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A hedge fund manager's song perfectly captures why Wall Street grosses some people out


pete muller performing

Every now and then we have to gather 'round and talk about why something someone on Wall Street did, or said,
represents what makes people distrust Wall Streeters in general.

We've come to one of those moments.

On Thursday Pete Muller, who runs the $5 billion quant hedge fund firm PDT Partners, played a song he wrote about a divorced billionaire at a Wall Street charity events.

Here are the lyrics that he sang with a female singer in his band:

"You want my body / she likes my money ... maybe we can find love," the two sang. "I know you've been looking for some real satisfaction / It could be a mutually beneficial transaction / Why don't we solidify our animal attraction? / Come on baby, let's do this trade."


Muller said he got the idea for the lyrics from his friend Ken. Whatever. It doesn't matter, because this isn't about Muller or his friend Ken. It's about a Wall Street norm — older men having younger girlfriends — that for some reason, makes people hate Wall Street.

You see, as Muller played the song, some people in the audience cringed.

And this is actually kind of weird if you think about it. Despite the number of strange, loaded transactions we face in society — and all the ways different kinds of relationships have become acceptable — this particular one is still uncomfortably transactional for some reason.

This is despite a bunch of arguments for why this isn't a big deal that I've heard on the Street: *'Well, they're both adults and they know what they're getting into' and/or 'Whatever, he's the man!'  

I've even heard women argue that this relationship can be a form of female empowerment — forget the objectification of women. It doesn't matter. It's a seemingly simple quid pro quo that still creeps people out. And there's a bunch of social and economic theory about why it does.

Social exchange theory

Principle among these theories is social exchange theory. Basically, according to sociologist George Homans, humans judge all relationships and exchanges based on a cost benefit analysis. Like a perfect trade in the market, it's a pretty rational tit for tat. 

The way Homans saw it, social reactions basically involved people repeating actions they get rewarded for. The more they get rewarded, the more likely they are to go back to the well. Also, the more they've been rewarded, the less interested they are in the reward. 

That's how people make decisions about what they're going to do in relationships.

Does that sound familiar? It sounds a lot like the life cycle of a man who is dating a woman because she's young and attractive and then dumps her when she's not young and attractive anymore. Money, you see, much more often ages like a fine wine than people do.

Anyway, Homans thought of all that in the 1950s and since then that idea has been complicated. That's because in social relationships, value is often more complicated and irrational. Reciprocity and value, in an invisible social exchange, are more constantly in flux than people think. 

In social relationships, you can't go dollar for dollar. Men who date younger women don't just do it for their bodies, they do it for status sometimes. Other times they do it because they're afraid to get old and die. They do it because it makes them feel powerful.

You see, ultimately this tit for tat tells us more about a man.

And when society reads all those other meanings into the relationship they see it's not just a simple body to money transaction. They see a lot of dark uncomfortable things they think about age and money. A signal goes off that says people who simplify this transaction are in a sense, playing themselves. Over simplifying the situation masks this complication.

the wolf of wall street

Words mean things

This is the part where I qualify a few things. No, not every Wall Streeter thinks this behavior is acceptable. No, not every relationship that involves an older rich man and a younger woman is this kind of transaction. Sometimes it actually does fulfill the qualifications we check off when we think of a transaction between romantic partners — namely trust and a mutual attraction to each other's personalities.

That said, there's another reason this bothers people. This particular tit for tat is not the transaction we as a society allow you to say it is — a romantic partnership that, as I said above, is mostly based on trust and mutual attraction.

We (everyone) let you refer to it as a romantic partnership in public because that's how society marches on harmoniously. In reality it's more like the relationship between an employer and an employee. A service is transacted for a fee as this song outlines.

Of course again, the details of the services and the fee are way sadder and heavier than Pete Muller's song would suggest. Knowing that instinctively, we are active participants in this arrangement when we acknowledge along with you that this transaction is a standard romantic partnership. 

The fact that this relationship is a norm on Wall Street — yes, I get it not everyone does it — makes people uncomfortable with Wall Street in general. It makes some people think, 'this is what these money dudes do with their money?'

It makes other people think, 'these dudes are playing themselves.'


*I know you fools in the comments section don't even try me.

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The 10 best luxury hotels in Europe


corinthia hotel london

Whether it's because of their luxurious amenities, plush furnishings, or ideal location, some hotels just stand above the rest. 

U.S. News & World Report recently compiled a ranking of the best hotels in Europe, combining guest ratings from TripAdvisor with the accolades a property has earned from experts in the travel industry. They also considered a hotel's class rating, prioritizing five-star hotels.

Keep scrolling to see where you should stay on your next trip to Europe.

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10. Hôtel Plaza Athénée — Paris, France

This five-star hotel is famous for its red geraniums and matching awnings. It's also praised for its attentive service and prime location within a mile of the Eiffel Tower and Champs-Élysées.

9. The Milestone Hotel — London, England

The 62-room Milestone Hotel, located just across from Kensington Gardens, used to be a home for ambassadors. Now it's known for its attentive service, which includes the option to be chauffeured around London in a Bentley.

8. Corinthia Hotel London — London, England

This hotel has stunning penthouse suites, an ideal location, and top-notch restaurants, but what's truly impressive is its spa: the four-floor space has 17 treatment rooms, heated lounge chairs, a steam room, and a lap pool. 

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Take a look inside New York City’s hottest Halloween party, a masquerade ball where guests paid $300 just to get in


Marco Di Lauro:Getty Images

The Nomad Hotel's annual Halloween masquerade ball is one of the hottest tickets in New York City — and this year's party was no exception.

At $300 a person, the black-tie party let masked guests have free rein of the trendy hotel's ground floor, while second-floor guest rooms were reserved for Halloween-themed adventures. 

Keep scrolling to see highlights from this year's party, which was packed with stylish people and sold out several weeks in advance. Masks were required for entry.

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Tired of tacky Halloween celebrations, restaurateur Will Guidara (left) and chef Daniel Humm (right) began hosting the masquerade ball four years ago.

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


Guidara and Humm take food seriously (the hotel's restaurant, NoMad, has a Michelin star, and their other restaurant, Eleven Madison Park, has three), so delicious snacks could be enjoyed throughout the night.

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


Musicians graced the stage ...

Instagram Embed:
Width: 658px


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Here's the salary you have to earn to buy a home in 19 major US cities


san diego california

In the market for a home? Mortgage site HSH.com has updated its estimate of how much annual income a household would need to buy a home in major metropolitan areas in the US, according to first-quarter 2016 data.

The site highlights a few differences from last quarter:

• The Denver metro area has made a significant price surge — more so than any other analyzed

• Seattle is more affordable than the Washington DC metro area for the first time in the site's years of analysis

The site looked at median home prices from the National Association of Realtors. It took into account interest rates for common 30-year fixed-rate mortgages and property taxes and insurance costs to figure out how much money it would take to pay a median-priced home's mortgage, taxes, and insurance in each city, and how much you'd have to earn to afford it.

HSH.com emphasizes that this is only the base cost of owning a home — maintenance and other incidentals aren't included in its calculations.

The site also calculated how it would change the salary needed to buy a home if a buyer were to put 10% down instead of the recommended 20%. No matter where you are, putting down less makes things more expensive — you can visit HSH.com to see both numbers.

Salaries are listed from lowest to highest needed, and are rounded to the nearest $500.

SEE ALSO: Here's how much you need to earn to live comfortably in 15 major US cities while still saving money

19. San Antonio

Population: 1,409,000

Median Home Price: $195,500

Monthly Mortgage Payment: $1,096

Salary Needed to Buy: $47,000

18. Orlando

Population: 255,483

Median Home Price: $207,600

Monthly Mortgage Payment: $1,112

Salary Needed to Buy: $45,500

17. Minneapolis

Population: 407,207

Median Home Price: $222,800

Monthly Mortgage Payment: $1,154

Salary Needed to Buy: $49,500

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We're convinced the $200,000 McLaren 570GT could be your everyday car

12 Halloween photos that show how the holiday has changed in America over the last 100 years


georgetown witch of salem halloween

Halloween has an extensive history, dating back to Celtic rituals 2,000 years ago.

In the US, the holiday fuels an entire industry, with millions of Americans spending billions on Halloween costumes each year, according to the National Retail Foundation. Before the 1920s, Halloween costumes were more commonly handmade, and were simpler and more terrifying.

But over the course of American history, Halloween costumes have become more complex, interesting, and (in some cases) tawdry.

Take a look to see how Halloween costumes have changed over the course of the last century.

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In the 1910s, before the mass-production of Halloween costumes, people relied on handmade masks. In many ways, the imperfections made them creepier.

This photo shows three female students headed to a costume party in the Lakewood, New Jersey area in the late 1910s.

The practice of bobbing for apples also dates back to Celtic practices. It's remained popular throughout American history, as you can see in this Halloween photo from 1943.

Source: History.com


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MAP: The most popular Halloween candy in every US state


Texans prefer candy corn, Alaskans want Snickers, and Californians like Lifesavers best.  

That's according to a recent survey by Influenster, a website that hosts product reviews. The company asked 40,000 people across the US for their favorite Halloween candy and then sorted those with the most votes by state.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups came out the most popular nationwide, but states differ widely in their preferences. Take a look at the results below.

BI Graphics_Most popular halloween candy

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Spectacular photos show how Hindus all over the world celebrate Diwali — the Festival of Lights



Hindus around the world came together over the weekend to celebrate Diwali, otherwise known as the festival of lights.

Diwali is considered one of the most auspicious times of the year for Hindus, and it marks the beginning of a new year in the Hindu calendar. 

Though Diwali itself is one day, the rituals typically last over a five-day period, during which people celebrate by gathering with friends and family, lighting candles and firecrackers, and creating festive decorations meant to invite Goddess Lakshmi – the Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity – into their homes. 

In addition to India, Diwali is also widely celebrated in countries like Britain, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the United States. 

Devotees light candles at a Gurdwara, or Sikh temple, during celebrations to mark Bandi Chhorh Divas, which coincides with the Hindu festival of Diwali, in Chandigarh, India.

A woman colors earthen lamps for sale ahead of the Hindu festival of Diwali in Mumbai, India.

Children play with balloons during Diwali celebrations in Leicester, Britain.

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14 houses built in seemingly impossible locations


meteora monasteries

Everyone needs some form of shelter, but not everyone is happy with urban or even suburban lifestyles.

Some prefer to live as far away from other people as possible.

In the most extreme cases, that means going where no dwellers have gone before.

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Near the Serbian town of Bajina Basta, a house built in 1968 has stood for nearly 50 years on top of a rock in the middle of the River Drina.

Similarly, the island known as "Just Room Enough Island" is one of the famous Thousand Islands that straddle the US-Canada border in the Saint Lawrence River. There are a few lawn chairs out front on the family's tiny beach.

Humans have been seeking out remote locations for a long time. Approximately 300 years ago, Iceland's Elliðaey Island was home to five families who hosted passing puffin hunters. As if the hulk of floating rock wasn't isolated enough, the families also built a fence around their property.

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9 different ways to style your mustache for 'Movember'


November is upon us, and that means social media is about to be flooded with pictures of facial hair thanks to the online fundraising campaign #Movember. We've put together a short video guide to some various styles in case you need a little inspiration.

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Photos show how different family meal time looks in busy homes across America



Studies have repeatedly shown the benefits of having a set family meal time every day. Research has shown that the benefits are especially pronounced in children, who often show higher achievement scores and are generally more physically fit when they reguarly eat a daily meal with their families.

But what family meal time looks like in each individual household can vary greatly, which is something photographer Lois Bielefeld wanted to explore in her series "Weeknight Dinners."

Bielefeld, who's represented by Portrait Society Gallery, visited 78 households to see how families are sitting down for dinner every night. Focusing on weeknights, when people usually have less free time, she found that there were some major differences in how famillies spent the meal together.

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As a child, Bielefeld was highly involved in her family meals. "I've always loved food," she told Business Insider. "One of my chores growing up was to make a weekend meal for the family. I could make whatever I wanted, but I needed to follow a recipe."

For "Weeknight Dinners," Bielefeld wanted to explore people's habits and nightly rituals.

"I love to see the similarities and differences in people with a topic that has commonality — we all eat," she said.

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There's a patch that could fix your peanut allergy problem


1601,1550 Viaskin applique

An estimated 1.5 million children in the US are allergic to peanuts, an allergy that can often be so severe that the child who's allergic can't be in the same room as a peanut without their body freaking out and shutting down. 

To counter that extreme reaction, researchers are working on a patch that works to lessen that severity. On October 26, a study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found that the patch was safe and gave a "modest" treatment response.

The phase 2 trial looked at 74 participants aged 4-25 and randomly assigned them to either placebo, a 100 microgram patch, or a 250-microgram patch.

Over the course of the year that they were asked to wear the patches, the participants were asked to either eat 5 grams of peanut protein or had to eat 10 times more peanut protein than they could when they started the trial. By the end, 11 of the 24 people in the 100 microgram group could meet one of these two endpoints, along with 12 of the 25 people in the 250 micogram group. For comparison, three people in the placebo group were also able to hit one of these endpoints. The study noted that the treatments were more effective in the participants that were under the age of 11.

In December 2015, the patch entered a phase 3 trial, which will set the company up for the FDA to decide whether it wants to approve it. 

How the patch works

DBV Technologies, the French biotechnology company behind the patch, calls the approach to treating severe allergies an "epicutaneous immunotherapy," which means the immune-system-targeting drug is delivered through the skin. DBV is the first company to use this technology.

Inside each patch is a sprayed-on sample of peanut protein. Once you put it on, the protein makes its way into your immune system through your skin. Since it's delivered this way, the allergen never makes it to the blood stream, which would cause the allergic reaction you're trying to avoid. 

Ideally when worn every day for a year, as shown in this study, the patch could make it possible for people with peanut allergies to consume a small amount of peanuts. For example, if someone who started using the patch initially couldn't tolerate eating 1/10th of one whole peanut, she could ideally eat roughly a handful of peanuts without any reaction after a few years of daily use. The exact timeline for how long it takes for the patch to reach that particular level is still being pinned down.

Still, a small improvement could make a big difference.

"When you cannot afford more than a 10th of a peanut that’s really progress," David Schilansky, DBV's Chief Operating Officer told Business Insider in December 2015.

That's very different from the way allergies are typically treated in practice: Before this immunotherapy method, the only way to lessen an allergic reaction was through "desensitization," a process in which you gradually introduce small amounts of the allergen into your body, in the case of peanut allergies, by eating the peanut outright. 

The problem with this method is that it can be very risky since it can cause an allergic reaction that spreads throughout the body through the blood stream. Other, more common methods, for treating allergies have been focused around treating the symptoms of the allergic reaction; i.e. using antihistamines like Benadryl or shots of epinephrine in extreme cases.

What causes allergies?

Allergies are your immune system's response to a substance that may not be harmful to others. They're the sixth leading cause of chronic disease in the US. According to the CDC, an estimated 4-6% of children in the US have food allergies, with peanuts being one of the worst offenders.

The patch is being studied for its effects on children aged four to 11 who can benefit the most from having less severe allergies. 

Allergies can be constant and life-threatening,  Schilansky said. With children, the problem can be even scarier. Schilansky said that the piece of mind that comes with knowing your child won't have an extreme allergic reaction is what DBV's Viaskin is all about. 

"This is a new method of immunotherapy," Pierre-Henri Benhamou, DBV's CEO, told Business Insider in December 2015, which means there will be a lot of room to expand. Up next, Benhamou said the company is continuing research on using the patch for other food allergies such as milk and eggs — among the most common food allergies — and other non-food allergies that are connected to asthma. And after that, DBV plans to explore allergy vaccines that would ideally keep allergies from happening.

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There's really only one way to correctly grow a mustache



November is here, and while some of you may still be in a candy-induced coma, others are taking sharp blades to their face in order to sculpt the perfect facial hair.

It's for a good cause, of course — "Movember" started as a month-long fundraiser for men's health initiatives, and it called on guys to grow out their mustaches.

But whether they're doing it for charity or just for fun, "Movember" has men wearing a type of facial hair mostly left in the dust bins of history: the mustache.

If you're going to grow one, you might as well get it right. Mustaches are tricky, and they require more upkeep and care than stubble or fully shaved looks.

Here are a few tips to nail it so you look more like Ron Swanson and less like Dick Dastardly.

  • First things first: You're going to have to learn how to shape it. Envision the shape in your mind, covering all of your lip with a bit of overhang. Your mustache should extend farther than the end of your lips, but to a reasonable degree. Too wide and it'll look bushy, too thin and you'll look evil.
  • Trim just under your nose, and make sure the hairs don't extend down past your lip line too far. If the hairs get a bit scraggly, trim a bit of the length all over with an electric shaver fitted with a guard attachment.
  • You can use either an electric or regular razor, but it's much easier for an electric razor to get the precision required for shaping a mustache. I'd recommend a full razor shave for the rest of your face, and using an electric precision trimmer for the more precise bits of your mustache.
  • Another note: The mustache requires upkeep. You'll have to shave regularly to keep the distinction between your mustache and the rest of your facial hair apparent. You're also going to have to trim more often to keep it neat. This isn't like stubble where you can wait a day or two in between shaves. 
  • For care, brush it down with your fingers or a comb if it starts to look unkempt. Apply a bit of beard oil sporadically if the skin underneath gets scratchy or itchy. Don't worry about mustache wax unless you're going for a more creative look.

If that's a bit more than you bargained for, don't stress out. Next to well-kempt stubble, mustaches are the easiest facial hair to have and maintain.

After all, it's worth it since it's all for a good cause. Right?

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If you're going to let your beard grow out, here's the most important thing to remember


Growing a beard isn't easy for everyone. Patchy spots and stubborn growth can thwart even the most stalwart of beard-growers this No-Shave November.

But some men have the opposite problem: too much growth in the wrong places — also known as the "neck beard." It's gross, frankly. This kind of beard is best exemplified by the unkempt Shia LeBeouf when he was photographed for his "#allmymovies" art project last year, where he watched all of his movies back to back in one sitting in a movie theater in New York City.

It looks like this:

Shia Labeouf

LeBeouf's unkempt beard is a classic example of one in need of a serious trim, as well as some extra help around the neckline. While it doesn't affect all men who grow their beards out, it does affect the vast majority.

There's an easy way to tell. Ask yourself this question: Does your beard hair extend further down your neck than the imaginary line that separates your neck and underchin?

If the answer to the question is yes, you're in dire need of a neckline trim. Luckily, this problem is easily rectified with the help of your preferred shaving implement and some knowledge. Here's how you should tackle it:

  • First, imagine a line that extends from the bottom of your ear down, following the imaginary crook between your jaw and your underchin, and your neck. That line should be about an inch and a half above your Adam's apple, but of course it's different for everyone based on your proportions.
  • Then, simply shave off everything below the line, using shaving cream and going with the grain. Try to keep that line as neat as possible, as it is the new "edge" of your beard. (If you're using an electric shaver, use the edging attachment.)

Here's a visual representation:

shia skitch

Unless you're super particular, there's no need to make the line absolutely perfect. It is underneath your chin after all, so you shouldn't obsess over it too much.

It does get a bit tricky around the line where your beard turns from being perpendicular to your ear to pointing towards your Adam's apple. Here you have two options: either square the edge, which is a more masculine look, or round it out. If you have a rounder face you might want to make the edge square, and if you have a squarer face, a rounder edge might give your face some more depth.

And that's all there is to it! Follow these steps, and you'll never have to worry about the dreaded neck beard again. Make sure to follow my simple shaving guide as well, so that the shaving doesn't irritate your skin and cause you to break out underneath your neck.

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Heidi Klum's Halloween party is one of the hottest tickets in town — here's what it's like inside


GettyImages 619593832

It's no secret that Heidi Klum's favorite holiday is Halloween — she's been crowned the "Queen of Halloween" because of the incredible costumes she comes up with each year.

The supermodel has hosted epic costume parties for those within the fashion and entertainment industry for the past 17 years, and she has always dressed to impress.

This year was no different. The star-studded party was hosted at New York's hottest "clubstaurant," Vandal, and the costumes did not disappoint. Scroll ahead to take a look at the night's best costumes.

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This year, Klum technically dressed up as herself, but she added five look-alikes who had prosthetic makeup done to look exactly like Klum. Together, they were clones of the supermodel.

The "sextuplets" got ready at a $16 million penthouse that had magnificent views of the Manhattan skyline. Booking.com and Douglas Elliman Real Estate let her borrow the penthouse for the night.

Source: Booking.com

Before Klum arrived with her entourage, guests began gracing the red carpet at Vandal. Actress Gabrielle Union arrived dressed like a race-car driver.

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SELF-MADE BILLIONAIRE: My best advice on how to make money

A $2.4 billion twisting Chinese tower was just named the most beautiful skyscraper in the world


Shanghai tower

Emporis, a real estate data mining company, just announced the winners of its 2015 Skyscraper Awards, which judges new skyscrapers based on design and functionality.

The Shanghai Tower, located in the Chinese city center, came out on top. Completed in 2015, the 127-story glass skyscraper appears to rotate around an axis, twisting up toward the sky. The jury said in a statement that the tower won for its architectural excellence, both in design and function.

A photo posted by Fen (@peckfen) on

To qualify for the awards, buildings must be at least 328 feet tall. The Shanghai Tower stretches 2,073 feet, making it the world's second tallest building behind the Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai. The tower took nearly seven years to complete and had an estimated construction cost of $2.4 billion.

Height isn't the only impressive characteristic of the Tower, which was designed bythe American architectural firm Gensler and Chinese architect Jun Xia. It also features the world’s fastest elevatorsthe world’s highest restaurant, an observation deck, and a swimming pool with a view. Inside, there are offices, shops, and restaurants.

The second place winner, Moscow's Evolution Tower, has a twisted glass facade that's similar to the Shanghai Tower.

Gaining popularity especially in the Middle East and Asia, twisted towers are fast becoming an architectural trend for megatall skyscrapers. As Dezeen points out, technological advancements in engineering and construction have encouraged the profileration of twisted skyscrapers, which rethink the traditional, linear tower.

Thumbnails by lesuisse and jerry_mor

SEE ALSO: 11 of the most stunning twisted towers around the world

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APPLY NOW: Business Insider is hiring a paid copyediting intern for winter 2017


business insider newsroom

Business Insider is hiring a paid copyediting intern to work in our New York City office this winter.

This person will be responsible for editing copy on-screen for grammar, punctuation, spelling, sense, and Business Insider style.

We are looking for someone who can work quickly and independently, sometimes without the luxury of querying reporters and other editors.

Attention to detail is necessary but so is speed.


  • Professional experience copyediting, preferably for a newspaper or news website.
  • Familiarity with AP style, content-management systems, social media, and instant messaging.
  • Team player with a positive attitude and a sense of humor.
  • Pass a two-part editing test, on page and on-screen.

APPLY HEREwith a résumé and cover letter.

Please note that this internship requires that you work in our Manhattan office. Interns are encouraged to work full-time (40 hours a week) if their schedule allows.

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The best steakhouses in America, according to OpenTable


bowery meat company

Restaurants may be more innovative than ever these days, but still, nothing beats a classic steakhouse meal.

To help you find the best one near you, reservation booking site OpenTable has released its annual 100 Best Steakhouses in America list, which is based on more than 5 million reviews from OpenTable diners. Only restaurants that could be booked in the site's "steak" cuisine category were considered, and chains with multiple winning locations were counted once. 

As for the winners, California, Illinois, and Texas made a strong showing with 17 restaurants each, while New York had 14 steakhouses make the list.

22 Bowens Wine Bar and Grille– Newport, Rhode Island

801 Chophouse– Clayton, Missouri

Abe and Louie's– Multiple Locations

Al Biernat's– Dallas, Texas

Arrowhead Grill– Glendale, Arizona

The Avenue Steak Tavern– Columbus, Ohio

B&B Butchers & Restaurant– Houston, Texas

Baltaire– Los Angeles, California

Barclay Prime– Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Bavettes– Chicago, Illinois

Bazaar Meat by José Andrés-SLS Las Vegas– Las Vegas, Nevada

Benny's Chop House– Chicago, Illinois

BLT Steak DC– Washington, D.C.

BOA Steakhouse-Sunset– West Hollywood, California

Bob's Steak and Chop House– Grapevine, Texas

Bohanan's Prime Steaks and Seafood– San Antonio, Texas

Bones– Atlanta, Georgia

Boston Chops– Boston, Massachusetts

Bowery Meat Company– New York, New York

Butcher & Singer– Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Butcher & the Boar– Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Capital Grille– Multiple Locations

Carlo & Johnny– Cincinnati, Ohio

Chama Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse– Downers Grove, Illinois

Chamberlain's Steak & Chop House– Dallas, Texas

Chicago Cut Steakhouse– Chicago, Illinois

chicago cut steakhouseChops Lobster Bar– Multiple Locations

Club A Steakhouse– New York, New York

Cole's Chop House– Napa, California

Connor's Steak & Seafood– Huntsville, Alabama

Craftsteak-MGM Grand– Las Vegas, Nevada

CUT at The Palazzo Las Vegas– Las Vegas, Nevada

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House– Multiple Locations

Delmonico Steakhouse– Multiple Locations

Eddie Merlot's– Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Elway's Cherry Creek– Denver, Colorado

Fleming's Steakhouse– Newport Beach, California

Gallagher's Steakhouse– New York, New York

Gibson's Bar & Steakhouse– Multiple Locations

Gordon Ramsay Steak-Paris Las Vegas– Las Vegas, Nevada

Guard & Grace– Denver, Colorado

Hal's-Buckhead– Atlanta, Georgia

Halls Chophouse– Charleston, South Carolina

Halls Chophouse

Harris' – San Francisco, California

Harry & Izzy's-Downtown– Indianapolis, Indiana

Harry Caray's Italian Steakhouse– Chicago, Illinois

House of Prime Rib– San Francisco, California

Hy's Steak House-Waikiki– Honolulu, Hawaii

III Forks– Dallas, Texas

Island Prime– San Diego, California

Gilbert's-Wood Fired Steaks & Seafood– Multiple Locations

Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse– Cincinnati, Ohio

John Howie Steak– Bellevue, Washington

Kayne Prime– Nashville, Tennessee

Keens Steakhouse– New York, New York

The Keg Steakhouse + Bar– Gilbert, Arizona

Killen's Steakhouse– Pearland, Texas

Knife & Fork Inn– Atlantic City, New Jersey

Lawry's The Prime Rib– Multiple Locations

Little Alley Steak– Roswell, Georgia

Lolinda– San Francisco, California

Manny's Steakhouse– Minneapolis, Minnesota

Maple & Ash– Chicago, Illinois

Mastro's– Multiple Locations

The Metropolitan Grill– Seattle, Washington

Musso & Frank Grill– Los Angeles, California

musso and frank

Nick & Sam's Steakhouse– Dallas, Texas

Oak Steakhouse– Charleston, South Carolina

Ocean Prime-Boston Seaport– Boston, Massachusetts

Palm Restaurant– Washington, D.C.

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse– Multiple Locations

Perry's Steakhouse & Grille– Multiple Locations

Porterhouse Steak and Seafood– Multiple Locations

Portland City Grill– Portland, Oregon

The Precinct– Cincinnati, Ohio

Prime-Bellagio Hotel– Las Vegas, Nevada

Quality Italian– New York, New York

quality italian ny

Red O– Newport Beach, California

RingSide Steakhouse-Uptown– Portland, Oregon

Roast-A Michael Symon Restaurant– Detroit, Michigan

Roka Akor– Multiple Locations

RPM Steak– Chicago, Illinois

Russell's Steaks, Chops, and More– Williamsville, New York

Ruth's Chris Steak House– Multiple Locations

Shanahan's Steakhouse– Denver, Colorado

The Southern– Nashville, Tennessee

St. Elmo Steak House– Indianapolis, Indiana

Steak 44– Phoenix, Arizona

Steak 48– Houston, Texas

Steak 954 at the W Fort Lauderdale– Fort Lauderdale, Florida

THE Steak House at Circus Circus– Las Vegas, Nevada

STK-The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas– Las Vegas, Nevada

stk las vegas

Strip House– Multiple Locations

Sundance The Steakhouse– Palo Alto, California

SW Steakhouse-Wynn Las Vegas– Las Vegas, Nevada

Swift & Sons– Chicago, Illinois

Tony's of Lexington– Lexington, Kentucky

Top of the World Restaurant-Stratosphere Hotel– Las Vegas, Nevada

Vic & Anthony's Steakhouse– Houston, Texas

WiseGuys Steak & Lounge– Hilton Head, South Carolina

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These modular hurricane-proof homes cost less than $200,000 to build


cubicco house rendering 1

Dutch company Cubicco has created a flat-pack, modular, prefabricated, hurricane-proof home that can be built for less than $200,000. And it could soon come to the Caribbean and Florida.

The Cubicco home, which is made up of laminated wood and cork, is designed to hold up to the high-velocity hurricane codes in Florida's Miami-Dade County. That means buildings must be able to withstand 185 mph winds, have impact-resistant glass, and be elevated off the ground. Other parts of the home, including hurricane-rated windows and doors, layers of plywood sheathing, and insulation, give it additional hurricane resistance.

The units can be stood on stilts, moved around and disassembled. Because the homes are prefabricated, building crews can simply get trained to assemble the Cubicco units, get the parts shipped to a desired location, and complete construction in a few months. The structures' modular design also means they can be combined into small villages or larger homes.

The homes have a few optional bells and whistles to increase sustainability as well, including a water reclaiming system, spots for solar panels on the roof, and open slats that allow for geothermal heating and cooling.

The price for construction is generally below $200,000 before finishes, flooring, and appliances, though it depends on square footage. The company says that units usually cost about $175 per square foot to construct.

It's a high-tech, almost IKEA-like solution to housing, a "future-proof" home that can withstand tropical storms and usher people toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

cubicco porchThe company has already sold some individual homes to customers in Florida, but this week, it will begin work on its first group housing development in the Caribbean. Cubicco designer Marcio Gomes da Cruz tells Business Insider that the company has residential projects underway in the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos. 

Cubicco is an appealing model on those islands for several reasons. First, the designs are built to be hurricane resistant, a definite plus given how badly Haiti was recently hit by Hurricane Matthew. Second, the prefabricated construction process is more convenient since some materials can be hard to come by in island locations. And third, the construction doesn't create a lot of waste, which is an important consideration in places without much landfill space. 

"Disposal is very expensive in the Caribbean — when you want to get rid of a dumpster full of construction debris, it's kind of an issue," da Cruz says. 

Da Cruz won't yet say where the specific developments are located, or how many units will be in each project. But he says the company expects to finish them in the next few months.

Cubicco is now focusing on large-scale projects like these, and has stopped selling straight to individual customers. Da Cruz says part of the reason is that consumers generally look for the cheapest housing available.

"Most people in Florida will come to us because they love the idea and they love what we're doing. But when it comes down to dollars and cents, they don't want to pay for it," he says. "They don't want to pay for the additional installation. They don't want to pay for the water reclaiming system. So it's the kind of thing that, if you don't care about the environment, we're not the company for you." 

Cubicco's design has been approved under Florida's building codes for modular units in Florida (which pertains to everything but the foundation), but the homes cost more than traditionally constructed houses because of their sustainable, storm-resistant features.

"We are not affordable housing," da Cruz says. "We're a higher end product that can be achieved for relatively decent price per square foot." 

So while some buyers in Florida are still ignoring climate warnings and snatching up weather- and flood-susceptible properties, Caribbean homeowners will soon get a new, more disaster-proof option.

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