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    Rodeo Drive

    • Many retailers are closing stores, but luxury still seems to be thriving.
    • Cushman & Wakefield has crunched the numbers to find the most expensive streets shopping streets in America.
    • These shopping areas have thrived despite the retail apocalypse.


    If there's a retail apocalypse going on, nobody told the stores on 5th Avenue.

    The upper reaches of the Manhattan street again ranked as the most expensive place in the US to rent space for a retail store. It's the most expensive shopping street in the country as well as the world, according to a new report by commercial real estate firm Cushman & Wakefield.

    It seems that though many stores are indeed closing, the trend is mostly impacting lower-priced mall locations — and not the main streets in the US' biggest cities.

    "While there has been a lot of discussion around store closures, the main high street markets have not been as adversely affected as some of the headlines might suggest," the report reads. 

    Here are the most expensive shopping streets in America: 

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    9. Walnut Street — Philadelphia

    Like many other cities, Philadelphia has gotten a retail boost from e-commerce-based brands that have opened stores in major shopping areas. The rent on Walnut Street averages $125 per square foot a year. 

    8. Newbury Street — Boston

    Boston's famous shopping street also has stores from e-commerce-based brands, but it's famous in its own right. That's good enough to command $130 per square foot in rent per year.

    7. Worth Avenue — Palm Beach

    Palm Beach's pricey boutiques also have pricey rent. It costs an average of $145 a square foot per year to rent on the main street, Worth Avenue.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Lisbon, Portugal

    • In 2016, travel writers predicted that Portugal would be a hot spot for tourists. 
    • This year, the country saw a record-breaking number of visitors.
    • Planned travel for the first quarter of 2018 is already up by 86% compared to last year.


    Portugal has quickly become a top destination for tourists.

    And it's not just over the summer— travelers are making their way to Portugal during its off-season in larger numbers than ever before. According to American Express Travel, planned trips to Portugal are up 86% for January through March 2018, compared with the same period this year. 

    Colder temperatures are a trade-off for shorter lines and lower prices for accommodations during the off-season.

    Below, we've compiled photos from the photo-sharing app EyeEm to show the gorgeous sights Portugal has to offer year-round.

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    Portugal received its name from the Latin "portus cale," which means "warm harbor."

    Source: Travel + Leisure

    Portugal's high travel season runs from July through August.

    Source: Lonely Planet

    During those times, warm ocean waters have the beaches packed with swimmers ...

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Top image

    No traditional Thanksgiving dinner is complete without a glistening turkey to compliment that heaping pile of mashed potatoes and gravy.

    For those of us eating turkey this Thanksgiving, there are some facts you should know, first. Facts about flying turkeys, frozen turkeys, and the sad secret of the lucky pardoned turkey that might not be so lucky.

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    DON'T MISS: The turkey you're about to eat weighs twice as much as it did a few decades ago




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    mandalay bay las vegas

    • Hundreds of victims of the Las Vegas shooting are filing lawsuits against the operator of the hotel where the gunman was staying.
    • The lawsuits argue that the hotel and its parent company should have taken greater security measures.
    • If the victims win in court, it could change how hotels handle security.


    Hundreds of victims of the Las Vegas shooting have filed lawsuits against the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino and its parent company MGM Resorts International.

    Several lawsuits — the largest of which was filed on behalf of 450 people— attempt to hold MGM legally liable for the shooting, which killed 58 people and injured hundreds more. Victims are additionally suing the shooter Stephen Paddock's estate and the concert organizer Live Nation Entertainment Inc. as well as, in some cases, the manufacturer of the bump stocks that allowed Paddock to fire as if he were using automatic weapons.

    The crux of the lawsuits' arguments is that MGM and the Mandalay Bay failed to take preventive measures that might have foiled the attack. Plaintiffs argue that staff members should have been better trained to spot red flags with Paddock.

    Over the three days between when Paddock checked in to the hotel and fired from his window at a concert across the street, Paddock took at least 10 suitcases filled with firearms into his room. Police officials said Paddock also constructed an elaborate surveillance system in the hotel, placing two cameras in the hallway outside his suite — one on a service cart — as well as a camera in his door's peephole.

    New decision is ominous for Mandalay Bay

    mandalay bay windows las vegas shooting

    In October, the Nevada Supreme Court found that MGM could be held liable in a 2010 assault on a California couple at one of the company's hotels, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported. The court ruled that the attack was “foreseeable” because there had been similar cases of violence at the hotel.

    The question of whether the Las Vegas shooting was foreseeable is at the center of the Mandalay Bay lawsuits.

    With several high-profile mass shootings having taken place in the US before the Las Vegas shooting, attorneys may argue that hotels and other venues should know to expand measures to try to prevent them, legal experts told Business Insider before any cases were filed.

    "Foreseeability is one of the key components of liability," said Dick Hudak, a managing partner of Resort Security Consulting.

    Heidi Li Feldman, a professor at Georgetown Law School, says it's "entirely feasible" that an attorney would make this argument based on the fact that mass shootings have taken place at other entertainment venues.

    "If Congress isn't regulating gun ownership, it is going to be private parties ... who end up regulating their own premises," Feldman said.

    The hotel industry has no national standards for security, and hotels aren't typically held accountable for guests' behavior. But if any of the hundreds of victims suing Mandalay Bay win their case, it could set a new precedent for the way hotels handle security.

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    malm skitch

    • Ikea is reissuing its recall on Malm dressers and chests. 
    • Eight children have reportedly died after furniture from the line tipped on top of them. 
    • The company is offering full refunds. 


    Ikea is recalling the Malm dresser again, after another toddler was reportedly crushed by the furniture. 

    On Tuesday, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) announced a new recall of the Malm dresser following a newly reported toddler death. In May, a two-year-old in Buena Park, California, reportedly died after being trapped under an unanchored Malm chest that tipped over.

    Ikea is offering full refunds for the dresser, which costs $70 to $200, if it was manufactured from 2002 to 2016. 

    Alternately, customers can request a free wall-anchoring kit for the dressers to prevent them from tipping over on small children. 

    The recall impacts 17.3 million million chests and dressers from Ikea's Malm series.

    The CPSC renewed the recall after previously recalled Ikea chests and dressers were blamed in eight reports of tip-over-related child deaths.

    Other reports include a 22-month-old in Minnesota named Theodore McGee, who died in February when Ikea's Malm chest of drawers toppled over on him. A two-year-old boy from West Chester, Pennsylvania, also died after an unanchored Malm chest tipped over and pinned him to his bed, according to CPSC.

    According to Ikea, the company has received 186 reports of Malm chests and dressers tipping over, including 91 reports of the line injuring children. Ikea has also received 113 reports of other recalled Ikea chests and dressers tipping over, resulting in 53 reported injuries. 

    Ikea discontinued sales of the Malm furniture line in 2016, when the first toddler deaths were reported. 

    To claim the refund or anchoring kit, customers should contact Ikea at 866-856-4532 or online at

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    NOW WATCH: Here's what candy corn is actually made of — it may surprise you

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    Passengers board their flight at Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia, November 23, 2015. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

    I'm on record saying that air travel is an awful experience for the most part and has been for my entire life. I came to this conclusion long before United Airlines' had a dismaying experience with a passenger who was dragged off a plane by police.

    As negative as I can be about the miseries of flight, over the years I've come up with some hacks that make it bearable. I put some of these to work on recent flights to Europe, Utah, and California, in fact.

    Here are eight ways to make flying less stressful during the hectic holiday travel season:

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    1. Make a day of it.

    Modern air travel is so much faster relative to what most people used to endure — long train, boat, or car rides — that we've come to believe that we'll be whisked from point A to point B with no deleterious effects.

    This is foolish. Just because your flight is two hours doesn't mean that's all the time you'll be committing to the journey. You could get stuck in traffic on the way to the airport. You could be delayed at check-in or security. The flight itself could leave late. You could get bumped! You could miss a connection. And on and on.

    Add to that the stress you'll endure if you fly coach, with a cramped seat, and you're confronting an ordeal. 

    My practice is to write off the travel day. Even if my flight is just a couple of hours, I plan to spend the day on the move and unless there's a business commitment mixed in, I devote myself to the journey.

    I get to the airport with hours to spare, have a bite to eat and something to drink, do a bit of reading, board the plane, take my flight, and then I don't rush at the other end. In effect, I impose leisure on something that for most people isn't leisurely.

    All bets are off, of course, if I'm flying with my family. But when I'm, solo, I make it all about me. 

    2. Use the lounges.

    Some travelers have airport lounge access thanks to their ticket or relationship with the airline or lounge through a credit card. But if you don't, I think it's worth it to pay for daily access. In fact, I routinely do this.

    I usually spend around $50, and if you figure that I'm already saving a fair amount of money by flying coach and would have to feed myself in any case, I think it evens out and actually can be a money-saving expenditure.

    Even if it isn't, it's much more relaxing to hang out in the lounge than it is in the terminal or by the gate. I'll often spend a few hours doing this, becoming a sort of temporary citizen of the airport.

    3. Stay overnight at an airport hotel.

    This often isn't as expensive as you might think. On a recent layover in Lisbon, I decided to spend the night at a nice boutique hotel across the street from the airport, and I spent around $100. 

    Again, you're taking care of yourself with this move, reducing the stress of getting the airport on time. For early flights, I think this a total no-brainer. You wake up, maybe enjoy a free breakfast, and you either stroll over to the airport or jump on a shuttle.

    This works out best if the hotel is in the airport itself. Or nearby. I stuck by this rule in Lisbon this year and in Paris last year and the results were great. I arrived for my flights with plenty of time to spare.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    queen elizabeth

    • The Queen is officially the world's oldest head of state after Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe resigned from his Presidential role on Tuesday afternoon.
    • At 91 years old and with 65 years on the throne, she is also the UK's longest reigning monarch.

    The Queen is now the world's oldest head of state after Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe resigned from his Presidential role on Tuesday afternoon.

    Mugabe — who was the oldest head of state until his surprisee move — handed in his resignation after 37 years as president following last week's military coup.

    At 91 years old, Queen Elizabeth II has outlasted countless world leaders and heads of state, including 19 Prime Ministers and 16 US Presidents.

    She became the second longest-serving living British monarch in 2015, surpassing Queen Victoria's 63-year reign.

    In 2007, she also became the oldest monarch in British history — a record also previously claimed by her great-grandmother, Queen Victoria.

    Earlier this week, Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 70th wedding anniversary to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. She is the only British monarch to have celebrated her diamond and platinum wedding anniversaries.

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    NOW WATCH: A self-defense expert reveals how to get out of a choke hold — the #1 way a violent attacker will grab you

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    rudes mansion

    • Designer Jeffrey Rudes is selling his Los Angeles mansion for $45 million.
    • He paid $8.2 million for the property in 2011.
    • The amenities include a pool, spa, wine room, home theater, and tennis court.

    While he was never able to live there himself, designer Jeffrey Rudes is selling a Los Angeles mansion he owned for $45 million. He and his ex-wife, Terre Jacobs, planned to move their family into the home at some point, but after their divorce, those plans were scrapped, according to the Wall Street Journal. Rudes created the luxury denim brand J Brand in 2004 and currently runs the Jeffrey Rudes menswear label.

    Take a look at his luxurious L.A. mansion, which has the amenities of a four-star hotel.

    SEE ALSO: A hedge fund manager who invested in Whole Foods just put his $70 million Hamptons beach house on the market — take a look inside

    Rudes bought the property for $8.2 million in 2011.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal

    The property's main house is around 13,400 square feet.

    It has seven bedrooms that wouldn't look out of place in a luxury hotel.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The week of Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times to travel all year. Traveling during holidays can be overwhelming, thanks to all of the extra crowds, flight delays, and cancellations. 

    Thankfully, there are certain steps you can take to save yourself time and stay as relaxed as possible. 

    We've put together 12 time-saving travel tips, from signing up for perks to using a simple trick to spot shorter lines.

    Talia Avakian contributed reporting on a previous version of this article.

    SEE ALSO: I flew over New York City in a doorless helicopter like a daredevil Instagrammer, and it was terrifying

    Apply for TSA PreCheck status.

    Signing up for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry can help save you valuable time, as you can keep your shoes, belts, and light jackets on as you go through security. You also don't have to remove your laptop or any liquids from your bag. 

    It will help get you through an expedited line over Thanksgiving weekend as well as each time you travel afterward, making it a valuable investment.

    Check in ahead of time.

    Give yourself as few tasks to do at the airport as possible. Instead of waiting to pick up your boarding pass, check in ahead of time, either online or on your phone.

    You can go paperless at most airport and use an electronic pass on your phone to board.

    Download your airline's app.

    American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and British Airways are just a few of the airlines that have developed mobile apps to give travelers real-time information on flight delays and gate changes.

    That way, if your gate has changed and you're short on time, you’ll know before you even get to the airport.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    U.S. President Donald Trump participates in the 70th National Thanksgiving turkey pardoning ceremony as son Barron and first lady Melania Trump look on in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, U.S., November 21, 2017

    • The White House tradition of pardoning a turkey for Thanksgiving began under John F. Kennedy.
    • No one really knows why American presidents do this.
    • This year, President Trump continued the tradition.


    Every year, before the President of the United States can sit down and fully enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with his family, he must first go through the odd tradition of "pardoning" the turkey that won't be eaten.

    While the reason why the tradition started is still a bit of a mystery, the White House traces it all the way back to President Lincoln in 1863.

    As the story goes, Lincoln's son, Tad, may or may not have persuaded his father not to eat the turkey they purchased for Christmas dinner. They instead adopted it as a pet, naming the turkey Jack.

    However, it would be more than 100 years until a President — John F. Kennedy —formally "pardoned" a turkey on the White House grounds.

    This year, on November 21, President Donald Trump continued the tradition by pardoning Drumstick (and Wishbone) in the Rose Garden. "That’s a big bird. Wow. I feel so good about myself," said Trump right before the pardoning.

    Below, a look at the strange tradition.

    SEE ALSO: The chef who's opening a restaurant in the controversial Trump SoHo hotel thinks he can succeed where others have failed — here's why

    In 1963, President John F. Kennedy received his Thanksgiving turkey from the Poultry and Egg National Board. He officially pardoned the bird by saying, "Let's keep him going."

    In 1967, the pardoning ceremony took place inside. Senator Everett Dirksen and representatives from the poultry industry and farm organizations presented a turkey to President Lyndon B. Johnson.

    An incredibly creepy legend about President Richard Nixon's bird was recently confirmed by the Washington Post. As the story goes, the turkey was especially rambunctious, and its feet had to be nailed down to the table.

    Source: Washington Post

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    juul e-cigarette

    • Juul is the best-selling e-cigarette on the market, with 32% of the market share of the total e-cigarette category, according to Nielsen data.
    • The device was created by Stanford graduate students as part of their thesis.
    • The Juul system uses a proprietary blend of ingredients that the company says makes it taste more like a cigarette.


    When two graduate students at Stanford set out to turn cigarette smokers on to alternatives in 2007, the solution seemed obvious: Make an e-cigarette that tastes like a cigarette.

    Juul, an e-cigarette system consisting of a pocket-size vaporizer and nicotine juice cartridges that can be swapped in and out, is now the best-selling e-cigarette in America.

    While most e-cigarettes use a type of nicotine called "free-base," which passes quickly into the bloodstream when inhaled, the cartridges that Juul Labs sells — Juulpods — contain a concentrated juice cocktail of salts and organic acids found in tobacco leaves. This blend more closely resembles the ingredients found in a cigarette, and therefore satisfies like one, according to Tyler Goldman, CEO of Juul Labs (which spun out of parent company, Pax Labs, earlier this year). Pax Labs received a patent for its nicotine-salt formulation in 2015.

    Over the past year, Juul Labs has generated $224 million in retail sales, according to Nielsen data provided by Juul Labs. The brand saw sales explode 621% year-over-year and captured 32% market share of the total e-cigarette category in the four weeks that ended November 4.

    One million Juul systems have sold to date. It's available at 12,000 convenience stores across the US, as well as online. The vaporizer retails for $35, and a four-pack of pods costs $16.

    JUUL In Hand Female Black Tank Small

    Pax Labs, formerly known as Ploom, started with a mission to make cigarettes obsolete. Both founders were smokers. The pair dedicated their senior design program thesis to the development of what would become the Juul e-cigarette system. In 2012, Ploom came to market with its first product: a nicotine vaporizer that was sold to Japan Tobacco Company.

    The Juul, which launched in 2015, looks like no other e-cigarette on the market. The device is shaped like a USB drive with a metallic finish. Users can inhale to activate the heat source, unlike other devices that require users to unscrew a cap and fill a chamber with liquid.

    Goldman, who took over as CEO in 2016, credits the Juul's nicotine-salt formulation, as well as its engineering and sleek form factor, with the device's popularity. The company produces some 20 million pods per month, but it has struggled to keep up with demand.

    According to Goldman, the startup has actually "stopped trying to create new users" by leaving some stores purposefully out of stock of the vaporizers. It sells only refill cartridges to those stores, so people who use Juul and "switched off cigarettes can stay switched," Goldman said.

    There is no long-term evidence that the vapor from e-cigarettes is less harmful than conventional smoke. Some research suggests e-cigarettes are less harmful than cigarettes because they don't require igniting a material and inhaling the carcinogens and toxins that go along with it. But nicotine is still dangerous, and the long-term effects of e-cigarette use are unknown.

    The e-cigarette market gained a victory in July, when the Food and Drug Administration delayed regulations that would have banned many e-cigarettes from the market. It also encouraged e-cigarette makers to talk to the agency about getting approval of their products.

    "We feel this is a game-changing opportunity," Goldman said.

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    NOW WATCH: This is what your lungs look like after just 20 cigarettes

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    starbucks tea

    • Starbucks has discontinued its mango and peach syrups, killing its peach green tea lemonade. 
    • Fans of the beverage are furious. 
    • The syrup was discontinued as Starbucks revamps it tea menu. 


    Starbucks has cut its peach green tea lemonade from the menu — and people are furious. 

    This week, people began posting on social media saying that Starbucks had discontinued its mango and peach syrups. The peach syrup is a key component in the chain's peach green tea lemonade, a beverage with a cult following. 

    Screen Shot 2017 11 21 at 11.34.23 AM

    Screen Shot 2017 11 21 at 11.34.45 AM

    At least one person is even calling for a boycott. 

    Screen Shot 2017 11 21 at 11.55.25 AM

    Starbucks confirmed with Business Insider that the peach syrup was no longer on the menu. According to spokesperson Sanja Gould, the peach and mango syrups were discontinued in July with the debut of the new Teavana Shaken Iced Tea Infusions. 

    "As a result of the new approach to flavoring iced tea, peach and mango syrups were discontinued at that time and available only while supply lasted," Gould said. 

    Screen Shot 2017 11 21 at 1.20.23 PM

    Screen Shot 2017 11 21 at 11.57.52 AM

    Gould suggested fans of the peach green tea lemonade try the Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion Lemonade or the Pineapple Black Tea Infusion Lemonade.

    Starbucks is in the midst of revamping its strategy as it attempts to grow tea sales to $3 billion in the next five years, nearly triple its current figures. In July, Starbucks announced plans to close all 379 Teavana stores in the coming year. Earlier in November, the chain announced it had reached an agreement to sell the Tazo tea brand to Unilever for $384 million.

    SEE ALSO: People are threatening to boycott Starbucks over its holiday cup's 'gay agenda' — but the controversy was invented by the media

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    NOW WATCH: The 'L.O.L. Surprise! Big Surprise' is the hottest toy of 2017 — here's what it is and what's inside it

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    iPad tech people Apple

    Apple, which Markets Insider reports has a current market cap of $871 billion, is one of the most prolific tech companies out there.

    • Using Glassdoor, Business Insider looked into some of its employee benefits.

    • Glassdoor users gave Apple's overall perks a 4.5 out of 5 stars on the site.

    • One of its flashiest draws is its "beer bash" — a regular event featuring snacks, free booze, and celebrity cameos.

    Throwing around lots of fancy employee perks seems to be the norm in the tech world.

    Business Insider took a look at Apple's Glassdoor reviews to see if the tech giant was any different.

    On Glassdoor, users gave Apple's overall benefits a 4.5 out of 5 stars on the site. Reviews indicated the company's tempting perks range from free, star-studded concerts to gym benefits.

    Here's a look at some of the benefits Apple offers its employees:

    SEE ALSO: Walmart's is offering employees outrageous perks in the talent war with Amazon

    DON'T MISS: 30 incredible perks companies like IKEA, Facebook, and Goldman Sachs offer their employees

    According to Glassdoor, Apple employees get an annual 25% discount when they purchase an iPod, computer, or iPad. Every three years, workers can get $250 off an iPad or $500 off a Mac. Apple software is 50% off. The company also offers other discounts for family and friends, depending on the product.

    Source: Glassdoor

    Apple allows mothers to take four weeks of paid leave before giving birth and 14 weeks after. Non-birth parents get six weeks of paid time off, according to TIME.

    Source: TIME

    The tech company also covers the cost of egg freezing.

    Source: Business Insider

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Every pair of jeans has a tiny pocket in the front right pocket. Why? What is it for? Where does it originate? We found out!

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This video was originally published on May 6, 2016.

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    Ivanka Tiffany

    • Ivanka Trump was spotted wearing a $3,000 Dolce & Gabbana jacket. 
    • It was a piece that could have been pulled out of Melania Trump's designer-packed closet.
    • By swapping fast fashion for designer clothing, Ivanka seems to be trying to appeal to a different crowd — just as the GOP pushes its new tax bill.


    Ivanka Trump ditched her eponymous line in favor of something more expensive on Tuesday.

    The first daughter was spotted wearing a $2,995 Dolce & Gabbana coat and a $1,700 skirt from the same brand to the annual White House turkey pardoning, the Daily Mail reported.

    It's a departure for Trump, who typically wears clothing from her own line, sprinkled in with trendy pieces from other affordable brands like Zara. In fact, it seems like something that could have come out of first lady Melania Trump's closet. 

    Melania Trump

    Melania's outfits tend to be from pricier fashion designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, and Balmain.

    Melania has scaled back somewhat after her clothing choices sparked criticism (you won't spot her in another $51,000 coat), but the first lady's wardrobe is still notably more expensive than what the first daughter wears during most public appearances. On Tuesday, for example, she appears to have worn a $1,625 Stella McCartney coat. 

    Ivanka Trump

    Since Donald Trump began his presidential campaign, Ivanka has attempted to convince more progressive Americans that her father is a worthwhile politician. As a result, her fashion strategy has aimed to be relatable. Melania, on the other hand, strives to be aspirational. 

    Ivanka's pricey coat could symbolize a new strategy for the first daughter. Republicans' perception of Ivanka Trump has dropped as the first daughter has been increasingly seen as a moderating force who makes an active effort to push forward certain policies. 

    Meanwhile, perception of Melania has only gotten better. According to a CNN poll, the first lady has a 48% approval rating, compared to the president's 38%.

    As Ivanka works to sell the tax plan, winning over Republicans is crucial. Business Insider's Bob Bryan reports that the Republican Party could be the one thing that actually slows down the passage of the tax plan, making it harder for the bill to pass at all.

    By taking a page out of Melania's handbook, Ivanka seems to be trying to ditch her liberal reputation to better win over Trump's base on the right this Thanksgiving. 

    SEE ALSO: Melania Trump breaks away from her husband in crucial ways — and it has made her the most popular Trump in the White House

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    NOW WATCH: 'You are the light': Watch controversial Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte serenade Trump with a love song

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    healthy eating

    • Several studies backed by multinational food and sugar companies have claimed sugar isn't that bad for us.
    • These studies incorrectly suggested that eating fat is responsible for weight gain and obesity instead.
    • New research is revealing how these studies were bankrolled by the sugar industry.


    Several recent studies backed by multinational food and sugar companies claimed that sugar isn't so bad for us after all.

    Don't believe them.

    A growing body of evidence has revealed how industry groups have worked to suppress the scientific findings on the harmful effects of sugar for decades — either by promoting studies that downplay its negative effects or suppressing studies that reveal its harms.

    A New York Times investigation published in 2016 revealed that the authors of a 2017 study that sought to discredit dietary guidelines aimed at curbing people's sugar intake had strong ties to the sugar industry. One of them sat on the scientific advisory board of Tate & Lyle, a leading global supplier of high-fructose corn syrup.

    Now a review published in the journal PLOS Biology details how two other studies, funded by an American trade group called the Sugar Research Foundation, were suppressed when they did not come to the conclusions that the industry intended.

    For those studies, conducted in the 1960s, researchers found that rats fed high-sugar diets were at greater risk for strokes, heart attacks, and heart disease. They also had higher-than-normal levels of fat (triglycerides) in their blood. But the research was never published.

    Around the same time that those studies were surpressed, the same industry trade group paid three Harvard scientists the equivalent of today's average annual income to publish a review of heart health studies that made sugar look less unhealthy than it is — and to paint fat as the villain instead.

    These studies seized on the idea that eating fat in our diets makes us fat — which study after study has debunked.

    Fat isn't the villain; sugar is

    shutterstock_530521105 breakfast juice muffin pastry coffeeThe sugar in our diets appears to be far worse for us than the fat.

    "There is one thing we know about fats," Aaron Carroll, a professor of pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine, wrote in his new book, "The Bad Food Bible: How and Why to Eat Sinfully."

    "Fat consumption does not cause weight gain," Carroll said. "To the contrary, it might actually help us shed a few pounds."

    A large analysis published in August in the journal The Lancet compared more than 135,000 people on low-fat and low-carb diets across 18 countries. The researchers found that low-fat diets were more likely to be linked with death from all causes, and found a higher likelihood of heart attacks and heart disease as well. People on low-carb diets, on the other hand, had significantly lower risk of both of these outcomes.

    "Global dietary guidelines should be reconsidered in light of these findings," the researchers wrote in the paper.

    avocado smoked salmon blueberries healthy food meal bowl tomatoes lunchSeveral other recent studies of people on low-fat eating plans have shown similar results. An eight-year trial involving almost 50,000 women put roughly half of them on a low-fat diet, and found that those women didn't see any decrease in their risk of breast cancer, colorectal cancer, or heart disease. Plus, they didn't lose much weight, if any.

    "Bottom line? The evidence in favor of a low-fat diet is very thin, whereas the evidence for the benefits of certain fats is mounting," Carroll said.

    That means that foods like buttery avocados, rich salmon, and savory nuts should have a place in your diet. If you banned them as part of the low-fat dieting craze of the 1990s, it's time to bring them back.

    I, too, once bought into the anti-fat frenzy: I grew up in California with health-conscious parents, and our kitchen was stocked with low-fat, high-carb products. Our fridge always had margarine, not butter; low-fat products (rather than low-sugar or no-sugar-added ones) ruled our pantry.

    But the good news is that we're all finally uncovering the truth.

    More people now understand that cutting out fat won't help us lose weight — and doesn't slash our risk of heart disease. Excess sugar, on the other hand (especially in the form of soda) has been linked with dozens of negative outcomes, including weight gain and obesity. A systematic review of 50 years of studies published in the American Society for Clinical Nutrition in 2006 found a link between the amount of sugar-sweetened beverages people consumed and weight gain and obesity.

    "The science base linking the consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages to the risk of chronic diseases is clear," the authors wrote.

    Bottom line? Eat less sugar. Eat more fat.

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    Flight attendant

    We all have annoying habits, and travel tends to bring out the worst in people.

    If you have any sympathy for your flight attendants, who, day in and day out, are privy to some of the most extreme human behavior, you'd make an effort to do better.

    The first step is knowing just what you're doing wrong.

    Luckily for you, we asked flight attendants everywhere to share the annoying things they wish passengers would stop doing, and more than 60 were happy to chime in.

    Here are 25 things you may not have even known you were doing wrong, and one thing you can probably stop worrying about:

    DON'T MISS: Flight attendants share 25 things they'd love to tell passengers but can't

    SEE ALSO: Flight attendants share 13 of their favorite travel hacks

    Hogging the overhead bins

    "Put the suitcases in the overhead and put your small bags underneath the seat in front so we don't have to run out of space and have to check bags."

    Instagram Embed:
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    Not saying hello

    "I wish passengers would acknowledge the crew when they board."

    Poor timing

    "Stop trying to hand us trash on the beverage cart or asking us to take your trash while we're handing out food."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    • The FTC is investigating TripAdvisor after the website reportedly removed user accounts of rape and assault.
    • TripAdvisor has since introduced a measure that allows a committee of employees to flag resorts that are deemed unsafe.


    Travel recommendation website TripAdvisor drew the ire of users and observers after it was accused of removing claims of assault and rape users made in reviews of resorts listed on the site.

    TripAdvisor has tried to prevent further controversy by introducing measures to flag resorts that are deemed unsafe, but it wasn't enough to avoid attention from the Federal Trade Commission, which is reportedly investigating the company, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported.

    The investigation was revealed in a letter from the FTC to Wisconsin Sen. Tammy Baldwin. 

    "The Commission has a strong interest in protecting consumer confidence in the online marketplace, including the robust online market for hotel and travel," FTC Chairwoman Maureen Ohlhausen wrote, according to the Journal-Sentinel.

    "When consumers are unable to post honest reviews about a business, it can harm other consumers whose abilities to make well-informed purchase decisions are hindered and harm businesses that work hard to earn positive reviews."

    Published in November, the Journal-Sentinel's investigative report revealed a trend of users reporting being raped and assaulted at resorts around the world, only for TripAdvisor to mark their reviews as hearsay or unsuitable for the site and remove them. Since then, the site has formed a committee of employees who will have the ability to flag resorts where users report safety concerns. 

    TripAdvisor did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.

    SEE ALSO: TripAdvisor has unveiled a new badge that warns users about hotels where sexual assault has been reported

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    There are innumerable ways to prepare your turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. But if you want something simple, delicious, and most importantly fast, this dry rub turkey recipe will get your bird on the table in 90 minutes. 

    The full recipe can be found here

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This video was originally published on November 21, 2016.

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    Queen Elizabeth

    • Queen Elizabeth II is now the world's oldest head of state.
    • When she ascended the throne in 1952, only 20% of today's UK population was alive.

    Queen Elizabeth II has ruled for so long that most people in the United Kingdom have never known another monarch.

    She became queen when her father, King George VI, died on February 6, 1952 (though her official coronation was on June 2, 1953).

    During her reign, she has outlasted 14 British prime ministers and 13 US presidents.

    After Robert Mugabe was ousted as president of Zimbabwe on Tuesday, the Queen became the world's oldest head of state, at 91 years old.

    When she dies, life will turn upside down for Brits, and many others who admire her from across the globe.

    The impact will be even deeper because 80% of UK residents weren't alive when Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne.

    Queen Elizabeth II and World Leaders 2017.10.27 Graphic

    According to the UK Office for National Statistics, only 12 million UK residents were alive when King George was on the throne in 1952. That's only 20% of the UK's population of 66 million.

    Since the most recent UK census data was from 2014, we used age-specific death rates to calculate how many Brits who were over 63 in 2014 would likely still be alive today.

    This remarkable fact is a testament to Queen Elizabeth's stamina as Britain's longest reigning monarch, and the world's oldest head of state.

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    DON'T MISS: The Queen is now officially the world's oldest head of state

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