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The 10 College Majors With The Biggest Paychecks


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With college tuitions reaching record highs and the task of finding employment as challenging as ever, selecting the right major can mean the difference between making a good living and staying stuck in student debt.

PayScale compiled a list of the college majors that can lead to the highest potential salaries.

They asked full-time employees in the United States who possess a bachelor's degree (and no higher degrees) about their college majors and salaries. PayScale ranked majors by median starting salary and median mid-career salary.

Unsurprisingly, majors in math, engineering, and science led to the highest earning potential, while majors in the arts and education led to lower salaries. So which majors will make you rich?

This is part of our series on The Best Colleges In America.

#10 Statistics

Median Starting Salary: $49,300

Median Mid-career Salary: $99,500

What you can do with this major: Statistics majors make great investment bankers. If you work well under pressure and can make quick decisions, a career on Wall Street might be for you.

#9 Computer Science

Median Starting Salary: $58,400

Median Mid-career Salary: $100,000

What you can do with this major: Computer Science majors make good use of their technical backgrounds with careers in computer programming, web coding and design, or video game programming.

#8 Applied Mathematics

Median Starting Salary: $50,800

Median Mid-career Salary: $102,000

What you can do with this major: Applied Mathematics majors are well-suited for teaching positions, in particular calculus, trigonometry, algebra, and other advanced math courses.

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