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15 Tech Geniuses Living Fabulous, Enviable Lives


Tesla Elon Musk Driving

Some people know how to live well.

They work hard. They play hard. They have fabulous adventures and pursue exotic dreams.

It's enough to make any normal human a little jealous.

It's also enough to make anyone think a little more about their own passions and dreams.

After all, if these folks can do it, why can't any of us push the boundaries of what we can achieve?

Bill Mai: Creating waves of wealth

Charles River Ventures partner Bill Tai has combined his two favorite things in the world: funding startups and kiteboarding.

His MaiTai Kite Camp in Maui aims to teach entrepreneurs how to do the sport, which involves riding a contraption that combines a surfboard with a kite-like sail—through ocean waves.

Through the end of 2011, graduates of Tai's camp had generated $7 billion in wealth by going public or selling their companies, reports Kym McNicholas on Forbes.

Tai is also a sailor, windsurfer, and Olympic Ambassador for the International Kiteboarding Society.

Jeremy Bloom: From mogul skier to tech mogul

Before founding a tech startup, Jeremy Bloom was an Olympic mogul skier. He also almost became a football player for the Philadelphia Eagles. An injury during training camp kept him from playing.

Today he's the CEO of online-advertising startup Integrate, backed by $15 million of venture capital from Foundry Group, Comcast Ventures, and Liberty Global.

Bloom also created a cool nonprofit called Wish of a Lifetime which grants wishes to people 65 years old or older across the country.

Osman Kent: The rock-and-roll life

Osman Kent made his money by cofounding 3Dlabs and selling it to Creative Labs in 2002 for about $170 million.

He retired and became an aspiring music mogul with his own record label, Songphonic Records. He even bought an English mansion formerly owned by Roxy Music's Phil Manzanera, with its own recording studio.

He came out of retirement earlier this year when he found some irresistible new tech. He used it to found Numecent, which could change how the software industry makes and sells its products.

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