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A Massive Hawaiian Ranch With A Famous Polo Field Is On Sale For $65 Million


dillingham ranch hawaii $65 million

A massive, 2,700-acre Hawaiian estate on the North Shore of Oahu just hit the market for $65 million, according to The Wall Street Journal

The property, named Dillingham Ranch, has 19 acres of shoreline property and is touted as one of the largest tracts of land on the island.

The actual house has eight bedrooms and five bathrooms.

Other features include a 3,000-square-foot great room and famous polo grounds.

Benjamin Franklin Dillingham, Hawaii's first railroad tycoon, founded the ranch. The home has hosted guests like Prince Charles, Noël Coward and Prince Hussein of Jordan.

Welcome to Dillingham Ranch, on Oahu.

Dillingham Ranch is considered the birthplace of Hawaiian polo, according to the listing.

The main house is called "The Big House," which dates to 1917, but has since been renovated.

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