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11 Bizarre Fashion And Beauty Trends From Around The World


mexican pointy boots

If you just don’t get the Oliver Twist-esque street urchin look that defines hipster fashion, or the weird, two-tone hair (it’s called ombre!) that so many celebrities have, you’ll be downright mystified by these trends from around the globe.

Shippo, The Brain-Controlled Tail

All humans have tails. At least we do early on, about 3 to 4 weeks into our embryonic development.

But they evolve no further than that … until now. Japanese company Neurowear has recently unveiled the body-controlled Shippo (translation: tail). This fuzzy little backside duster tells the world if you’re happy or sad, bored or frisky. It does this via an EEG headset and a clip-on heart monitor that are wired to the fluffy appendage.

Shippo also features geotagging and smart phone sharing capability, which allows devotees to find each other and engage in mutual tail wagging.

Bagel-Shaped Forehead Injections

Though it looks like Botox gone wild, it’s saline, not botulinum toxin, that’s being injected into the foreheads of willing subjects.

Part of a Japanese “body modification” art scene, the procedure takes about 2 hours and 400cc of saline, injected via a crochet-sized needle. The resulting forehead-sized blob is then manipulated with the fingers into a bagel-like shape, with an indentation pressed in the middle (the effect brings to mind Worf from Star Trek: TNG) .

Fortunately, these injections aren’t permanent. They’re gone in about 16 hours, after the body absorbs the saline.

Yaeba Teeth

Maybe we’ve taken the ideal of perfectly straight, white teeth as far as it can go. That seems to be the message behind the trend of Yaeba, which means “double tooth” in Japanese.

Many women are choosing dental crowns that elongate their canine teeth and give the effect of dental overcrowding (not to mention a vaguely vampire-ish vibe). Why? Because in Japanese culture, young women with these kind of crooked teeth are considered cute and innocent. One does have to wonder if it makes flossing more difficult.

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