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Six Flags Just Completed The World's Tallest Drop Ride — And It Looks Absolutely Terrifying


If you're afraid of heights, stay off 41-story Zumanjaro; Six Flags' newest — and the world's tallest — drop ride.

The crew just put the final touches on the ride this past week. It will be ride-ready in New Jersey's Great Adventure Park this summer.

The park created a promo video that looks absolutely horrifying.

(Note: you won't actually be above the clouds when you're on the ride, but it is pretty high.)


The Six Flags website says the safari themed attraction will catapult riders 415 feet into the air in approximately 30 seconds and will pause to show an aerial view of the park before dropping down at 90 miles per hour.

90. Miles. Per Hour.

Your hands will sweat just watching the simulated footage:

Rollercoaster 3

In order to make room for the Zumanjaro, Six Flags removed Rolling Thunder, a wooden rollercoaster.

You can watch the entire promo video here:

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3 Stretches To Improve Your Posture That You Can Do At Your Desk




Tracey Mallett, a fitness and wellness expert, gives tips on how to combat backaches and lower-body pains that develop from working at a desk all day.

Mallett insists that by combining stretching and breathing exercises to lift and extend our bodies, people can even become more confident in the office.

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Wal-Mart Is Going To Sell Some Of The Cheapest Organic Groceries On The Market


Wild Oats

Wal-Mart is re-launching a popular line of organic groceries that will be roughly 25% cheaper than other organic brands available in its stores. 

The brand, called Wild Oats, has been around since 1987 and was once owned by Whole Foods.

The line is set to launch in Wal-Mart stores this month. It will include more than 100 products, including salsa, pasta sauce, canned vegetables, quinoa, chicken broth, and spices. 

"We’re removing the premium associated with organic groceries," Jack Sinclair, executive vice president of grocery at Walmart U.S., said on a call with reporters Wednesday. 

The company hopes that Wild Oats will help to establish Wal-Mart as a destination for organic food.

"Internal research shows 91% of our shoppers would purchase affordable organic food in our stores if we brought it to them," Sinclair said.

Organic food is one of Wal-Mart's fastest growing grocery categories, but it still comprises a small percentage of overall grocery sales because it's more expensive, he added.

Here's a chart from Wal-Mart showing the prices of some of the items that will be available in stores in the coming weeks. The savings claims are based on per-ounce price comparisons of 26 nationally branded organic products available at Wal-Mart.

Wild Oats prices

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What It's Like To Live In Your Car On The Streets Of New York City


honda fit hybrid

In certain places around the U.S., it’s illegal to live in your car. Those who do face fines as well as jail time.

But Reddit user BlueMcCrew has had no issues since he started living in his tiny Honda Fit on the streets of New York City  where the practice is legal  in November 2013.

In a recent post on /r/Frugal, the 25-year-old designer described how he’s been living in his car to avoid outrageous rent costs and save enough money to pay back his student loans.

Now, he saves $600 every month out of his $3,500 paycheck (after taxes), and is honest with his coworkers and parents about his living situation. So far, BlueMcCrew says living in his small Honda Fit — outfitted with a memory foam mattress — has been working extremely well.

He answered fellow Reddit users' questions about his lifestyle. We've compiled some here, edited here for clarity and grammar.

How do you stay clean?

"I shower at the gym, it use be Planet Fitness when I was super frugal, but I have just upgraded and it has been a world of difference. So I now have towel service and a locker where I can store some clothes — the rest are in plastic bins in my car, although I'm going to upgrade to a custom dresser that I plan to build soon."

What is your typical day-to-day routine like?

"Wake up, go to work, sign in, go to the bathroom and brush my teeth, or wake up, go to the gym, then go get breakfast, and then work."

What’s your car’s set up?

"I had my windows tinted to the max that I could, which was something like 35%. And then after that I put Walmart cling on tints on in the back, where I sleep.

"If I arrange the seats the right way I fit perfectly. I do find myself a little cramped, but it sure beats rent."

What are the top five things you rely on?

"Top 5 are memory foam bed, adequate blankets, extra cell phone batteries, 6-foot cable to charge phone in the back seat, window visor."

Do you ever feel unsafe?

"I never feel 100% safe, so I’m always kind of on edge, but I sleep pretty soundly and I’m pretty sure I could handle any situation that could arise.

"I don’t really miss not having a room, but I let my buddy borrow my car for a week so I crashed at his place, and it was nice to have a home. It just gives you a sense of security."

What do you do for internet?

"I have data on my phone and spare batteries that can last me through the night."

What have you found you can live without?

"Mostly just 'stuff.' Every item I own now has a lot of value to it. It has helped me in my path of becoming a minimalist and made me really appreciate 'space.'"

What’s your wardrobe like?

"I have 6 t-shirts, 2 long sleeve shirts, 5 pants, 7 pairs of socks and underwear. 1 jacket."

Have you had any trouble with cops or parking?

"The car is super discreet I have only ran into slight problems 3 times so far. Luckily none dealing with moving my car in the middle of the night, but when the day comes, I’m going to [be respectful]. Being polite, and clean makes all the difference.

"I definitely have freaked out a couple of cops when they were writing me a ticket in the mornings I have overslept."

How do you “get lucky”?

"If I get lucky I can normally get a hotel room, which is still cheaper than what rent would be for a week and makes you look pretty ballin’."

How long do you plan to live in your car?

"I think so far the winter is going to be easier, as you can always get an extra blanket for warmth, but there isn't much I can do to cool down. and there are no bugs in the winter. I don't know how long, as long as I can or if I find the perfect spot. My current plan is to stay in NYC for 3 years so maybe that long.

"I’m kind of addicted to having two paychecks a month, and seeing my loans go down. So maybe until I move out of the city, or find the perfect situation, aka awesome roommates, cheap rent, close to work, and an amazing roof to chill on."

Read the full Reddit thread here.

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Here Are The Musicians People Listen To Most At Work



If you listen to music at work, you're not alone.

According to a study by Spotify, 61% of people are streaming tunes during the work day.

The most popular music to listen is pop or anything on the top charts (34%) along with rock (29%).

Who do people listen to the most?

Among the most popular artists people listen to are Adele, Arctic Monkeys, and Mumford & Sons.

Here's the full list:

1. Adele (16%)
2. Arctic Monkeys (14%)
3. Mumford & Sons (13%)
4. Rihanna (13%)
5. Katy Perry (12%)
6. Beyoncé (10%)
7. Bruno Mars (12%)
8. Lady Gaga (11%)
9. Calvin Harris (10%)
10. Daft Punk (10%)

The study, which surveyed a total 1,146 people, also gathered together the reasons many listen to music at work. 

36% — Music helps them feel more productive
20% — It's a welcome distraction from work
16% — To drown out noise and colleagues

Looking for the perfect song to drown out unwanted noise? Spotify suggests Arctic Monkey's "Do I Wanna Know?"

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This New Timelapse Of Norway's Aurora Borealis Is Absolutely Breathtaking



The aurora is a natural light display that few people get to see. Brazilian photographer Felipe Pitta recently caught a rare glimpse of the phenomenon and shared his timelapse video with us. 

To capture the aurora, Pitta traveled to Ersfjordbotn, Norway, a small village known as "The Fjord of Light." Here's a glimpse of the aurora that Pitta saw:


Auroras happen in areas of the Earth close to the Arctic and Antarctic circles. The light show is called the aurora borealis (northern lights) in the north and the aurora australis (southern lights) in the south.

The light is created by charged particles smashing into the Earth's atmosphere. When fast-moving charged particles released by the sun, called the solar wind, reach Earth they are redirected by the Earth's magnetic field. Some flow around the planet, while others are directed toward the Earth's polar areas.

There, the electrons encounter atoms of oxygen and nitrogen. When the two particles smash together, they release energy in the form of light. The energy of the electron and the type of atom it hits determines the color of the aurora.

Green aurora are caused by electrons hitting oxygen atoms that are less than 150 miles from the Earth's surface, while red are caused by oxygen atoms more than 150 miles above the Earth. Blue aurora are caused by electrons hitting nitrogen atoms less than 60 miles above Earth, and violet is produced by collisions with nitrogen above 60 miles.

The solar wind particles stream out of the sun in constantly changing strengths and directions, which is what makes the aurora appear to "dance." Atmospheric currents also influence the pattern of the aurora.

Auroras aren't commonly seen from Earth, but they are frequently visible from space. Here's what it looks like from the International Space Station:


Some of the best places to catch the aurora borealis are areas north of the Arctic Circle, like the most northern parts of Alaska, Canada, Norway, Russia, and Greenland.

Seeing the aurora australis is far trickier because the only landmass south of the Antarctic Circle is Antarctica. Other potential viewing places include the Southern coast of Australia, New Zealand, and South America.

The maps below show auroral activity for today. They give you an idea of where you can usually catch them.

auroramapsHere's Pitta's full timelapse. It's worth watching:

A Night At The Fjord Of Light from Felipe Pitta on Vimeo.

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The 10 Most Terrifying Bungee Jumps In The World


Bungee jumping is one of the most thrilling, exciting, and palm sweat-inducing activities there is.

But with jumps ranging from 100 to 764 feet, not all of them are created equal
some are much scarier than others

To help thrill seekers find most terrifying jumps, FindTheBest ranked over 80 of the most popular spots around the world by height.

Here are the top 10:

10. Perrine Bridge - 500 Feet

Perrine BridgeThe first jumps at the Perrine Bridge in Idaho were done by three former U.S. Army Paratroopers in 1987. Since then, the location has evolved to encompass BASE jumping as well.

9. Bhote Kosi River - 524 Feet

nepal bungy
The jump at the Bhote Kosi River is located in Nepal, on top of a river gorge close to the Tibetan Border. Here, guests have their pick of activities, from bungee jumping, white water rafting, playing on a tandem swing, or getting some down time at a spa resort.

8. Kolnbrein Dam - 541 Feet 

KölnbreinSperreThe Kolnbrein Dam is the tallest dam in Austria, and makes for an ideal jumping platform for adventure enthusiasts, who launch themselves into the air from a crane perched atop the massive structure.

7. Artuby Bridge - 597 Feet

artuby bridgeDue to variable forecasts, bungy jumping from Artuby Bridge is only available under favorable weather conditions. But when the weather is right, jumpers have the pleasure of jumping from above the Arturby River in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of France, which is separated from Italy by the Southern Alps.

6. Niouc Bridge - 623 Feet

At the Niouc Bridge in Switzerland, guests leap from a shaky suspended bridge instead of a solid platform. Guests also have the chance to try other activities, like zip lining or taking a ride on a giant swing.

With 320 days of sunny skies, the chances of jumping on a beautiful day are high.

5. Europabrücke - 630 Feet 

Europabrücke, simply means “Europe bridge,” in English. It’s located in the beautiful Swiss Alps of Austria, making Austria the first county to make the top 10 list twice.

4. Rio Grande Bridge - 680 Feet

rio grande bridge
With the Rio Grande Bridge in New Mexico, America joins Austria as the second country to have two bungee jumps in the top 10. However, the bridge is only accessible one day a year
its jump supervisors are based in Boise, Idaho, and only travel to New Mexico once every 365 days.

3. Bloukrans Bridge - 718 Feet

bloukrans bridge
Scott Huntly set the world record in 2011 for most bungee jumps
(107) in a 24 hour period at the Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa. The record was surpassed on March 21, 2014 by a man in Dubai who jumped off a 100 foot high crane 151 times in one day.

Although the Bloukrans Bridge lost the record, it still hosts an impressive crowd, attracting the likes of Prince Harry and Jack Osbourne.

2. Verzasca Dam - 721 Feet

bungeeThe Verzasca Dam in Switzerland is the world’s second highest jump, and makes Switzerland the third and last country to make the top ten list twice.

Here, guests can can choose from a large variety of jumps, from the classic head first style, to backwards, or feet first. There is also a night jump, with flood lights, torch flares, and of course, a starlit sky to illuminate the way.

1. Macau Tower - 764 Feet

macau tower bungeeMacau Tower in China, where guests freefall for 4-5 seconds and come within 100 feet of the ground, is the highest bungee jump in the world.

It’s not the only adrenaline inducing activity at Macau Tower.

Guests can also walk the Skywalk, where there is no handrail to steady them as they ground themselves 764 feet high on a rim that is only 1.8 meters wide.

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10 Ingenious Recipes You Can Make With Matzah


During the Jewish holiday of Passover, observers give up all leavened foods for eight days and eat matzah like their ancestors. No bread, no pretzels, no cookies. Many grains aren't even allowed. It's harder than it looks.

Matzah brie, matzah balls, and matzah pizza get boring pretty fast. But there are some lesser-known, and incredibly tasty, ways to use this loved and loathed holiday cracker.

Here are 10 creative ways to have your matzah and enjoy it, too.

Matzah Tiramisu

Matzah tiramisu

Windell Oskay of Evil Mad Scientist uses layers of matzah soaked in espresso in place of those trayf-y ladyfingers.

Oskay recommends letting the finished "tiramatzah" sit in the fridge for at least three hours before serving to let the matzah soak up enough espresso and lose its crunchiness.

Get the recipe here »

Jewish Chilaquiles

Matzah chilaquiles

Chef Matt Gandin of Berkeley, Calif.'s Comal came up with a delicious version of everyone's favorite Mexican brunch dish by replacing the fried tortilla pieces with Matzah.

It's just like matzah brie only a thousand times better, since it contains things like salsa, queso fresco, and diced serrano chili on top (may we also suggest a healthy dollop of guac?).

Get the recipe here »

Chocolate Caramel Matzah "Crack"

Matzah crack

Smitten Kitchen's Deb Perelman swears this stuff, which she calls "chocolate caramel crack," is addictive.

With stick-to-your-teeth coatings of caramel and semi-sweet chocolate and a liberal dusting of toasted almond slivers, we don't doubt that it is.

Get the recipe here »

Matzah Granola

Matzah Granola

Sorry, oatmeal lovers, but oats are not kosher for Passover. But you know what is? Matzah. 

Leah Koenig posted a recipe for matzah granola with pistachios and dried apricots to Chow.com that blends the sweetness and chewiness of granola with the satisfying crunch of matzah to create your new, favorite go-to breakfast — for the next eight days, at least.

Get the recipe here »

Matzah Lasagna

Matkonation matzah lasagna two ways

When it's covered with creamy ricotta, a fresh tomato sauce, and layers of cheese, meat, or veggies, matzah is pretty indistinguishable from lasagna noodles.

Danya Weiner and Deanna Linder of Matkonation made their matzah lasagna two ways — one with a creamy, cheesy white sauce, and one with a succulent red sauce — so you can mangia more matzah!

Get the recipe here »

Matzah Crepes

Matzah crepes

If you've got a food processor, a blender, or time and elbow grease, you're just a step away from making your own matzah meal — a versatile ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes. Like crepes, for example.

Cara Lyons of Cara's Cravings stuffed her crepes with spiced lamb and eggplant, but you can do yours with fresh fruit, jam, or, our personal favorite, banana and Nutella.

Get the recipe here »

Matzah Crunch Ice Cream

Matzah Crunch Ice Cream, BGSK

Big Girls Small Kitchen food blogger Cara Eisenpress, and author of "In the Small Kitchen," made a variation of matzah crack and one-upped it by crumbling it into a batch of homemade vanilla ice cream. Ditch the spoon and use a larger piece of matzah crack to shovel it into your mouth.

All you need is an ice cream maker, and you're in business.

Get the recipe here »

Brisket & Matzah Breakfast Bruschetta

Matzah breakfast bruschetta, Crepes of Wrath

Business Insider's operations coordinator and The Crepes of Wrath blogger Sydney Kramer paired homemade matzah with soft-scrambled eggs, tomato, and sliced brisket to make a fabulous Jewish breakfast bruschetta.

Get the recipe here »

Deep Fried Matzah Balls

Deep Fried Matzah Balls

A holiday's not a Jewish holiday unless you dunk something in hot oil and fry it golden. And while matzah balls are typically cooked by boiling them, Amy Kritzer of What Jew Wanna Eat fries hers like falafel and serves them hors d'oeuvres-style with a wasabi cream dipping sauce.

Matzah balls are not just for soup!

Get the recipe here »

Matzah Fried Chicken

Blue Ribbon Matzah Fried Chicken

Bruce and Eric Bromberg, the brothers behind the Blue Ribbon restaurants and authors of "Bromberg Bros. Blue Ribbon Cookbook," are known for their award-winning juicy and extra-crispy fried chicken wings and legs. The secret? Matzah meal, which gives it that additional crunch.

The Brombergs combine matzah meal with all-purpose flour when they coat the chicken, but you can leave the flour out during Passover to achieve similar, Pesach-friendly results.

Get the recipe here »

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Here Are The Unthinkable Prices For Apple Products In Brazil



Following reports of insanely expensive iPhones in Brazil, we stopped by an Apple vendor in São Paulo to see for ourselves.

It's no joke.

A 64 gigabyte iPhone 5S costs 3,599 reais, or about $1,637, making it the most expensive iPhone in the worldThe same product costs $849 out of contract in the U.S. — still expensive, but only around half as much.


Brazil's ludicrous prices, which extend beyond Apple products, can be attributed to transportation bottlenecks, protectionist policies, a history of high inflation, a dysfunctional tax system and an overvalued currency.

The Apple reseller we went to in São Paulo is located in the Bourbon shopping center, an upscale mall across the street from a hotel called "The American Loft." It's called iPlaces, and there are other locations all over the city.

We didn't see anyone buy an iPhone 5s or iMac (before we were kicked out for taking pictures), but the store seems to get a lot of foot traffic.

Brazil is in the top 10 smartphone markets with almost 50 million users, so the demand is there. Nevertheless, the iPhone 5S (which costs 2,799 reais  / $1,274 for the cheapest model) is way too expensive for most people in a country where the average wage is about 2,000 reais / $910 per month.

Now for more shocking Apple prices:

  • An iMac with 3.4 gigahertz costs about $4,320 in Brazil versus $1,999 in the U.S.
  • Apple TV costs $181 in Brazil versus $99 in the U.S.
  • Earbuds cost $67 versus $29 in the U.S.
  • A 16 GB iPad Mini with retina display and WiFi costs $681 and about $299 in the U.S.
  • A 13-inch MacBook Air (256 GB) runs $2,455 in Brazil versus $1,299 in the U.S.

Air Brazil

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Take A 'Game Of Thrones'-Inspired Trip Around Croatia



"Game of Thrones" is so wildly popular that when Season 4 premiered earlier this week, it caused HBO Go to crashThat's a lot of love for a TV show.

Fans can now relive scenes from the show by visiting some of its filming locations. Several tour companies are now offering "Game of Thrones" trips that take travelers around Croatia

Tour operator Viator is offering a one-day walking tour of Dubrovnik — which became King's Landing in Season 2 — for around $80, while another company, Collete, provides a 12-day Discover Croatia tour with "Game of Thrones" highlights, starting at $2,149.

Tour operators are getting creative to make their tours stand out. Zicasso curated a week-long excursion that includes a visit to the city of Split, a new Season 4 location, and a lesson in falconry — relevant, since falcons play an important part in "Game of Thrones" folklore. The Zicasso tour starts at $3,200. 

"Our guides are experts on Croatia, and they're also big fans of the show," Brian Tan, founder and CEO of Zicasso, told Business Insider. "They have a deep understanding of the show. Because they're all local, they've also seen the filming taking place when the crew is there and they have stories to share with travelers."    

The city of Dubrovnik doubles as King's Landing in the show.

An aerial shot of the ancient walled city, with its characteristic orange-shingled buildings, opens the "Game of Thrones" trailer for Season 4.

"To find a full-on, immaculately preserved, medieval-walled city that looks uncannily like King's Landing, where the bulk of our show is set, that was, in and of itself, just such an amazing find," said D.B. Weiss, the writer of "Game of Thrones."

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

The 10 Best Steakhouses In New York City


Want to start a fight on Wall Street? Don't insult someone's stock tip, insult their steakhouse. It's basically a banker's second office, and the best ones inspire a fierce, unparalleled loyalty.

A month ago we asked our readers to vote for their favorite steakhouses in New York City across ten categories including cut of steak, martini, sides, service, and atmosphere. Roughly 650 Business Insider readers took the survey.

Click here to see the winners »

One restaurant destroyed them all: a decades-old, family-owned-and-operated, no-frills steakhouse in Williamsburg of all places.

Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.

Without further adieu, here are the Top 10 Steakhouses in New York City:

10. Gallagher's Steakhouse (1.24%)

228 W 52nd St.

gallaghers steakhouse

9. Delmonico's (2.16%)

56 Beaver St.

delmonico's steak house

8. Sparks Steak House (3.4%)

210 E 46th St.

sparks steak house

7. Bobby Van's Steakhouse (4.48%)

230 Park Ave., 131 East 54th St., 135 West 50th St., 25 Broad St., 120 West 45th St.

bobby van's steakhouse

6. The Old Homestead Steakhouse (5.56%)

56 9th Ave.

kobe burger at new york steakhouse old homestead

5. Keens Steakhouse (6.65%)

72 W 36th St.

keens steakhouse

4. Wolfgang's Steakhouse (8.81%)

4 Park Ave., 409 Greenwich St., 200 East 54th St., 250 West 41st St.

wolfgang's steakhouse

3. BLT Prime (14.99%)

111 East 22 St.

blt prime

2. Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House (16.07%)

1221 Ave. of the Americas

Del Frisco's, lobster tail

1. Peter Luger Steakhouse (31.53%)

178 Broadway (Brooklyn)

peter luger, steakhouse, steak, march 2012, bi, dng

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CHARTS: Stick To These Games If You Don't Want To Lose Your Shirt In Las Vegas


las vegas games best odds

The odds are always against you when you’re betting in Las Vegas, but some games win the house more money than others.

Passionate data finder and friend-of-the-site Seth Kadish has made two charts based on one year of Las Vegas gaming data, first published on his excellent blog, Vizual Statistix. The weekly average values were derived from one year of data for all non-restricted locations in the Las Vegas Strip area via the Nevada State Gaming Control Board Gaming Commission.

Kadish found that people lost the most money at table games, in particular 3-card poker, where gamblers lost an average of 32.5% of their bets.

If you do want to head to the tables, bingo (where the house only takes 8.8% of wagers) and blackjack (11.1%) are your safest choices.

Your best bet entirely for losing the least money are the slot machines, particularly $100 dollar slots where the house only takes 3.6%, followed by the $25 dollar and $5 dollar slots. 

Sports betting is pretty safe as well. Betting on baseball will give you slightly better odds than basketball or football, but sports parlay cards are super risky with gamblers losing almost 40% of their money.

So the next time you’re in Vegas, remember where the smart money is and stick to the games closest to the X-axis.

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Construction On The World's First 3D-Printed House Is Underway In Amsterdam [PHOTOS]


Canal House

First paper, then food, now homes printing sure has come a long way since the Gutenberg press.

The city of Amsterdam will now have the distinct honor of being home to the world's first 3D-printed house

Conceived of by Dutch DUS Architects, Canal House will have 13 rooms created by an oversized 3D printer called KamerMaker ("room builder"). 

The printer creates large bricks from layers of molten plastic, which builders can stack like Legos. The stacked plastic bricks will ultimately become the framework for each room, and will snap together to become the world's first 3D printed house.

Construction on the house has already started in the northern part of Amsterdam, and is projected to take three years.

"The 3D Print Canal House is a unique project because it is a building site, a museum and a research facility in one," says Hans Vermeulen of DUS architects. "By 3D printing the first building block we celebrate the start of researching the possibilities of digital fabrication for the building industry." 

Canal House model"We hope that in three years time the excitement of the visitors is still as fresh as today, and that the house has developed into a mature 3D printed building with different rooms, each with different constructions and material properties that all tell something about the time that they were printed,” said Hedwig Heinsman of DUS.Canal House opening dayAt the site, you can see 3D printed models as well as full-size versions that are printed '"live" by the KamerMaker. Visitors can also listen to an audio tour on their smart phone explaining the whole building process.

It has already turned into quite the tourist attraction  President Obama even stopped by in late March. 

Check out more photos of the site and construction below:

Canal House sketches

Canal House museum

Canal house model pieces

Canal House model piece

Canal House overview

Canal House night view

Canal House

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The 16 Coolest College Libraries In The Country


University California Los Angeles Campus UCLA Powell Library Students

Libraries are spaces specifically for learning and may have a nasty association for students with all-nighters and test cramming.

However, libraries can also inspire a student's love of knowledge or help introduce them to a new subject. We've compiled a list of the coolest college libraries across the country, highlighting both traditional and modern marvels.

Many of these buildings are iconic structures on their campuses, and have housed generations of studying students. Others were built more recently, and show how technology can shape the future of education.

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University of California, San Diego — Geisel Library

UCSD's main library is named in honor of Audrey and Theodor Seuss Geisel — better known as Dr. Seuss — who donated to the library throughout their lifetimes.

The Geisels were long-time residents of La Jolla, the San Diego, California neighborhood that includes UCSD.

Geisel Library Interior

Boston College — Bapst Library

Each room in Bapst Library has a distinctive stained glass theme, with window designs covering everything from epic poetry to natural sciences.

The political science section, for instance, features glass designs representing Plato, Benjamin Franklin, and the political economy.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

John Paulson Is Protesting A McMansion Being Built In His Hamptons Neighborhood


john paulson

Billionaire fund manager John Paulson and dozens of other Hamptons homeowners signed a petition protesting the construction of a home that's a "threat" to the character and "peace and tranquility" of their neighborhood, the Wall Street Journal reports.

According to the Journal, the letter writers are upset about a 5,531-square-foot mansion being built on a 1.2-acre piece of property at 483 Hill Street. Their complaint is that the large size and scale of the home doesn't fit with the surrounding homes. 

The house is being constructed by former Wall Street commodities trader-turned-home builder Joe Farrell.

Farrell, who has been dubbed the "King of McMansions" by his critics, has built hundreds of mansions on Long Island. It's a process that some have referred to as the "Farrellization" of the Hamptons. 

Southampton's Board of Historic Preservation & Architectural Review is expected make a decision later the month on the plans for the home. 

Here's a bird's eye shot of the piece of property via Zillow:

483 Hill Street

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The Worst Tippers In America Live In These 10 Cities


How much do you tip the guy (or girl) who delivers your late-night snack?

If it's 13% or lower, you're one of the worst tippers in the America.

A new analysis by food-delivery site GrubHub, which compared a year's worth of non-cash tips, ranked the best and worst cities by the average tip given.

Here's what they found:

The Worst Tippers

chart worst tippers

And, for comparison, the best tippers:

chart best tippers

Since delivery people rely on tips to make up 30-70% of their salaries, it never hurts to be generous when your food arrives on time — especially in bad weather.

And although GrubHub's analysis, which also tackled the best and worst tippers by state, found that South Carolina was the most generous overall, you might notice that the three highest-tipping cities are in Colorado. So if you're going to moonlight delivering food … you may want to do it there. 

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Ferrari Offers A 12-Year Warranty


ferrari luca di Montezemolo

New Ferrari owners can now rest easy that it will be a full 12 years before they have to worry about paying out of pocket to fix anything that goes awry with their lovely cars.

Starting May 1, the high-end automaker will implement a two-part warranty program.

Owners can add two years to the standard three-year manufacturer's warranty, or they can opt for a "new power warranty," renewable every year until 12 years after the car's registration.

All new Ferraris come with a free, seven-year Genuine Maintenance program.

While this is nice news for wealthy buyers, Ferrari admits something of an ulterior motive in its press release: That maintenance program is designed to keep cars running well, and to "maintain their value over time."

That's a point Ferrari has been harping on lately. After building 7,318 cars in 2012, it announced in 2013 it was cutting production. “My focus this year and in the years to come is not to grow volume but to increase the exclusivity of Ferrari,” chairman Luca di Montezemolo told Automotive News. “This protects our margins and residual values for our customers.”

Fewer cars means each one sold is more valuable. A good warranty program keeps those values high over time.

The plan has worked, so far. Revenues climbed 5% and trading profits were up 8.3% in 2013, "unprecedented figures" that Ferrari says put its net financial position "at an all-time high." The numbers were good enough to net every Ferrari employee a record-high €4,096 ($5,650) bonus.

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19 Haunting Photos Of Cyprus's Frozen-In-Time Contested Zone


United Nations Buffer Zone

On July 20, 1974, Turkish soldiers invaded the island of Cyprus. The invasion, which the Turks claimed was aimed at protecting Turkish Cypriots from persecution, ended up splitting the island almost exactly in half.

For the past 40 years Cyprus has remained divided between the southern Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which has only been recognized by Turkey. The rest of the international community considers Northern Cyprus to be a Turkish-occupied territory, and the Turkish Army maintains a large force on the island. 

The dividing line is the United Nations Buffer Zone, which cuts straight through the capital Nicosia and across the rest of the island.

Ranging from 11 feet at its narrowest to 4.6 miles at its widest, the zone was hastily evacuated during the Turkish invasion of Cyprus. It has remained uninhabited, effectively frozen in time.

The United Nations Buffer Zone cuts through the entirety of Cyprus.

The Nicosia International Airport was contained within the zone and has since been unused.

Even the airport's planes were left behind to rot.

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This Timelapse Will Spin You 360º Around The Empire State Building

$21-PER-SQUARE-FOOT OR LESS: The 14 Cheapest Homes You Can Buy Right Now


3137 N Sherman, Indianapolis, IN 46218Home inventory is low moving into the spring buying season, which has pushed prices up in a lot of places.

But you can still find a good deal if you know what to look for, like an area with a good cost of living.

Our friends at real estate listing site Point2Homes wanted to find the biggest bargains in the U.S., and came up with 14 listings in its extensive database that were $21 per square foot or less. Some were as low as $3 per square foot. (By comparison the average per-square-foot cost of new, single family homes in the U.S. in 2010 was $84.41).

Most of the properties are fixer-uppers, but some are move-in ready. 

This single-story home's in a safe neighborhood.

Address: 3137 N Sherman, Indianapolis, IN 46218

Price: $29,899 for 1,660 square feet ($18 per square foot)

You can pick up this quaint home in a low-crime neighborhood of Indianapolis for a small price. Built in 1930, the two-bedroom home is move-in ready.


Buy a budget home in a gated community.

Address: 1006 Via Grande, Cathedral City, CA 92234

Price: $25,000 for 1,828 square feet ($14 per square feet)

This two-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Southern California sits in a gated community with a clubhouse, pool, gym and tennis court. Although it's small, the property includes an office with built-in shelves and a large back patio. There's also a double attached garage with laundry and extra storage space.  

Look into a small, but well-kept home.

Address: 2340 Brokaw Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45225

Price: $20,000 for 975 square feet ($21 per square foot)

Built in 1950, this home is a piece of quintessential Americana. It has three bedrooms and one bathroom, plus easy highway access to the amenities of downtown Cincinnati. There's also a rear deck in the backyard and an attached one-car garage.  

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