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10 Gifts For The Hipster In Your Life


hipster boy sitting wall

Do you have someone on your holiday list who lives in graphic tees and beanie hats? Someone who is technically a millennial, but thinks it's super uncool to use that word?

Do they wear skinny jeans, like folk music ironically, and have a picture of a sunset as their Facebook profile pic?

You might have a hipster on your list. And we're here to help.

Hipsters hate everything, but we think we have a pretty good handle on what they'd want.

Take retro photos with the Diana F+ & Flash Metropolis Lomography Camera.

We've written about how hipsters love Lomography analogue cameras before, but they will especially love this Diana F+ Metropolis camera.

Not only is it a film camera (hipsters love retro stuff), but it also has a quirky travel theme and comes with a Lomography art book. Hipsters love art, too.


Spin some old school tunes with the Sony USB Stereo Turntable.

Remember how hipsters love analogue? Well, who needs iTunes when you could experience the nostalgia of vinyl?

But for all those who want to appear cool but don't want to abandon their iTunes, there's even a USB output for importing records onto a computer in MP3 format.


All hipsters need graphic tees.

There's something about the big moist eyes, scrunched face, and barrel body of a pug that hipsters can't resist.

Thankfully, Urban Outfitters has more than enough pug paraphernalia to go around like these "Pugs Not Drugs" and "Pug Life" tees.


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