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How To Make Your 1-Bedroom Stylish On A $2,500 Budget


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One of the hardest parts of starting out on your own is furnishing an apartment.

And if you don't have a roommate, things like the couch, TV, and decor can start to add up.

We gave ourselves a $2,500 budget to completely outfit a typical one-bedroom apartment. Our picks come from Amazon, Target, Etsy, and Overstock.com, among other online retailers.

Don't sleep on a mattress on the floor. A simple bed frame is just $99 at Ikea. A full mattress costs $379.

Bed frame: IKEA

Mattress: IKEA

That new bed needs a trendy comforter. For $93.99 buy this unisex comforter from Overstock.com. Yes, it may bring to mind "50 Shades of Gray," but that's great for a bedroom.

Comforter: Overstock

Get a dresser to match your bed. You can grab this six-drawer dresser for $149 at Ikea, but the catch is you'll have to build it yourself.

Dresser: IKEA

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