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Why Young Real Estate Brokers Should Never Be Afraid To Split A Listing


oren alexander, real estate agent

For hotshot real estate broker Oren Alexander, it's better to have "a piece of the pie than none of it."

That's why Alexander, 25, is never afraid to split a listing with a more experienced broker to help seal the deal.

When Alexander, a broker for The Alexander Group and Prudential Douglas Elliman, first came to New York City in 2008, he would loop in other agents he felt brought value to the listing.

"It's better to share the deal, than not get the deal at all," Alexander told Business Insider.

Alexander said that often people confuse age with experience, but having another broker who had been in the business for a few years by his side helped ease the minds of clients when he first started.

"I wasn't scared to bring in a seasoned broker when I just started," he said. "And that's an issue for most young brokers; they get caught up with the exact dollar amount of the commission. But you can get more deals when you use veterans to split it."

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