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The Biggest Trends In Luxury Ski Houses Being Built Today


Chalet Zermatt Peak SwitzerlandAfter a long day on the slopes, most luxury ski chalet owners want to relax in their own personal in-home spas.

In-home spas are among the biggest trends in newly constructed luxury ski chalets, according to Chris Pollack, president of high-end home design company Pollack + Partners.

The overall style and design of ski homes is changing as well, Pollack told Business Insider. The log cabin-style homes that once dotted ski towns are fading and glass homes are emerging.

"These are not the typical ski houses that have been built in years past," Pollack said of today's designs. "They are more modern and unique, and really are becoming more architectural than you would envision for a ski house."

Pollack ran down some other current trends for us.

  • Security: Owners want protection from storms, terrorism, and other catastrophic events, he said. So the type of materials being used in construction is reflecting that.

  • Technology: Before iPhones and iPads dominated the market, homes would use a Crestron system with big in-wall panels to control the lights and temperature in the home. Now, those panels are going away completely and everything is controlled from hand-held devices.

  • Geothermal heating: Keeping these big ski homes warm can cost a fortune. While building, owners are requesting geothermal heating systems, glass windows that trap heat, and other environmental and budget-friendly options. "The price of a luxury home doesn't stop after construction," Pollack said. 

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