful Moms


Melinda Gates

These women prove that motherhood is no longer a barrier to achieving greatness.

Working Mother magazine has named the Most Powerful Moms of 2014, selected from the spheres of business, technology, politics, philanthropy, and news and entertainment.

These women are leading nations, managing billion-dollar companies, and influencing the global conversation, in addition to doing the most important work of all — raising the next generation.

From Melinda Gates to Queen Bey, here's a look at some of the moms who are shaping our world, selected by Working Mother.

Christiane Amanpour

Chief International Correspondent, CNN  
Children: One

British-Iranian Amanpour is one of the world's most highly respected and awarded journalists. She has covered war zones, campaigned to free captive journalists, and interviewed countless world leaders. She's also taken on the challenge of becoming a mother and has one son.

Mary Barra

CEO, General Motors
Children: Two 

The GM veteran is not only one of the world's most powerful women in business, she's also a mom of two teenagers, ages 15 and 17. After working at the car giant for 33 years, Barra stepped into the CEO role in January and has since been dealing with a scandal that led to the recall of 2.6 million cars. She has a degree in electrical engineering and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.



Singer, Actress, Mogul
Children: One 

With hubby and fellow music mogul Jay Z, Queen Bey is mom to 2-year-old Blue Ivy. Motherhood hasn't slowed her down. The Grammy-winner's latest album, "Beyoncé," sold half a million copies in the first 24 hours of its release. What's more, she just wrapped her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, earning $188.6 million.

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9 Common Misconceptions About Alcohol


Cheers Drinking

You may drink, and you may party, but do you get My Drunk Kitchen wasted?

Well, it seems that drunk cooking video host Hannah Hart's learned her fair share from her series — she hosted Mental Floss's weekly video list laying out 29 common misconceptions about alcohol.

Here are the 9 biggest alcohol-related myths, and why they are false. Check out the full 29 on Mental Floss or below.

1. Liquor before beer never fear, beer before liquor never sicker. There's no magical order of drinking that will save you from a hangover the next day. The order you drink certain types of alcohol in doesn't matter — even switching between beer, wine, and liquor throughout the night won't make a difference. Bottomline: all that matters is how much you drink, not if you saved the beer for last.

2. Breaking the seal means you'll have to pee more all night. Alcohol is a diuretic, so it's already going to make you pee a lot. "Breaking the seal" the first time will not increase the amount of times you have to go to the bathroom, but drinking lots of alcohol will.

3. Blackouts can eventually be remembered. If you wake up fuzzy on the details from the night before, you probably shouldn't even bother trying to remember: it's impossible. When we drink too much the part of our brain that encodes memories actually switches off. People claiming they remember what happened after they blacked out are probably having what are called false memories.

4. The lines on a solo cup are for measuring alcohol. While the lines on a solo cup do come close to matching up with alcohol measurements (the bottom line is close to one ounce for liquor, the middle line is close to five ounces for wine, etc.) the Solo company has said repeatedly that the lines on the cup do not exist for that purpose. They even went to the trouble of making a graphic on their Facebook page illustrating their point.

5. Mixing energy drinks with alcohol makes you drunker. Turns out it just energizes you. The problem is the extra shot of energy can make you feel less intoxicated than you actually are.

6. Tequila makes you crazy. There is no evidence that a type of alcohol gets you a certain type of drunk. So anyone claiming that wine makes them sad, or whiskey makes them angry, doesn't have much scientific evidence backing them up. The number of drinks and speed of drinking have the biggest impact on your drunk mood.

7. Eating before drinking keeps you sober. Eating before drinking does help your body absorb alcohol, but it only delays the alcohol entering your bloodstream, it doesn't restrict it. Your body absorbs the alcohol slower after a big meal, so eating before drinking can help the severity of your hangover. Eating a lot after drinking won't do anything for your hangover.

8. A night cap helps you sleep. A drink before bed will help you fall asleep faster, but your body will actually spend less time in REM, and the quality of your sleep will suffer.

9. You can cure a hangover by drinking more. A Mimosa or Bloody Mary in the morning won't make you feel better. All you're doing is prolonging the hangover. Same goes for coffee. Like alcohol, coffee is a diuretic, so it will dehydrate your body even more and likely prolong the hangover.

You can check out 20 more alcohol misconceptions in the video below:

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Here's What Successful People Eat For Breakfast

20 Time-Management Lessons Everyone Should Learn In Their 20s


young guy office laptop

When you're just starting your career, you need all the help you can get managing your time. Even when you're working hard, you could be wasting a tremendous amount of time either by trying to multitask or by focusing too much on minute details.

Montreal-based designer Étienne Garbugli has struggled with all of that. But as he's gotten older, he's learned how to manage his time and workload more effectively. Today, he's a consultant and entrepreneur, and recently published his first book, "Lean B2B: Build Products Businesses Want."

Last year, he collected some of his favorite lessons in the SlideShare presentation "26 Time Management Hacks I Wish I'd Known At 20." In December, SlideShare named it the "Most Liked" presentation of 2013.

Below, we've explained some of Garbugli's best time-management tips everyone should learn in their 20s.

1. There's always time. Time is priorities.

You never "run out of time." If you didn't finish something by the time it was due, it's because you didn't consider it urgent or enjoyable enough to prioritize ahead of whatever else you were doing.

2. Days always fill up faster than you'd expect.

Build in some buffer time. As the founder of Ruby on Rails and Basecamp, David Heinemeier Hansson said, "Only plan on four to five hours of real work per day."

3. Work more when you're in the zone. Relax when you're not.

Some days you'll be off your game, and other times you'll be able to maintain your focus for 12 hours straight. Take advantage of those days.

4. Stop multitasking. It kills your focus.

There have been academic studies that found the brain expends energy as it readjusts its focus from one item to the next. If you're spending your day multitasking, you're exhausting your brain.

5. We're always more focused and productive with limited time.

Work always seems to find a way of filling the space allotted for it, so set shorter time limits for each task.

6. Work is the best way to get working. Start with small tasks to get the ball rolling.

The business plan you need to finish may be intimidating at 8 in the morning. Get your mind on the right path with easy tasks, such as answering important work emails.

7. Work iteratively. Expectations to do things perfectly are stifling.

Gen. George S. Patton once said, "A good plan executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week."

8. More work hours doesn't mean more productivity. Use constraints as opportunities.

Don't kid yourself into thinking that sitting at your desk will somehow extract work from you. Do whatever you can to finish your current task by the end of regular work hours instead of working into the night.

9. Separate brainless and strategic tasks to become more productive.

Ideally, you can brainstorm your ideas and then execute them. If you're constantly stopping your flow of work to rethink something, you're slowing yourself down.

10. Organize important meetings early in the day. Time leading up to an event is often wasted.

If you have an important meeting scheduled for 4 p.m., it's easy for anxiety to set in and keep that meeting at the front of your mind. Try to get them over with early so you can work without worrying about them.

11. Schedule meetings and communication by email or phone back-to-back to create blocks of uninterrupted work.

You'll disrupt your flow if you're reaching out to people throughout the day.

12. Work around procrastination. Procrastinate between intense sprints of work.

Try Francesco Cirillo's "Pomodoro Technique." "Pomodoro" is Italian for "tomato," and it refers to the tomato-shaped cooking timer Cirillo used to break his work into 25-minute increments with 5-minute breaks in between. You can use the same idea with your own increments, as long as they inspire bursts of hard work.

13. Break down a massive task into manageable blocks.

Alabama football coach Nick Saban follows a similar philosophy he calls the Process. Instead of having his players focus on winning the championship, he trains them to focus only on what is directly in front of them — each block, pass, and field goal.

14. No two tasks ever hold the same importance. Always prioritize. Be really careful with to-do lists.

Daily to-do lists are effective ways of scheduling your day. Just do what you can to keep bullet points from making "clean desk" on par with "file taxes."

15. Always know the one thing you really need to get done during the day.

To help prioritize, determine what task in front of you is most important, and focus your energy into getting that done as soon as possible.

16. Delegate, and learn to make use of other people.

To be truly efficient, get over the fear of handing work off to someone else. "If something can be done 80% as well by someone else, delegate!" says John C. Maxwell, author of "How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life."

17. Turn the page on yesterday. Only ever think about today and tomorrow.

Don't distract yourself with either the successes or failures of the past. Focus instead on what's in front of you.

18. Set deadlines for everything. Don't let tasks go on indefinitely.

Spending too much time on a project or keeping it on the backburner for too long will lead to stagnation. Get things done and move on.

19. Always take notes.

Don't assume you'll remember every good idea that comes into your head during the day. It doesn't matter if it's a notebook, whiteboard, or an app like Evernote— just write stuff down.

20. Write down any unrelated thoughts that pop up when you're in the zone, so that they don't linger as distractions.

You'll get them out of the way without losing them.

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7 Subliminal Messages In Corporate Logos

The World's Most Popular Beaches, According To Pinterest Users


El Arco lands end Cabo San Lucas MexicoCalifornia has the world's most popular beaches, according to data from Pinterest's new Place Pins product.

Australia also had multiple sandy stretches in the top 10 ranking.

The visual discovery site introduced Place Pins — which let users mark their favorite places with images on a map — less than six months ago, but already has nearly one billion pins on over 100,000 Place Boards. 

Pinterest mined these pins to count up the beaches that were most frequently added to people's wish list and travel-plan boards all over the globe.

10. Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California, is famous for its Ocean Front Walk, where fortune tellers and musicians perform alongside artists and vendors selling all types of food and crafts.

Source: Pinterest

9. El Matador State Beach in Malibu, California, sits at the bottom of steep cliffs and has a handful of sea caves by the water.

Source: Pinterest

8. Lanikai Beach on the east coast of Oahu, Hawaii, is an optimal place to watch the moon rise over the Mokuluas, the twin islands visible from the beach.

Source: Pinterest

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Dry Cleaner Debunks One Of 'The Greatest Myths'

Here's How Much It Costs To Go Out On A Cheap Date In A Bunch Of Different Cities


Economists at Deutsche Bank have come up with yet another way of looking at which cities are really expensive and which are cheap.

Via FT Alphaville, we see they've come up with something called the Cheap Date Index, which looks at how much it costs in various cities to take a cab to McDonald's get two tickets to a movie, and get two beers.

Here's the index:

cheap date

No shocker at all that London is the most expensive city to go on a cheap date. If you're looking for "value" we might recommend Kuala Lumpur. It's one of the most modern, beautiful, cities around, and that whole night is only $36. Not bad.

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The Best Snack Food From Every State

The 23 Most Impressive Family Dynasties In the US

Here Are The Drunkest Countries In The World [MAP]


Alcohol consumption varies widely across the globe, and the U.S. stacks up pretty well compared to some other countries.

As the map below from the World Health Organization shows, Russians and their neighbors drink more than almost everyone else in the world.

Portugal, Grenada, and Andorra are also ranked in the highest category at more than 12.5 liters per person over the age of 15 in 2010.

WHO notes in its report that 48% of those included in this data abstain from drinking altogether. So if those people were excluded, per capita consumption among those who do drink would be even higher than what's shown on this map.

Check it out:

World alcohol map

Canadians drink more than Americans, keeping pace with most European countries. Alcohol consumption is low in northern Africa, but the southern half of the continent sees higher drinking rates, especially South Africa and Namibia.

Alcohol consumption in Russia is a major concern. A recent study found that the high number of early deaths in Russia could be attributed to people drinking too much. Commons causes of early deaths include liver disease, alcohol poisoning, and getting into accidents or fights while drunk.

Other countries near Russia, including Ukraine and Belarus, have similar levels of alcohol consumption.

WHO's report notes that the European region contains just 14.7% of the world's population above the age of 15, but accounts for 25.7% of the total alcohol consumed worldwide. The report uses the most recent data for alcohol consumption around the world.

In addition to having some of the highest alcohol consumption rates in the world, Russia and Ukraine also have the most risky patterns of drinking, according to WHO:

World drinking patterns

To determine which countries have the riskiest drinking patterns, WHO considers the usual quantity of alcohol consumed per occasion, proportion of drinking events when drinkers get drunk, proportion of drinkers who drink daily or nearly daily, festive drinking, drinking with meals, and drinking in public places.

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