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The World's Tallest Building Is Back On Track To Be Built In 90 Days

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The world's tallest building is reportedly back on track to be constructed in just 90 days, despite rumors last month that the Chinese construction company behind the project was behind schedule.

A senior vice president for the construction company, Broad Sustainable Building, told Construction Week Online.com that plans to build the 838-meter skyscraper in the Hunan Province capital of Changsha "will go on as planned with the completion of five storeys a day."

On the current timetable, the building should be finished by March 2013.

BSB announced plans for the 220-story skyscraper, called Sky City, in June.

The company said the building would top out at 838 meters 10 meters higher than the Burj Khalifa, which is currently the world's tallest buildingand cost $628 million to construct, a fraction of the cost of the Burj.

It also promised to do the work at light speed, saying it would finish the project in just three months. The Burj took five years to build, in comparison.

BSB plans to do the work quickly by using a proprietary prefabrication technique. It eventually hopes to sell standardized skyscrapers around the world and become the "McDonald’s of the sustainable building industry," wrote Wired's Lauren Hilgers in a profile of BSB president Zhang Yue.

Sky City will be mixed use, with luxury apartments, low income housing, and space for businesses and retail, according to the company. It will also be earthquake-resistant and have 31 high-speed elevators to take visitors to the upper-level observation decks, the company has said.

BSB has already build 16 structures in China, including a three-story building that went up in nine days and a 30-story hotel constructed in just 15 days.

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