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How to shop on Amazon Prime Day 2020 — all the tips and tricks you need to save the most money possible


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Prime day
Amazon Prime Day 2020 is back on October 13-14. This year, more so than in past years, it pays to do some legwork ahead of the big show.

  • Amazon Prime Day 2020 is back on October 13-14. 
  • Ahead of the shopping event, Amazon created several ways to fill your account with bonus credits.
  • Below, we show you how to take advantage of all the great offers and deals available ahead of the sales event in mid-October.
  • A bit of preparation could help maximize the savings you'll get when the big day arrives.
  • But first, you'll need to be an Amazon Prime member.
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For any event — a half-marathon, a surprise party, a trip to a new city — preparation is key. And yes, this even includes Amazon Prime Day

After months of speculation, Amazon Prime Day 2020 will take place next week on, October 13-14. The annual sales event certainly warrants some extra preparation ahead of time since it features hundreds of thousands of deals, coming in and out of stock

This year, more so than in past years, it pays to do some legwork ahead of the big show. Amazon created several offers, detailed below, to give shoppers an incentive to explore everything the retail giant has to offer. Interested shoppers can earn as much as $100 in bonus credits when shopping for products from small businesses and Amazon's brick-and-mortar locations.

However, time's ticking on these offers since they expire when Prime Day arrives. 

We will be here to make shopping during Prime Day as smooth as possible, with deal roundups and resources like the guide below. Read up on everything related to Amazon Prime Day 2020 here.

Be an Amazon Prime subscriber

As it stands, only Amazon Prime members can access the deals featured on Prime Day —  so you'll need to make sure you're a subscriber. If you find that your subscription lapsed, but don't want to be on the hook for the $119 annual subscription cost, don't fret. You can pick up a monthly subscription for $13.

For the would-be first-time subscribers, there's enough time between now and when Prime Day begins that it's safe to sign up for the 30-day free trial and take advantage of all the perks (including shopping Prime Day) without paying. 

While it would be tempting to wait until the last minute to sign up, we encourage you to start your membership as soon as possible. You'll need a subscription to access the early discounts available, but also gain access to all of the pre-Prime Day credit opportunities.

Download the Amazon app

You can use the Amazon app all year long to streamline your mobile shopping experience, but it's particularly useful for Prime Day. Before Prime Day goes live, go to the "Deals" section of the app, where you'll be able to view all upcoming deals. Click "Watch this deal" to receive an alert the moment it goes live. The app organizes all the deals you're interested in, so just pay attention to your phone notifications if you want to grab a deal before it's gone. 

Better still, the Amazon app is required when shopping Amazon's physical stores and, more importantly, claiming bonus credits ahead of the shopping holiday.

Collect bonus credits

Ahead of the shopping event, Amazon created several avenues for shoppers to earn credit to use during the two-day event. We've listed them here, plus a few bonus ways to seek more value. 

  • Spend $10, Get $10 shopping Amazon's physical stores: Shoppers who spend at least $10 at Whole Foods Market (in-store, pick-up, or delivery) can get a $10 credit to use when Amazon Prime Day comes around. You'll need to checkout with your Amazon Prime account to snag the credit. This offer also extends to Prime members who shop at Amazon physical stores, including Amazon Fresh, Amazon Go or Amazon Go Grocery, Amazon Books or Amazon Pop Up, and Amazon 4-star. If you manage to shop at each location, you'll collect $50 to use on Prime Day. 
  • Earn $10 more by supporting small businesses: Amazon is also offering the same 'Spend $10, Get $10' offer when you shop small businesses via Amazon. It's worth noting that this $10 credit, plus those available for shopping at Amazon's physical stores, can only be redeemed on Prime Day and can't be redeemed before or after. 
  • Pick up a $5 credit with Amazon Cash: This service lets you shop Amazon without a debit or credit card by adding cash at participating locations. First-time Amazon Cash customers can get a $5 Amazon credit when they add $30 in their Amazon Cash bank.
  • Apply for an Amazon.com Store Card: Shoppers who sign up and get approved receive a $60 gift card. If you have an Amazon Prime Store Card, you can earn 5% back on your Amazon.com purchases and up to 25% back on Prime Day purchases. Each month, your points can be redeemed as a statement credit or used to buy millions of items on Amazon. There's no annual fee, either.
  • Add an extra 2% by reloading gift cards: If you know you'll be shopping Amazon Prime Day 2020, pre-loading your Amazon balance nets you an additional 2%. This may seem like a pittance, but don't forget  —  Amazon Prime Day will offer a lot of products at their lowest prices ever.

Narrow down what you want to buy

It's smart to go into Prime Day with at least some idea of what you want to buy (and save on). If you need some inspiration from your fellow Insider readers, these were the 30 top-selling products from last year's Prime Day

Amazon devices will most likely enjoy significant discounts. If you're able to, we recommend holding off until Prime Day to make your next Echo or Kindle purchase. Amazon now makes tons of different devices, from tablets and TVs to speakers and yes, even microwaves.

Your Prime Day wish list doesn't have to include a bestseller or an Amazon device — but you should compile some type of list to make shopping more efficient. 

It bears repeating that Amazon Prime Day 2020 will not be the final sales event of the year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, which may offer a larger selection of products, are still in the books for late November. So, if the product you want doesn't go on sale, don't settle for retail price.

Be sure to bookmark our Amazon Prime Day 2020 hub on Business Insider to find all related coverage of the sales event, from massive deal roundups to special deal spotlights. You can count on us to cut through the clutter of Prime Day and highlight only the deals worth shopping.

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Twitter said it had to temporarily lock President Trump's account after he shared a columnist's email address, violating the company's policies

president trump
President Donald Trump gives thumbs up from the Blue Room Balcony upon returning to the White House Monday, Oct. 5, 2020, in Washington.
  • Twitter said it locked President Donald Trump's account after he shared the email address of a New York Post columnist on the social media site Monday evening.
  • President Trump praised a column by writer Miranda Devine in which she applauded the president for pushing through his battle with COVID-19.
  • In a second, now deleted post, the president accidentally tweeted Devine's email address, a move that Twitter confirmed to Business Insider violated its private information policy.
  • Twitter said it prompted him to delete the tweet before his account could be unlocked.
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

Twitter said it locked President Donald Trump's account after he shared the email address of a columnist Monday evening.

The president posted a tweet praising and quoting a column written in the New York Post by journalist Miranda Devine that ran on Sunday night. In the column, Devine praised Trump for overcoming his battle with the "Chinese virus" and committing to his duties as president following his diagnosis with COVID-19, of which health experts have said he is still not "out of the woods."

Trump followed up his post with a now deleted tweet in which the president tacked on Devine's email address, prompting what she told Sky News Australia was a barrage of abuse from people online.

"People (were) just very angry a lot of them, and they're furious about the fact Donald Trump has actually seemingly beaten the coronavirus," she said according to Sky News.

Twitter confirmed to Business Insider in an email that it then locked the president's account following his sharing of Devine's email address after it found the tweet violated its private information policy. The policy forbids users from publishing or posting "other people's private information without their express authorization and permission."

Per the company's policy, an account whose owner violates the rules will remain locked until the tweet is deleted. President Trump continued to tweet often through Tuesday morning, including a post calling to "REPEAL SECTION 230," an internet law that protects tech companies like Twitter and Facebook from being liable for the content posted on their platforms.

Spokespeople for the White House and for the Trump campaign did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment. 

Trump has tweeted frequent throughout his presidency, and he currently has 87 million followers on the platform. But Trump has also had a rocky relationship with Twitter as the company has cracked down on claims Trump has made on the platform.

For example, Twitter removed a tweet on Tuesday in which Trump falsely stated that COVID-19 is less deadly than the flu. The company said the post included potentially misleading information. Twitter also said it would remove any posts in which users wished for Trump to die of the coronavirus disease, a move that received backlash, as some said Twitter has chosen to let other threats go without enforcement in the past.

Trump and other Republicans continue to claim that anti-conservative bias is rampant in Big Tech. The president signed an executive order in May threatening to give regulators the power to tweak Section 230 after Twitter fact-checked two of his tweets that included false claims about mail-in voting. Experts said Trump had "absolutely no legal authority" to regulate tech companies when he disagrees with them.

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The best carry-on luggage

  • A sturdy and reliable carry-on suitcase is a must-have piece of luggage for any traveler. 
  • Whether you favor hard-side or soft-side luggage is a matter of personal preference, so we've included our top picks for both. 
  • Additionally, the quality of the suitcase is largely dependent on price and varies quite a bit.
  • We've chosen options at a range of price points from carry-ons that offer exceptional value to those that are splurge-worthy investment pieces.
  • Our top hard-side carry-on is the Samsonite Centric Expandable Carry-On and our top soft-side carry-on is the Travelpro Platinum Elite Expandable Carry-On Spinner.
  • Amazon Prime Day 2020 runs from October 13 to 14, and some of the Kindles in our guide may go on sale during the deal event.
  • You can shop the best early Prime Day 2020 sales here.

A carry-on suitcase needs to be reliable, durable, easy to pack, and hold plenty of clothes while still fitting on both domestic and international planes of all sizes. 

If you want to avoid additional time waiting in lines, skip having to pay baggage fees, and not have your shoulder hurt from carting around a heavy duffle bag, then a carry-on suitcase is a must-have travel item.   

As someone who pre-pandemic was used to taking more than 50 flights per year and was often in a destination for just a day or two before moving on, I practically live out of my carry-on at times. I've also had checked luggage lost or arrive late enough times to avoid it at all costs, making a reliable carry-on my go-to item even for long trips. 

While my bags may go through a few more rigorous trials than the average leisure traveler, most people are looking for these same qualities in any good piece of luggage.

For this guide, I narrowed down the field to the 10 top contenders based on my own considerable travel experience and knowledge as a travel editor, as well as additional research and user reviews. While some of these bags I've personally owned and used for several years, others I tested extensively specifically for this guide.

You can read our full testing methodology as well as tips on what to look for in a carry-on bag later in this guide. You can also find additional carry-on options for traveling with kids towards the end of this guide.

Here are the best carry-on suitcases:

Updated 10/6/2020. This guide has been completely refreshed and includes new testing methods and criteria, as well as new recommendations.

The best hard-side carry-on overall
Best Carry ons_samsonite side by side

Form, function, durability, and an excellent price all meet to make the Samsonite Centric Hardside Expandable Luggage a winner. 

At 20 inches, this hard-side carry-on suitcase will fit in just about any overhead bin for domestic and international flights with the exception of tiny jumper planes. The polycarbonate twill texture is scratch-resistant with a slightly shiny finish that helps it stand out in an airport crowd.

I've used this bag consistently for more than two years, and while it has a couple of very small white marks upon close inspection, it has overall remained in remarkably good shape — especially in comparison to other hard-side cases I've tried. 

Weighing 7.5 pounds, it's easy to lift into overhead bins and a rubberized grip under the top and side handles add extra comfort when lifting. The zippers have good grip and run smoothly without catching and the expansion zipper even has a finger hole for extra ease and agility. There is also a TSA-approved lock on the right side.

The four multi-directional wheels are quiet and making rolling the bag in front of you, beside you, or behind you on almost any surface a breeze, though it was harder to pull on thick carpet. 

Despite its small size, I've been able to pack a week's worth of clothes in and the 1.5-inch expansion capability comes in especially handy if you're like me and always end up coming back from a trip with more than you originally packed. While there aren't any fancy extras when it comes to interior storage, it's more than sufficient with a mesh zip close on one side and a strong buckle to keep clothes packed in tight on the other. 

The bag's one downside is the adjustable push-button handle. While I've never had any major issues with it and it does have two different heights it can lock into, the handle is a little bit wobbly when fully extended. As is the case with most suitcases, the handle poles do also take up some space in the interior compartment, making it harder to lay items completely flat on that side.   

After multiple lengthy trips with this bag, it has stood up incredibly well in terms of durability. There are no dents or major scratches, and from a cursory glance, the bag still looks practically brand new both inside and out. As an added bonus, the bag is also backed by a 10-year warranty. 

For the affordable price, this Samsonite carry-on is a serious winner.

Pros: Excellent price for the quality, durable, scratch resistant, wheels easily, expandable

Cons: Handle wiggles a decent amount when fully extended, slightly heavier than other options available 

The best soft-side carry-on overall
Best Carry ons_travelpro side by side

The Travelpro Platinum Elite Expandable Carry-On holds everything you need and then some, but its attention to detail makes it stand out from the competition. 

Travelpro is well regarded among serious travelers for a reason. The brand was pioneered by a pilot who knew exactly which small details make a world of difference in a bag, and that thoughtful care and attention is apparent in the Platinum Elite Expandable Carry-On. The brand offers a warranty against defects for life. 

This particular bag meets FAA regulations for carry-on sizing at 21 inches. The high-density nylon fabric is durable, stain resistant, and has not torn or ripped at all in the time I've used it. Leather detailing not only adds a sophisticated look but also makes the top lifting handle extremely comfortable compared to those made from plastic. However, the additional handle on the side is a little bit tight even for my small hands.

Holding up to 46 liters and with an expansion option of two full inches, this bag holds a lot more than just your weekend essentials. There are three front pockets of varying sizes, including one that can hold a laptop. The main compartment has the standard layout of a soft-side bag with one deep side for packing most items and a smaller zipper compartment that is half mesh on the other side.

While the handle poles do take up some space, the bag is deep enough that it's not much of an issue. Once buckled, there are also two additional mesh pockets available that are good for holding small items.  

Large chrome zippers are super easy to maneuver and the four, large PrecisionGlide wheels made this bag one of the easiest to wheel on every surface, including carpet. The adjustable handle is very sturdy and has a contoured grip making it extra comfortable. At 7.8 pounds, it's a pretty standard weight for a carry-on and is easy to lift.

The bag also comes with several handy extras, including a garment bag, a built-in USB port (battery pack not included), and a removable clear plastic bag attached to the inside for holding toiletries and liquids.

However, I did find that with so many front pockets, the bag was very easy to overpack, especially when fully expanded, which defeats the purpose of having a carry-on if you end up having to check it in after all. 

Pros: Durable and high-quality materials, leather detailing, doesn't tip forward even when fully packed

Cons: Easy to overpack, tips forward slightly when completely full 

The best budget carry-on
Best Carry ons_amazonbasics side by side

For the casual weekend traveler, the AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Carry-On is an attractive bag that does the job at an extremely affordable price.

For a bag that costs much less than our top picks, I was thoroughly impressed by the quality and look of this carry-on. Made of an extra-thick ABS, it was sturdier than I was expecting and the material only had a little bit of give when I pressed on the top and sides.

It measures 21 inches and is expandable up to 15% for additional packing room. However, I found that it held less overall than the similar Samsonite suitcase we recommend in this guide, making it a good option for shorter or weekend trips.

The interior has one mesh zip side and one side with a buckle. The buckle isn't too sturdy, but it will do the trick of keeping clothes in place as long as you don't overpack that side. The adjustable handle is comfortable and surprisingly didn't wobble very much. The wheels also glided smoothly on nearly every surface (thick carpet gave it a bit of trouble), though they were just a little bit louder than others I tested. 

The ribbed exterior has a shiny finish, and other than the AmazonBasics logo on the front, is stylish enough that it won't give away how little it costs. The zippers ran smoothly and for the most part, the bag held up throughout my tests, though it did get marks relatively easily and had a mark on the back after just one use.     

That said, some reviewers have complained that after about five or six trips the bag starts to break down, with complaints of broken handles, wheels, and zippers. It's also missing a notable feature: There's no lock, TSA-approved or otherwise.

But for the casual traveler who only takes a couple of trips a year, this is an extremely affordable option that still gets the job done.

Pros: Very affordable, durable for the price, solid adjustable handle that doesn't wobble

Cons: Marks up easily, may not hold up well over time, no lock

The best high-end hard-side carry-on
Best Carry ons_rimowa side by side

True to its name, the Rimowa Essential Lite sets itself apart with its light 5-pound weight without compromising on durability or quality. 

Rimowa is best known for its distinctive aluminum suitcases frequently spotted on celebrity Instagram accounts. While those bags will set you back a cool grand, the luxury travel brand has alternative high-quality options that won't cost more than your monthly rent.

I was particularly impressed with the newer Essential Lite bag. When it first arrived, I actually assumed a vase I had ordered around the same time had come in an inexplicably large box because it never dawned on me that a suitcase would be that light.

The Essential Lite weighs less than five pounds, which is especially great for chronic overpackers who worry about their bag being overweight. Shockingly, the Lite suitcase actually holds slightly more than the classic aluminum suitcase, too.

To achieve this light-as-a-feather feat, the brand didn't sacrifice when it comes to the quality of the materials. Although the polycarbonate bag has some give at the top when pressed, the suitcase is plenty sturdy. Its thicker glossy coating also keeps it from scratching or marking up as easily as matte-finished suitcases. I tossed it around several times and even after getting jostled around in a moving van, it came out the other side with no dents, scratches, or marks. 

If an aesthetically pleasing or eye-catching bag is important to you, you'll also likely enjoy the glossy finish, subtle vertical ribbing, and array of rainbow-hued color choices that range from a candy apple red to a deep teal, along with classic black and white options.

The bag has a TSA-approved lock on top, a rubberized top handle that's comfortable to grip, and a sturdy telescopic handle. The wheels are whisper quiet thanks to cushioned axles and worked beautifully on every surface from hardwood to carpet. I also liked that both sides of the interior had a mesh zipper, which I found made keeping everything organized and in place easier than the typical one-sided buckle system. 

The suitcase also comes with a complimentary leather luggage tag and is backed by a five-year warranty. One added bonus of owning a Rimowa bag is that the company not only does in-store and send-away repairs, but also works with a network of luxury hotels that do repairs onsite should anything happen to your bag while you're traveling.

Pros: Incredibly lightweight, durable

Cons: Not as good for organization, expensive

The best high-end soft-side carry-on
Best Carry ons_briggs riley side by side

The Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On is worth the investment thanks to an impressive compression feature and high-end materials that stand the test of time.

With a hybrid fiberglass frame, ballistic nylon exterior, reinforced corners, and smooth YKK zippers, this Briggs & Riley bag is made to withstand the test of time. The bag is incredibly durable and mine has experienced no rips, tears, or marks to speak of.

This suitcase is also full of ingenious tricks that make packing it a breeze and help you sneak in those extra outfits. For starters, the bag has a CX compression-expansion system that increases packing capacity by 25% before compressing back down to fit carry-on size regulations. I tried the feature out myself and it worked beautifully. 

The main compartment is extremely spacious and unlike every other bag I tested, Briggs & Riley has taken the smart step of making sure the adjustable handle is entirely on the outside of the bag so no packing room is lost to the poles. That said, it does mean that the poles are visible on the outside of the bag and may make it slightly harder to slide the bag into the overhead compartment.

Like other soft-side bags, it has one deeper side and a smaller side with a zippered compartment. But another smart feature that adds packable room to this bag is a fold-out divider in the smaller zippered compartment so you can stack clothes, fold it in, and then stack more clothes before zipping it all up. The zippered compartment also has an additional small mesh pocket. Sturdy mesh panels clip together to keep the deeper compartment secure.   

The wheels expertly navigated every surface, and the handle is sturdy and easy to grip. Two outer pockets on the front add additional space, but I found they didn't expand quite as much as the Travelpro front pockets, which was actually a plus since it didn't tip forward at all and wasn't as easy to overpack. There's also a small zippered pocket on the back ideal for keeping your phone (especially when going through security) that also comes with a hideaway ID tag.

The biggest downside to this bag is the weight. At 9.3 pounds, it's heavier than the other bags I tried and could be hard for some people to lift into the overhead, especially when fully packed. It also became front heavy and tipped forward slightly when completely full.

Pros: Durable, high-quality materials, smart and unique features to help fit more in 

Cons: Pricey, heavy

The best carry-on for extra space
Best Carry ons_monos side by side

If you're not restricted to smaller overhead bins, the Monos Carry-On Pro Plus is a sleek suitcase with extra room inside and a smart front pocket for easily stowing accessories.  

The standard carry-on size for your average flight is 22 inches. At 23 inches, the Monos Pro Plus is just a hair too big for many flights. However, if you mainly take larger cross-country or transatlantic flights where overhead bins are bigger and space isn't usually an issue and relish every last ounce of packable space, this carry-on is worth a look. 

It offers 47 liters in packable space, which is more than any other bag on this list. It features one side with a zippered mesh compartment and an alternative side that has a fold-out mesh pocket and two wide and sturdy buckles that help to seriously compress clothes when pulled tight. 

But what really sets this bag apart is the front pocket space, which is unusual for a hard-side suitcase. The padded pocket holds a 15-inch laptop and has additional pockets of varying sizes for easily organizing everything from your phone to headphones. Unlike soft-side bags with front pockets, this pocket also zips up to fit its original size even when items are inside rather than protruding out. While some Away bags also feature a front pocket, this one has significantly more pockets for far superior organization.

The bag itself has a simple and chic look and comes in an array of attractive colors like pale pink and royal blue. However, my bag did get several small white marks rather quickly. Though the company does include a small eraser with the bag that worked remarkably well when I tested it out. The adjustable handle is sturdy and doesn't wobble, the YKK zippers didn't catch, and the wheels glided smoothly on all surfaces. 

As an additional bonus, the bag is guaranteed for life and has a 100-day trial period.     

Pros: Significantly more packable space, smart front pocket that doesn't protrude when packed

Cons: Doesn't meet all carry-on size requirements, marks up easily

What else we tested
  • Away Carry-On ($225): I've had an Away bag for years and it's another good option. I have found that over the years it's gotten quite a few marks and scratches though, and it's more expensive than the Samsonite bag and not as high-quality or lightweight as the Rimowa bag. That said, I would recommend this bag to anyone who absolutely wants charging capability for their phone or who wants a wide array of fun color options.
  • Speck 22-inch Carry-On ($200): This is is a solid option, but I found the Samsonite to be a better value that edged this bag out. That said, it's still a quality suitcase that's durable and comes with a lifetime warranty, though I did find that it marks up and shows signs of wear more easily.
  • Target Open Story 21-inch Hardside Carry-On ($149.99): Travel Editor Emily Hochberg tested out this bag and found it to be another great option at a similar price point to the Samsonite bag. It features a durable but lightweight polycarbonate shell, heavy-duty zippers, quiet spinner wheels, and a telescoping aluminum handle. She also liked the multiple interior compartments for easy organizing and the built-in USB port for use with a power bank or battery charger, though that's not included. However, the lighter colors especially show marks easily and more than one reviewer has noted that the lock didn't work properly. It also doesn't have an option for expansion.
  • London Fog 20-inch Spinner Carry-On ($139.99): I couldn't fit in quite as much to this bag as other options I tried. Additionally, it comes in very limited color options and there is no plain black.
  • Tumi International Carry-On ($750): This is a high-quality, premium bag that will likely last you years. However, the extremely high starting price point is hard to justify. 
What we're testing next Carry-ons for travel with kids
travel with kids

Traveling with kids makes it significantly more complicated to bring just a carry-on bag. You have no choice but to think of every single thing your kids might possibly require, then pack it where you can actually find it.

You also need space for snacks, entertainment devices, and materials to change your child's bottom mid-air. And of course, you'll need several extra outfits on hand and within reach during the trip — you know, just in case your kid vomits unexpectedly or spills chocolate milk at the worst possible time.

That means your carry-on needs significantly more pockets for organizing and space-saving options will reign supreme. Here are some carry-on options to consider for family travel:

Genius Pack G4 Carry On Spinner ($238): This carry-on that has a compartment for everything. Extra pockets you can use to stay organized include a hidden interior lining pocket perfect for shoes, a removable laundry compartment, and separate spaces for chargers, socks, underwear, and more. If you wind up needing extra room on the ride home, a simple pull of a zipper will garner a 20% increase in space.

Biaggi ZipSak Boost ($69.99): If storing bulky luggage is an issue for you, this bag will wow you by folding down so small that it can easily fit under your bed or inside a drawer. It also features a flexible outer shell that makes packing in lots of stuff a breeze. Its exterior pockets are perfect for storing baby wipes, tablets, or snacks, and you can haul this bag in more than one way — either wheel it along like a regular carry on or use the side handle to carry it like a briefcase.

Timbuk2 Quest Rolling Duffel ($139): Ideal for families with toddlers and babies, this rolling duffel has multiple exterior compartments perfect for diapers and wipes, bottles and formula, and extra onesies and sleepers. Not only does it roll like a spinner, but you can throw it on your back like a backpack if you need to free your hands. Extra exterior storage compartments are ideal for everything you'll need for your baby in the air, and this bag is still appropriately sized as a carry-on.

— Holly Johnson

How we tested

I put all 10 of the bags through the same tests, which considered durability, packability (both ease and how much the bag could actually hold), maneuverability across multiple surface types, as well as the weight of the bag. I also took into account the price point, style, quality of materials, and any extra features the bags included. 

Due to the pandemic, I have not been flying recently, but I still mimicked the conditions carry-ons would typically go through in a number of ways. I packed each bag to capacity, rolled them for several blocks on the street, tested the wheels on wood floors, thick carpet, and concrete, stress-tested the zippers, and lifted each bag onto a high closet shelf roughly the same height as an overhead bin.

I even used all of the bags in a recent move where they were thrown around the back of a moving van in a similar fashion to how they might be tossed around on and off a plane by bag handlers to test durability. 

What to consider when buying a carry-on suitcase
briggs and riley carry on amazon deal


While this may be the most obvious thing to consider, it's also the most important. Think about how you'll be using your carry-on most frequently and factor that in. For most standard domestic flights, anything 22 inches and under will suffice. However, if you frequently travel on short jumper flights or often fly on budget airlines overseas, you may want to consider going even smaller. On the flip side, if you mostly take large cross-country or transatlantic flights, you might prefer a bag with a little extra space since overhead space won't be as much of an issue.

Hard-sided vs. soft-sided luggage

While people on both sides of this debate swear their preference is the right one, this is pretty much a matter of personal choice. Soft-sided bags tend to have more front pockets you can stuff extras into, which can be a blessing or a curse depending on how prone you are to overpacking and going over weight limits. Hard-sided bags tend to have two compartments of equal size, one on each side, while soft-sided bags usually have one deep side and one small zipper compartment on the other. Your personal packing style will largely dictate which option is best.


Of course, in general, the lighter the bag, the better. But if weight isn't a huge concern for you, you might like a bag that comes with some extra bells and whistles in lieu of one that's more minimal to save on weight. However, if you frequently take small flights where every last ounce matters, you may want the lightest bag you can get your hands on. If you have mobility issues or trouble lifting bags into the overhead bin, weight will especially be a consideration. 

Wheel type

I am a staunch believer in the four-wheel systems that most newer bags have. While some are still adamant in their use of two-wheel bags, I have found four-wheel bags to be lightyears ahead in terms of maneuverability. If you are still living in the two-wheeled past trust me on this: Being able to easily wheel your bag in front of you, beside you, or behind you will change your life.


Materials will be dictated largely by your budget and choice of hard- or soft-sided suitcase. It can be worth splurging on a more durable option if you travel frequently or just want to invest in a suitcase you'll have for years to come. In general, look for bags that are tear- or scratch-resistant. The most common materials for hard-sided suitcases tend to be aluminum, polycarbonate, and ABS. Aluminum is extremely durable, but also extremely pricey, and ABS is less durable but more affordable. A good polycarbonate bag can hit the sweet spot of price and quality. When it comes to soft-sided suitcases, ballistic nylon is one of the most durable options, but again can mean a higher price point. Regular nylon can still be high-quality while being more affordable, while polyester tends to be a good budget option.   


The look of your bag is a very personal choice. Some suitcases are all about function but a bit of an eyesore, while others prioritize aesthetics and come in pleasing pastels practically made for Instagramming. How important a chic bag is, and what exactly that means to you, should be taken into consideration when choosing luggage.

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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The players from LeBron James' Miami Heat championship teams

miami heat big 3
LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade with the Miami Heat in 2010.
  • The LeBron James-Dwyane Wade-Chris Bosh "Big 3" with the Miami Heat made the Finals four straight years and won two championships.
  • Much of the team broke up after LeBron James left in 2014.
  • Here's a look at where key members of those teams are today.
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The Miami Heat Big Three dominated for four years and then they were gone.

When LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh teamed up, they formed one of the first super-teams, made four Finals, won two championships, and then broke up.

James and Wade left Miami, Bosh left the NBA, and the core of those Heat teams fell apart.

See where the major players are from those teams today.

LeBron James shocked the sports world when he left the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Heat in 2010.
Lebron James
James went back to Cleveland in 2014 for four years, and is now a member of the Lakers.
lebron james
Dwyane Wade was the founding member of the Heat Big Three, having already won a championship in his first seven years with the team.
dwyane wade 2010
Wade briefly left the Heat for the Bulls and Cavs, but went back to Miami in 2018 and retired in 2019. He currently works as an analyst on TNT.
dwyane wade 2020
Chris Bosh signed with the Heat in the summer of 2010 after posting five All-Star seasons with the Raptors.
chris bosh 2010
Bosh's career ended because of issues with bloodclots. Bosh is still involved with basketball, appearing as an analyst and writing a newsletter.
chris bosh 2020

Read more: After a 'rough year' that took basketball away from him, Chris Bosh has become the NBA's most interesting man off the court

Mario Chalmers was drafted by the Heat in 2008 and was a key member in the starting five during their championships.
mario chalmers
Chalmers left the Heat in 2015 and played two seasons with the Grizzlies. Most recently, he played in the Big 3 and in Greece.
mario chalmers 2019
Ray Allen left a Big Three with the Celtics to join the Heat's Big Three in 2012.
ray allen heat

His defining moment came in the 2012-13 Finals, when he hit a game-tying three-pointer with five seconds to play in Game 6. The Heat won the game and later, the series.

Allen retired after the 2014 season, though he has reportedly considered making an NBA comeback at various points. He is the NBA's all-time leader in three-pointers.
ray allen
Norris Cole played well off the bench for the Heat after they drafted him 2011.
norris cole 2012
Cole has hopped around the NBA and internationally after being traded from the Heat in 2014-15. He played in Monaco in 2019.
norris cole

Source: CBS

Shane Battier was an important defender and veteran presence on the Heat's championship teams.
shane battier 2012
Battier retired in 2014. In 2017, he was hired as director of basketball development and analytics with the Heat.
shane battier 2016
Juwan Howard joined the Heat in 2010 and was on the team for both championships.
juwan howard 2011
Howard worked as an assistant coach with the Miami Heat after retiring and is now the head coach of the University of Michigan men's basketball team.
juwan howard michigan
Mike Miller signed with the Heat in 2010 to be another sharpshooter on the perimeter.
mike miller heat
After retiring from the NBA in 2018, Miller became an assistant coach with the University of Memphis men's basketball team, but resigned in 2020.
mike miller 2020
Joel Anthony was often the starting big man for those Miami Heat teams.
joel anthony heat
Anthony playing for the Pistons, Spurs, and Bucks, Anthony went to Argentina to play professionally.
joel anthony
James Jones was already on the Heat when they added the Big Three. He played sparingly but hit a few big three-pointers for them.
james jones heat
Jones followed LeBron to the Cavaliers for three years. He is now the GM of the Phoenix Suns.
james jones
Chris "Birdman" Andersen joined the Heat in 2012 and helped them win their second title with his rim protection.
chris andersen heat
Andersen played in the NBA until 2017 and now plays in the Big 3.
chris andersen 2020
Rashard Lewis joined the Heat late in his career, hoping to win a championship ring after a successful individual career.
rashard lewis heat
Lewis retired in 2014. He most recently played in the Big 3 and is still involved with the NBA today.
rishard lewis

Source: New York Daily News

Udonis Haslem has played on the Heat for all 13 years of his career.
udonis haslem heat
He's still on the team and is the only hold-over from the Big Three Era.
udonis haslem 2015
Now, see what people in the '70s imagined the NFL would be like in 2000...
Cowboys offensive line

In the 1970s, the NFL world predicted what the sport would look like in the 21st century and their predictions were amazing >

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EXCLUSIVE: Former CIA director John Brennan says the biggest threat to the 2020 election is Trump himself

John Brennan CIA
John Brennan.
  • Former CIA director John Brennan told Insider that the biggest threat to the November election is President Donald Trump himself.
  • He said the "dishonesty" and disinformation that comes out of the White House and Trump campaign is just as dangerous as foreign interference in the election.
  • Brennan has earned a reputation as one of Trump's most vociferous critics since he left the CIA in 2017 and he doesn't mince words in his new memoir, "Undaunted: My Fight Against America's Enemies, At Home and Abroad."
  • The former CIA chief wrote that he was "disgusted" and "nauseated" by Trump's behavior toward the US intelligence community and his refusal to acknowledge Moscow's campaign to interfere in the 2016 election.
  • Overall, Brennan told Insider, Russia got everything it could have hoped for from Trump's presidency.
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Former CIA director John Brennan believes the biggest threat to the 2020 election is the sitting US president.

"Dishonesty, especially that coming out of the Donald Trump campaign, and the fact that you have certain networks that continue to misrepresent the facts in a very willful and dishonest fashion, is the main risk," he told Insider in an interview. "Trump has a very well established and recognized track record of misrepresenting the truth, and he will continue to do so. And unfortunately, there are too many people who just drink in that demagogic rhetoric that he spews out."

Brennan spent 25 years at the CIA and served as director of the agency from 2013 to 2017. Before becoming director, Brennan worked as an analyst in the Near East and South Asia divisions, and later as a station chief in Saudi Arabia and the head of the National Counterterrorism Center.

Brennan left public service in 2005, during the George W. Bush administration, to work in private security consulting.  In 2013, then-President Barack Obama nominated Brennan to lead the CIA, which he did until 2017.

Since leaving the US government, Brennan has developed a reputation as one of Trump's sharpest and most consistent critics. The former director told Insider he attributes part of that to his "Irish temper." But Brennan's concerns about the president took root long before he departed his post as CIA director, according to his new book, "Undaunted: My Fight Against America's Enemies, At Home and Abroad," which was released on Tuesday.

The book opens with a fraught scene that took place on January 6, 2017, days before Brennan left the agency: He and other US intelligence chiefs briefed Congress' Gang of Eight and, later, then-President-elect Donald Trump about Russia's unprecedented and elaborate interference in the 2016 election. The attack, and Trump's refusal to acknowledge it, would become one of the defining failures of his presidency.

During the briefing, Brennan wrote, Trump repeatedly cast doubt on the veracity of the intelligence, despite the fact that the heads of the CIA, NSA, FBI, and the director of national intelligence agreed on its contents.

Near the end of the briefing, Trump suggested that intelligence provided by human sources, or HUMINT, could be fabricated for personal gain. "Anyone will say anything if you pay them enough. I know that, and you know that," Trump told Brennan, the book said.

The former CIA director wrote that he was "disgusted" by the president-elect's comments given the life-threatening circumstances human intelligence sources place themselves in to serve their country.

"I stared at Trump" and "bit my tongue nearly hard enough to draw blood," Brennan wrote. "I knew that he saw me at the time not as John Brennan the person but as the director of the CIA, and I did not want to irredeemably spoil the CIA's relationship with the incoming president before it even got started."

As the briefing ended, Brennan became "even more convinced that my long-held assessment of Trump's narcissism, lack of principles, and unfitness for the country's highest office was accurate. He showed no intellectual curiosity about what Russia had done and how it had carried out its campaign to interfere in the election, which suggested to me that he wasn't interested in learning the truth or in taking action to prevent a recurrence."

Nearly four years later, the former CIA chief's assessment hasn't changed. And fewer than 30 days out from November 3, Brennan thinks the disinformation flowing out of the White House and its allies in the conservative media is just as dangerous as foreign disinformation.

"There is an overlap between the two, because a fair amount of what's happening here, whether it's coming out of domestic sources, is being fueled and encouraged by foreign actors," Brennan told Insider. "When I look at the polarization of our society and the rise of the far right and far left, a lot of that has domestic foundations, but our foreign adversaries want to stoke those fires to further enrage the social discourse, to make people on both ends of the spectrum more radical and more extremist."

John Brennan is sworn in.

'Their intelligence is not being used to further US interests, it's being disregarded and dismissed'

Further hobbling the US is the politicization, manipulation, and suppression of intelligence that's taken place under the Trump administration.

Last month, a former senior Department of Homeland Security official, Brian Murphy, filed a whistleblower complaint saying he was told to stop focusing on Russian election interference and to withhold intelligence assessments about the matter because it made the president "look bad."

In August, Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe announced that he would no longer brief Congress on foreign election interference, though he partially reversed course in mid-September, saying his office would resume briefings for the House and Senate intelligence committees.

And last week, Ratcliffe again made headlines when he sent a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham revealing dubious information from a "Russian intelligence analysis" claiming that Hillary Clinton "approved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal" against Trump in 2016 "by tying him to Putin and the Russians' hacking of the Democratic National Committee."

Ratcliffe declassified the information despite the fact that the US intelligence community "does not know the accuracy of this allegation or the extent to which the Russian intelligence analysis may reflect exaggeration or fabrication," according to the letter.

Ratcliffe and his predecessor, acting director of national intelligence Richard Grenell, "badly abused their oath of office and responsibilities to this country," Brennan said. Ratcliffe's decision to send the letter was "a very selective release of information that was designed to promote the interests, objectives, and goals of Donald Trump. So it was very disappointing."

He also pointed out Ratcliffe's reputation as one of Trump's biggest attack dogs on Capitol Hill before he took over as head of the intelligence community. Indeed, Trump nominated the former Texas congressman for the DNI post after Ratcliffe berated and attacked the special counsel Robert Mueller last year over his findings in the FBI's investigation into Russia's interference in the 2016 election.

"He was a very partisan supporter of Donald Trump when he was in Congress," Brennan said of Ratcliffe. "And he's just continuing to play that role as director of national intelligence." 

The ex-CIA director said that many of his former colleagues at the agency have found Trump's tightening grip on the intelligence community "demoralizing" and expressed "deep concern about what they see happening" in the national security apparatus.

"They see that their intelligence is not being used to further US interests, it's being disregarded and dismissed by the chief executive. And that leads a lot of my former colleagues to question why they continue to work so hard if their efforts are not being useful and worthwhile," he said. "So this has a very deleterious effect on the workforce."

Trump Putin

'Weaker' US under Trump is Putin's gain

Brennan, for his part, wrote that he became aware of Trump's transactional and political approach to leading the intelligence community from his very first day on the job.

On January 21, 2017, one day after being inaugurated as the commander in chief, Trump visited the CIA's headquarters in Langley, Virginia. While standing in front of the Memorial Wall, which pays tribute to every CIA officer who died in the line of duty, Trump boasted about the crowd size at his inauguration while Brennan watched the event on television.

"I couldn't take it anymore. I felt physically nauseated watching and listening to him," Brennan wrote in his book. He went to the gym to work off his anger. That was the first time he publicly spoke out against the sitting president, texting his former chief of staff, Nick Shapiro, to send the following statement: "Former Director Brennan is deeply saddened and angered at Donald Trump's despicable display of self-aggrandizement in front of CIA's Memorial Wall of agency heroes. He should be ashamed of himself." 

As for how Trump has fared since then, Brennan did not mince words. Russia, on the other hand, got everything it could have hoped for from the Trump presidency, he said.

"The weaker the United States is, and the more tarnished our reputation is in the eyes of the world, the less able we are to play the leadership role we've played over the last 75 years," he said. "So what's happened to the US now plays directly into Putin's goals."

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Trump tells his team to end stimulus negotiations until after the election

trump seniors october poll debate
  • Trump announced in a Tuesday tweet that he is ending stimulus negotiations until after the election.
  • He accused Democrats of "not acting in good faith" and rejected their spending proposal.
  • Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were in the middle of negotiations that restarted in late September after collapsing in August.

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President Donald Trump abruptly announced on Tuesday that he's rejecting the Democratic coronavirus relief proposal and ending stimulus negotiations until after the election in November.

"Nancy Pelosi is asking for $2.4 Trillion Dollars to bailout poorly run, high crime, Democrat States, money that is in no way related to COVID-19," he wrote on Twitter. "We made a very generous offer of $1.6 Trillion Dollars and, as usual, she is not negotiating in good faith."

He added that he was "looking to the future of our Country"

"I have instructed my representatives to stop negotiating until after the election when, immediately after I win, we will pass a major Stimulus Bill that focuses on hardworking Americans and Small Business," Trump said.

Democrats recently passed a $2.2 trillion spending plan that restored the $600 federal unemployment benefits, provided aid to states as well as businesses. It also included another round of direct payments for Americans, and was a slimmed-down version of another $3.4 trillion bill Democrats passed in May.

The Trump administration sought a $1.6 trillion coronavirus aid package, $700 billion less than what Democrats wanted.  Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were in the middle of negotiations that restarted in late September after collapsing in August.

This is breaking news and the story will be updated.

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Billionaire Chamath Palihapitiya says Tesla is still undervalued as people continue to misunderstand its 'fundamentally disruptive' technology

FILE PHOTO: Chamath Palihapitiya, Founder and CEO of Social Capital, presents during the 2018 Sohn Investment Conference in New York City, U.S., April 23, 2018. REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo
Chamath Palihapitiya.
  • The billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya said Tesla was "generally misvalued" as people misunderstand its business model and "fundamentally disruptive" technology.
  • The Social Capital CEO said Tesla was "no longer about the car business" but about fundamentally disrupting utilities and providing people "the ability to be energy independent."
  • Shares of Tesla are up over 400% year-to-date.
  • Watch Tesla trade live here.

The billionaire venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya told CNBC on Tuesday that Tesla was still undervalued as people continue to misunderstand its "fundamentally disruptive" technology and business model.

"Tesla continues to be underestimated," the Social Capital CEO said. "I think it is generally misvalued, and I think the people that are trying to compete with them are not the people they are competing with."

Shares of Tesla are up over 400% year-to-date. The electric-vehicle company also has a market capitalization larger than the "big three" automobile companies — General Motors, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler — combined and multiplied by three.

But Palihapitiya said Tesla was "no longer about the car business."

"The value of this business is about deregulating energy. That's about batteries and battery storage, and it's about disrupting utilities," he said. "It is about the combination of hardware and software that will give all of us individuals the ability to be energy independent, and I think that is a fundamentally disruptive thing."

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While many investors were disappointed at Tesla's Battery Day event last month, Palihapitiya said he thought the "complete opposite." The investor said Tesla didn't just show a legitimate path for selling cars but demonstrated that the "disruption of utilities" is two to three years away.

"I'm an investor and an owner of rare earths that feed this supply chain of electrification," he said. "What I can tell you is that it was a meaningful leap in innovation that these guys presented."

The billionaire also said Tesla was "going to be one of the most valuable companies in the world."

It's already the 12th-most-valuable company in the world by market capitalization.

Read more: These 30 global stocks are positioned to stay on top in the 4th quarter as the contrast between a recovering economy and rising COVID cases keeps markets volatile, RBC says

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Why American submarines feared this kind of Russian destroyer

Russia navy Udaloy destroyer
Russian Navy Udaloy-class destroyer RFS Admiral Panteleyev at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam for the Rim of the Pacific exercise 2012, June 29, 2012.
  • Russian warships have in recent decades often been the butt of jokes about their myriad problems and numerous accidents.
  • But during the Cold War, the Soviet navy was a formidable opponent, especially its Udaloy-class destroyers, which were designed to keep NATO submarines at bay.
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Russian ships are often the butt of a joke. The aircraft carrier Admiral Flota Sovetskogo Soyuza Kuznetsov, for instance, has had a long history of problems.

That said, during the Cold War, we didn't know what we know now about these Soviet designs. Mysterious submarines lurked beneath the water and, to many Americans, these ships were quite scary.

One such vessel was the Soviet Navy-designed counter to American and British nuclear-powered submarines, the Udaloy-class destroyer.

Russia navy Udaloy destroyer
Russian navy Udaloy-class destroyer Marshal Shaposhnikov at Pearl Harbor for a five-day port visit, October 24, 2003.

The need for this ship was evident — the Soviets had to protect Kiev-class carriers and Kirov-class battlecruisers from subs, which have sunk capital ships in the past. Don't take my word for it; take a look at what happened to the JDS Kongo or the IJN Shinano.

To avoid such disasters, the Soviets designed a ship that could find and kill NATO subs. The Udaloy-class destroyer was born. This vessel had some capabilities that could give an American sub commander nightmares.

It weighed in at 6,700 tons, had a top speed of 29 knots, and it carried two Kamov Ka-27 "Helix" anti-submarine helicopters, according to GlobalSecurity.org.

The most noticeable feature on this vessel are the two quad launchers, fit for the SS-N-14 Silex missile. This weapon has a range of just over 34 miles, which was very crucial, as it out-ranged the torpedoes on NATO subs. These vessels could screen a Kirov or Kiev, thus ensuring that a prowling American sub couldn't get close enough to hit the high-value hull.

Soviet Russia navy Udaloy destroyer
A view of SS-N 14 missile launchers and 100 mm dual-purpose guns aboard Soviet navy Udaloy-class guided-missile destroyer Vitse-Admiral Kulakov, January 6, 1988.

Udaloy-class destroyers were also equipped with two 100 mm guns, eight eight-round launchers loaded with SA-N-9 "Gauntlet" missiles, a point-defense surface-to-air missile, and two CADS-N-1 close-in defense systems with 30mm cannon and eight SA-N-11 "Grison" missiles.

The Soviets built 12 of these ships, plus a modified version, the Admiral Chebanenko, outfitted with different weaponry. Only eight Udaloys are in service today, but they still give Russia a capable anti-submarine platform.

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Tesla has reportedly accused an employee of 'maliciously sabotaging' part of its factory in a leaked email

FILE PHOTO: The view of Tesla Inc's U.S. vehicle factory which was open for business on March 18, despite an order by the Alameda county's sheriff's office to comply with a three-week lockdown in the San Francisco Bay Area, in order to rein in the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID), in Fremont, California, U.S., March 18, 2020. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton
The view of Tesla Inc's U.S. vehicle factory in Freemont, California
  • Tesla said it caught an employee attempting to sabotage part of its Fremont factory, according to company email obtained by Bloomberg News. 
  • Tesla's acting legal chief told workers the alleged incident affected "a few hours" of factory run time and that the employee had been fired, according to the report.
  • Earlier this year, the FBI foiled an alleged ransomware attempt by a Russian national who attempted to recruit a worker with a $1 billion bribe. 
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Tesla said it caught a worker in the act of malicious sabotage at its main Fremont factory, according to company email obtained by Bloomberg News.

"Two weeks ago, our IT and InfoSec teams determined than [sic] an employee had maliciously sabotaged a part of the Factory," Tesla's acting legal chief, Al Prescott, wrote in the email, Bloomberg said. "Their quick actions prevented further damage and production was running smoothly again a few hours later."

Tesla alleged in the email that the unnamed worker was eventually caught trying to cover his tracks and admitted his scheme to company investigators, according to the report. Prescott wrote in the email that the worker had been fired as a result of the investigation, according to Bloomberg.

Tesla did not respond to a request for comment about the alleged incident. It's not clear if the company flagged the incident to law enforcement. At press time, a spokesperson for the Fremont Police Department could not confirm that law enforcement was called to the scene. The Federal Bureau of Investigation's San Francisco office did not immediately respond to Business Insider's requests for comment.

In August, Elon Musk confirmed that Tesla was the target of a foiled Russian ransomware attack. Russian national Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov was accused by US officials of recruiting a Tesla worker to infect the company's computer systems for a $1 million bribe. He was later arrested as he attempted to leave the country, according to officials.


"We place tremendous trust in our employees and value everyone's contribution," Prescott's Tuesday email continued, according to Bloomberg. "However, whatever the personal motivations of the attacker were, these are crimes, violations of our code of conduct, and are unfair to other employees. We will take aggressive action to defend the company and our people."

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How to add someone to a Signal group chat or remove users

Signal Messaging App
You can add or remove someone from a Signal chat in a few simple steps.

Signal, the increasingly popular messaging app, is one of the simplest and more secure messaging apps on the market. Through encryption, it protects your chats so no one can eavesdrop or intercept your messages.

And like other messaging apps, you can chat one-on-one, or create group chats.

Setting up group chats with your friends and colleagues is a cinch. Adding an additional person to that chat is even easier.

How to add someone to a Signal chat

1. Launch Signal and open the group chat, and then tap its name at the top of the screen.

2. Scroll down and select "Add Members."

How to add someone to a Signal chat 2
"Add members" will be at the top of the members list.

3. Search for a contact in your address book, or type in a number. If they don't have Signal, they'll receive a text message inviting them to download it.

How to add someone to a Signal chat 4
Select as many people as you'd like to add.

4. Select "Update" if you're an iPhone user, or "Done" if using Android.

5. Tap "Add Member" on iOS. Select "OK" to confirm on Android.

How to add someone to a Signal chat 5
Once you confirm, the new member will be added.

How to remove someone from a Signal chat

Only chat Admins can remove members. By default, the only Admin will be the person who created the group chat.

1. Open the group chat and tap the group's name at the top of the screen.

2. Tap on a group member's name. 

3. Select "Remove from Group" and tap "Remove."

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The best products for a pet emergency kit

  • With COVID-19 sweeping the nation and wildfires burning along the West Coast, now is a particularly good time to make sure you have an emergency kit ready to go for yourself and your pet.
  • You can opt for an already put together kit like the Pet Evac Pak Emergency Survival Kit, or build your own.

This year has already brought a global pandemic, unprecedented wildfires burning along the West Coast, and a record-breaking hurricane season. With so much uncertainty in the world, now is a particularly good time to make sure you're prepared for a potential emergency. And if you're a pet owner, you not only need to make sure you have an emergency kit ready for yourself, but for your four-legged family members too.

The US Department of Homeland Security's website, Ready.gov, and the ASPCA's website offer excellent information for humans and animals preparing to ride-out weather events or evacuate during disasters, so be sure to start there. 

I happen to live in an area vulnerable to hurricanes and tornados. Having been through several near misses, I now make sure that my family, including my pets, is always prepared. I keep a running list of what is included in each bag and I check every six months for supplies and to update any documents. The bags are stored near an exit close to my purse and keys.

Through years of refining my emergency storm preparation, I've searched out the best supplies for a pet go-bag. Of course, these recommendations can be tweaked to fit the specific needs of your pet or environment.

Here are the best products for your pet emergency kit:

Updated 10/7/20. We updated prices, links, formatting, and added a selection of relevant guides.

The best pet emergency kit
Pet Evac Pak, LLC Premium Big Dog Emergency Survival Kit

The Pet Evac Pak Emergency Survival Kit is designed specifically for cats and small to large dogs and includes everything your pet needs to be comfortable for at least 72 hours.

After getting caught a bit unprepared several years ago, I looked into prepacked options for my home and discovered Pet Evac Pak Big Dog Emergency Survival Kit. It has proven to be a lifesaver for my sanity and my four-legged friends. Everything the dogs need is pre-packed and ready for a quick exit. I have even used it when traveling because I feel confident that what I need will be available.

Packed into a durable backpack are food and water pouches, feeding bowls, a first aid kit, a waterproof ID holder, a slip-lead (a type of leash), Mylar blanket, LED light, waste bags, and even a rope toy. Knowing that everything is in one place, eases my mind should disaster strikes — one less thing to worry about when you need to evacuate quickly.

Since getting the first kit for a big dog several years ago, a much smaller dog has joined the family. For her, we have the Pet Evac Pak Small Dog Kit that includes a soft-sided carrier. She likes the carrier and seems to feel secure when there is lots of activity around her. There is a similar Pet Evac Pak and Carrier available for cats.

The kits have been through numerous road trips and a couple of evacuation due to potential storm damage and flooding. When we use any of the supplies, they are simply restocked before the backpacks are stored away. 

Pros: Sturdy backpack filled with necessary pet supplies to last for at least 72 hours, easy to replenish

Cons: More expensive than stocking a backpack yourself, each pet should have its own bag

The best cleaning wipes for pets
Clorox Anywhere Wipes

A canister of sturdy Clorox Anywhere Wipes tucks easily into an emergency go-bag to clean-up messes, and are safe to use around pets.

Whether you purchase a prepacked pet evacuation kit or compile your own, having a cleaning wipe that is disposable, does a good job, and is safe for pets is invaluable. Clorox Anywhere Wipes fits all of those criteria.

Clorox Anywhere Wipes is an unscented, nontoxic plant-based cleaner that is strong enough to handle most any problem. Many wipes contain bleach that is toxic to pets if they lick the damp area (and they always do). While these wipes do not disinfect surfaces, they are anti-bacterial and safe to use on most surfaces.

I keep a canister in my pets' go-bags. The resealable lid keeps the wipes moist; if they have dried out a bit, I simply dampen them with clean water to activate the cleaning solution. The wipes work great on muddy paws (and hands) and to wipe down food dishes. They require no rinsing before the surfaces are safe to use for food consumption or other activities.

Pros: Nontoxic to pets, strong and durable wipes, safe for most surfaces

Cons: Improper disposal of the wipe can cause a choking hazard for a pet

Note: Due to COVID-19, Clorox wipes have been consistently out of stock most places for several months. We will update this link should they come back in stock.

The best collapsible pet feeding bowls
Guardians Large Collapsible Dog Bowls

Guardian Large Collapsible Dog Bowls fit easily into a backpack or can be hung from a loop using the carabiner clip.

Carrying bulky food and water bowls just aren't practical when you're evacuating — they take up too much space. But the Guardian Large Collapsible Dog Bowls are lightweight, fold flat, and slide right into a backpack pocket. You can even use the carabiner clip to attach them to an outside loop or belt. 

I have several sets of these bowls and keep a couple in the go-bags and others in the car. They are perfect for a quick water break when traveling. While they are available in several sizes, I opt for the large bowls; if the smaller dog is using one, I only pop it open halfway. When fully open, the bowl will hold about four cups of water or food, which is ideal for my larger dog.

The bowls are made of thick TPE, dishwasher safe, and BPA-free. They are available in a range of colors. We have been using the bowls for two years, and there are no signs of cracking or significant wear.

Pros: Durable, lightweight, collapsible to 3/4-inch thickness, comes with a carabiner clip

Cons: Color of the bowls may vary from photo

The best emergency first aid kit for pets
Rayco International Ltd Pet First Aid Kit

Having a fully-stocked Rayco International Pet First Aid Kit and LED Emergency Collar in a go-bag is invaluable during emergencies.

Every responsible pet owner should keep first aid supplies ready. The possibility of an injury increases when an animal is under stress during a disaster evacuation, so having a Rayco International Ltd. Pet First Aid Kit with LED Emergency Collar in your pet's go-bag is essential.

I own three of these: one for the bathroom cabinet, one for the car, and one for a go-bag. This kit is handy even in a non-emergency situation: I have used mine a few times for splinter removal and for applying the self-adhesive bandage to protect a medicated leg. As I use the supplies, they are simple to replenish from an animal supply or drug store. 

When on the go, in addition to the typical first-aid bandages and supplies, you'll find exam gloves, a Mylar blanket, a small collapsible water bowl, and a LED flashing collar that are all invaluable if you find an injured animal. The case is compact and water-resistant, perfect for a go-bag.

The two things I added to the Rayco kits are a small bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a sheet of basic first-aid techniques for pets just in case I get flustered. (VCA animal hospitals offer a free download that will help you care for an injured animal.)

Pros: Well-stocked pet first aid supplies in a small, waterproof bag, includes LED flashing collar and collapsible water bowl

Cons: Does not include a pet first-aid manual or antiseptic

The best pet document protection bag
Fireproof Document Bag

The Cool Carry Fireproof Waterproof Document Bag will protect not only your pet's records but your essential documents during a disaster.

When a disaster is imminent, do you know where your pet's medical records are? "They're accessible online," you say. What if there is no cell service? That's where the Cool Carry Fireproof Waterproof Document Bag and good-old paper records come in handy. Many shelters will not take in pets unless you can prove that their vaccinations are up-to-date.

Equally as important are your documents: copies of birth certificates, deeds, social security cards, credit card numbers, banking information, contact information, and photos of loved ones in case of a search. I keep the Cool Carry Bag in my personal emergency go-bag. It is lightweight; the perfect size to slip easily into a backpack; and fireproof and waterproof. At least every six months, I review the information and make sure everything is still correct.

Thankfully, my Cool Carry Bag has never been subjected to fire. It has gotten pretty wet but everything inside remained dry thanks to the zipper and Velcro closures and the silicone coating. One reviewer on Amazon did set one on fire and found that it became discolored, but didn't ignite.

Pros: Waterproof and fireproof material protects documents, fits inside most backpacks easily, large enough to fit many laptops

Cons: Documents placed inside can mold if the bag is left underwater for extended periods

What else should be included in a pet emergency kit

When you prepare a pet emergency kit, these basic supplies should always be included:

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An ad attacking Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook's handling of misinformation is slated to run during Wednesday's vice presidential debate

mark zuckerberg facebook
Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies before the House Financial Services Committee in the Rayburn House Office Building on Capitol Hill October 23, 2019 in Washington, DC.
  • An ad slamming Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for the company's handling of misinformation is expected to run during Wednesday's presidential debate, per a CNN report.
  • The ad is already posted online and features Zuckerberg's commentary at a congressional hearing overlaid with headlines reporting on Facebook's recent missteps, such as its handling of QAnon networks.
  • Facebook remains under scrutiny from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle as regulators continue to fight for more accountability from Big Tech.
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An ad slamming Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is expected to run during Wednesday night's vice presidential debate, CNN first reported.

The ad, run by the group Accountable Tech, attacks Zuckerberg for the handling of misinformation on the social media site. The ad — which you can view here — features footage of Zuckerberg telling congressional leaders that as Facebook's founder, he ultimately has responsibility for what happens at the company. Overlaid on top of his words are headlines reporting recent challenges Facebook has faced, such as how to handle the networks of QAnon supporters on its site and how militia groups used the platform ahead of shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

The ad ends with a message written across the screen: "Our democracy is on the line. Hold Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg accountable."

Facebook, along with Amazon, Apple, and Google, has been under the microscope for a slew of reasons, such as its handling of misinformation and hate on their platforms, user data privacy, election interference, and more.

Democrats and Republicans have agreed that big tech needs more regulation and government oversight. House Democrats released a report Tuesday after a more than yearlong antitrust investigation into Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. The report determined the four firms to be monopolies and called for heavy regulation to be put in place. Republicans agreed with certain aspects of the report but stopped short of supporting the notion to break them up.

Facebook did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.

You can watch Accountable Tech's ad in full below.


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The top 10 metro areas where Black and Latinx founders are securing the most funding to build their companies

TechCrunch SF Startup Battlefield business pitch competition contest
Winner of Battlefield, 'Forethought,' and Tech Crunch team onstage during Day 3 of TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2018 at Moscone Center on September 7, 2018 in San Francisco, California.
  • Calls for racial and ethnic equity in the US have never been louder; more companies are backing entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds.
  • If you're a Black or Latinx founder looking to get your idea off the ground, knowing where to access capital is key. 
  • Analysts at business and startup information hub Crunchbase combed through funding information between 2015 and August 2020 to find out where investors that are giving the most funding to Black and Latinx founders are located. 
  • Not surprisingly, the San Francisco Bay area came in first, at $4.6 billion invested over that time period. But you may be surprised by some of the lesser known hubs, too.
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If you're a Black or Latinx founder looking to get your idea off the ground, now is a great time to go for it. Calls for diversity, equity, and inclusion have never been louder — including in business and the startup world. Several companies and tech leaders are investing money in programs aimed at advancing Black, Latinx, and other underrepresented groups in entrepreneurship. 

And while many Americans are working remotely right now, it's important to know where venture capitalists investing in Black and Latinx founders are located. This can help you prioritize where to work, live, travel to, or network once the pandemic lifts.  

Analysts at business and startup information hub Crunchbase combed through funding information between 2015 and August 2020 to find out.

Here are the top 10 metro areas where Black and Latinx founders have secured the most funding from the start of 2015 to August 2020. 

10. Venture capitalists in the Chicago metro area committed about $167 million.
Chicago is known for its freezing winter temperatures.
Chicago is known for its freezing winter temperatures.

In the greater Chicago area, Techstars was the biggest investor.

9. Venture capitalists in the Miami area committed about $195 million.
Miami skyline
Miami skyline.

In the greater Miami area Miami Angels, New World Angels, and Backstage Capital lead funding.

8. Venture capitalists in the Denver area committed about $231 million.
Denver Colorado skyline

In the greater Denver area Bessemer Venture Partners was the biggest investor.

7. Venture capitalists in the Washington DC area committed $300 million.
Washington DC

In the Washington DC area investors TEDCO and the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship lead.

6. Venture capitalists in the Atlanta area committed $400 million.
The school’s Customer Discovery Lab is a six-week program for first-time or experienced founders.

Leading investors in the Atlanta area include: Right Side Capital Management, Boomtown Accelerators, Zane Venture Fund, Y Combinator, and Valor Ventures.

5. Venture capitalists in the Seattle area committed $800 million.
Seattle is home to tech behemoths Amazon and Microsoft.

For the greater Seattle Area Trinity Ventures and Madrona Venture Group lead.

4. Venture capitalists in the Los Angeles area committed $1 billion. A
los angeles
An aerial view shows MacArthur Park and downtown in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, on April 15, 2020 in Los Angeles, California.

Leading investors in the Greater Los Angeles area include MaC Venture Capital, Y Combinator, Backstage Capital, Upfront Ventures, Techstars, Quake Capital Partners and 500 Startups.

3. Venture capitalists in the Boston area committed $2.3 billion.

In the greater Boston area Y Combinator, Right Side Capital Management, The Engine, and Techstars Boston Accelerator lead investing.

2. Venture capitalists in the New York City area committed $4.4 billion.
New York City skyline

Leading investors in the New York City area include: Y Combinator, Techstars, Newark Venture Partners, Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, Quake Capital Partners, Precursor Ventures, Founders Fund, Lerer Hippeau, and BBG Ventures.

1. Venture capitalists in the San Francisco Bay area committed $4.6 billion.
San Francisco, California - March 2020
The Golden Gate Bridge is seen as a visitor stands at a vista point in San Francisco, California, March 21, 2020.

Leading investors in the San Francisco Bay area include: Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Precursor Ventures, Kapor Capital, Ulu Ventures, MaC Venture Club, and FundersClub.

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The best places to buy fall boots for men

  • Each year, the dizzying lineup of fall boots grows ever larger, making the decision of decking out your feet just that much more difficult.
  • The best fall boots are subjective to the wearer, but some of our favorite pairs come from Thursday Boot Co., Timberland, Clarks, Dr. Martens, Frye, and L.L. Bean.

Fall is here, and it's time to break out heavier footwear as we meander toward winter. Ditching your sandals may be good riddance or a bitter defeat for you, but Insider Reviews is here to help you find your fall footwear whether you're going for trendy avant-gardes, timeless classics, or something in between.

First, let's consider where these boots will be walking. Cobbled streets laden with mysterious mud, sludge, and slime? Go for rubber or PVC and leave those leather soles alone — you'll only trash them. The office for a big board meeting? Revisit said leather soles — you might not want to rock up in Doc Martens looking like you just stumbled out of the darkest, dingiest bar in the dirtiest, oldest part of town. 

You'll also want to keep the temperature and weather in mind. Is fall a wet proposition where you live? If so, think about avoiding suede which will, more likely than not, end up looking pretty raggedy come December. A full-grain leather with a waterproofing solution or balmlike ScotchGuard or one of Dr. Martens' signature shoe polishes is always a good idea.

After fashion comes function and comfort, of course. A lace-free Chelsea boot might be the most accommodating boot of all fall options and you can pull them off in just about any setting. But then, maybe you don't like that distracting patch of synthetic nylon breaking up the beautiful, shiny, natural leather for which you've paid such a premium. In that case, maybe a zippered boot with a harness or a full lace-up is your best bet.

When it comes to the leather you choose, try to go with the highest quality you can afford. All leather will break up and crease over time, but cheaper leather boots will almost always crease more and break up sooner.

Whatever your taste, we've got a pair of fall boots to suit your style and need below.

Here are the best places to buy fall boots for men:

Table of Contents: Static


Updated on 9/29/20 by Amir Ismael: Added in Red Wing Boots and Clarks, and included more details for Timberland. Currently testing styles from L.L.Bean and Blundstone.

Thursday Boot Company
Thursday Boot Company

Thursday Boot Co.'s boots are sleek enough for the office, but rugged enough to handle the snottiest of cold, wet weather.

Somewhere in the crux between metropolitan and cowboy, Thursday Boot Co.'s boots would not be out of place in any closet, from those of country-boy wranglers to city-slicking dandies and everyone in between.

Most of the brand's boots can either be dressed down with jeans or paired just as well with a pair of pleated khakis. The soles vary as much as the styles, so there's everything from delicate cork (which we wouldn't necessarily suggest wearing to trudge through winter) to hardy Goodyear Welts and Vibram outsoles. Same goes for the leather.

The Insider Reviews team reviewed Thursday Boot Co.'s line back in early 2017 when the company was just getting going, and sentiments around the office, I can safely report, have not changed. — Owen Burke

Pros: Good quality leather, tough outsole

Cons: Cheap insoles and laces

Timberland Courma Guy Boots

Timberland has been making sustainable footwear since long before it was an industry trend — and there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Let's face it, as positive as sustainability is for consumers and the environment alike, it's very clear that many brands are hopping on the environmentally-conscious train because it's an industry trend, rather than stemming from a true appreciation for the planet. Timberland, on the other hand, has been quietly producing sustainable footwear long before it was trendy, and now it's starting to toot its own horn.

In 2007, the brand launched the Original Earthkeeper Boot, which featured interior linings made from recycled plastic bottles and recycled rubber soles. While that has become standard protocol for almost all sustainable shoes made today, it had never been done before when Timberland introduced the shoe 12 years ago.

Today, Timberland's environmental responsibility efforts are more sophisticated than ever before. There are a handful of sustainable styles for men, ranging from the Original Earthkeeper Boot and the Garrison Field Hiker to the 100% recycled plastic EK+ Brooklyn sneakers and even organic cotton apparel.

In terms of sustainable fall boots, the Courma Guy Boot is by far my favorite style. Drawing inspiration from the iconic 6-inch Premium Boot (commonly referred to as constructs or 10061s), the Courma Guy has that unmistakable Timberland look with a rounded toe, durable rubber sole, and padded ankle collar. The brand also released fleece-lined pairs for added warmth that you can wear well into the winter. 

The key updates include an overall lighter design, recycled plastic interior linings and laces, recycled rubber outsoles, ethically sourced leather uppers from Silver-rated tanneries, and stacked foam in the soles for added comfort and style. As a huge fan of Timberland's classic designs (I currently own at least 18 different pairs), I'm happy to say that this fresh and sustainable take on their classic fall boot didn't disappoint. — Amir Ismael

Pros: Sustainable, lightweight compared some of Timberland's classic boots, affordable, lots of styles available

Cons: None to speak of

Frye Boots
frye boots

Frye's boots will never go out of style because they are classic, high-quality, and made from durable leather.

There's hardly another boot out there that comes anywhere near as close as Frye does to speaking to the heart of Americana, and the wild westerner that is surely alive and well somewhere inside each and every one of us.

Frye has been making boots for a century and a half, staying true as glue to everything the company and its boots ever stood for. It's done custom work for everyone from Gene Autry to Carole King and Richard Nixon.

Still, the company hasn't shied away from modernizing, which comes welcome to those of us who wish we could rock fully ornate cowboy boots in the office, but just can't quite pull it off.

I have a pair of Sam Harness boots from Frye that I bought more than a decade ago. Everything on them has stayed perfectly intact, though heavy wear on cobbled streets for a few years put the hurt on them.

I went to a cobbler and got them redone for the better part of a Benjamin, but it was undoubtedly worth it for me. If that's all that most of a decade's worth of extensive and abusive wear and tear costs me to get these boots back up to snuff, that still, year over year, keeps my footwear expenses low.

Frye might not make the trendiest boots on the planet, but the boots sit atop a throne of timeless simplicity that no ephemeral fashion trend or season will ever usurp.  — Owen Burke

Pros: Tough suede, no creasing, leather sole, subtly sleek and classic style

Cons: The company has taken most if not all production to Mexico and China, and skepticism is burgeoning over whether Frye boots will hold the same standard of quality going forward


Clarks has a wide array of timeless classics and new silhouettes for casual style and comfort.

Founded in 1825, Clarks is a nearly two-century-old brand — and that should say enough about its position in footwear. The UK-based brand is easily one of the best places to buy fall boots because it has choices for everyone. While styles like Wallabees and Desert Boots from the Originals line will appeal to people looking for timeless designs, the brand has collaborations and unique colorways down to a science. 

If you're a sneakerhead, but really need something to wear other than your sneakers, Clarks probably has a pair you'll appreciate. They've teamed up with brands like A Bathing Ape, Bodega, Todd Snyder, and plenty of other cool companies. On top of that, they've got a wide array of fashion-forward colorways — not just your basic black, brown, and tan colors.

As a sneaker collector, Clarks has always been the natural choice for creating just as much variety in my boots collection as in my sneaker collection. The last time I counted, I had about 13 pairs of Clarks. 

Beyond the variety, Clarks are great because they last an impressively long time. I got my first pair of Wallabees in 2009, and they're still in great shape today. The leather has held up well with basic care and the crepe soles have many more years of life left in them. Although I have a bunch of other pairs to wear, I won't be getting rid of my first pair until they're no longer wearable — and I've got a ways to go before that happens.

Pros: Has streetwear appeal, many colors and collaborations available, long lifespan

Cons: Not all styles are waterproof

Red Wing
Red Wing

Red Wing's iconic Moc Toe Boot is practically synonymous with the brand. It's durable as ever and timeless in style.

Red Wing Shoe Company was founded in Red Wing, Minnesota in 1905, but it wasn't until 1952 when its most iconic style, the Moc Toe Boot, was released.

The Red Wing Moc Toe Boot features a distinctive moc toe shape and a Traction Tred rubber outsole. While the style has been replicated by or been the source of inspiration for other shoemakers over the years, Red Wing's is the original. 

The Moc Toe Boot was initially designed for hunters and other sportsmen, but became a dependable choice for farmers, construction workers, and anyone else who wants an extremely durable boot. 

Today, Red Wing also has a work boot collection, leaving the Moc Toe Boot and other legacy designs in the Heritage collection. With that said, many of the Heritage pieces are still fully capable of handling work boot duties. 

As with most boots, Red Wings run a bit large. I went a half-size down from my normal shoe size and I was able to comfortably fit a pair of thicker socks with some wiggle room. If I wanted to put on really thick wool socks, there wouldn't be an issue. 

The only thing worth noting is that Red Wing's durability comes with a bit of a break-in period. The leather is on the stiff side and will take a few wears to loosen up. If you're looking for boots that are comfortable right out of the box, these may not be for you, but if you can stand to wear them a few times before they reach peak comfort, then go for it. 

Pros: Durable leather upper, rugged outsoles, classic styling, lots of colors

Cons: Not much cushioning, takes time to break-in


Grenson Boots have been around since the 1860s, and they've clad the feet of British Armed Forces through not one but both world wars. These are not soft-soled boots.

If you're looking for boots that will handle a few thousand country miles but look good, and keep your feet dry all the while, Grenson is a heritage brand out of England that's been running the same factory for over 100 years.

William Green was just a kid when his mother taught him how to cobble a boot, and he simply took off running. Within about 15 years, he'd hired some of the best shoemakers in the business and built his own factory.

That factory, as it happened, turned out to be one of the first in the world to turn out a Goodyear-welted shoe, which is the most durable, but also among the easiest to replace because the welt makes a buffer between the insole and the outsole, so while it's sturdy, when it comes time to replace the outsoles (the uppers will last forever), it's an easy separation. Read more on welt construction here.

These boots are probably a little too rugged to pull off with a suit, but that doesn't mean they couldn't handle a vaguely formal affair. In our opinion, though, a good fall boot should be built to last.

Pros: Sturdy, classic, hand-painted

Cons: None to speak of, other than they might not be as dressy as the office (or a suit) requires

ll bean boots

Bean Boots will serve you well through both fall and winter, and they go with most outfits.

L.L. Bean's Boots were introduced in 1912, and haven't changed much since. That's because they haven't had to.

Leon Leonwood Bean did anglers and hunters a serious solid by tacking together these remarkably warm and dry boots. The Bean Boots went onto become the genesis of his stardom over a century ago. Today, you'll find them everywhere from the backwoods of Maine to the boroughs of the Big Apple.

While many of L.L. Bean's products are being made offshore these days, the company continues to craft a select few of its products stateside, including the beloved Bean Boots.

Constructed using rubber bottoms and soles, a steel shank, full-grain leather uppers, and 3M Thinsulate, these boots have hardly changed since the start. Of course, there was no 3M nor Thinsulate in the early 20th century, but the design, the leather, and the rubber have all remained the same.

One thing that has changed L.L. Bean's boot game is variety: There are more than 30 styles of Bean Boots to choose from with an array of linings so there's a pair for each season.

These boots are part of the history of exploration and expedition themselves, having gone to war for the United States Army and forayed both poles. They are also storied to have found their way onto Ernest Hemingway's feet, who, according to GQ, even went so far as to recommend them himself.

Unfortunately, L.L. Bean's lifetime guarantee — not dissimilar to Dr. Martens — was discontinued this year, and purchases only come with a one-year warranty from here on out. We're sad to see this longstanding tradition go, but will still stand by Bean's boots unless the quality itself starts to drop.

Pros: Sturdy, high-end leather and rubber, steel shank for support, not outrageously priced, hand-stitched

Cons: Maybe not the most fashion-forward boots you'll come across this season (or next), but their beauty lies in their utilitarianism

Dr. Martens
Doc Martens

Doc Martens are made with top-notch materials, handled with love, and rife with history.

Dr. Martens' AirWair is an emblematic piece of footwear synonymous with the predominant sub- and counter-cultures of every decade since their introduction in 1960: the skinheads in the '60s, the punk rockers in the '70s, the new wave artists of the '80s, and the grunge scene in the '90s. Today, they may be more ubiquitous than ever. 

Doc Märtens' first endeavor in footwear came during his time serving as a doctor in the Alps during World War II. After having hurt his foot while skiing (presumably during R&R), he decided that the standard military-issued boots he'd been wearing just weren't sufficient enough for him to nurse his foot, so he thriftily cobbled together a pair of his own using softer leather and rubber from discarded tires. Back in Munich, Märtens bumped into an old friend who was intrigued by his innovation and the two teamed up, refining the design, adding the signature yellow stitching, and anglicizing Märtens' name. 

Recent years have shown the company its fair share of hardships, and the brand briefly shuttered most of its production houses and stores in the UK in the early 2000s. The company seems to have bounced back in recent years, however, and in early 2018 Business Insider reported that Dr. Martens has been producing some 10 million pairs annually

Dr. Martens' AirWairs are some of the most durable and versatile kicks around. Let's start with the air-cushioned soles. They're not glued but melted to the welts using hot blades and rollers so that as both components cool, they forge one single piece of inseparable PVC. if you don't believe me, watch this delightful Insider video to see just how well they're made. If the de facto black is a little too punk rock or goth for your taste, there's always cherry red, navy, green, and white.

Sadly, the company has discontinued its "for life" boots, which were about three times as expensive, a little sturdier (and heavier), and guaranteed — with free repairs — for life. The base model 1460s and 1490s are a more-than-reasonable middle-of-the-road boot well worth their price tag for anyone plying muck-ridden urban streets and sidewalks. Just be sure to pick up a tub of the Wonder Balsam to treat the leather (at least once) before you wear them. It's worth it.

Pros: Sole and welt are melted together and will never separate, affordable, waterproof, air-cushioned soles

Cons: The "For Life" boots are discontinued, and these soles will likely wear out after a few years (like many of not most boots in this price range)

Other notable places to buy stylish boots for fall

If you're really looking to be styling, there's scant a better place than Mr Porter to shop boots, where you'll find all the classics from Saint Laurent to Bottega Veneta and Tom Ford.

Splurging, when and where we can, is often worth it, which is exceptionally the case when it comes to footwear we want to last.

If you really want to knock your socks off, Mr Porter is where you'll find shearling-lined, polished-leather, whole-cut, and heaviest-weight Utah leathers from all the usual suspects in the designer department: Brunello Cucinelli, Loro Piana (where the immensely casual meets the definitively styled), Moncler (for over-the-top hiking boots), Berlutti (whose Venezia leather might make the most beautiful Chelsea boots on this earth), Tom Ford, Edward Green, and of course, Prada.

All these brands have their own legacy, and we'd be foolish to point you toward any single one of them. You, after all, know what you like, and just about every style imaginable can be found in Mr Porter's unbelievably and meticulously detailed inventory of men's boots, which for this fall season sits at around 120 different pairs.

From the utterly outrageous to the reigned-in and reserved, they're all there. Go wild.

Pros: A smartly curated selection of the best designer boots you can find

Cons: Well, do we even need to say? Apart from there being too many choices, cha-ching.

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Eric Trump says his dad 'literally saved Christianity' in a 'full-out war on faith'

Eric Trump appears at a press conference in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S., February 3, 2020..JPG
Eric Trump appears at a press conference in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S., February 3, 2020..JPG
  • Eric Trump said in an interview with the North Dakota radio station WZFG-AM last week that his father, President Donald Trump, "literally saved Christianity." 
  • He claimed Democrats have launched a "full-out war on faith in this country" and said "they want to close churches."
  • His comments were likely in reference to local and state governments closing churches in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic as a way to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 
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Eric Trump says his father, President Donald Trump, "literally saved Christianity" from a "full-out war on faith" by Democrats.

Trump made the claim during an interview with the North Dakota radio station WZFG-AM, which aired last week and was first reported on by CNN's Andrew Kaczynski.

"There's a full-out war on faith in this country by the other side," Eric Trump said in the interview that aired Friday but was recorded before news of a COVID-19 cluster at the White House broke.

"I mean, the Democratic Party, the far left, has become the party of the quote-unquote atheist," he added. "They want to attack Christianity, they want to close churches, they want to ― they're totally fine keeping liquor stores open ― but they want to close churches all over the country."

Eric Trump's comment was likely in reference to the closure of churches during the novel coronavirus pandemic, a stay-at-home regulation put in place to help prevent the spread COVID-19.

Evangelical Christians, which have been among the president's most loyal supporters, had called for churches to reopen as state and local governments banned in-person services.

In May, Trump called for churches to be re-opened, saying they were "essential" despite health experts' concerns that indoor events could become "super spreaders" for COVID-19. Through the summer, clusters of cases were tied to church-sponsored gatherings across the country. 

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Dyson's heater seems like a ridiculous cost, but it saved me hundreds of dollars last winter


When you buy through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more.

Screen Shot 2018 03 21 at 11.14.41 AM

Table of Contents: Masthead Sticky

Last winter, my tiny two-bedroom apartment racked up a $500+ energy bill in one month. Our heaters were fighting the cold drafts (and, likely, improper insulation) and were coming up short. As a result, my roommates and I tried to find a not-entirely-miserable compromise between using them and just layering on sweatshirts and getting into bed right when we got home.

After we got slapped with the electric bill that could power a post-apocalyptic city for three years, we decided we needed to make a more permanent change. So, we started using the mini but all-powerful Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link. It shorted out our apartment the first few times because it was drawing too much power, but a cheap $25 investment in this surge protector solved the issue.

Review of the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link

The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link takes up minimal room and provides maximum impact. It heats a big room evenly, takes up almost no space, looks much nicer than cheaper models, and has added features that are actually helpful rather than gimmicky, like voice-control, a 7-day schedule, and a nighttime mode.

If the features and long-term savings are worth $600 to you, then the Link will follow through on its promises. You will get what you pay for, and thanks to the excellence Dyson is known for, you can assume that it will continue to fulfill these promises for years to come (if you actually change the filter every now and then). If something goes wrong, Dyson offers a 2-year warranty of parts and labor, and if you don't love it, you can return it easily for your money back up to 30 days after your purchase. 

My stereotypically tiny New York apartment has limited floor space, and the Dyson impossibly efficient. I barely notice it in the room, but it doesn't look strictly functional like this cheaper option we considered. Our common space expands into our kitchen, main hallway, and our entryway, and the high ceilings and long, narrow space has always been notoriously hard to heat evenly. Anything small enough to fit would over-bake the living room and not touch the kitchen or dead zone hallway. The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link, with its oscillation and long-range projection, doesn't have that issue. The awkward maze of rooms all feel evenly heated. For us, this made the Link worth the extra money.

Special features

The Link also has a night mode, Wi-Fi connectivity, app controls, and a handy remote too. The app is easy to use and has helpful features I'm actually interested in (like air quality), and the night-time mode uses quiet airflow settings. You can set a 7-day schedule on the app and forget about it, letting the Dyson Link handle temperature on autopilot. You can also set a timer and literally walk into a cozy, warm living space.

It works with Amazon Alexa, and you can use voice control for everything from increasing the airflow speed to turning on the night-time mode. While I mostly cared about the heating and cooling features, it's also wonderful that the Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Link also works as an air purifier. It claims to remove 99.97% of pollutants and allergens as small as 0.3 microns with the help of activated carbon granules.

The bottom line

After we started using the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link, our energy bill went from $500 to a small fraction of that. I wish that it was feasible to buy one for every room. 

It's a cringe-worthy investment at $600, but considering that was what we spent on one month alone to heat our apartment, it was a no-brainer for us. If you have more acceptable energy bill costs, it'll do the same thing (save you money) but the savings might be slightly more modest upfront and just as useful over the long-term. 

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Netflix has been charged by a Texas grand jury with promoting 'lewd' content with the film 'Cuties'

Cuties Netflix
  • A grand jury in Tyler County, Texas, has charged Netflix with promoting "lewd visual material depicting a child" by distributing the film "Cuties." 
  • "Cuties" follows the story of a young Senegalese girl living in Paris who joins a girls dance crew — the film's director, Maïmouna Doucouré, has said that it's intended to be a "mirror of today's society."
  • "Cuties" was well-received at Sundance Film Festival in January, but since arriving on Netflix, the film has drawn outrage from conservative lawmakers and on social media.
  • Sens. Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, and Tom Cotton have all called for action against Netflix, saying the film sexually exploits children. 
  • The Texas indictment was announced by Lucas Babin, the criminal district attorney in Tyler County. Babin is the son of Rep. Brian Babin, an outspoken critic of the film.
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Netflix has been indicted by a grand jury in Texas over the film "Cuties."

Late last month, a grand jury in Tyler County, Texas, charged Netflix with promoting "lewd visual material depicting a child" by distributing the film, which follows the story of a young Senegalese girl living in Paris who joins a girls dance crew.

The indictment was announced Tuesday by Lucas Babin, the criminal district attorney in Tyler County. In a statement posted on Facebook, Babin said that "after hearing about the movie Cuties and watching it, I knew there was probably cause to believe it was criminal." 

A spokesperson for Netflix did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment on the charges, but told The Guardian that "Cuties is a social commentary against the sexualization of young children. This charge is without merit and we stand by the film."

Babin is the son of Rep. Brian Babin, an outspoken critic of the film. Last month, Babin and 33 other members of Congress signed a letter to Attorney General William Barr, recommending he bring charges against Netflix over its distribution of "Cuties," which they allege contains child pornography. 

The film has primarily attracted the ire of conservative lawmakers, including Sen. Ted Cruz, who also sent a letter to Barr urging the Justice Department to investigate Netflix, a call that was echoed by Sen. Tom Cotton and Jim Banks, a representative from Indiana who called the film "sickening." Last month, Sen. Josh Hawley issued a letter to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings demanding that he remove "Cuties" from the platform and respond to a list of questions about its distribution. 

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, a former Democratic candidate for president, tweeted that Netflix was "complicit" in child sex trafficking. 

"Cuties" has also drawn waves of criticism on social media, particularly after Netflix released the promotional poster for the film, which depicted the four young members of the dance crew dressed in revealing outfits and posing suggestively. Netflix removed the artwork and apologized, calling "inappropriate" and not representative of the film. 

While "Cuties" has been the subject of controversy since it arrived on Netflix, it impressed critics when it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January, where the film's director, Maïmouna Doucouré, won an award for the film. Doucouré has said that "Cuties" is "deeply feminist" and is intended to be a "mirror of today's society, a mirror sometimes difficult to look into," according to The Guardian

In an interview with Cineuropa in August, Doucouré described "Cuties" as "an uncompromising portrait of an 11-year-old girl" that explores the impact of social media on teenage girls.

"Today, the sexier and the more objectified a woman is, the more value she has in the eyes of social media," Doucouré said. "And when you're 11, you don't really understand all these mechanisms, but you tend to mimic, to do the same thing as others in order to get a similar result. I think it is urgent that we talk about it, that a debate be had on the subject."

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Top Trump adviser Larry Kudlow says there's not enough time to pass a 'gigantic' stimulus bill with just 4 weeks until the election

FILE PHOTO: White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow speaks about coronavirus at the White House in Washington, U.S., February 28, 2020. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque
FILE PHOTO: White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow speaks about coronavirus the White House in Washington
  • White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow suggested the White House was focusing on a Supreme Court nomination instead of pushing another stimulus package.
  • "We've only got four weeks to the election, and we have a justice of the Supreme Court to get passed. It's too close to the election," Kudlow said on CNBC.
  • White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows said the Trump administration was open to a piecemeal approach to economic aid, though Democrats rejected those attempts in the past.
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White House National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow suggested on Wednesday morning the window for another "gigantic" relief package was rapidly closing, suggested the White House was focusing attention on a looming Supreme Court nomination battle instead.

During a CNBC interview, Kudlow said there was only a brief window for legislative action until Election Day and brought attention onto the White House's nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the high court. 

"We've only got four weeks to the election, and we have a justice of the Supreme Court to get passed. It's too close to the election — not enough time to get stuff done at this stage in the game," Kudlow said. "What the president was saying is, 'We're too far apart for a gigantic bill.'"

Kudlow reiterated that the Trump administration supported a piecemeal approach to stimulus. That was echoed by White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who said stimulus negotiations are off.

Read more: Trump's policy chief explains in an exclusive interview why the White House just punted on a coronavirus stimulus deal

"We're looking at the potential for standalone bills, there's about 10 things we agree on," Meadows told reporters at the White House. "If the speaker is willing to look at those things on a piece-by-piece basis, we are willing to look at it."

He did not elaborate on those measures, though both the Trump administration and Democrats support additional small business aid, public health funding, and a second round of $1,200 direct payments, among others. The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Kudlow and Meadows' remarks come a day after President Donald Trump abruptly ordered Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to terminate negotiations with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on another coronavirus relief bill, saying in a surprising announcement a package would come after the election.

He also urged Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to focus on nominating Barrett to the Supreme Court.

Then hours later, Trump appeared to backtrack and called on Congress to pass a series of standalone bills to provide $1,200 direct payments for Americans and aid to small businesses and airlines.

"I am ready to sign right now," he wrote on Twitter and referred to Pelosi. "Are you listening Nancy?"

Democrats previously rebuffed GOP attempts to address in a piecemeal fashion the twin economic and health crises from the pandemic, saying a broad aid package is needed instead. It's still unclear why Trump scrapped the talks in the first place. But Pelosi has suggested Congress could provide emergency aid to airlines.

Major US airlines are moving to lay off 32,000 workers over the next few weeks barring extra government help. The six-month Payroll Support Program approved under another economic aid package in March recently expired.

On Wednesday morning, Pelosi spokesperson Drew Hammill wrote on Twitter that Pelosi and Mnuchin spoke over the phone about an airline assistance bill. Such a standalone deal would omit a range of other measures such as federal unemployment benefits, small business aid, and direct payments with bipartisan support.

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Why so many Americans are allergic to peanuts

  • Bamba peanut snacks are so popular in Israel that the brand name is oftentimes one of the first words toddlers learn to say. But oddly enough, hardly anyone in Israel is allergic to peanuts.
  • Meanwhile, peanut allergies affect an estimated 1.8 million kids in the US. And the UK, Canada, and Australia have similar issues with peanut allergies. 
  • But, that's not the case for other countries like China, Thailand, Korea, and the Philippines. 
  • So what's going on? Watch the video above to find out what researchers have learned about allergies in different countries. 
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Following is the transcript of the video.

Narrator: The US has an epidemic on its hands. Peanut allergies. Between 1997 and 2008, the number of American children with a peanut allergy has tripled. And today, an estimated 1.8 million kids in the US have one. That's larger than the entire population of Philadelphia. And the US is not alone. The UK, Canada, and Australia have seen a similar rise in child peanut allergies. But, that's not the case for other countries like China, Thailand, Korea, the Philippines, and Israel.

So, what do these countries have that the US doesn't? In Israel, there is a joke that the first three words out of every toddler's mouth are: abba, which means dad, ima, which means mom, and Bamba. Bamba is a popular peanuty snack. An estimated 90% of Israeli families buy it on a regular basis. And guess what? The peanut allergy rate in Israel is 1/10 the rate that it is in the UK. And in China and Thailand, many children eat peanut rice porridge for breakfast. And wouldn't you know it? Peanut allergies are relatively low there too.

But this could be a coincidence, right? Thank goodness we have the researchers at King's College London. They recruited 640 infants 4 to 10 months old who were at risk of developing a peanut allergy. Half of the kids in the study ate peanut snacks regularly. Whereas the other half were told to avoid peanuts entirely.

Then when the kids were 5 years old, they were brought in for one final experiment. All of them were instructed to eat some type of peanut protein. Of the kids who ate peanut snacks regularly since infancy, 3.2% had developed a peanut allergy. But the kids who avoided peanuts altogether, were much worse off. More than 17% of them had developed an allergy to a nut that they had never consumed. That means they were six times more likely to develop a peanut allergy than kids who regularly ate peanuts. Of course, this is just one study. But if you know how allergies work, it begins to make sense.

When someone with a peanut allergy encounters a peanut for the first time, their immune system kicks into overdrive. In this case, it sees the peanut as a threat. And it produces antibodies in anticipation for a future encounter. So the next time this person eats a peanut, antibodies activate an immune response which the person experiences as an allergic reaction.

Scientists aren't sure why some people experience reactions and others don't. But they think that early exposure can certainly help at-risk infants. And luckily, allergies aren't always set in stone. In a clinical trial earlier this year, doctors recruited children with peanut allergies. They gave them a small dose of peanut powder and slowly increased the dose over time. Sure enough, the children's immune systems became accustomed to the powder and nearly all of them were able to build up a tolerance to it.

This process, called desensitization, is a way of tricking your immune system. And it could, if used correctly and safely, become a way to treat children who have a mild reaction to peanuts. And although results have been promising so far, these treatments are not a cure. What's more, scientists suspect that genetics may also play a role in allergy development.

So, before you take matters into your own hands and start feeding your babies peanuts, talk to a doctor and make sure that you're in the clear. After all, like everything in life, peanuts should be enjoyed in moderation.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This video was originally published in November 2018.

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Billionaire fortunes reached an all-time combined high of $10.2 trillion during the pandemic, and grew a staggering 27% between April and July

billionaires coronavirus profits
Billionaires Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, Eric Yuan, the CEO of Zoom, and Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO.
  • Billionaires worldwide saw their collective fortunes hit a record high of $10.2 trillion during the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report by UBS and PwC.
  • Their combined wealth jumped 27% between April and July.
  • The 2,189 billionaires worldwide — a new record — profited from a boom in technology and a rally in stock prices during lockdown.
  • The report also tracked wealth growth since 2009. China came out with the largest jump in billionaire wealth, with a 1,146% increase.
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Billionaires have had a good pandemic: Their collective fortunes hit $10 trillion in July, a record high, a new report has found.

A report by UBS and PwC found that the collective wealth of the world's billionaires grew by more than 25% between April and July. Their collective $10.2 trillion fortunes broke the previous record of $8.9 trillion, set in 2017.

While economies around the world have ground to a halt, billionaires have profited from a tech boom and a rally in stock prices.

In total, there are now 2,189 billionaires worldwide — a jump up from 2,158 in 2017, according to the study, which was called "Riding the Storm."

The healthcare, industrials, and technology sectors saw the highest billionaire wealth gains during the pandemic, with increases of between 36% to 44%. People investing in these sectors have benefitted more than people involved in entertainment, real estate, and financial services, creating a divide among the ultra-wealthy, the report said.

"Fortunes are polarising as business innovators and disrupters deploy technology to be among the leaders of today's economic revolution," the study said, adding that COVID-19 "accelerated the divergence."

The study showed that 209 of those billionaires donated $7.2 billion between March and June 2020 to help tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. UBS and PwC said that this is the "greatest amount" billionaires have donated in such a short space of time.

The study also analyzed how the wealth of billionaires around the world has changed since 2009. Between 2009 and 2020, billionaires in China have grown their fortunes by 1,146%, the report said — the highest in the world. In comparison, British billionaire wealth rose by 168% in the same time period. 

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