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    American Flag USA US

    The US is a huge, diverse country, and the characteristics of the states that make it up vary widely.

    We used 38 demographic, social, and economic indicators that cover several aspects of American life, mostly from the US Census Bureau's recently released 2017 American Community Survey estimates.

    We looked at how far away each state was from the average of each of those metrics among the states and Washington, DC. Adding those distances together, we found an overall "averageness" score for each state and DC.

    Read more:See our method and detailed sources for this ranking

    Here's all 50 states and DC, ranked from least to most average, along with some of the metrics for which they were outliers or average.

    SEE ALSO: Here's how much the typical millennial, Gen X, and baby-boomer worker earns in every US state

    51. Washington, DC

    What's average: The 90.2% of residents of DC with at least a high school diploma was very close to the average share among the states and DC of 89.5%.

    What's not average: The nation's capital is demographically and economically very different from the rest of the country, largely because it's a city with no suburban or rural areas. For example, DC's median age of 34.0 years is much lower than the average of 38.4 years, and its median household income of $82,372 was the highest in the country.

    50. Hawaii

    What's average: About 92.1% of households in Hawaii have access to at least one car, right in line with the average rate of 92.2% among the states and DC.

    What's not average: Hawaii's median home value of $617,400 was the highest in the country, and, perhaps not surprisingly, the 9.3% of Hawaii residents who self-identified as Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander was by far the largest share among the states and DC.

    49. California

    What's average: California's poverty rate of 13.3% was just above the average rate of 13.1% among the 50 states and DC.

    What's not average: California's median gross monthly apartment rent of $1,447 was the third-highest in the country. Only 83.3% of California residents had at least a high school diploma, the lowest rate among the states and DC.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    • The Eurostar is the high-speed train that links London to European cities including Paris and Amsterdam.
    • On a recent weekend trip to Paris, I checked out Eurostar's newly revamped lounge for Business Premier passengers at London's St. Pancras International.
    • It was pretty luxurious — and even had a free cocktail bar with its own brand of gin.

    The Eurostar, the high-speed train that links London to European cities such as Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Marseille, France, is arguably one of the best ways to travel — especially in business class.

    Passengers traveling in this cabin, called Business Premier, are treated to express check-in and complimentary drinks and fine dining on board and given access to a lounge that was recently given a shiny new cocktail bar.

    Read more: I drank at the best bar in the world, and I was surprised by one thing

    Before a recent weekend trip to Paris, I checked out the new business lounge at London's St. Pancras International.

    Here's what it's like inside.

    SEE ALSO: I've lived in London for 5 years — here are the 50 places where you should actually eat

    The Eurostar, the high-speed train that links London to European cities including Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Marseille, is arguably one of the best ways to travel — especially in business class, where the experience starts before you even get on board.

    After getting through security and passport control, Business Premier passengers can turn right for the brick-exterior entrance to the two-floor business lounge.

    The first floor is sleek and stylish, with glass, exposed brick, and blues and grays.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    best gel pillow

    • Gel pillows are ideal for people who need extra support to deal with neck and back pain, as well as for people who run hot but like to sleep cool.

    • The Coop Home Goods Eden Gel Foam Pillow is our top pick, thanks to its support and cooling and because it can be adjusted for ideal custom comfort.

    I can't speak for you, but I'll say that the first time I lay my head down on a gel pillow, I wasn't immediately sold. Far from it, in fact. Upon initial contact, many gel pillows feel too firm and even a bit unusual, with a rubbery texture that's a far cry from the feathers or fabric stuffing to which most of us are accustomed.

    But then my head settled down into the foam, and soon I found myself feeling a level of comfort and support almost unknown in those low-tech pillows I'd used all my life. Also, I who fog up car windows and often sleep without even sheets while my wife is under a down comforter stayed relatively cool throughout hours of use.

    So while standard pillows feel soft and snuggly at once, they don't offer much actual neck and back support and they often heat up. Gel pillows tend to hold their shape, offering all-night support, and they stay relatively cool thanks to the gel's propensity to draw heat in and away from your body.

    Are there drawbacks? Sure. Each time you shift with most gel foam pillows, you need a moment to sink in again to reestablish ideal comfort. And also some of them are a bit pricey. Do the benefits way outweigh those minor issues? Oh yeah. At least, if hours of comfortable sleep followed by a day during which you feel well-rested matters much to you.

    In selecting the best gel pillows you can buy, we factored in everything from price to shape to intended use. Some are ideal for cervical support (spinal support, e.g.), while some are great at keeping you cool. Others still have all the bases covered, though you'll need to pay for that level of quality and capability.

    Here are the best gel pillows you can buy:

    Read on in the slides below to check out our top picks.

    The best gel pillow overall

    Why you'll love it: The Coop Home Goods Eden Gel Foam Pillow is comfortable, cooling, and customizable — you can remove its filling until it's just the right density for your preference.

    The Coop Home Goods Eden Gel Foam Pillow is sort of a best of both worlds situation. Most gel foam pillows are essentially solid blocks of viscoelastic memory foam that either have a layer of cooling gel material or that have gel infused into the foam itself.

    This unique gel pillow does indeed use a gel-infused memory foam, but it's not a solid block of the material. Rather, the pillow is stuffed with hundreds of little bits of gel foam, thus the best of both worlds. When you first put your head down on this pillow, you will settle into it much like with a feather or synthetic fill pillow.

    So comfort right off the bat? Check. The more time you spend lying down with your head, neck, and shoulders on the Coop Home Goods Eden Gel Foam Pillow, the more you'll start to realize that gel foam isn't just a term bandied about by the fat cats in the pillow industry. This stuff actually does draw more heat away from your body than feathers or polyester could ever hope to.

    Thanks to the shredded gel memory foam fill, the airflow throughout this pillow is unrivaled. Thus you enjoy that immediate comfort and all night cooling.

    With more than 400 reviews logged on Amazon at the time of this writing, the Coop Home Goods Eden Gel Foam Pillow has a solid 4.4-star rating. One shopper speaks for many when she calls it the "best pillow" she has "ever owned," saying they help her and her husband "sleep all night and wake up without any aches or stiffness."

    A writer from RealMattressReviews loved that users can "adjust the fill" to create ideal custom comfort and noted the "lighter, fluffier feel" of this pillow compared to most gel pillows.

    Pros: Custom adjustable fill, immediately comfortable, backed by satisfaction guarantee

    Cons: Less supportive than solid pillows

    Buy a Coop Home Goods Eden Gel Foam Pillow on Amazon for $69.99 and up

    Buy the Eden Pillow at Coop Home Goods for $69.99 and up

    The best gel pillow for side sleepers

    Why you'll love it: If you sleep on your side, your head and neck need a specific kind of support for comfort, and the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Contour Breeze Side-to-Side Pillow provides it perfectly.

    When you sleep on your side, you are asking a lot of your spine in the name of comfort. In fact, you are asking your spin to align itself in a way that it doesn't really want to align, namely bent sideways at the neck. This hardly bothers some people, but for others it can cause pain both acute and chronic.

    But if sleep on your side you must, whether for everyday comfort, during pregnancy, or after an accident that requires specific positioning during recovery, do your spine a favor and get the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Contour Breeze Side-to-Side Pillow.

    With your head and neck cradled by the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Contour Breeze Side-to-Side Pillow, a pillow purpose-built for supporting side sleepers, your spinal column will be kept in line and without undue stress.

    Beyond cervical ergonomics, your head will sink down into the memory foam and be cradled all night long. Also, a layer of cooling gel set near the surface of the pillow will keep you nice and cool during all those hours of ergonomic spine support.

    Most shoppers who chose this pillow were thrilled with their choice. An owner named Penny called it "supportive and comfortable" and said it far outperformed others she had tried, while a gentleman named Bruce said it helped him "maintain a straight neckline" all night long.

    A writer from NYMag called the Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Contour Breeze Side-to-Side Pillow loved the "cooling gel layer" that served "hot-headed sleepers" so well.

    Pros: Provides ergonomic spinal support, lasts for multiple years, washable knit cover

    Cons: Quite expensive, too firm for some users

    Buy a Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Contour Breeze Side-to-Side Pillow on Amazon for $165

    The best low-cost gel pillow

    Why you'll love it: The PharMeDoc Contour Cooling Foam Pillow will keep you cool and supported for about half the cost of most comparable gel pillows.

    How can the PharMeDoc Contour Cooling Foam Pillow cost only 20 bucks, about half the price of many comparable gel pillows — and less than a quarter of the price of some options on our list — yet still provide decent neck support and cooling? Well, it's a bit on the small side, at 14 inches by 20 inches. And it's too firm for some people. All in all, though, this pillow punches well above its price point.

    Its gel-infused memory foam offers excellent head and neck support, and its two long axis have slightly different heights — four inches and five inches — so you can choose the rise that best suits your neck.

    Also, unless you need to constantly move around to achieve ideal comfort or you have a particularly large head, the fact that this pillow is smaller than standard pillow size isn't much of a problem, and you'll soon get used to it. Besides, in case this part isn't crystal clear yet ... it costs less than 20 dollars.

    Most reviews of the PharMeDoc Contour Cooling Foam Pillow are glowing, such as that left by a customer named Elsie who called it "just right" for providing the "support [she] needed as a side/back sleeper."

    A number of people did note its smaller size, though, which can be an issue when pairing it with standard pillowcases.

    Pros: Great low price tag, two height options, supports neck and head

    Cons: Notably smaller than standard pillow

    Buy a PharMeDoc Contour Cooling Foam Pillow at Walmart for $20 (originally $40)

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Dubai Travel On A Budget (2 of 79)

    • The city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is known for its extravagant, newly built landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah, and the Dubai Mall
    • But those landmarks have little to do with Dubai's history as a major trading city at a crossroads between Asian and Middle Eastern trading routes.
    • To see that history, you have to visit the city's many souks, or marketplaces, and talk to many immigrants — from India, Pakistan, Egypt, and elsewhere — that work in them.
    • The craziest of the souks is the Gold Souk, where you can purchase elaborate, handmade gold pieces for tens of thousands of dollars. There's even a 141-pound gold ring that sells for approximately $3 million.

    If you were to listen to most travel guides on Dubai, you'd think the desert city materialized out of the air a decade ago.

    The city exploded in prosperity after United Arab Emirates discovered oil in 1966,, leading to a development boom that has resulted in the world's tallest building, the second-biggest mall, the most luxurious hotel, and more skyscrapers than any city besides New York and Hong Kong.

    But Dubai was settled as a port city in the early 1800s, where it became a center for fishing and pearling, and a crossroads of sea and land trade routes through Asia and the Middle East.

    That trading history has left behind a legacy of souks, or open-air marketplaces native to the Middle East and North Africa. These are loud, colorful places where traders from dozens of nationalities hawk their wares, as your senses are attacked from every direction.

    Dubai has a lot of them: one for spices, one for perfumes, and another for clothing. But the most extravagant is the gold souk, where people come from all over the world to get a deal on that sweet yellow nugget. 

    As Nada Badran, a Jordanian who has lived in Dubai for most of her life, told me, the souks are the key to understanding Dubai. 

    Here's what it was like to visit them:

    SEE ALSO: I stayed at a hotel on Dubai's massive artificial island shaped like a palm tree and it's more surreal than any photos can show

    DON'T MISS: I visited outlandishly wealthy Dubai, known as the 'city of gold,' and was surprised by how much fun you can have even without billions

    After a couple of days in Dubai, I felt like I was having a hard time finding the city's local culture. So I met up with Nada Badran, who hosts "Wander With Nada" on CNN Arabic. Badran agreed to take me through Dubai's many souks.

    Dubai's mega-projects like Palm Jumeirah, the world's largest artificial island, and the Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world, may be cool, but they have little to do with the culture.

    "A lot of people visit and say that Dubai has 'no soul' but that's so far from the truth," Badran told me. "You just have to put in the effort to look for the culture."

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    TRV   Main & Villa One Infinity Pools Evening

    • The Resort Villa in Thailand offers guests private access to a 150,0000-square-foot property that includes seven villas and a full-time staff of 60 people. 
    • The resort was recently dubbed "the world's best private villa" by the Boutique Hotel Awards.
    • The property is two hours outside of Bangkok— the biggest international tourist destination in the world — and prides itself on its privacy.

    The world's best private villa is an unlikely destination: It's a two-hour drive from the world's biggest international tourist destination.

    But you wouldn't guess it from the looks of things inside The Resort Villa, where privacy is key. Seven villas, four bars, and nine dining areas are spread out across 150,000 square feet of property.

    The resort beat out other five other candidates in the Maldives, Spain, South Africa, Fiji, and St. Barthelemy, respectively, to win the award. It also unseats Over Yonder Cay in the Bahamas and Coco Prive in the Maldives, which jointly won the award in 2017.

    Read more: The top 14 boutique hotels in the world

    Thailand has long been a tourist hotspot, largely in thanks to its stunning beaches. In fact, Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, was recognized as the most popular city in the world for international tourists for three years in a row. And, earlier this year, the iconic Thai bay featured in the movie "The Beach" was permanently closed due to long-term damage caused by tourists.

    The Resort Villa, however, is located in the non-commercial area of Rayong and prides itself in offering respite from highly tourist-trafficked areas.

    Keep reading for a tour of the property:

    SEE ALSO: A luxury resort in the middle of the jungle in Bali was voted as having the world's 'most stunning views' and the view from the pool shows why

    READ MORE: A 7-bedroom Swiss cabin has been named the world's best ski chalet for 2 years in a row — and an inside tour quickly proves why

    The Private Villa is located in Rayong, Thailand, on the Gulf of Thailand. It's about a two-hour drive from the closest airport in Bangkok.

    Source: Google Maps

    The 150,000-square-foot property has seven private villas and can host up to 14 people at once.

    Source: The Resort Villa

    It's a mere five-minute walk from the beach ...

    Source: The Resort Villa

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    peanut allergy medicine

    • 2019 could be the year of the first treatments for kids with peanut allergies.
    • Two companies are competing for a market of around $3 billion. Both are seeking approval from US regulators to start selling their products.
    • The treatments aren't a cure, but do reduce the risk of a dangerous allergic reaction to peanuts.
    • Some parents say they prefer one product over the other, but it has a key drawback.

    Josh Mandelbaum, 13, has a secret.

    For five years, a small circular sticker on his back, around the size of a quarter, has contained the very thing that the New Jersey teen is allergic to: peanuts.  

    The patch is part of a growing trend that aims to use triggers like peanuts to help those with allergies. The aim is to desensitize them and act like a kind of guard rail against accidental exposure

    You might soon be able to get a prescription for these treatments. The patch and another first-of-its-kind peanut allergy pill could be approved by U.S. regulators as early as next year, and both have the potential to be blockbuster medications.  

    About 15 million people in the U.S. have food allergies to things like milk, eggs and wheat. Peanut allergies are the most common food allergy among kids, and have been on the rise over the last decade. The market for the treatments is huge, and eventually could reach around $3 billion in total sales, according to Stifel analyst Derek Archila. 

    Doctors currently have little to offer patients besides advising them to avoid what they’re allergic to and always carry an EpiPen or product like it to rescue them if they have a life-threatening allergic reaction. Moreover, those with peanut allergies are less likely to outgrow it than other food allergies, and it’s hard to predict how severe an allergic reaction might be.

    A treatment, not a cure

    The new approach has worked for Josh, his mother, Lianne Mandelbaum, who is also a food allergy advocate, told Business Insider. Josh first tried out the product, DBV Technologies’ Viaskin Peanut, as part of a clinical trial years ago.

    In the beginning, as part of a “food challenge” used in the trial, Josh had an allergic reaction after eating the equivalent of a fraction of a peanut, Lianne Mandelbaum said. Two-and-a-half years later, it took much more, about one and a half peanuts, to spur a reaction.

    While that may sound like a tiny change, it's made a huge difference in how Josh lives his life. He can now confidently go to school and sit in a cafeteria that serves peanut butter, for instance, his mother said.

    The patch isn’t a cure: Josh continues to avoid peanut products, for example, and has to be careful about accepting food that could be unsafe. But it's been empowering, she said, and given them peace of mind. 

    "I just don’t want him to die from eating the wrong cookies," she said. "We live in a human society. Humans make errors. That’s why you want a safety gap."

    Mandelbaum was so pleased with the results that she fought to let Josh keep using the patch after the trial ended, through an expanded access program. The only side effects he’s seen have been itchy red welts, which have eased over time.

    Josh would wear it for the rest of his life if he has to, she told Business Insider.

    DBV Viaskin Peanut patch, peanut allergy, food allergies, peanut allergy treatment

    How it all came together

    People with allergies are usually advised to keep away from what they’re allergic to.

    But controlled exposure, called immunotherapy, has also been part of allergists’ arsenal of tools for many years now, including through allergy shots for pollen, mold, dust and more.

    Physicians in private practice have also tried this with peanuts and other food allergies. In what’s called “oral immunotherapy treatment,” patients eat small amounts of peanut or another allergen, which increases over time.

    Though these have had success, they aren’t approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and may not be covered by health insurance. And, like other immunotherapy approaches, they have risks, including the chance of an allergic reaction.

    The search for a more standardized approach eventually led to the creation of Aimmune, which is developing AR101, a capsule of peanut protein that is mixed into food.

    When the company was first started, the big question was “how do you take a food, which is inherently variable and highly unpredictable, and make it into a medicine?” Dr. Daniel Adelman, Aimmune’s chief medical officer, explained.

    The company has done that by focusing on peanut protein, which is where the allergens in the nut are, and using that to re-educate the immune system, he said.

    Seeking FDA approval

    Dosing of AR101 starts at a very low level, or half a milligram of peanut protein, and then increases over about six months to 300 milligrams, or roughly the equivalent of one peanut kernel. Patients then continue on at that level as a maintenance dose.

    Aimmune aims to file with the FDA this month for approval to treat patients ages 4 to 17; a decision could arrive by early fall of 2019. DBV filed for FDA approval of Viaskin Peanut in October to treat patients ages 4 to 11, with a decision expected next year.

    The products could potentially reduce a life-threatening allergic reaction to a milder one, giving patients, their loved ones and their doctors an added layer of safety, Dr. Purvi Parikh, clinical assistant professor at NYU Langone and a board-certified allergist, told Business Insider.

    If they are found to be safe and effective, they could dramatically change patients’ quality of life, Parikh said, reducing an untold amount of anxiety and stress for them and their families.

    But which company could end up leading the space is more unclear. A group of doctors polled by Stifel's Archila slightly favored DBV’s product, he said, though the analyst also noted that there has been controversy over DBV’s clinical trial data.

    Some parents of children with allergies told Business Insider that DBV’s patch seemed safer to them, because it doesn’t require actually eating an allergen. The company also touts this as a potential benefit on its website, saying that its approach “offers a potentially strong safety profile because of how it works via the skin.”

    Read more:An experimental treatment for peanut allergies just succeeded in a key trial

    Tamara Hubbard, a licensed counselor whose nine-year-old son is taking part in an ongoing trial for the patch, called the product “life-changing.” She was initially drawn to it over other options because the process was slower and avoided gastrointestinal side effects, Hubbard said.

    A giant question mark

    On the other hand, those on the patch likely won’t know exactly how much allergen they can tolerate, because — absent completing a “food challenge” — they wouldn’t be eating it.

    Which product a family chooses will likely thus depend on their own preferences, Hubbard, who specializes in food allergy counseling, among other things, said.

    Aimmune’s Adelman also emphasized the latter perspective in an interview with Business Insider.

    “I think that the biggest danger to a child who is peanut allergic is going out into the world and thinking they are protected if they’re not,” he said.

    Pricing — another giant question mark hovering overhead — could also be an important factor. The Institute for Clinical and Economic Review, a nonprofit that evaluates drug prices and, is still reviewing the products and plans to release reports on them in the first half of next year. 

    The companies haven't said how much the drugs will cost.

    Parents, meanwhile, said that they hope everyone who wants these products can get them.

    “Everybody who has food allergies deserves to have access to lifesaving treatment,” food allergy advocate Mandelbaum said. “It should be available to everybody.”

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    NOW WATCH: This animation will make you think twice before going to work sick

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    new york city skyline

    • The list of the most visited cities in the world was released this week by market-research firm Euromonitor International.
    • New York City saw more than 13 million international tourists last year, but it only finished No. 8 on the global list.
    • Asian cities dominated the top 10, with one city attracting nearly 28 million international tourists.

    Euromonitor International released its annual ranking of the most visited cities in the world this week, measuring the appeal of some of the world's most famous destinations to international travelers.

    The UK-based market-research firm looked at 600 cities worldwide and ranked the 100 that attracted the most international tourists in 2017, and projected estimates for 2018 using part-year data.

    Read more: 13 places to visit in December for every type of traveler

    Seven American cities made the cut this year, led by New York City, which attracted more than 13 million tourists in 2017, good for eighth in the global rankings.

    Meanwhile, Asian cities dominated the top of the list, comprising seven out of the top 10 most popular cities. One Asian tourism powerhouse retained its title for the eighth consecutive year, leading the world with nearly 28 million international visitors. 

    Read on to see the biggest urban tourism hotspots in the world:

    SEE ALSO: France has been the most-visited country in the world for more than 20 years in a row — but experts think it's about to lose its crown

    DON'T MISS: The most dangerous intersection in every state

    31. Barcelona, Spain

    2017 arrivals: 6,530,100

    2018 estimate: 6,726,000

    30. Osaka, Japan

    2017 arrivals: 6,605,900

    2018 estimate: 7,456,300

    29. Agra, India

    2017 arrivals: 6,644,000

    2018 estimate: 8,258,200

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you'll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase.

    corkcicle $24.95

    When I'm browsing for gifts, Amazon is admittedly not the site where I expect to easily stumble across an option that I've never seen before or regard as cool. I tend to think that the new and interesting startups have a leg up in this regard. Since Amazon is so familiar to shop, however, an ideal situation would be for me to knock out all my holiday shopping at once there. 

    It may be a convenient place to shop for ordinary and practical needs like kitchen tools and organization products, but is it really the best place to find unique gifts for your friends and family? This guide of 22 unique gifts, all available on Amazon, presents a compelling case.

    Looking for more gift ideas? Check out all of Insider Picks' holiday gift guides for 2018 here.

    SEE ALSO: 25 creative and unexpected gifts for 'Star Wars' fans of all ages

    DON'T MISS: 75 unique gift ideas from startups that are worth having on your radar

    A hook system more reliable than the MTA

    Umbra Subway Wall Hook, $30, available at Amazon

    Part art piece and part functional organizer, the subway-inspired wall hook reminds them of the joys (and terrors) of riding public transportation. 

    A GoPro harness for their dog

    GoPro Fetch Dog Harness, $30.40, available at Amazon

    To see life through their dog's eyes might be one of the best perspectives an owner can experience. The comfortable and sturdy harness will take viewers on canine adventures of all kinds.

    A programmable R2-D2

    R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid, from $88, available at Amazon

    Your favorite droid comes to life, with a little help from a corresponding app. It can drive around their home, change stances, and react to movie moments as it watches. 

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    strained friendship


    At some point, you may feel that you and a friend don't connect anymore, whether you find you have less in common or feel they're treating you differently lately and are subtracting from your life more than adding to it.

    Like a romantic relationship, you may know it's not working out, but when it comes time to breaking up with them, it's easier said than done. However, sometimes, there are signs it's time to dump a friend.

    "We crave connection and to build a pack around us," Kailee Place, licensed professional counselor (LPC) at her private practice, Shifting Tides Therapeutic Solutions, in Charleston, South Carolina, told Business Insider in an email. "We may have different groups of friends that serve different purposes — from friends who enjoy going on adventures to ones who may indulge our homebody side — and healthy friendships allow us to be authentic, comfortable, and loved."

    Place said the common theme in working friendships is having a friend who leaves you feeling supported and cared for. "Occasionally, friendships go sour, and it's incredibly hard to cut off a friend, but keeping a toxic friend around is draining," she said. "In the long run, it's better to cut ties, and find people who appreciate and support you."

    To Place's point, if you're not sure whether or not to cut someone out of your life, here are 9 signs it's time to end a friendship, according to therapists.

    SEE ALSO: 7 hard truths about adulthood my 20-year-old self would never have understood

    1. The friendship is consistently one-sided

    Any type of relationship should be a two-way street, whether it's a platonic, familial, or romantic one. But if you find that a certain friendship is consistently one-sided, it may be time to say goodbye.

    "If you're pouring energy into someone who isn't giving you the same treatment, it's not a mutual friendship," Place said. "If you are finding your friend only pops up when they need something or they are going through a hard time — but often go silent or provide very little in your time of need — it's time to say bye to this friend."

    2. They betray your trust

    Trust is a big part of any kind of relationship, and once it's gone, it's hard to recover.

    "In friendships, there are minor and major betrayals that injure trust," Melody Li, an Austin-based licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT), relationship specialist, and co-founder of the Austin Counseling Collective, told Business Insider in an email.

    Li said if it's a minor incident and the injuring friend shows regret and a plan to regain trust, the injured friend may give them another chance — with caution. "However, major betrayals — like seducing the friend's significant other, cheating, or stealing money — are red flags," she said. "That relationship may not be worthwhile to reexplore at all."

    3. They don't keep your secrets

    Along the lines of being able to trust your friend, you want to make sure that they keep private things private, according to Jill Whitney, a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) who writes about relationships and sexuality atKeepTheTalkGoing.com. "You need to be able to trust your friends to respect your confidences," she told Business Insider in an email.

    Many things you talk about won't be especially private, she said, and then it's probably fine for your friend to share those things with other friends. "But when you make it clear that you don't want a specific thing shared, any decent friend will honor that," Whitney said.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    luxury alaska chalet


    On a remote rock outcropping surrounded by glacial ice in Alaska sits Sheldon Chalet.

    The luxury chalet, which opened to guests in February 2018, is only reachable by helicopter. You can book it for $25,000 a night, which includes helicopter shuttle service, a private concierge, gourmet dining, and activities such as sledding, glacier trekking, and mountaineering.

    Sheldon Chalet was built in the Don Sheldon Amphitheater, a glacial valley named after the father of two of the chalet's owners, Robert and Kate Sheldon. Marne Sheldon, Robert's wife, is also an owner.

    Here's a look at the chalet's interior and jaw-dropping surroundings.

    SEE ALSO: The top 14 boutique hotels in the world, from a romantic retreat in South Africa to a private villa in Thailand

    DON'T MISS: This 140-day cruise for the '1% of the 1%' visits all 7 continents — here's a look inside the ship, where suites cost up to $240,000 per person

    Sheldon Chalet is an ultra-luxurious mountain lodge in Alaska that opened to guests in February 2018.

    Source: Sheldon Chalet

    It sits in a glacial valley in the middle of Denali National Park, which encompasses more than six million acres of wilderness.

    Source: National Park Service

    Sheldon Chalet is anchored into the iron, titanium, and granite of the Sheldon Nunatak at an elevation of about 6,000 feet. A nunatak is a rock formation completely surrounded by glacial ice.

    Source: Sheldon Chalet, Merriam Webster

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    costco wine 6

    • Costco wines have quite a fan base — just ask everyone who contributes to and follows Costco Wine Blog.
    • Business Insider spoke to blog founder Andrew Cullen and reviewer Erin Reyes about the mistakes Costco members can avoid when shopping for wine.
    • They advised members to always sample the wine before buying a huge case and to always dig around in the bins.

    Costco wines have a reputation for being high-quality and high-value.

    But that doesn't mean that there aren't a few subtle pitfalls that come with the territory. Play your cards wrong, and you could end up with a bulk-sized case of wine that you can't stomach.

    Read more: 13 tips for getting the best deals on wine at Costco

    Fortunately, there are certain strategies you can employ to avoid such a fate. Business Insider spoke to Costco Wine Blog founder and editor Andrew Cullen and contributing reviewer Erin Reyes to get their thoughts on all there is to know about Costco wine.

    Here are their top tips for mistakes to avoid in the wine section at Costco:

    SEE ALSO: From entire lawn sets to used toilets, these are the most ridiculous returns employees from Costco, Walmart, and Target say they've ever gotten

    DON'T MISS: Costco sells millions of pumpkin pies every year — and the recipe has apparently been the same since 1987

    SEE ALSO: Costco employees share 31 things they'd love to tell shoppers but can't

    Don't expect unlimited options.

    Cullen and Reyes agree that Costco has a great selection of vino, with especially good coverage of California and other domestic US wines.

    But you shouldn't think of the warehouse chain as your one-stop shop for the exact, specific wine that's on your mind.

    "Costco is almost like a curated wine collection for you," Cullen told Business Insider. "You're not going to go there and find whatever bottle you may be looking for. If you're looking for a Chardonnay, you're going to have to buy whatever Chardonnay is there."

    Reyes recommended calling ahead if you've got a particular wine in mind, to make sure it's in stock. 

    Don't be intimidated by the more expensive options.

    Costco is famous for its value-oriented approach. And Reyes and Cullen both say that the chain boasts quality wines for good prices.

    But Cullen said that you shouldn't be afraid to occasionally splurge on a more expensive wine.

    "I think it's a great place to buy more expensive wine," he said. "The average price savings that you're getting — it's magnified as you spend more."

    He gave the example of the 2013 vintage of the Joseph Phelps Insignia. Cullen said the wine could go for around $225 at most retailers, but Costco members could pick it up for around $199. Cullen happened to get an especially killer deal on the wine.

    "I was able to get that for $179, which is a pretty good deal," he said.

    Don't be afraid to dig around.

    You might feel a bit silly tearing through the wine bins like you're searching for your dropped keys. And Cullen said that he feels that people think he's "weird" when he starts digging around in the wine section of the warehouse.

    But he doesn't let that stop him, and for good reason. Cullen said that different vintages are often mixed up in the bins together. If you forgo rooting around, you risk missing out on the best vintage.

    That's because different vintages tend to be thrown in the bins together.

    "Don't just grab the first bottle," Reyes told Business Insider. She said that while vintage might not matter as much for lower-end wines, for high-ticket bottles it's far more crucial.

    Cullen also recommended checking beneath the wooden racks, where you might find a forgotten bottle of an otherwise sold-out wine.

    Either way, it's a mistake to leave the warehouse without doing a thorough investigation of the available bottles.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Screen Shot 2018 12 05 at 11.58.12 AM

    • PropertyShark just released its rankings of the 50 most expensive neighborhoods in New York City in 2018.
    • Manhattan neighborhoods dominated the list, with eight of the top 10 spots.
    • The median sale price among the 10 most expensive neighborhoods ranges from $1.31 million to $3.85 million.

    PropertyShark just released its rankings of the 50 most expensive neighborhoods in New York City, and, unsurprisingly, Manhattan dominates the list.

    All but two of the 10 most expensive New York City neighborhoods are in Manhattan; the two outliers are in Brooklyn.

    According to PropertyShark's analysis, the only two new entries to break into the top 10 are West Village and Greenwich Village.

    Read moreA $20 million penthouse may be about to shatter the record for the most expensive home sold in Brooklyn — here's a look inside

    TriBeCa topped the list with a median sale price that's nearly $1 million more than that of the second most expensive NYC neighborhood. Notably, this is the second consecutive year TriBeCa has taken the top spot.

    Some NYC neighborhoods are also among the most expensive zip codes in America: A previous PropertyShark analysis ranked three Manhattan zip codes (10013, 10007, 10282, respectively) in the top 25 most expensive US zips.

    Here are the 10 most expensive neighborhoods in New York City in ascending order, along with the median sale price in each. You can see the full ranking of the 50 most expensive neighborhoods on PropertyShark.

    SEE ALSO: Here's what the most expensive house for sale in every US state looks like

    10. Little Italy (Manhattan)

    Median sale price: $1.32 million

    9. Greenwich Village (Manhattan)

    Median sale price: 1.35 million

    8. Flatiron (Manhattan)

    Median sale price: $1.57 million

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    amazon handmade gifts 21

    Unique gifts come in many forms: subscription boxes and services, products that give back, and something that comes from a brand they may not have heard of before. Handcrafted gifts carry a similar special weight to them, though coming up with one yourself isn't easy if you lack the creativity or hand-eye coordination required to make them. 

    Luckily, sites like Amazon Handmade or Etsy let you find thousands of talented artisans who can help you out, no matter what niche interest you're looking for.

    One downside of buying from these independent makers is that shipping and fulfillment processes can be inconsistent or slower than you'd like.

    That's why we really appreciate Amazon Handmade and its convenient shipping policies. More than 50,000 goods on Amazon Handmade are Prime-eligible, which means Prime members can enjoy reliable, free two-day shipping and avoid that terrible sinking feeling you get when you realize you've ordered your gifts too late.

    While we don't encourage procrastinating on your gift shopping, we'll at least grant you this safety net collection of 22 unique gifts that will arrive in two days. 

    A clever bookmark that will really catch their attention

    MyBookmark Wicked Witch Bookmark, $27, available at Amazon

    A cheese tray made from a melted-down wine bottle

    Mitchell Glassworks Cheese Tray, $29.95, available at Amazon


    A carefully crafted rattle and teething toy

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    • Cookware sets are an affordable way to get all of the pots and pans you need to outfit your kitchen.
    • The experts recommend purchasing fully clad, tri-ply stainless steel, but I've found these sets are pricey and not as user-friendly as nonstick alternatives.
    • I appreciated the T-fal Cookware Set because the nonstick surface made cooking and cleaning effortless, and the set features every pot and pan size I would need for just about any recipe.
    • For its size, the T-fal 17-Piece Hard Anodized Cookware Set is incredibly affordable and it's backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

    I love The Wirecutter and Cook's Illustrated. If I don't know much about something in the kitchen space, I usually begin my research on these sites. Well, both recommend fully clad, tri-ply stainless steel cookware. This is cookware that has a layer of aluminum sandwiched by two layers of stainless steel. I have a cookware set that is fully clad, tri-ply stainless steel. And, you know what? Nine times out of 10, I end up reaching for nonstick cookware instead. Nonstick cookware is easier to clean, requires less oil, and allows more room for error, which is important when ADHD family members forget they're cooking.

    The nonstick cookware I use in my kitchen is the T-fal 17-Piece Hard Anodized Cookware Set. T-fal sent this set to me for free to test out about three months ago. Here are my experiences with it so far.

    My first experiences with the T-fal Cookware Set

    Manufacturers want you to think that you are getting more than you actually are so when they list the number of pieces in a set, you need to keep in mind that included in this number are lids, utensils, or other items that one would hardly consider to be "cookware." Excluding lids, this set has 11 pieces:

    • 8-inch, 10.25-inch, and 11.5-inch (with lid) frying pans
    • 10.25-inch square griddle
    • 1-, 2-, and 3-quart saucepans with lids
    • 3.5-quart deep sauté pan
    • 5-quart Dutch oven with lid
    • 3-quart steamer insert
    • One Egg Wonder frying pan

    All of the pieces except for the steamer insert are made of hard-anodized aluminum, which is resistant to scratching from metal utensils. T-fal states that the set is oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (350 for the lids). They also say that the cookware is dishwasher safe, but washing your pots in the dishwasher will void the warranty.

    How the T-fal Cookware Set performed

    I used the pots and pans for a variety of purposes. Below is a list of the cookware ranked from most used to least and how I used them:

    • 8-inch frying panI use this just about every morning to fry up a few eggs.
    • 11.5-inch frying pan – This was useful for frying and sautéing dishes for family dinners.
    • 2-quart saucepan – If I was boiling pasta for one or two, this was ideal.
    • 5-quart Dutch oven – I put this to work making soup, chicken stock, chili, and boiling water for larger batches of pasta.
    • One Egg Wonder frying pan – As the name suggests, this tiny pan can be used for frying one egg at a time. My teenager loved using this.
    • 3-quart saucepan – I mainly used this for reheating leftovers, especially soups.
    • 10.25-inch frying pan – When making a family breakfast, such as corned beef hash, I turned to this pan.
    • 1-quart saucepan – This was another favorite for the teen, who loves efficient ramen noodle cooking.
    • 10.25-inch square griddle – I found the shape of the square griddle was perfect for cooking bacon.
    • 3-quart steamer insert – I actually used this more as a colander than as a steamer.
    • 3.5-quart deep sauté pan – This piece just wasn't very useful. It's like a hybrid of a pot and a pan. It seemed redundant, and I kept wishing it had a larger diameter. It's 10 inches, and I would have preferred maybe 12 inches, which would make it closer to five quarts.

    The handles come riveted to the cookware, and all the handles except those on the steamer insert are covered with silicone. At no point did any of the handles get so hot that I couldn't hold them with my bare hands.

    I found that ingredients did not stick to the bottoms or sides of the cookware. Even when I skipped adding cooking oil, I was able to loosen food up with minimal effort.

    I simmered a number of soups, chilis, and tomato sauces in the Dutch oven and 3-quart saucepan. Even when I wandered off, these pieces did a wonderful job of maintaining a steady simmer without scorching my creation.

    The nonstick surface made the cookware easy to clean by hand. Due to a criminal combination of laziness and absentmindedness, some of the pots and pans went through the dishwasher. The exteriors of these pieces showed significant wear. However, the interiors still look the same as the day I unboxed them. If you want your cookware to last, I strongly recommend washing it by hand.


    Some concerns about the set

    The only piece missing from the set that I wished it had was a big stockpot. The Dutch oven is too small for boiling a turkey carcass, which is one of my favorite pastimes during the winter. Another popular mainstay on stoves across the country is a 12-inch cast iron skillet, which this set lacked.

    Hard anodized aluminum is great because it's durable, conducts heat well, and has an excellent nonstick surface. But, I found that the pots and pans did not heat evenly. I tested this out by sprinkling flour on the surface of the 11.5 inch frying pan and watched to see how it browned. The flour in the middle browned before the flour around the outside.

    Lastly, since nothing would stick, the pans could not produce a good fond – the brown bits left over after browning meats. I'm not particularly fond of fond, or the pan sauces it produces, so it wasn't a major negative for me. If fond is your jam, adding a cast iron skillet to your arsenal will get the job done.

    The bottom line

    Overall, I am happy with the T-fal 17-Piece Hard Anodized Cookware Set. For the past three months, I have used it on a daily basis, and I appreciate how there is a pot or pan for just about any recipe I try, the nonstick surface keeps my oil use to a minimum, and cleanup is a snap. I strongly recommend this set to beginner cooks as well as seasoned home chefs who want nonstick options.

    At its current price of $170, the T-fal Cookware Set is a good deal. However, according to the Honey app, the price has been known to drop significantly. So, if you are looking to save a few bucks and don't mind waiting, you might consider keeping an eye out for deals.

    Buy the T-fal 17-Piece Hard Anodized Cookware Set on Amazon for $170

    SEE ALSO: I tried the $125 cast iron skillet that raised $1.6 million on Kickstarter — it's lighter, smoother, and worth the extra cost

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    fortnite mrdeadmoth

    • Police in Australia charged a 26-year-old with assault after he was accused of hitting a woman while livestreaming himself playing Fortnite.
    • The alleged altercation took place after a woman was heard telling the gamer, known as MrDeadMoth, to get off the game.
    • He grows increasingly frustrated, repeatedly asking her to go away and verbally abusing her. He then moves towards her aggressively and the altercation takes place off camera.
    • The woman and children can be heard screaming. She later accuses him of hitting her in the face.

    Police charged a gamer in Sydney with assault after people heard him allegedly hitting a woman during a Twitch livestream of himself playing Fortnite, the BBC reported.

    The 26-year-old gamer, who goes by MrDeadMoth, can be seen playing the popular video game on Sunday night while a woman off camera repeatedly tells him to stop playing. The man's real name was not reported.

    He repeatedly says "I'll be out soon," before eventually going off screen himself, according to the video reviewed by Business Insider.

    There is an audible altercation for around 15 seconds, during which and a woman and children's screams can be heard.

    "Leave me alone, go away, go away, stop touching my f---ing s--t," the gamer can be then heard saying. "All you had to do was be f---ing patient, you dumb f---."

    What sounded like another off-screen altercation and screaming can be heard for another 30 seconds after that.

    The woman also seemed to address the streaming audience at one point, saying: "You hear that, all you people there? He just hit me in the face."

    He also said: "Just leave me alone for ten f---ing minutes of your life, please."

    Someone reported the incident to the police after watching the footage, which went viral on social media, the BBC said.

    Australian media identified the woman as the gamer's 21-year-old wife. At one point in the video, she also said she was pregnant.

    New South Wales Police said she was "not seriously injured," but "distressed and shaken by the incident."

    Two children, aged three and 20 months, were also present during the alleged altercation, police said.

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    NOW WATCH: I tried cooking an entire Thanksgiving dinner using Google Home Hub and found there are two major flaws with it

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    donald trump

    • US companies are paying more than ever before in tariff duties: $6.2 billion in October.
    • The October tariff collections represented a 104% jump from October 2017.
    • The sudden spike came due to President Donald Trump's tariffs on steel, aluminum, and Chinese goods.
    • US companies paid $2.2 billion more to import goods subject to Trump's tariffs in October.
    • The costs are causing major disruptions for American firms, including investment delays and layoffs.

    The cost of President Donald Trump's trade war is starting to pile up.

    Trump has cheered billions "pouring into the coffers of the USA," but new data shows companies' costs starting to reach new records:

    • In October, US companies paid $6.2 billion in tariffs, up from $4.4 billion in September and just $3.1 billion in October 2017.
    • That's a 104% year-over-year increase, despite just a 13% jump in the value of imports, according to data compiled by Tariffs Hurt the Heartland, a pro-free trade group, and research firm The Trade Partnership.

    The total payments in October is the largest monthly tariff collection amount in history, according to the groups.

    Read more:Trump is losing the trade war with China based on his favorite report card, and it's probably going to keep getting worse»

    Tariff rates have been higher in the past, especially when duties were the primary source of government funds before the income tax was created in 1913. But inflation means the nominal value of the tariff collections today is much higher.

    total tariffs paid by us companies chart

    Trump's tariffs on steel, aluminum, and nearly $250 billion worth of Chinese goods are clearly having an effect, the data showed:

    • Tariff collections on steel hit $446 million in October, and aluminum tariffs collected $134 million, according to Tariffs Hurt the Heartland.
    • Since the steel and aluminum tariffs kicked off in May, US firms have paid $3.1 billion to import the metals.

    October also marked the first month that Trump's 10% tariff on roughly $200 billion worth of Chinese goods went into effect, adding onto 25% tariffs on $50 billion worth of Chinese goods that were imposed back in July. The new round caused a marked jump in tariff collections on those goods.

    • Prior to the tariffs being imposed, companies paid $0.4 billion a month to import the same goods, which jumped to $2.6 billion in October.
    • That means Trump's tariffs cost US firms $2.2 billion in additional costs in October alone and $4 billion more since China tariffs were first imposed in July.
    • In sum, US companies paid $7.4 billion more in tariffs due to Trump's trade war since the first tariffs went into place in May, and the amount is steadily increasing.

    tariffs paid on goods hit by trump's trade war chart

    For his part, Trump has cheered the amount of money coming into the Treasury, tweeting about the collections as part of a trade tirade on Tuesday.

    "We are right now taking in $billions in Tariffs. MAKE AMERICA RICH AGAIN," he said.

    Read more:We just got a new sign that the pain from Trump's trade war is getting worse, and it's spreading to even more businesses like restaurants»

    But despite the president's proclamations, most economists warn that these costs are mostly being borne by American companies. In turn, a growing number of firms are reporting a delay in investments, slower pace of hiring, and even cost cuts like layoffs. If cost increases continue, US companies have warned, consumer prices could also start to rise.

    If that were to happen or if Trump were to go through with threats to place tariffs on imported cars or more Chinese goods, the costs could eventually become a drag on US GDP growth. 

    SEE ALSO: Trump's 'Tariff Man' tweet was an homage one of his favorite presidents who ran on a platform of tariffs

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    NOW WATCH: Anthony Scaramucci claims Trump isn't a nationalist: 'He likes saying that because it irks these intellectual elitists'

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    • I have pretty awful tension built up in my shoulders, but I can't justify the cost of regular professional massages (which cost upwards of $300 for 80 minutes in New York City).  
    • About two years ago, I got this shiatsu massager on Amazon for $49.95, and it's been a complete godsend.
    • Its heated nodes rotate and knead my sore muscles, helping to melt away tension at the end of the day.  

    As a combined result of living and commuting in New York City and also suffering from TMD, I deal with a pretty severe amount of physical tension in my shoulders, jaws, and neck. I get migraines and tension headaches all the time, which probably isn't helped by the fact that I always forget to drink water.

    The only thing I've found that gives my back and shoulders immediate relief from the tension is this $50 shiatsu massager I got on Amazon years ago. 

    This massager features four rotating, heated nodes that knead away the stress of the day and get deep into the knots in my shoulders and back. The nodes switch directions every few minutes just like they would in a massage chair, which prevents bruising and helps to melt away muscular tension from different angles. The heated element, which can be turned on or off, helps to warm the muscles up and keep them limber through the massage.

    It's the closest thing I've experienced to a professional massage at home, minus the $250 price tag, plus the convenience of being able to watch TV while using it. 


    The base has two elastic straps that Velcro together in the middle so you can secure it around a chair or head-rest, though I find that it's better to just keep the straps hanging from the side so you can use them to adjust the positioning of the massager when it's in use. Any purchase of the massager comes with a car adapter that allows you to plug it into a cigarette lighter, but I personally don't advise using this in the car — it's not particularly comfortable when placed right behind your head, and the strength of the nodes will force your head to move around in a way that may be unsafe while driving.

    It's important to note that one cycle lasts 20 minutes, and 20 minutes really is all you should do at one time.

    Because my knots are so deep and intense, I used to just keep the massager going for two or three cycles, hoping that I could release the tension completely all in one sitting. But I would always end up with bruises, leaving me in even more discomfort for the days (and sometimes entire weeks) following. I have since learned my lesson, and even though I'm always tempted to let it go for a second cycle, I only use it for 20 minutes a day. 

    Zyllion_Web_Banner_ZMA 26_1560x650_498516fe d92d 4232 a1ba 19934dfb3408_1600x800.progressive

    You don't have to have severe tension to enjoy using this massager. Regardless of how chronic your discomfort is, you might find that this is the perfect way to just release some stress at the end of the day. 

    Zyllion Shiatsu Pillow Massager, available on Amazon, $49.95

    SEE ALSO: This posture corrector from 'Shark Tank' might seem gimmicky — but it actually eliminated my back pain at work

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    fancy vivid blue diamond ring

    • Christie's Auction House sold $69.2 million worth of precious jewels in a single night in New York City.
    • A whopping $18.3 million of that — about 26% — came from a blue diamond ring by Bulgari.
    • The December 5 auction also included jewels by Suzanne Belperron, René Boivin, Cartier, Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co., and Van Cleef & Arpels.
    • The night followed last month's record-breaking sale of a 19-carat pink diamond for $50 million to jeweler Harry Winston in Geneva.


    Christie's Auction House sold a stunning $69,225,750 worth of precious jewelry in a single night in New York City.

    A huge chunk of that — about 26% — came from the sale of one rectangular blue diamond ring by Bulgari, which went for $18.3 million. The December 5 auction also included pieces by Suzanne Belperron, René Boivin, Cartier, Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co., and Van Cleef & Arpels.

    As astronomical as this sale may seem, it pales in comparison to Christie's biggest ever single-night jewel sale: $115.9 million for a collection of Elizabeth Taylor's jewels in December 2011. It did, however, surpass the past two years. At last year's December auction, Christie's sold $62.5 million of jewelry, and $51.2 million in 2016.

    Read more: Christie's sold a 19-carat pink diamond for a record-breaking $50 million

    Daphne Lingon, Head of Jewelry, Christie's Americas, said the auction house has seen some particularly exceptional sales this year.

    "Over this auction season, we have witnessed the blockbuster sales of The Winston Pink Legacy in Geneva, which set a new price per carat for a pink diamond, and The Peacock Necklace in Hong Kong, which established the record for a Kashmir sapphire necklace," Lingon said. "The excitement and prices achieved in our New York sale tonight, including the exceptional price achieved for the sensational Fancy Vivid Blue Diamond Ring by Bulgari and the world auction record realized for Suzanne Belperron, mark a perfect ending to our successful year of global jewelry auctions."

    Here's a look at 10 of the most expensive jewels Christie's sold on December 5, ranked from least to most expensive.

    SEE ALSO: Christie's sold a 19-carat pink diamond for a record-breaking $50 million

    DON'T MISS: $90 million painting sale makes David Hockney the world's most expensive living artist

    A 6.28 carat cushion-cut Belle Époque Kashmir sapphire ring of 6.28 sold for $936,500.

    Source: Christie's

    A rectangular-cut D color diamond ring of 18.77 carats by Carvin French also went for $936,500.

    Source: Christie's

    A cushion-cut fancy vivid green diamond ring of 3.01 carats sold for $972,500.

    Source: Christie's

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    Bentley Bentayga

    • The Bentley Bentayga arrived in 2016.
    • Upon its debut, the Bentayga helped usher in the era of the ultra-premium SUV.
    • Rolls-Royce and Lamborghini both followed Bentley into the segment.
    • The Bentayga is powered by a 600 horsepower, twin-turbocharged W12 engine.
    • The Bentley SUV can hit 60 mph in 4.0 seconds and reach a top speed of 187 mph.
    • The 2018 Bentley Bentayga starts at $195,000. 

    The Bentley Bentayga is one of the most talked-about cars in recent memory that doesn't carry Ferrari's prancing stallion or one of Tesla's battery packs.

    With global demand for SUVs unyielding, it was only a matter of time before the world's most exclusive automakers joined in on the action.  

    High-end luxury SUVs have been on the market for as longs there's been luxury cars and SUVs. These days, Range Rover is an unstoppable sales juggernaut, while the Mercedes-Benz G-Class has long shed its utilitarian upbringing to become a status symbol for world's well-heeled elite. 

    But it wasn't until the Bentayga's debut in 2016 that the era of the ultra-luxury SUV began. This year, the Bentley SUV was joined by both the Rolls-Royce Cullinan and the Lamborghini Urus

    Read more: The Kia Stinger is Business Insider's 2018 Car of the Year.

    In late 2016, Bentley dropped off a white Bentayga for Business Insider to check out.  Even though we were able to shoot photos, scheduling restraints did not afford us enough driving time to properly evaluate the vehicle. So Bentley gave us another bite at the apple a couple of months ago when it loaned us another Bentayga — a 2018 model in Rubino Red.

    But this time around, we were able to spend nearly a week with the Bentayga. The 2018 Bentley Bentayga starts at $195,000 but $48,120 in options and a $2,725 destination fee pushed the as-tested price to $245,845. 

    Here's a closer look at the Bentley Bentayga:

    SEE ALSO: I drove a $97,000 Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 S Coupe to see if it can be an SUV and a sports car — here's the verdict

    FOLLOW US: on Facebook for more car and transportation content!

    Here it is! Our 2018 Bentley Bentayga test car. A freak snow storm the night before left the roads and our Rubino Red Bentayga covered in a thick layer of salt residue.

    For an unobstructed view of the Bentayga, here's the test car we checked out in late 2016. And it's obvious this thing is a Bentley, you couldn't possibly confuse it with anything else. The front fascia is punctuated by Bentley's corporate mesh grille and spherical headlights.

    The production Bentayga's styling is the work of former Bentley design boss Luc Donckerwolke and head of exterior design SangYup Lee. Both have since been poached by Hyundai's new Genesis luxury brand.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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    party men yelling office shout fun night

    • Office holiday parties can be fun — or disastrous for your career. 
    • You'll want to loosen up a little, while staying professional; the best way to avoid looking foolish is to not drink too much.
    • Here are 13 things you should avoid saying to your coworkers at all costs.

    Too much booze, end-of-year stress, and coworkers can be a recipe for disaster.

    That's why office holiday parties are such a minefield of awkward situations.

    Many offices are doing away with alcohol or the party altogether. But if your office is having festivities this year, it's crucial to remember that you're pretty much still at work, even if it's a party.

    You need to be able to loosen up and enjoy yourself without looking like a complete fool or jeopardizing your job.

    Business Insider spoke with HR and career professionals to highlight topics you'll want to avoid at your office holiday party. Here's what they suggested:

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    'Is that your daughter/son? Can you introduce me?'

    Avoid hitting on your coworkers' relatives. It's awkward and it won't end well.

    "Be careful about jokes or crude remarks," Rebecca Henderson, global group president of HR firm Randstad Sourceright, told Business Insider. "There is nothing like your colleague asking to be introduced to your daughter that really makes the night and subsequent days at work uncomfortable."

    'Love your outfit! You should really dress like that more at work'

    "Give a compliment that is appropriate and won't make a coworker uncomfortable," TriNet director of human capital services Jackie Breslin told Business Insider. "A fair number of workplace complaints regarding inappropriate conduct have an origin at the company holiday party."

    CEO of HR consulting firm OperationsInc. David Lewis agrees, noting that even statements as simple as "You look great" can come across as creepy. "Avoid anything that suggests anything sexual in lieu of the word 'great,'" he told Business Insider.

    'I've had a crush on you since the day you started'

    The holiday party is usually not the time to confess your office crush.

    "Don't use the holiday party as an excuse to share your intimate feelings with a colleague," TopResume career advice expert Amanda Augustine told Business Insider. 

    Basically, don't forget that you're still at work.

    See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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