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A Lawsuit Over The 'Dangling Crane' At One57 Will Investigate If It's Legal To Build To That Height


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The first lawsuit has been filed over the "dangling crane" incident that forced residents and businesses near under-construction luxury highrise One57 to evacuate during Hurricane Sandy, and more are on the way.

On Friday, two dentists filed a $5 million lawsuit in federal court blaming contractor Australia's Lend Lease Construction for the crane collapse, according to Yahoo News.

And now The Hurwitz Law Firm is seeking additional plaintiffs for a suit it plans to file against the city, crane operator, and developer Curbed obtained a copy of a flyer it is circulating in the area on Monday.

We reached out to the firm's Michael Hurwitz to find out more. He told us via email:

It is too soon to put a dollar amount on the damages we are seeking from each defendant, but I can tell you many local residents and businesses have sustained a variety of damages and ongoing interruption in ways that may not be readily apparent.

As we continue our investigation into the cause(s) of the accident, and the overall construction permitting process (inclusive of the developer's acquisition of floor area development rights enabling them to build to such heights), we will be able to form an opinion as to appropriate monetary & injunctive relief to be sought.

The law firm filed a summons and notice with the NY County Supreme Court on Friday. It alleges negligence and gross negligence resulting in the crane collapse, and will seek compensatory and punitive damages from the defendants.

Below is the summons:

one57 summons of notice


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