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4 Tips For Finding Your Dream Home From Miami's Top Real Estate Agents


the jills, Jill Eber is on the left and Jill Hertz berg right

Jill Eber and Jill Hertzberg — known in the real estate world as The Jills — have been selling homes in Miami for 25 years, and did a volume of $275.868 million in sales last year.

The duo, whose listings include the $100 million former Versace mansion, shared some tips to help homeowners avoid buyer's remorse" after purchasing what they thought was their dream home.

"Buyers start with an idea, like they're writing a book," Hertzberg said. "And sometimes it goes other places and ways. If you're a buyer, it's good to be open minded and listen to your agent when they give suggestions about what would really fit you best."

  • Do research before picking your agent: Pick someone with a lot of experience who knows the current market. You want an agent that knows everything you don't.

  • Be open minded: Sometimes buyers think they want to be in one neighborhood, but change their minds after visiting others. Cast a wide net to ensure you're picking the right area. The same goes for choosing a house versus a condo. "Explore and go through all the options; you don't want any regrets," Hertzberg said.

  • Come with a wish list: Decide what is important to you ahead of time, like lots of light or minimal yard work.

  • Don't listen to everyone's advice: When you're buying a home, friends are quick to offer advice about neighborhoods and amenities. If you listen to too many people, the advice will be conflicting and overwhelming.

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