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Meghan Markle's estranged family has arrived in London — despite not being invited to the royal wedding


meghan markle prince harry

  • Tracy Dooley, the ex-wife of Meghan Markle's half-brother, arrived in London with her sons on Monday.
  • They previously said they had not seen Markle in 20 years and had not received a wedding invite.

Meghan Markle's estranged family has arrived in London in time for the American actress' wedding to Prince Harry — despite not being invited.

Photos showed Meghan's Tracy Dooley — the ex-wife of Meghan's half-brother Thomas Markle Jr — and her sons, Tyler and Thomas, arriving at Heathrow Airport on Monday.

The photos, which were published by The Telegraph, MailOnline, and TMZ, showed the trio arriving at Heathrow with at least 13 pieces of luggage. The MailOnline identified another traveller as Sandra Bazan, Tyler's girlfriend.

Dooley and her sons, who live in Oregon, previously said they had not seen Markle in 20 years and had not received an invitation to the royal wedding.

Tyler Dooley told ITV's "Good Morning Britain" programme in January: "If they feel like they would like to invite us, we would be honoured. If not, we will still be cheering her on."

Tracy Dooley also operates a personal blog on Facebook titled "Royal Wedding with The Dooley Markles," where she posts news articles related to Markle and Prince Harry, and photos of herself.

On Tuesday, Dooley wrote on the blog: "Just glad to have landed safely and hoping for Tom senior to be well, healthy, and happy."

It is an apparent reference to Meghan Markle's father Thomas, who has reportedly pulled out of the wedding after admitting to accepting money for staged paparazzi photos in the run-up to the event.

Meghan Markle Thomas Markle dad father composite

On Monday, both Tracy and Tyler updated their Facebook profiles with news of their arrival alongside photos of London landmarks such as the London Eye, Palace of Westminster, and Imperial War Museum.

The Telegraph and MailOnline also reported that the Dooleys were expected to help cover the royal wedding on TV, although details of the network and show remain unclear.

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How these millennials' invention can save more disaster victims


Climate scientists anticipate that natural disasters are only going to get worse. Which means we need to think about the people in harm's way and figure out ways to improve our disaster relief efforts. That's exactly the issue that college engineering tackled for the 2018 3M Disruptive Design Challenge. We spoke with the leader of the winning team about their design called the Dazzle Box. Following is a transcript of the video.

VO: This invention could help save more disaster victims. 2017 was a bad year for the US. It spent an estimated $306 billion on fixing the damage from natural disasters — one of the most expensive years on record. But those toppled homes and flooded streets aren’t just expensive to clean up. They block the way for rescue crews. Making it even harder to help disaster victims in need of medical aid. Rescue crews can drop supplies from the air, but even those can have rough landings,  breaking fragile medical equipment on impact. That’s where something like this could help.

It’s called The Dazzle Box. And it won first place at the 3M Disruptive Design Challenge. The challenge? Test college engineering students to build a container that could successfully deliver needed medical supplies if airdropped into the midst of a natural disaster. The guidelines? The device must be resilient, easy to transport from one point to another, able to be reused after the drop and water-resistant. 

Jonathan Carlson: So we were supposed to design a container that would have a parachute but be able to survive if that parachute failed. First and foremost, it had to survive a 150ft drop from the crane. 

VONot many projects survived the drop. Ultimately, it was the iconic shape that gave this team a leg up on the competition.

Jonathan: So we went through a lot of different shapes. And the shape we settled on for the final container is called a truncated octahedron. And we chose that one specifically because it’s sort of still like round and it has that sort of profile but it also it’s really easy to transport because it can stack perfectly with itself in space. So it makes it very efficient to transport as well.

VO: The device was made of individual polycarbonate panels that the team taped together and lined with foam. This not only made the device more resistant on impact, but it also made it extremely versatile.

Jonathan: One of the major design decisions that we made, and the tape also helped us make this decision, was that all the polycarbonate panels and the pieces were completely modular so you can just cut one out if it’s broken and replace them with a new one, put down new tape and the container would be ready to drop again after that. We also had a lot of foam that helped absorb the impact and that was used, you know you can make beddings, cushions, pillows, really anything you need to use it for. It can be cut and made into sponges if you needed it.

VO: Last but not least was the colorful design.

Jonathan: Yeah, so that was inspired by this thing called dazzle camouflage. There was a marine artist named Norman Wilkinson who developed it actually for the British Royal Navy to be put on the side of their ships. So that it will be harder for enemy ships to see the ships heading because the sort of, sharp geometric pattern broke up where the ship was heading. And it sort of also has this secondary effect of making anything stand out in any natural environment because it’s a very unnatural pattern. So we wanted to use that aspect just so our container, if it fell in the jungle, where there may be like heavy underbrush or different things, it would really, really stand out against that natural environment.

VO: They also added LED emergency lights on each face of the container so it could be equally visible at night.

In total, the team spent $600 building the device. But it paid off in the end.

Jonathan: So each member of our team is going to get $1500 cash prize, which is awesome. And then I think we just get some bragging rights, because we are the inaugural winners of the 3M disruptive design competition.

VOAnd while the team has no plans to pursue the project beyond this point...

Jonathan: All of us did the challenge as an extracurricular activity but I think we would be open to any opportunities that pop up.

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Melania Trump underwent surgery for a 'benign' kidney condition, will stay at Walter Reed for the rest of the week


Melania Trump

  • First lady Melania Trump underwent kidney surgery Monday morning, according to a statement from her office.
  • The White House said she went through an embolization procedure for a "benign" condition.
  • She will remain at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for the rest of the week.

First lady Melania Trump underwent kidney surgery at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday morning, according to a statement from her office.

The surgery was an embolization procedure to treat a kidney condition the White House described as "benign."

It was successful, and there were no complications, but the first lady will remain at the Maryland hospital for the rest of the week, said Stephanie Grisham, a spokeswoman for the first lady.

President Donald Trump spent over an hour visiting the first lady Monday evening after he tweeted she was "in good spirits."

On Tuesday morning, he said his wife of 13 years would leave the hospital by Thursday or Friday.

The White House statement said: "The First Lady looks forward to a full recovery so she can continue her work on behalf of children everywhere."

Melania Trump last week announced her latest initiative, "Be Best," during a speech in the White House's Rose Garden. The program is aimed at tackling American kids' well-being and social-media use, as well as opioid abuse in families.

CNN reported that Trump was the first US first lady to have a serious medical procedure while in the White House since Nancy Reagan had a mastectomy in October 1987.

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Constantly imagining the worst case scenario is called 'catastrophising' — here's how to stop your mind from doing it


woman worrying

  • Some people always let their minds jump to the worst possible conclusions.
  • This is known as catastrophic thinking, or "catastrophising."
  • It's a habit people get into for various reasons, and it can be difficult to break.
  • But it can be done, by learning to be logical and calm, and having a support network of sensible people you can call when you feel out of control.

If your friend is about to board a plane, and your first instinct is to worry about it crashing down in flames, you may be prone to catastrophic thinking.

It's also known as "catastrophising," and it happens to many people at some point in their lives. It might be a result of your previous bad experiences that you can't shake, or it could be linked to mental health issues like anxiety or chronic depression.

According to Linda Blair, a clinical psychologist and columnist at the Telegraph, catastrophising is an unhelpful habit people fall into in some way.

"Nobody is born a catastrophiser," she told Business Insider. "Babies and not born catastrophising... it's a protective mechanism, because we think 'if I think the worst, then when the worst doesn't happen I'll feel relieved.'"

Unfortunately, life doesn't work this way. By thinking catastrophically, we are actually making things worse, because our unconscious mind doesn't distinguish emotionally between what we imagine and what really happens.

"You're living through an experience twice, and one of them is guaranteed to be bad, because you're thinking the worst," Blair said. "So in the end it really isn't very protective. It causes great anxiety, because the emotional side, the amygdala, it thinking that this is really happening, and it's terrible."

People may learn the habit of catastrophising because they've had a bad experience before that they didn't see coming. To protect themselves in the future, they start imagining the worst possible scenarios in every situation, because they don't want to be caught off-guard again.

They may think to themselves that going through the worst situation in their mind will mean they get it over and done with — but in reality, this isn't logical at all. Nobody can predict or prevent the future.

Other people catastrophise because it is what their parents did, and they copy the patterns of behaviour they saw growing up.

"You don't always have to have an experience that causes psychological problems," Blair said. "We tend to get a little hung up on that... but it could simply be because that's what you saw and that's what you copy."

Logic and a calm support network are the answer

Like any habit, catastrophising is hard to break. Habits are stubborn, and in many cases, people have behaved the same way for years, perhaps decades.

Blair said a bad habit is always ready to jump back into your life, especially when you get highly emotional. But the solution is to learn to be rational and calm.

For example, in the case of imagining a plane crash, Blair asks her clients to look at the statistics for airline crashes on their phone. Then, she tells them to look at the statistics for crashes with that particular airline.

"And I say ok, a minute ago you said you were 100% certain that this terrible thing was going to happen, what percent would you give it now? And it's always lower," she said.

People then tend to see how rewarding it is to focus on the logical answers, rather than letting their imaginations get carried away. The more impulsive you are, the more likely to are to slip back into old habits, Blair said, but it just takes practise and persistence to learn to slow down and go to logic first.

Another solution she recommended is making a list of your most calm and sensible friends, and telling them you may phone them once in a while, as you sometimes feel out of control.

"The best way to gain perspective [on your worries] is to talk with someone else and put it outside you," Blair said. "You don't have to rush to a therapist... but it's hard work. It takes a good season, a good three months, sometimes six months, to start to change a habit."

So the next time you sense yourself spiraling over the fact your parents are late and could have been in an accident, or even something smaller like the fact someone isn't texting you back, take a breath and try to think objectively. Also, be aware of the fact you're trying to change, because it's not easy to adjust our behaviour.

"You must be kind to yourself and patient, and recognise the more emotional you are the more likely you are to not remember to do it right," Blair said. "Then, when we're still and we're calm, and things are under regulation, we get a chance to be logical."

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The 10 professions with the most psychopaths


mask white black

Psychopaths are difficult to spot most of the time. They're not the "Jack the Ripper" caricatures you see in films or read about in books. Often, psychopaths appear normal, which makes them hard to identify.

In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or DSM-5, someone with a psychopathic personality type is defined as having an inflated, grandiose sense of themself, and a knack for manipulating other people. But a diagnosis is rarely simple.

One thing psychopaths tend to have in common is the careers they go for. For example, you're likely to find a lot of them in leadership positions because of their ruthlessness, charisma, and fearlessness. They're very good at making snap decisions, but not so good at the empathetic professions like nursing or therapy.

Kevin Dutton, a British psychologist and writer, specialises in the study of psychopathy. In his book "The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success," he made a list of the types of jobs that attract the most psychopaths.

"Functional psychopaths," as Dutton calls them, "use their detached, unflinching, and charismatic personalities to succeed in mainstream society." In other words, psychopaths often live as normal people with a few traits that make them different.

Scroll down to see what the top 10 career choices for psychopaths are, ranked in ascending order by popularity.

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10. Civil servant

Being a civil servant is the 10th most popular career choice for psychopaths, according to Dutton. In fact, in 2014, UK Government officials considered recruiting psychopaths specifically "to keep order," because they are "very good in crises" and have "no feelings for others, nor moral code, and tend to be very intelligent and logical."

9. Chef

Most psychopaths have no interest in harming others, so don't worry about the fact chefs have access to open flames and knives during their work day. Psychopaths thrive in chaos where other people may fail, which could be one reason they work so well in a hectic kitchen.

8. Clergy person

In a blog post for Psychology Today, FBI veteran Joe Navarro explains some of the reasons psychopathic people may go for a career in the Clergy. Among them are the fact religious organisations may provide a means for people to exploit others, while also giving legitimacy to their actions. Also, it is easy to make alliances, which can give manipulative people the upper hand in gaining access to sensitive information.

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A best-selling author tried LSD, 'shrooms, and DMT — and wrote about all 3 psychedelic trips


shrooms magic mushrooms psilocybin

When Michael Pollan tripped on magic mushrooms for the first time, he saw himself spread out across an expansive outdoor landscape like paint.

It was the best-selling author's second stop on a three-part tour of psychedelic drugs, which Pollan describes in vivid detail in the book "How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence."

He writes in the book that under the consecutive influences of acid, magic mushrooms, and DMT, he felt his sense of self dissolve like butter, blow away like a sheaf of Post-it notes in the wind, and then explode.

Pollan is best known for writing about food and farming; he's the author of the best-seller "The Omnivore's Dilemma." But he embarked on this recent journey to learn why hallucinogens appear uniquely suited to provide relief to people with psychiatric diseases such as depression and anxiety.

For Pollan, the topic is familiar but long-ignored terrain: In the 1990s, he wrote several works about drugs and drug culture, including a 1997 essay in Harper's called "Opium Made Easy."

His new book comes on the heels of a recent resurgence of interest in psychedelics' therapeutic potential. The drugs appear to fundamentally reorganize the brain, freeing up space where none previously existed and redirecting congested thoughts to more open highways of consciousness. By doing so, the drugs can curb feelings of dread and panic.

Researchers are studying 'shrooms (whose active ingredient is psilocybin), LSD (commonly known as acid), ecstasy or MDMA, ayahuasca, DMT, and even the pseudo-psychedelic drug ketamine. The results are promising.

Last year, scientists studying psilocybin likened its quick effects on cancer patients with anxiety and depression to a "surgical intervention" for the mental illness. This month, researchers concluded that adding MDMA to a standard talk therapy regimen appears to help reduce symptoms of PTSD and accelerate the therapeutic process. And last spring, scientists found evidence that ayahuasca affects the brain in ways that are similar to meditation.

At the core of many participants' experiences on these drugs is what many describe as a dissolving of the ego or sense of self. Neuroscientists understand this phenomenon in a physical sense, while others describe it in more spiritual terms.

Pollan encountered that sensation on all three drugs he tried — sometimes gently, other times violently.

"Who was this 'I' that was able to take in the scene of its own dissolution?" Pollan writes. "Good question. It wasn't me, exactly."

To read about the answer to that question, "How to Change Your Mind" is out today in hardcover.

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Watch the electric first trailer for Queen biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' starring Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury


Bohemian Rhapsody

  • The first trailer for the Queen biopic "Bohemian Rhapsody," starring Rami Malek as Freddie Mercury, premiered on Tuesday. 
  • The film will trace the trajectory of Mercury's career with Queen, from the 1970s to the band's seminal Live Aid performance in 1985. 
  • It's set for release on November 2.

20th Century Fox on Tuesday released the first trailer for the upcoming Queen biopic, "Bohemian Rhapsody," which stars "Mr. Robot" actor Rami Malek as Queen singer Freddie Mercury.

The brief preview includes a mash-up of several hits from the rock band in a career-spanning montage. "Another One Bites the Dust" opens the trailer, and there's a scene that depicts the band's process of making the film's eponymous track, "Bohemian Rhapsody."

"Bohemian Rhapsody" will chronicle the trajectory of Mercury's life and career with Queen, from the band's early days in the 1970s to its seminal Live Aid performance in 1985.

Written by Anthony McCarten ("The Theory of Everything") and directed by Dexter Fletcher, the film has been in production since last fall. The film's first director, Bryan Singer, stepped away from the project in December, citing "a personal health matter."

The movie also stars "Game of Thrones" actor Aidan Gillen and Mike Myers. 

"Bohemian Rhapsody" is set for release on November 2. 

Watch the trailer below:

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Meghan Markle is about to prove her dominance over Kate Middleton — and it could be worth up to $1.4 billion to the British economy


meghan markle kate middleton

  • Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are to be married in May.
  • Their wedding is expected to give an estimated $1.4 billion boost to the British economy.
  • Kate Middleton's fashion-icon status contributed an estimated $205 million to the economy in 2015.

We're a few short days away from the May 19 wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, but the "Meghan Effect" has been in full force for months.

Like Kate Middleton before her, Markle's entrée into the royal family is expected to bring a huge boost to the British economy, this time to the tune of $1.4 billion (£1 billion).

That's according to a new estimation by Brand Finance, which calculated the expected profits from a surge in tourism, travel, restaurants, hotels, parties and celebrations, and the sales of T-shirts, hats, banners, and other commemorative merchandise related to the royal wedding.

Brand Finance previously estimated in January that Markle's impact on the British economy would be worth about $677 million (£500 million), as reported by Forbes, but "excitement in the last couple of months" has increased doubled the value, said Richard Haigh, managing director Brand Finance.

Around the time of the last royal wedding, in 2011, the phenomenon was deemed the "Duchess Effect" or the "Kate Effect": Anything worn by Middleton, and now her children, flies off the shelves. Middleton effectively became a trendsetter overnight.

But the royal reverberations continue far beyond the months surrounding the nuptials.

In 2015, the Kate Effect brought more than $205 million (£152 million) to the British economy, while the "Charlotte Effect" and the "George Effect" translated to over $239 million (£177 million) combined, Brand Finance estimates.

kate and meghan 1

But Markle, a fixture on red carpets in the US and recently described as "a singular mover of product" by The New York Times, could have even wider influence and fiscal effect than her future sister-in-law.

The 36-year-old actress led a surprisingly relatable life— which included sharing photos of her friends and family, clothes, and travels on her now deleted Instagram and blog — before recently rocketing to global fame. And Markle's American citizenship, along with the few years she spent living in Canada while shooting television drama "Suits," could expand her global fan base. Her style is also decidedly trendier and less traditional than Middleton's.

After Markle and Prince Harry's engagement was announced, the couple posed for photos at Kensington Palace in London. She wore a coat by the Canadian fashion brand Line, a brand beloved by Canadians, but fairly obscure outside the country. Soon after the brand was identified, its site slowed or crashed for many visitors.

All things considered, 2018 is set to be a banner year for the British royal family as they're expected to drum up more than $3.8 billion (£2.8 billion) for the country's economy, according to Brand Finance.

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A pilot for Sichuan Airlines was partially sucked out of a plane after the front windshield broke


Sichuan Airlines

  • A Sichuan Airlines flight that was traveling from Chongqing, China, to the Tibetan capital Lhasa was forced to make an emergency landing in the city of Chengdu after the windshield broke. 
  • The plane's co-pilot was partially sucked out of the window, according to Chinese media reports. 
  • No passengers were hurt, but the pilot who was partially sucked out of the plane had scratches and a wrist sprain. Another crew member also suffered injuries, according to reports. 

A co-pilot for Sichuan Airlines flight 3U8633 was partially sucked out of a plane on Monday after one of the front windshields busted open, according to Chinese media reports.

The plane, which was traveling from Chongqing, China, to the Tibetan capital Lhasa, was forced to make an emergency landing in the city of Chengdu after the windshield broke. 

No passengers were hurt, but the pilot who was partially sucked out of the plane had scratches and a wrist sprain, according to Chinese media citing the Civil Aviation Administration of China's (CAAC) Southwest Regional Administration. According to the CAAC, another crewmember was also injured, but no other details were shared. There were 119 passengers onboard, and 27 received check-ups after the incident, according to CGTN, a state-run TV network.

No details have been shared about what caused the windshield to break. 

The captain of the flight, Liu Chuanjian, told Chinese media that there were no signs that something was wrong with the plane, an Airbus A319, before the incident. 

"The incident happened at 7 o'clock. There was no sign before the windshield burst. Just a huge noise. When I looked at the other side, the co-pilot was partially blown out of the aircraft. Luckily, he had the belt buckled up. Many devices were malfunctioned and the plane was jolting strongly. It was very difficult to control," Liu told media, according to CGTN

The event is the latest in a string of incidents where windows on plane have broken or been damaged. 

On April 17, a Southwest Airlines flight from New York City to Dallas was forced to make an emergency landing after an engine failure sent debris flying into the cabin and busted open a passenger window. The woman sitting next to the window, 43-year-old  Jennifer Riordan, was partially sucked out of the broken window and died as a result of her injuries. 

In early May, another Southwest Airlines flight traveling from Chicago to Newark, New Jersey, made an emergency landing because the outer layer of a passenger window was cracked. 

The NTSB is investigating the incident on April 17 and said that the process could take at least a full year. 

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This British Airways flight will only carry crew named Meghan or Harry on the day of the royal wedding — and they'll be serving Champagne and British cakes


meghan harry

  • British Airways is dedicating a flight to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the day of the royal wedding.
  • It will be operated only by crew named Harry, Meghan, or Megan, and serve celebratory Champagne and cake.
  • It will fly from London to Toronto — where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle used to live separately — and air episodes of "Suits."

British Airways is getting in on the fun as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry prepare for their highly-anticipated nuptials.

On Saturday, the day of the royal wedding, the UK's flagship carrier will operate a flight from London to Toronto — only with crew members named Harry, Meghan, or Megan.

The BA93 flight on May 19 will take off at 1.10 p.m. local time, shortly after the wedding ceremony. (The royal wedding starts at 12 p.m.)

The flight will be dripping with symbolism. Prince Harry and Markle lived in London and Toronto, respectively, before Markle moved to Britain.

british airways

While on board, passengers will be treated to lemon and elderflower Victorian sponge cake — the same flavours as the royal wedding cake. They will also be given a personal bottle of Castelnau Blanc du Blanc Champagne.

All customers named Harry, Meghan, or Megan, will also be invited to use BA's exclusive first-class lounge, the airline said.

And there's more — so dedicated is BA to celebrating the royal wedding that the airline will show episodes of "Suits," the TV series Markle is famous for, as well as documentaries and podcasts about how the couple met, and clips of the royal wedding on long-haul flights for the rest of the month.

meghan markle suits

BA is one of many companies around the world celebrating the royal wedding in creative ways.

Earlier this week, British amateur baker Lara Mason unveiled a life-sized replica of Prince Harry and Markle, modelled off a photograph taken of the couple when they announced their engagement last year.

Austrian candy brand Pez is also launching limited-edition sweet dispensers featuring the couple's faces.

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The highest-grossing Disney film every year since 1937


finding nemo

While the world of Disney films may have began with animation and princess' castles, Walt's kingdom has become much, much more.

Since its first film in 1937, the company has released some of the most iconic blockbusters ever, packing out cinemas across the globe.

At the end of 2016, Disney provided Business Insider with a complete list of every single feature film it has released throughout history, compiled by year of release.

We then researched the box office numbers for the films on the list — as well as the top-grossing film in 2017 — in order to determine which was most successful each year since 1937.

Only films that went straight to theatre, and have publicly available box office figures, have been included in our ranking. The numbers are based on US lifetime gross figures provided by Box Office Mojo and IMDB.

Scroll down to see the highest-grossing Disney film every year since 1937, from oldest to newest.

Note: Years where there was no theatrical release, or box office figures were not available have been excluded from the list. These are: 1938, 1939, 1944, 1945, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1958, and 1972.

1937 — 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs': $184.9 million

Source: Box Office Mojo

1940 — 'Pinocchio': $84.2 million

Source: Box Office Mojo

1941 — 'Dumbo': $1.6 million

Source: IMDB

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Tens of thousands of Chinese people live at the mercy of Apple's factories — and they don't even work there


AppleFactoryiPhone Foxconn China (39 of 44)

  • Half of the world's iPhones are made at a sprawling factory complex in Zhengzhou, China that employs as many as 350,000 people and has spawned a mini city residents call "iPhone City."
  • Thousands of residents' livelihoods rely on the success of Apple and Foxconn, though they don't even work at the companies.
  • We spent the day with a 31-year-old woman whose entire life has been shaped by Foxconn and Apple, having worked at the Foxconn's Shenzhen factory in her 20s and then moved to Zhengzhou to open her own business catering to factory workers.
  • She told us that the lives of ex-factory workers like herself, who open businesses when they save enough money, is often harder than that of the factory workers. Her life is better now than when she was growing up, but she sees little opportunity to escape the grinding lifestyle she currently lives.


Liu Fei, a 31-year-old Chinese woman, lives just outside the gates of the biggest iPhone factory in the world, the Foxconn Zhengzhou Science Park.

Liu's livelihood depends on the factory's prosperity — and, in effect, Apple's — despite the fact that neither the factory nor Apple will ever pay her a cent.

The factory, run by the Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Foxconn, employs about 350,000 people during the busy summer months before the fall release of a new iPhone. At its peak, the factory produces 500,000 phones a day or up to 350 a minute — about half of the world's iPhones. More often, it has a workforce of about half that, or less.

Though the factory is nominally located in Zhengzhou, a city of 9.5 million people, the factory is actually more than 20 miles outside downtown, separated by freeways, suburbs, and dirt scrublands.In the years since the factory opened, an entire city has sprouted up to serve Foxconn’s workforce.

foxconn workers quote cardA decade ago, the area had only dirt and fields of corn and wheat. In 2010, the government bought out local farmers, and the factory was up and running within the year.

Much of this newly sprouted city, which residents and factory workers have dubbed “iPhone City,” sits in the alleyways below the 10 or 12-story dormitory buildings, where workers live eight to a room.

Below, a migrating workforce of entrepreneurs and vendors has set up shop below to make a living cooking street food, offering massages, or selling socks or other knicknacks.

Most of the vendors in iPhone City, Liu said, are former factory workers like herself. Liu is one of the luckiest. She has a large restaurant in a makeshift district just outside the factory’s gate. It’s relatively clean and spacious. It could probably serve 40 or 50 people during breakfast or dinner, when day shift and night shift workers converge before or after their shift.

“We don’t make special food here. We just make whatever is cheap and will fill the workers up,” Liu, whose name has been changed to protect her identity and business, told Business Insider on a recent afternoon that we spent in the city.

Liu's entire life has been shaped by an American company whose products she will likely never own. Here's how:

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Liu was 18 years old when she and her husband decided to leave their hometown to work at Foxconn's then-flagship factory complex in Shenzhen.

Liu was 18 years old when she and her husband decided to leave their lao jia, or hometown.

Liu is from a small village called Qian Hou in Henan, long one of China’s most impoverished provinces.

In 2008, The New York Times described the province as one untouched by China's boom, where people are too poor to heat their homes in winter or have running water, and mobile phones are an "impossible luxury." 

Three years earlier, the two moved to Shenzhen, the electronics manufacturing capital of the world, and got jobs at Foxconn’s flagship factory in the Longhua Science and Technology Park, a 15-factory complex employing hundreds of thousands of workers amidst a campus that was its own mini-city.


Apple and Foxconn's fortunes and prosperity have become increasingly intertwined since 2005, when Liu started working at Foxconn's Shenzhen factory.

In 2005, Foxconn was growing into its status as the world’s largest contract electronics manufacturer. The company had contracts with major electronics companies like Dell, Sony, and, most importantly, Apple.

At the time, Apple’s best selling product was the iPod.

The couple worked at the Longhua factory for five years. Over that time, Foxconn and Apple’s relationship deepened and so too did the companies’ fortunes become intertwined. In 2005, Foxconn’s revenue totaled $21.54 billion. In 2007, the year Apple introduced the iPhone, the company’s revenue jumped to $38.11 billion. In 2010, it nearly doubled to $79.38 billion.

Foxconn’s reliance on Apple has increased with revenue growth. In 2009, Apple products accounted for around 25% of Foxconn’s revenue. By 2012, it was up to 60%. It has hovered between 50-60% in the years since and, while revenue grew to $110.79 billion in 2012, it has hovered between $130-$140 billion in the years since.

Today, Foxconn is by far the country's largest private employer, with 1.3 million employees in mainland China. Apple claims it supports 4.8 million jobs in China.

Foxconn has faced accusations of labor abuses, poor working conditions, and harsh penalties for workers who make mistakes throughout its recent history. Investigations of working conditions at Foxconn during Liu’s time (2005-2010) found workers to be both underpaid and overworked.

The Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) reported in 2005 that the average worker works 27 days per month for 10-11 hours per day and earns 1000 RMB ($157) per month, including overtime. In 2008, SOMO found that workers had to work compulsory overtime leading to 70-hour work weeks on average.

There was a wave of suicides among Foxconn workers in 2010 and 2011, prompting Apple and Foxconn to make changes at the factories.

When Foxconn opened its massive factory complex in Zhengzhou, it started a massive migration of Henanese returning to their home province. Liu was one of them.

When most people think about the economic impact of a large company, it usually stops at the jobs at the factory or the office park and the tax revenue. But Foxconn’s immense labor needs have the ability to shift an entire population to a new place.

As Liu Miao, the head of a private recruiting center in Zhengzhou, told The Times in 2016 of Foxconn's labor needs, "Every city's department of labor and ministry of human resources is involved" in sourcing workers from the province.

In the case of the Foxconn Zhengzhou Science Park, it had the effect of bringing home a migratory workforce.

In 2010, Liu and her husband decided to leave the Longhua factory when they heard that Foxconn was setting up a factory complex, even bigger than the one they worked at, on the outskirts of Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan.

They packed up their life and headed home. As happens whenever Foxconn or another manufacturer opens up a factory in China, hundreds of thousands migrated for the work. Many, like Liu and her husband, were Henanese returning home.

One night in iPhone City, we had dinner with a table of Foxconn workers eating and drinking beer at an outdoor restaurant. All four — whose ages ranged from 22 to 40 — were Henanese who returned to the province after working in factories in other parts of the country.

They emphasized that, in a workforce ranging from 120,000 to 350,000, there is bound to be diversity, but most of their coworkers were Henanese who moved to Zhengzhou to be closer to home.

"People like to work at this factory because you are close to your family if you are from Henan," Liu said. "You get Sundays off and you can go home and visit your family. That’s the perk."

Many people who work at factories farther from their hometown see their families only twice a year, on Chinese New Year's and National Day.

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The 10 highest-grossing movies of all time, including 'Avengers: Infinity War'


avengers infinity war

Continuing its record-setting run, "Avengers: Infinity War" cracked the top ten of the highest-grossing movies of all time at the worldwide box office this week. 

Just over three weeks since its release, "Infinity War" has surpassed global totals from fellow Marvel properties like "Black Panther" and the first "Avengers." 

"Infinity War" could still make a run at another Disney-owned blockbuster, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." But it's unlikely to reach the top spot here. 

For this list, we turned to Box Office Mojo for its all-time data on worldwide box office grosses. 

Here are the 10 highest-grossing movies of all time worldwide:

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10. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part II" (2011)

Global box office: $1.341 billion

9. "Black Panther" (2018)

Global box office: $1.342 billion

8. "Avengers: Age of Ultron" (2015)

Global box office: $1.405 billion

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Then and now: 12 iconic American buildings that fell from grace


penn station

  • America is home to some of the most iconic buildings in the country.
  • But some of the country's most notable buildings are the ones that have fallen from grace.
  • They include demolished skyscrapers like New York's Singer Tower and abandoned wonders like Houston's Astrodome and San Francisco's Sutro Baths.

American cities are always being rebuilt.

While cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco boast some of the most iconic buildings in the country, they also contain some notable buildings that have fallen from grace.

New York City's Singer Tower, for example, was once the tallest building in the world, but was knocked down in 1968 to make room for an even taller skyscraper.

The Astrodome in Houston, once a marvel of stadium design, is still standing, but fell into disrepair and has been closed for nearly a decade.

Read on to learn about some of America's iconic buildings that have fallen from grace:

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New York City was home to many of the country's iconic buildings that have fallen from grace. They include the media offices that comprised "Newspaper Row" near City Hall.

Source: Business Insider

Only the New York Times building remains standing today. It was purchased by Pace University in 1951 and is used for classrooms and offices.

New York's Hippodrome Theater was hailed as the world's largest theater when it was completed in 1905. Seating 5,300 people, the theater hosted circus performances, plays, and one of Harry Houdini's most memorable magic shows.

Source: Business Insider

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17 things Costco members do that make employees cringe


costco employee bagels

  • Costco membership gives people access to the popular warehouse chain.
  • But it doesn't entail members to do whatever they want in the store.
  • At the very least, certain behaviors will prompt eye-rolling and judgment from Costco's employees.
  • Business Insider corresponded with 48 Costco employees, who shared the things that members do that make them cringe.

Costco employees aren't going to thank you for leaving frozen foods in the clothing section or talking on the phone during checkout.

Costco employees deal with scores of members all day. As with any job, certain interactions are going to be positive, while others veer toward the negative. To get a better sense of what we all can avoid doing on our next Costco run, Business Insider asked 48 Costco employees what behaviors made them cringe or judge shoppers.

"I don't judge anybody, but we are all in this together, so be nice, courteous, and patient," a seasonal Costco employee from New York told Business Insider. "Do not interrupt while we are helping another customer."

Another Costco employee who's worked at the chain for 23 years told Business Insider that cringing at members comes with the territory: "Alas, without the member, I have no job."

A number of employees shared that some unhygienic, rude, or just plain irritating behaviors usually make them judge customers. Common pet peeves included people holding their membership cards in their mouths before handing them over, as well as people discarding trash all over the warehouse.

Here are some behaviors that Costco employees find pretty cringeworthy:

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Allowing kids to stand in carts or run around

"Quit letting your kids jump around in the basket," an Iowa-based Costco employee told Business Insider. "It's dangerous."

Three other Costco employees added that they'd get nervous when parents allowed their kids to stand or sit in carts.

Another Costco employee from Illinois also said that too many people let their children "run wild" in the store.

Being unhygienic

Business Insider spoke with nine Costco employees who said they cringed when customers exhibited certain unhygienic behaviors, like putting membership or credit cards in their mouth or bra or failing to wash their hands in the restroom.

An Illinois-based Costco employee said they hated "... when they pull their card out of their bra or mouth."

"It's gross," said a Costco employee in Minnesota, while an employee in Idaho said this especially becomes a problem during "flu season."

"I hate when they have their membership card in their mouth and then hand it to me," a Ohio-based Costco employee told Business Insider. "Ew."

An employee in Chicago said they judged people who left the store's restroom without washing their hands, adding, "That's disgusting."

Two employees in Illinois and Ontario specifically called out people who cough and sneeze all over the warehouse without making an attempt to cover their mouths.

Behaving badly at checkout

Seven Costco employees told Business Insider that they judged members who hold up the checkout or membership signup line.

Three employees specifically mentioned how some people talk on the phone, which they said slows everything down.

"It's so rude," said one Ohio-based Costco employee, of people who hold extended phone conversations while checking in with the membership desk. "I've gotten to the point where I will tell people I will wait until they are finished, because I can tell they are busy. Then I take the next member in line."

Three employees also said they judged members who make no effort to help unload their carts.

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San Francisco is fed up with Big Tech, and residents are begging the next mayor to do something about it


san francisco moving 1

  • San Francisco's out-of-control housing prices continues to cause an uproar. 
  • With the election for San Francisco mayor less than three weeks away, many residents are focused on how the candidates will fix the housing crisis.
  • For some candidates, that means asking the tech industry to answer for gentrification and the impact it's had on the real estate market. 


San Francisco is in trouble. The streets are filthy. Housing prices are out-of-control. The city is host to 1.23% of all homeless Americans.

Some San Franciscans are fed up with the tech industry, which they blame for gentrification and the still-painful housing crisis. They want a reckoning to come for Big Tech — courtesy of the next mayor.

San Francisco elects a new mayor in less than three weeks, and the candidates are battling over the best path to regulate the tech industry and its presence in the city. The top contenders are expected to take a harder line with the tech companies that have sprouted throughout the city, thanks to generous tax breaks and other favorable policies. The era of tech-friendly civic policy in San Francisco may be coming to an end.

Seven mayoral candidates met for one final debate on Monday evening at the Commonwealth Club. During the last portion of the debate, the moderator read questions from the audience, ranging in topic from the city's homelessness epidemic to the onslaught of electric scooters.

"Why is the rent so damn high?" the moderator read from a card.

The room broke out in laughter that quickly subsided, as an audience of about 200 people waited to hear how their next mayor plans to reckon with out-of-control housing prices.

San Francisco is in the thralls of a housing emergency. The median two-bedroom rent of $3,060 is more than double the national average of $1,170, and only 12% of families can afford to buy a home in the city. Lower-income residents are leaving in droves, as tech and finance professionals migrate into the city for high-paying jobs, driving housing prices even higher.

Audience questions during the debate made it clear, if it weren't before: Some residents are fed up with what they see as the tech industry leeching off their city, and they want the next mayor to force Big Tech to pay up.

Candidate Mark Leno, a former California state senator, called on tech companies to hire more residents for jobs in administrative offices and sales. He cited the number of college-educated San Franciscans driving taxis to suggest that underemployment is something tech can solve. 

"We need to make sure that [the tech industry's] success is our success," Leno said.

San Francisco Uber self-driving

Supervisor Jane Kim, who's also running for mayor, came down on the tech industry for "their role in exacerbating the income gap," which she called the fastest-growing in the country. San Francisco's middle class shrank from about half the population in the 1990s to about 33% in 2012. 

She suggested that local government work together with the tech industry to address how these companies "treat their lowest-paid workers." She asked, "What benefits do they provide them?"

Kim went on, "Can they stop contracting out [...] so that our janitors, our cafeteria workers, our security guards have security to live in the Bay Area and be able to raise their families here?"

Candidate Ellen Lee Zhou, a public health worker and union representative considered to be an underdog, asked that the tech industry considered "supplying their own apartments for their own employees." As mayor, she said she would ask tech companies to donate buildings for developing affordable housing.

People from the audience asked the candidates to address the insane traffic jams that residents face downtown, where some 6,500 Uber and Lyft cars roam the streets during peak hours.

Richie Greenberg, a small business adviser and the only Republican in the race, and San Francisco Board of Supervisors President London Breed — who served as acting mayor briefly after the sudden death of previous mayor Ed Lee — both said they would place a cap on the number of ride-hailing cars permitted on the road at any time. Breed went a step further, saying she would curb some vehicles with on-demand startups like Postmates and Caviar to reduce congestion.

San Francisco will vote on June 5 — the same day as the statewide California elections. 

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8 unlikely companies are desperate to cash in on the royal wedding's $1.4 billion goldmine — here are the most absurd results


meghan markle prince harry

  • The royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has every possible brand ready to jump on the bandwagon. 
  • Velveeta is creating a crown-shaped mac and cheese, KFC has special buckets, and Dunkin' Donuts has recruited a Real Housewife to hawk "Royal Love" doughnuts. 
  • We've ranked the attempts at cashing in on the royal wedding based on their absurdity, humor, and the weakness of their connection between the brand and the wedding. 

What does the royal wedding have to do with American fast-food chains? 

Not much — but that doesn't mean that brands aren't going to try and cash in on Meghan Markle's and Prince Harry's big day. 

In the week leading up to the royal nuptials, a growing number of brands have come out with deals and promotions to align themselves with Meghan and Harry's wedding. The royal wedding is expected to provide the British economy with a $1.4 billion boost so it makes sense that brands are hungry to get a cut of the cash. 

However, the stunts are getting pretty weird. Impressively, they've managed to come across as bizarre even in the crowded field that is modern marketing. This is in an era where dessert brands are tweeting: "If a MoonPie sees its shadow on this day it will signal the end of times." 

In an effort to quantitatively measure just how much the brands are at it again, Business Insider created a ranking system just for the occasion. The system addresses three factors — absurdity, humor, and the weakness of their connection between the brand and the wedding — that are ranked on a scale from one to five, five being the top score.

Here's how companies' attempts to cash in on the royal wedding measure up:

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Strongbow Hard Ciders

Strongbow is trying to cash in on what it calls Americans' "obsession" with the royal wedding by rolling out a new flavor of cider and special teacups. 

"Through the union of our British heritage and a modern twist on rosé, we are marrying two of America's latest obsessions just in time for the fairy tale Royal Wedding this spring," Jessica Robinson, the vice president of parent company Portfolio Brands, said in a statement. 

Strongbow is an aggressively British brand trying to expand in the US, so it makes sense that the royal wedding is like catnip to them.

Or does it? If anything, this royal wedding promotion may just be a little too on the nose. Teacups play into American stereotypes of Britishness to a degree that is almost embarrassing. Who is Strongbow trying to fool here?!

Absurdity: 2

Connective stretch: 1

Humor: 2 (+1 for calling rosé an "American obsession") 

Total: 5/15

Dairy Queen

The connection between Dairy Queen and the royal wedding is tenuous, but it's there. 

I mean, first of all, we've got Dairy Queen. For those unfamiliar with the chain's dessert menu, it sells "Royal Treats." And, from there, it's an easy transition from royal treats to royal wedding. Honestly, Dairy Queen should have just called up Meghan and catered the entire thing.

Unfortunately, Dairy Queen isn't giving out free dessert on Saturday. It's just advertising the Royal Oreo Blizzard Treat and the Royal New York Cheesecake Blizzard Treat. A waste of a royal wedding, if you ask me. 

Absurdity: 2

Connective stretch: 4

Humor: 1 

Total: 7/15


On Sunday, somebody paid $9,897 for a "one-of-a-kind PEZ dispenser set" that looks like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. 

"In 2011, PEZ worked with eBay for Charity to auction off an exclusive pair of royal dispensers for the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton," the candy brand said in a statement. "After seeing success from that campaign and the growing number of fans of the married couple-to-be, PEZ was prompted to create this set to benefit Make-A-Wish foundation."

I do not know if Price Harry had to sign off on his face looking like a redhead Shrek, but it's for charity, so I guess we can let it slide. 

I also do not know who bid almost $10K for this, though skimming through his or her eBay accounts reveals many other PEZ-related bids. I hope that this pair of lovebirds vomiting up candies is the pièce de résistance of the lucky bidder's PEZ dispenser collection.

Absurdity: 2

Connective stretch: 3

Humor: 3 (+1 for Harry's face)

Total: 8/15

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'Solo' has exciting thrills and lush photography, but it's the first Star Wars movie to make me worried about franchise fatigue


han solo trailer

  • "Solo: A Star Wars Story" has some great moments, but as a whole is a flawed movie.
  • The third act of the movie has major problems and feels uninspired.
  • However, Alden Ehrenreich gives a worthy Solo performance, Donald Glover's Lando is fantastic, and the movie beautifully shot. 

Warning: Minor spoilers below.

The moment I realized “Solo: A Star Wars Movie” wasn’t for me was toward the two-hour mark of the movie, when I realized we were nowhere near the end. 

Granted, there was about only 15 minutes left in the movie, but it felt like an eternity. I’ve had that feeling in many movies in my life — when it just won’t end. But never for a “Star Wars” movie. 

“Solo” is not an awful movie, it just has a few awful parts that feel uninspired. This is particularly true in the third act of the movie. 

In “Solo” (opening May 25), we follow the progression of Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) from a small-time hood on his home planet of Corellia, with dreams of being a great pilot cruising through the galaxy, to eventually becoming a space pirate.

There are thrilling action sequences, cinematographer Bradford Young (“Arrival”) gives the movie a beautiful look, there are fantastic performances by Ehrenreich and Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca, and Donald Glover completely knocks it out of the park as Lando Calrissian. 

But the movie crumbles following Han and the gang's thrilling completion of the legendary Kessel Run. The conclusion of the movie is stale, filled with cliches, and tries too hard to set the foundation for future “Solo” movies by featuring one of the most random cameos you’ll ever see in a movie (more on that in a sec, but don’t worry, no spoilers). 

That’s certainly not my only issue with the movie. 

It starts with some really lame opening text that sets the stage. The worst piece is the use of the words “mean streets” in describing the planet Solo grew up on. And the movie at times tries a little too hard to make Han an idealistic jokester. Personally, I think this is less the leftover effect of Chris Miller and Phil Lord’s involvement in the movie as one-time directors, and more on eventual director Ron Howard’s vanilla style.  
lando calrissian han solo movieHowever, there are some great elements to the story, as well. 

Young’s photography goes from smoky original “Blade Runner” vibe in the beginning to wide epic shots by the end. Glover’s Calrissian sounds like the actor who originally played him, Billy Dee Williams, and has a flawless style. He’s also paired with a sassy robot co-pilot, L3-37 (Phoebe Waller-Bridge) that is a total scene stealer. And Ehrenreich actually pulls off playing Solo, not so much by doing his best Harrison Ford impression, but instead showing us a different side of the character. This is how Solo was before the galaxy chewed up all the youthful optimism he had about life and spit him back out.

And we see the Millennium Falcon at its one-time pristine condition, which is a thrill to take in.

The biggest issue the movie has is that the screenwriters Lawrence and Jonathan Kasdan try to shoe-horn a plot twist at the end that is so unnecessary. In teasing a potential villain path for Han’s love interest in the movie, Qi’ra (Emilia Clarke), they bring back a character from the “Star Wars” saga that is a fan favorite, but is a bizarre choice to be included in this story. It certainly is going to make an uproar when general audiences see the movie, primarily because it feels so blatantly force fed. 

Like all “Star Wars” movies, there will be those who will absolutely love this movie, and there are certainly things to enjoy about it. The supporting cast — filled with veterans like Woody Harrelson, Paul Bettany, Thandie Newton, and one character voiced by Jon Favreau — are all great and mesh perfectly with the leads.

But my fear is “Solo” shows signs that Disney/Lucasfilm are hitting a point where the beloved “Star Wars” universe could be headed to a watered-down moment. Is there a need to have a “Star Wars” movie released every single year, especially with multiple “Star Wars” series coming to Disney’s streaming service in the coming years?

To this point, all the movies released so far since Disney took over Lucasfilm have been enormous money makers, so obviously the studio won’t want to slow down. But “Solo” may be the first indication that it might be time to pump the brakes and take more time to focus on the stories, and make sure everything is right (especially the creatives involved) before making a movie.

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The 10 best places to go on vacation this summer in the US, according to TripAdvisor


lake george new york adirondacks

  • TripAdvisor ranked the 10 best summer vacation destinations in the US.
  • The site measured the increase in booking interest from the spring to the summer, and also took note of airfare, hotel costs, and things to do.
  • The destinations include Mackinac Island, Michigan; Ocean City, Maryland; and Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

As temperatures rise across the United States, travelers are hard at work planning their summer getaways.

If you're having trouble choosing a summer vacation spot, TripAdvisor can give you an assist — the travel website revealed its annual list of the hottest summer destinations in the US on Tuesday.

The destinations, which range from cozy mountain towns out West and sunny beach spots on the Atlantic coast, were chosen for having the greatest increase in booking interest from the spring to the summer, according to TripAdvisor.

The site also provided information on airfare and hotel rates to give you an idea of how much you'll be spending on your trip. And if you're on a budget, have no fear: TripAdvisor's highlighted the cheapest week of the summer to visit every destination on the list.

Read on to find out where you should be planning your big summer vacation:

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10. Nantucket, Massachusetts

Average summer nightly hotel rate: $664

Average summer domestic round-trip airfare: $224 (to Logan International Airport)

Least expensive summer week to visit: May 28 (31% savings compared to national average)

Classic attraction:Whaling Museum

9. Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Average summer nightly hotel rate:$481

Average summer domestic round-trip airfare:$533 (to Jackson Hole Airport)

Least expensive summer week to visit: May 28 (20% savings compared to national average)

Classic attraction:Grand Teton Wildlife Safari

8. Anchorage, Alaska

Average summer nightly hotel rate:$331

Average summer domestic round-trip airfare:$600 (to Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport)

Least expensive summer week to visit: August 27 (9% savings compared to national average)

Classic attraction:Anchorage Trolley Tour

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A look inside the daily routine of first lady Melania Trump, who eats 7 pieces of fruit a day, is a 'full-time mom', and is finally stepping into the spotlight as first lady


melania trump

While her husband has sought out a very public life, first lady Melania Trump has chosen to remain fairly private.

She spends a lot of her time caring for their 12-year-old son Barron, calling herself a "full-time mom." Since moving to the White House last June, Trump has also taken on the many duties required of first ladies, from decorating the residence to planning official events.

Deviating from her usual schedule this week, the first lady had surgery at Walter Reed Hospital on Monday to treat a benign kidney condition.

Here's what Trump's daily routine at the White House is usually like:

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Trump rises not long after 5:30 a.m., when her husband wakes up. The couple sleeps in separate bedrooms.

Source: The Washington Post

Trump then gets their 12-year-old son, Barron, ready for school, which often entails ensuring he has his homework in his backpack.

Sources: ParentingThe Washington Post

Trump considers raising her son her "first job." Along with getting Barron up and ready for school every day, she has also made his breakfast and lunch.

Source: Parenting

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