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The 8 Most Expensive Hotel Spa Treatments


trump hotel diamond massage spa treatment

While there are plenty of luxurious hotels out there, some hotels take luxury to a whole other level (which means prices on a whole new level, too).

But when you really need to unwind away from home, there’s no better way to indulge than heading to a luxe hotel with an equally luxe spa for some much-need pampering. 

Whether they’re offering oils of gold, creams of caviar, or bathtubs of wine, these hotel spas aren’t shy about offering their guests the royal treatment—and charging them royally, too.

Evian Bath: $500

Spa: Spa V at Hotel Victor, South Beach

Not many of the treatments at Hotel Victor in South Beach come cheap, but the Evian bath is particularly pricey. The bath, consisting of 1,000 bottles of the French mineral water, is only available to guests of the $10,000 per night penthouse suite, and includes champagne, dessert, and an additional treatment of choice for two.

White Caviar Illuminating Facial: $1,000

Spa: La Prairie at The Beverly Hills Hotel

Dropping $1,000 to cover your face in fish eggs may seem excessive, but it’s a small price to pay for a glowing, youthful complexion. The 90-minute treatment at the La Prairie Spa at the Beverly Hills Hotel is actually a steal, however, considering you get to take home the products from the White Caviar Illuminating System, which are valued around $1,500.

Balancing Diamond or Emerald Massage: $300

Spa: The Spa at Trump hotels

It’s not surprising that the top signature treatment at Trump hotels is the diamond (or emerald) massage — your pick. The treatment, which debuted at the Trump International Las Vegas and the Trump Chicago, starts at around $300, but only gets more expensive as the special add-ons are included.

The massage is said to balance your chakra with its gems, heal with its rare oils, and drain your bank account with its Trump-size price tag.

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