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25 Books That Will Blow Your Mind


JK Rowling Reading Harry Potter

Sometimes a book is so good, it not only sticks with you long after you put it down, but it alters the way you view the world going forward.

On a recent Reddit thread, readers commented on this very phenomenon.

Asked about the most mind-blowing books they'd ever read, users brought up dystopian novels like "1984" and "The Handmaid's Tale." But books that engender hope for the human spirit like "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "The Kite Runner" also made the list. 

Here are 25 of the most gripping books based on Reddit responses. 

"The Psychopath Test: A Journey Through the Madness Industry" by Jon Ronson

Jon Ronson's "Psychopath Test" digs into the history of psychopathy diagnosis and treatments, including drug-fueled therapy sessions in prison and attempts to understand serial killers.

An influential psychologist shares his theory with Ronson that many important business leaders and politicians are actually high-functioning psychopaths, which leads the author to turn the tables on the readers and make them question their own mental health. 

While the style of the book garnered praise, it got mixed reviews for its lack of scientific depth. The Society for the Scientific Study of Psychopathy made a statement saying some interviews in the book appeared exaggerated or fictionalized. 

Buy the book here >

Submitted by Reddit user Anitsisqua.

"1984" by George Orwell

George Orwell predicts a totalitarian future in "1984." Big Brother originated in this dystopian novel with ever-present government security and Thought Police, who prosecute citizens for subversive thoughts. 

It follows Winston Smith through Airstrip One, formerly Great Britain. He engages in an intellectual rebellion against the Party, and undergoes torture and attempted re-education. The book critiques nationalism, censorship and surveillance. It also makes much of regulating language in order to regulate behavior.  

Buy the book here >

Submitted by Reddit user NewbornMuse.

"Cat's Cradle" by Kurt Vonnegut

"Cat's Cradle" is a book about writing. It follows John on his mission to write a book about the day the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. But quickly, the tale turns into a high-stakes adventure that revolves around stealing, selling and bartering a newly discovered isotope.

Vonnegut said he was inspired to write the book after working as a PR representative for General Electric, where he met scientists who were indifferent to the consequences of their discoveries.  

Buy the book here >

Submitted by Reddit user kelvinkkc.

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Here's How Weight Loss Really Works

Photos You Should Absolutely Never Use In Your Dating Profile


If you've ever tried online dating, you know the most difficult part of the process is choosing the perfect snapshot of yourself. Where do you even begin to find a photo that says you're fun, adventurous, laid back, ambitious, friendly, funny, attractive, great with kids, great with dogs, and great with moms? 

Simone Paget, a Canadian writer who documents all things dating, sex, and relationships on her site Skinny Dip knows which of your photos won't work.

Paget told us all about the worst photos you can use in your online dating profile.

The Bathroom Mirror Selfie

Bathroom Mirror Selfie

Paget: The cliche of all online dating cliches. Absolutely no good can come from the shirtless bathroom mirror selfie. Not only does a photo of you posing in front of a cloudy mirror send the message that you’re a lonely soul incapable of getting a friend to take a few decent photos of you, it also says you don’t own any Windex. 


The Photo Of You From 10 Years Ago

Ten Years Ago Photo

Paget: Once upon a time you looked like John Travolta from "Saturday Night Fever" and now you look like John Locke from "Lost." Ain’t no shame in that game! However, what is shameful is posting super old photos in an attempt to get more dates. It’s a disservice to yourself because when we meet you in person, trust me — people can tell. However you look — own it. It’s way sexier.


The Half Naked Man

Half Naked Dating Photo

Paget: There’s something very unsettling about seeing a strange man without pants on, yet people seem to think that it’s totally OK to post these kinds of photos on their online profiles. Here’s my rule: If you wouldn’t walk into a Starbucks without pants on, you certainly shouldn’t be pantsless in your online profile.  


The Photo Of You Doing Something That Doesn't Make Sense

Washing Machine Dating Photo

Paget: Why are you just staring at the washing machine? Avoid choosing photos that need to be explained — even if the explanation is: "It's an inside joke with my friend."


The Group Shot

Group Shot Dating Profile

Paget: These are usually presented alone and accompanied with a caption like, “I’m the one with the brown hair and the smile.” Thanks, that’s really helpful! Usually I’ll spend about 10 seconds trying to decipher who I am supposed to be looking at before giving up and moving on to the next profile.

The One Where Your Ex Is Cropped Out

Blurred Out Ex

Paget: I’m always suspicious of anyone who has photos where their ex is noticeably cropped out, or worse, blurred out. Looking at your dating profile shouldn’t make me feel like I’m watching an episode of "Cops."

These are only six kinds of photos you should completely avoid when creating your online dating profile. To see the full list, check out Paget's roundup here.


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The 16 Most Expensive Homes In The NBA


kobe bryant house

The days of MTV Cribs are over, but a few of the NBA's highest-paid players still own some lavish houses.

HoopsHype recently put together an NBA real estate database.

Using that resource, we boiled down a list of the 16 most expensive houses currently owned by active NBA players.

One thing is clear: Chris Bosh is the league's real estate king.

1. Chris Bosh — $12.3 million (Miami Beach, Florida)

Career earnings: $123.4 million

Bosh's house on North Bay Road is 12,000-square feet and has an infinity pool, elevator, and all-white interior.

Click here to take a tour >

Source: HoopsHype

2. Kobe Bryant — $9.5 million (Newport Coast, California)

Career earnings: $123.4 million

The 20,000-square-foot house includes a gym, shark tank, and outdoor entertaining area with a pool and a hot tub. 

Click here to take a tour >

Source: HoopsHype

3. Chris Bosh — $9.4 million (Pacific Palisades, California)

Career earnings: $123.4 million

The house features an amazing outdoor space, as well as a master bedroom with a few of the ocean. Bosh rents it out for $45,000 a month.

Source: HoopsHype

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15 Irish Sayings That Everyone In America Should Use


irish people, ireland

Each year on March 17, the Irish and Irish-at-heart come out in droves to pubs and parade routes to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland.

In the U.S., St. Patrick's Day serves as a valid excuse to wear green and drink. But there's enough rich Irish culture to last the whole year round.

We scoured Celtic folklore, online forums, the Bible, and even our favorite Irish pub in New York City to find some beautiful and just plain weird sayings used on the Emerald Isle.

Some of the sayings are historic, out-of-use proverbs with original Irish Gaelic translations (today, as little as 30% of the population in the Republic of Ireland speak Irish). Others are examples of modern slang said in English, the shared official language.

Here are 15 Irish expressions to break out on St. Paddy's Day:

1. May the road rise up to meet you.

You may recognize this popular blessing (in Irish Gaelic: Go n-éirí an bóthar leat) from Catholic weddings or cross-stitched pillows in Nan's house. One of the main characteristics of Celtic Christianity is the use of images of nature to show how God interacts with people. "May the road rise up to meet you/ May the wind be always at your back/ May the sun shine warm upon you face ..." uses everyday images to mean, may God remove obstacles in your journey through life.

2. Sláinte!

In an Irish pub, patrons toast each other sláinte (pronounced "slaan-sha") as they clink glasses of Guinness. Derived from the Old Irish adjective slán (which means "safe"), sláinte literally translates as "health" and is used as a stand-in for the more time-consuming "I drink to your health!"

3. What's the craic?

Greetings like "Any craic?" and "How's the craic?" give rise to potential awkward misunderstandings for tourists, because craic is pronounced like "crack." The most straightforward definition is fun or enjoyment, and it can substitute for "How are you?" A typical response is "divil a bit," which means "not much."

4. May the cat eat you, and may the devil eat the cat.

Consider this insult a double whammy. By saying, "Go n-ithe an cat thú is go n-ithe an diabhal an cat," the speaker wishes that a cat gobble up his enemy like a can of Fancy Feast, and that the Devil eat them both. It's a surefire sentence to Hell.

Curses are far more detailed and nuanced in Irish culture, as compared to the traditional F-bombs dropped in the U.S. Here's another popular mouthful of an insult: "May you be afflicted with itching without the benefit of scratching." Burn.

Ireland, Dublin, Hill of Howth 5. Two people shorten the road.

Company makes the journey fly, as evidenced by one anecdote from Celtic folklore. In it, a father asks his son to "shorten their journey" to see the king, and refuses to continue on foot when the son doesn't know how. Frustrated, the son asks his wife what to do. "Every one knows that storytelling is the way to shorten a road," she says. They set out the next morning, and the son weaves a tale the whole way to White Strand. Lesson learned: Giorraíonn beirt bóthar.

6. Story horse?

Move aside, Wishbone. "What's the story, horse?" — abbreviated as "story horse?" — is how you ask a buddy what's up. It's a less breezy greeting than its American counterpart, and invites the other person to really dive into what's been going on in life.

7. On me tod.

A lonely lad says, "I'm on me tod," if he's riding solo at the bars that night, or alone in general. Tod Sloan was an American jockey whose mother died when he was young, whose father abandoned him, and whose incredibly successful horse-racing career came to an end when he moved to the U.K. and was ridiculed for his Western riding style. Sloan was always said to be "on his own."

This expression is one of the best-known examples of Cockney rhyming slang, a phrase construction that involves taking a common word and using a rhyming phrase of two or three words to replace it. "On my Tod Sloan" rhymes with "on my own"; but in typical Cockney fashion, the word that completes the rhyme ("Sloan") is omitted.

8. Acting the maggot.

Friend's messing around, being obnoxious? Acting the maggot. Phone taking forever to deliver an iMessage? Acting the maggot. Comparing someone or something to a wriggly little white worm means they're behaving like a fool.

9. You son is your son today, but your daughter is your daughter forever.

A man is only a son until he takes a wife. But as a daughter gets older, she will stay near the family, draining it of money and time for years to come. In Irish Gaelic, it's Is é do mhac do mhac inniú, ach is í d’iníon d’iníon go deo.

Ireland Baldwin Alec Baldwin Hilaria Baldwin10. 'Tis only a stepmother would blame you.

There's no need to be embarrassed or feel badly about committing a small offense, if the deed is so insignificant that only a jealous, belittling stepmother could find fault with you.

11. We're sucking diesel now.

When things are going exceptionally well and you've found success, not by luck but by your own merit, pat yourself on the back by saying, "I'm sucking diesel." Or, celebrate that your Oldsmobile Diesel started up for what could be the last time.

12. S---- in a bucket.

Behold the raunchiest Irish slang used in sports: the English curse word "s---" with an "e" tacked on the end. It's pretty self-explanatory. When the Republic of Ireland's footballer James McCarthy recently tackled the ball into his own net, giving Serbia its first goal of the game, spectators at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin were certainly mumbling this under their breath.

13. That one suffers from a double-dose of original sin.

The Bible proposes that when Adam ate the forbidden fruit, he cast a state of sin on all of mankind. Today, if a child is particularly mischievous, he's said to have been twice-cursed by Adam's slip-up.

The phrase became popular in the 1880s, when proponents of British rule over Ireland attributed the Irishmen's depravity of character (and the famine, some argued) to their second helping of original sin.

son of god hot jesus14. Christ on a bike!

Considered blasphemous by some Christians, the odd turn of phrase is a way of saying, "I can't believe what I'm seeing." First "#HotJesus," now this. 

15. State o'you.

A popular exclamation used in inner Dublin, "Look at the state o'you!" implies that a person's attire, personal hygiene, intoxication level, or general demeanor is worrisome. One might describe his drinking companion as being in a "bleedin' state" if he "gets pissed" or "wrecked" on lager at the pub.

Thanks to New York's The Gael Pub's Irish bartenders Ronan Carter, of County Sligo, and Rory Galligan, of County Cavan, for helping us research this story.

NOW WATCH: People From Across America Reveal Their Favorite Regional Sayings


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The Most Beloved Beer Brands In America


St. Patrick's Day

Which beers are most beloved by American drinkers? According to a new ranking from YouGov BrandIndexSam Adams makes our nation's favorite suds. 

The brand perception tracker asked 5,500 adults across the country if they'd heard anything positive or negative in the last two weeks "through advertising, news or word of mouth" about specific beer brands.

Their answers were scored on a range from 100 (positive) to -100 (negative). YouGov then calculated the final score by subtracting negative feedback from positive. So, a zero score means equal positive and negative feedback.

They found some notable differences from last year's list. Nationwide, Bud Light, Dos Equis, and Heineken rose in the rankings, while Corona and Stella Artois went down.

On YouGov's local list for New York City, Budweiser came in at #10 compared, to #2 nationally, Yuengling rated much higher, and Coors and Blue Moon both showed up in the top 10. For more on last year's rankings, click here.

Here are the tops beer brands for 2014:


1. Sam Adams (16.3)
2. Budweiser (12.6)
3. Bud Light (8.9)
4. Dos Equis (8.4)
5. Heineken (8.1)
6. Corona (7.9)
7. Guinness (7.0)
8. Yuengling (6.4)
9. Stella Artois (6.2)
10. Miller Lite (5.9)

New York City:

1. Sam Adams (16.4)
2. Yuengling (11.4)
3. Heineken (11.0)
4. Guinness (11.0)
5. Corona (9.6)
6. Stella Artois (7.5)
7. Dos Equis (6.7)
8. Blue Moon (6.2) 
9. Coors (5.2)
10. Budweiser (5.0)

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Oprah Is Selling Harpo Studios For $32 Million To Chicago Developer


oprah harpo studios

CHICAGO (AP) — Oprah Winfrey is selling Harpo Studios in Chicago to a developer, but the studio will remain on the property for another two years.

Winfrey filmed "The Oprah Winfrey Show" at the studio from 1990 to 2011, when she ended the talk show to start the Oprah Winfrey Network on cable.

"We have entered into a purchasing agreement with Sterling Bay for the four-building Harpo Studios campus in Chicago's West Loop," Harpo told Crain's Chicago Business in a statement. "We expect the transaction to be closed in 30 days. The property will be leased back to Harpo for two years and the studio will continue to produce programming for OWN."

About 200 people work at the 3.5-acre campus, which will sell for about $32 million, Crain's reported Sunday. Harpo said it expects to close the transaction in 30 days.

Winfrey first came to Chicago in 1984 to WLS-TV's morning talk show, "A.M. Chicago." A month later, the show was No. 1 in the market and renamed "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in 1985.

Winfrey moved to Harpo Studios in 1990 and is credited with transforming the once-gritty industrial area to a neighborhood filled with families and trendy restaurants.

In 2011, then-Chicago Mayor Richard Daley named the street outside Harpo Studios "Oprah Winfrey Way."



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These Hipster Hairdressers Are The Face Of Modern China [PHOTOS]



As of 2011, 252.78 million people in China were migrant workers. That number will increase by more than 240 million migrants by 2025, putting the total urban population at nearly 1 billion people. Many of these urban-dwelling migrant workers are young people who leave their country homes to work in the big city.

Swiss photographers Stéphanie Borcard & Nicolas Métraux of BM Photo recently documented this migrant phenomenon through the lens of young Chinese hairdressers in the city of Chengdu. The city, while lesser known than Beijing, Hong Kong, or Shanghai, is quickly becoming an economic powerhouse in the country. After taking portraits of the hairdressers, the duo asked their subjects to allow them to photograph their homes. Though cramped and lacking privacy by Western standards, the dorms, apartments, and roomsexemplified the living conditions of other young migrants in China.

Borcard and Metraux shared some photos from the project here, but you can see the rest at their website. They share work from their latest projects on Facebook.

To begin the project, Borcard and Métraux walked the streets of Chengdu for 8 hours a day, walking into every hair salon they encountered to scout potential subjects and ask the owner if they could photograph.


The hairdressers are very easy to pick out in a crowd in China because of their style. Their outlandish fashions are not common, except among these hair stylists and karaoke bar operators. 


After photographing their subjects, they came back a week later with a translator, who further explained the concept of the project. The translator was key to getting the hairdressers to agree to let them photograph their homes. In Chinese culture, it is not common to allow strangers into your home. yuyan

Most hairdressers live in accommodations provided by the owner of the hair salon, often in the same apartment as the boss. Sometimes there are as many as 10 or 15 people living in the same apartment, dorm-style. “Privacy is nonexistent,” Métraux said. 


At the back of most of the hair salons was a door that lead to an apartment building where the boss and hairdressers live. “It was like Alice-in-Wonderland to go from the glitzy hair salons through a door into a whole other world,” Borcard said. Yang Hao (pictured) lives in the same apartment as his boss and sends money home regularly, despite rarely seeing his family.


These two hairdressers must share a bed, which is in the entry hall to their boss’s apartment. 

LuChaosYang Wei works at the Romantic Space Salon and lives with his wife in a small apartment. They are expecting their first child in a few months. YangWeiThe hairdressing job isn't all it's cracked up to be. A few months after working at the Flower Vine Image Design Salon, Xin Zeng quit his job to work nights at a local gay bar. Like many migrants, Zeng shuffles through numerous jobs to make ends meet.ChuanXin

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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Here Are 32 Irish Pubs Around The US Where You Can Celebrate Today

This Stunning Woodland Office Is The Most Popular Building On ArchDaily



Leave it to a group of architects to do their work in a stunning office with an incredible design.

The office of Selgas Cano, a firm based in Madrid, Spain, is the number one most-visited building on ArchDaily, a website for architecture lovers. And it's easy to see why.

Situated in a remote area filled with vegetation and rock formations, some of the walls of the office act as full-length windows into the forest outside. Business Insider spoke to Selgas Cano's Alicia Cervera, one of the firm's seven architects, about how the group designed their artists' studio.

"What is being sought with this studio is quite simple: work under the trees," she said. "To do so, we needed a roof that's as transparent as possible. At the same time, we needed to isolate the desk zone from direct sunlight so we could still work."

Even though it looks secluded, the office is just a 20-minute drive from bustling Madrid. It sits on a 2500-square-foot section of forest northwest of the city, about 15 minutes from a small strip of shops and restaurants where Selgas Cano employees can grab a quick lunch — not that they would really want to leave.

"The beautiful space makes us want to be here," Cervera told Business Insider. "The atmosphere matches our relaxed attitude, and we don't have any strict office rules or any official time to come and go. It's an incredibly inspiring place to work."

Right now the firm isn't planning to expand. That means there's no reason to be thinking about ever abandoning their office.

"We're all really proud of the studio, and all our clients have been astonished."

See more images of Selgas Cano and the 20 most popular projects on ArchDaily here.

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Here's Where All The Irish People In America Live

Harry Potter Fans Can Ride The 'Hogwarts Express' At Universal Studios This Summer


Hogwarts Express

It's the train that Muggles have been waiting for. New details have emerged about the upcoming attractions at Universal Studios' Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and apparently the Hogwarts Express ride is going to be kind of a big deal.

The theme park released a statement Friday announcing the features for the fantastical train, which will kick off at Platform 9 3/4 and subsequently pass everything from Hagrid on his motorbike to Buckbeak the Hippogriff, the Knight Bus, and even dementors.

But the coolest part is that the ride isn't set in some massive, enclosed warehouse, but actually transports visitors from "London" at Universal Studios to "Hogsmeade" at Islands of Adventure. It will run in both directions.

The magical train is being set up in conjunction with the Diagon Alley park at Universal Studios, which will include Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, the Leaky Cauldron, and the anticipated "Escape from Gringotts" ride. The new park is set to open Summer 2014. 

Check out Universal's video to get all the details on the new attractions. 


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You've Probably Been Pouring Guinness Beer The Wrong Way Your Whole Life


Guinness is consumed all over the world. But it wasn't until Business Insider took a tour of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, Ireland, that we realized we'd been drinking and pouring the "milkshake of beers" all wrong.

Mark McGovern, head of media relations for Guinness Storehouse and its parent company Diageo, gave us a tour of the place where millions of pints of Guinness are brewed each year. 

According to McGovern, Guinness is lighter than other beers. One pint of Guinness has fewer than 200 calories. There's also a proper form you need to take when sipping the Irish beer, as well as a six-step process you need to follow to pour the drink correctly.

Here's how to drink and pour a Guinness like the Irish.

To drink a Guinness perfectly, there are two things you need to remember, says McGovern.

1. Hold your arm with your elbow out so your forearm is horizontal with the glass.

2. Take a gulp big enough to break through the foam and get a taste of the beer below. This will ensure your first taste of Guinness isn't too bitter. Also, Guinness in Dublin tastes a little bit sweeter than it does in other parts of the world. 

To pour a Guinness perfectly, do the following six things:

1. Grab a Guinness-branded glass. Unlike other pint glasses, the Guinness glass is curved to properly display the half-inch of white foam that gathers at the top of the drink. If you're pouring a Guinness Foreign Extra, which has a higher concentration of alcohol, then you need a different, smaller Guinness glass.

Here's the glass for the Guinness:

guinness glass

Here's the glass to use if you're pouring a Guinness Foreign Export:

guinness 11

2. Hold the glass under the tap at a 45 degree angle. Point the beer spout at the harp on the glass. Do NOT put the spout directly on the glass, otherwise it will create unnecessary foam.

guinness alyson

3. Pull the beer tap handle all the way down and fill the glass three-quarters of the way. Straighten the glass slightly as you pour.

guinness pour

 4. Set the glass down. Let the beer settle for a minute or two.

guinness pour

5. Pick up the glass and pour the remaining bit of beer by tilting the beer tap away from you. Do not let the head of the beer overflow at all, and never skim the top of it off.

guinness alyson

6. Hand the beer to the customer, or drink and enjoy. If you happen to be at the Guinness Storehouse, there's a bar on the seventh floor called Gravity which has 360-degree views of Dublin.


Disclosure: Enterprise Ireland kindly sponsored Business Insider's trip to Dublin to cover Web Summit and F.ounders.

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HOUSE OF THE DAY: Billionaire Will Throw In A Rolls-Royce If You Buy His $25 Million NYC Townhouse


UES Manhattan 1

After selling New York City's first $100 million townhouse to the nation of Qatar, the A Team — a real estate group headed by brothers Tal and Oren Alexander from Douglas Elliman Real Estate — have another impressive listing on display.

This time, the brothers are representing fertilizer billionaire Alexander Rovt, who's not only selling his Upper East Side townhouse, but a Phantom Rolls-Royce to go along with it, according to the New York Post.

The Rolls-Royce was actually added to the property by the brokers, not the seller, Tal Alexander told Business Insider. It draws extra attention to the fact that the townhouse comes with a private garage, which is rare. 

"This house is going to cater to a Chinese or Middle Eastern buyer," Alexander said. "We know that the Phantom is an attractive car to that type of buyer."

The property spans 25 feet, putting it on the wider end of the city's townhouses. It has five outdoor spaces, including a rooftop patio. The five-bedroom, eight-bathroom home recently underwent renovations that took five years to complete, and now comes with a pool and jacuzzi in the basement.

The home and car are on the market for a total of $25 million.

The Upper East Side townhouse has a width of 25 feet, putting it on the spacious end of New York City's townhouses.

The house has 11,400 square feet with ceiling heights between 12 and 14 feet.

The home features an ornate staircase in the foyer as well as an elevator.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

15 Unbelievably Colorful Photos Of India's Holi Festival



Holi  is one of the most popular festivals in India, celebrating the coming of spring with bursts of color and fire. 

The ancient Hindu festival is also known as the festival of colors, coming usually near or on the vernal equinox. Hindus celebrate it by smearing each other with colored powder, spraying each other with colored water from pichkaris (water guns), or pelting each other with water balloons and eggs. 

The official festival begins today. We’ve collected some of the most spectacular photos from this year’s festivities in India here.

Holi celebrates the triumph of good over evil. It originates from an ancient Hindu story about the fall of the demon king Hiranyakashipu and his evil sister Holika. The king's son Prahlada opposed his evil father. To silence Prahlada, Holika convinced Prahlada to sit on a bonfire with her. When the fire was lit, the god Vishnu protected Prahlada and let Holika burn.   holi2On the eve of Holi, a bonfire topped with an effigy of Prahlada and Holika is lit. People then sing and dance around the fire. holi15 The next day, people spray colored powder or colored solutions onto each other to celebrate Prahalada's triumph and the defeat of winter by spring.holi11The main day of the Holi festival is called Dhuleti. holi12Teens and young people often dance to the beat of the dholak, a two-headed hand-drum common in South Asia.holi14Traditionally, washable, natural plant-derived colors are used, including turmeric, neem, dhak, and kumkum. In recent years, water-based commercial pigments have begun to be used.holi10Anyone in an open area such as a street, park, or any other public place is fair game to be hit with color from the pichkaris or water balloons. Any private residence is fair game to be smeared with the colored powder.holi13Most often, children are sprayed with the color solutions.holi6While adults get smeared with the dry colored powder. holi7The festival is craziest for kids, but everyone gets in the on the fun.holi5Widows do not usually partake in Holi, as they are supposed to renounce earthly pleasures. However, this year, the nonprofit Sulabh International organized a celebration for widows at an ashram in Vrindavan.holi9The celebration is not wild in every part of India. In some Western parts of India, the festival includes far more praying and singing of hymns.holi4In most regions of India, however, there is no prayer. The day is meant for partying and fun.holi3After everyone is soaked in color, participants clean up and head to their family's and friends' houses for traditional delicacies. The festival is an opportune time to mend fences with estranged friends and family — it is also considered "the festival of forgiveness."holi1

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Banking Heiress Bunny Mellon Dead At 103


bunny paul mellon

UPPERVILLE, Va. (AP) — Rachel "Bunny" Mellon, the deeply private and profoundly wealthy centenarian, has died at her estate in Virginia. She was 103.

Her longtime personal attorney Alexander Forger said from his office in New York City that Mellon died of natural causes Monday at her 4,000-acre horse farm in Upperville.

After spending most of her life trying to avoid the spotlight, she was thrust into it when Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards was indicted in 2011 for using what prosecutors alleged was campaign money, including $750,000 from Mellon, to hide his mistress Rielle Hunter and their child during his 2008 presidential bid.

Friends said Mellon should be remembered more for her contributions to the world of horticulture, art and fashion than the scandal that marked her last years.

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The Incredible Real Estate Portfolio Of Oracle Billionaire Larry Ellison


larry ellison lanaiOracle billionaire Larry Ellison is no stranger to the real estate market — he's been called "the nation's most avid trophy-home buyer" and has all but taken over entire neighborhoods in Malibu and the Lake Tahoe area. 

When asked by CNBC in 2012 why he would buy more homes than he could possibly live in, Ellison referenced his love of art. 

"My favorite museums are things like the Frick Museum in New York and the Huntington Hartford in Pasadena where it's someone's home that you walk through," Ellison said to CNBC. "So I'm going to start these art museums that are basically converted homes, and I have one for modern art, and I have one for 19th century European art, and one for French impressionism. I've got Japanese. I own a home in Kyoto, Japan actually on the temple on grounds in Nanzenji that is going to become a Japanese art museum. So, a lot of them are museums." 

Ellison has made headlines in recent years for his plans to develop Lanai, a Hawaiian island he purchased in 2012, into a model for environmentally sound living. Though Lanai has been his largest overall investment by far, he's made a number of blockbuster purchases over the last two decades. 

In 1988, Ellison paid $3.9 million for a William Wurster home in San Francisco's swanky Pacific Heights neighborhood, a popular area that's now home to other tech moguls like Mark Pincus, Jonathan Ive, and Trevor Traina. Several news outlets reported that Ellison planned to buy the home next door for $40 million, but the sale never happened.

Source: Curbed SF 


His home in Woodside, Calif., modeled after a 16th-century Japanese emperor's palace, is worth an estimated $70 million. The 23-acre estate took nine years to design and build, and it was completed in 2004.

Source: SF Gate


He also owns a historic garden villa in Kyoto, Japan, which was reportedly listed for $86 million, though the price he paid is unknown.

Source: SF Gate, Japan Property Central

Pictured: Nanzen-ji Temple, which is right near Ellison's estate

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Former NBA Great Chris Webber Is Selling His Malibu Mansion For $4 Million


Chris Webber Malibu Living Room

The Centerpiece of Michigan's Fab Five Chris Webber has put his lavish Malibu home up for sale, according to Realtor.com.

The five-time NBA All-Star and current TNT broadcaster is listing his contemporary beach house on the market for $3.995 million.

The 2,900 square foot home has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and is highlighted by a 180 degree view of the Malibu coastline through glass doors in the living room. The private backyard also has a lap pool. 

An outside view of Chris Webber's home

The living room

Another view of the living room

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The 31 Best College Bars In The US


The Adventurous 500, The Sink Boulder CO

Campus bars are a fundamental component of the college experience.

Students learn to love their teams, in good times and in bad, while balancing plastic cups of Keystone and watching games with their peers.

Every school has its favorite bar — the one that is as synonymous with a four-year college career as the freshman dorm, quad, or library.

Listed alphabetically by city, we found the best and most beloved college bars in the country.

Mickey's Irish Pub – Ames, IA

109 Welch Ave.

Popular with: Iowa State University

Sitting along Ames' stretch of Welch Avenue nightlife, Mickey's is a favorite among Iowa State students. Many stop over on Tuesdays for a boisterous round of karaoke, accompanied by $2.50 Long Island iced teas, $3.50 Bud tallboys and even, on occasion, free pizza.

The bar itself is even a proponent of ISU sports, frequently tweeting and posting on its Facebook page about the school's victories.

Rick's American Cafe – Ann Arbor, MI

611 Church St.

Popular with: University of Michigan

In the heart of Ann Arbor with a second location in East Lansing, Rick's is among U of M students' favorite places to party. Tuesday night is college night, with $1 well drinks all night and no cover when you show your student ID.

The atmosphere is more club-like than cafe-like, so students who arrive at Rick's should be ready for a good time.

Bourbon Street – Athens, GA

333 E. Broad St.

Popular with: University of Georgia

In downtown Athens, students point to Bourbon Street as the place to be after sundown. Known for its popularity among UGA freshmen, Bourbon Street's best deals are during its power hours, which tend to inspire some table-top dancing.

Those who desire a less rowdy crowd can always head to the upstairs area where pool tables and cheap beer await.

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KEN LANGONE: Today's Populism Reminds Me Of What Hitler Was Saying In 1933


ken langone

After venture capital billionaire Tom Perkins caused collective uproar after comparing the rich to Jews on Kristallnacht, you would think that billionaires might think twice before throwing out Nazi Germany comparisons.

Not so.

In a Politico piece about the super wealthy mobilizing for mid-term elections, billionaire Ken Langone figured the comparison was worth another go.

“I hope it’s [the populist strategy] not working,” Ken Langone, the billionaire co-founder of Home Depot and major GOP donor, said of populist political appeals. “Because if you go back to 1933, with different words, this is what Hitler was saying in Germany. You don’t survive as a society if you encourage and thrive on envy or jealousy.”

This isn't the first time that Langone has gone out of his way to attack an idea, person, or institution with liberal leanings, of course. Back in 2011 he said that President Obama was "petulant", a year later he trashed the New York Times for one of its articles on the Wal-Mart bribery scandal.

Most recently, Paul Krugman caught the side of Langone's tongue. Krugman is well known for believing that the federal deficit is not an issue. Langone disagrees, and believes that the government's budget should be cut.

Taxing the rich, he argued, has its limits. Though he does paint a rather scary picture of how the government could turn him and his peers into paupers. 

"The thing about 1% like me there's a limit. What's the limit 100% of my income. Unless you say now he's got no income let's go after his assets. We may get there ... The money either comes from taxes or other activities... or a willing and compliant Fed saying how many bars you got? $1 billion? Turn the presses on! This is simple stuff! My problem with the Krugmans of the world is that they're brilliant ... they just may be too brilliant ... Losing weight is not a very scientific endeavor you consume less calories than you burn you lose weight ... so let's stop all this crap with all of these high fallutin' thoughts and ideas. You know what happens to people their eyes glaze over, I don't know what the hell he's saying."

Oh, and there was that time he called former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer a "spoiled kid"— which produced the gif below:



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