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The Most Expensive Place To Build Your Dream Ski Chalet


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Aspen, Colo. is the most expensive place in North America to build a ski home, according to a recent study by high-end home design company Pollack + Partners.

If you're planning to build in Aspen, expect construction costs (materials) to average $950 per square foot and the project cost (materials + labor) to be $1,235 per square foot.

"Aspen is at the top of the list perennially because it is the most exclusive ski resort out west," Chris Pollack, president of Pollack + Partners, told Business Insider. "And that factor lets it demand the highest prices for construction costs. Everyone wants to be there."

Big Sky, MT came in second on the list, at $900 per square foot for construction and $1,170 per square foot for the total project.

Pollack said Big Sky's prices were so high because all of the workers and materials needed to be imported to the very exclusive mountain.

"Where the labor pool comes from is pretty far from Big Sky," Pollack said. "Getting people, equipment, and materials up there takes at least about an hour and a half, depending on what you are shipping up there, and that drives labor costs up."

Take a look at the top seven places on the list:

pollack and partners ski home data

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