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The 10 Most Diverse Zip Codes In America


diversityCan a neighborhood's racial diversity actually mean a healthier housing market?

When Trulia real estate expert Jed Kolko examined the most diverse zip codes in the U.S., he found they not only saw faster population growth in the last year but also saw housing values rise more than others. 

It's becoming more clear that "Americans are moving toward diverse neighborhoods," Kolko writes in "Finding Diversity in America."

There's just one big caveat to consider.

"Growth in those neighborhoods could affect their diversity," he adds. "If prices in diverse neighborhoods rise, lower-income residents may get priced out over time."

Using 2010 Census data and Trulia's results, we've highlighted the top places.

95834: South Natomas, Sacramento

In Trulia's study, California metros nab four spots in the top 10 most diverse large metro areas. That includes Sacramento, home to the South Natomas neighborhood.

The area has seen substantial residential growth since the 1990s.

Racial makeup: 

Hispanic: 27.4%
White: 29.2%
Asian: 20.4%
Black: 15.8%
Multi-racial: 5.2%

96707: Kapolei, Honolulu

Two neighborhoods in tropical Hawaii make the list, including sunny Kapolei. Its population size more than doubled from 1990 to 2010, while residential listings tripled, according to Kapolei.com.

Racial makeup: 

Asian: 29.2%
Multi-racial: 25.7%
White: 19.7%
Hispanic: 12.2%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 10.5% 

02125: Dorchester, Boston

Despite Dorchester's location within big city Boston, it's not exactly one of the better-known, or even more populous neighborhoods.

Still, it is largely more diverse than the city as a whole, which is 69% white. Black and White residents are pretty much evenly split in Dorchester, followed closely by Hispanics. 

Racial makeup: 

White: 29.1%
Black: 27.5%
Hispanic: 19%
Asian: 11.2%
Multi-racial: 4.7% 

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