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10 Gifts Your For The Sports Fan In Your Life


Game Watching

Sports paraphernalia like jerseys and signed balls are fine for holiday gifts — but you're better than that.

This year, get the sports-obsessed person on your list something they'll actually use and thank you for.

We have the perfect gift ideas for the sports fans in your life. 

So stop searching on eBay for a signed Manning jersey (you won't find a real one anyways), and take a look at our list instead. You're welcome.

The fan-gamer will love EA Sports Games.

Sometimes watching your favorite sport isn't enough. EA Sports has Madden NFL, NCAA Football, FIFA Soccer, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, NHL, NBA Live, and even more.

There's something for every game- and sports-lover here.

Price: Varies by game ($39.99-$79.99), see more details at the company website.

Get them access to premium online sports content with ESPN Insider.

If your friend is constantly on ESPN and checking player stats, consider buying him or her an ESPN Insider membership.

It gives the sports fan access to insider-exclusive expert analysis, predictive tools, and much, much more.

Price:Monthly $7.95; 1-year $39.95; 2-year $59.95

The sports historical buff will love the 'In the Moment' photography book.

This coffee table book is a collection of works by Tom Jenkins, an award-winning British sports photographer who has been making headlines since 1990.

Jenkins has taken incredible sports photos from Wimbledon, the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and the World Cup Finals. 


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