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    2019 Chevy Colorado Z71

    • The 2019 Chevy Colorado Z71 is a bold and aggressive mid-size pickup truck.
    • At $42,000, the Chevy Colorado Z71 is not exactly cheap.
    • But the pickup is every bit as good as its siblings, the base Colorado and the offroad-optimized ZR2.

    With its Colorado mid-size pickup, Chevy basically revived the small truck segment in the US. I first sampled the pickup back in 2015 when it was first rolled out and have since enjoyed the ZR2 top-trim level, and more recently, a $42,000 Chevy Colorado Z71.

    There's an argument to be made that of all the pickups, big and small, on the road today, the Colorado does the best job of serving the needs of most non-professional pickup owners. I'm talking about the weekend warriors who need to haul mountain bikes to trails, or home-improvement obsessives who have VIP status at Home Depot. These people need a truck bed and a back seat, but they don't need the scale of a full-size truck. 

    The Colorado fulfills their needs while adding an excellent, modern infotainment system and a compliant ride that isn't too carlike. 

    The Z71 "Midnight Edition" package I tested brings edge and aggression to this vibe. The base Colorado is a versatile contemporary mid-size pickup, and the ZR2 is at home offroad. But the Z71 gets you noticed. 

    And noticed I was in the New Jersey suburbs while putting the Colorado Z71 through its paces. Read on to see how it went.

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    The Chevy Colorado landed at our suburban New Jersey test center sporting a menacing all-black exterior.

    This pickup was the Z71 trim level. The "Midnight Edition" special package added roughly $5,000 to the base price of $37,000.

    Last winter, we checked out a Chevy Silverado Z71 — the Colorado Z71's big brother.

    Read the review.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    sarah flint emma pump

    • Sarah Flint's heels and flats are a celebrity favorite.
    • They're also an Insider Picks favorite. The stylish yet comfortable shoes are made in Italy with high-quality materials, and importantly, they're much more affordable than they used to be. 
    • After trying the Emma ($345), a versatile and walkable suede pump available in a variety of colors, I'm not surprised the brand is thriving and holding its own against traditional designer labels. 

    While many retail startups today start their journeys by selling direct-to-consumer, then expanding to traditional opportunities like brick-and-mortar stores or deals with big-box retailers, luxury shoe brand Sarah Flint is one of the few that have run in the opposite direction.

    The stylish and comfortable flats, heels, sandals, sneakers, and boots from Sarah Flint, founded in 2013, could previously be found at high-end department stores like Barneys New York and Bloomingdale's. Now, you can only buy them online on its website, and the shift has meant a significant drop in prices, from a range of $495 to $1,200 to a range of $195 to $725.

    I can't imagine anyone who would complain about this difference, especially because nothing else about the shoes has changed. They're the same beautiful pairs, thoughtfully designed and handcrafted in Italy, at a fraction of the price. 

    sarah flint natalie flat

    Sarah Flint's best sellers include the pointy Natalie flat ($345, shown above), classic Perfect Pump ($355), and block heeled Emma pump ($345), all well-made and stylish in their own right, but no doubt granted the final stamp of approval after being spotted again and again on Meghan Markle. 

    Founder Sarah Flint received her education in footwear design at Parsons, FIT, and Arsutoria in Milan, a background that shows in her work. My favorite style from the brand, the Emma, features a two-inch heel that's slightly inset to make it feel less heavy than traditional block heels. Walking in them is comfortable thanks to the three millimeters of extra padding added to the footbed, and the flexible leather lining and insoles help your feet breathe. 

    The triple-dyed Italian black suede is soft and looks quietly refined, but paired with the fun, glossy patterned heel, it becomes more than just another suede work pump. There are 10 more colors and patterns to choose from if you want your footwear to pop — Lipstick Red Suede and Chocolate Leopard Hair Calf are irresistible styles I wouldn't mind adding to my rotation.

    All these features made the Emma pump the obvious choice when I wanted to be slightly dressier for a day at the office or a work event without resorting to taking a Lyft home because my feet hurt too much to walk. 

    sarah flint emma pump 2

    You can expect nothing less than quality, comfort, and style when you buy a pair of Sarah Flint shoes, and now that many of them cost around $200 to $400, the decision to invest in luxury for less is even easier. 

    Shop the Emma for $345-$355 at Sarah Flint here

    Shop all shoes at Sarah Flint here

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    old sears building

    • Sears has been thrown a lifeline, but a possible liquidation still looms. 
    • Sears was once the largest retailer in the world.
    • In its heyday, the company was run from its sprawling headquarters, a 55-acre complex located on the west coast of Chicago. 

    In an unexpected twist, Sears has been thrown another lifeline.

    On Tuesday, during a bankruptcy hearing, a judge ruled that chairman Edward Lampert would be given a second chance to buy the company. Judge Robert Drain said that Lampert's $4.4 million takeover bid would be assessed against competing parties' bids at an auction on January 14, Business Insider's Hayley Peterson reported.

    Sears was once the largest retailer in the world. In its heyday, the company was run from its former sprawling headquarters, a 55-acre complex located on the west coast of Chicago. This was where Sears tested its products and printed the famous catalog. 

    In 1974, the company moved to Sears Tower (now Willis Tower), and these buildings were left deserted for 30 years. In that time, Sears went from being on top of the world to becoming one of the most distressed American brands.

    Since then, developers have been working on transforming the brand's first home. Keep scrolling to see what it looked like then, and what it's looking like now:

    SEE ALSO: Sears, once the largest retailer in the world, could be forced to liquidate. Here's how it got there.

    This photo, taken in 1910, shows the original Sears, Roebuck & Co. complex.

    Source: Library of Congress

    Sears started off as a mail-order catalog company selling watches and jewelry in 1888. It became the largest catalog company in the United States after expanding its assortment.

    At the time, Sears was America's largest mail-order catalog company ...

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    rich man cigar

    • Millionaires tend to have five characteristics in common, according to Chris Hogan, an author who studied more than 10,000 millionaires.
    • They take personal responsibility, practice intentionality, are goal-oriented, and work hard in order to build wealth.
    • Consistency in each of these areas, Hogan wrote, is what ties everything together.

    Millionaires have more than just seven-figure net worths in common — they also tend to share several of the same habits and attributes.

    Many used resilience and perseverance to build their wealth, and once they got there, forewent a budget.

    But millionaires also tend to share five of the same characteristics, according Chris Hogan, author of "Everyday Millionaires: How Ordinary People Built Extraordinary Wealth — and How You Can Too." Along with the Dave Ramsey research team, Hogan studied 10,000 American millionaires (defined as those with a net worth of at least $1 million) for seven months, and he found certain attributes kept resurfacing.

    "When you see these five attributes working in high gear, you'll get a clear picture of what financial independence really looks like — and what it could look like for you," Hogan wrote.

    Here's a closer look at each.

    1. Millionaires take personal responsibility

    Average millionaires take control of their money decisions, according to Hogan. "They know their success is up to them, and they own it," he wrote.

    Two millionaires he interviewed, Mike and Stephanie, particularly exemplified this — they diligently saved, avoided debt, worked with an investing professional, and committed to improving themselves and their earning potential. They're now retired and have a net worth of $2.6 million.

    The majority of millionaires in Hogan's study deemed themselves optimistic and willing to try difficult things for new results — and more than 90% will quickly admit when they're wrong and actively integrate feedback from other people.

    "[Millionaires] don't count on anyone else to make them rich, and they don't blame anyone else if they fall short," Hogan wrote. "They focus on things they can control and align their daily habits to the goals they've set for themselves."

    Read more:Most people believe 6 myths about millionaires, and it can keep them from building their own wealth

    2. Millionaires practice intentionality

    Hogan found that many millionaires live on less than they make and exercise discipline when it comes to budgeting. More than half of the millionaires he studied believed the main reason people don't become millionaires is because they lack financial discipline.

    "Millionaires don't accidentally live on less than they make," Hogan wrote. "They do it on purpose, because they have a plan. They're deciding. Living without a budget, though, is the very definition of sliding into misfortune."

    This finding aligns with research by Sarah Stanley Fallaw, author and director of research for the Affluent Market Institute who also studied millionaires — her subjects stressed to her the freedom that comes with spending below their means.

    According to Thomas C. Corley's "Rich Habits" study, living off of 80% of your income or less "will leave you with an excess you can use to build wealth," he wrote in a post for Business Insider.

    3. Millionaires are goal-oriented

    "They think ahead and refuse to be swept away by the current of life," Hogan wrote. He found that 92% of the millionaires surveyed develop a long-term plan for their money, and 97% almost always achieve the goals they set for themselves.

    They put in a long-term plan for financial independence, which "helps them avoid distractions and the 'shiny object syndrome' the general population suffers from because millionaires aren't focused on what might make them happy today; they're focused on their long-term wealth-building plan."

    Consider JP Livingston, who retired early at age 28 with a $2 million-plus nest egg. She lived frugally, tucking away 70% of her take-home pay — 40% in investments, 60% in savings. Even as her income increased each year, she didn't succumb to lifestyle inflation. Instead, she stuck to her long-term plan and saved even more money.

    Read more:An early retiree who interviewed 100 millionaires discovered nearly all of them got rich using the same 3-step strategy

    4. Millionaires are hard workers

    "They do what it takes even when what it takes isn't easy," he wrote. Of the millionaires Hogan studied, 93% said they became millionaires because of their hard work, rather than big salaries.

    "Millionaires constantly work to better themselves," he wrote. "They don't settle for what they have and who they are today; instead they work to increase their education and their skill set to build more for tomorrow."

    And when it comes to work, rich people often take on jobs that they love — doing what they love and getting paid for it is what self-made millionaire Steve Siebold calls a smart strategy.

    5. Millionaires know building wealth takes consistency

    Consistency, Hogan wrote, is what ties everything together.

    "You can take responsibility, you can be intentional, you can set goals, and you can work hard," he wrote. "But, if you don't do these things repeatedly — year after year, decade after decade — then you'll never get the results you want."

    He added: "They know from experience that wealth-building is a long-term frame, and they've seen that sticking to the plan over decades leads to millions at retirement." 

    But being consistent requires two things, according to Hogan: Patience for a long-term view to help you stay focused through the years, and passion to find ways to get the job done.

    SEE ALSO: 2 men who studied millionaires for over 20 years developed a formula that classifies Americans in 3 different categories of wealth

    DON'T MISS: A researcher who studied over 600 millionaires found they do 3 things to forge a clear path to financial independence

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    grocery delivery main

    In New York City, it's easy to find a grocery store to shop fresh produce, packaged foods, and household essentials. Locating a store is probably the only easy part of grocery shopping in a city of 8.6 million people. 

    When everyone else has the same brilliant idea to shop after work, and less crowded or popular stores upcharge customers on items, grocery shopping in person becomes a major time, energy, and money suck that doesn't seem worth it (and undoubtedly contributes to an uptick in GrubHub and Seamless orders). 

    Enter online grocery delivery, the service that helps us maintain our sanity in a world where we already have enough things on our mind and to-do lists. This modern innovation frees you up to focus on your other priorities, and you don't even have to step away from your bed or desk to enjoy it. 

    There are a handful of major grocery delivery services that are available nationwide or serve New York City inhabitants specifically, all with different shopping experiences, delivery fee structures, and special promotions. Read on learn which one is best for you. 

    Fill your carts at these six convenient online grocery delivery services in New York City:

    FreshDirect: The best balance of value, convenience, variety, and ease of shopping

    Shop groceries at FreshDirect here

    How it works: Create a free account in under a minute, then start shopping and adding items to your cart. The site is organized clearly into different categories, and it makes it easy to create shopping lists and re-order your frequently shopped items. 

    For a morning or early afternoon delivery (two-hour time slots), you must place your order by 6 p.m. the day before. For a late afternoon or evening delivery (two-hour time slots), you must place your order by 11 p.m. the day before. 


    • Free to create an account 
    • $5.99 delivery fee, with a minimum order of $30 

    Grocery offerings: FreshDirect gets its produce, dairy, and meat straight from the source, but it also carries popular grocery brands such as Pillsbury, Stonyfield Organic, and Boar's Head. You can find everything you normally shop at the store (including alcohol), whether you browse the categories, search exact items directly, or filter by labels like organic, kosher, and top-rated. 

    Price comparison:

    • Fuji apple: $0.99/ea
    • Boneless chicken breast: $5.99/lb 
    • One dozen large white eggs: $3.59 

    Special programs and discounts: Chef's Table is FreshDirect's loyalty program. To become a member, you must place 12 orders or spend an average of $500 or more each calendar month during any 3-month period. Benefits include preferred delivery access, dedicated service specialists, and exclusive discounts. 

    DeliveryPass membership gets you unlimited free deliveries. It costs $79 for six months or $129 annually, and if you're a frequent customer, it'll save you on the fees that can add up quickly. 

    You can also check out the Fresh Deals, coupons, and sale sections to save on products every week. 

    Peapod: The best shopping assistants, rewards programs, and discounts

    Shop groceries at Peapod here

    How it works: Create a free account, then start shopping and adding items to your cart. You can browse by aisle and curated categories, or take advantage of features like Order Genius and Express Shop. Order Genius analyzes your past purchases to recommend products you'll like, and Express Shop quickly generates product results for you based on your grocery list. 

    Peapod offers special discounts of up to $5 off during certain two-hour delivery slots throughout the week, so if you're flexible with when you receive your order, take advantage of this feature. It also lets you schedule deliveries up to two weeks in advance. 


    • Free to create an account
    • $9.95 delivery fee, with a minimum order of $60
    • $6.95 delivery fee on orders of $100 or more 

    Grocery offerings: Peapod carries a large assortment of your favorite brands as well as its own in-house brand. The organic selection is robust, and its seasonal curations are also worth a look. 

    Price comparison:

    • Fuji apple: $1.10/ea 
    • Boneless chicken breast: $3.79/lb 
    • One dozen large white eggs: $2.09 

    Special programs and discounts: First-time customers get $20 off and 60 days free delivery. In addition to weekly promotions, these programs help you save money: 

    The VIPea Club rewards shoppers who spend $2,000 in a six month period with exclusive offers, customer care priority, and an extra $10 referral bonus. 

    PodPass is a program that saves on monthly delivery fees. The best value option is a $55/year pass that's valid for Tuesday through Thursday deliveries. 

    Stop & Shop store members should connect their account to Peapod to earn gas and school rewards. 

    Instacart: The best place to shop local markets and shop as a group

    Shop groceries at Instacart

    How it works: Instacart brings together local supermarkets on one platform. Create a free account, then choose your store to start shopping. In New York, options include Costco, Fairway, Whole Foods, Morton Williams, and CVS. 

    The platform allows you to select back-up items in case the ingredient you want is sold out or unavailable, and you'll have a dedicated shopper who communicates with you via text to let you know when items aren't available or when they've been swapped.

    Delivery is available in as little as an hour, but you can also schedule it up to a week in advance. Delivery fees may increase during popular times of the week and delivery hours depend on your local store hours.

    Instacart is a great grocery delivery option for groups like apartment roommates or families because you can create group carts to shop together. 


    • Free to create an account
    • $11.99 delivery fee on orders under $35, with a minimum order of $10
    • $7.99 delivery fee on orders of $35 or more
    • $13.99 one-hour delivery fee on orders under $35, with a minimum order of $10 
    • $9.99 one-hour delivery fee on orders of $35 or more 

    Grocery offerings: The online prices can differ from in-store prices, but you can find each store's policy regarding price adjustments under the store name. 

    Price comparison:

    • Fuji apple: Varies by individual store
    • Boneless chicken breast: Varies by individual store
    • One dozen large white eggs: Varies by individual store

    Special programs and discounts: Instacart compiles each store's coupons on to the store page so they're easy to find and use.  

    Instacart Express is a $149 annual membership for free delivery on all orders of $35 or more. You can take advantage of a free two-week trial before committing to the program. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

    Warnning: Do NOT Get Caught While Searching!!
    Your IP : - Country : - City:
    Your ISP TRACKS Your Online Activity! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN!
    Before you searching always remember to change your IP adress to not be followed!
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    Google Home

    • Three of Google’s smart-home hubs are on sale at prices that nearly match those from Cyber Monday. The Google Home Mini is $30 (originally $50), the Google Home is $90 (originally $130), and the Google Home Hub is $150 (originally $200).
    • These hubs have similar features to the Amazon Echo, but also let you access Google-owned services like Google Calendar, YouTube, and Google Maps.
    • The Google Home Mini and Google Home also come with a three-month free trial to YouTube Music Premium, Google's music streaming service, if you're a new subscriber. The service usually costs $9.99 per month. 
    • At these sale prices, all three Google Home devices are as cheap or cheaper than comparable Amazon Echos, so if you're looking for a hub to start your smart home, don't miss out on these deals.

    If 2019 is the year you're planning on making your home "smart," you're in luck. Three of Google's smart-home devices, the Google Home Mini, Google Home, and Google Home Hub, are all on sale at several stores, and you can save up to $50.

    For anyone unfamiliar with Google's line of smart-home hubs, they're basically the search giant's take on the Amazon Echo.

    Instead of Alexa, Google's hubs have the Google Assistant, which you can use to play music from popular streaming services like Spotify, control smart-home accessories like a Nest thermostat, and get answers to your burning questions like "What's 82 degrees Farenheit in Celsius?"

    The big advantage Google's hubs have over the Echo is that they work with Google-owned services like YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Calendar. Using these services, you can ask your Google Home to give you directions, manage your calendar events, or play popular videos. If your Google Home doesn't have a screen, you can wirelessly stream the YouTube video you want onto a TV that has a Chromecast media streamer attached. 

    Because these services are owned by Google, they're exclusively available on its Google Home devices. 

    The sale prices on these devices are already great, but Google has sweetened the pot by including a free three-month trial to its music streaming service YouTube Music Premium with both the Google Home Mini and Google Home. This trial only applies to new subscribers, but the service costs $9.99 per month, so it basically pays for the price of the Google Home Mini on its own.

    If you've been curious about starting a smart home, a hub is the right place to start, and at these prices, the Google Home is a no-brainer — especially if you regularly use Google's services. They're as cheap or cheaper than the equivalent option from Amazon, which makes them the best value in smart-home hubs right now.

    Google Home Mini, $29.99 (originally $49.99), available at Best Buy, Walmart, and Target [You save $20]

    Google Home, $89.99 (originally $129.99), available at Best Buy, Walmart, and Target [You save $30]

    Google Home Hub, $99.99 (originally $149.99), available at Best Buy, Walmart, and Target [You save $50]

    SEE ALSO: The 12 best smart home devices you need to live like the Jetsons

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    billionaires bezos gates buffett


    The richest men in the US are worth a mind-boggling combined wealth of $415.4 billion. And all but one of them made their fortunes in the tech industry.

    Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos tops the list with a net worth of $135 billion, followed by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates ($92 billion), investor and Berkshire Hathaway chairman Warren Buffett ($81 billion), Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg ($54.7 billion), and Google co-founder Larry Page ($52.7 billion), according to Bloomberg's Billionaires Index.

    Their combined fortune comes out to more than 2% of the US GDP, which was $20.66 trillion in the third quarter of 2018. (Exactly 2% of $20.66 trillion would be $413.2 billion.)

    mark zuckerberg facebook

    A Business Insider analysis found that for a billionaire, buying a vacation to Bali is the equivalent of a typical American buying a candy bar. And that's based on a net worth of just $2 billion, the median fortune of a Forbes list billionaire

    While these five men are the richest in the US, they are not top five the richest in the world. Bernard Arnault, the French businessman who controls LVMH and is worth $69 billion, Amancio Ortega, who controls the world's largest clothing retailer that includes Zara, worth $60.1 billion, and Carlos Slim of Mexico, worth $57.1 billion, are all currently wealthier than both Zuckerberg and Page.

    While many of the world's richest billionaires live in the US, Hong Kong overtook the US in 2018 to become the city with the most super-rich people — individuals worth at least $30 million — people in the world. 

    SEE ALSO: To a billionaire, the cost of a trip to Bali is like buying a candy bar — here's what spending looks like when you're that rich

    DON'T MISS: 21 quotes from self-made billionaires that will change your outlook on money

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    ritual prenatal vitamin

    • Ritual, the online health startup that makes a clean multivitamin for women, has added a prenatal vitamin to its offerings. 
    • Containing 12 essential nutrients, the Essential Prenatal ($35/month) supports a woman during pre-pregnancy and throughout all three trimesters of her pregnancy. 
    • Features like the use of MTHF folate instead of the less easily processed folic acid, and delayed release capsule technology that reduces nausea, make the Essential Prenatal the smarter vitamin choice for any woman who is considering pregnancy. 

    Since 2016, online vitamin startup Ritual has only sold one product, the Essential for Women multivitamin. The conception of this better-for-you vitamin, which fills in the gaps of women's diets and costs $30 for a 30-day supply, was inspired by founder Katerina Schneider's own experience of shopping for vitamins while she was pregnant.

    The lack of transparency in the industry about what was actually going in her body and thus, her baby's body, led her on the mission to create a vitamin that women can trust. Now, Ritual is digging deeper into its original prenatal health roots with the launch of its second product, the Essential Prenatal

    Developed by Ritual's in-house scientific team along with guidance from a scientific advisory board of medical doctors, scientists, and nutritionists, the Essential Prenatal addresses the multiple ways that current prenatal vitamins are failing expecting mothers, including the use of artificial ingredients, ineffective formulations, and uncomfortable absorption.  

    It contains essential nutrients (12 in total) like vegan omega-3s, DHA, and Choline, the last two of which work together to build cell membranes in the nervous system and brain. Many current prenatals contain folic acid, even though approximately 40% of women can't fully process folic acid, so the Ritual's prenatal instead uses MTHF, the most bio-available form of folate, so women's bodies can access the nutrients. MTHF folate is especially important to take at the beginning stages because it supports neural tube development during the first 28 days of pregnancy. 

    An important feature of the Essential Prenatal is what Ritual calls delayed-release nested capsule technology. It combines nutrients in their most easily absorptive forms, and they're not released until the capsule passes the stomach, resulting in better absorption and reduced nausea. Only two capsules are taken once daily, further helping women avoid the problem of an upset stomach.

    An additional thoughtful touch is the flavor. Because many women crave citrus while pregnant, the citrus tab in each bottle adds a lemon essence to the capsules. 

    As with Ritual's signature multivitamin, the company takes careful steps to ensure clean ingredients — non-artificial, free of GMOs, and organic whenever possible. 

    The convenient subscription and delivery model employed by Ritual makes it that much easier for women to take active control of their prenatal health. With the new vitamin, the company aims to demystify a confusing sphere of women's health and encourage women to plan for their futures as soon as possible. 

    Shop the Essential Prenatal for $35/month at Ritual here

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    • EyeBuyDirect is a direct-to-consumer eyewear brand that makes getting on-trend prescription (or non-prescription) eyeglasses and sunglasses easy and affordable.
    • The company offers over 1,200 frames starting as low as $6.
    • Now through January 20, you can buy one pair of glasses and get the second pair half off with the promo code "BOHO" at checkout.
    • This sale is the perfect opportunity to pick up an extra pair of unique eyeglasses or a pair of prescription shades.

    If you've ever bought glasses at a brick-and-mortar retail location, chances are you spent a lot more than you anticipated — even after using your insurance. Fortunately, buying glasses online is now a real thing — and direct-to-consumer brand EyeBuyDirect is making it easy to buy stylish glasses without the ludicrous retail markups.

    While the company has consistently better prices than traditional retailers all the time, its current sale is just sweetening the deal. Now through January 20, you can buy one pair of glasses and get the second pair half off with the promo code "BOHO" at checkout.

    If you're having second thoughts about buying glasses online, you shouldn't worry. EyeBuyDirect has clear instructions on how to read your prescription, how to measure your pupillary distance, and even has a virtual EyeTry feature, which helps you see what frames look like on your face. Additionally, every purchase comes with a risk-free 14-day fitting period and a one-year product replacement guarantee.

    With over 1,200 frames starting as low as $6, the options at EyeBuyDirect are seemingly endless no matter your budget. To help you get a feel for what's available on the site, we rounded up 20 of our favorite pairs of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Check them out below or shop the entire site here.

    Shop all glasses at EyeBuyDirect now.

    Drums eyeglasses

    $4.80, available in six colors

    Chilling eyeglasses

    $16, available in five colors

    Hepburn eyeglasses

    $40, available in four colors

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    tally showcase 2 1

    • If you have a collection of credit cards for the benefits, but are concerned with the burden of managing multiple cards, you're not alone.
    • Tally is an app that acts as your own debt and credit card manager, tracking all of your credit lines so you never miss a payment.
    • It helps users who carry debt optimize their payments, so that they can pay off their debt as quickly and inexpensively as possible.
    • If you have excellent credit, you may be eligible for credit consolidation with Tally's own low-APR credit line.
    • While the app is currently only available in 19 states and Washington DC, it's a great way to seamlessly manage your credit card collection.

    If you are a credit-based consumer who has accumulated a collection of cards for the benefits but are concerned with the burdens, you are not alone. Jason Brown and Jasper Platz, the co-founders of Tally, are concerned with the same issues and want to help you make your credit journey more viable, profitable, and beneficial.

    Tally is a new user-friendly credit app that allows you to access tools such as credit analysis and even its own low-APR credit line. But let's not get ahead of ourselves; first, let's talk about how Tally works.

    In short, Tally collects information from you about your credit score, different credit cards you have, and lenders. Your credit information is then stored in the secure Tally app and analyzed for your payment habits and spending trends. If you have excellent credit, then you may be eligible for Tally's own credit line. This essentially consolidates your credit into one low-APR line through Tally, and that credit line pays off your other credit lines on time.

    So, let's talk more in detail about the features of Tally

    First and foremost, Tally acts as a credit card manager.

    That means that Tally keeps track of all of your credit lines and multiple payments, whether you're paying down a bank card, store card, airline rewards card, or something else. This means that Tally customers do not miss payments, do not incur subsequent late fees, and do not suffer from rising APRs as a result.

    tally showcase 4

    Second, Tally works as a debt manager.

    The Tally Advisor feature allows customers access to expert credit analysis that can improve their credit scores and save them money in the long run. Tally Advisor is not a repository of articles and tip listicles; instead, it is a tool that adapts to you and your spending behavior in order to project your debt-free day. The best part is that you are completely in control; Tally just does the analysis for you.

    For example, if you want to be debt free in a certain number of years, you can use Tally's minimum payment sliding bar to determine the minimum payments necessary to make that possible. Not only is Tally able to take your APR into account for your projected payoff, it also analyzes your spending trends over the past month to provide a more accurate prediction.

    Lastly, the feature that is arguably the most enticing is the Tally credit line.

    Here, Tally moves from a credit and debt manager to a credit consolidator. By analyzing your loaded credit cards and your current APR, Tally offers one single consolidated credit line with a lower APR than the ones you are already paying.

    Here's how it works: Upon getting approved for a line of credit with Tally, your new Tally line of credit becomes your main one. All balances of your higher APR lines will be paid by and transferred to your new Tally balance, effectively minimizing the APR you will pay on that credit. That saves you money right away, and you can use those savings toward paying down any of the lower APR credit lines that didn't transfer to Tally.

    The Tally credit line, unlike a personal loan, is just like any other revolving line of credit that you have. That means it's as open ended as your credit card debt; you pay interest on your balance, and there is no time limit for paying it off.

    Keep in mind that not everybody can qualify for the Tally line of credit. The Tally team says that the minimum required FICO score is 660, but having that is not an automatic way in. In fact, many users with good credit won't be offered a low-APR Tally credit line, because Tally depends solely on creditworthiness factors like FICO, spending habits, outstanding balances, and interest rates.

    Even if you are not offered a line of credit through Tally right away, you are still welcome to use Tally as a credit card manager. Even without the credit consolidation, Tally is a good place to digitally store your credit lines, and because Tally offers late payment protection, you will not ever miss a payment again. Being punctual with payments is something that could potentially raise your FICO over time, so even if Tally cannot offer a credit line with lower APR or a credit line at all, you are always welcome to try again with your updated score.

    Now, let's go over the sign up process

    Webp.net resizeimage 9

    In order to get started, simply download the Tally app, which is available for iOS and Android. Tally will ask you for a few personal details as well as your credit score in order to evaluate whether or not you are eligible for a Tally credit line. Then, you can load your credit cards into the app.

    You have the choice between manually entering your credit card number or scanning the card, and then you will be asked to log into your account for the card. Providing your login information allows Tally to make a secure link between the app and your account. After your cards are loaded and you are all signed up, you can begin to use Tally as a credit card manager. If you are offered a line of credit through Tally, then you will be able to set that up as well.

    However, note that Tally is currently offered in just nineteen states and Washington DC: Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin. However, Tally is focused on adding states on a constant basis because they are committed to eradicating overwhelming credit card debt in the US.

    In fact, six of the aforementioned states are in the top 10 list for highest average household credit card debt: California, Colorado, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, and Utah. As Tally expands throughout the US, they will be able to provide services to the rest of the 31 states. If you live in one of the 31 states that are not currently serviced, feel free to download Tally and join the Tally waitlist.

    But if you live in one of the supported states, download Tally now and start managing your debt in a smarter way.

    Get started with the Tally app, here.

    SEE ALSO: Empower, a freemium personal finance app, helped me identify $4,500 in hidden savings opportunities that I wasn’t taking advantage of

    DON'T MISS: The best credit card rewards, bonuses, and perks of 2019

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    grafomap, $49+

    • The holidays are the most popular time to get engaged, which means you can expect a good amount of engagement parties this time of year.
    • While gifting off a registry for a wedding is a pretty seamless process, choosing an engagement gift requires a little more nuance.
    • If you're not sure what to bring to your next engagement party, check out 27 great options below. 

    If it seems like everyone around you is getting engaged right now, it's because they are. The holidays are peak engagement season, with Christmas being the most popular day to propose. If you've made this observation on Instagram recently, you'll likely have plenty of weddings to attend soon. Right now, though, you should probably expect a few engagement parties.

    Picking out wedding gifts is easy. Couples can make a registry to let you know exactly what they actually want. Engagement parties are where gifting gets a little more complicated. How much should you spend? How do you know what they want? Do you even need to get them an engagement gift?

    Engagement gift etiquette may be more nuanced, but we're going to try to make it easier for you. You don't need to spend a ton of money or make any grand gestures for an engagement party — just go for something small but sweet. So you don't show up at your next engagement party empty-handed, we rounded up 27 no-brainer options under $100. 

    Keep reading for 27 great engagement gifts under $100:

    A calendar

    Brass Easel & Calendar, from $55, available at Artifact Uprising

    They have a pretty big event coming up — help them count down to the wedding with this custom calendar featuring images you can upload from their social media pages.

    A set of Champagne flutes

    Personalized Champagne Flutes (set of 2), $49, available at Mark & Graham

    Help them toast to the next chapter with these classy Champagne flutes. Each flute can be customized with up to 12 letters for an extra personal touch.

    A Champagne cooler

    Hammered Stainless-Steel Wine Bucket, $29.95, available at Williams Sonoma

    They're probably going to get a lot of bubbly, and they're probably going to need somewhere to put it. Think ahead and gift them this classy wine bucket.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Edward Lampert

    • Eddie Lampert, the chairman and former CEO of Sears, has an estimated net worth of $1 billion.
    • Lampert owns three homes, including one on the wealthy "Billionaire Bunker" island in Florida, and also owns a $130 million yacht.
    • Lampert is a member of the ultra-exclusive Skull and Bones society at Yale University.
    • In 2003, he was kidnapped and held at gunpoint — only to negotiate his way free.

    Eddie Lampert, the chairman and former CEO of Sears, has had an eventful career.

    With an estimated net worth of $1 billion, Lampert was once hailed as a genius hedge-fund manager and the next Warren Buffett. He's a member of Yale's ultra-exclusive Skull and Bones secret society, along with three former presidents, and his college roommate was eventual US Secretary of Treasury Steven Mnuchin.

    He also managed to save Kmart from bankruptcy in the early 2000s, but not before he was kidnapped and held at gunpoint for 30 hours in a Connecticut hotel. He reportedly talked his captors into releasing him, then capped off the Kmart deal a week later.

    Now, after Lampert merged Kmart with Sears, the department store is now on the brink of liquidation.

    Lampert has garnered criticism for his management of Sears, which he reportedly runs from his sprawling, $38 million estate in a wealthy Florida community known as "billionaire bunker." The wealthy executive also owns houses in Connecticut and Colorado, not to mention a $130 million yacht.

    Read on to see how Sears' embattled chairman made — and spends — his $1 billion fortune.

    SEE ALSO: Sears is getting one last chance to save itself from oblivion

    DON'T MISS: Inside Sears' death spiral: How an iconic American brand has been driven to the edge of bankruptcy

    Eddie Lampert, 56, is the chairman of Sears Holdings, the company that owns Sears and Kmart.

    Source: Forbes

    Lampert's net worth is an estimated $1 billion, and he hasn't been shy about spending: He owns three sprawling homes and a $130 million yacht.

    Source: Business Insider

    But Lampert wasn't always this wealthy. Although he grew up in an affluent family in Roslyn, New York, life changed at age 14 when his father, a successful attorney, died of a heart attack. Lampert helped his family make ends meet by taking jobs at warehouses stocking shelves and packing boxes.


    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    donald trump

    • The Trump administration has sparked backlash in recent days over several false or misleading statements connecting migrants at the US-Mexico border with terrorism.
    • Trump said Friday that terrorists are "coming through the southern border because they find that's probably the easiest place to come through."
    • But government data shows that just six "known or suspected terrorists" entered the US that way — it's far more common that they arrive in airports, or even through the Canadian border.
    • President Donald Trump's senior adviser, Kellyanne Conway, even conceded that Trump administration officials had erred in their statistics. "Everybody makes mistakes — all of us," she said.

    The Trump administration has come under fire in recent days for falsely claiming that 4,000 "known or suspected terrorists" were arrested crossing the US-Mexico border last year. In reality, just six were stopped in the first half of 2018.

    The exaggeration didn't end there — President Donald Trump himself appeared in the White House's Rose Garden on Friday to talk up his proposed border wall and tell reporters that terrorists are streaming through the US-Mexico border.

    "I talk about human traffickers, I talk about drugs and gangs, but a lot of people don't say we have terrorists coming through the southern border because they find that's probably the easiest place to come through," he said.

    Readmore: Trump goes off the rails in freewheeling news conference raging about the shutdown, the border wall, DACA, and Democrats

    Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen backed him up, saying 3,000 "special interest aliens" with potential terror links were arrested at the southern border.

    But reporters quickly pushed back, noting that "special interest aliens" aren't terrorists, and they're not even on the terror watchlist. In many cases, they're travelers coming into the US from countries with a history of terror attacks, or people whose travel patterns are deemed "suspicious," according to the Department of Homeland Security's own definition.

    But the incident sparked something of a trend, with Trump administration officials repeatedly making outlandish or hyperbolic statements about terrorism at the southern border that haven't held up to scrutiny.

    A 'sensitive' number of terror-watchlisted migrants

    kirstjen nielsen donald trump

    Nielsen was met with mockery and skepticism on Monday after tweeting that a growing number of known and suspected terrorists are reaching the southern border, but refusing to say how many.

    "The threat is real. The number of terror-watchlisted encountered at our Southern Border has increased over the last two years," she said. "The exact number is sensitive and details about these cases are extremely sensitive."

    Critics derided the tweets, noting that US Customs and Border Protection has already provided that data to Congress, and the numbers were small.

    NBC News reported Monday that the data provided to Congress revealed that just 132 known or suspected terrorists were intercepted at American borders in the first half of fiscal year 2018. Of those, 91 were stopped at the US-Canada border, and just 41 were stopped at the US-Mexico border.

    Of those 41 at the southern border, 35 were already US citizens. Just six immigrants identified as known or suspected terrorists were blocked from crossing the US-Mexico border in the first half of 2018.

    Nielsen argued that even a small number of suspected terrorists was significant.

    "I am sure all Americans would agree that one terrorist reaching our borders is one too many," she tweeted. "These are just the terror suspects we know about who reach our border."

    Where the 4,000 'known or suspected terrorists' figure came from

    sarah huckabee sanders

    Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was also challenged on Sunday by Fox News host Chris Wallace, after she said nearly 4,000 known or suspected terrorists enter the US illegally, and "our most vulnerable point of entry is at our southern border."

    Wallace cut her off, correcting that the vast majority of those individuals never came near the southern border.

    "Do you know where those 4,000 people come from? Where they are captured?" Wallace said. "Airports."

    The Trump administration has sought to walk back some of its claims in the wake of the backlash. Kellyanne Conway, Trump's senior adviser, conceded Monday evening to Fox News host Laura Ingraham that the 4,000 figure hadn't referred to migrants at the southern border.

    "Doesn't that hurt the credibility of the White House when they don't get the facts right, and someone's not doing their homework in the way they describe it?" Ingraham asked Conway.

    "It got unfortunately confused by my colleague," Conway said. "Everybody makes mistakes — all of us. The fact is, it's corrected here. And anybody who turns a blind eye to the actual numbers of the human trafficking, the increase in the drugs — we are concerned about your children here in the United States being subjected to all these drugs, and we're concerned about their children not making these perilous journeys.

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    NOW WATCH: MSNBC host Chris Hayes thinks President Trump's stance on China is 'not at all crazy'

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    pvolve fitness 3

    • There's more than one way to tone and strengthen your arms, legs, and core. 
    • For adherents of the P.volve way of working out, small but deliberate movements are key. They're low-impact, precise, and unexpectedly effective. 
    • Two pieces of fitness equipment that encourage and facilitate these movements are the P.ball ($59.99) and the P.band ($29.99). 
    • They both use resistance to target and activate those hard-to-hit muscles, delivering a slow and steady burn. 

    Ah, 2019. Another year, another set of resolutions dedicated to working out more and getting into shape. "This year will be different — really," you tell yourself. But if you're forcing yourself to lift, go to spin classes, or do HIIT exercises even when you already know you hate these types of heavy or high-intensity workouts, your motivation is probably going to wane by February. 

    Stephen Pasterino, the fitness studio founder who's best known for training Victoria's Secret models, believes you don't have to torture yourself to see and feel results. Instead, with his P.volve method and fitness products, you can tone and strengthen your body through precise, minuscule movements.

    Devoid of burpees, bicep curls, and back-breaking exercises, the P.volve way of working out doesn't look like it takes a lot of effort — until you feel the unmistakable burn in your arms and legs just a few reps in. 

    I was curious about the efficacy of these low-impact workouts and open to giving my joints a break, so I took a P.volve class that made use of two fitness accessories, the P.ball ($59.99) and the P.band ($29.99). I also brought the two home to work out with on my own. 

    pvolve fitness

    The P.ball is basically a small inflated ball-resistance band combination that slips between your thighs for a somewhat unnatural but not uncomfortable configuration. By squatting, squeezing, and turning, you target and engage your thighs, butt, and abs in new ways your body probably isn't used to. Though the movements are small, the effect — a slow, steady, and searing burn — is not. Because I usually associate being sore with higher-intensity workouts, I was pleasantly surprised to feel the familiar pangs of soreness in my core, legs, and arms following the one hour workout with the P.ball and the P.band. 

    The P.band is similar to a resistance band, with a glove-like design so you can leave your fingers free (as opposed to gripping a resistance band the whole time). My arms are on the weaker side and I've always had difficulty strengthening and defining them, so I really felt the burn. The P.band exposed me to arm muscles I didn't even realize I had, and I found it especially effective for the tricky triceps. 

    pvolve fitness 2

    The great thing about these two pieces of fitness equipment is that you don't have to move to New York City and visit the P.volve studio in order to experience their benefits. They're perfect for at-home workouts and those days when you can't or don't want to go to your gym to exercise. Take it from someone whose YouTube search history is frequently dominated by variations of "easy apartment workouts." The low-impact, small-movement P.ball and P.band are ideal for tiny bedrooms and ongoing friendly relations with the neighbors living right below you. 

    P.volve's YouTube channel contains some workouts for the P.ball and P.band, and the products also include a free 15-day all access pass to P.volve's online streaming site, which holds more than 150 workouts. There are tons of variations to explore with these accessories, plus the two can be used at the same time. 

    If you're searching for a new way to strengthen and tone your muscles, you should try the P.ball and P.band for unexpectedly effective results. They're available for purchase separately or bundled in the Premium P.volve Kit for a slight discount. 

    Shop the P.ball for $59.99 at P.volve here

    Shop the P.band for $29.99 at P.volve here

    Shop the Premium P.volve Kit for $79.99 at P.volve here

    Read more about the products and services that will help you keep your 2019 fitness resolutions: 

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    Nissan LEAF e+ 2019

    • The 2019 Nissan Leaf e+ EV made its world debut at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. 
    • The Leaf e+ can go 226 miles on a single thanks to a larger 62 kWh battery pack.
    • This puts its performance on par with rivals such as the Chevrolet Bolt and the Tesla Model 3.
    • The 2019 Nissan Leaf e+ arrives in US showrooms this spring. 

    Nissan introduced the new Leaf e+ electric vehicle at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, in Las Vegas. 

    The new Leaf e+ is an update of the second-generation Leaf that debuted in 2017 and remedies the EV's biggest flaw: its lack of range. 

    In Business Insider's 2018 review of the Leaf, we noted:

    "The new Leaf is a solid second effort from Nissan. However, there remains one glaring fault with the Leaf, and it's the range. At 151 miles, it's certainly a major improvement over the outgoing model. But range anxiety is still a problem, and anything less than 200 miles on a single charge is no longer competitive." 

    The original Nissan Leaf launched back in 2010, and in the years since, it has become one of the most popular EVs in history, with more than 380,000 cars sold. 

    Nissan Leaf e+But with long-range EVs such as the 238-mile Chevrolet Bolt and the 310-mile Tesla Model 3, the 151-mile second-generation Leaf is no longer at the forefront of the industry.

    Enter the Leaf e+ and its 226 miles of range.

    Read more: Mercedes-Benz just unveiled the stylish new CLA coupe to take on BMW and Audi.

    To achieve this, Nissan replaced the current 40 kWh battery with a much larger 62 kWh pack. In addition, the existing 147 horsepower, 110 kW electric motor has been swapped out for a 160 kW unit that produces 215 horsepower and 250 pounds-feet of torque. According to Nissan, this results in a 13% improvement in the Leaf's 50 mph to 75 mph acceleration time. 

    Nissan Leaf e+ 2019In addition to a new drivetrain, the Leaf e+ will get the latest in Nissan's ProPilot Assist semi-autonomous assistance technology. 

    The 2019 Nissan Leaf e+ will go on sale in Japan this month, but it won't arrive in the US until this spring, and in Europe a couple of months after that. 

    Nissan has not yet announced pricing for the Leaf e+. The current 151-mile Nissan Leaf starts at $29,990. 

    SEE ALSO: 40 hot cars we can't wait to see in 2019

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    Los Angeles Valiant Fans Overwatch League

    • "Overwatch" is one of the most successful esports titles in the world, with the Overwatch League and other events supporting more than 200 professional players 
    • At the start of the year, a player using the name "Ellie" was added to the roster of a semi-professional team but quickly raised the suspicion and ire of male players. 
    • Skeptical "Overwatch" fans questioned whether Ellie was given preferential treatment for being a woman; some demanded that her identity be made public and threatened to find and release her personal information.
    • It turns out, Ellie wasn't a woman. And the incident underscores a disturbing problem within esports. 

    The rise of esports has given video game players a chance to turn their passion into a profession, but every once in a while there's an incident that shows just how immature the industry can be.

    For fans of the game "Overwatch," a recent controversy over a gamer posing as a woman has exposed an undercurrent of sexism that pervades the culture even as splashy corporate sponsorships and multi-million dollar prize purses have become the norm

    "Overwatch" is one of the world's most successful esports titles, and the Overwatch League is dominated by men. 

    That's why a player named Ellie attracted a lot of attention when she was added to the roster of a semi-professional "Overwatch" team called Second Wind a couple of weeks ago. Unlike the other players, Ellie's full name was not listed on Second Wind's website but her "Overwatch" account was known to be among the top ranked online. 

    Some gamers demanded to know Ellie's personal information

    Ellie's spot on the team seems to have been enough to raise the suspicion of her male rivals, who accused the Overwatch League of giving preferential treatment to a woman and questioned whether Ellie was in fact a woman. As time went on the tone of the demands grew more toxic, with some players threatening to find and release Ellie's personal information on their own.


    Some players and fans defended Ellie's right to privacy and accused the skeptics of targeting Ellie based on gender. But Ellie told Second Wind she would withdraw from the team due to the public reaction.

    This being esports however, that's not where the story ends. 

    It turns out that Ellie was not a woman after all.

    An investigation by Second Wind and several esports journalists determined that Ellie was a persona created by a male player using the tag "Punisher" online. "Punisher" was already known to be a top online "Overwatch" player and told friends that he convinced women to help him impersonate a female player as a "social experiment." Esports journalist Rod "Slasher" Breslau spoke to three women who said Punisher clued them into the scheme privately.

    Did the social experiment prove a point or make a bad situation worse?

    The goal of Ellie/Punisher's impersonation experiment is not entirely clear, and some worry that it may have actually provided more ammunition to skeptics who doubt the potential of female players.

    As a male-dominated industry, esports regularly faces an undercurrent of misogyny when men and women are competing with each other. Only a select few women are willing to compete within a culture that many would call toxic, and the climate surrounding Ellie and Geguri suggests that women will only face additional skepticism as they reach the top level of play.

    There is only one woman currently playing in the Overwatch League, the game's highest level of competition. Kim "Geguri" Se-yeon of the Shanghai Dragons was accused of cheating by multiple professional male players prior to her Overwatch League debut. She ultimately proved them wrong though, and three of her accusers retired.

    With only a few professional opportunities available for thousands of players, jealousy among the top ranks isn't too surprising, but the goal of esports should be to create a healthy, professional environment while preserving the spirit of competition. To avoid skepticism and toxicity, professional organizations need to practice proper due diligence and present their players in the best possible light.

    For women interested in esports, the scandal is another reminder that a portion of the community still refuses to believe that women can compete as professionals, and , they will always be playing to prove the doubters wrong.

    SEE ALSO: Eight teams paid more than $30 million each to join the Overwatch League – here's everything you need to know before the new season starts

    SEE ALSO: A 'Overwatch' hero was just revealed to be gay, and fans are freaking out

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    NOW WATCH: British Airways has a $13 million flight simulator that taught us how to take off, fly, and land an airplane

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    Paul Manafort

    • Paul Manafort's lawyers accidentally unsealed a slew of new details about the lies Manafort has been accused of telling prosecutors working for the special counsel Robert Mueller after agreeing to cooperate in the Russia investigation.
    • Manafort's lawyers revealed that Mueller has accused him of sharing confidential polling data from the Trump campaign with the former Russian military intelligence officer Konstantin Kilimnik.
    • They also revealed that Mueller has accused Manafort of misleading prosecutors about his knowledge of a pro-Russia "peace plan" that was floated during the campaign and in the early days of the Trump administration.
    • Manafort's lawyers did not issue a full-throated denial of Mueller's allegations at any point. Instead, they wrote that any misstatements on Manafort's part, "to the extent they occurred at all, were not intentional."

    Lawyers representing Paul Manafort, the former chairman of President Donald Trump's 2016 election campaign, made a formatting error in a new court filing that accidentally revealed more details about Manafort's alleged lies to prosecutors after he struck a plea deal with the special counsel Robert Mueller.

    The filing came in response to a December court filing from Mueller's office, in which prosecutors said Manafort told "discernible lies" about several topics.

    They offered few details on the nature of the alleged lies, but they elaborated on the specific topics they claim Manafort misled prosecutors about. They included:

    • His interactions with Konstantin Kilimnik, a former Russian intelligence operative who was charged, along with Manafort, with obstruction of justice last year.
    • Kilimnik's role in the alleged conspiracy to obstruct justice by trying to influence the testimony of two witnesses last February.
    • A $125,000 payment made to a firm in 2017 related to a debt that Manafort had incurred.
    • His communications with Trump administration officials. According to prosecutors, Manafort told them that he only spoke with certain individuals before they joined the administration or after they left, but those statements were inconsistent with the truth.
      • In fact, prosecutors said, Manafort authorized someone on May 26 to speak with an administration official on his behalf.
      • The filing also pointed out that Manafort said in February that he had been in touch with a senior administration official until that month.
      • And a review of the former Trump campaign chief's electronic documents revealed additional contacts with administration officials, prosecutors said.
    • Information that was "pertinent to another Department of Justice investigation." Prosecutors said Manafort first gave them information relevant to the investigation when he met with Mueller's team prior to pleading guilty. But they said he gave a "different and exculpatory version of events" after agreeing to cooperate.

    Read more:Prosecutors say Paul Manafort breached his plea deal by telling 'discernible lies' after agreeing to cooperate

    What Manafort's lawyers accidentally revealed

    Paul Manafort

    In Tuesday's filing, Manafort's lawyers accidentally revealed that prosecutors allege Manafort shared Trump campaign polling data with Kilimnik.

    They wrote that Manafort did not intentionally mislead investigators about the issue. Instead, the wrote, such matters "simply were not at the forefront of Mr. Manafort's mind during the period at issue and it is not surprising at all that Mr. Manafort was unable to recall specific details prior to having his recollection refreshed."

    According to the filing, Mueller’s office also says Manafort "conceded" that he may have discussed a Ukraine peace plan with Kilimnik on more than one occasion, and that Manafort "acknowledged" that he and Kilimnik met when both men traveled to Madrid.

    In another redacted section, Manafort's lawyers wrote that during a proffer session with Mueller's team in September, Manafort told prosecutors that "he would have given the Ukrainian peace plan more thought, had the issue not been raised during the period he was engaged with work related to the presidential campaign."

    At the time, his lawyers wrote, "issues and communications related to Ukrainian political events" weren't on Manafort's mind.

    The US intelligence community has concluded that Russia intervened in the 2016 US election with the specific purpose of sowing discord and tilting the race in Trump's favor. A key pillar in Mueller's Russia probe examines whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in its goals, and if the Trump team offered anything to the Kremlin in exchange for its help during the election.

    Read more:The Supreme Court handed Mueller a victory in his mysterious grand-jury subpoena fight

    Along that thread, prosecutors are said to be examining a Russia-Ukraine "peace plan" that Michael Cohen, Trump's former lawyer and longtime fixer who is now cooperating with Mueller, sought to push through in the early days of the Trump administration.

    The plan Cohen, the Russian-born businessman Felix Sater, and the Ukrainian politician Andrey Artemenko pushed would have had the US lift sanctions on Russia in exchange for Moscow withdrawing its support for pro-Russia separatists in eastern Ukraine. It would also allow Russia to maintain control over the territory of Crimea, which it annexed in 2014.

    Manafort surfaced as a figure of interest for prosecutors when details began spilling out during the 2016 campaign about his ties to pro-Russian interest in Ukraine. Investigators also began digging into whether Manafort worked as a conduit between the campaign and Russia to mitigate his mounting financial debts to wealthy Russians aligned with the Kremlin. Among those is the Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, who is close allies with Kilimnik.

    Manafort is known to have offered Deripaska "private briefings" through Kilimnik about the campaign at the height of the election in an effort to resolve his debts to the aluminum magnate. In addition to communicating via email, Manafort and Kilimnik, who had worked together for years for pro-Russian Ukrainian interests, also met several times during the campaign.

    Later in the filing, Manafort's lawyers addressed Mueller's contention that Manafort lied about a $125,000 payment made to a firm in 2017 related to a debt that he had incurred. "The Government has indicated that Mr. Manafort's statements about this payment are inconsistent with those of others, but the defense has not yet received any witness statements to support this contention," they wrote.

    In response to prosecutors' claims that Manafort misled them about authorizing someone on May 26 to speak with an administration official on his behalf, Manafort's lawyers wrote that the claim relates to a text message from a third-party asking permission to use Manafort's name as an introduction in the event that the third-party met Trump.

    "This does not constitute outreach by Mr. Manafort to the President," his lawyers said.

    They added that "the second example" identified by Mueller "is hearsay purportedly offered by an undisclosed third party and the defense has not been provided with the statement (or any witness statements that form the basis of alleging intentional falsehoods)."

    Manafort's team did not issue a full-throated denial of prosecutors' claims. Instead, they said "any alleged misstatements, to the extent they occurred at all, were not intentional."

    SEE ALSO: The Supreme Court handed Mueller a victory in his mysterious grand-jury subpoena fight

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    donald trump

    • President Donald Trump reportedly didn't want to give his televised address on border security on Tuesday, and thought it was pointless.
    • He also doesn't want to visit the US-Mexico border on Thursday, but said during an off-the-record lunch with television anchors that he'd been talked into it by advisers, according to The New York Times.
    • "It's not going to change a damn thing, but I'm still doing it," Trump reportedly said.
    • Trump gave the address on the 18th day of a government shutdown, characterizing the situation at the border as a "crisis" that could required a "physical barrier."

    President Donald Trump reportedly told television anchors in an off-the-record lunch on Tuesday that he didn't even want to give a televised address to the nation on border security later that day, dismissing it as pointless.

    The New York Times, citing people briefed on the discussion, said he was reluctant to both give the address and agree to visit the US-Mexico border on Thursday, but was talked into both actions by his advisers.

    "It's not going to change a damn thing, but I'm still doing it," Trump said, according to The Times. At one point, Trump even reportedly said the border trip was just a photo opportunity.

    "These people behind you said it's worth it," he said, gesturing to aides including Bill Shine, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Kellyanne Conway.

    Read more: 'How much more American blood must we shed': Trump delivers his first prime-time address from the Oval Office amid a government shutdown over funding for his border wall

    Screen Shot 2019 01 08 at 6.23.54 PM

    CNN host Chris Cuomo, however, offered up a different characterization of the lunch on Tuesday, saying Trump appeared confident in his arguments.

    "I was at that lunch this morning with President Trump and the vice president. The content was off the record but I will tell you he's much more compelling making this case in person than he was on the teleprompter tonight," he said. "That's going to matter."

    Trump gave the address on the 18th day of a partial government shutdown, sparked by a disagreement over $5.7 billion in funding for Trump's long-promised border wall. Congressional Democrats have refused to provide the funding, and Trump has thus far refused to back down from his demands.

    At certain points during his remarks, Trump backed away from calling it a "wall." He falsely said Democrats had requested a steel barrier instead of a concrete wall, though Democrats have denied that.

    "Law enforcement professionals have requested $5.7 billion for a physical barrier," Trump said. "This barrier is absolutely critical to border security."

    Yet critics seized on Trump's remarks, noting that many of his statements — including false and misleading remarks about drugs at the border and criminal activity among immigrants — were merely recycled arguments he has made many times in the past.

    Read more: 'The president has chosen fear': Democrats respond to Trump's Oval Office address

    chuck schumer nancy pelosi

    There had been speculation that Trump would use Tuesday's address to declare a national emergency that would allow him to bypass Congress to fund the wall, but Trump made no mention of the action, though he characterized the situation at the border as a "crisis."

    "To every member of Congress, pass a bill that ends this crisis," Trump said. "This is a choice between right and wrong, justice and injustice. This is about whether we fulfill our sacred duty to the American citizens we serve."

    Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi refuted Trump's remarks, accusing him of stoking fear in order to fulfill his campaign promise, at the expense of hundreds of thousands of furloughed federal workers.

    "There is no excuse for hurting millions of Americans over a policy difference," Schumer said. "Federal workers are about to miss a paycheck. Some families can't get a mortgage to buy a new home. Farmers and small businesses won't get loans they desperately need."

    SEE ALSO: 'How much more American blood must we shed': Trump delivers his first prime-time address from the Oval Office amid a government shutdown over funding for his border wall

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    dlink 5g router ces 2019

    • The D-Link 5G NR Enhanced Gateway is the best WiFi router of CES 2019.
    • It received internet data from your internet provider wirelessly via a 5G network
    • It's also a mesh router for extending your WiFi network throughout your home efficiently, unlike a traditional WiFi extender.

    Networking company D-Link showed off a new router that contains all the important buzzwords in a WiFi router today, as well as the not-too-distant future.

    ces 2019 graphicIt's the D-Link 5G NR Enhanced Gateway, and it's designed to receive a super-fast wireless 5G signal from an internet service provider, and deliver internet to your WiFi-connected devices at home, giving you estimated gigabit internet speeds. It's also mesh WiFi compatible, which is a type of WiFi system that helps deliver strong and fast internet throughout your home with satellite routers dotted throughout your home, and it works a lot better than the traditional WiFi extender setup. 

    It's still early days for 5G and home internet. Verizon currently has a 5G home internet service available in limited markets, but it's 300 megabit-per-second speed isn't especially impressive, at least not compared to the hype surrounding 5G over the last couple of years. The D-Link 5G NR Enhanced Gateway supports a faster form of 5G than Verizon current 5G network, thus it could potentially give you faster speeds.

    dlink 5g router ces 2019 2

    The majority of us WiFi users and D-Link itself is waiting on internet service providers to more comprehensively build out their 5G networks. As of yet, 5G rollout progress appears slow. Still, D-Link's 5G NR Enhanced Gateway router offers a positive glimpse as to what we can expect when 5G becomes more mainstream. 

    What it is: A WiFi router that can receive super-fast wireless 5G internet data for your home WiFi.

    Who makes it: D-Link

    Why it's the best: It's a glimpse into what WiFi routers should do when 5G networks roll out more consistently and quickly. 

    Where and when you can get it: No details as of yet. 

    How much it will cost: No prices available. 

    SEE ALSO: 17 of the wackiest photos from the biggest tech convention of the year

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    flexispot ces 2019 bike

    • Business Insider has scoured the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas to find the very best cutting-edge tech.
    • The best fitness tech we saw made everyone in our group stop in their tracks. 
    • FlexiSpot's all-in-one desk bicycle lets you work out while doing actual work at your desk — hopefully making you a happier and healthier worker in the process.

    LAS VEGAS — The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is in full swing.

    While touring the expansive showroom floors, there was one particular fitness gadget that made everyone in our small group of journalists stop in their tracks: FlexiSpot's all-in-one desk bike. It isn't flashy, but it doesn't need to be. It's just a great idea.

    ces 2019 graphic

    The Deskcise Pro is a stationary bike, but it also works as a standing desk. You can sit, stand, or cycle, depending on what you feel like doing — but if you do feel like cycling, the Deskcise Pro features eight resistance levels so you can work out to your desired level.

    The photo above doesn't show it, but you can slot a full-motion desktop into the front of the bike, which can hold your laptop, or anything else you need to get work done. Or, you can plant the bike in front of a workstation or cubicle; it's very flexible. 

    What it is: The Deskcise Pro all-in-one desk bike.

    Who makes it: FlexiSpot, based in Livermore, California.

    Why it's the best: It's not flashy, but it works. It encourages fitness while working, which is a clever idea to tackle the all-too-common sedentary lifestyle.

    Where and when you can get it: It's now available, from FlexiSpot's website.

    How much it will cost: $399.

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