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5 Wild International Bars For Study Abroad Students On A Budget


the roxy bar london

It’s incredible how fast the value of currency is changing these days; by that we mean it’s incredible how fast that 20 euro bill in your wallet suddenly turns into a couple awkwardly large coins lost somewhere at the bottom of your backpack.

While studying abroad may feel like an extended vacation most of the time, one thing is most certainly not luxurious about the experience: your ever-tightening budget.

The good people at Party Earth understand your desire to avoid the inevitable kiss-of-death email from Mom with the subject line “stop spending money on alcohol.”

They also understand the importance of spending money on beer, which is why they’ve compiled a list of great student bars throughout Europe that are guaranteed to offer you a cheap drink and a good time.

This story was originally published by Party Earth.

N’Importe Quoi: Paris

If you are on the hunt for the kind of bar that still has an “Operation Flash Boob” policy in place that awards free shots to girls who show their assets, N’importe Quoi is the quintessential place to make that happen.

Although it isn’t much to look at on the inside or out, this tiny dive bar offers endless drink specials and no-frills fun. From the bottle-spinning bartenders, to the rowdy crowd of college students looking for some cheap thrills, everything about N’importe Quoi makes it one of the perfect bars in Paris for some down-to-earth boozing.

16 Rue du Roule
75001 Paris

The Roxy: London

Although The Roxy boasts ivory chandeliers, chamois barstools, and sleek leather loungers, patrons will most likely be focused on dancing to the venue’s retro and pop DJs and surviving the crowd swell of university students. If you get to The Roxy early enough you can enjoy half-priced wine and beer during Happy Hour that runs Monday though Friday. Wednesday is official student night where you will find crowds of rowdy lads and lasses enjoying affordable drinks and socializing shoulder-to-shoulder.

3 Rathbone Place
London W1D 1

Chupitos: Barcelona

Chupitos is a rowdy bar that specializes in creative shots and dramatic bar service performances, some of which involve lighting the bar on fire with a blowtorch. The tiny bar attracts a mix of fun-loving locals and young international travelers looking to grab a simple and cheap drink. The venue is a dark hall with a bar on one side and spunky menu board featuring shots with names like “the General” and “the Monica Lewinsky” on the other. The cramped but wild atmosphere at Chupitos makes this one of the best bars in Barcelona to pregame some late-night adventures.

Passeig de Colón, 8
08002 Barcelona

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