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What Victoria's Secret Feeds Its Supermodels Backstage


erin heatherton

Some Victoria's Secret models have openly talked about their extreme diets leading up to the show.

Other models, like Miranda Kerr insisted they weren't dieting to prepare.

But at the taping yesterday, models had a feast to choose from backstage. 

"The hearty lunch menu consisted of tomato bisque soup, pasta, salad, roast beef with creamy horseradish sauce, stuffed chicken, ice cream, cookies and chocolate-covered strawberries," reported Karyn Monget at Women's Wear Daily.

The models don't have much time to eat before the show, though. They spend hours in hair and make-up in the time leading up to the show.

Because Adriana Lima doesn't consume liquids for 12 hours before the show, we doubt she was eating much.

But backstage at the show last year, we did see her eat a piece of chicken.

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