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WORK HARD, PARTY HARD: America's Most Intense Colleges


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College is all about striking the right balance between work and play. Sure, you want to go to that kegger — but only after you've finished studying for the upcoming exam.

At some schools, though, students take it to the next level, studying diligently for hours and then raging all night long.

Our friends at College Prowler compiled a list of the most intense schools where students work hard and party hard. College Prowler ranks schools based on input from real students at the schools. To compile this list, they considered schools that students said have the toughest workloads and schools that students said have the most raging party scenes.

We've included some comments that students posted on College Prowler about the schools.

This is part of our series on The Best Colleges In America.

#25 Cornell University

Location:Ithaca, New York

Founded: 1865

Undergraduate Students: 13,905

"Fantastic Range of Options – Great range of nightlife options, from frat parties, dorm parties (in your first year), collegetown bars (must be over 21 / have an ID). It's a fantastic mix, and everyone stays on campus, so you get to see a lot of your class (and other years) out at night. Only downside is that the bars close at 1:00am. Otherwise, love it."

"Great Course Offerings – There are many courses to choose from. I have had pretty good professors. Workload is high, but as expected at an Ivy League school. One thing that could be seen as negative is the highly competitive nature in some pre-med courses."

#24 Washington & Lee University

Location:Lexington, Virginia

Founded: 1749

Undergraduate Students: 1,789

"Work Hard, Play Harder – If sleep is of high importance to you, this is not the place for you. Plan to spend 45 hours plus doing school work each week. Plan to be heavily involved in at least one extracurricular activity. AND plan to go out for at AT LEAST 3 nights a week. Everyone here is smart and driven, but EVERYONE here lets loose. Everyone works hard, AND EVERYONE plays hard."

#23 James Madison University

Location:Harrisonburg, Virginia

Founded: 1908

Undergraduate Students: 17,086

"JMU is recognized as a huge party school by many, and people are not wrong about this. A saying at JMU is "work hard, and play hard". During the week, you work hard and focus on academics but on the weekends there are parties everywhere. The most popular are apartment parties, house parties, and fraternity parties, but if you are a fan of bars and clubs there are a few in the area that I would rate as decent."

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